Disturbing: This Mideast country reportedly just BOUGHT nukes – and it’s not who you think

As we found out yesterday, the new King of Saudi Arabia decided to decline the invitation from President Obama for his “summit” on the Middle East. Perhaps Saudi King Salman has more pressing issues deserving his attention — such as beating down the Iranian-backed Houthi Islamists in Yemen, who threaten the Saudi southern border.

Or perhaps it could be this matter as reported by the Times of Israel: “Saudi Arabia may be prepared to field nuclear bombs it has purchased from Pakistan in response to Iran’s alleged military nuclear program, and may already have deployed missile systems capable of delivering the bombs, the BBC reported on Wednesday. According to Mark Urban, diplomatic and defense editor for the BBC’s Newsnight, there are suggestions that the Saudis have paid for a number of nuclear weapons that are ready and waiting in Pakistan. If the reports are accurate, the kingdom could have atomic weapons on its missiles even before Iran has that capability. Urban said it was an assessment shared by the former head of the IDF’s head of intelligence, Amos Yadlin, and cited comments Yadlin made to that effect at a conference in Sweden last month. “The Saudis will not wait one month,” Yadlin reportedly said. “They already paid for the bomb, they will go to Pakistan and bring what they need to bring.”

We keep hearing about a nuclear arms race in the Middle East — perhaps it has already begun. And there can be no doubt that the Saudis have the financial wherewithal to buy whatever weaponry they deem necessary to protect themselves. Of course Pakistan is Sunni, so the allegiance and alliance is natural against Shiite Iran. This is the result of Obama’s “pivoting away” from the Middle East as the Sunni Muslim world feels completely betrayed by Obama in his pursuit of Iran and his dismissal of Islamists.

Now some of you might say, just let them kill off each other, but do you actually believe there will be no global collateral damage? There is no way imaginable that a nuclear arms race in the Middle East will not have greater ramifications. And do not be surprised if the Saudis are conducting back channel talks with Israel — after all, “the enemy of my enemy, is my friend.”

As the Times of Israel states further, “The Saudis already have the means to deliver nuclear weapons after acquiring Chinese-made CSS-2 missiles during the 1980s. The missiles, which have a range of over 2,500 kilometers, can be armed with nuclear warheads. In addition, it has been clear for many years that Saudi Arabia was funding the Pakistani defense establishment, the report said. The report did not say whether the warheads would simply be handed over to the Saudis, or if Pakistani military units would be deployed in the kingdom to oversee their use, although it suggested that Pakistani-made Shaheen (Falcon) ballistic missiles were already stationed in Saudia Arabia, minus their warheads.”

And if this is anything like the Saudi air attack against the Houthi Islamists supported by Iran in Yemen, don’t expect them to be very forthcoming about any details.

The Times says, “Officially, both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia denied the reports. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry told the BBC in a statement that the report of nuclear bombs ready and waiting was “speculative, mischievous and baseless.” “Pakistan is a responsible nuclear weapon state with robust command and control structures and comprehensive export controls,” the statement said. The Saudi Arabian embassy in London similarly rejected the suggestion and noted that the kingdom was signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Yep, and planes don’t fly into buildings either, do they? We have entered into a new realm, and things are not as they would appear anymore when it comes to global security relations. Maslow’s top of the list for hierarchy of needs is “self-preservation.” The Saudis have lost all trust and confidence in the America over which Obama rules. They care little for rhetoric. They respect action.


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