Michelle Obama explains why Sarah Palin was treated so poorly by the media

On Saturday, Michelle Obama gave the commencement speech at Tuskegee University in Alabama. Although she is the first black first lady married to the first black president who was elected twice by a majority white electorate, with a cabinet that includes the the first (and second) black Atorneys General, a black Secretary of Homeland Security, a black National Security Advisor, a black Senior Advisor to the President and a black Supreme Court Justice (although he doesn’t count), listening to her comments, you’d think we were still living under (the Democrat-supported) Jim Crow laws before the Civil Rights Act (which more Republicans supported) and are not far from the days of slavery (which a Republican president worked to abolish).

Where she had an opportunity from her lofty position to heal some national wounds and speak of how far we have all come together, how she is living testament to what anyone can achieve in this nation, regardless of color, she chose instead to recount her own personal struggles with racism. Mrs. Obama mentioned in particular the insensitive media questions and derogatory remarks from political pundits that she said have kept her up at night.

If that’s the case, and all those insensitive questions and derogatory remarks from political pundits are purely racist, then I guess that means Sarah Palin is actually black!


In any event, based on this video, I think Al Sharpton may have some competition in the divisive department.

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