A mother’s view: The root of our nation’s problems

Marcus Aurelius once said, “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

Unfortunately, the ranks of the insane appear to be growing, and are dangerously close to taking charge of the asylum.

For the last few days, I’ve been thinking deeply about the fiasco in which we have found ourselves. You might be wondering which fiasco – since sadly there seem to be so many.

But I believe the root of many of this nation’s problems is that we seem to have lost the ability to think rationally as adults.

Everything in political life now seems to rest on three questions: “Do you like me?” and if the answer is “yes,” then the next question is, “Is it because I am cute/funny/pretty/handsome?” followed by “What can you do FOR ME now?”

If the answer to question one happens to be “no,” then the next question will be “Why, is it because I am: fat/skinny/black/white/Asian/Latin/female/male/ugly/too pretty/gay/straight/lesbian/transgender/tall/short?

And if the answer to this question is “no,” the questioner will follow up with “well, what can I do TO YOU now?”

Because in an entitlement society, everyone “deserves” to be liked and you must be punished for NOT liking a person because, after all, everyone DESERVES LOVE AND AFFECTION.

And if you don’t love me, you are racist, fill-in-the-blank-o-phobic and deserving of your lot, along with 2000 or more of your allies which includes at-will persecution, silencing and even death. AND because this is your right, (to be liked), you are able to carry out any and all offenses with the silent nod of the political class, who will wholeheartedly play upon the soft under-belly of resentment from not being liked, by telling you that as you loot, shoot and burn down neighborhoods “your time has come.”

You will continue to vote for these types and give them high approval ratings because, for the most part, the IQ slips 50 points down in group think, it does not climb. In other words two heads may be greater than one, but by the third head the trio becomes one big dunce. As you add more to the group, the problem gets exponentially worse, especially with bad or nonexistent leadership.

So, now in this group think, emotionally-charged environment, we see the omnipresent “polls,” and these polls show you what the supposed majority of (whatever) are thinking. This is so that you, John/Jane Doe Citizen, can fall in line with the majority, no matter how idiotic or nonsensical the thinking and actions of the majority can and will be.

Let me give you an example. African-Americans and Latinos believe the police do target minorities (69 percent and 54 percent, respectively). Fewer than a third of whites feel that way (29 percent). What does this mean? Does it mean that “cops hate minorities?” Um, no. It means it’s unusual for most people to see things from anything outside of their own experiences. Of course, no one has it worse than YOU because YOU can only feel your own experiences — not the other guy’s. Also, if your experiences are fraught with negative incidents, then YOU feel the brunt of the attention, not the positive aspects.

Last night two policemen in Hattiesburg, Mississippi stopped a Hyundai vehicle carrying three suspects. Shots were fired by one individual from the vehicle. The result is that on this Mother’s Day, two mothers will be in gut-wrenching anguish as they mourn the loss of their LAW ABIDING sons they gave birth to just a little over two short decades ago. One of the arresting officers is just two years older than my oldest child. I am sure if you spoke with THESE mothers, you’d be able to glean from them a moment-by-moment account of the first moments of their now deceased baby boy’s first moments on this earth. These are the first Hattiesburg officers to die in the line of duty in 30 years.

Hattiesburg resident Tamika Mills was quoted by The Clarion-Ledger as saying some bystanders came upon the officers on the ground, and that one of the officers asked ‘Am I dying? I know I’m dying. Just hand me my walkie-talkie.'”

A true hero – just doing his job.

Last week, a very inexperienced prosecutor charged 6 police officers with a number of charges, after which she exhorted the crowd with, among other things “As young people, our time is now,” to a screaming, fawning crowd moments before she giddily told HER mommy that the major news outlets were watching and her proud mommy replied that “The world’s her stage right now, and she’s shining like a star.”

I am happy for Marilyn Mosby’s mother, but her daughter’s “rise to the stars” will come at the expense of the destruction of six lives because of raw, naked ambition. But that’s beside the point. And what of the “mom and pop” businesses, wig shops, hair-dressing salons, drug-stores, auto-body shops, and the other various and sundry businesses now burned to the ground as the looters and shooters who had not a pot to pee in, nor the window to throw it out of, made them all one in the same? Well, just another Milky Way step on the road to fame for the leadership of Baltimore, who will play the “you hate me ’cause I’m black card” as they too hitch their rusty chain to the newest star of race and victim politics.

We deserve better in America, not just for ourselves, but for future generations. As we mothers and fathers raise our progeny, we should allow them to walk a mile in the other man’s or woman’s shoes.

People don’t emerge from the birth canal wearing a policeman’s uniform. It is a profession, and in this profession you will have good and bad people. It is incumbent upon the stronger minds and intellects to make sure we project the correct messages, understanding that if you target one group, eventually, the majority – with its combined mob insanity will eventually turn on YOU.

We deserve better in America than voting identity politics, we don’t “hate women” because we can’t vote for Hillary Clinton. We just hate the drama, we just hate the deceit, we just think these last few years have done more to tear us apart than bring us together. We just don’t believe she’s a good leader.

Finally, we deserve better in America than demagogues who seek anarchy by destroying the very men and women who hold back the tide of madness, larceny and destruction. We know our personal tendency is towards cowardice, and it is that brave one percent among us which keeps us from the shackles of bondage to other humans who hold within themselves very dark hearts. The average police officers, soldiers, firemen or other public servants who put themselves in harm’s way will embody the spine and backbone that too many of us lack, and shame on those who say differently.

We deserve better in America, to keep America great.

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