Mark Levin: U.S. Police Have Less ‘Due Process Rights’ Than Gitmo Terrorists

Nationally syndicated conservative radio host Mark Levin is referred to as “The Great One” by Sean Hannity because the man simply gets it. He understands what America represents and is always eager to fight the good fight in ensuring that our country remains the world’s lone superpower.

When Levin speaks, people listen.

Here’s Levin’s thoughts on the city of Baltimore and state attorney Marilyn Mosby – who rushed to judgement in charging six officers with the death of Freddie Gray.

From CNS News:

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin took Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to task yesterday on Hannity questioning her decision-making and saying, “How can it be that terrorists in Guantanamo Bay apparently have more due process rights, apparently are released even though they go back to the battlefield and they kill Americans and others, how can it be that they are treated one way and police officers another?”

You could attempt to argue against Levin’s points, but you would fail – just as the city of Baltimore has failed it’s citizens for the last 50 years.

Clearly the Democratic rule has turned the city into a wasteland of sorts, and it was just reported today that only 16 percent of Baltimore teenagers are raised by married parents.

If Baltimore wants to shape up, the city needs to act responsibly by putting adults in charge. Liberals promise change and deliver… well, I don’t know. I guess you can finish that sentence.

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