The SHOCKING flyer liberals are handing out about Jews

Once upon a time blacks and Jews bonded together down South to stand against the hateful specter of racism. We all remember — ok, based on Common Core history perhaps not — the young Jewish fellas who lost their lives in Mississippi working to help blacks register to vote. The episode was depicted in the movie “Mississippi Burning” with Willem Dafoe and Gene Hackman — great film!

I was honored to have developed life-long friendships with many Jewish men and women in South Florida. And when I attended the recent “Israel Bonds” gala in Dallas I was amazed at the inextricable bond between the Christian and Jewish community — the event was the largest (1500 in attendance) and the most lucrative ($60,000) in Israel Bonds history in America. And so I have established some great friendships here in Dallas with my Jewish brothers and sisters. I am proud to claim Rabbi Jon Hausman of Stoughton, Massachusetts as “my Rabbi” and have traveled to speak at his synagogue on two occasions — looking forward to the third.

Therefore, when I was sent the following story by one of my dear Jewish friends in South Florida, all I could say to him was, “I am sorry.”

As reported by Powerline Blog, “Monday night at a public hearing on the budget in Prince George’s County, Maryland, a flyer with the following headline was circulated:

From Baltimore to Jerusalem It’s the Same Game. In 10 years Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin sent 1.2 billion dollars of Maryland Federal taxpayer money to the Apartheid state of Israel to build schools, roads and other infrastructure while saying Maryland doesn’t have the money to help develop our communities.

The flyer goes on to attack the “Israel lobby,” which allegedly is using black politicians to split the African-American vote so as to “ensure that blacks don’t get political power in the Senate.” It also accuses “apartheid” Israel of training U.S. cops in how to “set up paramilitary police armies in minority neighborhoods. . .all across the [United States].”

And it accuses Israel of sending black Jews to prison camps and suppressing the birth rate of black Jews.

Who circulated the flyer? Surely, it was supporters of Donna Edwards, the black congresswoman running against Van Hollen for the Senate. It would be interesting to hear what Edwards has to say about this attack on her rival and a sitting Democrat (Jewish) Senator.”


What demented mind would promulgate such hate-filled drivel? And how is it that anyone would target our best ally in the Middle East for such a wantonly scandalous accusation? Is this where we have devolved when it comes to political contests? So many people ask me if I miss “politics” and elected office. I do sincerely miss representing the constituents and taking the hard stance to fight for the future of this Constitutional Republic — and that of our children and grandchildren.

What I do not miss is the playground of the inept, incompetent, and ignorant that results in this type of propaganda being disseminated which does nothing to further a discussion on issues and policy.

But what happened? When did the black community that marched arm in arm with the Jewish community suddenly become so vitriolic and virulent in their anti-Semitism? Why not focus on what’s REALLY harming the black community — the breakdown of the traditional family, lack of quality educational opportunities, and the dearth of black-owned small businesses and entrepreneurship. And mind you, a drug dealer is not an unlicensed pharmacist and business entrepreneur. Why is the black community seeking to scapegoat the State of Israel?

You know what’s really ironic and completely hypocritical? On Sunday, the black church sings praises and worships a Jewish man in whom they place their souls in hope for eternal salvation. Black choirs on Sunday sing about Calvary, a place in Israel when the same Jewish man died for their sins in hopes of bringing about spiritual freedom and redemption. So how doggone odd and perplexing that just the day prior, chances are these same blacks who were circulating this flyer were somewhere shouting “Hallelujah” to Jesus Christ — only to come back on Monday and condemn God’s chosen people? And that folks is what you call a Sunday morning Christian whose faith is superficial.

This is what ails the black community the most: folks who are someone different on Sunday and check their faith principles and values at the door when they depart the sanctuary of God’s house. And mind you, this phenomenon is not relegated to just the black community.

Powerline blog writes, “Anti-Israel rants by black radicals are nothing new; nor is black anti-Semitism. But injecting them into a Democratic primary campaign via a publicly circulated flyer suggests that the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic black left has become emboldened. Why? Perhaps it’s because President Obama has been so eager to attack Israel, though not, of course, as viciously as Edwards’ supporters have. Israel bashing is now acceptable for left-wing Democratic officer holders.”

I found it very disturbing that it was my own former Representative growing up in Atlanta, the black civil rights icon John Lewis, who was such a vociferous speaker against Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s address to the joint session of Congress. And the head of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Butterfield (D-NC), who decided to support non-attendance of the speech.

I am glad the Jewish people did not turn their backs on them back in the 60s.

Perhaps I should remind these “black radicals” of a little verse from the Holy Bible — I’m quite sure some may be going to Wednesday Bible study. It comes from Genesis 12:1-3 (New International Version):

“The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

As Jim Croce once sang, “you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit in the wind, you don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger” — and I might add, you don’t mess around with Israel.

Shalom y’all.


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