The Garland, Texas shooting proves we’ve been looking at radical Islam ALL WRONG

I’ve been listening to so many chime in on the recent Islamic jihadist attack here in Garland,Texas. It seems there is a contingent of individuals, irrespective of political philosophy, who embrace a sentiment that the event held was wrong. They believe it instigated the attack, and that everything must be done to ensure Muslims aren’t offended. This is of course all over the Mohammed drawing contest.

But is the real issue not about “offending” Muslims, but about something far deeper?

Consider the rampant anti-Semitism and how Jews are referred to as apes and other disparaging monikers — by Muslims. And even in the text of the Koran, it refers to finding Jews who are hiding and killing them. There are shouts of “death to Israel” and some Islamic groups have in their charters the destruction of the Zionist State — Israel.

Christians must endure having the symbol of our faith, the Cross, immersed in urine as “art” or the Virgin Mary covered in excrement. There are cases across America where Christians are being told their faith must be separated from their business practices in order to accommodate others. And we have written here frequently about the assault by the secular humanist Left against Christian prayer in schools and in our military.

All of this goes on but neither Jews nor Christians react with anger and violence.

And so maybe the real reason why we in the West are willing to surrender our freedoms, rights, and liberties in the case of Islam is because they have an anger management issue, which we are reluctant to confront.

Christians may see the act of homosexuality as a sin, but in Islam they punish it with death. I don’t hear the gay community condemning those actions. Can it be that the intolerant are doing exactly what they want — using fear, intimidation, coercion, and violence to silence us and cause us to crumble under our own hand?

The Muslim Student Association at a university demands the film “American Sniper” not be shown and what happens — the film is not shown. After all, we don’t want the heroic service of a U.S. Navy SEAL in combat to offend Muslims…they might get angry. If you speak the truth regarding Islam you are deemed an Islamophobe and end up having to have personal security…after all, they might get angry – murderously so.

The Council for American Islamic Relations forces a university to cancel a speaker…they might get angry.

Islamic terrorists behead Christians, slaughter men, women and children and burn to death a Jordanian fighter pilot, but we’re told to “get off our high horse” because we’re no different. Remember, we did bad things during the Crusades, which began because Muslims were attacking Christians in the Holy Land…but don’t say that, because they might get angry.

This is not about offending Muslims. It is a reflection of our surrender because we — ok, some folks — have been cowed into acquiescence.

And that is the goal all along. Islam is one of the world’s most violent ideologies. I do not have the time to list all the combat engagements and conflicts that have been launched in the name of Allah and Mohammad since 622 AD. If you want to get together and discuss that, I’d be more than happy.

Then again, somebody may say I am inciting and offending Muslims by talking about the history of Islamic conquest and jihadism…they might get angry.

As Megyn Kelly stated to Bill O’Reilly, “If Muslims are offended by Jews, do Jews deserve to be attacked and killed?” Ms. Kelly, that is the whole raison d’être of Hamas.

This morning on Fox and Friends, former U.S. Navy SEAL Rob O’Neil stated something, which I found rather disturbing. He said it wasn’t smart to hold a Mohammad art contest which offends Muslims. He went on to say that Muslims also are offended by pictures of other prophets of Islam — Moses and Jesus. What?

First of all, chronologically, it is impossible for Moses and Jesus to be prophets of something that did not exist until 612 AD — when Islam was introduced by Mohammad and the first convert was his first wife Kadesha. Secondly, I find it purely ludicrous and hysterically hypocritical that Islam would claim two Jewish men as their own prophets. Lastly, from a theocratic perspective, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has nothing in common with the doctrines and theocratic construct of Islam. Islam is a collective theocratic-politcal ideological system. Christianity is all about individual salvation and redemption through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

But what this shows is how the Islamo-fascists are winning the information war to have a former U.S. Navy SEAL say something like this on national TV and not even be challenged.

However, Rob O’Neil did say something profound. He stated that those two Islamic jihadists sought to attack our First Amendment rights here in Garland. And subsequently they were introduced to the Second Amendment.

In the end, perhaps instead of cowering away and shamefully seeking appeasement to people with anger management issues, we should be the principled and resolute adults. Let’s stop giving in to the temper tantrums of the kids. And if they get too unruly, then break out the belt and beat their ass.

After all, it does say in the Bible in the wise words of Solomon, “spare the rod and spoil the child.” Those two jihadis killed here in Garland, Texas were indicative of an ideology of some very spoiled children.

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