The most despicable aspect of the Mohammed contest shooting isn’t the shooting

I met the mayor of Garland, Texas last week at a Friends of Scouting fundraiser dinner for the Circle of Ten Council in Dallas. Our home here in Dallas is near the city limit of Garland. The Curtis Culwell Center run by the Garland Independent School District is about 20 minutes from our house. Sunday evening, I was relaxing and got a text message from a friend asking me what was happening in Garland. I flipped over to the news to see the breaking story. First of all, a very special hat tip to the Garland traffic officer who, with a single handgun, fired the shots that took down two domestic Islamic jihadists wearing body armor and carrying AK-47 assault rifles. The brave police officer is the reason why we honor the men and women of the Thin Blue Line – and do not demonize them as some very ignorant people had done earlier on Sunday morning talk shows. This one officer stood his ground, and because of that action, America was saved from a “Charlie Hebdo” moment.

However, what is most despicable, disturbing, and disconcerting is the way the liberal progressive media is attacking the targeted victim — the event organizers.

The display of pundits and interviewers attacking the free speech event of drawing Mohammed is part of our fundamental First Amendment right. What is blatantly obvious is that back in January of this year, when a Muslim group held an event to censor free speech under the guise of the made-up term “Islamophobia,” they had an unindicted co-conspirator who made some horribly disparaging comments about America as its keynote speaker. We wrote about that here on these pages — and I did interviews on the matter. Despite the content, I didn’t believe that event should have been cancelled, but the local citizenry had every right to know who was speaking in their community.

There were outside protests but no violence. Sadly, the liberal media even attacked the Americans exercising their right to petition their government for redress of grievances and freedom of expression were condemned. I suppose the liberal media just wants what the UN Resolution 16/18 and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation wants — cultural suicide. But then again, we are supposed to “empathize with our enemy” and anyway, “what difference at this point does it make?”

It makes a whole lot of difference.

Two men, here in the United States, knowing of this event, planned an assault. Based on evidence and information, they drove from Phoenix, Arizona with one intent: jihad. They were prepared to attack innocent unarmed Americans sitting in the Culwell Center. Just imagine if those two savages had penetrated the perimeter and had gotten inside the event center? Why is it that we in Western civilization find it easier to blame fellow Americans in the face of an Islamic jihadist attack? Have we become so fearful that we are willing to surrender and allow the intolerant to be the victors? Hate to put it this way, but do we blame an attractive woman for being raped?

Then why are we willing to blame ourselves for the raping of our First Amendment rights in Western civilization? Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders are guilty of nothing – as a matter of fact, they are FAR more courageous than their accusers from the progressive socialist left media.

Here are people who must live under the constant dark veil of being attacked. They travel with armed security and have been forced to not enjoy the everyday freedoms that living in the West should afford — as well as for their families. And what have they done? They are sentinels — no different than Churchill was leading up to World War II. Have we come to the point where speaking –just speech, that is deemed offensive by others — gives warrant to commit murder?

I am glad the Garland officer shot and killed these jihadists. I wish the same would have happened to Nidal Hasan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev. There is only one way to deal with rabid animals. You don’t reason with them or ask if they need a job or better opportunities — you put them down.

In case you need to know who the rabid animals were, CNN reports, “They wore body armor. They carried assault rifles. And one had declared loyalty to ISIS. One suspect, identified as Elton Simpson by a federal law enforcement source, linked himself to ISIS in a tweet posted just before the attack. He also was no stranger to federal investigators. In 2011, he was convicted of making a false statement involving international and domestic terrorism. The other suspect, identified as Nadir Soofi by two federal law enforcement officials, was Simpson’s roommate in a Phoenix apartment. He wasn’t well-known to federal law enforcement and was not on the FBI’s radar, one of the officials said. Investigators were combing through evidence retrieved from the shooters’ Arizona home to help piece together a timeline of how their plot came together, the official said.”

And yet, we continue to dismiss the truth, regardless of how apparent it is, “Garland Police Department spokesman Joe Harn told reporters Monday. “We think their strategy was to get into the event center, and they were not able to get past our perimeter that we had set up,” Harn said. An unarmed security officer working with the patrol officer was shot in the ankle, police said. None of the approximately 200 people attending the event was hurt. Harn declined to call the incident a terror attack, saying the motive was still under investigation. “We don’t know their intent, other than that they were willing to pull up and shoot police,” Harn said.”

God bless Joe Harn, but two fellas wearing body armor and carrying AK-47s are not there to shoot police — they could have done that in Phoenix. We have a domestic Islamic jihadist problem and it is time the media stop attacking the victims and telling us not to make Muslims angry — that is self-imposed censorship by way of fear, intimidation, and coercion. The Muslim Student Association demanded that the movie “American Sniper” not be shown — universities acquiesce. The Council for American Islamic Relations demands that certain individuals not be commencement speakers — universities comply.

An event is held, an art contest to draw a picture of someone who died back around 629 AD — and two Islamic jihadists target it for death.

Forgive me, but it sure seems to me there are some who forget who the bad guys are?

As I’ve said many times, when tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide.

We’re on that street.


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