The shocking statistic about Baltimore EVERYONE is afraid to mention

As we’ve all been glued to the television, watching the events unfold in Baltimore, there is one statistic about this mob violence you will probably never hear.

This is nothing new.

It happens all the time.

All around the nation…it’s just not reported.

In his new book, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, Colin Flaherty uses more than a THOUSAND examples to document the widespread black crime and violence, often directed at white people, that has been occurring across this nation for years. His book also shows how the media ignore, condone and deny it – and of course, how politicians, including the president, are willing partners in the deception.

In his introduction, Flaherty writes, “Black people are the relentless victims of relentless white violence and racism, often at the end of a badge – for No Reason What So Ever.”

“That was the biggest news story of 2014 and it was easy to find in the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, Spike Lee, Oprah, USA Today and lots of other places.”

Cover - Don't Make Black Kids Mad

But Flaherty says, “That is the biggest lie of our generation. Because just the opposite is true. Black crime and violence against whites, gays, women, seniors, young people and lots of others is astronomically out of proportion. It just won’t quit. Neither will the excuses. Or the denials. Or the black on white hostility. Or those who encourage it.”

Flaherty documents hundreds and hundreds of incidents that were never widely reported. Or suppressed, or with key details modified or eliminated.

He says, “You did not know Kansas City and other places in the heartland of Middle America – like Peoria, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Indianapolis and even Green Bay – are now centers of frequent, intense and dangerous black mob violence? But smaller towns, too. Peoria, Springfield, Greensboro, Jersey City, Dover, Monroe, Harrisburg, Charlottesville, Norwalk, New Haven, Utica, Dayton, Tuscaloosa, Texas City, Grand Terrace.”

The title of Flaherty’s book came from a particular incident in Kansas City.

For the last five years, black mobs have rampaged and beaten and destroyed and threatened and defied police dozens – DOZENS – of times at the upscale Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. They tried everything to fight it. New mayor. New police chief. They begged parents. Pleaded with perpetrators.

“What do you want?” community activists asked the members of the violent mobs. We want to be left alone, they said.

Finally they tried to curfew – against the advice of former Mayor and now Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, who told them, “All we are going to do is make a lot of black kids angry.”

And he was right. Racial violence continued. Much of it on video.

What we’ve just watched unfold in Baltimore has been duplicated in communities all across the nation – and it had nothing to do with the tragic death of a young man.

As the police stand by and do nothing, as the media attempts to characterize the “protestors” as “peaceful” – or tries to shift blame and make the perpetrators the victims of racial prejudice, when even the mayor of a city can declare citizens must allow “the space to destroy,” is it any wonder this sort of behavior is only on the rise?

Clearly the reasons for this epidemic of violence are varied and complex – today Col. West put the blame squarely on the liberal progressive policies that have destroyed so many urban centers.

But the very first step that must be taken is to acknowledge this is not an isolated, justifiable incident. It is a symptom of a much greater cultural disease, and ignoring it will not make it go away.

Read Flaherty’s book. And be certain to share it with some of your liberal friends.


  1. Sad that blacks don’t wake up to the fact they are being used this way. The few that have are mocked & called names. We can only hope that Public Education will be changed as it is now, back to the prayers, respect & honor of our men & women in uniform, including police. The world has become a disgusting ‘LIBERAL PARADISE “ COMMUNIST GOALS=13. Do away with all loyalty oaths

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

    18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

    19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.
    22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

    24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

    28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

    29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

    30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

    31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion

  2. I think the problem is not because they are black, it is because they do not have adequate religious training or because their parents are dummiecrats…

  3. Liberal policies created all of this.
    The ONE person with any sense at all, is the mom who braved all and smacked her child upside his head, showing some CONSERVATIVE tough love. Like it or not, SHE has become the example to follow to change the world as we know it.

    • Unfortunately, she is probably a HS drop out, on some kind of assistance, and an unwed teen mother. Not that a whooping isn’t appropriate. I could be wrong, but the stats are in my favor.

      • She looked very nicely dressed, hair done, make-up, very pretty woman.
        I take notice that you tried to devalue her without knowing any facts. Shame on ya.

      • I looked up her resume..NO private sector experience…No executive experience…Just another political hack lifer. Yes I did do some research.

      • Helloooooo….we were discussing the MOM who went into the crowd and got her son out of there, NOT the mayor.

      • WTF? Of course looks matter. Do you see any pink-haired nose-ring-wearing-lip-pierced face-tattooed pin-cushions leading any city? Besides, we’re not talking about the mayor. We were discussing ‘super mom’, and I was in defense of her.

  4. How much of this is caused by a LACK of Family Values? How much of it is due to the fact that the majority a Black youths never have a Male Authority figure in their lives? I heard one report last night that 70% of all African American children live in a single parent home.

  5. From what I have heard, the behavior of these High School kids isn’t much better inside the classroom. No respect for authority at all.

  6. I heard a few of the Baltimore City Councilmen complaining about the lack of jobs, I left Baltimore County in the late 1970’s because there were NO JOBS for people coming out of high school. After I left the 3 biggest employers shut down, Sparrows Point, GM and Bethlehem Steel.

      • That’s right, and just who runs the city of Baltimore. Primarily Blacks, and yet their city is decimated. Blame them for the lack of programs and employment. It’s their job to create jobs and a better city for their residents. Can’t blame the white man for that. And then take a close look at the black on black crimes in the city……OR IS THAT OKAY because it’s black on black.

  7. Of course African American crime is out of proportion. Can you imagine why? Let’s see… We (white people) enslaved them for over 300 years! Do you think the 150 years since has been enough time for that wound to heal? Of course not. Throw in Jim Crow, suppression during the civil rights movement, and the current trend of racial injustice done by police, and… boom. I agree that violence like this isn’t the right response, but it’s the response we shouldn’t be surprised at. If I punch you in the face, is it right for you to hit me over the head with your computer? No, but should I expect it? Hella sure!

    • ALL people have been enslaved and all lands have been conquered long ago, in fact slavery still exists in both America and Africa, with immigrants becoming the new acceptable slaves. Sex slavery is yet another stain on the shorts of Uncle Sam, with multiple women being pimped and abused. Yet I see NO commenting from Hillary on helping those women, I see NO “African Americans” joining forces to stop slavery in America OR Africa, and only exploitation from the left on how “the man” has been keeping them down.

      • Slavery is now in the shadows. When blacks where enslaved it was a legitimate institution codified by law. American society is institutionalized with racism. Old habits dies hard.

      • And the very foundation of our United States depended on the US Constitution where all 13 states had to be in agreement to sign into the document where ALL men are created equal. WHO is trying to destroy this document now? Take a guess…

      • You’re right: slavery was condoned by the American government and the Christian church for those 300 years. That will never be forgotten

      • Not true. Some people just want to live in the past, FOREVER, to get more freebies and hand-outs.

      • They throw their human dignity out the window when they choose to be habitual criminals. Once may be a mistake, but after that it’s choice.

      • Those same criminals share a responsibility for their actions and condition. Where is the dignity in rioting and destroying what others worked hard to build?

      • What the hell do you call what happened in baltimore? What the hell do you think this thread is about. Talk about a short memory and being a hypocrite.

      • We immigrated from Europe and had NOTHING to do with slavery, or any of this BS going on now. Yet the color of beige skin makes anyone liable for something that happened 300 years ago? Work hard, live right, and 90 percent of your problems will disappear.

      • And some people should forget, just how does it benefit black society to bring up their children hating another race for things the neither have control of? How about teaching them values and how to grow up successful instead.

      • Please provide examples of black families bringing up their kids to hate another race…thanks…I’ll wait

      • Well, let’s see, there is the woman in Atlanta GA who posted on her facebook account that blacks should just begin indiscriminately shooting white police officers. Not ALL police officers, just the white ones. Because THAT wasn’t hateful.

      • Did you know that when slavery was abolished absolutely 0 democrats voted for the end of slavery. And the slavery movement started with blacks selling other blacks into slavery.

      • Slavery was still thriving in the US way after the last black man was sold from Africa. Slave trade with Africa ended 1807 but proclamation of emancipation was in 1865. Which means American society raised two generations of homegrown slaves. Funny you don’t want to be blamed for something that hapenned years ago. But want us to blame long dead Africans from even before your ancestors for getting it started.


      • NONE OF THE PPL R AROUND THAT BLACKS ARE Blaming for their oppression. it is liberal policies keeping blacks down, and their own ignorance

      • Why should today’s conservative get the credit for something that happened so long ago. You sure don’t want to blamed for the less flattering parts of American history.

      • The most racist segment of society today is the Black segment. The Jews were enslaved for thousands of years you do not see the same problems with them. The socialists are keeping the specter of racism alive so that they can deceive and coerce the vote from the Black community, black children are constantly taught to blame the white man and white children are taught in the school system that it is their fault (white guilt), this comes from the socialist democrat policies and it is reinforced in the college system. As far as institutionalized racism. If you are black, hispanic, a woman, or gay then you are automatically given preference for government contracts. This is not a recent thing it has been happening since the 80s and has gotten worse. This is institutionalized racism. All you have to do is be a “certified minority business” and you goto the front of the line. I lost a best bid in a government contract, when I asked what I needed to do to get the contract I was told to find a black businessman in the same business then sign 51% of my company over to them and they can get the contract. Now that is institutionalized racism under the guise of Affirmative action. If this keeps up then all government contracts will go to Gay Black Women. Everything is Blame The White Guy, well this white guy is sick and tired of the crap! How about everyone learn to obey the law, get an education , get a job, work for what you have, take responsibility for your own damn actions and stop thinking you are owed anything in life because you are owed nothing and get a damn life!

    • Zach, I’m still trying to decipher how you believe that Caucasians have enslaved “them” (I’m assuming you’re referring to black Americans???) for 300 years when our country was created in 1776 and the slaves were emancipated in 1863. According to my calculation that was a total of 87 years (and, yes, I understand that slavery existed in the U.S. prior to the Revolutionary War). 1863 was 152 years ago. So you honestly believe that these people have the right to be violent for atrocities (and I truly believe ALL slavery is despicable) that were committed 152 years ago for a period of approximately 87 years? I don’t buy it…..

    • Thank LBJ and his Liberal Welfare state that has caused the destruction of the black middle class. Thank the mind-set that holds up ‘thug life’, prison time and rap sheets as ‘achievements’; thank those blacks who verbally abuse black children who actually try to better themselves an not live a ‘ghetto life’. Thank Rap moguls and musicians who glamorize calling women ‘hoes and bitches’.

      • Avnrulz, don’t forget how LBJ incentivized single-parent african-American households. So sad what has been done by the Progressives to take out an entire demographic and make them ignorant and dependent when they are fully capable of accomplishing anything they put their minds and energy in to…

      • Yes, I ‘gave credit’ to LBJ right off, because his programs started the ball rolling (downhill, apparently).

    • I didn’t do it (enslave anybody). Neither did the people at the CVS who are now out of a job because their store got burned down. Stop with the “white guilt” crap. As I said……I didn’t do it. How many of the looter were slaves?

      • It’s just easier for them to blame what happened hundreds of years ago for the fact that they don’t want to make something out of their lives and own up. Blame society because I chose not to go to school and educate myself. It’s society’s fault that I choose to live a life of crime……….IM SICK OF HEARING IT. GET A FREAKIN JOB

    • Not a single one of these people were EVER enslaved, and not a single American alive today EVER owned slaves. In fact, only a very small number of Americans ever owned slaves at all! Explain why blacks (yes, blacks, because in order to be “African-American” in my book, you have to PROVE you are of AFRICAN descent, and not from an island in the Caribbean, or a native Australian, for instance) are a minority of the population, yet a small percentage of them commit a majority of the crimes in this country? That wound should be well-healed, with as much as this country has bent over backward to lift up the black population with affirmative action, black history month, Miss Black America, NAACP, and every other organization expressly created to give power to black Americans.

    • 150 years, 3 generations. Wrong.

      Native Americans were treated much worse. I haven’t seen many reports of them rioting.

    • Are you unaware that it was a BLACK man who owned the first slave in this country. My mother and her brother were slaves…..and guess what! They are not black. So, these people crying about something that happened years and years ago—-are just crybabies.

  8. Black unemployment is bound to get worse, as small business owners see the unruly behavior of these black teenagers. Would you want to hire someone who might have zero respect for authority and the rule of law?

  9. We have to see that there is a bigger plan and agenda. …This is what you call the hegilian principle. Thesis. .antithesis. …synthesis. It has put a ethasis on race and religion. Black and white. Christian. .Judaism fired up against the Islamic religion. The jesuit order behind this all is subject to only one power. This is the power of the ANTICHRIST. If you can identify and see what the VATICAN is busy with. Then you need to wake up. The Pope wrote these insignicals years ago. The redistribution of all the wealth is also a catalysis and driving force to get the job done. There is still much blood shed planned for this world.planned by this killer system. It has only started. Blessings

  10. Conservative failed writers who could not point to Baltimore on a map two weeks ago are now lecturing us on everything “the media wont talk about”. Just so they don’t have to talk about the young man killed by police.

    • That’s quite a generalized blanket statement. How are Conservatives the bad guys when we are the ones who believe that black Americans do not need a handout, do not need the government to coddle them and take care of them and are instead fully capable of independence, greatness and being self-sufficient? Sounds to me that the true racists are those who insist that blacks need to have everything handed to them because they are incompetent. How incredibly demeaning and offensive it must be to be told that you can’t make it on your own merits, but instead must be artificially pushed to the front through degrading acts such as Affirmative Action? No wonder they’re pissed. They’ve had democrats/Progressives telling them they are nothing and never will be anything without the Federal government….

      • I think it is a shame that a young man who began this life with potential is now dead. One murder is one too many. I’m sad that so many young men like Freddie have been taught that their only option is drugs, gangs and crime. I believe everyone is equal in this country. I believe that we have all been endowed by our creator the freedom to pursue life, Liberty and happiness. He did not deserve to die, but conversely he was not making good choices with his life. Why this young man was not in prison or at least in a drug-treatment program to help him get out of that life is beyond me…..

      • you mean the dead “illegal drug dealer”? I mentioned him just now. no telling how many he killed by selling illegal drugs to them..

      • WOW “Not your place to be judge” from reading your post and not knowing ALL the facts, I would say the same back at you.

      • LOLOLOL…hypocrisy again Rafi…Not your place to judge? Do you even read these posts before submission?

      • This is more than about just the dead young man and sparked this event. It’s about the culture of dependence that the progressive Left keeps on installing on the black populace.

      • It is interesting that Baltimore has had more than 2 generations of control by the democrats and leftists, and yet it is a problem with the conservatives? Very strange concept to me. How can a group who has no political control or impact of any note in the city be responsible for police policy and the conditions of the city?

      • Maybe we’re tired of giving a hand out to thugs and habitual criminals. Maybe resources are better spent on the truly needy, physically challenged, elderly, and weak among our society than healthy, strong young men who breed kids they refuse to support. ALL races.

      • When the media and those just like you mention every hate crime committed by a black person against a white person, and there are plenty of stories out there, as well as white boys and men killed by black police officers, that’s when I will mention this young thug. Live by the sword, you die by the sword.

      • Or should we say…the racist cops threw Gray into the van planning on seriously injuring or killing him…oh wait same lack of basis in fact.

      • I did mention him, you simply chose to ignore it because you are not looking for a rational discussion you are instead looking for a fight. Your belief that a white person looks at you and sees nothing but your skin color is a personal insecurity that you have. Skin color determines nothing about a person other than their chances of getting skin cancer. I see people, not color. You should try it some time, it’s a lot less depressing and makes you take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

      • He’s probably the first person to look at Oprah and call her fat. It’s not only skin color, kids in school single out others for any difference and spend their lives bullying them. Rafael is likely no different.

      • Like it or not, we all judge to some extent. It’s whether or not we treat people solely on our first impressions of them that counts.

      • Do you know the reason he is dead? Do you believe he has some shared responsibility for his death? Do you believe his parents and community of friends have a shared responsibility in his death? Do you know that the Black community has suffered most under Democrat policies, are you willing to see thru the race baiting and witness the truth. Both he and Mr. Brown are responsible for their actions, actions that they decided to take, but no one wants to take responsibility. Democrat mayor, democrat city council, democrat police chief democrat policies since the 60s have destroyed the area just like it has in detroit and chicago and memphis and other metropolitan areas across America. Dont you think it is time to try something new. Listen to a true leader with real solutions, like Allen West. Ask yourself , what are your values and do they really align with the democrats, do you believe in abortion(democrat), do you believe in government handouts(democrat) do you believe only the government creates jobs (democrat) is “social justice” more money to failed government programs and increased welfare (democrat), Do you believe there is no place for God in America (democrat), They tried to vote god out at the last DNC convention, is that who you wish to support, or are you supporting them because you are Black and you have been told to do so? Think?

      • He died in police custody. After being denied medical attention he requested several times. That much is fact. You would know too if you where interested in the actual case instead of riots.

      • Not much point in talking about something we know little about except from those who know little. If the cops did wrong, they should be held accountable. What else is there to say?

      • Yes he died in police custody, Does that make it a racial issue NO! Is there a policy problem in the baltimore police department? That needs to be determined. Was there un-necessary force used, That needs to be determined. What was his responsibility in what happened and what was the police responsibility, That needs to be determined. The riots detract from the death but are now a part of a racial problem in America that needs to be addressed. Every criminal is not black and every time a black criminal gets hurt or dead due to committing a criminal act is not a reason to beat the race drum.

      • They need someone to blame it on. LBJ said he woujld have those n****** voting Democrat 4 the next 200 years. BLACKS TOOK THE BAIT,STILL IN CHAINS OF THEIR OWN MAKING

      • Logic and facts don’t apply to Rafi, just generalizations and tired stereotypes. You have to admit he is entertaining.

    • 1250-1300; Middle English sclave < Medieval Latin sclāvus (masculine), sclāva (feminine) slave, special use of Sclāvus Slavic, so called because Slavs were commonly enslaved in the early Middle Ages –

  11. All of these rioters and looters only show more and more the decline of America. When you have worthless, liberal media “reporting” lies and un-truths, nothing will change. As long as you have a divided in the Oval office, nothing will improve. God WILL judge all of these for their actions and behavior….ALL OF THEM.

  12. A man had his SPINE SNAPPED while in police custody and died…….Please talk about that ALLEN instead of RACE BAITING! You don’t have to continue to be a DISGRACE!

    • This man had spine AMD neck surgery not a week prior and instead of healing like I was supposed to . Was out slinging drugs.

    • You dont know that, the facts have not been presented yet. Just like Ferguson a narrative that was a LIE “HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT” is alive & well today. Wake up and look at the facts not what Obama & liberals are feeding u.

    • Your dumb ass does not know what happened to that man. What is it with YOU IDIOTS SUPPORTING CRIMINALS all the time. Your mere support of him because he is black MAKES YOU A RACIST. That man was a criminal with a long history of violence, His responsibility for his condition is unknown and the police responsibility for his condition is unknown, but RACISTS LIKE YOU automatically go STRAIGHT TO THE RACE CARD ( way overplayed) it is always an issue with you dumb son of a bitches (RACE BAITERS) if the police enforce the laws against a black person and it gets sideways,even when the police are black you have problems and start the name calling like you always do against Colonel West. You and people like you are what is wrong with America. These type of things happen to white people also but it never makes national news, where I live we just had a police dash cam video released of 4 officers beating the hell out of a white man while 2 others watched, they took a break and asked the other 2 to come get them some. Did not see that on national news, did not see rioting because of it did you, Where is your indignation for him, oh! that is right he is white and white lives do not matter to YOUR IGNORANT ASS. You sorry RACE BAITING SOB!

  13. The first slave owner in America was a black man. The media didn’t start flooding the screens until the violence started. Before that it was peaceful but no one saw it or cared. These wild thugs get their 10 minutes of fame because there seem to be no repercussions. When I see people with their faces covered, it’s not about protesting an issue anymore and there is going to be trouble. I haven’t watched a minute of it on TV. It should be blacked out (pardon the pun). They should show the people in handcuffs being led into court more often than people looting. But who can account for the liberal media? It is all so backwards, I’m sick of seeing it and hearing about it.

    • First slave owner was Black man? That has NO RELEVANCE or bearing about a situation of 400 years of Instituonalized Racsim and Bigorty for 400 years.

      • Ohhhh but I so does when that is the constant excuse given as to why Blake have not been able for 150yrs to.get their act togethe .

      • Do you know that some people still eat pig ears and pig feet and pig snoot….even after all these years has past since slavery…its what the masters would allow the slaves to eat.

      • You in educated idio . First off its a southern thin . I’m wight as fuck and I eat all of tha . My whole family does. Point invalid

      • 150 years?? Jim Crow was law just 40 years ago. People who grew up drinking at Colored Only Water fountains are still alive and are in thier 60’s and 70’s.

      • Keep bringing up the South as if it applies to the rest of the country and to the present day. How long are you going to bang that drum? No blacks in college or in positions of power, wealth, or authority? Hmmm no black President even?

        You need to get your head out of the race-baiter blogs and into the real world, because most of my black friends are laughing at you.

      • Wow…400 years? I guess that is why so many come from other countries without thought to their race or color and make it happen. No sitting on the sidelines blaming others for their station in life.

    • And another thing: If they are so proud in what they do/act why is their face covered. Uncover it and be proud of what you are doing.

  14. This man had spine AMD neck surgery not a week prior and instead of healing like I was supposed to . Was out slinging drugs.
    So maybe we should wait and see. Or maybe we should just excuse all off these thugs because there in capable of getting their head straight and making something out of their life’ .

      • A White person is more likely to be hit by lightening than, attacked by a minority.
        Overall whites commit 70% of all crime in the USA. The media does not talk about this.
        According to Justice Department statistics (pdf), 84 percent of white people killed every year are killed by other whites.
        The truth? As the largest racial group, whites commit the majority of crimes in America. In particular, whites are responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes. With respect to aggravated assault, whites led blacks 2-1 in arrests; in forcible-rape cases, whites led all racial and ethnic groups by more than 2-1. And in larceny theft, whites led blacks, again, more than 2-1.

        The term “black on black” crime is a destructive, racialized colloquialism that perpetuates an idea that blacks are somehow more prone to violence. This is untrue and fully verifiable by FBI, DOJ and census (pdf) data. Yet the fallacy is so fixed that even African Americans have come to believe it.

      • Actually the Government data backs up the claim that the black populace is prone to be more violent. Your comprehension skills must be lacking. Take for example, per the FBI 2013. Blacks were roughly 13% of the U.S. population that year but were arrested for committing 52% of all homicides, 56% of all robberies, and 31% of all rapes. And lets don’t forget, per the FBI once again, Black Males rape white women by the thousands each year but during that same time period there are only a few cases of White Males raping Black Females, with some years having zero reports of such. What’s up wit dat?!

      • I have to say in all do honesty that from site to site,, those numbers are all over the board…
        I guess one could sit around all day and dig deeper,,,
        but I won’t waste my time doing it here…

      • Already answered all that. Its nonsense…an op-ed page as a proof source man…really?

        Black violent crime rates are four times higher per capita than whites using your source data and the lightening analogy is way off by at least a factor of 20. Sorry mate.

      • Oops…your cut and paste is out of date major.

        Your convenient argument forgets to mention that based on population and your crime statistics, blacks are four times more likely to get arrested for violent crime than whites based on crimes per capita and 90% of black murders are caused by blacks. You can argue gross numbers all you want, but given the white population is almost five times larger, the violent crime rates by blacks are much higher. Truth doesn’t mean what you think it does.

        Oh…and the lightening analogy? You are off by a factor of about 20 even you just consider murders.

      • Todd this “liberal media” you hate soooo much are the very ones pepertrating this MYTH of the violent black male. When in truth are white brothers and sisters commit FAR MORE crime. But you know what the diffrence is. Incaration rates of Blacks is 4 times as high for white conterparts. Black recive 20-30% longer prison term for the exact same offenses. The FACTS are in front of you Todd, choose to read or to believe MSNBC, or FOX or whatever other entertainment group posing as news orginzations. Up to brother.

      • Actually not muffin. Violent crime rates are far higher for blacks (4x higher – jibes with incarceration…hmmm)…no myth, but fallacious to just say it is because of skin color.

  15. Face it folks, the second progressives made it acceptable to raise children without a father in the home, society slammed into the dumpster. Yes, there are sterling examples of single moms who raised successful children but for the most part single moms on the dole have failed miserably. Like Dan Qualye ( VP under George H Bush) pointed out all children need and deserve a DAD!

      • Really? And? It doesn’t bother you that blacks are attacking, assaulting, raping, murdering, robbing other blacks??? At least show a little solidarity if you’re gonna keep playing the victim card….

      • Blacks are constantly claiming White people oppress them through violence, like the Police killings. When a stat like that. 93% of crime against Blacks is committed by Blacks, is pointed out and your reply is “And?” You clearly point out the problem, shear ignorance and lack of intellectual ability, logic or capacity for reasoning. So I will explain it as simply as possible. If Black people are attacked 100 times and 93 of those times the person or persons attacking them is another Black person, it can NOT be true that White people are the oppressors. It is the Blacks.

      • Republican U.S. House Representative Bill Flores of Texas argued this week that violence in Baltimore could be linked to the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States.

        lol,,, Texas,,, republicans….,,,yep it’s them gays!!!

      • Another fallacious bigoted argument major. There are nuts in every group, but that does not allow deflection from the real issues.

      • yea,,, the Rubes like to put their nuts out front,,,
        where everyone can see them….
        and because the Religious right owns the Rep…
        they have to pander to them or suffer no votes…

      • The Christian right pushed Romney out front to be sure…lol. I understand why it is a convenient argument for the flock, but you are the one who looks to be the fool. Perhaps you are the rube?

      • Wrong Chuck. These nutbags use any fallacious argument including guilt by association to justify their lack of logic and common sense.

      • I see your point that you feel that the police are targeting the black population, but do you think that maybe if the black violence that is documented in statistic after statistic could be controlled and lowered then there would possibly be less negative interaction with the police? I’m not being flippant here, I really want to know your take on that.

      • I think it’s total bunk. Police hardly clear half the crime committed. That just using incomplete stats to justify prejudice. Which in turn boost the inflated numbers. Just lazy policing.

      • I’ll have to research that. Everything I have read shows incredibly high violent crimes statistics perpetrated by the black population. If these numbers are skewed to promote the fallacy of the violent black male in order to increase or justify racism then there has to be counter-statistics proving the opposite, correct?

      • What I was getting at was you are insinuating that FBI stats are skewed, so using logic, there should be stats compiled by others outside of the FBI that reflect the “actual” rate of crime. Where would one find those? And calling me “you people ” and getting defensive when asked for guidance on how I can research your claims is probably not going to get anyone to listen to your plight or take you seriously. Tone it down a little with the rhetoric when people are trying to see your side…

      • Nah…Rafi is fun. Easy pickings for the most part and he just trolls along anyway as if his posts carry weight. I do the same thing sometimes on the liberalite sites. He just likes to get people crazy…too easy sometimes.

      • Most murders are caused by people known to the victims while car theft is typically random. Which one would you think is easier to solve? Fallacious logic doesn’t fly and throwing numbers on the board means nothing without context Rafael.

      • What is fallacious about the statistics other than you don’t want to accept them? Given in context they are not fallacious.

      • In this case there is no context. Even when context is provided conclusion can only be inductive. Cannot accurately predict any behavior with (or deduce any facts) 100% accuracy all the time.

      • So you should support increased policing of these communities and increased or harsher penalties for repeat offenders. Or a zero tolerance policy and the death penalty.

      • Not possible Rafael. Just excuses and talking points as usual without anything real to back it up.

      • Facts don’t support your conclusion Rafi. Just making stuff up again to base your ideological nonsense on.

      • Google fbi clearance rates. Those are facts too. You dumb stats don’t say how many times a white victim of crime refused to press charges against a white offender because “he doesn’t want to ruin his life”. No facts just bullshit to confirm bias.

      • But your presumption that unreported crimes would skew the outcome is just speculation. I think the bullshit lies in your presumptions which hold no water comparatively.

      • I suppose you think there is logic involved with your statement, but to say that the discrepancy is due to discrimination is ludicrous.

      • When lazy police are only looking for black people to lock-up. That is what they usually find. Always wondered what police would find if they started taking down good white Christian doors without warrants.

      • I’m sure you understand your comment is another diversion, but getting into a discussion based on bias and bigotry against the police is fruitless as is commenting on your bait:)

      • Give me a break. Whenever the explanation doesn’t fit the liberal narrative, it must be institutionalized. What a joke.

      • They’re black neighborhoods. In predominantly white neighborhoods white on white crime is rampant. We don’t acknowledge it as white on white crime though. We just say crime. I guess we need to research what came first; the failure of a community, or prejudice in that community. Prejudices prevent opportunity. The lack of opportunity creates joblessness and poverty.

      • White crime is proportionate to the population size. In the Black Community, crime is disproportionate. They make up 13% of the population in this Country, yet, they commit just over 50% of the murders. 33% of rapes, 56% of Robberies…. 13% of the population, does that much of the crime.

        There is the link, go look, I am not making this up. Whites make up about 70% of the population, of course we would make up 69% of crime. that is right on par.

        Black people are angry so many Blacks are in prison, they need to tell their men to stop breaking the damn law and White people need to stop damn defending them!! Stop it! We have Blacks rioting without any facts in case after case after case. They are rioting without knowing the facts, because there is no one calling them out! Even their own people fail to call them out or stop them. As I am typing this, it is coming across the news that the Mayor of Baltimore told the Police to not stop them, to let them riot and loot. It was just confirmed by the Sheriff of the County Baltimore is in, just confirmed she said that.

        There is an epidemic of Black on White violence in America and the Media, even right wing media, are hiding it. Watch this video, look at the persons videos that posted it. His name is Collin Flaherty, he has several videos about the issue of Black mob violence.

        Now, as for what is causing it, it is lack of education. The problem begins at home. 70%+ of Black homes are single parent and its almost always the Mother at home. The Black Fathers are absent and they are impregnating other women, one after another. In the Black Community one man can be responsible for 3, 5, 7, 12, 15 women being pregnant and the Fathers don’t contribute a single damn dime to the kids for food, shelter, clothes, etc.

        Who pays it?? Wanna know?? WE DO!! White people!! I am not trying to sound racist, I have only put up verifiable facts and numbers here. Nothing racist, yet if a progressive or Black person happens upon this post, I will get called a racist for exposing this!

        I said education is key, well, because these Mothers are at home alone. They have to feed themselves and their kids. They work 2-3 jobs to do this, often at night. The kids are left alone. How much homework and studying do you think gets done by these kids? They have tv, video games and friends they can hang out with on the streets and at others houses, so why would they do boring homework or study?? They don’t. They fail grades, drop out and are left working minimum wage jobs.

        So they have a choice, work minimum wage jobs, or, do like their hero’s in the music industry did before making it big, sell drugs and live the thug life. This is why so many end up in prison. The Community failed them, the BLACK Community. I work, I pay my taxes. My tax money feeds many of these people, my money dresses them, pays for their school, pays for their electricity and housing in many cases. So why should the White Community have to spend MORE money on these people. They have to do some of the work. Millions of Blacks pay attention in school and go to college. They end up getting good jobs and they get the hell out of the “Hood”. We do not owe them a damn thing!

        Now, I am sure if you read this far, you are saying, “So, Blacks pay taxes too!” Wanna know how many? Less than 7% of Black people pay any taxes. Sure, they have taxes deducted from their pay. The ones that work. But!!! They file for returns and after the Earned Income Credit, they get EVERY single penny they paid plus…. PLUS!!!! MORE! Yep, with the EIC they get more back than they pay in!!! MORE!!! This is how only 7% end up paying taxes. Paying tax means you don’t get back what you paid in. Paying in $100 and getting back $100 is not paying taxes. Worse, they pay in $200 and get back $150! Well, I shouldn’t say worse, they get it back plus some because they are poor. My point is, so many say they pay and are too ignorant to understand they aren’t, they think having money deducted means they paid. So, you see, they are living off Whites, many of them, yet, many hate us and for what??? What did we do to them??

        THEY chose to not get good grades, THEY chose to not study. They made their bed, now they have to lay in it! I feel bad for them! Many Whites make the same mistake!! Many Whites are just as poor and have nothing, but, they aren’t hating me or others for my skin color, they aren’t rioting every time a White person is killed by a Cop. They aren’t looting and burning businesses and cars. They aren’t blaming other races for their own bad decisions. They aren’t committing a tremendous amount of crime for their population size!!

        Do you realize if Whites committed the level of crime they commit based on population size, Blacks would barely commit any crime and we would commit so much, Blacks would be starting a war with us because of the terror they would feel for the shear amount of violence we would be committing against our own and them!

        Prison sentences are fair. I always hear the Black Community say they are unfair, because crack gets more time in prison than powdered cocaine. They say Blacks sell crack, whites use powder more, so they prison sentencing favors the Whites. Bullshit! The reason crack has more time behind it is because it is FAR more addictive!! It makes people do FAR worse things to get money to buy it! You never hear about White movie star robs 7-11 for blow money, or CEO or Store Manager kills man for money for blow. We always hear about crackheads and meth-heads doing insane shit for another hit!

        They know Black men are gonna always sell drugs because a drug dealing Black man can make more in 2 hours dealing than he can working 40 hours at 2 minimum wage jobs. So they want the sentencing lowered to nothing! Listen to them sometime. They always say, we don’t use no hard stuff in tha hood, we smoke weed. That is their argument. That is what they think we are dumb enough to believe. Even if all they smoked was weed, they still sell the other shit and it’s against the law! Many times you hear about the harsh penalties for selling Weed. They say no man should be in jail or prison for weed, its legal now!! Right! its legal in a few States for recreational use. That doesn’t matter, you do the crime before the laws change and its legal, you do the time! The reason a person is in jail for selling weed is because he had a felony amount. In my state that’s over one ounce. Many times they are caught with Pounds!! If you have pounds of weed, you deserve the Trafficing charge, you ARE trafficing weed! Their logic is so fucking far out of the realm of societal normalcy it is not even close to funny. It is sad! It proves just how ignorant either willfully or because they are just plain stupid, they are ignorant!

        I want this shit to stop! I do not want to end up having a Country that resembles the middle east because a bunch of entitled morons can’t get it through their head that they have to stop screwing multiple women and having kids, get an education, go to college, get a decent job, earn your money and lift your own self out of the Hood! If they would do that, we could drop the whole Slavery crutch and that is exactly what it is, a crutch. Slavery makes them victims and victims have power in this PC world. For God’s sake, I just saw a Black man on tv just now saying we can no longer use the word “Thug”. “We” as in White people. See what they do?? They use their victimhood to tell us what to do and trust me, this is going to work, because tomorrow or next week, you will start seeing these progressive liberals saying we have to stop saying “Thug” because it is used instead of the N-word. See, I don’t even use that word, because it is disrespectful to Blacks. Whites try and be nice, but all saying “N-word” has done is empower them to now say we can’t say thug. Fuck that! Shit is over now! I’m done and I am starting a movement to say FUCK Political Correctness and Fuck Racial Censorship. I refuse to allow the Black man to dictate to me what the hell I can say or do. Watch that video and you will be pissed! You have to be. If you watch it and some of the other ones on his feed, and you come back here and tell me some lame ass excuse for that kind of violence being okay, because its just young teens, or random or its rare, I will have to call you out on some things. It is time Liberals open their damn eyes to what is really going on and forget political sides, forget Democrat and Conservative. Nobody deserves to be sucker punched by someone walking past, when they are just minding their business, not a Black man nor White man, nor Women or anyone!!

  16. People are trying to say Blacks aren’t more prone to be violent, but all the evidence collected from very reputable sources, say otherwise. Take the data collected from the FBI in 2013. Black Males, who were roughly 6% of the U.S. population, were arrested for committing 31% of all rapes. With that being said, several other studies have found that the amount of rapes being committed by Black Males is actually much higher. THE ROOT, a pro-Black media outlet, goes into great detail in the following article on the matter.

    And let’s don’t forget, per the FBI once again, Black Males rape thousands of White Women each year. But at the same time only a few, if any, cases of White Males raping Black Females is reported. They say there are over 100 White Women raped each day in the U.S. by a Black Male. Those numbers make me ill to my stomach.

      • The truth shall set you free but when that isn’t available go with the only pitch you have which is a lie.

      • He’s right. The truth relevent to this discussion IS bull shit. It’s based on political and social biases. Social sciences are politically biased. Political science is socially biased. As you argue about what’s right, experts in these two pseudo sciences argue with eachother. Unlike math, there’s no universal laws. It continually evolves until someone figures the shit out or it gets so bad we all die. The fact that all of this bull shit is happening means no one knows anything. The most dangerous people are the ones who claim they know.

      • Those stats from the DOJ are based on actuals arrests, prosecutions and convictions. They are not made up by some pocket protector wearing stat guy. They are based on real life. You can try to dismiss the truth all you want but they are what they are. This is real life facts no pseudo science real hard facts. Criminals come in all colors shapes and sizes but if the demographics upset you than you need to tell people to stop being criminals. Just because you refuse to accept them doesn’t mean shit!

      • Deny statistics…classic diversion. There are no facts but those based on your opinions and anecdotal examples?

      • That doesn’t make them incomplete unless you assume a bias in the unsolved crimes. It is reasonable to assume to a normal distribution. Homicides have a high solution rate, so the deviation would have to be illogical to assume a vastly different outcome. Just looking for excuses Rafi.

    • Really, can you cite your sources for the rape rates? Because the FBI”s Uniform Crime Reports do not report such data.

  17. Guess what America, Great Britain seems to be having the same problem with the Black populace when it comes to crime.

    Stats from Great Britain:
    • Blacks are 6.6 times more likely than whites to commit murder
    • Blacks are 7.3 times more likely than whites to commit firearms offences
    • Blacks are 3.7 times more likely than whites to commit rape
    • Blacks commit over a quarter of robberies in England and Wales, despite being only 3.3% of the population. They are over 12 times more likely than whites to commit robbery.

  18. the next thing that is going to happen is that there will be widespread black deaths by white folks that are tired of the black thugs rioting over nothing and tearing cities apart just for the fun of it, so to the black community get your shit together or feel the brunt of the white rage that will follow

  19. The inner city area gave been simmering for quite sometime. I lived in North mpls… And thev#of times cops pill people over there is ridiculous. Not saying what these these kids doing are right but let’s be honest without involved grandparents our fatherless fearless leader would probably be in a similar situation. A stable home life with people who care about you is HUGE for kids. Acting like fathers dont matter is THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE another thing wrong with the’ gay marriage agenda. Until we start promoting the nuclear family again our ruin as a society is unavoidable

  20. Look, more Black “kids” enriching our neighborhoods again with their mob violence. I’m sure CNN will be reporting on it an any moment.
    Google “Charleston Teen Mob”.

  21. American Blacks have an IQ averaging about 85 which is a full standard deviation below whites. Blacks have 10 times the appearance of the MAOA gene (warrior gene). Blacks have 10 times the XYY chromosomes as the white population and the males run a 21% higher testosterone than white males.
    This is not a situation that education, a father in the family, good upbringing or any social program can change. This is their genetic make-up and the violence, impulsive behavior and inability to learn will continue as long as they exist. Basically they are genetically hardwired to act the way they do.

  22. Know this… this world is programmed for exactly what is happening…

    Segregation was intentionally instigated after the War Between the States. And satanic Islam controlled the Trans Atlantic slavery…

    Chaos… which is a part of satanic Islam’s prophecy was also intentionally manufactured…

    Remember; Holy Scripture tells us regarding the later days… that Nation will rise Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom…

    And… today we know that a Kingdom is a country… and a nation is a tribe of people…

    The fact is… satanic Islam has a major influence on the media and revolution is a means to accomplish change… for the Luciferian Globalists who serve satanic Islam.

    In other words… most everyone in this world is already a puppet… doing the work for the satanic One World Islamic Economic System…

      • That was a radical piece of garbage… even on a Shillary Clinton website, of all things.
        You do know how Shillary has been helping satanic Islam spread all this time… aye? The CGI is all about satanic Islam. She is all about a One World Islamic Economic System…
        Don’t be duped…
        Also… I said I didn’t believe in the Pre-Trib… but I do believe in the Rapture. I can only guess at to what denomination you are associated with?

        Q: If you don’t believe in a Rapture [as your link shows]… then why are you calling upon the Lord to come quickly?

  23. Obama thinks that we are ripe for the picking. He and his hire mobsters are fixing us up real good. Martin Luther King would turn over in his grave if he knew how Obama and his friends were treating people.

    They want to ban us from using the MLK name, because they want to keep out the truth. Martin Luther King loved people of all color. Black people of today are not really honoring King’s memory. He would not approve of Obama and his followers’s sorry hind ends! He was not a racist, as they are!

  24. I guess Mr. West does not understand much about how city governments function and how local economies are pretty independent of what city leaders try to achieve. City leaders can do little to create jobs – that falls mainly on the private sector (you know, the free enterprise you espouse). The private sector is not an organized collection of businesses, striving to create jobs: they are independent businesses – existing to create profits – not jobs and whose success depends on may factors – few of which are controlled by city officials.

    Each city – each state – has its own economic facets – almost independent of state or local government politics. North Dakota had a booming economy – thanks to the oil boom. That was not because of any government actions or by creative business efforts – it was merely the demand for oil and the discovery of oil there. Until you understand that, perhaps you should not comment on economic issues.

    Our country’s economy is booming. Are you going to credit Obama? Not likely.

    You made the comment that the mayor told the police that the rioters must be “allowed space to destroy.” As I have learned long ago about you, Mr. West, is that you too often report things out of context. If you read the Politifact article, you will find that she said that she wanted the police to give the lawful protesters space to lawfully protest, but that the unintended consequence of that was that the rioters also found the space to riot. THAT was not her intent. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

    I find it hard to believe that a mayor of any city would want their city destroyed. It chases away progress. More importantly, Mr. West, you disparaged the many fine Baltimore police officers, saying, essentially, that they allowed them to riot, based solely on the mayor’s word. You owe the fine Baltimore police an apology.

    • You spew half truths…
      1) the economy is NOT booming! It hasn’t been flourishing since 9/11/2001… the day the Luciferian Globalists opened the doors so satanic Islam could attack us and begin their need for establishing an Islamic Caliphate/Mahdi in time to fulfill their prophecy.
      2) Yes the mayor wanted the city to take a hit. To send a message throughout the USA! I wouldn’t doubt that her superiors actually told her to inform everyone to stand down and let them have their way.
      THIS SERVES a purpose! Revolution!! Change!!!
      A Global economy needs a Global government… and that’s where satanic Islam steps in.
      Baltimore… and every so called riot taking place in this country is manufactured on purpose through the Islamic influenced media. For satanic Islamic gain!!!

      • Well, I look at my income and that of the many in my city, I look at all of the economic indicators. Looks pretty good to me! That your personal economy isn’t doing well, might be something of your own doing. Maybe spend a little more time looking for work and a little less time reading conspiracy theory web sites!

      • Decreasing the value of the Dollar is part of the agenda.
        The day will come when the dollar is removed as being the World Standard of currency and replaced with the Oil Standard of currency…
        Not a wonder why satanic worshipping muslims claim Crude as a blessing from allah.
        Spitting out fake fiat dollars means it is worth less. For the purpose of leveling out a World currency.
        Maybe you should spend a little time researching Sharia Finance and less time assuming what I do for a living…

      • I’m certain he/she makes more in a day than you make in a month… or a quarter…
        What a dumb question…
        So what’s your point? Rich people are evil? Are you brainwashed to hate bankers? Like the idea of Sharia Finance better? Despise interest loans? To stupid to realize what Zakat taxes are?

      • You have to be the SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID to believe that anyone would pay a person to post on allen west’s site. Allen is political NOBODY!!!

      • and job outsourcing is not adding to unemployment more on food stamps bringing in all the millions of no got a greeen card freeloaders haveing jobs handeded to them for less pay keeping an American pushed below poverty level’s and all you can come up with James is take a look at your self ?your days are around the corner fill what it’s like when you have to tell your kid you cant afford to buy them a coke.injoy it while it’s here

    • James, what planet are you on. I don’t think you can justify labeling our economy as booming when the latest reports show a growth of 0.02%. Looking my ads

      • The GDP growth rate for the quarter ending 12/31/2014 was 3.66% (annualized). The Dow is at record levels. The Conference Board reports a 0.2% growth for March – NOT 0.02%. 0.2% is per month (making if 2.4% per year).

    • Back off james.What you don’t understand is Col. West stands head and shoulders above you in every way.You are not fit to shine his shoes let alone tell him what to do,so,shove it.

      • The article was printed under his name – meaning he bears the responsibility for what goes out under his name.

      • The web site is “”. Allen West’s name, signature, photo, and his resume are scattered all over the web site. Thus, anything printed by the site goes out under his imprimatur – making him responsible for its content.

    • Our country’s economy is booming…that’s why there’s still 46 million people on food stamps…Politifact is a known left wing website friend…As for what the Mayor of Baltimore said, she said exactly what this article says she said and I watched what she said myself…there’s no misuse of context she said it WORD FOR WORD…grow up, or shut up.

    • Because he’s smart enough to know that it’s all media programming… designed to influence behavior to instigate riots & revolutions… the satanic Islamic way.
      For the purpose of establishing a satanic… One World Islamic Economic System

      • Because he can’t make money talking about white folks…he has to degrade black folk so his racist followers will buy his tee shirts and coffee mugs!

  25. Shhh!!! Apparently it is quite acceptable for Liberals to hate and defile black Conservatives. Especially black Conservative women. Apparently after 60 years of keeping blacks enslaved by the Democrat Party, many are waking up to this reality. The Democrats aren’t racist. They want to keep EVERYONE poor and dependent. Equal misery for ALL.

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  27. The administration perpetuates this kind of behavior so it will be easier to declare marshal law .Read your history books…….

    • Get your TIN FOIL HAT at Earl’s TIN FOIL HAT OUTLET STORE!!! Mention OBAMA IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS and get 20% off your entire order!!

      • Don’t need tin foil my hat is Kevlar , don’t be hating because some of us a prepared for any contingency !!!!!

      • I am one happy customer since I started shopping at Earl’s!!
        there’s something for everyone!!!!

  28. I live in Des Moines Iowa area and there has not been any black mob attacks…at least in the 10 years I have lived here. I even looked in crime archives. So either it is a conspiracy to cover it up (like Bigfoot) or this guys research is shoddy.

    • oh jeez, i love getting letters like this. Because in Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, I document several episodes of black mob violence in Des Moines. Including one that led to the death of a father of six. And are you seriously telling me you did not ever hear about Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa State Fair? How about the black mob violence at the annual Asian Festival? Why did they fire Lori Lovorato? Someone, please, get this dude a copy of Don’t Make the Black kIds Angry.

  29. Thank you Colonel!

    We must stand up and save US. Black US and White US. The real war is the greedy Elites stealing America from all of US.

    Thank you again,



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