The dirty little secret no one wants to admit about Baltimore

The population of Baltimore is 622,000 and 63 percent of its population is black. The mayor, state’s attorney, police chief and city council president are black, as is 48 percent of the police force. But as 36-year-old Robert Stokes says, “You look around and see unemployment. Filling out job applications and being turned down because of where you live and your demographic. It’s so much bigger than the police department.”

Everyone wants to have an honest conversation about race, so let’s us endeavor to do just that. Now, of course, when you speak the hard truth about race issues in America – and not just the liberal progressive talking points – and you’re white, you’ll be branded a racist. And if you’re black, well, y’all just watch the comments below and see the denigrating drivel.

As posted on by John Nolte, “Contrary to the emotional blackmail some leftists are attempting to peddle, Baltimore is not America’s problem or shame. That failed city is solely and completely a Democrat problem.”

“Like many failed cities, Detroit comes to mind, and every city besieged recently by rioting, Democrats and their union pals have had carte blanche to inflict their ideas and policies on Baltimore since 1967, the last time there was a Republican Mayor. In 2012, after four years of his own failed policies, President Obama won a whopping 87.4% of the Baltimore city vote. Democrats run the city of Baltimore, the unions, the schools, and, yes, the police force. Since 1969, there have only been only been two Republican governors of the State of Maryland. Elijah Cummings has represented Baltimore in the U.S. Congress for more than thirty years.”

“As I write this, despite his objectively disastrous reign, the Democrat-infested mainstream media is treating the Democrat like a local folk hero, not the obvious and glaring failure he really is. Every single member of the Baltimore city council is a Democrat. Liberalism and all the toxic government dependence and cronyism and union corruption and failed schools that comes along with it, has run amok in Baltimore for a half-century, and that is Baltimore’s problem. It is the free people of Baltimore who elect and then re-elect those who institute policies that have so spectacularly failed that once-great city. It is the free people of Baltimore who elected Mayor “Space-to-Destroy”.

Mr. Nolte is white and we all know the invectives which will be hurled his way — but he is absolutely correct.

I was watching the news reports from Baltimore and hearing all the condemnations from some about being kept down and the lack of jobs, opportunity, good schools — then why do these blacks keep voting for the same people? And this isn’t a phenomenon isolated to Baltimore.

Every single major urban center in America is run by Democrats — more specifically, liberal progressives, black or white. The morass that became Detroit. The killing fields of Chicago. The depravity of Washington DC. The shame of South Dallas. And yes, even the place that was once my home, Atlanta — even with all the successful black entertainers.

Now, I remember the first black mayor of Atlanta, Maynard Jackson. That guy was a leader and even spoke at my high school Baccalaureate. But today, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has done such a bang-up job that the Atlanta Braves are moving to Cobb County!

Just do the assessment yourselves, who are the elected officials heading up the urban centers? And where does one find the most dire socio-economic statistics?

Yet we hear these rioters blame whites — well, they need to make sure they’re specifically blaming the correct whites — those on the left. Blacks have been herded into these inner city clusters, a new economic plantation and in this 50th year of President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society — well, the unintended, or maybe intended, consequences are deplorable.

But Mr. Nolte does bring up an interesting comparative analysis. He writes:

“Poverty has nothing to do with it. This madness and chaos and anarchy is a Democrat-driven culture that starts at the top with a racially-divisive White House heartbreakingly effective at ginning up hate and violence. Where I currently reside here in Watauga County, North Carolina, the poverty level is 31.3%. Median income is only $34,293. In both of those areas we are much worse off than Baltimore, that has a poverty rate of only 23.8% and a median income of $41,385. Despite all that, we don’t riot here in Watauga County. Thankfully, we have not been poisoned by the same left-wing culture that is rotting Baltimore, and so many other cities like it, from the inside out. We get along remarkably well. We are neighbors. We are people who help out one another. We take pride in our community, and are grateful for what we do have. We are far from perfect, but we work out our many differences in civilized ways. Solutions are our goal, not cronyism, narcissistic victimhood, and the blaming of others.”

The truth is that it is a culture of dependency as promulgated by the race baiters and new plantation overseers of the inner city that has created what we’re seeing play out in Baltimore. There is where the blame lies, but there are very few who are willing to admit just that.

Remember what ESPN sports commentator Stephen A. Smith said? He wished that for one voting cycle, the black community would vote Republican. Heck, they could do no worse — and look, even the people of the state of Maryland decided to try something different and elected a Republican governor. Who, when finally asked, immediately activated the National Guard to quell the violence and chaos which the Democrat Mayor of Baltimore failed to comprehend, and control. Perhaps what we’re witnessing in Baltimore is the pure definition of insanity — continuing to do the same thing and expect different results.

Yes, the dirty little secret that no one wants to admit is that Baltimore, and so many other urban areas and inner city communities in America are a reflection of the abject failure of liberal progressive socialist policies as advanced by the Democrat party.

The preeminent question is whether or not those in Baltimore and other places will recognize who is truly responsible for their plight. Or will they continue to be manipulated and propagandized by the liberal progressive media and the poverty pimps like the one supposedly heading down from New York City.

John Nolte’s piece was spot on and this is not about an American failure, it is about a Democrat failure. And ask yourself, who were the ones who developed the concept of urban economic empowerment zones — as opposed to the ones who have produced urban depraved enslavement zones?


  1. The city of Milwaukee is no different: over 50 years of liberal polices has created an inner city of dysfunction and generational dependency.

  2. Col. West, is it safe to assume the Progressive Democrats are forming a caliphate of sorts throughout America by infiltrating and destroying the main vessels of the nation?

  3. Obama said “these 50 years have shown that isolation has not worked.” and moved to end the Cuban embargo. When will he admit that 50 years of the Great Society has failed to even reduce poverty (much less eliminate it) and move to end this center-piece of the Democrats platform?

    • Summary of his comments:

      1. Mr. Obama is a very intellectual,
      charming individual. He is not to be underestimated. He is a
      cool customer who doesn’t show his emotions. It’s very hard
      to know what’s behind the mask. The taking down of the
      Clinton dynasty was an amazing accomplishment. The Clintons
      still do not understand what hit them. Obama was in the
      perfect place at the perfect time.

      2. Obama has political skills comparable to
      Reagan and Clinton. He has a way of making you think he’s on
      your side, agreeing with your position, while doing the
      opposite. Pay no attention to what he SAYS; rather, watch
      what he DOES!!!

      3. Obama has a ruthless quest for power. He
      did not come to Washington to make something out of himself
      but rather to change everything, including dismantling
      capitalism. He can’t be straight forward on his ambitions,
      as the public would not go along. He has a
      heavy hand and wants to level the playing
      field with income redistribution and punishment to the
      achievers of society. He would like to model the USA to
      Great Britain or Canada .

  4. You’d think that after 20 years, there’d have something to show for all of this Hope other than more poverty and civil conflict.

    Oh, wait. Isn’t that precisely how Marxist Revolutionaries told us they’d take this country down 40 years ago?

    Behold the Great Society.

  5. Liberalism threw Freddy Gray face first into a van and broke his spine. Protests where peaceful for a week before riots broke and you kept silent. I was looking forward to your continued silence as you have nothing to offer this debate. You can drop the subject, I’m sure Isis is beheading someone somewhere across the World.

    • Rafael, I hope you don’t think that all white people feel this way. These (the ones making these hateful comments) are just the gross, disgusting ones. No way, no how is it ‘okay’ that this young man’s neck was broken when no crime was committed, or about to be committed. Period.

      • This goes to show how you are not familiar with what happend as is neck was not broken, it was his spinal cord in his back that was almost severed. Why is there such outrage over a convicted crack dealer taht was selling that posion to the same community that is rioting. I am not saying he deserved to die but when you run away from the police as he did, you are basically giving them a beat your ass for free card. If he didnt do anything than why did he run, innocent people do not run from the police. Get your facts in order before you comment. Pull his police record

      • Thomas Payne, I had the surgery described in the article you are referring to. It is EXTREMELY painful, and takes weeks/months to recover. There is no way on this planet that he would have been walking around without a neck brace 1 week later, let alone running. Not possible. This “news” story has already been proven to be false.

      • I had a fusion of c-2 and c-3 it wasn’t as bad as you’re trying to describe. It all depends on if it was an anterior fusion or not, and like I said below, please cite a source on the “proof”.

      • a known drug dealer ran from police and that is reason to detain – he had surgery on discs in his neck and back less than 2 weeks before this I am sure he was injured and hurt terribly when he was being arrested he never should have been placed in the van he never should have been the cops problem he should have been home letting the bones heal and the larynx is moved to do the neck surgery and he should not have run from the police – if they say stop someone should probably stop – All leaders asked for patience while the autopsy and investigation was done but race baiters with a 47% black political leadership in Baltimore want to blame and hurt the whites and moreso all cops – so they followed the advice of gang leaders and terrorists and openly assaulted innocent people – ruined the work the black leaders in churches had worked so hard to build – committed arsen and attacked the very men and women who with one bullet would have began clearing the street of this waste. the worse part is the mayor authorized it – and so it was -fredys family knew he had had surgery and if they had come forward sooner maybe his life would have been saved but all the attention was taken from him and redirected to a ghost called racism

      • Radene, that “news” story has already been proven false. Just so you know, I DID have the surgery described in that article, and it takes weeks/months to recover. There is no way he would have ABLE to walk around without a neck brace, let alone RUN after a surgery like that. It is extremely painful. I personally was in a brace 24/7 for 3 MONTHS.

    • If the man who threw him there is a liberal, if a man who gave the cop the job was a liberal. If all the members of government have ideas that are liberal then its a liberal problem, Either he is or he is not and as this arcticle point out he probably is. Doesn’t that matter to you next time a police officer walks up to you. Nobody on here is saying the man may not have been wrongly killed. The point is IF he was wrongly killed it is a liberal problem. Go ahead throw your liberal cop in jail if he committed wrong.Why would conservatives care about denying the man justice from the effects of a liberal state. We don’t

      • Who cares if they’re liberals or not. However it’s conservative media pontificating about riots. But not once do they ask how did Freddy Gray get killed.

      • Do you notice how by asking why conservatives don’t inquire how Freddy Gray was killed puts the responsibility on conservatives. That is why it matters that Baltimore is liberal.The fact that it is soooo liberal is what takes away your right to claim conservatives don’t care about him. Conservatives don’t have to care about him, it isn’t their problem, even though they may, and should care as long as people like you don’t magically find blame in them. The point is that it is obvious the liberals don’t care at all

      • You don’t listen to or read enough conservative sources to claim with ANY certainty that conservatives are not asking how Gray was killed.

      • How do conservatives benefit by not caring about him. If you are a conservative, one of your goals is to fight liberalism. Ignoring Gray doesn’t help in that regard.

      • Because mentioning him would mean questioning police action. The goal of right wing media and their audience is to indict the protesters. Takes attention away from the police.

      • If the police did something wrong how does taking the attention away from the police help the right wing media?

      • Just told you. Jumping up and down pointing fingers at what “theses thugs” are doing is click bait. Cheap propaganda burgers. Masturbates the limited intellect for their readers rather than inform.

      • let me ask it a different way. If the police did something wrong and the right wing media wants to take the attention away from what the police did, because covering up police wrong doing somehow helps the right wing media, then how does the potential discovery that the police ARE at fault hurt the right wing media? Why is there a direct correlation in your mind with the police being at fault harming the actual interests of the right wing media? Since we are talking about the interests of the right, let me ask. If there were a small possibility that you for instance were going to vote republican, how does that possibility decrease because we discover the police were in the wrong. That is the problem. People like you turn against anyone not on the right not for anything they do but for the things liberal do. You ask why conservatives don’t care about Gray now that he is dead. Why didn’t liberals care about him when he was alive?

      • The rioters and looters have broken the law. They are the ones who have, with their mayor’s complicity, moved the attention from the police to the illegal acts of the rioters and looters. The’ve burned down buildings, none of which had anything to do with Freddie Gray – the result of just two buildings burning is that a) those who had prescriptions filled at CVS have to do so elsewhere now; b) those who had jobs are out of luck; c) those low-income elderly people who were going to be housed by a church are out of luck. I would be surprised if CVS rebuilt and I would be hesitant if I were the pastor to rebuild.

        Over 90 cars were burned. Some were police cars, but that just means increased taxes to provide more money for the police. And the problem wasn’t the police cars here, it is alleged that the problem was police action. Many of the burned cars belonged to neighbors who may have difficulty replacing them – no idea if riots are covered under car insurance.

        Many other stores were targeted, especially if they weren’t black owned. That shows the problem is that the black youth are racist.

        These people have no respect for others property.

      • Most of the well-known conservative radio and tv hosts are asking what happened and insisting the public, especially the family, deserves to know exactly what happened. You just chose to make a generalized remark as if your limited, liberal world is a haven of truth.

    • Freddie had surgery on 3 discs a few days before his arrest anyone can see he was in obvious pain before being put in the van – the police should have called parmedics immediately but you know the story of the boy who cried wolf – well one day there really was a thug drug dealer in pain and no one believed him and he was eaten by the big po po dragon

      He already had a spine injury. He probably should not have been out of bed, much less running down the street because he was out there and spotted a cop. Admittedly, I do not know the whole story, and I don’t know if it turned out that he was running because he was doing something he was not supposed to, but there is no doubt in my mind that if it is true that he had just had spine surgery the week before this happened, he should not have been out in the street at all.

  6. As a fellow North Carolinian, I know that Nolte’s words are true. We don’t have the crime rate, the poverty or the “somebody owes me” attitude here. We work hard, have respect for ourselves and one another and respect other’s property and place in our society. We also have big guns, lol and will protect ourselves. We don’t bother other’s and won’t stand for others bothering us. Now I live in the country and am not speaking of big cities like Charlotte and Raleigh. They are cesspools to me. Charlotte, while mostly republican seems to have more dems in government, and that I really don’t understand. Raleigh, well Raleigh is no better and probably worse. What I am saying is that I don’t think it is just about who runs the government in these large cities. I think it also has to do with too many people living in the same space. I know I would go crazy if I had to live in the city with all the noise and polution.

  7. As one deemed by non-white society as “white”, I can’t even say “denigrate”, due to its similarity to another prohibited word.

      • with his record i would take what he says and total opposite it if you want the truth because with him you know he’s lying if his lips are moving

  8. Nobody but the Democrats bear the blame for what is going on in that area. Whenever you see a place turn into full one party Dem control, start packing your bags.

  9. Sadly, at the End of the Day, NONE of This Matters. Folks in Baltimore will STILL Keep Electing Democrats as long as “They” keep promising Handouts…..,

    • Nobody said it was the democrats fault in Ferguson, except for the ones outside Ferguson trying to get people to jump to conclusions about something that as it turned out didn’t happen.

    • Let me pull an Obama on this one… the republican mayor took over a mess from a string of democrats in 2011 – he didn’t create the problem, he just accepted the challenge of fixing it!

    • Ferguson also had a democartic prosecutor and and the state has a democratic governor. And what the article goes into is how Liberal policies enslave blacks but I guess you cannot see that. They trick blacks into thinking they are for them when all there policies do is hold them back. Liberals do not believe in personal responsibility or education, they believe in handouts because they know handouts will buy your vote

    • Answer this, why do the majority of liberal cities and states have some of the higest poverty rates, highest unemployment rates and highest crime rates?????? Those facts prove thier policies do not work. I guess you are just to blind to see that

    • Because in Ferguson the president and ag sent in paid black panthers to cause hate drama and there were other groups paid for by big money – this is the ploy to go to martial law – and the government has decided the best race to move into action is the race most gullible to believe and point the finger and when he is done with the inner cities if that doesn’t work he will go to the gang bangers that he flew across the border and they will be his police force

  10. The most frustrating thing about a great article like this is that liberals are ” Word blind.” They can read that article and leave out 97% of the words and only see the ones they want to. Kind of like ” Whites are racists, blacks are uncle toms.” and miss all the rest.
    Great job on the article too. Such a shame liberals don’t give credence to facts. God bless.

  11. The real cure for all this is not in democrat or republican politicians, the real cure is in women like that mother whose video has gone viral, who went out and dragged her teenage son out of the middle of the rioting. It’s in the father, whose video also went viral, who slapped his son around for wanting to join an inner city gang. It starts in the home, teaching children respect and responsibility, work ethics and morality. Yes, this is a few generations late to help those living the “Thug Life”, but it will take the “black community” to fix the black community. You can’t free a slave, they have to free themselves. The democrats have worked long and hard to brainwash and destroy they black family and are now openly working on the White family. Only people coming together and facing reality will put a stop to this madness. But if they keep voting in the same party with the same selfish, power hungry purposes, there can be no hope.

    • Good points, but why does that mother and that father have to inflict violence on the child to coerce them to do the right thing. Making the rioting kid clean up the city would more directly link the issue/punishment.

      • Because ALL They understand is Violence! Not that I am saying it is the Answer! But, it is all they Will react to.

      • You do not know this kid, his mother does. She knew her son so well, she picked him out of a crowd of rioters while he was masked. She also knows what it takes to get his attention while you don’t have a clue, because you don’t know him at all. This is the problem with the whole idea of it taking “A village to raise a child”, the village idiots think they know as much as the parent of a given child. Children, kids, teenagers, are individuals and while some will listen without question, some will listen after being stood in the corner, while others need a good smack upside the head. A smack in the head, or a kick in the backside is not violence, it is part of parenting and if you disagree, don’t do it to your kids. But, if your kid ends up in jail because he didn’t receive the type of punishment he needed as a child, don’t blame society, don’t blame the schools and don’t blame Bush, just go into your bathroom and look in the mirror.

      • And these same eggheads have probably never been parents. If they have, I’d hate to see what kind of monsters they have produced. These are the same eggheads who want to put every child on some kind of medication so they can create perfect little duplicates of each other. Let kids be kids, but let parents be parents! Butt out of something that is none of your business. That woman is the parent, you are nothing to that kid.

    • All good points, and you will find number of liberals or democrats agreeing with you. The black family is responsible for the black family. Not democrats or republicans.

      • No but how do you teach them those things when respect, responsibility, work ethic and morality is discouraged and penalized.

      • Yes there are bad parents of all races, the good ones would move out of baltimore and probably did long ago whereas the bad ones would be encouraged to move there and take advantage of the freebies and not learn the above values. The politicians know this, that’s why the policies exist. So no it is not true that the only one who has the power to reward or punish is the parent. I wish you were right. But not when the state has an effect on what kind of parent you will become and obviously not in baltimore

      • The government penalizes by instituting welfare and AFDC, both of which give incentives to people not to marry so they can qualify. Increased AFDC payments for each child and EBT payments, give an incentive to continue to have more children and stay home caring for the on the government dime. I know a black woman who is a single parent and chooses to stay home with her son, knowing that the government will support her. She has had jobs in the past and is employable but chooses to live off the government.

  12. If the people I saw being interviewed of given voice on the various TV channels are indicative of those that are being so put upon and discriminated against, they are completely unemployable. As I’ve said, and contrary to many of the points of this article, the solution lies not with government but with the people themselves.

    • I agree people need to start taking responsibility for their own lives and quit depending on government to take care of them.

  13. I guess it would be best to show them the core differences in a comparable area where it is predominantly black or a even mix and show them why in a similar area where it is republican run, these core issues do not exist and what they did to make it so successful. Compare apples to apples. Democratic black run communities to Republican black run communities or a diverse mix of officials. If you can prove the platform on the republican side is working and why, then maybe you stand a chance at giving them a viable option and have them seeing the issue differently. As the article stated, they wouldn’t be any worse off!

      • I am assuming that if they implied it in this article, I would hope that he would have something comparable to offer up or open an educated dialogue about it. A fair and honest debate. I don’t follow dem v rep statistics much so I don’t have that answer either. I love Allan West and what he has to say. Therefore, I am hoping someone could educate me as well because I think it begs a bigger discussion on that one point. If there are areas where it has turned around and let’s say it is republican run then there is definitely something to that ideology. However, if they can’t offer up anything comparable this is a problem that is doomed to get worse not just for the black community but for all communities. I am not looking for angry or heated debate, just someone who may be clearly more knowledgeable than I am in this area. I find it an interesting perspective and no one seems to be talking about this specific aspect or angle of a community problem in desperate need of opportunities and success.

      • Do to space limitations and the attention span of the average reader, he did not give a list of such communities. Did no one read that John Nolte spoke of Watauga County, North Carolina? It is difficult to find examples in a city environment because cities tend to be Democrat strongholds. In my late youth, LBJ era, we had a term Urban Flight, not to be confused with urban blight, which now that I think about it contributed heavily to Urban Flight.

      • The problem, as I see it, is that most if not all the urban areas that have a large minority population have bought in to the notion that Dems are good and the Reps are bad! It’s been the liberal talking points for years and how they have controlled the black population Until people can recognize the absurdity of that kind of thinking, they will be doomed to a life of misery! What I find so absurd is the liberal lies regarding how “red states” such as the one I live in are the big problem! My state has, until recently, always elected Dem senators and majority Dem representatives as well as having a dem governor and state legislature! Fortunately the people of my state have wised up and changed all that and I’m looking forward to a better future us!

      • Columbus. The Democrat infestation of Ohio with a Democrat Mayor. Sorry kiddo, but liberal plantations (ghettos) are built by infesting cities at the street level and cultivating a permanent class of government dependents using social services. Cities are the most efficient places for condensing and controlling people because they use the infrastructure abandoned by tax payers running to the suburbs.

        Not one Republican in Ohio has any meaningful jurisdictional control in Columbus.

  14. Thank you LtCol West. There is a minority in the inner cities and it’s not African Americans, Spanish or Gay. The minority in the inner city is the traditional family. Most couples when they start to have children move to the subs. There are however, MANY who can not afford it. They are the ones whose voices are being oppressed by the Dems and their special interest/union friends. The Repubs NEED to take the inner city away from the Dems. If they do so, liberalism will loose and loose big on a national scale. Wise up Repubs/ libertarians/conserves! Take the inner cities! Or are you ALL cowards like Hannity; Mr. pack up and run to a red state because it’s easy?

      • Yes, he was born and raised in New York. However, he has recently been talking about relocating to a conservative friendly state, if I’m not mistaken (I’m not a listener, but I’d heard as much _somewhere_).

        And to JayJay, you can only beat your head against a wall for so long before you realize the futility in it.

      • Well, I know Hannity has been complaining about the outrageous taxes in NY, and I believe that the Governor made some kind of statement where he basically said that conservatives are not welcome in NY, so I would not blame Hannity if ge just said, “The heck with NY, if I’m not welcome, I’m moving to Texas.”

    • There are many that have left the liberal NE. Many with great wealth tired of being taxed and seeing no benefit to society from the money confiscated.
      Anyone, including Hannity, are smart to walk away. At some point there will be the straw that breaks the camels back and like Detroit it implodes.

  15. This is a mix of all sorts of problems, We have the gangs, side by side with pro muslim groups along with radicals bent on destruction. Then we have the criminal element who embrace things like this a shooping opportunities. Lastly we have the good people hiding from all of the above stuck in the world that the left embraces to keep them voting just like LBJ stated all those years ago!

    • Hold them responsible for their behaviors….instead of leaving them in the neighborhoods…or let their neighbors handle them! And as far as gangs are concerned….Get those mothers out there, beating their kids in the head for acting like fools! There is where we begin! FAMILIES TEACH LIFETIME BEHAVIOR!

      • They’ve been taught lifetime behavior by those “mothers”. That’s why they’re out there rioting. (N)egro (I)ndividuals (G)enerating (G)rief (E)verywhere (R)outinely

  16. Violence?? Those boys were grown size, little old to smack their hands don’t you think? Violence? LOL Yr one of ‘those’ eh? Humerous but disturbing!

  17. Here’s a thought:..we all remember Obama promising to institute a public military force. This force has noting to do with the Army or Navy or Marines or even the police forces of each city. This force will answer only to Obama. You will notice that Obama has done nothing to in word or deed to stop or even slow down the rioting. It is my opinion that Obama wants this horrific behavior to continue so that when it gets to a certain point, perhaps closer to the 2016 election he can then call Marshall Law. The typical low information citizen has no idea that when the President of the US calls Marshall Law, he can stop the election. He can then remain our President and again…my opinion….he will then be our Dictator…..legally.

    • I have been saying this to my friends since that Communist occupying the White House was kept in power the 2nd time…I do not think there will be another election. I have not heard anyone else say this until now! I sincerely hope we are both wrong!

    • That never happened. Obama never said anything about a public military force.
      o bet you are basing that wrong belief on one line out of context that sites like this like to show from a speech where Obama was talking about expanding teh Peace Corps adn the foreign service of the State Department

      • You’re right, he never said public military force, he said civilian security force, it had nothing to do with the peace corps, or foreign service, it was a civilian security force, controlled by the feds.

      • That completely false.
        He was taking in a speech about outreach to other nations being important for our national security interests and how diplomacy and good relations is just as important as our military in making us safe.

        He made a comparison referring to that kind of work as a civilian national security force and, unfortunately, anti-Obama media outlets cherry picked one line and played it out of context, hoping that the anti-Obama crowd would be too lazy to look up the whole speech and fact check.

      • Wow! You just proved that not only are you completely naive, but you don’t even know how to read.

        Did you read my comment above?

        After I told you Obama never said anything about a public military force, I wrote…
        “I bet you are basing that wrong belief on one line out of context that sites like this like to show from a speech where Obama was talking about expanding the Peace Corps and the foreign service of the State Department”

        And you proved me right.
        You are basing your entire belief based on 14 seconds of a speech… one line taken out of context.

        Do you know how to think for yourself or fact check?
        Don’t bother answering because the answer is you do not.
        Instead of wondering what Obama was talking about, you were too lazy to look it up and, instead, blindly followed some liar who told you it meant Obama was talking about a secret police force.

        Since you don’t know how to look things up, I did it for you.

        Like I previously wrote, Obama was talking about expanding our foreign service and our Peace Corps, saying exporting good will and diplomacy is just as important to our national security… calling it throughout his speech, “a force for good”

        You don’t have to even watch the whole speech to know what he was talking about. just look at the sentence right before it… the sentence that all the liars deliberately edit out…

        “We’re going to grow our Foreign Service, open consulates that have been shuttered, and double the size of the Peace Corps by 2011 to renew our diplomacy. We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set, We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”

        But don’t take my word for it.
        here is video of the entire speech, not just the 14 seconds you are obsessed with misunderstanding.
        If you don’t have patience for the whole thing, you can skip to about 16:30 in the video to hear the part you want.

  18. The best thing I saw was a momma beating the shit out of her stupid son. That says alot…Like
    don’t follow these idiots go home, good people don’t do this crap.

  19. lets all vote Libertarian this next cycle….downsize government and make the Constitution the document to follow. When all people are treated with the same respect and dignity you expect for yourself, things change. We are all working hard for our nation, but the government is getting too heavy! Let entrepreneurs start and build businesses, hiring as they grow, unencumbered by over regulation and invasive, unnecessary restrictions. Let’s get the Hillarys and Jebs out of the equation…(including local governments!) Those policies have not worked, and have no chance to make things better!

    • Vote libertarian? Heck no! we’d then see just about every state legalizing dope left and right. Look at the current statistics in Colorado. That alone should scare any reasonable-thinking person away from voting in favor of legalizing pot. No thanks. Libertarians want to leave almost everything to human nature rather than laws, and that level of freedom has proven to lead to self-destruction! No thanks!

  20. It has taken the left several decades to re-enslave much of the black population of
    America. This social engineering fete accomplished by those looking to lock up a voting block is truly shameful.
    I hope there are many folks of all backgrounds and colors who like me are sick and tired of being bullied by the black race baiters and the shameful politics of the left
    Liberals who have in my opinion set the black population back in their terrible disservice.

    • The enslavement actually dates as far back as the first time blacks were allowed to vote. White, Democrat thugs, with guns in hand, posted themselves at the voting places where blacks went to vote, and demanded that the blacks vote Democrat. They at times are reported to have even put their guns to the heads of some blacks who gave any indication of disagreement. The Democrat party has a VERY shady history, as well as the present.

  21. From Taleeb Starkes (another racist, just ask linda, the psychic genius): Yes, please call the Bmore thugs what they are: (N)egro (I)ndividuals (G)enerating (G)rief (E)verywhere (R)outinely

      • LOL. Your liberal mental illness is just too much fun. Taleeb Starkes, a black man, asks for people to call these thugs what they are (N)egro (I)ndividuals (G)enerating (G)rief (E)verywhere (R)outinely and you predictably call him a racist. Successful black people in this country are ashamed of those thugs and afraid of what that thug behavior may lead to and you continue to defend and coddle thuggery and call anyone who doesn’t a “racist”. You are the problem. You are a mindless sheep. You are a liberal fool.

      • “If you can’t answer an man’s argument, all is not lost. You can still call him vile names.” Right?

      • I see.
        You are pointing out that since one black man said it’s okay for you to make racist comments that makes it okay and anyone who disagrees with you is a racist.

        That’s a pretty crazy rationalization.
        But don’t worry. You’re on the right site.
        None of Allen West’s supporters will disagree with you.

        So I guess, without realizing it, you are actually helping make Allen West look bad by showing the true nature of his supporters

      • So, why is it ok with you for one man to make racist comments, but not another? That’s discrimination.

      • You are correct, there is nothing racist about that statement. Perhaps bigoted maybe just sage wisdom but not racist.
        Racist – one holding the belief that some races of people are better than others
        Bigot -One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.
        Sage -One venerated for experience, judgment, and wisdom.

    • Be careful, because those to whom the label fits best are the ones who protest the loudest about the use of such labels! And, you can ONLY be black to use it…..speaking of racist rules….

  22. Democrats do not like the truth, it is always someone else s fault. If they are caught doing or saying anything that comes out, then it was never said, it was misquoted or misunderstood. Standard for the Left and the Left minded individual will believe that. But I blame the people as he said, they keep voting for this way of life. Well, they voted for it and now they live with it. Maybe one day they will have enough of (slavery) to rebel. Rebel at the voting booth and make the changes in administration. In this case anymore it is not a plantation owner who has slaves, it is now the government, the biggest plantation in the world, and the slaves like it.

  23. I read the whole article and I couldn’t find where they described which democrat ideals were causing a problem, or how. I also didn’t see anything about which republican strategies should be used instead, or how they would improve anything. I don’t have the answers, but neither does this crappy article.

    • Personal responsibility for one. Giving people jobs instead of hand outs for two. Schools that actually educate for 3. Instilling family values 4.

      • The failure is that we only have two choices Democrat or Republican. Neither of them are worth anything…We need people who believe that to move our country forward change MUST happen. It WON’T happen with Clinton, Cruz, Rubio or Paul. We need fresh ideas and most of all we need people to stop blaming the other party and take control. We need someone who is not a politician.

    • The evidence is in the looking. Observe the many poor communities in the South, communities of people who don’t go around looting and burning. Some a re Democrat dominated, and some are Republican. They all get along just fine, so the claim that economics is to blame is pure crap by media and the White House idiot(s)! I have yet to hear about, or to meet, anyone who succeeded being on welfare and food stamp cards, but that’s the Democrat-Socialist mentality.

  24. Look no further than the State of Rhode Island. Almost entirely run by liberal democrats and ranked at the bottom for almost everything. RI could be the laboratory for a state destroyed be the Democrat Party.

    • Rhode Island is a suckfest. But so is Mississippi. So maybe it’s more complicated than “which party is in charge?”

    • Stop calling each other the N-word & you will probably see the use of this disparaging noun disappear…it has been used twice on CNN so far by black guests, so stop complaining about the words use, when blacks are the biggest proponents of maintaining its popularity…

      • Please explain to me how he’s supporting racism? He never used the word and he’s right about one thing at least. The black community use that word a lot. I’ve heard black rappers use it in their raps all the time. If it’s truly a bad word then why do the blacks still use it?

      • You seem to think your interpretation of racism actually means anything, or is in any way accurate. Wrong on both accounts.

      • How about stop calling it the N-word and feeding into the media propaganda? I mean there’s only several thousand words that begin with n. So how do we REALLY know which word is meant…

        If everyone stopped calling it “The N-Word” like it’s some HUGE taboo out there and started saying and typing out nigger all the time it would lose its connotation.

    • black ppl are the ones using that word. That word was once used peacefully until someone decided that only blacks can use it .. then it was tagged as an insulting word by he same ppl’s .. ..

      There’re many many black Americans that are an asset to their community, there are also many black American’s who are riotous and prone to destructive, thieving activities. The disgust and anger of those of us that feel that those riotous individuals should be jailed some times will inspire the use of that word .. even those of us that are white.

      An arresting officer may treat you pretty rough .. .. whether you are black or white. That part is easy enough to avoid .. .. don’t get the officers attention and you won’t get hurt .. .. I do realize that there are bad policemen .. but I don’t think the 1% is correct .. more like 35% ….. so a peaceful citizen will fair better than those that are not. It’s an “Either/Or” situation.

    • Get over yourself, Ruckus. Stop trying to play the victim. Since when does what some people call others have any real bearing on reality? Sticks and stones, dude!

      • if Red decided to do everything in its power to destroy Blue including, infecting with syphilis, burning down entire communities, hanging their children, police brutality, workplace discrimination, etc etc etc for decades upon decades wouldn’t you be a little nervous being in the same room with Red as well? So do the Jews allow Nazis to run the country because the Nazis thinks they are more capable? The holocaust didn’t last nearly as long as slavery yet i don’t hear anyone telling the Jews to get over it. So don’t be suprised if you call someone a nigger and they feel “victimized”.

  25. Is it possible that so much effort is being spent hiding the “dirty little secret” (which is really the elephant in the room) because people are afraid they will asked to pay back all that money wasted since 1965? I personally would be willing to donate my share if I knew that the “new plan” had an expiration date.

      • They didn’t work for free. Those who did work for free are now past away. As a white person I owe you nothing. Not a penny!

      • Well…using that logic, do you have total value in mind? Since so many others “chipped in” during the period in question, you’ll have to keep everything in relative values. We can then certainly deduct your number from the total wasted to arrive at “net amount wasted”.

  26. Absurd… but not surprising for West.
    Take a problem like this and don’t blame social or cultural is the cause for the violent reaction.
    Blame the Democrat party… of course.
    I’m no great fan of the Democrats… I think they lean too far left, which is why i vote independent… but blaming the Democrat party for riots is pretty lame.

    • He didn’t blame the democrat party for riots, he blamed them for destroying the family, adding more poverty, ruining the education system and jobless rates while giving handouts for doing nothing which gives them the entitlement attitude to carry out these riots. Maybe you should re-read the article.

      • Who’s denigrating anyone?? Calling out idiots who destroy their own neighborhoods and businesses is denigrating black victims??

      • Showing more concern for replaceable property than the person who lost is life is denigrating yes. Like Allen West who doesn’t mention the victim’s name once in his “article”.

      • Oh, you mean Ray Lewis, the murderer?

        “Violence is not the answer! Unless of course someone really pisses you off then you can kill them.”

        Your list of heroes is quite….interesting.

      • I love this argument: “Start killing my kind and I’ll give a shit.” So very, very compassionate of you.

      • Lol will you go away already. I honestly feel like I’m arguing with a slow child. Your caveman level insults are not affecting me

      • Ha, still dodging, Don’t you have a riot to go to, go break some sh!t up, destroy your neighbors homes, call out whitey for destroying your life because you have never learned personal responsibility??

      • Your momma didn’t teach you what racism really is. Throwing the word around on websites forums because you can’t handle what someone is telling you only shows your complete ignorance on the issue.

      • Lol Did your “momma” have to teach you to be so prejudiced towards those different than you or did you just pick that up on your own?

      • I can’t help if you only watch Fox News, but if you truly believe that police brutality and militarization aren’t an issue for everyone then I’m at a loss for you.

      • It only seems to be a problem for the 0.05% of people too dumb to listen to the cops, while being arrested.

      • Cops nationwide make over 2 million arrests every year.
        1000 killed out of 2 million is an incident rate of 0.05%.

      • Yes,where is the outrage?! If the families of those “whites killed, by police”, run inside and say “Please, respect our privacy at this time”, then what the hell, do you expect people to do for them ?! Many times, they are so afraid, that the police are going to come and kill them, if they mount a protest! Don’t expect other people to rally for your cause, if you are not willing to “get loud”, yourself! Think about THAT for a moment! Be damn sure, that the more that “whites” show solidarity, instead of calling us animals, the less these “rogue cops”, will feel comfortable, committing Genocide[ MURDER]! Think about THAT,I mean really think about it! Peace!

      • 1000 fatalities by police out of an estimated 2 million arrests nationwide each year.
        That figures out to a grand total of 0.05%.
        It is not genocide…it is idiots 99% of the time, and unwarranted outrage by liberals.

      • Then why hasn’t the black police chief, the black mayor, and the black city council pres. done something to rectify the problems with the 40% black police force?

      • What are you even trying to say here? The police are the problem and you ask why they can’t just simply clean themselves up? Did you even try to form a thought or did you just want to type out the word “black” a bunch of times?

      • The police weren’t burning down their neighborhoods, man up for a change and quit being a lying sack of shit.

      • Do you understand what oppression is you fucking fool? Of course cops don’t need to riot, they are the ones in power. I feel like I have your level of stupidity figured out and you just keep on surprising me.

      • It is Democrats that hold all of the power, so if they are acting out because of oppression as you claim, how can you not see that the Democrats are the oppressors? If the solution is Democrat social policies, where is the progress after 40 years of purely Democrat leadership?

      • It is funny, now that we have a Black President the new word for nigger is democrat or liberal. They interchange the words so much they don’t even notice. These damn niggers, i mean blacks, uh liberals, shyat…. hahahaha.

      • No, that they are the majority, why haven’t they taken action to weed out racist police instead of waiting for something like this to happen. It is their city to control.

      • Exactly miss_msry. That’s the point of the entire article. It seems the lib’s here aren’t able to come to grips with this absolute fact.

      • Income disparity, institutionalized and personally ingrained racism, police militarization and brutality to name a few. But I get it, being told the “Big Bad Democrats” did it is much easier for simpletons to grasp.

      • Again, I’m not saying that “blacks” (as you so elegantly put it) are free from blame here. Of course you should not riot and burn down your own community.

        But since everyone like you keeps quoting MLK Jr. in this situation, try to remember this quote “a riot is the language of the unheard.” It’s not like these people just decided “oh I’m bored today so I’m going to go act like a [thug/animal/whatever racist term you want]”.

        As to your comment of, “Democrats are the biggest racists out there”, I really have no words to describe how idiotic this statement is and you clearly have no capacity for thought so I won’t even bother.

      • Because you choose not to see it, don’t blame your ignorance on others. You are a slave to the democrat party. Open up your eyes and see what they HAVEN’T done for the black community. Only then will you have any logical thought.

      • Lol Yes I am a slave. That really hurts. Go ahead and start bowing back to Mr. West before he gets angry.

      • Close to 50 years of Dem control of the city lays the problems at the feet of the Dems. Simpletons like you just hate to admit when your plantation workers rise up and bite the hand that feeds them.

      • The residents of Baltimore have voted in Democrats to run things since the 60’s, so convoluted must not mean what you think it means. Maybe you were going for honest, don’t fret, that word throws a lot of liberals into a tailspin.

      • So because Baltimore votes primarily Democrat, you blame Democrats for the riots.
        that is logical as saying since most people in Baltimore drink Coke instead of Pepsi, Coke is to blame for the riots

    • Facts are facts regardless of who states them.. Much of the social , cultural and economic problems were kick started by Lyndon Johnson’s so called great society making many in the country totally dependent on the gument.. By the way , while on Airforce One Johnson talking to an individual was stated as saying ” When he was done he would have them N- – – – – S voting democrate for the next 200 years” You can check that out..

      • And what dos that have to do with the riots?

        Facts are facts.
        The capital of New York is Albany.
        That is a fact.
        And that is not the reason for the riots either.

  27. Facts….
    1.97% of 100 POOREST Counties are in Republican States.
    2. 9 out of the 10 Poorest States are Republican
    3. Republican States recvive more in Federal Aide than they pay in taxes.

      • You obvioulsly have a two oposable thumbs and computer. Look it up yourself. Fact Check DOT ORG….

      • That’s the problem though. The morons that read this sight for “information” don’t know how to discover a fact unless it is given to them in a nice little package from Jesus B. West.

      • Lol Yes, I – the one who is upset by all the racist coverage instead of cheering it on – am a racist. You fucking sheep are so adorable sometimes.

      • yes lets use a liberal fact checking site to check your liberal facts! How about this look at California alone, they have more poor counties then any other state. look at Detroit. There are at least 3 counties in the first and the city of Detroit that prove your “facts” wrong. Maybe if your data is from 1924.

        For starters, the list is dominated by rural areas. Generally speaking, rural areas have a lower cost of living, so the small income you make in a poor, rural Texas county is going to go further than it would if you lived in a poor, urban area like Detroit or Camden, N.J. This raises questions about how comparatively disadvantaged poor Americans are in rural and urban areas.

        Also, rural areas are areas where Republicans tend to do well electorally. By contrast, impoverished areas of big cities are big enough population-wise to be balanced by more affluent neighborhoods, and these poor urban areas are often (though not always) in blue states.

        It’s also worth pointing out that many of the counties on the list are located in Appalachia, particularly in such states as Kentucky, West Virginia, Mississippi and Georgia. That’s a region that has suffered economically for generations — long predating the time when Republicans took over from Democrats in most elected offices.

    • That as it may be, you don’t see those residents burning down their counties , but you do see the depraved idiots in Detroit, N.Y.C and now Baltimore behaving like animals.. They don’t even have the decency to honor the death of one of their citizens with respect.. They would rather burn down a drug store and loot a liquor store … Gee, just like Ferguson.. They have the mind set of uncivilized trash and by the way I grew up poor as did my parents and grandparents.. We also expected nothing or asked for nothing from the gument and GEE, we didn’t riot or burn anything down..

      • Now that is a stupid comment.. Exactly when is trying to be a decent, law abiding, honest , productive, hardworking citizen a claim of being perfect.. GOD’S word says “There is none righteous no not one”.. It also says ” You shall reap what you sow”… Gods word says that he gave us all a free will to choose and those that chose the behavior displayed in Baltimore are brain dead stupid as are those that justify it….

    • Care to look at the demographics of poverty, silly drooling liberal dullard?
      It’s proven fact the overwhelming majority of high school dropouts and those making under $50k vote democrat.

      • That’s true about the high school dropouts but the overwhelming number of people with post graduate degrees also vote Democrat. In fact it’s only among high school graduates without college degrees that Republicans consistently win out.
        And the income numbers shift when you break them down by age. For example there are more people under 30 who make less than $50K and people in that age range are more likely to vote for Democrats regardless of how much money they make. Conversely, people who make more than $100K are more likely to be older and older Americans also vote Republican more often regardless of their income.

      • Graduate degree and post-graduate mean the same thing. But you’re right about college grads, I saw different numbers elsewhere but yeah 51% of college grads voted for Romney. Thanks for the correction.

      • Sorry…I was watching TV and typing, not paying attention. I found the Roper/UConn site to be very interesting, and useful in dispelling myths. They have presidential election data going back to the 1976.

    • For starters, the list is dominated by rural areas. Generally speaking, rural areas have a lower cost of living, so the small income you make in a poor, rural Texas county is going to go further than it would if you lived in a poor, urban area like Detroit or Camden, N.J. This raises questions about how comparatively disadvantaged poor Americans are in rural and urban areas.

      Also, rural areas are areas where Republicans tend to do well electorally. By contrast, impoverished areas of big cities are big enough population-wise to be balanced by more affluent neighborhoods, and these poor urban areas are often (though not always) in blue states.

      It’s also worth pointing out that many of the counties on the list are located in Appalachia, particularly in such states as Kentucky, West Virginia, Mississippi and Georgia. That’s a region that has suffered economically for generations — long predating the time when Republicans took over from Democrats in most elected offices.


      For starters, the list is dominated by rural areas. Generally speaking, rural areas have a lower cost of living, so the small income you make in a poor, rural Texas county is going to go further than it would if you lived in a poor, urban area like Detroit or Camden, N.J. This raises questions about how comparatively disadvantaged poor Americans are in rural and urban areas.

      Also, rural areas are areas where Republicans tend to do well electorally. By contrast, impoverished areas of big cities are big enough population-wise to be balanced by more affluent neighborhoods, and these poor urban areas are often (though not always) in blue states.

      It’s also worth pointing out that many of the counties on the list are located in Appalachia, particularly in such states as Kentucky, West Virginia, Mississippi and Georgia. That’s a region that has suffered economically for generations — long predating the time when Republicans took over from Democrats in most elected offices.

  28. Allen B. West should be in a US military prison for his simulated execution of an Iraqi police officer! He is a piece of garbage!

  29. This is nothing more than a Tea Party rant against the Big Bad Evil Democrats. Allen West is a moron not to betaken seriously.

    • You on the other hand, have so many grand accomplishments to be proud of that you call yourself “great”. It’s pretty obvious to even the most casual observer that the democrat party has failed the constituents it has so callously deceived for generations. Keep on making space for destruction and see how that works for you…

      • Yeah, like that was the point, Britt. Apparently you believe I’m a Republican because I pointed out the fallacy of the “great” ones post and count that as a “score”. Fail…

      • No, I believed you were a Republican because you’re defending the joke of a man that this web site is named after. And I feel like I must ask: do you really, truly believe I thought that was the actual point of your comment? Are you really that dense?

      • Your a piece of work aren’t you? Your defending someone you believe I offended by trying to offend me. I am not someone you can easily dismiss or categorize because I am capable of thinking for myself. You may want to reconsider your strategy, cuz’ it won’t work on me. I’ve been in conflicts more serious than a web page comment thread…

    • Did you see the news about the riots in that city that has been run by democrats since the 60’s? Yeah, it’s just a Tea Party rant though…jackass.

      • I know, why would you ever read from a news site that doesn’t simply confirm your own world views. It’s like we’re trying to be well-rounded in our search for knowledge instead of just having our prejudices justified. How dare we.

  30. “Poverty has nothing to do with it”

    Jesus Christ I know this is a right-wing nutjob writing for other right-wing nutjobs but you should try not to be so blatant in your disregard for facts.

      • I know you think you’re clever with this little quip, but you’re about the 10th person that has asked this within these comments. I’ll let you find my response to it yourself.

      • No no, when rich people and corporations fuck over their community for their own selfish reasons it’s called being “business savvy”.

      • Did I leave out rich Democrats? I know you can’t read so I’ll just tell you, no, I didn’t. My point is that wealth is at the core of this, not black/white, democrat/republican or anything other bullshit.

      • How is wealth at the core of this? Besides your obvious hatred and/or envy. Black dude dies in police custody, black shit stirrers show up (“community activists”) with the lame stream media, blacks riot and tear up their own communities. Black mayor stands by clueless. What’s your point?

      • So where exactly is my hated or envy coming from. Because I sympathize with the underprivileged, I must be an envious poor person? I can’t even begin to tell you how stupid that is.

        I don’t have to time or patience to explain to you what income disparity is and how it plays a role in every major social issue in this country and others, but let me clean up your narrative:

        Black dude is unlawfully arrested and is murdered in police custody while no answers are given as to why or how. Civil black protesters show up to make their voices heard in an area where they are systematically discriminated against and have been for years (no, this is not unique to Baltimore). Drunk, white sports fans begin throwing around racial slurs and start physical altercations. Angry black protesters respond equivalently. The black, opportunists looters/rioters INDEPENDENT OF THE PEACEFUL PROTESTERS begin taking advantage of the situation. Conservative media covers nothing but the riots and blames the black people as is tradition. Assholes like you eat it up and regurgitate it everywhere as gospel.

      • First of all I didn’t call you any names. I was simply trying to understand your rational, such as it is. I hate to break it you to but “income disparity” has been going with mankind from the jump. There always has been and always will be the haves and the have nots. Marxism/Communism is a failure. Socialism is a failure. Only under the American system have so many had the OPPERTUNITY to rise above their cicumstance. Most of those “underpriveledged” choose to be where they are and don’t give a damn for your sympathy. ASSHOLE.

      • Your belittling attitude shows you have no desire to try to understand, so I have no desire to try and get you to

      • I have no attitude but I see yours …… people need to act like human beings not wild savages. And if you cant see that I feel sorry for you. have a great day…

      • Oh that’s right, you guys are never wrong. You are incapable of having an attitude or belittling someone. They’re just “wild savages” or “thugs” or “animals” (which of course are all just covering up the REAL word you want to use). Congratulations on your moral high ground, but I’d suggest you take a second look at yourself in the mirror.

      • Don’t forget the rest of the poor whites, Asians, and non-soccer loving Latinos. you kind of have to disregard the rest of the population to prop up your views, but that doesn’t stop you from calling someone else a nutjob, and that is priceless.

      • Yes because each race is treated completely equally and fairly in this country. Of all the people I’ve seen here today you certainly get the prize for biggest dumbass

      • Have you noticed, all Brit does is slander? I have yet to see a fact based argument from Britt. That is very typical of the left.

      • So in your mind, if you have money you are hard working and if you’re poor you’re lazy. You don’t see anything wrong with that view? I’m sure you don’t, and this is the crux of the issue

      • All it takes is one to show what is possible. I grew up poor as well and hear about and personally know many minorities who have made it out of the ghetto and have become successful. The individuals who don’t, choose that themselves. The opportunities are there, people just need to get off their welfare sucking asses to utilize them. It all comes down to pure LAZINESS!!!

      • I’m actually moderate, so it wouldn’t be MY conservative media. Or actually I should say, I’m a realist…. real honest. You’re just ignorant.

      • If you are consuming the drivel from this website, then yes it is YOUR conservative media so do not try to distance yourself from it. You may claim to be moderate but your view that “lazy black people cause their own problems” is a strictly conservative attitude. You can call me ignorant, and I can call you racist. But of course, that would be unfounded because I’m simply a race baiter, right?

      • I have just as much an issue with lazy whites as I do with any lazy person. A lazy person is a lazy person. I mentioned minorities as that is the issue at hand. You certainly weren’t trying to hide your race baiting ways there, were you? 😉

      • Lol Way to back peddle buddy. You mention how you can’t stand lazy minorities, I call you a racist for it and then all of a sudden it’s “oh no I mean whites too you race baiter”.

      • If you’ll notice I only referred to “minorities” when speaking on making it out. I used “individuals” and “people” when referring to laziness and well fare suckers. Maybe I should’ve started new paragraphs and used proper MLA format. Oops. You’re done.

      • what someone does or does not choose to do in life has no relevance on how a person should be treated. Maybe, i do not want to be a doctor. Maybe, i don’t want to run a business. It does not mean that i should be treated like a subhuman. Even “minorities” as you put it, that get out of the ‘hood never get away from the stigma of what they are considered. First thing my friendly white italian neighbor said to us when we moved into the neighborhood was to watch for those black and spanish people that use our street to cut through town….then she asked me where I was from, the look on her face was priceless…..

      • OHHHH yes it certainly does. If you’re lazy and expect things without working for them, I’m going to treat you with a hell of a lot less respect than a hard working human being. If that doesn’t make sense to you Lord help you my dear.

      • OHHHH yes it does!! I will not treat a lazy person the same way I would treat a hard working individual; which is with respect. Why should someone who sits on their ass receive the same things hard working people get? Our country would be NOWHERE if we went by that mantra. Nothing would get done. How does that not make sense to you. There really is no argument to defend laziness.

      • oranges and apples, of course someone lazy will not receive the same benefits as a hard working individual, but respect is something all beings deserve. Just because i choose to work 80 hours a week doesn’t mean i should look down on someone who doesn’t. They might not have the same interests in life as me.

    • First of all Britt have a little respect for the name and person of Jesus Christ. Second I don’t see much in the way of facts coming out of you only sarcastic and demeaning comment. So try and exercise your brain if your going to make comments. Or just go away.

      • First of all, you will be sorely disappointed if you think you’re going to get me to respect your imaginary friend. Jesus Christ is nothing but a shield that Christians use to justify their prejudices and I will treat him as such.

        To your second point, you conservatives are the only ones that need to be convinced that income disparity in this country causes a majority of our social issues. It is not up to me to prove the fact because it has already been proven. It is up to you to disprove it at this point and saying “poverty has nothing to do with it” is not proof.

      • Am not disappointed or surprised of your response. Because you speak out of ignorance and blindness to the person of Jesus Christ. He is not imaginary read your history book. He was and is a real person that did and does exist. You also know nothing of true Christian values or philosophy

        In relation to your last comment everyone in America has an opportunity to succeed in life. Many poor legal immigrant have made a successful life in this Country. Lazy people never succeed they only look for hand out.Here is a video of a Black American woman and her perspective of what the problem is in places like Baltimore.

      • Jesus said….give a man a fish and you feed him for a day…..teach him to fish and you feed him for life. Yet republicans want to cut and have cut programs designed to help people get skills so they can become self sufficient…..while at the same time COMPLAIN that people are on government assistance

      • What programs and why were they cut. By the way the Government has Grants and Loan programs for everyone. Those Grants and Loans offer collage, books & housing expense So what would be the excuse for anyone not going to Collage and bettering their life, even if programs were cut.
        As far as I know the republicans fight to create programs that create JOBS. Kids today are lazy and have horrible work ethics. That’s the real truth

      • Damn kids today! So lazy and entitled. I wish I could talk to the people that raised them this way….

      • Lol you know so much about what I do and do not know about Christianity. I’m not taking your Jesus bait though, because he has nothing to do with this discussion. It’s perfectly fine if you want to believe, but dragging him into every discussion you ever have is excessive at least.

        And the fact that you believe everyone is treated equally in this country is too laughable to even respond to.

      • You have issues,
        I didn’t bring up the Jesus thing you did by using His name in a disrespectful way/ I just asked you not to be disrespectful, your the one that actually made it a discussion.
        By the way, where did I say everyone is treated equal, that’s not even realistic in any country or society.I just stated that everyone in America has an equal opportunity to succeed. Also I only know what you reveal in your ignorant comments.Lastly I find it interesting that you didn’t make a comment about the video. Because in it it reveal the real problem of the inequality i.e. a lack of good parenting

      • Please by all means do. I only asked because i edit video and i know how to make something seem like something else. If i can do that just imagine what ppl in power can do. Again, i am not saying that is what happened. You do not know anything of my world view. I have been called nigger many times growing up, more then i can count. I have been stopped by the police more times then i can count just for walking down the street. I have had my rights violated many times over and over again. I have had police make a uturn while at red lights and follow me for miles for absolutely no reason. I have been slammed on the floor, sat on, arms twisted etc only to be let go without an explanation. You ever walk into a store and have someone follow you around? People can say what they like racism is alive and thriving. Oh, did i mention that i am not even black? I’m not black and I have experienced these same things. Of course i know someone is going to say something ignorant so let me save them the time. I have 2 jobs, i have a college degree, and i own my own home. I went off subject a bit but i don’t want ppl taking me poking fun at a few ppl on here as my world view. It’s just some people here do not realize they are racist and contributing to the cause.

    • You and Allen wouldn’t know how to identify truth, so please stop trying to be so cute and clever.

      “Oh he said they would be mad and they are mad”
      Yes, because even Allen west knows he’s peddling shit that sheep will eat up.

      • certainly not you. i’ve literally gone through post after post on this page and have yet to find you make a single point that is in any way relevant to the subject matter at hand, other than to bash other commenters and the author. your words are nothing more than ‘a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’ please do us all a favor and quit the internet if you are going to continue to be an unreasonable turd.

      • Well I’m flattered that you are so interested in my history, but I never claimed to be your arbiter of knowledge. Of course I don’t come here to try and make any sort of meaningful points to such an ignorant and sheepish audience. Anyone that consumes the crap from this site has no hope in being reasoned with and I have no interest in trying. I have accomplished exactly what I came here to accomplish and so I suppose I can “quit the internet” now as you so hilariously suggested.

  31. May I just support the article’s main point by saying that Walter Scott’s home was in N. Charleston, SC. A state that is quite conservative, and incidentally were spared this mess when circumstances here got bad. I had faith that not only the godly people of all races would do the right thing, but also that with our employment rate and economy, there would be no time for anyone to be rioting. Everyone was at work. BTW, why is Al Sharpton not in prison?

  32. “BUSSED IN VIOLENCE IS HOME GROWN TERRORISM” “What we are witnessing is a manipulation of our population – by those who choose to rule us instead of the jobs we elected them to do. If we were self-governing citizens as our Constitution originally designed the citizenry would be, we would have kicked them out of office – and kicked the ghetto pimps off the airwaves. My Boomer generation did all we could do to bring up our children color blind. It makes me sick to see the division this administration and it’s minions have created — but even more sick that Americans have allowed themselves to be used – and useless.”

  33. The only slaves left in America are the poor kids in the inner cities, and their slave masters are overwhelmingly Democrat, and have been so for generations.

  34. My son came to me and said…Dad, it hard to find someone to date where. I responded, You live in San Francisco and you’re not gay. You have an iq over 150, and you dont get the connection? No jobs in Baltimore, move the f#$K away. Start over, be a pioneer, be willing to do any job at any time. I run a small business, i work 7 days a week, usually 12 to 15 hours a day. If i had some good help, i could work less. As a home inspector i can make a good living but I have to crawl through dirt, mud, sewage and cat feces. When i exit the home, i have a few spider webs and maybe some crawlers on my and in my hair. I have to spend a lot of time in attics with temps over 150 degrees. And, guess what? I love what i do. I enjoy providing for my family. I dont spend any time looking for hand outs.

    • San Francisco is a tough place to date if you’re a straight dude. The gay population is only 15% contrary to what people think but the tech boom means way more men than women are moving to the city so the demographics are totally skewed in the 20-35 age bracket.

  35. It’s pretty much a given that the current, Democrat leadership will see to it that the hundreds arrested in Bmore will simply get their hands slapped…..after all, they were simply venting their frustration…..right?

  36. Anyone with 1/2 a brain knows why this is going on! Failed families, failed schools and politicians that fail to address problems. I so believe that all the politicians in these failed cities have the attitude of kick the can down the road and do whatever it takes to stay in power. I don’t feel sorry for Baltimore or any of the other cities as they have created exactly what they are receiving!!!

  37. Allen West would make a great conservative Candidate for President, but I think he is unfortunately for the US, not a household name yet. Hopefully Cruz but any republican that gets the nomination will consider and then decide to ask him to be there VP. He’s a grass roots conservative, proud accomplished military veteran/officer, Christian, and would also serve to steal the African American vote from the Communist Party oooopps I mean democrat party

    • Allen West isn’t well known and when people read and hear what he thinks…he stands NO chance of becoming PRESIDENT!

      • I understand what his followers do not. He has not plans on running for president…its more profitable to get his followers to buy his coffee mugs and tee shirts

      • Your antipathy for Mr. West is almost pathological and I think I know why. A strong father figure would probably scare 90% of the black males running the streets. If Mr. West was Your father he would spank you until you cried like a little girl.

      • and what about all these, meth, heroined out, oxy crushing, molly injesting, kylie jenner lipped white kids who is going to spank them straight?????? Older white people are scared. Scared their children don’t see what they see. Scared that non whites are rising in status and they feel so alone…. its ok embrace it like the hard throbbing about to make u scream like a little girl hahahaha….

      • Yes it is all a problem that is not particular to race, gender. Your mentation seems driven by the debbils. As an Old White Guy I fear only the decay of this country. You seem to be a part of that decay so I fear you and your ilk. Not for my safety because if you wander near me with evil intent, your wandering days are over.

      • really? How do you assume such nonsense? what do you know about me? I come on here to get a kick out of people like you with your nonsense. Shriveled up old white people you are the death of this country you are even killing your own children and do not care. I specify old white because alot of the new age white kids understand the problem.

      • Pretty sure the fact that he isn’t as well known as say a criminal married couple like the clintons, star of the New best seller “Clinton Cash” where they have sold their power n influence to the highest bidder, is the reason why I suggested him for VP, and his policies would only be unpopular with the entitlement population, illegal immigrants, terrorists, enemy governments, people who participate in deviant sinful sexual activity, and cowards they are all citing for Clinton or whoever gets the nomination if she gets indicted for her treachery

    • The Democrats are scared to death of Col. West. Allan West was elected Representative of the 22nd District in South Florida in 2010, my district, and was beginning to be noticed Nationally. Ironically, while serving in office the Democrats went to court and had his territory broken up or ‘re-Districted’ leaving Col. West with the most ‘left wing’ area of the newly formed district. Needless to say Col. West lost the very suspicious and hotly contested election to Patrick Murphy the son of a mega rich contributor to the Democrat Party. During this time they also began a character assassination campaign in an attempted to destroy him just like they did to another great conservative patriot, Sarah Palin. They were also scared to death of her !!!!

      • Democrats had nothing to do with the redistricting in Florida. West got screwed over by his own party in the Florida State Legislature. And Murphy may be rich but West outspent him by a ratio of over 4 to 1 in the 2012 race.

      • Scared of Sarah Palin….she had her opportunity after the 2012 loss and come back a strong national candidate…instead she QUIT on the people of alaska and chased the money….now she is a political JOKE!!!

  38. And why has there been no Republican mayor? Because, despite a Republican (David Smith, the managing partner of Sinclair Broadcasting) owning 2 of the city’s 7 full-power TV stations (WBFF, Sinclair’s flagship, and WNUV, and operating a third in an LMA, WTUB) as well as WJLA in DC, the Republicans have not actually win, denying the voters choice. You cannot expect one to vote Republican if the candidate doesn’t make himself or herself known.

  39. This is total CRAP. No city can withstand the ONSLAUGHT of FREE TRADE which SHIPS GOOD JOBS to China, Mexico, Vietnam and whatever other country willing to undercut the American Worker who needs a LIVING WAGE, DECENT BENEFITS, HEALTHCARE and who is willing to abide by standardized ENVIRONMENTAL PROTOCOLS. I wonder how long any city will take to descend into chaos when GOOD SOLID UNION JOBS paying $20 an hour and higher are ripped out of their community and sent to China. WELL NOW WE KNOW!!!!

    • Funny you should mention Mexico! With all those great American jobs being shipped there, why are they coming here in droves?!!!

    • Wow very well said! Moving jobs from America has made us more of a consumer improving China’s, Mexico and Vietnam and other countries GNP while our has been declining because we buy more of their ‘stuff’ than they buy of ours. NAFTA is America’s downfall and it’s the common American worker who is suffering.

  40. Whose to blame?
    *The drop out rate of black HS students is well above 50%.
    *Fatherless children amongst blacks is fast approaching 80%
    *8,000 blacks are killed annually by other fellow black Americans.
    *Black-on-black murder rate in this country is at a staggering 93%.
    *Black gang culture is on the rise.
    *Black violence and crime is esculating.
    *1 out of every 16 black persons are in prison.
    *Black prison population is at 60%.
    *More than 90% of all murders committed in NYC are by young black men.
    *Astronomical rate of teen pregnancy amongst black females.
    *Abortion amongst blacks is at it’s highest record ever.
    *Black illegitimacy is at 73%.
    *1,300 black babies are aborted daily with total disregard that “black lives matter”.
    *36% of all abortions performed in this country are on black women…the population of blacks in this country is only a meager 12%.
    *Perpetual dependence on the Welfare state.
    *Dilapidated homes and depressed black neighborhoods.
    Not one Democrat has been seen or heard addressing any of the above problems facing our American black communities…”Hear no evil…See no evil…Speak no evil”…It’s the Democratic way of not facing up to the facts and taking responsibility for America’s black problems…Blaming “whitey the racist” when the Democrats themselves should be discussing and finding a solution to all of the above which they thus far have chosen to ignore…Why?…Because they care not.

  41. DISCLAIMER – I found this on a forum. It does not completely reflect my feelings but it does start to capture the nature of the problem before us. We all have someone in our lives that seems to come from a different planet and we will never see eye to eye with them, no matter what accommodation is done.
    “For almost 150 years the United States has been conducting an interesting
    experiment. The subjects of the experiment: black people and working-class

    The hypothesis to be tested: Can a people taken from the jungles of Africa
    and forced into slavery be fully integrated as citizens in a majority white population?
    The whites were descendants of Europeans who had created a majestic civilization. The former slaves had been tribal peoples with no written language and virtually no intellectual achievements. Acting on a policy that was not fair to either group, the government released newly freed black people into a white society that saw them as inferiors. America has struggled with racial discord ever since.

    Decade after decade the problems persisted but the experimenters never gave up. They insisted that if they could find the right formula the experiment would work, and concocted program after program to get the result they wanted. They created the Freedman’s Bureau, passed civil rights laws, tried to build the Great Society, declared War on Poverty, ordered race preferences, built housing projects, and tried midnight

    Their new laws intruded into people’s lives in ways that would have been otherwise unthinkable. They called in National Guard troops to enforce school integration. They outlawed freedom of association. Over the protests of parents, they put white children on buses and sent them to black schools and vice versa. They tried with money, special programs, relaxed standards, and endless handwringing to close the “achievement gap.” To keep white backlash in check they began punishing public and even private statements on race. They hung up Orwellian public banners that commanded whites to “Celebrate Diversity!” and “Say No to Racism.” Nothing was off limits if it might salvage the experiment.

    Some thought that what W.E.B. DuBois called the Talented Tenth would lead the way for black people. A group of elite, educated blacks would knock down doors of opportunity and show the world what blacks were capable of. There is a Talented Tenth. They are the black Americans who have become entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors and scientists. But ten percent is not enough. For the experiment to work, the ten percent has to be followed by a critical mass of people who can hold middle-class jobs and promote social stability. That is what is missing.

    Through the years, too many black people continue to show an inability to function and prosper in a culture unsuited to them. Detroit is bankrupt, the south side of Chicago is a war zone, and the vast majority of black cities all over America are beset by degeneracy and violence. And blacks never take responsibility for their failures. Instead, they lash out in anger and resentment. Across the generations and across the country, as we have seen in Detroit, Watts, Newark, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and
    now Ferguson, rioting and looting are just one racial incident away. The white
    elite would tell us that this doesn’t mean the experiment has failed. We just
    have to try harder. We need more money, more time, more understanding, more
    programs, and more opportunities.

    But nothing changes no matter how much money is spent, no matter how many laws are passed, no matter how many black geniuses are portrayed on TV, and no matter who is president. Some argue it’s a problem of “culture,” as if culture creates people’s behavior instead of the other way around. Others blame “white privilege.”

    But since 1965, when the elites opened America’s doors to the Third World, immigrants from Asia and India–people who are not white, not rich, and not “connected”–have quietly succeeded. While the children of these people are winning spelling bees and getting top scores on the SAT, black “youths” are committing half the country’s violent crime–crime, which includes viciously punching random white people on the street for the thrill of it that has nothing to do with poverty.

    The experiment has failed. Not because of culture, or white privilege, or racism. The fundamental problem is that white people and black people are different. They differ intellectually and temperamentally. These differences result in permanent social

    Our rulers don’t seem to understand just how tired their white subjects are with this experiment. They don’t understand that white people aren’t out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, and the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, and the reflexive animosity.

    The elites explain everything with “racism,” and refuse to believe that white frustration could soon reach the boiling point.”

      • From the mind and mouth of James Carville. Of all
        people. Here’s an excerpt, as quoted on

        “Ideologies aren’t all that important. What’s important is psychology. The Democratic constituency is just like a herd of cows. All you have to do is lay out enough silage and they come running. That’s why I became an operative working with Democrats. With Democrats all you have to do is make a lot of noise, lay out the hay, and be ready to use the ole cattle prod in case a few want to bolt the herd. Eighty percent of the people who call themselves Democrats don’t have a clue as to political reality. What amazes me is that you could take a group of people who are hard workers and convince them that they should support social programs that were the exact opposite of their own personal convictions. Put a little fear here and there and you can get people to vote any way you want. The voter is basically dumb and lazy. The reason I became a Democratic operative instead of a Republican was because there were more Democrats that didn’t have a clue than there were Republicans.Truth is relative. Truth is what you can make the voter believe is the truth. If you’re smart enough, truth is what you make the voter think it is. That’s why I’m a Democrat. I can make the Democratic voters think whatever I want them to.”

      • That’s a really interesting quote but it’s probably a lie. It’s extremely well written but I can’t find a source anywhere on the internet. No book title, no page number, no tv appearance date when he said it. No citations anywhere. Conclusion: it’s not real.

      • Damn! I will have to stop using it, although it did seem true to character, Snopes has had the last word. James is innocent of this quote. But it true nonetheless and as I said a real shame I can no longer use it.

      • Wow. You are one of very few people on this site (possibly on the entire internet) who’s willing to change their mind when presented with new evidence. I disagree with your politics but I respect your honesty. Have a good night.

      • These forums Could be useful in ironing out a whole lot if people were honest and open. That said, I look at posters profiles to get an idea of who and where someone is coming from. When they are private……………..

      • I use my real name and photograph. However, I’m entitled to choose my own privacy settings for my own reasons or for no reason at all. I set my account to private because there was a guy who just used to follow me from thread to thread harassing me.

      • Lowell,he probably will not read it because he is a black racist.There is a lot of truth in the article.I have worked in inner city ministries for 30 years and I have seen first hand what the article states.

      • I didn’t read it because its a load bullshit fallacies and pretend intellectualism that can’t be proven. One have been debunking for months. “black “youths” are committing half the country’s violent crime–crime, which includes viciously punching random white people on the street for the thrill of it that has nothing to do with poverty.” Is total bunk and not supported by any verifiable facts.

      • you know what is laughable,is that the black race is the only race in this country that turn to robbing and burning down businesses when they protest something,i have never seen another race of people do this,i mean what did the business owners do to the protesters that warranted them to rob and burn their are a typical liberal democrat who just thinks they are smarter than everyone or are just too stupid to see that something that hasn’t worked for 60 years need to be changed,( talking about the liberal led baltimore government that has done the black folk there so much good.( sarcasm )

      • ya but they keep it on one street,they don’t burn down businesses and homes.they might set a car or two on fire and thats bad enough,they should be arrested for that stupid shit.but what they did in baltimore was nothing to do with freddy gray.what did the business owners do to freddy gray,why was their livelyhood destroyed and robbed from cannot come up with an excuse for that,please don’t even try,you’ve already made yourself look foolish enough.and by the way,slavery ended 150 years ago,we have a black president,wake up.who the hell is holding black people back from succeeding,they can do whatever they want,just like anyone stop with the we are victims routine,its really old and untrue.

      • Preach!! Moron leftist’s only get angry when this truth is told. They can’t handle the truth, notice Rafael’s comment below. You toasted him.

    • “The experiment has failed. Not because of culture, or white privilege, or racism. The fundamental problem is that white people and black people are different. They differ intellectually and temperamentally. These differences result in permanent social incompatibility”

      I said I did not fully endorse the quotation I borrowed. Here is an are area that I do not agree with. Every Human should become self aware to the point that they know their strength and their weakness. I see no permanent incompatibilities when we operate at that level. Until the age of eight I was living in Chicago near the Cabrini Green area and went to a school – Schiller School where I was one of perhaps 5 or 6 non black children. My friends were all black and we shared dinners and played together running our skate scooters all over the place. Good memories.

    • EXCUSE ME! This article is 99% bull crap! Africans were kings and queens and chieftains, who organized and took care of their people! Some, did have written language, others didn’t need one! Of course, the best way to keep anyone down, is to repeatedly tell and treat them as inferiors! Even today, calling people of color, “minorities”, is constant, psychological brainwashing! So many, subliminal messages of this sort ,have been put in place, that many, “whites” do not realize ,that that is the source of “white privilege! We are constantly told, that we are worthless animals, yet, everything that we create, is systematically stolen from us! Our culture , style, fashion, is appropriated, in order for everyone else, to feel relevant! Our body features; tan skin, dreds, braids, full lips, big booty, etc. The slang, music, dances! “Massa”, used to throw out, chitterlings, pig feet, chicken wings, and such. Now they are a “delicacy”, in fine restaurants, at high prices! To cut this short ,” Why, do so many people, want to be like us, if we are so useless?! How can you hate us, when you try so hard to be us?!

      • You probably have me confused with some of your fellow travelers. I think the Africans were mighty warriors and excellent rulers with in their frame of reference. The Zulu made me cry when they were so brave and yet could not stand up to British Might and were slaughtered. If you would bother to look at profile posts you would see I have lived with blacks most of my formative years, so do not think me callous or racist. In fact my Mother is from Louisiana and a look at her would have you say “High Yellow” The Africans of the slave type were a sorry lot indeed and they had suffered long at the hand of the African and Muslim slavers before the long voyage. When they got here bad men of all types used and abused until Their culture was shattered. Did you know the first or one of the first slave “owners” was a freed black “indentured” servant? I ate the hog jowls, maws, head cheese, chitterlings, pigs feet, scrapple as a part of my growing up and I know it was people doing the best they could with what they were thrown. How could any of those freed slaves know a thing about their possible lineage to Kings, Queens or noble warriors? As to music I grew up with all the artists of the 50’s and 60’s – Lena Horne was one of my first loves but the RAP of today it is just a formula to keep youngsters in the hood killing each other and doing drugs with the race baiters as Sharpton swirling overhead to pluck and dine at their failures. I never said Useless and keep in mind this was a quote from another poster with notions and ideas that do have merit but would not if mothers such as the one we see on TV were in charge instead of the self serving fools such as the Mayor.

  42. “Isn’t a looter a poor man’s progressive, doing in a rough and small-scale way what progressives like Obama do smoothly and systematically?”
    Dinesh D’Souza

  43. Thank you Allen West and the republican party for going to the black community and showing a alternative to voting democrat. Thank you Allen West for speaking to black events and speaking to troubled black youth using your life story as a example of what they can accomplish. Thank you Allen West for not making this a liberal vs conservative issue!! Wait….all of those never happened!! NEVERMIND!!!

  44. Once you confer “victim-hood” upon someone, you have eliminated all of their responsibility for their lot. Somebody else… did it to them. And that approach has been the cornerstone of the Democrat party for decades. Separate groups into boxes; tell them that they’re victims, and the only hope for them is to votes for us, because “we’ll take care of you”. You would think that after years and decades of unfulfilled promises….some of these people would catch on to the scam. I guess not.

      • Excellent point Earl…..the Republicans have even tried this game and done it half-assed (the Democrats have it down to a science). Both parties are failures as far as I’m concerned. Bottom line, in this country we have to get back to embracing the concept of “personal responsibility”. As they used to tell us in Kindergarten “never mind what your neighbor is doing”…..what are you doing to improve yourself? Not happy with the way things are, then get off your ass and fix it.

      • I totally agree…In north St Louis there was a congressman that represented them….BILL CLAY….BILL CLAY was elected term after term and nothing was ever done for NORTH ST LOUIS.
        You can’t expect people to vote for a party when that party doesn’t bother to show up

      • You missed the point….republicans don’t go into these communities….people like ALLEN WEST doesn’t go and speak to black people BUT YET complain that they vote democratic. There is NO ALTERNATIVE!

      • Really when a Republican candidate gets up and actually speaks especially one like Mister Griffin III, he is shouted down and told that he is an uncle tom and should get back in the house.

        The problem isn’t with the outreach as it is there. The problem is that the people are convinced that anyone with an R after their name is not interested in helping the inner city

      • You go…. and tell them to vote for anybody other than the pathetic dem party !! Then maybe for once, something will get accomplished !!

      • I’m saying to offer alternatives and let the best person win…BUT…if you only going to go when there is a election…you don’t care…you are just pandering.
        I thought republicans would have a real outreach to the black community after being destroyed in the 2012 elections….they said they would but that fell FLAT on its face!

      • Some are though, some are trying to work into the communities. Rand Paul is for example working towards criminal justice reform.

        Further there is only so much that can be done in non election years in regards to it other than slinging mud. You can go in all you want but then what are you going to say.

        “Well it isn’t working.”
        “Well what can we do”
        “We have to wait for an election year and then you have to pick me and we can work to pick up the pieces”
        “But we can’t wait that long”
        “I’m sorry but that is how it works”

      • How can you expect people to vote for a party when that party is NEVER AROUND???
        Why did Dr Ben Carson go speak at a AL SHARPTON event? How can ALLEN WEST get his voice heard in the black community when you chooses to speak to a white audience only?

      • And look what happened in 2014 in direct reply to that POS bo and the rest of the pandering limousine liberals that you think really care about you. How silly is that?

      • Earl, Allen West isn’t welcome in those communities. He’d be shouted down by people like you. Why bother anymore? Until the left wants to deal in the facts, there will be no discussion.

      • Herman Cain Did, and look what happened to him!

        liberal soci-fascists black reporters make up stories about him, slander his family and then have the gall to admit they lied after he got fed up with the BLACK ATTACKS and bowed out gracefully!

        Conservative blacks have been there and it has been made clear to them that they are NOT welcome!

      • Herman Cain was a clown.
        What stories do you think was made up about him?

        “iberal soci-fascists black reporter”???

      • Herman Cain was a clown but I disagree with your assertion that he was a government controlled troll

      • Yes, …if you are going to complain about black people voting for democrats but yet make NO EFFORT to get the black vote…DON’T COMPLAIN!!!

      • “black attack reporters” show me a link. Last I heard the journalist called Mr. Cain directly from the number provided by his mistress. Family values.

      • Those were all lies! The black attack reporters admitted to it! And look up your own links, unless you want to pay me to do it for you!!!

      • They won’t vote for anybody but a dem. They’re brainwashed into thinking that the dems really do care about them. What a sick joke.

      • Has nothing to do with brainwashing…..they don’t see any republicans coming to them. Republicans do not show concern for them and USE them as a TOOL so white folks will vote for them!

      • Spoken like a true racist. It is total brainwashing, they won’t even give an R the time of day without shouting them down. At least 10% are smart enough to know better.

      • The effort is always made. It is for self reliance. I guess you are saying that doesn’t apply to blacks? Wow, quite the insinuation. It is called the soft bigotry of low expectations. That is common among liberals, and the highest form of racism there is. In fact it is the TRUE definition of racism, not what democrats call racism. Saying something is not racism, thinking that someone is inferior because of their race is the true definition of racism. Democrats do that in every election and every program they implement.

      • WHAT??? Please…I only deal with FACTS…now please provide evidence of the republican party going after the black vote and being concern about the black community.
        The only outreach I’ve seen was in 2012…a radio add saying that black people should vote republicans because they freed the slaves….REALLY?

      • What has the democrat party done to make life better for the black community? Making promises that they don’t keep??

      • The point is…when do republicans go to the black community and show they are concerned with the issues in the black community?? But yet you complain about what democrats have or haven’t done but YET you do nothing yourselves

      • LOL. Still giving victimhood to blacks. As if the black community can’t figure out how to use the internet or watch the news etc. to know what certain candidates stand for. In my area, not many well known republicans OR democrats come to speak, does this mean that I should not vote? Does this mean I should just stick to who is already in power? Sorry, I research for myself and anyone in the black community who has the time for Facebook, twitter and any other social media can do the same thing….blaming Allen West for the stupidity of a community brainwashed into living in poverty based on the promises given to them for years and years by the democrats will not make their life any better. Why aren’t THEY demanding better candidates instead of pulling the same (D) lever election after election?

      • Rand Paul went to Ferguson and talked to the people. He encourged them to vote on the next city leaders that they thought would be good for their community. In other words, for them to get political to change what they need to change.

      • AND….liberal reporters didn’t concern themselves with Herman Cain because they knew he was just a political JOKE….Ben Carson will be that joke this cycle!

      • That’s funny, because if you didn’t vote for a black man (Obama) you were a racist. But if you didn’t vote for a black man (Herman Cain, or Dr. Carson) you’re not! Go figure!!

      • So Earl, you are saying, in fact, that it is the Republican’s fault. You have said that it takes Republicans to help and build it. See even you admitted that the Democratic policies are failures. Thank you for that insight.

      • Earl, the Republicans don’t live in Baltimore. Read the article. I know reality is tough for liberals to deal with, but you can’t runaway from it.

      • So….there is no alternative and the republican party will not attempt to speak to the black community is what you are saying

      • Earl, the Republicans have tried to speak to the black community, but they aren’t welcome there. Don’t act like there’s a red carpet and welcome wagon for them to show up. Many Republicans have tried speaking, but they are shouted down. No one is interested in what they have to say in the black community. You liberals know it all, so figure it out on your own. Good luck.

      • Earl, you are a true liberal. Why would anyone bother with you? Take it to the streets with your peeps. Adios.

      • Above you just called Ben Carson a political joke. So you just proved sherwood’s point. Why would a man, who grew up poor with one parent, struggled to become a huge success, one of the best surgeons in the country be a political joke??

      • He is a political JOKE and has no chance of getting the republican nomination!
        Also, Dr Ben used government assistance that you people seem to HATE so much!

      • You people?? Wow, if that doesn’t sound racist.

        Government assistance is needed. Conservatives aren’t anarchist. Anarchists destroy cities with rioting. Conservatives are against blatant misuse of government assistance. Including corporate welfare. Why is that so hard for you to understand. Is your partisan politics destroying clear thinking in your head?

      • conservatives are against corporate welfare huh? Lets see how many of ALLEN WEST post included corporate welfare vs social welfare

      • Yes, they are!! Conservatives are against any wasteful spending on the backs of hard working Americans!!

      • I’m trying to find a opinion piece from Allen that mentions the words corporate welfare…I’m trying to prove you are RIGHT!!

      • If you haven’t noticed, this piece is on the rioting in Baltimore. Who do you think is going to pay for that destruction?

      • Temporary government assistance to a successful end is not a problem. I don’t begrudge anyone using it when they NEED it. Government assistance becomes a problem when it is a WAY of life. Your comments paint with a wide brush. I don’t know ANYONE who HATES government assistance, but I do know MANY who hate that is is a permanent way of life. And you should too, because it’s just another form of slavery.

      • Why would they? The black community is deeply entrenched with the Democratic party, and votes democratic at a ratio far above 70% regularly. Considering that the black community makes up just 18% of the population, there’s no return on investment here. Why are you not asking the black community why they aren’t reaching out to republicans? It’s not a one way street, before you ask any regular Americans to help you, you have to show that you’re willing to help yourself.

        Until the black community respects the lives of young black men enough to teach them that living as criminals and dying young isn’t a good choice, don’t expect the rest of America to. I don’t need to bring you solutions, because whatever I would suggest would be completely disregarded as not workable and racist, because it involves a whole lot of self-determination and responsibility.

      • Really? The republicans don’t live there so it’s a shithole?! Ha! Just go the Deep South. All of those confederate states run by ultra conservatives. Check out their education levels, jobless rates, and the number on welfare. You’re an idiot.

      • States such as Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arizona, New Mexico and Tennessee possess many counties with a high level of dependence on government benefits; some counties have a level of transfer income per capita of over $10,000.

      • Wow, you make a convincing argument for not allowing illegal immigrants in the country and over running the welfare state. Thanks Juan. Nice to see that you know how to speak with other people. Hope you get your green card in the next 10 years or so. I could use a leaf blower to take care of my garden. Know anyone interested or should I just drive by the Home Depot parking lot? BTW, you can always go to Mexico and see the dead bodies hanging from the freeway overpasses. Now THAT is a shithole.

      • I am sorry, but you are the idiot. I have a different spin and it is that if it were not for the new waves of people coming to this country the USA would have no future – Americans across the board have a high % of nitwits among. American public education is a failure and pointing your finger at someone else makes no sense – take a deep breath and give some more thought to what you said.

      • Wrong Juan. The south has more job growth under republican’s then any northern city. Check out the stats for metro Nashville alone. You should do a little research before opening your trap

      • I know a lot of black people and none of the people that I know consider themselves as VICTIMS! People using that term so they can IGNORE the real issues that concern the black community.

      • Where in my original comment did I say that this only applies to Blacks? The same crap is pulled with women, Latinos, Asians, Gays,…you name it. This is an endemic problem in our country, where we have engaged for way too long in “identity politics”. As Americans, you, me, and the guy down the street should all want the same things for us and our families regardless of what race or box, or whatever, that the politicians want to place us in to “divide and conquer”.

      • So my question to you would be..why follow allen west who are one of those that is trying to divide us….its black vs white, liberal vs conservative

      • West doesn’t go “Black vs. White” (you haven’t been following him to say that)…’s about basic principles of individual responsibility. Liberal progressive programs have been an abject failure, and all you have to do is look around you to see that. Want things to improve?…..start holding people responsible for their actions and their lot in life, and stop with the “you’re too dumb to fix your problems so we’re going to help you” approach. It’s demeaning, demoralizing, and it fosters generations of people who can’t take care of themselves without government help. And that’s why the country is in the mess we’re in today.

      • Dude…’re the one who keeps bringing up race, not me. My comments apply to everyone regardless of race or ethnicity. Get off that track because it weakens any point you’re trying to make.

      • Your comment is dishonest -you either do not truly know many black people or you are too busy condecending to them that you really don’t understand thier issues.

      • so you are telling me that I do know black people that consider themselves victims? You can see my life huh??? You should be on TV

      • I know many, many black people, but some are SOBs and some are great people -What is yout point?

    • LMAO, why because he actually tells things truthfully and straight forward without tap dancing around a subject? Nope, it’s because you said so. You’re showing your foolishness and immaturity.

      • No…because he post his opinion pieces to stir the race pot! The man doesn’t offer solutions….just places blame…no better than Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson you people seem to hate so much!

      • Why don’t you explain why you want others to offer solutions when it’s been you progressives that have been running things for so long?
        Why have you failed to come up with solutions?

      • I lived in Ferguson for a few years….unlike you…I don’t read a opinion piece by ALLEN WEST then come to the conclusion that all that protested were thugs and criminals. Allen West never bothered to concern himself to offer solutions….only place blame…in other words….RACE BAITING!

      • Why talk about this Earl? You have all the answers. Go to Baltimore and fix it. Liberals like you don’t know how to have dialogue. Just scream at people and protect the thugs that looted and burned Baltimore. So long.

      • What is the problem with Baltimore? Blacks and Democrats have the power – that being the case who else could be at fault? Earl Lee sounds like another way of saying Jim Bob Jumpback or Leroy ~ neither can accept the truth. No one has kept Baltimore from policing as they believe appropriate, but they still whine and point at someone else for thier failures.

      • Why should conservatives offer solutions for problems created by liberals? You have no solutions of your own, so you ping pong your failed policy problems back to us. An election is like a hammer. It can build a house, but also tear it down. The solution to liberal problems is to elect conservatives, and vice versa if we screw the pooch.

      • Why would I expect conservatives to offer solutions….they never do! Oh wait…TAX CUTS for the wealthy fixes everything….I’m still waiting on that alternative to OBAMACARE!!

      • The system before Obama care was cheaper, had better service, and people kept doctors and plans they liked. Additionally, they could choose not to buy insurance, the alternative existed before the ACA F’d everything up. Full repeal is a wonderful idea.

      • OH…those good ole days when if you got sick you were kicked off of your insurance or if you were already sick you could get insurance.
        Keep believing that FULL REPEAL crap. Republicans have been lying to you for YEARS but yet you still believe them!

    • of course he is…to all liberal progressives who need to have an excuse for the failings of their policies. The truth is the liberal progressive SocialistCommunistUtopianMarxist–SCUM have destroyed cities–Detroit, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Chicago, St Louis, et al….they are killing the state of New York with all of the taxes, restrictions on the subjects…funny states like Texas, Kentucky, Nevada are thriving–lower taxes, more personal freedoms, fewer SCUM in charge.

  45. Well folks the gov’t. is trying to control my computer again. Time to send them an EM Pulse and destroy their computers! Later!

  46. Thank you Col. West for your continued service. I am one of your former constituents and miss the security of knowing that you were representing me in congress.
    Maybe your next article could point out how many resources are going to illegal immigrants that could be going to urban centers.

  47. So, the problem of city destruction is a Democrat problem? And that is only in the US, correct? Reason I ask is that I see many cities razed to rubble outside the US. mainly in the Middle East when Republicans are in charge. Same unruly beast is within. There are no moral superiors in a political party.

  48. We get it: When serfs elect representatives who don’t manage to transmute lead into gold and lead them out of poverty and racism, it’s their own fault.
    Unfortunately for this faith-based theory, objective facts support the conclusion that 35 years of Reaganomics has been fantastically successful at transferring wealth from the bottom to the top. A byproduct of this process is highlighted by examples like Baltimore.
    As Democrats have become more like Republicans, the country has become more medieval. Naturally, the vassals of this new system support it and blame any problems on the serfs.

    • Orrrr you can look at the facts that your socialist fantasy Utopia is a fantasy and fails miserably when tried.

      Ever wonder how America grow to be such a prosperous nation? Wait, sorry, bad question to ask a lefty. To you America is pure evil and to blame for all the problems of the world, both real and perceived.

  49. It is amusing that progressives keep demanding that the conservatives offer solutions to the problems they’ve created. If they are so good why haven’t they solved and fixed the messes they’ve created?

  50. The UK is up in arms about the number of people going to ‘food banks’.
    Let us try and ‘get real’. Offer people free food and you will find that people will take it. The days when proud people would tell you ‘I don’t accept ‘handouts’ – are long gone. You will find that those same people who are visiting these places will have – At least one wide-screen TV set; at least one mobile phone; at least one monthly sub to Sky TV; they will probably be smokers, drinkers and football fans – and will doubtless be on at least one type of ‘spliff’; stimulant or toxic agent. I would guess that they will have AT LEAST twice the amount of income as my wife and I have – but you see, we don’t smoke, drink, have Sky, take narcotics, visit football grounds; spend enormous amounts of cash on ‘French Fries’ and Horse Burgers; have at least one holiday per year. The result? We are happy to be in one another’s company; happy to do a little gardening; happy to seek out all the special offers retailers advertise; have a breakfast of porridge and tea; sometimes have a sandwich for lunch; have one evening meal. As a consequence we do not end up with hangovers, diabetes, high blood pressure or chronic indigestion – in other words, because of our fairly simple life-style we settle for a reasonably calm and peaceful existence without constant visits to A&E – it is in effect called happiness. Try it – it actually works!

    • Well stated sir. But, when people are given cradle to grave handouts with no limitations whatsoever they simply expect more and there will be plenty of politicians that will tell them they are entitled to it because they happen to to be breathing. I applaud ya’lls disipline. Very hard to do with 24 hr/day commercials for “stuff”.

      • jaxx – thank you! You are 100% correct about our politicians. Gone are the days when politicians took up the torch in the hope of helping others – sadly today the greater % of them simply want to help themselves. Perhaps this is why Islam is making such terrifying inroads into people’s lives – hateful and malignant as their purpose is – at least, sadly, unlike our own pathetic so-called leaders, they APPEAR to be totally committed to their cause. Would that our own ELECTED representatives showed such commitment – because, if they do not, Baltimore and the rest of the USA and the West will seem like a school picnic. IN OTHER WORDS – Where the Hell are our leaders?????

    • That is how we were raised Paulus, how we raised our children & they, their children in turn. We consider ourselves rich with the important things in life, Faith, Love, Hope & Peace. Would not have the energy for so much hate, negativity & greed.

      • Painter99 – thank you. Incidentally I AM a painter, I tutor some senior students here in the UK – they are “the salt of the earth” – such a great pleasure to be in their company, listening to their anecdotes on days gone by and just enjoying their gentility – WHERE did it go?

      • I am no longer able to paint due to health issues & miss it greatly. The most relaxing thing in the world for me was painting at our cottage on the lake. I taught art classes at my children’s school many years ago. I wish my grandchildren would have a chance to experience what our world was like years ago.

      • Painter99 – So sorry to learn of your problem but wish you well. will give some idea of my involvement. All we can do is “press on regardless’ and keep faith in our simple morals. Good Luck to you and your’s.

  51. If the cops were required to live in their areas, that might help. If citizens had CCW permits, police activity could be scaled back to the more serious cases.

  52. Then explain the poor, rural backwaters of the south – Florida, for example. Mostly white, Republican counties with EXACTLY the same issues as these black counties, including the government-dependancy part. Perpetual underclasses in American have very little to do with race, and you, Allen West, are as guilty as the ones you accuse.

  53. Then explain the poor, rural backwaters of the south – Florida, for example. Mostly white, Republican counties with EXACTLY the same issues as these black counties, including the government-dependancy part. Perpetual underclasses in America have very little to do with race, and you, Allen West, are as guilty as the ones you accuse.

      • Notice the Left doesn’t write about them either except to excuse when its being done by mostly black crowds.

      • If you call this race baiting, you suffer mental illness. These are facts. You libertards just have to throw race in there when there is none. Pathetic response but typical.

      • So…every opinion piece posted by ALLEN WEST about black people or the black community are NEGATIVE and you ask why I call it race baiting?

      • Who do you work for, Earl, Ruckus, and whomever else you are? Are you a paid troll? If not, you’re literally giving away your life in service of miscreants.

      • Do you honestly believe that someone would pay a person to post on allen west’s site? He is a political JOKE!!!

      • Yes, Democrat white people. College leftists. After sporting events it’s usually all races in the democrat party who find a reason to destroy, it’s in their blood.

      • It’s easy to spot….conservatives work too hard for their money to destroy property so freely.

      • To be fair most college age kids are not even aware enough to be politically affiliated yet. That said, they are used to the idea that nothing costs anything since daddy and mommy paid for their classed their books their place to stay and their drinking money.

      • Oh I guess you have not been near a college lately. They are so indoctrinated by their ultra liberal ex-hippie profs that they are worse than the past generation. Of course they also can not tell you who the vice president or their Reps &Sens. are or why they think something is racist they just repeat the Dem talking points before watching the Kardashians & the Bachelor.
        My grandchildren had a hard time finding an excellent college where they could attend to learn instead of an indoctrination station!

      • Trust me Earl, I went toe-to-toe with CheetoBuster earlier in the day and he/she is a certified genius. You see the reply made to your comment?

        “conservatives work too hard for their money to destroy property so freely”

        Surely, this entirely vague and unfounded generalization should show you the error of your ways. So thank you, CheetoBuster, for once again having every answer in life!

    • I live in the South, Mr. Sh** for Brains. Only time in recent history we had something on the order of Baltimore was when Democrat-controlled New Orleans was hit by Katrina. Mayor Ray Nagin couldn’t even get it together enough to collect school buses to get people out of harm’s way.

    • Ive lived in those so called southern republican counties that you just pulled right out of an MSNBC news bite. Its another lie. Those counties are full of liberal scum that vote for whoever offers them free shit. That is and always has been the democrats. Those people wouldnt vote for a party that wants to take the freeloaders monthly check away. To bad your a liberal because if you had any intelligence youd see your full of crap.

      • “To bad your a liberal because if you had any intelligence youd see your full of crap.”

        TOO* bad YOU’RE** a liberal because if you had any intellegence,* (COMMA) YOU’D** see YOU’RE** full of crap.

        I just thought I would point out how fucking stupid you sound when you call someone else out for intelligence – whilst making 3rd grade level grammar mistakes. I don’t claim to be a grammar expert, but that is just sad.

      • Good God you people are so bold as you tell your lies. Are you seriously trying to say that Florida is historically and currently a Democratic state? Please just tell me you’re out of your fucking mind….

  54. Baltimore, Detroit, LA, Chicago…all run by liberals for many years…and run into the ground. All are cesspools of poverty, crime, riots, entitlement slaves. It’s the truth, libtards. Own it. You created it.

    • wow… they live in cities with democrat mayors so you think it’s all the democrats fault.
      They are also wearing sneakers instead of shoes so it must be the fault of sneakers.
      They drink Coke more than Pepsi, so it must be Pepsi’s fault.

      • Sure… and thinking that the rioters are motivated by a political part is smart?
        you’re a joke

      • Brendan the point is the voters elected democrats on their promise of “help” for everyone

      • I thought the rioting was a response to recent events that were directly related to racist government policies and ‘the system’. Remind me, who has been running that system for the last half-century in Baltimore?

      • I wrote it was in response to recent events… that would be their problem with the police.
        Get it now?
        What triggered them to take to the streets?
        An event with the police

      • Right… and who is in charge of the police involved with said event(s) and the policies of how laws are enforced?

      • Right. Not disputing that. Now — and read this carefully — what political party has been single-handedely in charge of the city, including the police force, for over half-a-century?

      • You are completely missing the point.
        What does a person dying in police custody have to do with whatever political party is dominant in the city?

        The Mayor of North Charleston South Carolina is a Republican, as is the majority of the city council. Do you blame the Republican Party for the officer that shot an unarmed black man in the back recently?

        That makes as much sense

      • Because the political party that runs the city is RESPONSIBLE for creating the conditions in which events like these happen. All we’ve heard is that Black citizens are simply voicing their frustrations — fueled by poverty, hopelessness, etc. Well… who are the leaders that were elected that allowed this to happen? Shouldn’t we start there?

        And yes, the Republican leadership in SC should absolutely be held responsible. There is no place in a civilized society for an LEO to shoot an unarmed man in the back and I hope that the law comes down hard on this officer. But we are talking about Baltimore here, specifically. Please stay focused.

      • I am focused.
        I was simply making a comparison to illustrate a point.
        I don’t blame the Republican Party for an officer shooting a man in the back any more than I blame the Democrat Party for a man dying in police custody

  55. Better yet, why don’t we exchange the non-working (yet able-bodied) black democrats for the hard-working family oriented illegals? We certainly can’t have both, so let’s do an exchange. We will see who does the fence hopping then, huh?

    • Interesting point. Fence jumping expeditions require planning, logistics, money for a coyote to arrange transport, etc. I don’t see the lazy and entitlement minded being able to conceive, much less execute such a thing. The exchange you propose, while near impossible, might cleanse the US economy.

      • I’m all for making the impossible a reality. Just think, the thugs can join the drug cartels, and EVERYONE GETS exactly what they want out of life!

  56. The sociological experiment that is the democratic party (I refuse to capitalize this) is winning in major cities, not because urban denizens are less reasonable or intelligent. It’s winning because democrats are winning the marketing battle. The democratic grassroot effort is decades ahead of the Republican Party. I’m not affiliated with either party, but the number of democrats that walk up to me trying to recruit me for a cause or vote versus a republican is about 20:1. It’s like saving for retirement: you know you should save, but with thousands of marketing impressions daily telling you to spend your money on something, your ‘truth’ gets lost in the muck.

      • This is true, but now days we have other media we can use. It seems r’s do not understand how to get their word out. Mr. Cruz so far seems to be the only one who is.

    • I am not surprised at all. I saw a photo of what is going in Baltimore of a young black child giving the police bottles of water. That was beautiful.. and how those in Baltimore are helping clean up the mess. But the point is, if you can be on welfare, you find ways to stay on welfare. Then you vote for whomever is going to let you stay on welfare.
      I know someone who is white that can’t get a job because he is going to school to better himself and no one is willing to work around his school days. But you see folks that are in their golden age working for McD’s.. It is everywhere.. And in Hollywood they are over-paid living in a fish bowl.. I feel the most sorry for those stores that got broken into.. who going to paid their bills, pay their help, pay for new supplies? And why are you breaking into and looting your neighborhood?

      • Exactly! But if they are able-bodied and on welfare, they should be expected to do community service – like cleaning up the streets or whatever else! They shouldn’t be allowed to simply collect money from the state without paying back with their time and energies.

      • Can’t have them doing public works. That would horn in on the Dem/Union symbiosis where tax money is funneled through the unions straight to the Dem pols.

    • I very much agree with you, Mr. Bermudez.

      I’m sure many Conservatives/Repubs would become more involved if they weren’t so busy working or raising their kids.

  57. Dead on, I don’t label myself as any kind of party demo or republican. However, as a hard working American and growing up in Democratic heavy areas… I never understood how anyone would vote democrat. Their way of thinking is horrible.

  58. Liberal policies created all of this.
    The ONE person with any sense at all, is the mom who braved all and smacked her child upside his head and removed him from the scene, showing some CONSERVATIVE tough love. Like it or not, SHE has become the example to follow to change the world as we know it.

  59. Allen West is a major piece of sl-lit and a whore! The dirtiest Congressman in the history of Florida. He should be in a US military prison for his simulated execution of an Iraqi police officer!

      • He is a piece of shit. We had to live with his sorry ass in Florida until he lost to someone who is doing something. Check his record, asshole!

      • You are absolutely correct and that is why he is no longer a Congressman. While in the military though, West was charged with violating Articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. For that, he should be in prison!

      • angry, angry, angry….the hallmark of the modern “kind” “compassionate” and “open minded” liberal…..

        Year 7 of the obama hope and change

      • No anger here, just no surprise at your ignorance about a piece of shit who should be in prison and will never hold another public office ever. You think he special? Google his sorry ass. Do you work at a drive thru window?

      • West was charged with violating Articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Scumbag West is not a war hero!

      • He took a deal to keep his military pension and paid a $5000 fine and then was thrown out of the military. He was and still is a piece of sl-lit!

      • Defend his sorry ass all you want and continue to make excuses. He is not a war hero and is a steaming piece if sl-lit!

      • Thanks for asking midpoint. His re-election campaign was the costliest, most negative, in Florida history, backed by the Republican money machine. His actions were the most disgusting I have experienced in 62 years of following politics. He was not for working families, only big business. He had continuous ‘town hall meetings’ and would exclude those who did not share his viewpoints or have them thrown out when they voiced their differences, very calculated. He is a major piece of sl-lit and the very reason the Republicans invited him to Atlanta after he was handed his ass on a platter in Florida. He has sugar coated his whole resume and for the longest time could not even contacted through his websites. Don’t misunderstand me, I will vote any party lines as long as they are for working families and support Social Security and Seniors. He does not!

      • And thanks for explaining – however everything that happened in Florida occurred after the Army incident and after the end of his Army career, just saying. Didn’t know all that much about his time in Florida beyond the comments here now and then. But since you were there, guess you saw it first hand. I think I have to keep the two parts separate as far as how I feel because I think what happened in the military to him was mostly political, otherwise he most certainly would have been court martial material – but there was not enough there to proceed with that and the prosecution knew it.

        And I am in agreement with you – yes, working families, social security and seniors. Honestly all three are paramount. Not so crazy about support non-working families as we got lots of those, but the family, social security and seniors – so important, as so many of us pay into the social security, and all of us will be seniors at some point, if we are lucky enough to make it that far in life, and all of us are essentially working families.

        Sorry for the run on here lol – just was curious with you and your venom at West was all. Take care.

      • Little man, please trot your foul mouth to a liberal site. My fingers are getting tired flagging you.

      • Hey all of you that voted for’s that working out for’s obama’s fault him and his Damn pen if he doesn’t get his way he just signs an executive order.that’s why everything is so f### ed up. he’ll he didn’t even give congress a chance to vote most of the time. Again assholes how’s that working out for you.just one more year and it’ll be over and we can finally get something done that works out for all

        of us.

      • Unfortunately the sheep less will end up voting in that useless Hillary so we will end up with 8 more years of the same thing.

      • You’re a democrat, aren’t you? In your mind, ANYONE with an (R) by their name is a “piece of sl-lit”…..

      • West was charged with violating Articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Having an (R) by ones name has nothing to do with being a piece of sl-lit! Allen West is one piece of sl-lit!

      • My understanding of the “incident” you are referring to, is that he roughed up some muslim prisoners to get information to protect his men. In today’s world where muslims are more protected than children, that’s as much a no-no as whipping a child in public…

        Perhaps he is a pile of doo-doo. I don’t know – never met the man. But: IS HE WRONG?? A person can be the vilest creature on earth, and still be RIGHT about some things..

        Again: personal opinion aside, DOES HE HAVE HIS FACTS RIGHT HERE??? This is what matters.

    • *sigh* You’re flagged because you’ve been brainwashed by the Dialectic Process and shouldn’t be allowed to have a computer.

      • It concerns me that your ignorance is so rampant. Dorrie, go back to school and get an education. West was charged with violating Articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. We had to live with this arrogant piece of human trash for 2 years.

  60. If I was a citizen of that city, and my place was burned, I would go after the mayor and city who allowed these folks to loot and burn. So liberals, how are your policies working out for you all in liberal cities. I gave to say, you all really burn your crap well. Nicely done morons, lmao.

      • Nobody cut aide to inner cities. That is a lie. If services were cut then that is a city decision which btw is 100% liberal with ABSOLUTELY zero republican input. You just can’t handle the truth Brendan.

      • Wow… Speaking of not being able to handle the truth. You think that federal assistance programs that are budgeted by congress are decided by city governments.

      • Bawhaaa, sorry your ignorance just went to new heights. So who gas b even in charge of these communities? Here is a big clue, they all have d’s by their names. Oh been in charge last 40 years and you slaves keep baying when we do try to lift you out of poverty but reforming the goberment hand outs, to try to let you all stand on your own 2 feet regardless of color. However you slaves love being owned by the government.

      • Sorry kid. Nice try. You still think that these riots are in reaction to anything a politician did.
        Tou are completely out of touc with reality.

      • Oh, yea nice try libby, your policies including the libby mayor giving the thugs space to destroy, are in fact responsible for the destruction. But go try of deflection. Meh you try everything to actually face facts. Meh snafu for you mentally ill folks.

      • Let’s see here…

        Following is a list of the political representation of the city of Baltimore:


        City Council

        Council President – Bernard Young (D)

        District 1. James Kraft (D)

        Brandon Scott (D)

        Robert Curran (D)

        Bill Henry (D)

        Rochelle Spector (D)

        Sharon Middleton (D)

        Nick Mosby (D)

        Helen Holton (D)

        William Welch (D)

        Edward Reisinger (D)

        Eric Costello (D)

        Carl Stokes (D)

        Warren Branch (D)

        Mary Pat Clarke (D)

        The School Board is appointed by the City Council. Their party affiliations are not listed, but given that the job is a political spoil, it is a good bet that all of the school board is (D).


        Stephanie Rawlins-Blake (D)

        City Sheriff

        John Anderson (D)

        Police Commissioner

        Anthony Batts (D)

        State Delegates:

        Frank Conway (D)

        Antonio Hayes (D)

        Barbara Robinson (D)

        Jill Carter (D)

        Nathanial Oaks (D)

        Samuel Rosenberg (D)

        Maggie McIntosh (D)

        Mary Washington (D)

        Curt Anderson (D)

        Shirley Pulliam (D)

        Keith Hayes (D)

        Cory McCray (D)

        Cheryl Glenn (D)

        Talmadge Branch (D)

        Peter Hammer (D)

        Bill Ferguson (D)

        Luke Clippinger (D)

        Brooke Lierman (D)

        State Senate:

        Catherine Pugh (D)

        Lisa Gladden (D)

        Joan Conway (D)

        Nathaniel McFadden (D)

        Attorney General:

        Brian Frosh (D)


        Elijah Cummings (D)


        Barbara Mikulski (D)

        Ben Cardin (D)


        Larry Hogan (R)

        These are the folks who govern Baltimore.


        I very much look forward to your response, Brendan.

      • My response is simple.
        i wrote that it was conservatives who cut aid and you responded with a list of local politicians.
        Did you never study civics?
        Do you think federal aid programs are decided by local city governments and not congress?
        Try harder

      • Your post was in response to a post that referred to “liberal policies in liberal cities”. I was simply providing some additional context to the OP’s argument. Feel free to move the target though, it’s ok.

        But let me ask you this — do you think that the local government bears ANY responsibility or accountability for the current living conditions of their constituents and the areas they represent?

      • Wow. You think these riots were caused by government programs and not the death of a man in police custody?

        And how are government programs bribes?

  61. My old father who died from wounds from the first world war died when I was eleven (in the UK).
    He left me with just a few wise words before he passed on, for instance? “What’s bred in the bone, comes out in the flesh”.
    In regards to the up-bringing of our children and the moral neglect which is widespread in the West – and when we complain about the actions of the youth of today, it is surely pertinent to remember in terms of IMPARTING discipline – “You who have not sinned – cast the first stone”. Take a DEEP breath before you start judging others!

  62. Republicans are so pathetic choosing to take tragedy and make it an open forum on how much better their party and ideals are no wonder you keep losing elections. Get some new world ideals and start working for the people and stop stalling efforts of any party from making a difference.

    • Actually the real solution is to take idiots like yourself and throw them in re-education camps. I like the idea of vermin like you sweating away in uranium mines (unshielded of course) digging up the fuel for new nuclear power plants!

    • I see you have learned the communist/progressive message well. “New world ideas”, “working for the people” – straight out of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.

      Note that in the 1920s, the term “communist” was falling out of favor here in the US. they decided to change it to “progressive” – after all, who’s agaonst progress?? After a while, “progressive” became toxic, and it was again changed to “liberal” – then back to “progressive”. When Hillary Clinton, during the 2008 election cycle, said she was a “proud progressive in the style of the 1920s”, she was telling the world she was a COMMUNIST.

      And the biggest reason we keep losing elections is voter and election fraud. After all, how is a republican going to win an election, when the machines used are owned and operated by a Spanish company, owned by none other than GEORGE SOROS, who has a vested interest in seeing democrats continue to win elections??

      • Votes counted in Spain on equipment made in Spain owned by Soros. You aren’t the first fish to swallow that hook. This has been debunked, not only by SNOPES, but also by anyone who has done their homework. The Soros ownership of SKYTL rumor, started in 2012, was hogwash. No matter what anyone says or shows, I am sure some minds are made up by those who don’t want to be confused with the facts but here they are. According to the rumor, our votes would be counted in Spain by employees of George Soros. When I first heard about this I was appalled. I did look into it and it wasn’t all that hard. Here is what I found:

        SKYTL is a software company based in Spain with affiliates all over the world to include the United States. They do provide software that can be used in elections. I also found out some information about Pere Valles, who heads up that part of the operation. A large amount of hysteria was caused by rumors that the 2012 election votes were to be counted in SPAIN through software technology by SKYTL, a company owned by Bogyman, George Soros! THAT IS UTTER NONSENSE! SKYTL is not owned by George Soros, nor do any of its Board of Directors have any identifiable or confirmed connection to Soros or his foundations! SKYTL lists the company’s investors as Nauta Capital, Balderton Capital and Spinnaker SCR. I have not found anything that can verify that our votes were counted in Spain or any other country. As a voter, I contacted my state government to find out what safeguards are in place and that did take a little work. That four letter word “WORK” pops up again. I’m not saying there wasn’t some voter fraud. To date, all we have is accusations of machine tampering. No investigations have been made and nothing has been proven in court. Voter fraud alone did not secure the win for Obama or any other Democrat. There were also the factors of government dependency, ignorance, spitefulness, misguided party loyalty and apathy. When you research all these factors, he didn’t even need voter fraud. Some machines could have been tampered with but not in Spain or by Soros. All of our electronic systems are vulnerable. No matter how sophisticated the safeguards are, hackers can still find ways around them. Everything we use has been designed, made, assembled and programed by human beings. If mountains and oceans can be overcome, anything made by man can be overcome.

        How many of the people who heard the Soros rumor decided not to vote? I wonder if they ever stopped to realize that this could be what the liberals wanted the apathetic non-voters to think so they would have another excuse to stay away from the polls on Election Day? This only reinforces what I have been saying for a long time. The more legitimate people vote, the harder it will be to stuff the ballot boxes. APATHY IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR LIBERTIES AND FREEDOMS!

  63. Col. West. Sir, thank you for your service and your willingness to tell the truth, even knowing the vitriol which will come your way. Sir, I’d vote for you.

  64. Don’t worry black America, rich white Republicans have your best interests at heart, because Allen West said so.

  65. I love it…”poverty pimp”,,,the race baiter from new York has another name. I totally agree with you, government needs to be changed. Please run for election, I will most definitely vote for you sir!

  66. The mayor is simply a pawn/puppet. This is ALL being conducted from the White House. It is ALL designed to get to the ultimate goal. Other large cities like Baltimore are gearing up for anarchy to come front and center. Command Central/White House is fueling the fires. History shows what All Marxist regimes have required to get to the goal. A Marxist State. Blood MUST flow in the streets. The ghost of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez likes what he sees. As riots increase in size, the blood will begin to flow and then vaporize. Welcome to the MSA. The Marxist State of America.

  67. While this article does a great job of informing us of Baltimore’s longstanding struggle with liberal leadership, are we sure a republican-based system will separate itself from the same corruptions and shortcomings? If we’re going to have an honest discussion, lets discuss issues as men and women, not party affiliates.

    The example of a republican governor making a smart decision is cute, but is the author really suggesting we’re to believe he made this decision because he’s a republican? C’mon. Yall are smarter than that, right?

    It doesn’t matter which bulb you plug into this outlet, no light will be shining. There’s a plethora of examples one can provide to show political abuses all around the table. When are we going to grow up and recognize we don’t NEED this system anymore? How much longer are we going to pretend in this fake bipartisanship with elected representatives?

    Why don’t WE get a say in any of the political/geopolitical issues we face? If we’re going to have an honest discussion, lets talk about how ridiculous it is that we can’t stand to have last year’s technology but we’re cool with this outdated, poorly constructed, pile of sh!t we call a social system.

    • I’m almost certain it won’t Tom. When ‘We the People’ put representatives in office and don’t hold them accountable, this is what we get. We’ve earned today’s America by way of apathy.

      • the people of these cities are corrupt that is why they have corrupt leaders why is that so hard to figure out stop passing the buck

      • Brian, I think your comment is a little stereotypical. Your comment leads believe you’ve never lived in a metropolis.

      • Uh, so you’re saying there are no corrupt organizations in small cities and rural towns? Seriously? Wow.

      • yes I am saying the corruption level is no where at the levels of urban America where democrats have been in control for the last 50 years but I am not going to convince you

      • when the people continue to put the same corrupt people into office year after year are not the people also corrupt or at the very least morons

  68. The ‘Baltimoron’ mayor announced “the city held back the police to give the protesters enough time to ‘destroy'”- then blamed the “media” for distorting her words. Even if she mis-spoke she would not admit it and blamed others. Not good.

    • How can the media misspeak when all they did was play the tape of her speaking.

      It is her own words, not a reporter paraphrasing, that we all heard.

  69. What is this “Depravity of Washington DC”? DC has been booming over the past 10-15 years, all under Democratic mayors. I won’t say that those mayors or the council are solely responsible for this because they are not. But this article is so heavily biased. What about Arlington VA? It’s one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S. and it has had almost exclusively Democratic board members over the past two decades, and maybe even longer than that. Montgomery County MD, Fairfax County VA, both very heavily tilted toward Democrats for a very long time and yet both are among the wealthiest counties in the U.S. as well.

    Then what about the frequent banking scandals over the past few decades. Scratch that. Ongoing decades. In more recent times, there was the securitized mortgage fraud (which had absolutely nothing to do with Jimmy Carter, despite what so many Tea Party activists claim), the foreign currency scandal, the LIBOR rate fixing scandal, the bank analyst fraud before the 2000 market crash and so on. These frauds were directly responsible for the near total meltdown of the economic system. The too-big-to-fail banks received massive bailouts. Even if they paid that money back, so what? They take enormous risks and break the law with impunity because they know that they get all of the profits from such activity, while they can fob off the risks onto their lower-level employees (who get laid off in recessions and crises) or onto taxpayers or onto the backs of the American middle and lower classes. Great scam if you can get. Enormous profits while the great unwashed masses bear all the risk.

    The GOP is again trying to scale back financial regulations, despite all the massive frauds and the fact that no one even went to jail for the Great Recession frauds. It wasn’t a victimless crime. Their actions led to the economic crisis that threw millions of people into unemployment and underemployment and continue to affect tens of millions of people in the middle and lower classes to this day.

    Many of the free-market champions of the past decades have had great success on Wall Street and with investors by offshoring. Great for the CEO, upper management and large shareholders, but disastrous for many of these cities and for much of the middle class. The wealthiest have prospered over the last 30 years, while nearly the entire middle class, white, black and everyone else, continues to see their incomes stagnant and slide in terms of real dollars and purchasing power. This is a central part of the Republican economic plan, trickle-down economics and tax cuts (even though there are plenty of subsidies for multibillion-dollar oil and gas companies and other Fortune 100 companies).

    In some of these cities, nearly the entire white population fled, hollowing out neighborhoods and destabilizing communities. Other people (primarily non-whites in the past) moved to urban areas because of persistent racism. Not just the widespread lynching and WHITE race riots of the past, but the existence of Sundown Towns (where blacks were quite clearly warned to get out before sundown or they would face violent enforcement), open discrimination in college admissions, most lucrative and stable jobs and in housing. You can shut your eyes and pretend none of this happened or it was only in isolated situations. No. That is not the case whatsoever. It was systemic and widespread. Why would a black family stay in a heavily conservative and openly oppressive and hostile environment and county? Many of them fled to urban and “progressive” areas because of the militant oppression. Sneer at that if you want, but this is hardly secret information (unless you only read select “non-mainstream media” sites that are favored by the Tea Partiers).

    Look at the comment sections of basically every conservative and Tea Party website out there. They are rampant with outright hatred and threats against black people. Not just this week in the aftermath of the Baltimore riots. (Note that even the “MSM” glossed over the fact that most of the protests were peaceful until Sat. and then this week.) How can you claim that there isn’t racism? Every time a stone is uncovered and the lights are turned on, there is still persistent racism. Is it as bad as it was 50 years ago? No. But there’s still a lot of it out there. Just because it’s well hidden, doesn’t mean it’s there. Why do examples like the SAE frat come up? The emails of the police dept. in Ferguson (even though I have mixed views about the supposed injustice in the incident there). The outright hostility of a lot of conservatives towards blacks in general, throughout the year. Again, it is not as bad as it once was, because progressives managed to make it unacceptable to discriminate so openly as most did in the past. (This is partly why so many right-wingers scream about PC-ness, because they are no longer as free to be so boldly racial and racist. Again, not all, but many.)

    I’ve seen these lists of “Democratic failures” before. It’s nonsense. Are there corrupt Democratic regimes and politicians? Sure there are and there will be in the future. But are there also plenty of corrupt Republican regimes and politicians? Sure there are and there will be in the future. Why would you overlook the fact that the Republicans enabled the near total collapse of the U.S. economy not that long ago? There’s also the war in Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11 or with WMDs. We spent a trillion dollars or more. We did get rid of Saddam Hussein, which I agree was a good result in isolation, but it was much more troublesome in the context of the realities of the Middle East and Iraq. That created a power vacuum, which has resulted in the creation and rise of Islamic State. Don’t just say, oh, it’s that “traitor Obama’s” fault or “B. Hussein Obama” or whatever nonsense you want to repeat. It’s the power vacuum and the badly damaged international reputation of the U.S. that resulted from the Iraq war.

    • to start with how about the murder capitol of the world then look at the abortion rates births out-of-wedlock rates education drop out rates need I go on

    • Arlington is also the largest receiver in the US of government largess. A great many of our politician’s in both parties live there and ensure that ‘their’ little enclave stays clean of slums and poverty ridden black neighborhoods. They simply to not allow them to exist by keeping housing and cost of living prices sky high. The median income in Arlington is $100,474 and the schools are some of the best in the country, because the politicians and their big staff would not allow anything else. The unemployment rate in Arlington is lower than 3%, so less than what is considered full employment. Arlington is a special case and cannot be compared to any other area in the US!
      The problem is NOT about corruption, at least not entirely. It is about the liberal mentality of being OWED that has been pushed onto our black and poverty ridden communities. That idea has taken root and along side the complete break down of the black family model, has ended with what we are seeing in Baltimore right now and saw in Ferguson earlier. Yes, those black communities were angry, they felt they had every reason to be angry, because they have lived for decades seeing everyone around them thrive while no one has ensured that they thrive too. No one has GIVEN them what they now, thanks to liberal politician’s, feel they are entitled to get. So when an excuse arises, they feel free to take what they have been wanting for a long, long time. Even if what they are taking and burning and trashing is their own neighbors life’s work or their own home.
      There may be some very good reason for people to protest against police treatment, but it is not just black’s who are profiled. My son has very long hair, a full beard and used to drive a beat up pickup because he owned a construction company. He was stopped at least once a month for made up things, tail lights, etc, that always seemed to be working later! The cops always brought in the dogs, looking for drugs. Not fun and wasted a lot of his time, but he never fought them, he understood why there did it.
      Obama has certainly not helped matters by jumping into these cases before all the facts are known! Three times in the past he has been 100% wrong. We do not know the facts in this case, so the jury is still out on the case and on whether Obama is right or wrong again. We do know that this is NOT the white communities fault, it is NOT the GOP’s fault, it is NOT our vet’s fault as one left wing media member stated. In a community where 63% of the community is black, the mayor is black, the state reps are black, the chief of police is black, the community board is black, we DO know that is NOT the fault of whites or the GOP that Baltimore’s schools are failures, black unemployment has sky rocketed, black anger is out of control…but Obama claimed just yesterday that whites and the GOP created Baltimore’s mess!

      • So true. When you let race-pimp dems into govt power, there is usually failure on a massive scale. But they continue to blame republicans! Amazing.

      • No different to any “capital” across the world, whether it be in the USA or Uganda…………the wealthy ALWAYS look after their OWN…………..they are like pigs in their own shit

    • Arlington, isn’t that where many government security related contractors live? All about homeland security and military out-sourced contracts. Lot’s of very well paid federal government contracts there.

  70. What a disgusting one sided bunch of bull……I would be ashamed to publish such trash even in the name of political grandstanding. To blame one party or another for violent actions of a few hoods seems not only illogical but downright unintelligent!

    • No blame, just fact. The major cities that Dems have long-controlled have the crime, poverty, millions on welfare, riots….There IS a clear correlation if you will take the blinders off. But I doubt you will.

    • But you can blame ONE party for the conditions that exist that give rise to events like this. Especially when that ONE party is completely in control of the city, and has been for half-a-century.

      How is this concept so difficult to grasp?

    • Are you kidding? It is one of just a few articles that dares to print the truth. Grow up and stop playing the pity the black man game. That ONE mother was the only thinking black person in that crowd on Monday. Why not speak the truth? The truth shall set THEM free!

  71. As Freddie Gray’s Arrests History shows, he was an habitual Lawbreaker, but that doesn’t give a warrant for the Police BRUTALITY.

    Unfortunately there are examples of the Police’s BRUTALITY. And this is one of them:

    And this is another example of the Police’s ABUSE of the power and EXCEEDING of the force:

    A Baltimore Sun investigation found that Taxpayers have paid out nearly $6 million since 2011 to settle more than 100 lawsuits alleging police BRUTALITY and other MISCONDUCTS…

    Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore, not who was before her did NOTHING ”about Police Brutality and misconduct”.

    WHY ???
    Because the Dems strategy and guideline is: “NEVER let a good crisis go to waste”.

    And if they have no crisis in the present time, so their course of action is: Create Crisis.

    “It’s a very delicate balancing act, because while we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. – Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore

    WHAT sane leader will “give the space” for the thugs to destroy EVERYTHING that is on their way, if they NOTHING created or build in their life ???

    This Stupid IDIOT got orders from another IDIOT from the WH who needed Crisis !!!

    • There’s been evidence that suggests there was no police brutality, but that it was a preexisting condition that the police ignored, likely due to not being informed about it.

      • THAT “evidence” is just “suggestion”.
        Baltimore Taxpayers have paid out nearly $6 million since 2011 to
        settle more than 100 lawsuits alleging police BRUTALITY and other MISCONDUCTS…

        WHY they “would settle” if there no “police BRUTALITY and MISCONDUCT” ???

        This video clearly shows that Freddie Gray couldn’t go to the Police Van:

        Inside Police Vans there are cameras. WHY they wouldn’t release the Video to show what was going inside Van???

    • if they were not criminals they would never have had to worry about police brutality. The riots have nothing to do with police and everything to do with lawlessness. When you use affirmative action to place people in power instead of qualified applicants you end up with chaos and and the dumbing down of society. After many years of this we are a nation from the very top to the lowest low of unqualified, lazy, uneducated, dependent, lawless people America has ever known and it will never change until the people with the moral compass begin to take this country back

  72. That’s why I will never be a Democrat, because the Democrats voted God out of there party back in 2012 election, and the the first 2 letter of Democrats started with the same as Devil, that is interesting to say the least

      • no wonder why they lie to much, and furthermore, the fist 3 letter of Democrats starts with Demon, take the word n out of demon come democrats

    • What?
      You associate them with the Devil because Democrat and Devil both begin with the letters “D” and “E”?

      Do you also adsociate these words with the Devil?….

  73. All true, but the Democrat voters are all “gimme mine” types. They vote based on who will give them the most freebies. They are too brain dead stupid to realize that “free money” is the most expensive drug there is, addiction is certain, and chances of breaking it are intentionally designed to be close to impossible.

    • That’s a lot of generalities there Tokyo. Both liberals and conservatives are skillfully manipulated by politicians telling people what they want to hear. What’s the point of being a liberal or conservative cheerleader when basically all you’ve accomplished is stating your opponents are all stupid? Do you seriously believe yourself to be the intellectual superior to all liberals? Because ironically that would indeed be a stupid, brain dead thing to believe. Would you care to make a wager that I can indeed find a liberal who is your intellectual superior? Not if you’re wise you won’t.

      • To start with, I agree that many (maybe even most) average liberals and conservatives are skillfully manipulated into following a particular narrative, I do not count myself in that category because I am often more aggravated by so-called “conservatives” than I am liberals because I expect conservatives to know better. Nor am I saying that all my opponents are stupid, although many are.

        I am saying the ones that are not stupid are evil.

        That’s right. That was not a mistake. I said EVIL. and I meant EVIL.

        Why? Because they are smart enough to know that the policies they espouse do not work, have never worked, never WILL work — yet they continue to espouse them. Those policies have inflicted horrendous suffering on generations of innocent people. Taken to their logical conclusion they result in totalitarian states, the like of which have killed close to 100 million people in less than a hundred years.

        Why? It can’t be because they believe the policies that have failed so long and so often will suddenly and magically start working. It must be, and I can think of no other explanation, that espousing those policies somehow gratifies them, enhances their feelings about themselves, and for many, are beneficial in terms of power and money. That is evil. Period. Full stop. Mind boggling, evil.

  74. Remember Katrina? While it hit the whole Gulf Coast, we only heard about the problems in New Orleans. Problems the city brought on itself with faulty levies. When they broke and the city flooded, President Bush wanted to send in the National Guard immediately to help – the Dem Governor and the Dem Mayor said they could handle it. When FEMA offered to help retrieve the floating corpses, the Dem Governor said they could handle it and then went on TV and said that FEMA refused their request for help and it’s all Bush’s fault.

  75. The city of Baltimore need to address problem to the president barrack Obama ithey all can come up with plan to stop the problem that on in Baltimore with offer jobs fair justice to people’s that lost there family from violence to streets pass a new law let none live in fear by hand of police or other law official offer to re paid the family for the liost if another person break code of the new law shall be fine place in in prison for 10 ten years the law is right just thinking of big city without any laws official it will a total loss who will provide order to live of human race god run this world the law represented us ask people fair justice to all and end this mayham not

  76. This type of partisan political analyst really has nothing to do with the condition of Baltimore or any other American urban city. The fact is all of America’s urban cities have been purposely abandoned and isolated by mainstream America–this is why you see the same problems in all of them–drug culture-violence-poor economy-lack of job opportunities-poor public education systems and poor city services police-waste collection and fire. The democrates didn’t create this-this is a larger systemic problem in which resources have purposely extracted from inner cities and populations are dramactically dropping further eroding the tax base in these urban areas. These urban centers are a part of America and are deserving of a federal initiative to help save them–political affiliation shouldn’t matter this is an American problem

    • No, you are wrong. You are the very problem the article talks about. Pity the poor black man who is given everything for free. NO! Working people leave the cities because of the very thugs we see on TV burning the SAID city. Think!

      • To Jen and JS-
        This is all divide and conquer-white against black–the police against black America–democrate against republican and we’re taking the bait–yet we talk about being one America–if we are one America then the problems of urban America should be of concern to all Americans regardless of race, political affiliation or economic status

      • Why do the Democrats in the cities riot everytime they see a perceived injustice? Isn’t there a civil, more intelligent way rather than burning down their own neighborhoods?

      • Because JS they all suffer from isolation–it’s not like inner city people want to be isolated in inner cities with violence -no jobs -drugs-and poor education systems-there’s a larger social construct that causes this and this violence between black America and the police and the riots are just outcomes of the violence of isolation that is the daily reality of inner city people. Black people certainly have a responsibility to behave in a humane way in the face of injustice but so does the larger society owe a more humane treatment to her brothers and sisters her fellow Americans which she has left behind to struggle in the despair of isolation

      • Pastor, I beg to disagree with your assesment. Stating that “federal initiatives” will be their only savior IS the problem. Federal initiatives only garner more government intervention. Schools now have to follow federal protocols due to government money being spent. Businesses have to follow government protocols due to governemnt money being spent. Unions foster only certain political ideals. This is not a “one size fits all” problem that government so handily drops down. A free market would open up more avenues but are stymied by political coertion. I do agree that this is a direct result of the us vs. them mentality. But this is being fostered by the political climate on both sides of the aisle. Getting government out of our freedom will go a long in fostering a more productive and free environment.

      • Gregory the reality is you cannot remove the government from this-schools and police agencies are govermental agencies that have a fundamental duty to ensure equity for all Americans and we all know that the inner city isn’t equitable it’s something set apart from the rest of America which in itself is un-American. This again shouldn’t be a partisan issue but one of concern to all Americans

      • Again, I disagree. Schools were intended to be state controlled education. Parents and teachers working toward a common goal of education. Now teachers only teach to a test. Thank the federal government and the dept. of education for that one. As for the police, they are supposed to be city, county, and state controlled but since the fictitious “war on terror” they have become more and more controlled by the feds and DHS. Again, money controlled. As far as police duty to protect, in June 2005 the SCOTUS declared that the police have no Constitutional duty to protect.

    • Pastor, the federal government initiatives are what destroyed the black family. When government programs became more powerful than the nuclear family, that was the death knell of the black community. As a pastor, I would think you of all people would see how destructive dependence on government is! Once it became more lucrative to either abort or have babies out of wedlock, it crushed the nuclear family. Billions of dollars have been poured into inner city schools and social programs, much of it squandered by corrupt politicians in charge and kept in charge by blind voting patterns of a citizenry that has found it better to work the government initiatives to remain ignorant and work the welfare system, than to learn math and become literate. I worked in inner city schools, and I witnessed the mentality that stomped on bright students by accusing them of “trying to be white” if they attempted to excel academically. The answer to save the black community will never be government…it’s to restore the once strong nuclear family.

      • Notebene-I think you’re confusing special government initiatives with the fundamental American right to equal public education and equal treatment and protection under the law. Every American of every race, political affiliation and economic status depend upon these rights–and if these rights aren’t equally ensured to all then the federal government has a responsibility to intervene and that’s not to say that blacks in inner cities don’t have improvements to make because we do-therefore I don’t entirely blame the system nor do I entirely blame the people-there’s work needed on both fronts

  77. Thanks Ed you are so right. That black Mayor is lame.Best thing going for her is looks. So glad that you pointed out, that it took a Republican Govenor to stop the thugs,looting and burning Baltimore.

  78. Well Said Al.. in 1860, Lincoln freed the slaves, in 1964, Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats built a new plantation and people willingly put the shackles back on. The new “Master” is the Federal government and the idea that somehow the government now has to make everyone more comfortable on the government doles. I’m all for giving people a helping hand. Help them pick themselves up and become a contributing member of society, not a slave to the government handouts and a drain on society.

      • LOL…an LBJ drone continuing to help promote the policies that have destroyed the black community! LBJ promised he would get fools to vote Demoncrat for the next 50 years…he’s laughing from his grave at you! Bet you love Obama too! There’s a man down with the struggle…raised in Hawaii with wealthy, white grandparents, buddies with communist social manipulators, and promotes race riots so he can keep the black community under his thumb and voting for the next demon to take his place. Nothing but rubble in every city run by demoncrats and unions. Keep voting for failure and please keep blaming skin color as the reason for your choice to remain enslaved by your own stupidity.

      • Wake up and read a book or do some research Mr White man who “thinks” he’s smart! Talking condescending in these comments don’t make you look smart. A journalist named Gary Webb uncovered how the government has pumped drugs into the inner cities to fuel a “drug war” since Reagan was in office. The money was often then funneled back to them. This is all also written in a book called “Jim Crow” who has written a blueprint on how to keep blacks in slavery without them actually being in slavery. “The New Jim Crow” book states the same. The government started the crack epidemic in the inner cities while promoting propaganda like, “say no to drugs.” Your racist mentality won’t let you recognize the truth. Wealthy white including Dick Cheney invest in Vanguard and prison systems. Every time someone is hauled off to prison the system gets $40,000…monies are then divided between investors. Its big business, THATS why blacks are in the state they’re in. Getting fucked over for years! What better way to get paid back then Welfare? That’s how some blacks think…they figure it owed to them…unfortunately that won’t get us out the crisis we’re in, but it IS why many point the finger. Many whites in power are racist and were raised to be so. They just found a clever way to be racist while looking like they’re helping us. How can people call us the scum of the earth when ‘all human’ DNA traces back to US in Africa? Is that the reason people were taught to hate us? Police have been given a reason to kill us and lock us up over an epidemic started by a racist government. They knew that poor people with unequal rights after the civil war couldn’t get good jobs fairly and had virtually nothing to offer their offspring, which made sellings drugs look really good to them…which also tore up communities, caused violence and addiction. Still, people like you blame us? This is why I am now talking to YOU condescending. I could go on, but its probably worthless at this point. To many of you have your heads in your asses to much to see the “REAL TRUTH” not the false truth that paints white people in good light. I just laugh!

  79. Im sure that poverty, lack of a proper education, and racism have nothing to do with it. Democrats and Reuplicans are one corporate party. Anyone who still believes there is any substantial difference between ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ in this nation is sound asleep in front of their TV and their confirmation biases. Wake=up! There is only one status quo.

    • They are the same republicrats or democans. They got the educational skills and quality they wanted when the federalized the schools. They spend billions to dumb the kids down and keep them that way. Why? Because they really want a one world govt and every president since Reagan has admitted as much in their VERY public statements! They know it’s the only way to delivery us onto the 1 world govt. By riots and chaos they can declare martial law and take our weapons but it won’t work. True Americans will fight and die before that happens. to quote Jefferson “The tree of liberty has to be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants, from time to time” Get off the couch and get onto you local gun range for practice. You’ll need it soon enough!

  80. Thank you Allen West. I’ve always admired your courage at being a straight talker. The truth will set the poor and the rest of the country free. I sure hope your educating the public catches on and people begin to rise up against the paralyzing impact of liberalism.

    • black people love to live close to one another…because they can borrow, help each other out, sleep over when they have no where to go, no money and so on also rob each other, kill each other……but you will never stand on your own feet and become something if you constantly depend on other people. you should have a network of good friends and relatives if possible, but don’t live in a trash bucket, I rather would sleep with my kids on matrasses in an empty apartment in a decent neighborhood, in fact long long ago I did that….

      • 1.Only blacks were stripped of the title of being a human being.
        2. We were not allowed to be educated.
        3. We were raped and murdered off of a whim.
        4.Our enslavement went on for more than 200 years.
        5. We were forcibly taken from our land.
        6. We were castrated, sterilized
        7. We were criminalized by the law and media (newspapers then and now modern media)
        8. We were medically/ scientifically experimented on without anesthesia for the advancement of gynecology because we were not considered human we didn’t feel pain. (read about it)
        9. During slavery sex farms were kept where blacks were prostituted out to whites, not to mention the particularly perverted clientele who were rich white men could get their kiddy fix by purchasing little black boys for sex (read a book).
        10. Families were sold apart from each other.
        11. Pregnant black women would be lynched and have their baby sliced right out of their stomachs as they hung from a tree.
        12. We were not allowed to congregate.
        13. We were not allowed to communicate with each other in native tongue, language stripped!
        14. Lynchings and live burnings were seen as a form of entertainment for whites who made post card photos and mailed them to distant relatives as a form of celebration.
        15. After the murder of a black person whites often kept souvenirs such as a toe, finger, or teeth. They would either display it as a piece of decor, wear it for luck, and some would eat parts of Negro people who had been killed believing it would be beneficial to their health!
        — Now we have modern day captivity (I work for the department of detention btw). Thousands of black people are locked up daily and given jail and prison time for the same crimes that whites don’t even receive a slap on the wrist for, yet we are statistically no more likely to be criminals than anyone else. We simply face harsher punishments and penalties than anyone else. There is a lack of equal treatment by our so called “justice system”. I could go further, but as you may wish to remain ignorant because we’re “losers” right. I digress. I will not “get over it”

      • Much of the plantation mentality has been caused by the lack of fathers in black homes. Before welfare, blacks had a lower per capita divorce rate (and abortion rate) than whites, in spite of their relatives having survived slavery, many of whom were still living. It has been the Dems who have pushed for the perpetuation of the welfare state. Currently, Repubs have no spine, so I don’t know what to tell you is the answer. By the way, if you want to look to history at all that’s been done to blacks, be sure to go to a more recent time when Jews experienced far worse. You don’t see them rioting, even though the popular theme these days is to attack many of them. I’m just tired of the excuses from everyone; so few are proactive anymore. Slavery was awful, but please tell me how you or anyone else you know has been directly effected. Granted, I’ve had some friends whose 100+ years old great aunts are still living and are survivors of slavery so you might, but the people I know live noble lives free from excuses and justification.

      • All of which is strictly academic if you obey the law, refrain from intimidation and maintain steady employment.

        Using historical grievances is a hallmark of supremacism, black supremacism in this case.

        Using historical disasters to lower present expectations in minorities is a very damaging act of discrimination in and of itself.

  81. We as (people) still have a long way to go. It’s 2015 we shouldn’t even be still having these kinds of conversations. I’m just sick of it all.