Obama vs Reagan: How to handle terrorists

I realize a lot of the people reading these articles might not have been alive when Ronald Reagan was president. Even more reason for them to watch videos like this to see what real leadership looks like.

The passage of time makes memories fade or perhaps become embellished, but thanks to the magic of video, we are still able to see the obvious truth.

Reagan rocked. Obama bumbles.


  1. I wish we still had him as president. You could be proud to be an American. Obama just makes you ashamed of your country.

  2. Ms Hickford is a complete revisionist.
    The truth is Reagan was a pussy when it came to terrorists

    And for all this tough talk, in the speech that Ms Hickford linked, Reagan was a pussy on Khadaffi too.
    We launched a few air strikes in response to multiple terrorist attacks.
    I remember… I was in the Army and we were all ready to go but no one went anywhere.

    Khadaffi remained a threat for decades until Obama helped have him killed.

    In fact, what did that pussy Reagan do after the 1986 air strikes against Libya to stop Khadaffi?
    Reagan did nothing to Khadaffi and Khadaffi organized more terrorist attacks over the next two and a ha;f years of Reagan’s presidency, including the infamous bombing of Pan Am flight 103 that killed 280 people, including 189 Americans.
    Reagan did nothing.

    Anyone remember when Hezbollah attacked our Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 Americans in 1983?
    I do.
    Reagan did nothing to respond and then he cut and ran.

    But wait… he didn’t actually do nothing.
    He later illegally sold them weapons through Iran and also traded weapons for hostages… all while promising on TV he would never negotiate with terrorists.

    oh and he thought giving lots of weapons to radical Muslims in the Pakistani tribal regions was a gret idea and even compared them to our Founding Fathers.

    Yeah… Reagan was really great dealing with terrorists
    All that Obama has done is spend the last six years killing terrorists all over the world

  3. This R. Raygun??
    Over 200 people in his Administration were investigated and/or convicted in ethics violations…. and he ignored the AIDS crisis…..and he granted amnesty for millions of illegal aliens… need I go on?
    ahhhh..Conservatives, longing for those wonderful days of yesteryear…
    well.. considering all the choices you have for the Rep. nomination…
    maybe I would be longing for someone else too…

  4. Dude could give a speech, you have to give him that. I wonder what he would say about whether the President has the authority to make backroom deals with Iran without the approval of Congress though?

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  6. What did Mr, “TOUGH ON TERRORISTS” do about the 240+ Marines killed in Beirut,
    Lebanon in 1983? I am a patriot and a US Marine.

  7. Scary how hard the office of President of the United States has fallen. We have gone from the great one Reagan to this current moron Obama! Sad!

    • Amnesty for illegals, building our national debt, deregulating Wall Street, illegaly arming terrorists, running from terrorist when terrorists killed Americans.
      yeah… sure he was great

      • You again? Get F out a hear. You f’n troll, get back under your bridge and stay there you liberal socialist communist loving goon! Obama WORST prez in history FACT!!!!

      • Sorry kid The facts aren’t on your side. Everything I said about Reagan is true. You don’t like it so you lash out and curse like a spoiled child.

  8. Hands down The Gipp. The islamic terrorist can not even and should not be in the same rooms he was in. He doesn’t qualify to be leader of the line to a pig farm

  9. Obama couldn’t even serve as the brown stain in Reagans underwear! The pussification of the oval office has been completed, how embarrassing that they are such balless faggots that they can’t see that fact!!!!

      • Get back in your slimy hole you Leftist Loon….MARXIST=DEMOCRATS=TERRORIST all the same. Just ask President Pantywaist Obama.

      • Sorry kid. The facts hurt you and all you have are insults.
        Reagan was weak on terrorists. Period

      • Don’t cry dittohead.
        The facts are the facts.
        Reagan was weak on terrorists.
        He cut and ran from them and allowed terrorists to kill hundreds of Americans without ever going after them.
        He illegally sold weapons to terrorists.

        He praised radical jihadists and compared them to our Founding Fathers.

        those are facts… you can cry and call me any name you want… but that won’t change the facts

      • Is there something in the water in Bakersfield that’s making you rant insanely or are you really this dumb?

        i notice you weren’t able to actually refute anything I said about Reagan

      • You see I know how you Leftist Trolls work…..you try and hide behind fake profiles……but we have our ways of finding you……you can run but you CAN’T hide….Hee Hee

      • It goes like this STUPIDS…..People can SEE what’s going on around the world. You Leftist Loons can’t hide it anymore…….GAME OVER!!!! “WE THE PEOPLE WIN” You lose…….

      • The narrative of the day is THUGS everywhere are burning YOUR little Leftist Loon cities down and everybody is laughing!

      • I see… you’re not just stupid… you’re stupid and paranoid.
        Anyone who criticizes Reagan is a leftist and they are all working together… right?
        I notice… you still haven’t been able to refute anything I said about Reagan.
        Aren’t you a little old to be trolling websites and hurling insults at anyone who upsets you?

      • Working together to burn down their Leftist Loon cities…..LOL You can’t vote if your city is burning STUPIDS!!!!! LMAO We win YOU lose………

      • What are you talking about?
        What does Reagan being soft on terrorism have to do with you thinking cities are burning down?

      • Hey STUPIDS let me spell it out for you because your STUPIDS……….THE TERRORIST are burning down YOUR cities!!!!!!!!! You starting to catch on here STUPIDS!

      • I think you’re not well because you’re not making sense.
        At your age, this kind of rambling is a concern.
        I’ve taken screenshots of your bizarre rants and I think I should email them to some people that might be able to help you, or at least check to make sure you’re okay.

      • You see STUPIDS when you have MARXIST running your Leftist LOON cities this is the end result………..And what is President Pantywaist Obama doing about the Terrorist in Baltimore?????You get the picture now STUPIDS???????

      • The answer is President Pantywaist Obama is doing NOTHING about the Terrorist in Baltimore. SEE STUPIDS?

      • You think an article about Reagan is related to Baltimore.
        Yep… time for me to send this to your friends in Bakersfield so they can check on you to make sure you’re okay.
        Terry Rhyne should be able to help you.

      • People all over the world are laughing at President Pantywaist Obama……….he is a joke……..the punch line for every joke is President Pantywaist Obama:)))

      • Lybia was bombed by Reagan for terrorist acts. There now shut up you commie. What were you in Military Gay preparation maker?

      • I guess you weren’t paying attention in the 80’s or you just don’t know your history.
        the US carried out limited air strikes in 1986 in retaliation for a nightclub bombing in West Germany that killed American servicemen.

        Reagan was a pussy.
        That was all he did.
        He left Khadaffi firmly in power and did no real damage to Libya.

        For the next two and a half years of Reagan’s presidency, Libya continued to conduct terrorist attacks and Reagan did nothing.
        Most famously when Libyan terrorists blew up Pan Am flight 103, killing 280 people, including 189 Americans, Reagan did nothing.

        So nice try… but next time try to know all the facts before commenting kid


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