I’m sick and tired of white liberals like Hillary doing this to the black community

Well, not surprisingly, there’s political opportunism going on regarding the incident in Baltimore surrounding the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray. But the person seeking to capitalize should probably have taken the advice of great and wise King Solomon from Proverbs 17:28 (New International Version), “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.”

As reported by CNN, “Hillary Clinton will call for every police department in the country to use body cameras to “increase transparency and accountability,” as she pushes for broad criminal justice reform during a speech in New York on Wednesday, an aide said, pushing for an “end to the era of mass incarceration.”

Clinton unveiled some of her first policy proposals since launching her campaign two weeks ago, when she delivers the keynote address at the David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University later Wednesday morning.

“It is heartbreaking,” Clinton said Tuesday night to donors at an off camera Manhattan fundraiser. “The tragic death of another young African-American man. The injuries to police officers. The burning of peoples’ homes and small businesses. We have to restore order and security. But then we have to take a hard look as to what we need to do to reform our system.”

First of all, to mention former New York City Mayor David Dinkins and associate it with “leadership” is truly oxymoronic.

However, the last person on earth who should be talking about “accountability and transparency” is the former first lady, former senator, and former secretary of state who has no tangible accomplishments other than titles — and no history of being secretary of state since she had her private email servers wiped clean.

Perhaps a better recommendation would be for the Clintons themselves to wear body cameras — then again, the rules of accountability and transparency only apply to others, not to the political elites. You know, there are times when I just wonder if these people wake up and just decide to say these incredibly dumb things — not realizing the horrific irony being created?

“The tragic death of another African-American man” — I have just one question. Where in the heck has Mrs. Clinton been with the tragic black-on-black murders that have been occurring in her hometown of Chicago?

Oops, I forgot, only politicized black lives matter to liberal progressives. Certainly not those who are part of the failure of progressive socialist inner city policies that have created wanton gang violence and destroyed the venerable black family. And when Mrs. Clinton goes and chums it up with the Emily’s List ladies, does she make a stand for the tragic deaths of millions of black babies?

I am sick and tired of these white liberal progressives who are just using the black community to harvest a new crop — votes. And the pandering talking points emanating from their lying lips are despicable. I wonder how many of these “African-American men” Hillary and Bill would invite up to their private residence? Nah, let’s just keep feeding the colored folks these nice lines and make them think we actually care. I’m just waiting for the next round of Hillary’s southern drawl or perhaps another shrill rendition of “I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired.”

So what does Mrs. Clinton believe the remedy should be for these ills affecting the black community? As CNN writes, “Among Clinton’s prescriptions: probation reform, bolstering treatment for mental health and drug addiction and looking at alternative sentences for lesser offenses, specifically those committed by young people. She will discuss “the hard truth and fundamental unfairness in our country that today African American men are far more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charged with crimes and sentenced to longer prison terms,” the aide said.”

That folks is a bovine excrement prescription. One need only revive the vision of Booker T. Washington who had a three point plan: education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance.

You will NEVER hear white liberal progressive socialists speak in those terms to the black community. They will offer everything that is the antithesis to Washington’s principles. First of all, liberal progressives will never embrace better quality educational choices in the black community. After all, the avowed socialist mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, sought to shut down charter schools in the city. One of the highest performing schools is Success Academy in Harlem. The progressive left is owned by the teachers unions and they are hell bent on not being challenged — and the Democrat Party marches lock step.

It’s amazing that once upon a time the Democrat Party stood and locked the doors for blacks to get inside the schools. Today, the Democrat Party still stands but this time, the doors are locked from the inside, trapping black kids in failing schools. Different tactic, same result, lack of better opportunities because of a lack of education.

Why is Mrs. Clinton not talking about tax policies that can advance capital investment into the inner city black communities? Nah, much better to usurp capital from investors under the belief that the government knows better. And therefore the money that could spur on investment (not government spending), innovation, ingenuity, and inspiring the next generation of small business development in the inner city is dismissed. Why? Because the elitist white liberal progressives believe not in the opportunity society of self-reliance as Washington did, but embrace the dependency society of the welfare nanny-state. And that, ladies and gents, is what we’re watching play out in Baltimore and all across the country in the black — and soon to be Hispanic communities.

What a true liberal progressive hypocrite Hillary Clinton is — she cares little for accountability and transparency in her own life, yet will demand others to wear body cameras. But worse, she cares absolutely nothing about the plight in the black community.

She only cares about the propagandized pandering that will enable her to attain power — there Massa Bill and Miss Hillary will sit in the “big house.” But they’ll make sure y’all gets some chicken and can have some entertainment to keep ya happy.

No Mrs. Clinton, I, my wife Angela, and our daughters — as well as a growing number of black conservatives who embody Booker T. Washington’s vision — reject the lies, deceit, and the pathetic pittance you are peddling. The “unfairness” you mention has been and continues to be perpetrated by the likes of you and the elitist white liberal progressives who have NEVER cared for the black community. You have only used it for your own selfish designs and goals.

No more!


  1. If the Left is going to be in charge of us, as they are now, they need to be held accountable for their failed policies. They can’t get away with blaming everyone else for their failures.

  2. The same politicians who call for cops to wear body cams needs to wear them too. Then we may know what happened to Hillary ‘ s emails and what happened in Benghazi

  3. west needs to stop pretending he cares about anyone but himself! You lie to your supporters, you certainly don’t care about any black communities, the only thing you care about is money. After several trips to your bastion of lies and self hate, I wonder if you realize that most of the people that follow you would not like you in person. They only support your ideas because you are a black man that will say and do anything as long as it is beating other black people down. There are thousands of stories you could post about all the good things that we do in this country but you don’t because it won’t fit your narrative. You have made a lot of money by preaching self hatred, you need to start tending to your soul, if you still have one. I will say a prayer for you tonight.

    • I guess doodles has figured out that hate and fear and trouble making is
      more profitable than a positive message..
      all he does is shout,,, but really never listens…

  4. I’m sick and tired of white liberals like Hillary doing this to the black community..
    so I’m just gonna sit here and blog about why I’m sick and tired of white liberals like Hillary doing this to the black community… rather than go down there,,and meet with
    community leaders,,,the disillusioned black youth.. I’m just gonna sit here and blog about why I’m sick and tired of white liberals like Hillary doing this to the black community..
    rather than meeting with business leaders and clergy,, and telling your story.. show them that there is a way to rise above all this crap.. and move forward, and maybe encourage other
    black and white like minded conservatives,,, it’s just so much easier to sit here and write about why..I’m sick and tired of white liberals like Hillary doing this to the black community..

    maybe they would all just tell you to STFU and go home,,, but maybe not…
    maybe some would listen to you… but you will never know that… will you..??

    • Did you see what they told Charlie Rangel. And he’s ever more one of them than Allen West. This is a mindset or perspective that they have created for themselves and it isn’t going to be easy to just go in there and change. The change they need has to start with each of them as individuals, and they are so attune to the blame game, I don’t expect change any time soon. They have been conditioned now to riot at any cost.

      • “I don’t expect change any time soon”

        me neither,,, but it starts with one kid,,, one Mom,,, one family..
        you don’t give up… and you surely don’t keep throwing money
        at it… money,, without a plan.. is worthless..

      • But what about the trillions pumped into the ghettos in the name of the “War on Poverty”? Great Society, you kno…

  5. I believe all people are born with a fallen human nature prone to sinfulness. Racism is sinful so all races of people can be racists. However I think racism is being incited in black communities by race baiters encouraging black racism against whites fomenting anger and resentment against all authority turning those communities into lawless communities. The founding document of this nation, the Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Because of it we even fought a bloody civil war to end slavery, we fought to give blacks the right to vote, we fought to end segregation. Now we need to stop the race baiting that is causing racism in black communities just so certain people can hang onto power and win votes.

  6. I feel a little sick every time I hear liberals gushing about how they care about people. More honest was LBJ “I’ll have those ******* voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” The liberals constantly say ” we are the richest country in the world” so we should give the people a lot of free stuff! Is that how Americans built this country? Giving people free stuff? Nope. So now let’s change it so we can become the poorest country in the world. Anyone with eyes can see liberals are the most dishonest politicians.

    • yes… please do west!!… I would actually donate a little bit of cash to watch him crash and burn… in epic proportion…

      • lol…. maybe we can start a GoFundMe account for him..
        Allen West,,, Guardian of the Solar System,,
        Keeper of the Sacred Chalice of Baggerslovakia,,
        Owner of the Sacred Samurai Sword of the Masamune Order,,
        Owner of the Broken Heart of Bitterness Award
        for Gallantry under Fire..
        The Distinguished ” One Term Sally” Award,,, for serving only 1 term….
        Allen West….The Future is Bright”

  7. LOL Allen West is the savior of the black community with his warmed up Booker T. Washington crap. Newsflash he’s dead. So is LBJ, Margaret Sanger too. Police target black people and no amount of entrepreneurship will change that. The only way to get rid of prejudice in any society is to force it out. Prejudice lives in the racist’s head nowhere else.

    • Or maybe the fact that black men make up less than 5% of the population but account for over 50% of all murders and robberies? Could that have anything to do with police developing a suspicion of black men in general?

      • If it was fact yes. But in fact it’s just horse manure. Police don’t even solve half murders and burglaries. They just good at finding the young black men they are looking to lock-up.

      • It’s precisely that mindset that is why the black community is in the condition it is. Never take responsibility for your own actions. It’s always the white man’s fault. That type of crybaby victim mentality just makes you sound pathetic and weak.

    • What am I missing here? Black mayor, black President, black city
      council, black police commissioner, and a majority black police force.
      And Baltimore city burns and somehow whites are to blame. The liberal
      narrative and the liberal mind just don’t make sense. Cities governed by
      liberals are a mess. What a surprise.

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  9. What exactly are you doing to uplift the black community Allen?? All you do is post negative pieces and lies. How exactly are you helping by talking exclusively to white people?

  10. She failed to point out that the vast majority of big-city mayors are Democrats, and in some cases, have been for many terms in office.

  11. Another one of Cankle’s proposed “reforms” is to allow felons to vote while IN PRISON. Imagine that. A polling place set up in the cafeteria! She seriously proposed that in a bill she was going to co-sponsor with John F-ing Kerry. Add to that the 12,000,000 undocumented Democrats, er immigrants, and the libs will have a monopoly for generations. Thanks, Hillary. You are woman, I hear you roar.


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