If we had any guts at all, this is what the U.S. should be doing about Iran seizing that tanker

Consider the historical irony of what happened yesterday — the United States is sitting at a negotiating table with Iran to discuss a nuclear deal and the Iranians fire on and seize a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship, which is under the security protection agreement of the United States. This happened on a day when President Obama delivered a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Japan — who of course attacked Pearl Harbor while Japanese diplomats were in the United States.

As reported by Reuters, “Iranian forces boarded a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship in the Gulf on Tuesday after patrol boats fired warning shots across its bow and ordered it deeper into Iranian waters, the Pentagon said. U.S. planes and a destroyer were monitoring the situation after the vessel, the MV Maersk Tigris, made a distress call in the Strait of Hormuz, one of the world’s most important oil shipping channels. Iran’s Tasnim news agency quoted an unidentified source who sought to play down the incident, saying it was a civil matter with no military or political dimension. But the Pentagon described it as an apparent provocation. The incident came as the United States and five other global powers aim to secure a final nuclear deal with Iran by the end of June.”

What was even more incredible was that the Pentagon characterized this action as “inappropriate” — no kidding, Sherlock! The Iranians are well aware that what they just did was a complete affront to the United States of which the Marshall Islands was a territory until 1986. The Islamic regime knows we have a security agreement with the Marshall Islands. So, the turning back of Iranian cargo ships that were heading to Yemen is now forgotten because the ayatollahs have just upped the stakes in this game. Now this ship has been taken into Iranian waters — check. So what does President Obama do?

Here’s my recommendation:

1. End the talks with Iran. To continue sitting at the table with the Iranians at this point is abject insanity. It does nothing more than reinforce — by way of Pavlovian acquiescence — the reward for the most despicable behavior. Iran now holds a cargo ship flagged under U.S. security, as well as four Americans.

2. Establish an ol’ fashioned naval picket line and seal in any Iranian vessel from exiting their waters.

3. Give the Iranians 24 hours to release the ship with its cargo and the crew. Then give the Iranians another 24 hours to release the four American hostages. All the while the picket line remains in place and if after these 48 hours, the demands — and yes, we are demanding — are not met, then there will be consequences.

At the end of this post, I will provide the courses of action — consequences — I would recommend if I were Secretary of Defense to the POTUS.

As Reuters writes, “Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television earlier said an Iranian force fired on and seized a U.S. cargo ship with 34 U.S. sailors on board, and directed it to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas. But the Pentagon spokesman said there were no U.S. citizens on board the ship. Reuters tracking data showed the Maersk Tigris, a 65,000-tonne container ship, off the Iranian coast between the islands of Qeshm and Hormuz. It had been listed as sailing from the Saudi port of Jeddah, bound for the United Arab Emirates port of Jebel Ali. Iran’s Fars news agency said the ship was seized at the request of Iran’s ports authority under a court order. But a spokesman for the Singapore-based company that manages the vessel, which usually includes hiring the crew, Rickmers Shipmanagement, said he did not know why Iran had taken action. Spokesman Cor Radings confirmed to Danish TV2 news channel that Iranian forces fired warning shots at the container ship and boarded it, and said the company was concerned for the crew. The vessel had been following a normal commercial route between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, he said. A U.S. government official said the ship was intercepted by the Naval force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) at 0905 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).”

In other words, the MV Maersk Tigris did nothing provocative and was operating in international waters along a well-transited sea lane of commerce. One of the missions of our Navy is to secure the sea lanes of commerce. Now just as a point of reference, during the Reagan administration, America had some 575 surface warships. Today under the Obama administration, the Navy sits at approximately 283 warships with a goal to go down to 230. I know that progressive socialists believe the seas are rising — which may be somewhat debatable. One thing for certain is that the seas are not shrinking — but our maritime “force for good” is!

“Several reports confirmed that when the warning shots were fired, the Maersk Tigris issued a distress call which was received by U.S. forces operating in the region. However, the closest U.S. warship was more than 60 miles away and the U.S. military instructed destroyer USS Farragut to head towards the cargo ship, which was passing through the Strait of Hormuz at the time.

Here’s what I would recommend if the Iranians did not meet the demands.

It would be a multi-faceted naval assault on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy. I would move the regional Marine Expeditionary Unit — MEU(SOC) — into the area. I would have an Airborne Combat element ready to deploy in order to secure key facilities in Bandar Abbas. Any IRG naval assets seeking to break the picket line would be destroyed. The operation would be focused on Iranian naval assets and would continue with the intended purpose to degrade their capability until the demands are met.

Sadly, none of this will happen — and the Iranians know that. But fellas, your day is coming!


  1. I’d tell the Iranians to keep the ship, and tell the ship’s owners to fly the US flag and pay taxes in the US if they expect any sort of protection.

      • If Obama is giving his word, then it means nothing. This why the world is seeing us as a weak nation. Nobody trusts us anymore to protect us and our allies.

      • Okay but the company that owns the ship is Danish and the crew is mostly Asian and Eastern European. The Marshall Islands is a flag of convenience used to avoid expensive regulations on things like ship inspections. It’s like a tax shelter for boats.
        We’re obliged to protect the Marshall Islands that much is clear, but are we obliged to go to war over a ship that never even visits that country and has no crew from that country or from ours?
        To me the question is what do the Iranians want us to do now? Was this an intentional provocation to throw a wrench into the nuclear negotiations or does it have nothing to do with that? Did the order come from the government or was it the Revolutionary Guards acting on their own initiative? What is their end game? Once we know that then we’ll know how we should proceed.

      • Iranian want the money that they gave to the ship owners back plus it’s interest . it’s not like we will forget our contracts if you decide to take the money but not transport the merchandise.

  2. Scott Walker President, Ben Carson Vice President, Lt Col Allen West as Secr of Defense…. with isis operating within 10 miles of the US southern border, our socialist muslim brotherhood president sits on his thumb and continues to decimate our military forces – contrary to his sworn duty as COC and defender of the US Constitution to protect and secure our Country. I know he won’t do anything, but congress is as much to blame, especially now that republicans control it, by not impeaching the sob

    • I’m ticked off too BUT – Republican’s DO NOT have the necessary number of senate votes to impeach and get him out of office. They need a 2/3rds vote for that. No democrat will vote to impeach their messiah. I agree he needs to be removed!

  3. They used similar tactics 27 years ago in the Straits of Hormuz. We took care of them after one of our warships struck an Iranian mine. Sounds like we need to do Operation Praying Mantis Part II.

  4. It would not take long to degrade their naval capabilities and I would go ahead and use this as a reason to degrade their entire military capabilities, production, supply and storage. First strike sequence should take their AA, airfields and ports out with several follow- up stikes to be thorough. They will respond by going after a large vessel, so my primary picket would be fast attack submarines. Opportunity knocks, need to open the door and throw a grenade.

  5. House Republicans are pushing legislation to block predatory lending protections for American soldiers, under pressure from the banking lobby.

  6. Sorry, I can’t read at least half of the article is BLOCKED by the ad’s. I’m aware that of the need to advertise and make money. But would really like to read what I came here for. If I am interested in the ad, I will click it or look into it when I’m done with the article I came here to read.

    • @ Scott , what ads’ ? I didn’t have 1 ad ….. maybe you should try adblock or some other app that helps you control the intrusions ….. Good luck , hope this helps …

  7. Obama would need to be a leader in order to cope with Iran in the Straight , he!! Obama can’t even deal with them in negotiations when he holds all the cards ….. he needs something for his legacy so he’s willing to give everything for an agreement , he doesn’t even bring up the American’s being held prisoner by Iran …. this little ship thing means nothing to him …. it’s just a minor annoyance of his ayatollah butt kissing …..

      • Oh hell…the grammar police. Look out folks. Maybe you need to stop worrying about inconsequential things and focus on the geopolitical matters at hand…like a grownup.

      • It’s not rocket science. A person’s inability to use the English language reflects directly on their education and engagement with the topic. If you can’t use the right words to describe what you’re thinking then why should I assume that those thoughts are worth listening to?

      • People like you need not waste their time being engaged with the majority of patriotic Americans. Your attitude leads me to believe you would fit in perfectly with the current administration. Like I said, grow up and get off your high “spelling” horse. The last thing we need is the grammar police going after patriots. When the bullets fly do you really think anyone will give shit about who misspelled a word on this site?

      • First of all I AM a patriotic American. I may not have a macho username like you but make no mistake, cupcake. I’ve fought and killed for this country.
        Nobody is ever going to care about anything that’s been said on this site. Yet we’re both still here talking, so don’t give me some bullshit argument about whether or not it matters. I find it extremely annoying when someone wants to voice their opinion on complicated issues but doesn’t even understand them well enough to know the right words. Sorry not sorry that I offended your delicate sensibilities about “patriots.”

      • Spare myself and everyone else the bullshit. I’ll say it again…get off your high “spelling” horse and stop being an embarrassment to the patriot community like every other “spelling” Nazi out there. Spelling Nazis don’t offend me…they disgust me. Centermass is the desired placement of each round I fire…as learned n the Army. My avatar is my unit insignia.

      • Yeah I know what center mass is dumdum. It doesn’t matter how many times you say it. I’m not just going to start agreeing with you at a certain number of repetitions. If you find me so disgusting then just f*ck off already. I’ve got no interest in belonging to the “patriot community” that you’re apparently the spokesman for. Go bother someone else, Patriot.

  8. The objective is to equip Iran with effective nuke weaponry. US citizens are still imprisoned in Iran. Iran is firing on ships aligned with us in international waters. Iran’s leadership is joking about US weakness and continuing to make demands… Barry Sotero’s plan is to wipe Israel off the face of the Planet Earth by equipping Iran and backing Iran’s actions. He is NOT an American. He IS an enemy of America and all that is good in the world.

  9. House Democrats successfully knocked down a GOP plan early Thursday morning that would have blocked predatory lending protections for American soldiers.


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