BOMBSHELL: Is this the truth about Freddie Gray’s spinal injury?

A “rush to judgment” happens quite often these days – not that the eventual truth changes any minds when it does finally emerge.

After all, “hands up, don’t shoot” has become a part of our culture, even though it was patently false in the case of Michael Brown.

In Baltimore, the untimely death of Freddie Gray has touched off a powder keg of unrest particularly because of the reported near-severing of Gray’s spinal cord which ultimately lead to his demise. What terrible violence on the part of police could have caused such a terrible injury?

Unless that injury was pre-existing.


The media is leaving out much of the career criminal history of Freddie Gray in their reporting. It seems now that they may also be failing to discuss his very relevant medical history, one which may have included multiple surgeries for spinal injuries incurred in a car crash.

Health privacy laws limit the availability of medical information, but a public records search in the Howard Court Civil System website provides evidence that Gray had received a settlement and had engaged with Peachtree Funding to obtain a lump sum payment.

The media has been remiss in reporting this information, preferring to portray the career criminal as the victim of police misconduct. Other anonymous sources indicate that Gray may have had surgery as recently as ten days prior to the incident in which he was involved in a forty-five minute flee to evade the authorities. He could have easily re-injured himself in his reckless attempt to avoid capture.

Details of the case are still sketchy and other news sources are reporting the settlement had to do with lead paint rather than an auto injury, but no doubt there is more to this story than meets the eye.

Black lives matter, but so does the truth.

You can review the original documentation here for case number 13C14101574



      • except there are no facts here, its all speculation based on another round of “anonymous sources”. How’d that work out for the Officer Wilson has a broken eye socket story?

      • The broken eye socket story worked out as well as the hands up, don’t shoot story. The moral of the Ferguson case was that rather than jumping on narratives that suit one side or the other, let the investigation of all the facts, medical evidence and records, interviews, and physical evidence come to a complete conclusion rather than relying on speculation either for or against the police. To West’s credit, he concluded his piece with this: “Details of the case are still sketchy and other news sources are reporting the settlement had to do with lead paint rather than an auto injury, but no doubt there is more to this story than meets the eye. Black lives matter, but so does the truth.”

      • Why would Allstate be involved with a Lead Paint case? Where did he come in contact with Lead Based Paint? It was banned before he was born.

      • fine, it goes both ways, but I going to say that this story is as false as both of those. He makes that little disclaimer after throwing out a bunch of nonsense. Perhaps he should have waited for the facts to come out before putting up a BOMBSHELL headline. Couching it as a question is weasely.

      • Why burn down a city [St Louis Baltimore] before any facts are actually known? Ask the thugs and the liberal politicians defending the thugs.

      • the facts that are important to them is that a person who didn’t do anything except run was killed by police in their custody. I think that a relevant fact. And “they” didn’t burn down a city, most of them were actually peacefully marching.

      • $Millions in damage to that city – without an autopsy or police report! The whole thing was planned! The thugs involved didn’t even KNOW Freddie Gray! Some were bussed in from other areas! Get your facts straight before you rush to judgment!

      • You KNOW that the “thugs” didn’t know Freddy? How do you know that exactly? You KNOW people were bussed in? How do you know that exactly? And the video was pretty clear that something was wrong with him when they were arresting him (for nothing actually), he asked for medical help and none was given and he then died. I think those are fairly straight forward facts. If you knew anything about Baltimore you’d know that this is something that has been happening for years with this police department, its not an isolated incident. Go read the Balt Sun article about it if you want to learn something. That was written with actual facts from people with real names and not a BOMBSHELL from a single anonymous source.

      • Why would you think they DID!? Many were bussed into the area expressly to riot! Wake up! You seem very eager to believe all sorts of wrong-wing BS!

      • I don’t believe anything. All I did was question another BOMBSHELL report that was based on ZERO facts. Do you believe the report that this thread is based on? If so, why? There is no substance at all and instead of wondering why this is even being reported (nevermind as a BOMBSHELL) you want to deflect. This has become a symptom in the right wing “news: world. One person makes a blog post quoting an anonymous source and every other blog picks it up without so much as questioning the basic premise. So, lets get back on track: Do you think this is a reasonable approach to delivering “news”? I don’t. I’m skeptical of all of it – both right and left.

      • please show me any evidence that people were “bussed in” to Baltimore for the express purpose of rioting. I’d be interested in seeing something factual and not just your statement with nothing to back it up.

      • It’s been reported on several news outlets. Go fetch the info yourself. I’m not a reporter. Maybe Earl Lee can help you 😉

      • Google “rioters bussed into baltimore” produces zero results that show anything that you mentioned. Again, there is no evidence to back up your claim. Just because someone posted something to a blog doesn’t make it news or factual, just like the BOBMSHELL “reported” here.

      • All I can tell you is that I saw it on 3 different news casts. Sorry if you can’t find it, but it was known that there were Islamists in the crowd, along with several different gangs, none of which actually live in Baltimore proper.

        Now – I think we’ve discussed this long enough 🙂

  1. Before people start saying I’m a Liberal so and so, I’m not. Just trying to keep it real here. His medical history doesn’t matter. When the cops didn’t strap him into the van or grant his request for medical care, they screwed up. Gray’s medical history may prevent a LEO from a homicide charge as a mitigating factor but protocol was broken, rules weren’t followed and somebody needs to be charged with something. Sorry. Gray’s career path and really bad life choices notwithstanding, he didn’t deserve to die while under police custody.

    • Your last statement says it all.

      “he didn’t deserve to die while under police custody.”

      So, he DID deserve to die? Just not under police custody? I agree.

      • everybody dies. Not many of us die from running away from a police officer. Seems like an excessive punishment – the cops in BMore call it a “foot tax”

    • I haven’t seen any reporting about police protocol on strapping Gray (immobilizing him completely?) in the van or that Gray requested medical care. Could you furnish a link on those aspects? I did hear somewhere that the officers wanted to give Gray a “rough ride”. If so, that, along with allowing Gray to be unrestrained in the van could be evidence of misconduct, but not necessarily homicide. Knowledge of his prior back injury would seem to be crucial to anything beyond negligence if the charge is going to homicide to one degree or another.

      • Thanks for the link. There is a difference between not following protocol, though, and an intent to cause serious injury or death. Yes, in hindsight one could conclude that if an EMT had been called in, then MAYBE “none of this other stuff would have likely occurred.” What did Gray tell the police about his condition at the time of the arrest and his prior spinal condition? Rather than have another Ferguson where everyone assumed “murder”, why don’t we wait for the results of the investigation?

      • Definitely..
        A trial will determine extent of neglect if any toward the prisoner,
        that’s why in our legal system trials exists, right? I wouldn’t want a
        legal system that didn’t allow evidence of wrongdoing to be presented, what say you?

      • We’re on the same page…..a trial (if there is a trial) should allow evidence of wrongdoing and evidence of lack of wrongdoing or that the Gray’s death was the result of a pre-existing condition that the officers were not aware of—-if that was the case. A trial involves allowing relevant evidence of all sorts.

      • If he had done what the police told him to do and hadn’t ran none of this would have happened! And that’s the same with all these cases, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, the man who was shot in the back and days later we find out he ran, physically fought with the cop and tazed him… Oh but it was the cops fault. I’m sick of this! Teach your kids to respect authority and most of this would never happen. Instead they’re doubling down and I blame the media for shitty reporting. our community organizer president for fanning the flames, Eric Holder, Jackson and Sharpton. They should ALL be held accountable. Unfortunately, I think they’re getting exactly what they want.

      • I’ll reply this way. I’ll bet dollars to donuts those LEOs wish they’d followed their own rules.

      • I’ve never been a cop, but perhaps cops can tell us how often suspects plead for medical care falsely? If it happens quite frequently it’s certainly understandable why a running suspect claiming they need medical attention was ignored.

    • No, Rere Drew. But IF the rickwells story is true and accurate, running top speed could affect the spine. That plus IF the police kneeled on his back as they usually do in a take down and restrain (cuffing). Lots of “if’s. The FBI should do the investigation, not the Baltimore. PD.

      • I agree. Most important is the truth. I have no dog in this hunt other than the truth. I am learning (maybe, because what is reported is not always the “truth”) more from the links provided here. So, Gray asked for an inhaler….after a fairly long running chase. Yeah, he would have been “out of breath” and maybe the police could have called for an inhaler if it appeared to be something more than just being out of breath from running. But would just being asked for an inhaler have meant that Gray would then be transported by EMTs in an ambulance or similar transport and that he would be strapped in a position that immobilized his back in the absence of information that he was a serious pre-existing spinal condition? Were police aware of Gray’s pre-existing spinal condition (assuming that he had such condition)?

      • Good questions….and I don’t believe a lot of what I read either. Here though, the BCPD is admitting mistakes were made and I have to wonder how that could be construed as anything but the truth. An independent investigation is imperative IMO, for everybody. An investigation of itself will do BCPD no good whatsoever. Anyway, Baltimore is my hometown. It’s changed a lot since I was a little boy. I hate hate what it has become.

      • There are some reports that they stopped the van and hog-tied him because he was unruly in the back of the van. Once the Coroner’s report is made public there will be a lot more evidence of his previous medical condition. The question still remains did he run because he knew he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest?

      • Perhaps they couldn’t belt him in because he was being violent….spitting…who knows, and now PD have to have inhalers for fleeing thugs? If he had an asthma problem perhaps it’s his own fault for RUNNING away!

  2. There has been no release of medical information nor has the coroner released any autopsy findings. Mr. Gray put himself in harms way by not remaining at home recovering from recent serious spinal surgery. To say he’s at blame would be premature. Somehow he died in custody. That being said, there was no reason for the looting, rioting or burning to the ground of businesses. Nor did the stoning of police and firemen and the destruction of private property. None. That does not bring justice nor does it create empathy. If there’s a bad apple at the police department, then by all means find out who it is and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Black or white it doesn’t matter. When has violence ever helped? Give me Martin Kuther King, Jr. Now that was a man who knew how to protest and keep the law.

    • and no I never said the violence was ok. if you read my statement VERY CAREFULLY you’ll actually see what I said. geez, its funny when people get on their soapbox and haven’t really read what another wrote, or give them hell for having an opinion. His death is a tragedy. and all the facts surrounding it aren’t out. nothing excuses the violence and idiocy of the rioting, looting and burning down a town. Nothing.

      • His death is not necessarily a tragedy….you make that assumption. If someone intentionally killed him, then they should be prosecuted….and it’s a tragedy….until then the assumption that a felon with 23 felony arrests, and probable insurance frauds to boot death is a tragedy is quite a stretch.

  3. The police acted stupidly. He looks like he could have been my son. The police need to be retrained. There’s a history of racism on some police forces. He didn’t do nuffn’. He was a good kid. The killer was a white latino. etc etc etc….

    • “He was a good kid.” With 25 to 30 items on the arrest record, how many can you have before you lose the “good kid” title?

      • When black people in neighborhoods like this can be arrested for literally nothing, a lot. Besides, petty police problems doesn’t mean he was scum who didn’t deserve to LIVE. His spine was broken, for pities sake. People care more about a storefront window pane than they do a mans life, and THAT is why people are angry.

  4. Critical thinking is usually beyond someone who blames their conditions on other races. News flash, choosing a life of crime puts obstacles in the way.

  5. Still need more information as he most likely should have had medical attention before being transported as the ride could have furthered the damage, but his spinal surgery data should definitely been made known!

  6. Stop fleeing, and do as the police tell u and most likely you will either be released if you havent done anytjing wrong or you will go to jail where u belong of u are breaking the law. By fleeing u put yourself in danger. The police dont know if u just murdered someone, shot someone, raped someone. Stabbed someone, robbed someone, assulted someone, so my take is if u flee u are guilty of something…stop blaming the police for trying to protect and start putting the blame where it belongs…the thugs who have no respect for the law, or anyone for that matter

  7. this is all pure speculation that is being passed around from one right wing website to the next with absolutely NO evidence to support it.

      • The real DAs here are those of you who choose to believe this type of nonsense (Harry Reid got his eye injury in a fight) without so much as any real evidence.

    • Way to do your own homework. Maryland Court records are available publicly online. I personally scanned through the Maryland Judiciary Case Search for Freddie Gray last night. Here are my findings. Freddie and a woman were the Plaintiffs in a tort case filed in Baltimore City in 10/2006 (District Court Case 010100353062006) against two individuals and Taxi Management Inc. The case was transferred to a jury trial in 5/2007 (Circuit Court Case 24C07003765, probably because District Court only handles claims less than $30,000). Both case dockets reveal that medical records were submitted. Trial was held in 7/2008, and on 10/3/2008 an Order of Satisfaction was filed marking the case “paid, settled and satisfied”. Fast forward to 12/2014, a case was opened in Howard County Circuit Court (13C14101574) where Peachtree Settlement Funding, LLC filed a Verified Complaint for Court Approval of Purchase of Structured Settlement Payment Rights (i.e. petitioning the Court to buy the settlement so Freddie could get a lump sum payout). Allstate is listed as an interested party. THESE ARE FACTS. Without inspecting the actual Court dockets, this leads me to believe that Allstate has been making payments to Freddie. It must have been some payout if it still had not been paid in full after 6 years. Also, he was involved in at least one, possibly two, lead based paint cases. He likely received money from those, too.

      • There is no talking to people with your mindset. You want this to be everyone’s fault but the criminal who was arrested. Sad.

      • Why are you saying it’s all his fault? Because he’s a criminal? That is sad. I’m not a liberal but a Conservative and right now I want to know the facts as to what happened that his spine was almost completely severed. I’ll be the first to say he was a criminal and thug but did he deserve to die? I live in an almost all white community and the cops went to arrest a white man who had a bench warrant for his arrest for traffic violations, handcuffed him from behind, put him in the back of the squad car and by the time they got him to the county court house lockup,,he had a broken arm, two missing teeth and a broken nose not to mention quite a few bruises on him. How did he get that,,,they did the speeding up of the squad car and slamming on the brakes so he would fly around in the back seat. Was that his fault too? There are rogue cops out there.

      • There are 45 listings in the Maryland Judiciary when you search “FREDDIE GRAY”. 38 of those listings appear to be this thug, a known, a convicted, drug dealer.

      • doesn’t change the fact that there is zero real evidence that this BOMBSHELL is anything more than pure speculation

  8. They don’t want truth… they want someone to pay. It’s not about justice, it’s not about getting to the bottom of it and finding out the eventual truth. A young black man tragically has died while in custody, whether there were extenuating circumstances that we may not be aware of or not, they want a life for a life. It was ever so clear in Ferguson. When every investigation at every level of the government cleared the officer in question, they still wanted blood. Justice isn’t what they are looking for. It’s about evening the score.

    I honestly believe there are outsiders who feed this until it becomes a frenzied chant and then turns into violence.

    Freddie Gray’s family asked for peace on the day of his funeral, and sadly they didn’t get what they asked for in the midst of their grief.

    If it does turn out that the officers acted inappropriately or even criminally, then they shall be punished through the legal system, but you have to let the investigation proceed.

    Our young people, no matter what race they may be, need to keep themselves out of any sort of criminal activity, period.

    Everyone is extra sensitive nowadays. People were upset that these rioters were being referred to as thugs in the media, even the President called them criminals and thugs. If my sons were behaving like that, they too would be thugs and I would be slapping them upside the head just like that courageous mom that’s been all over the news…

    You destroy other people’s property, set their homes, cars or businesses on fire, you are a criminal, you are a thug, I don’t care what race you are. You commit a crime, you will be expected to accept consequences.

    The residents who had no choice but to sit back and watch them burn and destroy are the ones who are paying. The lost homes, cars, businesses, the senior center that wasn’t even finished yet. The check cashing store where they cash their paychecks, the CVS store that was the newest most high tech CVS store, all gone. The pizza shop owner who’s shop was broken into and trashed and he was doused with lighter fluid while people yelled “fire him, fire him” who barely escaped with his life and now his business is burned out rubble… The woman who cried because they burned her family business to the ground… These hard working people are the ones left to pay for the damage and loss. I am sorry, but this was completely uncalled for. It is absolutely asinine to expect people to buy that this looting and burning and destruction was all about Freddie Gray.

    Our government officials can not be forced to produce the so called answers that they supposedly are demanding through violence and destruction. That is not how it works, and shouldn’t work that way.

    Don’t just drop racism at the feet of white people. It goes both ways.

    • Absolutely, EJK. I’ll bet nearly 100% of those rioters never even knew who Freddy Gray was, and yet they are burning and rioting and looting over someone they didn’t even know. I’m sorry to say this but they just wanted an excuse to riot. So I guess Freddy Gray is Baltimore’s martyr just like Michael Brown was in Ferguson. You’re so right, racism doesn’t just come from whites.

    • You know Uncle Ruckus, I always disagree with you but here’s a first,,,,today I agree with your comment “You Disappoint Me”.

      On a lighter note, I’m sure I’ll go back to disagreeing with you on all other topics. 🙂

  9. When the truth comes out we will all know, until then people will try and spin what little information that is available to make it look like and open and shut case. Maybe the truth will show us something other than another case of lies constructed to further an agenda. If the cops did this they will go to jail like other crooked cops in Baltimore before them. If he self inflicted his wounds then we can just, oops I guess we can not put all that back in the bottle can we. The biggest victim in this are the good people that lost their business or home. Then there is all of us who have waited for the truth and watched a town burn based on very little proof.

  10. You know we complained when the news media tried Darren Wilson as being guilty in the shooting of Michael Brown and Allen West was one of them. Usually I agree with things Mr. West posts but in this case of Freddie Grey isn’t that what he is doing? Trying the case and putting the blame on Grey before the investigation? He is putting speculation out here that he had a spinal injury before his arrest. I’m a Conservative but I really pray that a strong investigation is done on this. Oh yes and our side has put out all the information on Grey’s arrest records. Is that necessary right now? I think the issue is what happened the day his spine was nearly completely severed. A lot of us know that there are some cops out there that shouldn’t be cops. There are a lot of whites that cops shoot or abuse like this but we don’t really hear about it because the new media doesn’t report it and we don’t riot and set our town on fire. We need the facts. The only facts we have right now are his extensive arrest record for selling drugs, the cops wrestled him down, dragged him to the van, did not seat belt him in, the van was all metal inside, he ended up with almost a completely severed spine and he died. I just want the facts before passing judgement.

  11. Can we all admit ..Liberals starting with the President have no adult relationship with the truth. Facts play no part in any discussion they engage in. They also feel NO shame when time and time again when proven wrong. In fact they will deflect ANY blame or wrong doing and turn the undeniable truth of wrong doing on the media or their to go to scapegoats the Republican party. Obama has done this 1000’s of times. The Mayor of Baltimore just days ago was caught on video saying she made room for the protesters (rioters) to DESTROY. And when her city burned,business and lives were destroyed THE NEXT DAY SHE STRONGLY DENIED SHE EVER SAID THOSE WORDS BLAME EVERYONE BUT HERSELF.

      • Listen Rafael you and i have both acknowledged you’re a complete buffoon with no relationship with the truth or facts so please spare me the reply or conversation.. I do not converse with morons. Thank you and have a blessed day.

      • The only thing in that story is that Freddy Gray claimed insurance settlement that’s it. Not even sure if it’s the same Freddy Gray and what the settlements was for. Don’t worry I’m done replying to your bullshit.

      • Hands up don’t shoot….another lie spouted by you racist uncivilized black devils. Wait for the damn autopsy and stop burning down innocent peoples cars, and places of business.

      • I see that you troll everyone’s comments here. You expose your liberal ignorance with each passing post.

  12. Thank you Mr. West for saying nothing. Everything said in this garbage is speculation, that’s why its full of may have,anonymous sources,and could have. This says nothing, here is a fact : Gray was taken to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center, where he underwent surgery for three fractured neck vertebrae and a crushed voice box.Doctors count “powerful blunt force” and “hyperextension of the neck” among the ways to damage the vertebrae surrounding the spinal cord. His past has nothing to do with what was done to him, he did not deserve to die.

      • Running justified the police catching him…..why don’t you animals wait for the autopsy report before jumping to your irrational racist anti police conclusions which are almost always proven false. P.S. Learn the language.

      • Nope, but it was an indirect cause of it. Why would you instantly run when you see the police? You looking to be chased down or something? I consider both parties equally responsible at this point.

    • How do YOU know he didn’t deserve to die?…Michael Brown and St Skittles both deserved death, and got it. It’s called reaping what you sow. 23 felony arrests is a pretty good indicator he didn’t deserve to live among free men.

    • I’m not shedding any tears for him. He manufactured and dealt drugs. He’s probably responsible for a few deaths himself.

  13. Any competent Coroner can tell if any surgery has been done on the spine and surly if it was a recent surgery. Let’s wait for the autopsy. And in most states, medical records can be released if the subject is deceased.


      But court records examined Wednesday by The Baltimore Sun show the case had nothing to do with a car accident or a spine injury. Instead, they are connected to a lawsuit alleging that Gray and his sister were injured by exposure to lead paint.

  14. Regardless of this guys past record, all he did was run after making eye contact with a cop. For that, he was chased down (why? because he ran?) and murdered by the police? Again it has nothing to do with his PAST record, he already paid for those other things he was found guilty of.
    It has EVERYTHING to do with what happened in police custody. What was he taken into custody for?

    What if it were YOU, who got pulled over and found that the police were going to be your judge, jury and executioner? I bet, regardless of you PAST record, you would be a little upset!

    • As a cop, if someone looked at you , realized you were a cop, then bolted, Would that not make you curious as a cop as to why is he running from me?

      • Sure it would. BUT now I’m curious as to how his spine was almost completely severed when in police custody. There needs to be a good investigation as to what happened. And as far as that Mayor I think she is so far over her head in this.

      • How do you know it was almost severed in police custody? Do you have information that others don’t?

      • Perhaps the video that showed him running away before they grabbed him and knocked him down. Funny if it happened before they nabbed him,,,he wouldn’t of been able to run like he did.

      • He had spine surgery about a week before that incident, so obviously, it wasn’t yet healed. Whatever happened, undid the surgery.

      • DEBUNKED

        But court records examined Wednesday by The Baltimore Sun show the case had nothing to do with a car accident or a spine injury. Instead, they are connected to a lawsuit alleging that Gray and his sister were injured by exposure to lead paint.

      • LOON! A water bird that lives in pairs on lakes that have only 1 pair per lake. Do you swim? Or do you float and just look all pretty with black & white feathers?

      • BTW Who is saying that his spine was severed? Was it the same race baiting people who said Mr Brown, thug, had his hands up, with the don’t shoot lie?

      • That information came from Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez. The hospital turned that information over to the them after Gray died.

      • It was kinda weird, I’m holding off til all the facts come out, I just know people were saying why chase him, well he ran for no apparent reason. The surgery thing was written off as an insurance claim that they must have gotten cold feet because the claim was dropped due to them not appearing in court. He was dragged to wagon, but then stood up right before getting in. They admit to not seat buckling him in, so who knows what happened in there, hopefully a camera was pointing to the back.

      • I’m with you on that. The claim he had was for paint exposure. Somebody posted a link about it. They said it’s false about the previous spine injury.

      • No, it’s only false about the payment being for a car accident (even though he marked that box on his paperwork). That doesn’t mean he didn’t have a previous spinal injury.

      • what makes me curious is why people instantly find guilt in someone just because they run?

        What do I care if he was running from me if I didn’t see him commit a crime. I can’t read minds and I highly doubt the police can either, ya can’t be put in jail by the thought police. (or in the case, the anti running police)

      • What makes me curious is why people instantly run when the see a cop if they’re not guilty of something they don’t want to be arrested for?

      • wow now running is against the law? and ya wonder WHY the cops think its ok, people like you GIVING OTHER PEOPLES FREEDOM AWAY!

      • You really should have quit while you were behind as I suggested. You’re starting to come across as a twelve yr. old girl who’s mad at her parents for not letting her go to the mall and miserably failing at arguing because she’s not grown up enough to think with clear reasoning.

      • First of all you tea drinking racists, You don’t know anything about me. I could care less of you opinion about me. I looked at all the people you “argue” your points with and the stories you comment on. Palin HAS to be YOUR hero and that let’s me know that while you have a good vocabulary, you have been brainwashed because of the tea or cool aid that you’re swallowing every day.

        fuck off already

      • First of all you liberal…gosh, I don’t even need to add anything to that word because “liberal” says it all…I know enough about you to make the observation I did since you came here to spout off. Can you not comprehend the concept of people learning about each other by what they witness from them?

        You obviously care enough about my opinion of you to come back and comment on it. And btw, the correct wording is “I COULDN’T care less”, otherwise you mean the opposite. I’m glad to see that I’ve made an impact on you which caused you to look at my previous posts. That tells me you’re either listening or your head is about to explode from having so much truth thrown at you and you’re desperately trying to find something in my words to dispute.

        No, Mrs. Palin is not my hero however, I do have great respect for her as she has many admirable qualities and a desire to save our country from people like you. Thanks for the vocabulary compliment; it comes from receiving a good education outside of the public school system. You’re not very aware of the meaning of “brainwashed” are you? Vocabulary lesson for the day: Brainwash – to indoctrinate so intensively and thoroughly as to effect a radical transformation of beliefs and mental attitudes (taken from Webster’s New World Dictionary, Third College Edition). I’ve had no radical transformations; I was blessed to be born with loads of common sense and brought up by family and friends with the same. I’ve also been blessed with the ability to distinguish between lies and truth. None of that has been radically transformed; I still have common sense and recognize lies for what they are. ‘So sorry that you can’t say the same about yourself. I will pray that you find guidance.

        Last but not least, people would take you much more seriously if you’d lose the foul language even if you do use incorrect grammar and punctuation. It makes you look uneducated and childish. And I’m not going anywhere. If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the fire.

      • First, you can go back to sucking a big one! Second, NOT a liberal, or any party affiliate! Third and lastly, I did look at other posts and comments you have made, did some research on some of what you posted and where your quotes came from are quite the FOX NEWS bags endless supply of misinformation and bullshit.

      • All that research on me and you still can’t come up with anything better? What, are you a college student?

      • I always find it amusing when wrong-wingers have nothing to add, that they start using name-calling. So you disagree with someone and that makes them a “tea drinking racist,” huh? I like tea – in the winter, I like it hot and in the summer, iced with lemon. Do you like tea? Or are you just a name-caller with no common sense?

      • nope, looked at what she comments on and read the comments. Its not hard to figure out where she stands and what she believes in.

    • He was murdered you lying pos. He had back surgery severe spinal injury and should have been resting instead of dealing drugs ….PS 23 felony arrests. Good riddance.

      • DEBUNKED!!!!

        But court records examined Wednesday by The Baltimore Sun show the case had nothing to do with a car accident or a spine injury. Instead, they are connected to a lawsuit alleging that Gray and his sister were injured by exposure to lead paint.

      • SO, stating the facts makes me a pos? LOL! WOW! How long ago was that accident? I see the documents you’re all reading and its nothing but propaganda to make you hate the dude. Funny it’s working. So police brutality is fine by you as long as it ain’t you? what an idiot.

      • Fact, he died in police custody, because of injuries sustained WHILE in police custody. I HIGHLY doubt a persons spine just severs itself while sitting in a police bus.

      • OK, so you got one out of two. He did die while in police custody but you’re stating the presumption of him sustaining his injuries while in police custody as fact. It could turn out that this could be true or it could turn out that he suffered the injuries while running away because he hadn’t healed from his last spinal surgery. But neither of these outcomes are yet FACT.

    • (why? because he ran?)

      Guilt laden fact – running from police. This has guilty written all over it – NATURALLY he is going to be chased!

    • Did you not see his arrest record, if what you are saying is true and the police are your your judge, jury and executioner, he would have been dead years ago…you make no sense!!! 27,000 arrests in Baltimore last year how many dead…hmmm, executioners must have been lazy SMH

      • Talk about taking something out of context, thanks. With that mentality, no wonder the police act the way they do. SO WHAT of his PAST police record? He already paid for what he did. Isn’t he allowed that? If everyone who made a mistake or even repeated mistakes in the past doesn’t automatically make them guilty of anything even though he ran. KEEP drinkin the cool aid!

    • Seriously? you are just as bad as what you are blaming the cops for. Why? Because you have zero information proving he was murdered. None at all and yet you claim he was. That is a false accusation until proven! False accusers are worse than dirt.

      • Perhaps. Question is what did HE do while in police custody? What did anyone do? These are questions you can’t answer! Nobody can. All we know is with few minor exceptions if you behave yourself in police custody you have no troubles. If you start jumping around and spitting on officers then you just asked for a beat down and will probably get it.

      • So YOU believe he was “just sick” to begin with?
        How does anyone explain the injuries he sustained?

      • Really? What the heck are you? you cant comprehend english so you put words in my mouth? Where do I say, “‘Just sick'”? So because you can’t comprehend I have to repeat myself again? Ok here goes. Ill try to use smaller words so it’s not so complicated.
        We didn’t see it happen! The investigation is not over! Thus we cannot explain what happened! Thus we cannot explain his injuries! YOU cannot explain what you didn’t see happen! Neither can I! WE (that means you and I) do not HAVE to explain ANYTHING. What we have to do is wait for the conclusion of the investigation! Anything else is just irresponsibly stupid. You’re going to end up like those idiots that tried to claim MB had his hands up saying don’t shoot! How stupid do they and all the other morons that took up that mantra look after it was proved to be completely made up fiction? Be Smart Be Patient! It could go either way.

      • You haven’t seen the videos?

        An autopsy was done, his spine was severed, that just doesn’t happen on its own-for anyone EVER!
        No, I didn’t support MB because it WAS proven that he tried to hurt the officer by charging him. I DON’T agree however with 10 rounds being pumped into him!
        Take a look at youtube. Not ALL cops are good! When they’re acting worse than known street gangs and corrupt how the hell do you expect them to do their job fairly? What they did was NOT fair and WAS not appropriate

      • Well now lets see since you judge and execute first and ask questions later I am pretty sure you were running around with your hands up and you mouth open till you found out it was a bloody hoax. Again right now this is before anything was proven. In the MB case this exact same conversation was taking place. On the one hand you have your criminal mindset types and your conspiracy types that already had the cop convicted and were calling for his execution. Just like now! Way before the facts were out and the investigation concluded. There are in fact some similarities. Something happened. Criminal bad guy ends up dead or severely injured and then dead. Everybody “thinks” they know what happened but they don’t really. Those of us that don’t just “hate cops” came real close to guessing accurately what happened.
        If you were a cop and held to your objection to having 10 rounds pumped into MB then you would be a dead cop. Fact if you are being charged and assaulted you keep firing till the perp stops or you run out of ammo. This ain’t the movies princess! A cop being attacked is not a movie robinhood calm cool and collected.
        Again I know not all cops are good. But the majority of them are. Since you do not know the facts you are not in a position to claim what was fair and what was appropriate!
        Some more facts for you. An autopsy is not THE investigation. It is only PART of the investigation. One of the first parts to be exact.
        So simmer down Sally and wait for the results before making a fool of yourself.

      • So YOU think the videos are a hoax?
        I don’t HATE all cops just the murdering ones.
        Yeah 10 rounds are necessary. JUST monday, a black guy was shot in Detroit, he had his hands up and no weapons, but was STILL shot 10 times (also).
        That autopsy speaks volumes, but you’d rather not look at THOSE facts huh?

      • The autopsy does not tell even a fraction of the facts. It is just one small piece of the puzzle. You and every cop hating nutter wants to convict and execute before all the facts are out. And quit trying to muddy the waters by dragging in another incident totally unrelated to this one. Sheesh you get shown how silly and irresponsible you are and and the next thing you start grasping at straws that are totally unrelated to try and bolster your poor position. you want to talk about a different case then go start a separate conversation about it. This is about giving these cops the benefit of the doubt until the investigation is over and we get more information.

      • I totally agree, Bryan. Every wrong-winger in the country is screaming about police abuse with no proof. Same old “hands up, don’t shoot” crap. False narratives. I prefer to wait for the full story, and in the meantime, even fellow Conservatives are jumping on me for voting up someone who used the “N” word! LOL!! People are so incredibly thin skinned it’s as if they think there should be laws to protect their sensitive feelings!

      • You would think they would have learned from the first time they made fools of themselves. But I guess a fool can never learn a lesson and is destined to be a fool over and over again.

      • how do YOU explain his crushed larynx?
        Quite honestly, I am not even a cop hater. As a matter of fact I have SEVERAL of my immediate family members who are officers and even THEY said this shit is wrong!

      • There is a high chance you are lying now. Cops know not to jump the gun. Least the good ones do. It could be them next. In short I don’t have to explain it. You just think you have to explain it without the facts. But you can wait for the investigation to conclude. That is what I am going to do. I know you lack any form of patience and rational thought but it really is the best thing to do versus going off half cocked. If you have to use your imagination to come to your conclusions your conclusions are based on fallacy.

      • I don’t have to lie about a damn thing. It’s been reported repeatedly and those are just the facts.

        Now, TODAY, with the reports, there was a mark on his skull consistent with a bolt that was sticking out of the van wall.

        Another question I have about the, “witness” who said he “heard” gray thrashing around but couldn’t SEE anything because they were separated by a metal wall. SO it’s pure “speculation” as to what was happening. He heard a ruckus, but didn’t know what it was.

      • The mark on his skull was from a bolt INSIDE the van where he purposely struck himself! Nobody did it to him!

      • My reference to lying has to do with your statement that your police officer friends agree with your whole convict the officers before the investigation is concluded. All officers know that they can be drummed up on false charges from anyone they arrest. None are dumb enough to do that to a fellow officer. And yes it was speculation on his part and even more so on your part. His story changes every time he tells it. You don’t know if he is telling the truth as well as the fact that you were NOT there. Quit being the investigation committee and the judge and jury. That behavior is irresponsible and just plain stupid sensationalism.
        That being said the latest news is these officers are being charged with numerous crimes related to the case. I’m ok with that since their investigation seems to have led to that conclusion.
        Still people like you make me sick. You always know everything and condemn on nothing actually known. Your expert knowledge comes from 3rd hand accounts and speculation. Someday it may be your turn to be the brunt of keyboard warriors everywhere. Then karma will be served.

      • karma will be served? you think thats what I am doing? Really. ALL of the visual and even speculative evidence was crystal clear to me, I don’t know HOW you couldn’t see it. A person’s whose hands and legs are restrained, ROLLING AROUND on a “rough ride”, he had NO WAY of even protecting himself even a little bit, let alone the fact that he LITERALLY couldn’t breathe, because of a spinal cord injury and his larynx being crushed.

        The police will get their justice, you can bet on that.

        Sorry that you find it hard to believe that my family members and friends stand by TRUTH and doing what is RIGHT. Not everyone will stand in unison with despicable misconduct. Not everyone in blue is a bad guy, but not all are good guys either.
        Regardless what any of you think of me, even if it happened to YOU, it wouldn’t be right and I would be standing up for you too. What they have created is abuse of power. Yes, dealing with the worst of the worst of our society does take it’s toll, that I understand. But illegally arresting him, turned into kidnapping. Would you want that for yourself or your kids? I would guess probably not.

        Do I believe in the looting and destruction? NO, but helpless people who are deliberately ignored, mistreated and abused WILL eventually fight back, when its the only tool you have.

      • So you are saying you hold bigotry and racism to a higher standard? Well you do act like it so thats not surprising. What is surprising is that you would come out of the closet about your beliefs. The whole racism thing is overdone no need to brag about it. And you really should get a life. Racism and Bigotry is really a pathetic and sad way to lead your life. Give it up and treat all people the same. Look at all people the same and you will be a happier person.

      • you’re barking up the wrong tree. I am not racist. maybe a bigot against conservative “chrisitians” who PRETEND to be christian while being a racist at the same time. SOME of the people here should be attending Westboro Baptist

  15. Riots are over nothing to talk about anymore. The same thugs that where destroying Baltimore are now cleaning it up. Not much to talk about anymore let’s move on to blaming the victim. What’s his name again????

    • He’s not a victim, he WAS a thug [23 felony arrests!] who had back surgery…which your friendly government run liberal democratic media “forgot” to mention. I don’t think the people cleaning up were the same ones destroying it.

      • Because of the 23 arrests he deserved to have his spine almost completely severed and die? You don’t know if he had back surgery. That is speculation on that by Allen West. Come on,,,I thought we Conservative were better than this.

      • No one is saying he deserved to die. Merely that certain behaviors are hazardous to your health.Being a career criminal is one of them.

      • The punk did did nothing but sell drugs and steal. Who knows how many people might have died because of his actions. He was another waste of life. More thugs like him should meet the same fate!

      • I stated a fact. If this is the best you can come up with it just shows you as bad as the news people. Its all just sensationalism to you. You show yourself as having no intelligence to assault whatsoever. But most of us here already know that.

      • Isn’t it ironic how they riot for him but not for all the kids whose lives he ruined by peddling drugs?

      • 25+ court cases for dealing and manufacturing drugs in the last 6 years, and who knows what his juvenile record looks like. I’m sure more than a handful of people died thanks to him.

      • 23 felony arrests , logic and reason both tell me the cops [especially under the current administration] even a BAD cop wouldn’t severe a man’s spine! There is only that , ahem, special segment of our society that honestly believes a cop would do that. Me thinks Mr Gray had plenty to do with his own demise. On the OFF chance the cops intentionally killed or attempted to maim this man they should be prosecuted. I doubt that highly however.

      • Problem is he should have had a life sentence after the 3rd time. We don’t need any more parasites on the streets in our society.

      • No one is saying he deserved anything… all they are saying that with that kind of a record, he’s probably on their radar, as anyone else who has such an extensive record is our would be. Frequent flyers are usually well known by local police. Just like you say no one knows if he had back surgery, no one really knows that he wasn’t doing anything either…

      • You don’t know if he DIDN’T have back surgery. And it’s not speculation ONLY on Allen West’s part. Mr. West has simply reported that there are sources who are saying Gray had multiple spine surgeries, possibly only ten days ago. So far, we’ve had no facts. We’ve had nothing but “speculation” from the liberal MSM and the protesters who don’t know any of the facts either. Do you honestly believe that the police severed Gray’s spine on purpose because he had 23 arrests and did you come to that conclusion by listening to the “news”? Most conservatives are smarter than that.

      • reading the comments …do you believe that these CLOWNS took it as speculation…no….they took it as FACT!!!

      • Again, you can’t have it both ways, Earl. You shout BS all the time hoping that everyone will take your words as fact and then fault them for believing anyone else. BTW, it seems as though you’re taking all the MSM talking points as fact even though none exists at this point. ‘Guess that makes you a CLOWN, huh?

      • No I did some research. I am a Conservative and your comment most conservatives are smarter than that,,,obviously you are not speaking about yourself. And as far as West,,,it is speculation on his part. What evidence did he show that “factually” reported existing spine injury. Just a court document that didn’t list what he was suing for? Do some research.

      • OK, now you’re deliberately looking for something to argue about. What research did you do to find that Gray didn’t have surgery and that no one said he did? You can always Google any number of words to find out if he did, and probably wouldn’t find anything due to HIPPA laws, but what would you put in the search field to prove he didn’t or to prove that no one has said he did? Enlighten me, please.

        Again, “Mr. West has simply reported that there are sources who are saying Gray had multiple spine surgeries, one possibly only ten days ago.” Mr. West never once claimed to have all the facts (I never said he did either) and I can’t imagine how you got that out of the article.
        The court document you referenced pertains to a settlement for Gray and his sister involving lead poisoning from paint. If you had done any research you’d know that. Everyone else does. Yet, it is in no way proof that Gray hasn’t had spine and neck surgeries as well. I find it odd that you are lecturing me on research when it’s easy to see you’re doing none of your own.
        P.S. When you want someone to read an article, it would be helpful if you would post a direct link, not a link that makes one search for the link to the page you want them to read.
        P.P.S. I’m having a hard time believing you’re a conservative given your rush to believe what the liberal MSM (along with all the liberals here) is telling you and trying to discredit Mr. West who is the epitome of conservatism. If so, you’re giving the rest of us a bad name.

      • I really don’t give a damn if you believe I’m an Conservative or not. I am one. Because I don’t agree with you on this that makes me not a Conservative. Wow!!! I’m giving the rest of you a bad name…No you are giving yourself a bad name. Your an idiot. To be a Conservative we always have to agree with one another??? You have a right to your opinion and I’ll respect that BUT you better damn well respect my right to my opinion. Please show me where the rule is that all Conservatives have to agree with each other. And as far as Gray’s medical records,,,he’s dead,,,he died under police custody,,,all legal rules on medical privacy when it comes to the police are out the door. If he had previous spinal injury,,,the cops would have know that right after he died and the Police Commissioner probably would have released that in order to try to calm things down. That would have been a plus on their side. Hmmmmm wonder why they didn’t?

      • And yet another typical liberal response…totally ignore everything I said because you can’t dispute it and instead go on the attack.

        I agree that we all have the right to our own opinions, but you ought not go around shouting that whatever you heard on the “news” is gospel, accusing someone who is merely sharing what he heard as “speculating”, speculating yourself that Gray’s total medical history was conveyed to the world before the investigation even got underway, and other such nonsense, without realizing that there will be many who don’t agree with you and see you as a liberal because that’s what liberals do.

      • Actually what you are now saying in your posting is exactly what a Liberal would say. You totally ignore facts also. Little hypocritical are you? Your comment “speculating”,,,didn’t you accuse me earlier of saying West was speculating and now you are reversing it??? Also I’ve been out on West’s sites for a long time and many of them and this is the first time I totally disagree so now I’m a liberal. lol You blasted me for using an article from CNN and Snopes. I find that funny because there have been many times West has used articles from CNN that support what he is posting. Does that make him a liberal because he is using what you call a liberal news reporting or a hypocrite? After all one minute you shouldn’t use it because it’s a liberal reporting but the next it’s ok because it agrees with you. Sounds like it’s your way or no way. Have a good day because I’m through with this.

      • No, Silly…I haven’t ignored any facts no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that I have. So far, there have been no facts released on this case. Where did you get that I’m reversing anything? And btw, truth be told, the article is not written by Mr. West so your accusing him of speculation is ludicrous if only for that reason. I said nothing about articles from CNN so your “You blasted me for using an article from CNN” is just more BS you made up to take attention away from what I really said. And thank you for the “Have a good day”. I always have a good day and it’s been really nice working from home this week because it’s given me extra time to play and point out hypocritical BS. You have a good day as well.

      • Wow, you claim to be a conservative and you reference one of the most radical, leftist, (non)factual website that exists? You also claim to do your own research but you can’t call it research when you simply post links to articles you haven’t read that you got from other people who evidently, haven’t read them either.
        The article from Snopes doesn’t say that Gray didn’t have spine and neck surgeries. It says that the links that some people have provided (also by those who don’t bother to read what they reference) are to court documents regarding a settlement for something else. They don’t prove your point and you would know that if you had taken the time to read them. Typical liberal tactics.

      • Who the hell do you think you are. Because I don’t agree with you now I’m a LIberal??? You are an idiot. Don’t you think when the investigation started, which is a requirement when a person that has been arrested and is injured,,,the department starts an investigation immediately and when that person dies,,you don’t think when the hospital immediately released his medical records at that time,,,it would have shown he had a previous spinal injury they wouldn’t shout it out? Our side and there side are all putting out propaganda and you decide to believe what our side puts out. And Allen West,,,oh how we are bitched when the news media tried Darren Wilson before the investigation was completed. Oh how we all bitched that they needed to wait for the results of the investigation. And how Allen West kept putting that posting out and was outraged that the so called “liberals” tried Darren Wilson without the results of the investigation. Funny how our side is now doing the same thing Allen West and the rest of us bitched about. Have a good day because you disgust me because you are willing to believe all the propaganda that is being put out and not wait for the facts. Actually you sound more like a liberal.

    • Yea them “thugs” didn’t clean up the city either asshole. The nice citizens of Baltimore did. Damn how dumb can you be

      • Oh hes pretty dumb. lol Like the rioting thugs would come back and clean up their own mess. Unless their mom made them do it. lol

  16. Whatever happened to rubber bullets and fire hoses, seemed to be pretty effective crowd control. Dont want to get hit with a rubber bullet, don’t want to get washed away? Don’t riot!

    • Rubber bullets? How about you don’t want to get hit with real bullets you don’t riot!? I am thoroughly ok with a police officer or national guard shooting some idiot that throws a brick at them.

  17. If he had just had spinal surgery he would have been in a brace. I’ve had two back surgeries and one on my neck and was in a brace all three times. Something is not right here. If he did just have surgery he surely shouldn’t have been running!

    • I too have had cervical spine surgery, was issued a REMOVABLE velcro neck brace. Told to take it easy for 2 weeks, no extensive activity. Brace on except in shower.

      • That’s the kind I had also, but when I had my back done those 2 times I was in a hard brace, which I had to be in almost 24/7. Why was this guy running? Makes no sense to me!

      • And I’ve had 2 lumbar spine surgeries without wearing a brace afterwards. Anecdotes aren’t evidence.

      • I had spinal surgery, they even had to replace one of my vertebrae because they broke it when they were putting discs in, and I didn’t have any brace at all.

      • DEBUNKED!!!

        But court records examined Wednesday by The Baltimore Sun show the case had nothing to do with a car accident or a spine injury. Instead, they are connected to a lawsuit alleging that Gray and his sister were injured by exposure to lead paint.

    • He was perfectly capable pf removing that brace for more shit on the street!!!!!!! No he should not have not be running bu the has so much pending against himi n the courts, betook that chance


      But court records examined Wednesday by The Baltimore Sun show the case had nothing to do with a car accident or a spine injury. Instead, they are connected to a lawsuit alleging that Gray and his sister were injured by exposure to lead paint.

      • Not debunked. First of all, it’s only been reported as a RUMOR and/or ALLEGED, secondly, just because the payout wasn’t from an auto accident doesn’t mean he didn’t have spinal surgery. Someone else astutely pointed out that drugs disintegrate your bones, so he could easily have had problems.

      • You know you and the rest of the LOONS don’t take it as RUMOR or ALLEGED….reading the comments some took it as FACT!!

  18. What every store in Baltimore needs to do is raise the prices on everything uniformly until the damage has been repaid. Then, they can get a taste of what their own medicine does for them and their community. For those not involved in the riots, they could have stopped their neighbors, their children and any hate from happening rather than sit meekly by and watch it happen. So they can get the same as far as I am concerned.

  19. Bombshell!!!! The “editor-in-chief” story is total bunk and 100% bullshit. Actually it’s just business as usual for these people pretending to “inform” us. Maybe the fatherless lead paint broke Freddy Gray’s spine. That’s his name right?

  20. Your investigative reporting lacks depth: the autopsy should reveal whether previous injuries contributed to his death. The coroner can access all medical records. His criminal history has no bearing on a determination of the reasonableness of the use of force. It is whether the officers were justified in using the force they did, based solely on what they knew then. Having a lengthy criminal history does not allow officers to use more force than on others. Before commenting on matters of law, perhaps you should learn a little about it, first.

    Before jumping to conclusions, why don’t you let the professional police officers do their investigations?

    • The HIPPA prevents publshing an individuals medical records, but you might have known that.
      Histrionic use of narcotics, exposure to nicotine, and also preexisting injures contribute to extremely poor spinal health.
      A habitual user of chemicals known to destroy all types of cells n the human body tend not to be high on dietary sustenance, and more often tend to use first, eat second or third. Without proper diet, the human nervous system erodes, as well as, the synaptic proses of the brain.
      Addictions often follow symbiotic patterns of behaviors, relationship and physical degradation.
      A pattern emerges wherein frequently those who engage in drug use, risk taking behaviors and moral turpitude are observed to die prematurely, in a variety of circumstances.
      Kicking, resisting, thrashing, flailing and wrestling are bad for the spine after surgery, and are risky when spinal discs are disrupted, dehydrated and excessively thinned which are common among chemical users, and also smokers. That observable fact is made worse whenever a person also bears a genetic predisposition to IDD< DDD< or osteoarthritis.
      Where the mind goes, the body will follow. In street slang, Karma is a b itch, take a look at the pending case against Jon James.

      • Great point Joe! I didn’t even think of that – drugs disintegrate your bones, big time! And he has pretty much been using them all his life. 25+ arrests since he turned 18 (less than 7 years ago) and who knows how many prior. Plus his mom was a big time drug user as well.

      • John, HIPPA does not prevent a coroner from obtaining those records and using them to come to a conclusion about the cause of death. The autopsy report and conclusions about the cause of death are public record.

        Can you cite studies that show that such exposure would cause such spinal fragility and, much more importantly, that this was a factor in his case? I will leave it to the medical professionals to determine the cause of death.


    But court records examined Wednesday by The Baltimore Sun show the case had nothing to do with a car accident or a spine injury. Instead, they are connected to a lawsuit alleging that Gray and his sister were injured by exposure to lead paint.

      • You don’t seem any more intelligent than steve…I would rather know what really happened than what people want us to think. If he had a heart condition and died of a heart attack because he ran and overexerted himself, wouldn’t that be HIS fault and not the cops? Or are you one of those sub-human, 100 IQ points shy of retardation people that think anything said against someone that is black is racist, and anyone that believes a black person can be a criminal is racist? Regardless, there will always be morons from every race that can’t see anything beyond racial lines. If there is a God, Allah or and other deity that actually exists, all those people (regardless of race) will deepen the gene pool by committing suicide. If they already have kids, or are married, hopefully they either take the family to hell with them, or the family carries on and gets rid of the stupidity involved in racist bull, from any side

      • I wasn’t going to respond to any of your absurdities…But I have a hard time with stupid. You Brendan, Rafael X,and Uncle Bunkers come on here to play pat-a-cake thinking you are somehow participating in some intellectual retort. In reality all you do is prove over and over again your stupidity by using obscure logic. I wish you guys would make a point worthy of debate but the best you have is comments and accusations laced with ambiguity… Fail.

      • Me on the other hand respect your intelligence, and your service. Logic is pretty clear and I will show it to you as often as possible. Way to stay at attention on that avatar. Like that woman Muslim police chief.

      • Oh hush nobody thinks they are being intellectual on this website. If you really came here for intelligent discourse you just exposed your own foolishness.

      • Oh, calm down! Make a point besides the obvious, or you are just as ignorant as the rest of… Most of the liberals who respond on this site. I do admit that there is some intelligent comments by some Liberals, but not many.

    • Thank you for being honest about your ignorant racism.
      You are welcome on this website,
      Allen West’s supporters whop all claim not to be racist will support you or leave your comment unchallenged.

    • Wow…I’ve seen people that need to wear protective helmets that show more intelligence than that statement. What if someone said your family member expiring said “So what (s)he was just a honky cracker”? The caliber of the person matters; not the skin color. He wasn’t a n!gger; he was a worthless piece of crap that shouldn’t have ran.

    • And you are a fool, with hardly any intelligence to speak of. I would love for you to come back at me to see how you’d fare.

    • steve . . . You do have the “Right of Free Speech”, but I thought by the year 2000, we as a Nation had moved past the use of that and other terms. It is not an appropriate term any longer. Show some “Respect” for those whose skin is a different hue than yours. I stopped using that term in the early 1960’s. I grew up in Texas and spent time in Arkansas. Our schools were integrated in 1962, and I had a friend in my class that was black. I got to see first hand how that term caused hurt and pain for him. I learned out of ‘Respect” of my friend to not to use that term. I may disagree with black people on here, but I do not use that term. Rafael X showed you some ‘Respect” with his comment “At least your Honest”. He had every right to tee off on you, but showed you “Respect’ that you did not deserve.
      To be honest I had not heard or seen it used for many years. A year ago, I started seeing it used by a few people, but they were ‘Hillbillies’ and “In-breeds”. I have had a problem with even blacks calling each other that term. It just shows disrespect and serves nothing.

      • “Hillbillies and Inbreeds” kind of sound like stereotyping. Since they don’t necessarily have a “hue”, it’s not considered “racism”? So that makes it ok?
        I also grew up in h 60’s and 70’s. At this point in time, the so-called “N-word” describeS a MENTALITY not a COLOR!

      • “‘Hillbillies’ and “In-breeds” sounds an awful lot like racism so now I’m offended.

  22. More lies from Ms Hickford. She has no shame and believes in rules for radicals…. lie and deceive to achieve your goal and Allen West’s supporters love it.

      • Studies show that these people actually dig in harder in the face of facts. They also believe a rap sheet is grounds for immediate and unapologetic execution.

      • It’s in the rulebook, Dorrie. Liberals have to take truth and reasonableness and twist them to suit their narrative. It helps to ignore facts, pretend they actually know facts that the rest of us haven’t been privy to, speak for others and sprinkle in a few lies. I’m anxious to see who gets the gold star for the day.

      • Yes, like Michael Moore demanding that America’s police be disarmed… it takes a special kind of stupid.

  23. Dear God! You people are SO lame! WHAT story are THEY distracting us from? It’s horrible that this man died, but, what do you expect with the way they have militarized police forces all over the country? And PLEASE stop with the “innocent victim” bullshit. After everyone calms down, most of these “victims” have long and sordid arrest records. Don’t you fucking see that they are causing us to fight each other so you are distracted from fighting them? WAKE UP you fucking losers! Go ahead and spew your vitriol in response to me. All I hear is the BAAAing of SHEEP!

      • Lets cut after school programs, summer employment programs, early education and let them fend for themselves!

      • Well, seeing as how all the money that has been spent on these programs over the years has done nothing to help, why not? A person has to want to make the best of his/her resources and take advantage of what they offer to make it work. If people are out looting, rioting, burning down other people’s businesses and whatnot then obviously that money was wasted.

      • LOL!!! You’ll say anything, won’t you Earl? I’m by no means perfect but you don’t see me destroying other people’s lives and property and then blaming everyone else for my bad behavior.
        What I expect is for people to care enough about themselves to try to improve their lives, be grateful and make use of all that money we’re spending to help them and quit complaining that they turned out to be thugs because the white man hasn’t done enough to help them.

      • Hell yes, I agree. Those things were never on the table when I attended public school. Kids can go to library , YMCA , PAL after school. Summer work? Get a lawnmower, rake &clippers and find yardwork. Those that constantly fuck up, put their asses in reform school. Pay attention in class, pull pants up and do homework. Let the teacher teach, and let others learn!

    • James I’m a conservative and I totally agree with you. The thing that really gets me how everybody is going about he had a previous spinal injury,,,,which has since been proven false,,,why if it were true the police didn’t come out with that right away? If it were true there is not way that would held for a later announcement. Reports were released from the hospital on his injuries to the police, to his lawyer and to the Mayor. So why wouldn’t the Mayor of the police announce it immediately to help avoid a riot?

  24. If this report, and the report from the wapost are correct, it just goes to show that the left—including the potus—-just can’t WAIT for a racial episode to occur.

    This might make them 0-4 IF TRUE.

    I, unlike the potus, wait for the facts to come in before rushing to judgement.

      • According to the “debunking” reports, the lawsuit was debunked as not relative to a spine injury.

        It does not debunk whether or not he had a pre existing injury prior to this incident.

        The truth will come out, when the investigations are complete.

        In the meantime, until it does, keep burning cities down and disrupting the livelyhood of people with patience.

  25. Apparently, the only lawsuit for Freddie, Jr (and his sister) had to do with lead paint when they were small children–not a car accident and no spinal cord injury. (His father, Freddie, Sr had a separate claim)
    Just read something saying that the folks who claimed Freddie, Jr had filed suit for spinal injuries have removed that from their website and are not available for comment. Sounds like a smear job to me!!!

  26. Clearly there resides fault on both sides:
    First, No one should be outside, doing whatever, endangering themselves one week after spinal surgery.Its what drs would term AMA (against medical advice).
    Also, by their own admission, police did not restrain him correctly in the van,or get medical help sooner when he requested it.
    Either way, its obviously combined illogical and irrational thinking on both sides..& its a sad situation all the way around.

    Worse yet is, why do people believe that barbaric and illegal destruction and looting of others property, somehow becomes more civilized then the concern and people they’re protesting?? How is their lack of compassion for the people they’re hurting and affecting, any less disturbing or wrong? Does this not equate them with the very actions and thoughts they claim are unjust?

      • Please link to the fact that the story is bogus, I am intrigued.

        Btw… Have you read the report that a fellow arrestee in the police van claims Gray was allegedly self inflicting wounds to himself in the van? Or is that bogus as well? If so, link.


      • look further down in the comments…you’ll find a link! Also, you actually believe a person will FLING himself around the back of a van so hard he would sever his spine?

      • You’re grasping at straws again, Earl. Have you ever watched the show “Cops”? If so, you’ve seen people do this while in the back of patrol cars so, evidently there is a distinct possibility that this actually happened.

      • Megyn Kelly reported that a prisoner in the van, separated by a metal wall, heard Freddie thrashing around as if he was trying to harm himself. There is EVERY possibility to believe that the police did NOTHING to harm him.

      • There is so many stories coming out on this. I’m giving you a link where now a relative of one of the officers states the officer believed Gray was injured during the arrest. Then it goes on to talk about the other prisoner saying he was thrashing around trying to injure himself. He couldn’t see,,,he just heard. What if he had been injured before that,,,because remember the comment about him telling them he couldn’t breath when they were putting him in the van. So was he thrashing around trying to hurt himself or in pain and trying to breath?

      • Ya know … while this might sound callous, I really don’t care. If he had had spine surgery, he should have taken care of himself. He had a long rap sheet. Thugs who never knew him destroyed more than 150 businesses. The Mayor is a dim wit who allowed it. May God have pity on liberals who are responsible for the entire mess! And FYI, Communist News Net (CNN) isn’t a place I would depend on for trustworthy news!

      • First he didn’t have spine surgery. And CNN isn’t the only one reporting the article I posted. Another one said the prisoner first said at the beginning of the investigation that Gray just sat their quiet,,,then he comes back and says Gray was thrashing around. I don’t give a damn about his rap sheet right now,,,I only care for the truth and the investigation should come out and not be held back. You and I agree on the rioters and the Mayor. And yes I agree may God have pity on those that are responsible for this mess,,,all people even those that are callous.

      • What’s with “their quiet,,,” … you seem to like lots and lots of commas 😉 And the word you were looking for is “there” not “their” BIG difference in meaning of the 2 words.

        Whether or not Gray had spine surgery will be in the coroner’s report. That is still forthcoming.

      • He did not have any freakin’ spine injury. He ran but stopped and surrendered. So that kills that theory. The Trayvon playbook is not applicable. He did not try to grab a weapon so the Mike Brown scenario doesn’t apply. Now the only thing left is the Eric Garner play. He had a pre-existing condition. Wish you rubes understood that concept during the Obamacare debate.

      • We’ll find out when the reports are released, little rafe… in the meantime, you hang in there. Hands up! Don’t shoot!


      • Hey thank you for being the grammar police. And I do know the difference in meaning of the 2 words. Ever make a typo? Guess not.

      • I end of typing so fast I do miss typos which I know I shouldn’t. And to be honest with you I do hate when I do that. lol You know we have been fighting out here over what we each think and to be honest with you I don’t mean to offend you and if I did at any time I am sorry for that. We each have our own convictions and I do respect you for yours. You have a good day. 🙂

      • You know what really gets me about your Dorrie? You come out here and correct my grammar and at the same time you come out here and up vote a comment using the “n” word. How many times have we Conservatives been called racists? That up vote speaks volumes about you.

      • People have a right to be angry, the way they’re being badgered on these sites. The wrong-wingers go after them with name-calling galore. I support fellow conservatives. You can be as judgmental as you like about me. Join UncleRuckus/Earl Lee. Doesn’t matter to me, Shoathree. Whatever makes you happy. I support fellow Conservatives – yes, even when they’re angry. You haven’t seen me use that word, however. So if you want to attack me, go right ahead. I’m a big girl and can take it 🙂

      • I agree with you Dorrie. Also if you asked Uncle Ruckus he would tell you I have gone after him many times. lol I respect him for the fact that he has always been polite to me when I do. I think I would like to get rid of the word attack and just call it being passionate about what we think. And our passions run high. I don’t want to attack you and I’m sorry for that. In fact I just want to go away from this posting of Allen West and enjoy my day. So in closing I will say May God Bless You and Peace Be With You.

      • Thank you, though I disagree about Earl. He has never been polite to me and I think he’s probably an anti-Semite, though he would no doubt vehemently disagree. He is nothing more than a wrong-winger troll, along with his side kick, RafaelX.

      • The news report comes from the Baltimore Sun Newspaper who pulled the reports from the Court records in Howard County and consulted the lawyer of the Gray family.
        It is a COMPLETELY made up rumor.
        Mr. Allen is showing no integrity in continuing to perpetuate this lie. The proper journalistic and public responsibility is to research the facts before posting information. Since he has failed to do that, the article should be pulled and an apology posted.
        By the way, I am a republican and I care about the facts, not a rumor.

        No matter what party you identify with, police brutality and bias is EVERYONE’s issue. Irregardless of how Mr. Gray was injured, he should have been given proper medical attention, as he requested. That is what led ultimately to his death.

      • Oh, so then you DO agree that this is possible. Add in the possibility that Gray has had several spine and neck surgeries, and possibly one very recently, and the odds that could happen increase dramatically. Thanks for sharing, Earl.

      • The neck surgery thing has not been DEBUNKED…why do keep trying to convince everyone it has?

      • Once again, the racist liberal is perpetuating myths that have no facts attached while accusing someone who doesn’t agree with him of doing the same. Your pointless repetitions are so boring, Earl. Go back to school, or at least get out into the community, and get some fresh ideas. Even pick up some more liberal rhetoric if you have to. I’m starting to feel really sorry for you.

      • That’s fine, that explains half of the article, thank you.

        The other half of the article, however, eludes to the possibility he had a pre existing injury.

        Combine that with what the wapost is reporting, and it is possible the police did nothing more than not securing him in the vehicle.

        No one will know until the investigation is completed.

        Which is why these protests and incidents of looting are preposterous.

    • Ok…apparently…..
      Still does that justify people protesting, who claim to be against unjust violence to someone …creating the same unjust violence to others??
      Are they not just demonstrating the very concept they claim they are against? How does creating and escalating more hatred become a solution?

    • Really? Are you that thick that you believe he would be up running the streets a week after neck and back surgery? Have you ever seen someone after major back surgery? They can barely sit up in bed and walking? Maybe to the bathroom but not down the street and you can def. forget running. According to the police he started running away from them. Yeah that is physically impossible if you’ve had any major surgery but especially if you’ve had back surgery.

      • That’s not entirely true. I had spine surgery (L5S1) and attended a party within a week. I wasn’t dancing, but I was having a nice time.

      • We’re talking about both his neck and his back. There is no conceivable way this guy was running. Do you not see the hole in that? How was he going to run like that?

      • Sorry, I don’t jump to conclusions. I am content to wait for a full report and let the legal system do it’s work. Vigilante justice is ugly.

  27. Mr Wells you imply you know the whole story regarding Freddie Gray. You provided links regarding a settlement suit however there were No links provided for the arrest records, at least nothing I was able to access. Nor did you discuss his record although you referred to Mr.Gray as a career criminal. You made the statement ” the media has been remiss preferring to portray the career criminal as the victim. ” and you continue with “clearly not an action by the officers involved that severed his spine” First of all you must have more information than you are providing Sir to make those statements, or you also are being remiss, careless in making them. As to the rioting in the community, RECKLESS. And as the thugs burn and destroy the very businesses that support the community and provide jobs, while they used Mr Grays death to justify what they are THUGS! The police however feed the craziness by doing stupid criminal acts themselves. As technology puts cameras in the hands of the masses more officers will be exposed for the brutality and the absolute power given to “some” officers who do not deserve to wear a badge but hide behind it, and are protected by it, while they act like thugs themselves. Absolute power corrupts Absolutely.

  28. You’ll see the same lame “editor-in-chief” pontificate about “false narratives” tomorrow. What you won’t see however is a correction to that piece of turd. But we are the real racists. We are the ones with an “agenda”.

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  30. The news report comes from the Baltimore Sun Newspaper who pulled the reports from the Court records in Howard County and consulted the lawyer of the Gray family.
    It is a COMPLETELY made up rumor.
    Mr. Allen is showing no integrity in continuing to perpetuate this lie. The proper journalistic and public responsibility is to research the facts before posting information. Since he has failed to do that, the article should be pulled and an apology posted.
    By the way, I am a republican and I care about the facts, not a rumor.

    No matter what party you identify with, police brutality and bias is EVERYONE’s issue. Irregardless of how Mr. Gray was injured, he should have been given proper medical attention, as he requested. That is what led ultimately to his death.

  31. Your credibility is shot. You can not recycle the same story from Fox News and keep the misleading information in your report as it does more damage than help in this situation. Most of the looters were not from the neighborhood and almost all were under the age of 30. The cops turned transportation away for the high school kids that were at the mall. The riots started after drunken hecklers began throwing beer bottles and spewing racial slurs at protestors. The actions of few should not condemn everyone in the city. Just as I am sure not all six cops involved in the arrest participated in the acts that lead to the severed spinal cord. This is the problem, both sides have issues with one another and it comes down to understanding on both sides. Because no one is willing to talk openly while attempting to understand the views of both sides this will continue as it has for years and years in this country. I am a college educated, married, Christian, father and I guarantee if something was to happen to me out of context none of those things would be revealed to the masses.

    • Did you miss the part about the kids being invited to ‘Purge’ the police via social media? Or the part where the kids from a nearby school ganged together and marched on the police all the while throwing bricks, pieces of concrete, trash cans? Did the kids destroying a police car get past you? Those actions are considered ‘rioting’. I didn’t hear that the police turned transportation away but I did hear they forewarned the schools, shops that they had a credible report that incidents were going to occur. I heard that local transportation was stopped because of that, whether on their order or not, I have not heard. Baltimore students use the public buses to travel to/from school, there are no ‘school buses’ so who stopped the transportation I do not know. Outside influence had a most horrific impact on the riots I will agree. But someone instigated those kids to riot and that is a fact. The situations you cited may have happened but that was not the reason the rioting started. SOMEONE orchestrated that riot, there is no doubt.

      • According to school teachers and administrators the BPD not only stopped the buses from picking up students trying to go home but did actually force students who were already on board to disembark, leaving them stranded in the area of the mall. Then they proceeded to cordon off the area allowing no one to leave. And yes, very many students of that school use public transportation to go to and from, as it is in many cities.

      • Thank you. As I said, I had not heard that. Nor in the videos I saw did I see anyone congregated in that particular mall area I heard that area was a major traffic interchange but nothing else. Have no problem learning facts.

      • Did you not read my post about the arrest being those under 30? Did you miss the point of how a lot of the kids were picked up by parents? Did you happen to catch the video of the dozens of people trying to stop the non-sense?? Or the ones where people that actually lived there condemned the actions of the FEW out damaging property? Or are you just going to go with what Fox has spoon fed you? I do not in any way condone the actions of the FEW that were out acting like complete idiots, but because I refuse to believe 100% of what the media portrays I conducted my own research to get a full understanding of what was going on in a city I live nowhere near. And there lies the problem. The media has conditioned everyone to fear black culture. They even work to pit us against each other. That is why the fingers are pointed when there is a riot against injustice, but a blind eye is turned on those that riot for sporting events. I have yet to see 72 hour coverage of sporting riots where stores are looted, cop cars are burned and cities are destroyed.

      • Liberal speak – twisting my words around again. I don’t know why I expect any better of you. BTW, it’s looking more and more like Freddy Gray wasn’t “killed”; I’ll wait until the investigations are over and the authorities give us the facts before I shout about injustice all over the internet.
        I notice you had nothing to say about the video. Is that because you didn’t bother to watch it seeing as how you’re not interested in any facts that people throw at you or are you just too embarrassed and ashamed and hope that by not mentioning it no one else will know the truth? I used the term “sports fans” because I was replying to someone who spoke of people rioting over sports and you know it. Quit trying to deflect. But those sports fans (the ones who intentionally destroy property are also thugs, even the black ones) don’t form mobs around innocent business owners, douse them in lighter fluid and try to burn them alive like the demented, soulless, sorry excuses for humans in Boston did. Even animals don’t kill just for the fun of it and you’re defending these heartless creatures. That makes you no better than them; you might as well have a lighter in your hand. Nor are you any better than the racist POS mayor who stood at a Sharpton event last night telling the masses that, between the three black woman (including herself and the new AG) that they will get justice for Freddy Gray even though she knows very well that no facts have been released and she’s merely fanning the flames of racism – but of course, that’s her intention. If you, and every other black racist out there, would spend one-tenth the time you spend on screaming about injustices, and stop creating racism, on actually doing something to improve your “plight” you’d all be successful by now. I don’t see that happening anytime in the foreseeable future.
        If you can come up with something reasonable and honest for once, feel free to get back with me.

      • And there we have it folks. The real reason why racism exists in this country today.

      • Those pesky black people won’t shut up and sit down. Well I’m not fighting racism. I don’t really care about who’s racist as long as they keep it to themselves. Your prejudices are yours not mine. Shove it for all I care.

      • Little rafe and his uncleAsshat are our resident clowns. They have nothing to add to any news story, other than racism and ridicule for Patriots.

      • Exactly, Dorrie. We’ve spent $22 trillion over 50 years trying to help blacks out of their imagined plight and they keep biting the hand that feeds them. They care nothing about justice for those who die, they simply pile these tragedies up in their cache and bring them out when they’re bored and need an excuse to steal from others and destroy their communities. Then out come the hoards of defenders who shout to the world that grave injustices have been done to their people and the barbaric acts of the rioters are justified. One of these days, when the gravy train runs dry or the suppliers have had enough, they’ll wake up and realize how good they’ve had it by getting the free handouts all these years for nothing in return and they have no place to buy their necessities because they burned them to the ground. Oh yeah, and anyone who points this out is a racist.

      • I believe the problem is definitely in the black communities where there are far too many single-parent homes with no dads taking responsibility for their children. No one is teaching young blacks how to be responsible, patriotic Americans. They’re taught from childhood to be on the dole and take what they can from others without paying and without remorse. It’s an epidemic that must be addressed in this generation, and even now, it might be too late.

        Little rafe whines about blacks being shot by white cops, but more whites are shot by white cops than blacks – he doesn’t seem to care about that. And it isn’t about shooting ANYWAY, it’s about lawlessness! If people don’t want to get into trouble with law enforcement, they should stay out of trouble! Go to a trade school, get some kind of training and get a job! Work for what you have and stop expecting government to GIVE it to you!

      • I agree with everything you said, Dorrie but I think the most prevalent problem is how you described Rafael. It used to be simple, people got used to the handouts and had no incentive to help themselves because of failed democrat/liberal policies. But they stayed at home and somewhat behaved.

        Now that drugs and consumerism have become so important to the poverty-level communities the handouts are never enough. Keeping up with the Jones’s is at an all time high…$180 sneakers, $150 jeans, smartphones, 60″ TVs, gold teeth and $800. rims are now a must-have if you want to be somebody. And stealing from those who have worked for what they have just because you want it for yourself is not wrong in the eyes of many because they’ve never been punished.

        So you get the thugs. Cops are sworn to protect citizens and their property but when they do this it means arresting those they catch. Rafael and his ilk love to see a white man arrested but when it happens to a black man, even though he’s guilty of wrongdoing, it’s considered injustice. Whites get shot and Rafael loves the cop but when blacks get shot it’s racial profiling and the cop must die. Statistics don’t mean anything to Rafael and others with his same ideology. Fairness means nothing and right is wrong and wrong is right.

        Because people are always wanting more they find ways to draw attention to themselves by screaming racism and using the deaths of other blacks, whom they don’t know and couldn’t care less about, as an excuse for that attention. They use “white privilege” as their justification for stealing, burning other people’s property, and violence. And guess what…it works.

        They got to run around and act like hoodlums, got a bunch of free new stuff, got on TV and are gearing up to do it again tonight. Federal, state and local government will start funneling more money into the ghetto communities in the hopes of keeping it from happening again. Why should they go to school and learn a trade to get a job when they can lay around all day, do drugs, make babies and go out on the town at night with the mob to get more free stuff and burn off some energy?

      • And btw, that wasn’t reasonable but at least you were honest about why we have racism.

      • Was reasonable to break Freddy Gray’s neck. Shoot Walter Scott in the back. Or shoot Renisha McBride in the face through a locked door. Or shooting Eric Harris while he lying face down with a deputies knee on his head. All totally reasonable.

      • More deflection by the liberal, has nothing to do with our discussion. Here’s another video for you. It shows us why cops do what they have to do. Your people want to throw around the idea that cops are profiling and looking for blacks to kill but in all honesty, they’re on the defensive end because of all the violence toward them every day. Go ahead, call BS on this one too because you can’t handle the truth.

      • In most riots the rioters are under 30 so your point meant nothing. I applauded those that got out and tried to stop the mayhem; was even humbled to see people standing up. IF Fox spoon fed me, I ate better than what CNN and MSNBC were dishing out. As for there being a FEW disrupters present, when numbers hit three zeroes I count that as more than a FEW. Speaking for myself, I don’t fear black culture what I fear are those that make a living by pushing the blacks into believing they are lesser than, that any minority is lesser than. I, also, do research before I make comments and I try desperately to stick with the facts I’ve learned. And I have yet to see a fact that said injustices were committed. You wanna talk about two mayors ago, have at it but not this time. Just as in our daily lives, we cannot go back and fix what happened yesterday nor make it our motto for tomorrow. We can only try to do better and move forward.

  32. Is it just me or do everyone of these recent deaths seem to have occurred after the CRIMINAL refused to obey a LAWFUL order, attacked or resisted arrest by a LAWFULLY appointed law enforcement officer? Why do these people think that they have the right to decide if they have done anything wrong or not? An officer of the LAW places you under arrest, YOU DO EXACTLY WHAT HE TELLS YOU TO DO! You go to jail, you get a trial you are found NOT guilty or GUILTY based on the evidence and you spend time in prison or go free according to the verdict based on the EVIDENCE! This IS not profiling or harassment! If the witness’S to a crime say the perpetrator was wearing a purple hoodie and was black the police do NOT look for a white man wearing a business suit! That is NOT profiling as all these people seem to think it is!

    • You guys been repeating that crap for years enough already. Suspects try to evade arrest every day all day all across America. They don’t all end up dead. Get off your soapbox police have a responsibility too.

      • This is a list of people killed by police in 2014

        Black – 233
        White 414
        Hispanic 138
        Asian 15

        Yet you don’t see whites rioting, now do ya!

      • Fox News “Fact” – the real numbers have to be done by population: 414
        of 95,398,700 of the white population (in 2013) is FAR FAR FAR less
        than 233 of 37,782,700 , typical Fox fantasy reporting. The percentage
        is what matters not the number.…/state…/distribution-by-raceethnicity/

      • Thank you for being so smart. 😉 Perhaps you are smart enough to not rush to judgment about what happened in Baltimore. 🙂 You seem to like calling Col West a liar … let’s hope you learn how bitter it is to eat words like that.

        Lilah tov

      • So when a crime is committed by a black man Asian, or Mexican the police should just go and arrest at random a white man to keep the numbers at an equal percentage? The people who commit the crimes shouldn’t be arrested because possibly they had relatives a hundred years ago that were slaves. Why does it seem to be the same ones complaining about living in poverty who don’t finish high school or go to a trade school and have no desire whatever to work at a JOB! Seems they would rather drop out of school because it takes work and effort to get an education, so they drop out so they can do and sell drugs and party! After all the white man owes them something! Who do we get to pay back all the Irish who came to America as slaves? Sold to the plantation owners just like the blacks were by the British Government, except a lot more of them were enslaved than were blacks! Why aren’t they rioting?

    • im not sure exactly what your comment is about. this has nothing to do with profiling. and as far as people running from the cops or attacking them, those are 2 seperate issues. a cop has a right to protect himself/herself and others. if someone is posing a threat they absolutely have a right and a responsibility to do something up to and including killing the person. someone running is a different story. cops do not have a right to shoot or abuse someone because they ran. someones criminal history is not a license to beat or kill them. i am not or will not defend for running from the cops. but to say well if a criminal doesnt do what the cops say they deserve it if the cops get rough is asinine.

      • Police are given weapon and authority because society don’t expect criminals to always surrender without fuss. Freddy Gray made those barneys break a sweat and paid for it with his life.

      • All of the recent deaths were because of the suspect NOT doing as ORDERED and NOT surrendering to authority. When you run from a cop that cop has no idea why you ran. He cannot know if you just shot up a mall or a school, assassinated the president or are just running because of an unpaid traffic ticket! DO NOT RUN! FOLLOW ORDERS GUILTY OR NOT! Not one incident of these recent killings was because some cop picked a victim at random harassed him and killed him for the fun of it! People who are not guilty of criminal activity past or present have nothing to fear if they simply FOLLOW THE OFFICERS ORDERS! SUBMIT AND SURRENDER TO AUTHORITY! Don’t want to go to jail? Don’t commit ANY crimes! EVER! Pot is illegal, selling cigarettes without paying the TAX’S is illegal! Robbing a store and hitting the owner is Illegal! Attacking a police Officer is illegal! Attacking someone from behind is illegal! Hitting someone or attempting to pound (his or her) head into the ground is illegal! Bare hands are deadly weapons, so using a gun if someone attacks you physically is LEGAL! And oh yeah, ITS NOT YOUR HOOD! It belongs to every American citizen and anyone has a right to pass through it!

      • Being shot in the back, having your spine severed is NOT justice. I do agree that in general if you do nothing wrong, nothing bad will happen, don’t break the law should always be the first choice. But people do make bad choices, they make mistakes
        , being killed for not paying child support (shot in the back 8 times), having your spine severed for stealing cigarettes, is NOT justice. We have a system in place for prosecuting criminals. This is not it. Obviously is a police officer – or anyone else is being physically threatened then they have the right to take appropriate action, but just because someone is frightened and runs is not a reason to kill them. Just for the record, bare hands can only kill close up, guns kill from a distance. They are NOT equal.

        BTW – I am a 61 year old white woman, I remember vividly the riots after Martin Luther King was killed, while alot has changed since them – much remains the same.

    • Simplistic like those animal who kill unjustly for the hell of it guns speak volume broaden a. The police shouldve arrested those crooks on Wal-Street they committed fraud a crime, killing an unarmed man for a misdemeanor, met a white guy who got his ass beat of course his was drug and fled ass beat, death over a child support imprisoned and now no job but no there is no trials Police equate Judge jury Trial executioner prllthe privilege pay their way out the poor run helpless voiceless this blacks are harassed as if some whites are obsessed with the degradation of a race, sick based on color race culture sick whips exchanged for guns how many black lives ended how many Research you’ll find a case every year dig deep every month dig deep daily aND no way in hell if he was a skinny blonde running and running would her spine be broken severed, I think was Freddy was hurt and he knew he was hurt and he knew he needes help…and they let him die soulless monsters demons on the face of the earth

  33. You know you’re an idiot right? Stop perpetuating this bs. It’s been proven that this case had nothing to do with a car accident. If you had done your research instead of plagiarising somebody else’s nonsense you would have found out that the whole court case had to do with lead paint. And FYI genius if he had really had neck and back surgery a week before he wouldn’t be up and walking far less running. I guess you wouldn’t know that though because you clearly didn’t do any damn research regurgitating the same garbage written by racist, white, haters. My brother could barely move a week after back surgery. There is no way Freddie was up and running. I normally get mad when I see black ppl call other black ppl coons and other derogratory terms but those seem to suite you to a t. You’re an embarressment. You should be ashamed of yourself. The idea that you bought into this repungnant drivel is a testament of how feeble minded and pathetically weak you are. Do everyone including yourself a favour and do the research then repost.

  34. Rumors have circulated through social media and on some websites that Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old Baltimore man
    who died April 19 after he was injured while in police custody, had a
    previous spinal injury that caused his death. The rumors also claim that
    Gray had spinal fusion surgery not long before his arrest to repair an
    injury caused by a car accident, which he received an insurance
    settlement for.

    The rumors started on social media as protests in the city grew heated
    and the false claims picked up steam as news sites and blogs, mainly
    with conservative leanings, began to write stories trying to validate

    Splashy, “breaking news” headlines have appeared, including “Freddie Gray Allegedly Had Spine Surgery Just One Week Before His Death” and “Freddy Gray Had Spine Surgery Just One Week Before Arrest.”

    But there is no evidence that the rumors are true, and most of what is known points to them being false.

  35. Simplistic like those animal who kill unjustly for the hell of it guns speak volume broaden a. The police shouldve arrested those crooks on Wal-Street they committed fraud a crime, killing an unarmed man for a misdemeanor, met a white guy who got his ass beat of course his was drug and fled ass beat, death over a child support imprisoned and now no job but no there is no trials Police equate Judge jury Trial executioner prllthe privilege pay their way out the poor run helpless voiceless this blacks are harassed as if some whites are obsessed with the degradation of a race, sick based on color race culture sick whips exchanged for guns how many black lives ended how many Research you’ll find a case every year dig deep every month dig deep daily aND no way in hell if he was a skinny blonde running and running would her spine be broken severed, I think was

      • Certainly seems to have learned to write and structure sentences from the public school system. Can anyone understand what the thread of his rant is about? Maybe he should run for President he seems to have the background for it, based on whose in office now!

  36. Latest breaking news is that investigators have now proven that he did the damage to himself inside the van. Police are completely innocent and all the rioters should be behind bars for the damage they did to their own city! What mindless animals they are!

    • The injury was NOT self inflicted – it would take the force equal to a car accident to do that kind of injury – That is the breaking news. On Wednesday night, The Washington Post leaked an alleged report from the
      Baltimore Police Department, which claims that Freddie Gray, the
      21-year-old who died a week after his spine was fractured while in
      police custody, “was intentionally trying to injure himself” in the back
      of a Baltimore Police van.

      The report, whose author is unknown,
      cites a single source: an unnamed second man who was in the van with
      Gray for a short time, but could not see him.

      GALLERY: Chaos in Baltimore Deepens (PHOTOS)

      Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty

      if Freddie Gray was trying to break his own spinal cord in the back of a
      van, according to experts in spinal trauma injuries, it might be the
      first self-inflicted injury of its kind.

      “I have never seen it
      before. I’ve never seen somebody self-inflict a spinal cord injury in
      that way,” says Anand Veeravagu, a Stanford University Medical Center
      neurosurgeon who specializes in traumatic brain and spinal cord

      “It’s hard for me to understand that, unless those terms
      (like ‘intentional’ and ‘injure himself’) are being used incorrectly.
      It’s hard for me to envision how a person could try to do that,” he
      says. “It would require them to basically hang themselves in a car where
      there isn’t anything to hang yourself with.”

      Veeravagu says that
      there are only a few ways you can injure your spine in a similar way to
      the injuries that ultimately led to Gray’s death. One, he says, is by a
      sharp injury, which is a direct penetrating injury—either somebody with a
      knife “who knows what they’re doing, or something else that cuts
      through, like a gunshot wound.”

      The other way, more pertinent to
      Gray’s case, is by trauma, where the bones are fractured and the
      ligaments are torn as a result of force or impact.

      “It is very
      difficult to sever your spinal cord without a known fracture,” says
      Veeravagu. “Often, when patients come in with this kind of injury,
      you’ll find they’ve been either in a car accident or something similar
      to that kind of impact.”

      There are times where Veeravagu, who is a
      former White House Fellow, has seen suicide or self-harm by means of a
      spinal cord injury, but it’s always by hanging, or by using an apparatus
      Gray couldn’t have on-hand.

      hard for me to understand that, unless those terms (like ‘intentional’
      and ‘injure himself’) are being used incorrectly. It’s hard for me to
      envision how a person could try to do that.”

      sometimes people attempt suicide by hanging themselves. It’s one of the
      only ways I’ve seen where you can (commit suicide or intentional
      self-harm) by spinal fracture. They kick their chair out, they fall,
      they snap their neck. It results in immediate spinal cord injury,” he
      says. “But it’s very hard to see how somebody could attempt suicide by a
      spinal cord injury without the use of something else.”

      But it’s
      even in those instances, he says, patients often don’t die of a spinal
      cord injury. And most who are taken to the hospital in time after
      suffering spinal cord injuries—self-inflicted or not—survive the trauma.

      “Most spinal cord injuries are not fatal if patients are taken to the hospital,” Veeravagu says. “Most survive.”

      Outlets covering The Washington Post’s leak have called the claims from the unnamed source “a twist” and a “new narrative (that) questions police brutality claim.”
      On Wednesday night, CNN’s broadcast ran a breaking news banner that
      video remains on CNN’s Youtube page.

      Washington Post’s initial report does not reach out to any medical
      professionals to determine the feasibility of the leaked document’s

      The official police report of Gray’s arrest was scheduled
      to be released publically on Friday, but police delayed the release on

      “I’m surprised they released that piece of information without a more detailed account,” says Veeravagu.

      trauma surgeon, speaking on condition of anonymity due to the political
      nature of the case and because he is “surprised time and again by what I
      previously believed to be impossible,” thinks that it’s “highly unusual
      (if not impossible) to deliberately make yourself a quadriplegic while
      shackled in the back of a police van.”

      There are, Veeravagu says,
      situations that would make Gray more prone to a fatal spinal injury,
      however—like if someone or something applied pressure to his spine as it

      “Certain conditions make people more prone to spinal
      injury. If you were to apply leverage to the spine at certain points, it
      basically converts the spine to a long bone,” says Veeravagu.

      also says it’s possible Gray’s spinal fracture could have occurred
      before entering the van—and that symptoms of his broken vertebrae could
      have been delayed until he was placed in the van.

      “That is
      possible: It’s possible to have an injury to your spinal cord that gets
      worse over time and eventually progresses to complete paralysis,” he
      says. “Did he have an expanding blood clot in his spine? Did he have an
      exact fracture to his spine? Both are important to understand. If the
      family does an autopsy—finding that out, that’s ideal.”





      • FYI, he was 25 years old, not 21. Not that his age has any bearing on his injury, but it’s best to be correct if you quote someone’s age.

      • Discordant is your motive, (do) you agree with this notion Freddy Grey essentially committed suicide…in a van, handcuffed that’s *commonsense* (waits…)

      • Why are you so quick to judge the police when you have no conclusive answers? Yes, Gray COULD have damaged himself badly enough to die, even being handcuffed! The hole in his head from the bolt on the inside of the van shows he did considerable damage to himself. But wait for the facts to come out about the entire incident before pointing blame at the police!

    • Proven by a statement given 3 weeks later from a guy the police arrested and put in the same van with Freddy – who spent all of 20 minutes with him – and got what deal in return? What do we know about his record and what charges he faced? By the time this miscreant was caught Freddy was already handcuffed and in leg chains. Exactly how much damage could Freddy do to himself while trussed up? Certainly he didn’t break his own spine! You are breathtakingly biased and trying to cover up police misconduct. SHAME ON YOU.

      • Yes, I am “breathtakingly” in favor of America’s police. I also am a woman who doesn’t rush to judgment until all the facts have been investigated and reported. Facts will be forthcoming and little midget minds like you will get your answers.

        SHAME ON YOU for being such a lame brain and so quick to judge police to put their lives on the line every single day to protect and defend citizens. Grow up!

      • Actually you can do a whole lot of damage to yourself while “trussed up” he wasnt hog-tied & immobile. And why shouldn’t we care about the witnesses statement? Whoc ares about his record…freddie Gray record didnt matter to the rioters, did it? freddie gray was been under indictment for something, inprison, or violating probation, his whole adult life. But THAT is not supposed to matter at all; so why should the witness’s criminal record matter?

    • thats not even close to being true. You need to find some sources that aren’t Fox News or right wing blogs taht rely entirely on rumors from “anonymous sources”

    • Once again, Allen West didn’t write this blog and, once again, the liberals are all over him anyway. The author only shared information she had received and in no way called it fact. Once again, liberals are screaming about injustices without having any facts to back it up (par for the course) yet are accusing others of doing it. Once again, liberals are doing their best to hide anything that doesn’t advance their agenda and accusing those who don’t jump in and help them as doing the same.

    • The LEO’s should have followed the damm rules. Probable cause, medical assistance, seat belting, by a Lieutenant too. Pity, a life lost (evidently) and lives forever adversely affected because rules were ignored. They will have their day in court and a chance to defend themselves against these charges. Our legal system isn’t perfect but it’s the best we have and their own lives are at stake now.

      • If they committed a crime, they will be charged. In the meantime, too many people are rushing to judgement when it appears that Gray harmed HIMSELF.

      • He didn’t do any such thing. There is no evidence that he injured himself except from cops who are now charged with is murder and wanted to try to weasel their way out of it

  37. Ummmm…had anyone (including the AUTHOR) noticed that Freddie Gray is listed as the DEFENDANT??????? If Gray was actually suing someone GRAY WOULD BE THE PLAINTIFF!!!!!!!!! But he is the DEFENDANT – which mean….BOMBSHELL Freddie GRAY WAS THE ONE BEING SUED!!!

  38. Truth does matter. The suit is regarding the lead poisoning he suffered as a child. It had nothing to do with a spinal injury. Shame on you, Michelle Hickford!


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