The obscenely easy way people are ripping off taxpayers for $69,000 a year in benefits

As President Trump said last Tuesday, the American economy is not great again…yet. In one in five American families, no one in the household is working. Data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that for 2014, in 19.9 percent of American families, NO ONE had a job.

CNS News says, the BLS also calculates these data for single-parent families. In 25.6 percent of families maintained by women with no spouse present, no family member is employed.

But really, it’s no surprise when you see how incredibly easy it is to cash in on up to $69,000 in benefits, paid for by working-class schlubs like you and me.

Want to try it yourself? Follow these proven steps:

1. If you’re a man, don’t get married
2. Have a couple kids
3. Use your mom’s address for your mail
4. Buy a house
5. Rent your house to your girlfriend and your two kids
6. Section 8 will pay $900 a month for the rent on the 3 bedroom home
7. Have your girlfriend sign up for Obamacare
8. Your girlfriend gets to go to college free as a single mother
9. She also gets $400 a month for food stamps
10. She gets a free cell phone
11. She also gets a cash grant to help pay for heating costs
12. Move into your house with her, but keep your mom’s address for your mail
13. Each of you can claim one child on your taxes so now you both get to claim head of household credit ($1295)
14. Have your girlfriend get a permanent disability for “marked difficulties maintaining concentration” or having a “back pain.”

This is all perfectly legal, and is clearly being enjoyed by millions of people.

Here’s how it all adds up:

$22,800 disability + $10,800 housing benefit +$4,800 food stamps + $3,300 Obamacare subsidy + $900 utilities grant + $5,645 Pell grant cash + $12,000 yearly college tuition grant + $8,000 single mother tax benefit + $1,295 head of household credit…

…equals $69,540 – and we didn’t even add in the free cellphone!

Now you know why our nation has a debt of $18,205,125,300,000.

Hey, thanks Obama. And unless he starts changing the policies of the welfare nanny state, folks will still be thanking President Trump as well.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


  1. Ms Hickford… why are you blaming Obama for a whole list of programs that all existed before he was ever President?
    And why are you helping advise people how to defraud the system?

  2. I guess I will have to wait on how the RICH cheats the tax man by hiding their money off shore… its a lot more than 69K

      • not to mention, they most likely EARNED the money in the first place instead of just coveting after what someone else has

    • You act as if you have some right to the capital that others work for… Seems like you fit right in with the folks who take advantage of such loopholes as stated above.

      • More tax money was paid to bail our millionaires who wrecked our economy than was paid to welfare redipients

      • Now you are talking about something completely different, and over time, welfare wins hands down, that was a one time payment, and welfare is almost the same amount every year… (not saying that I agree with it… I think it was a terrible move)

      • Wrong again…the money was given to banks to keep them from closing shop and leaving our economy in ruins. The money was not paid to individuals. I don’t do business with banks, and neither should most people.

      • Wrong. The money was used to pay off investment firms that were deep in debt because the individuals running them got rich defrauding the system. And those bail outs were also used to pay obscene salaries and bonuses of those individuals

      • It isn’t tax fraud to keep money in foreign accounts. The concern isn’t individuals that do this, in any case, it is corporations. What they are doing, while frowned upon, is completely legal. Those legal loopholes will continue to exist while we keep voting for a choice between the two biggest bribe takers in the country. We all need to decide on a third party write in candidate to take the country back.

      • Amen. Just look at all the waste this communist government does with our money. It’s appetite just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

    • And the so-called “1%er’s” paid more in taxes than the other 99% combined! FACT! Look it up and stop being so jealous that some people get rich because they EARN IT!

      • Earl you try justifying people defrauding us who pay taxes and many are illegally gaming the system it is taught in many neighbor hoods and those who actually deserve would be getting more to help them get out their situation. Whites Blacks Latinos ate all doing and it is worse as Latinos ate claiming kids not in the USA and we CA not even verify them! By the way knowing the right people to fraudulent fill out the disability papers and push them through are out their. I dare any one to go the group ery stores the first week of the month. Watch what they are driving and the clothes they ate wearing is better than the people working. See them proudly whip out their government cards and pay for 2 and 3 grocery carts of food and then drive away in an Escalade

      • How is it fraud to try and keep what the rotten government wants to steal from you? It’s “recouping”. If a thug steals your TV set, and you go “steal” it back from him, you are recouping what is already yours. The government steals our income by way of income taxes, which is not legal. Sales taxes are one thing, but income tax is illegal.



        On January 10, 2008, the Federal District Court in Chicago issued a permanent injunction against Bill Benson on the grounds that by offering information demonstrating that the
        16th Amendment was not legally ratified, he was promoting an abusive tax shelter. The Court then refused to look at the government-certified documentary evidence, deciding instead that the facts necessary to prove his statements
        true were “irrelevant.”

        What has America come to when the government we created to protect our rights can accuse us of lying and then prohibit us from presenting a defense in a court of law?

        The Premise

        The federal government rests its authority to collect income tax on the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution—the federal income tax amendment—which was allegedly ratified in 1913.

        “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect
        taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the
        several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

        —The 16th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America

        After an extensive year-long nationwide research project, William J. Benson discovered that the 16th Amendment was not ratified by the requisite three-fourths of the states and that nevertheless Secretary of State Philander Knox had fraudulently declared ratification.

        It was a shocking revelation; it reached deep to the core of our American system of government.

        The Discovery

        Article V of the U.S. Constitution defines the ratification process and requires three-fourths of the states to ratify any amendment proposed by Congress. There were forty-eight states in the American Union in 1913, meaning that
        affirmative action of thirty-six was necessary for ratification. In February 1913, Secretary of State Philander Knox proclaimed that thirty-eight had ratified the Amendment.

        In 1984 Bill Benson began a research project, never before performed, to investigate the process of ratification of the 16th Amendment. After traveling to the capitols of the New England states and reviewing the journals of the state
        legislative bodies, he saw that many states had not ratified. He continued his research at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.; it was here that Bill found his Golden Key.

        This damning piece of evidence is a sixteen-page memorandum from the Solicitor of the Department of State, among whose duties is the provision of legal opinions
        for the Secretary of State. In this memorandum, the Solicitor lists the many errors he found in the ratification process.

        These four states are among the thirty-eight from which Philander Knox claimed ratification:

        California: The legislature never recorded any vote on any proposal to adopt the amendment proposed by Congress.

        Kentucky: The Senate voted on the resolution, but rejected it by a vote of nine in favor and twenty-two opposed.

        Minnesota: The State sent nothing to the Secretary of State in Washington.

        Oklahoma: The Senate amended the language of the 16th Amendment to have a precisely opposite meaning.

        When his project was finished at the end of 1984, Bill had visited the capitol of every state from 1913 and knew that not a single one had actually and legally ratified the proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution. Thirty-three states engaged in the unauthorized activity of altering the language of an amendment proposed by Congress, a power that the states do not possess.

        Since thirty-six states were needed for ratification, the failure of thirteen to ratify was fatal to the Amendment. This occurs within the major (first three) defects tabulated in Defects in Ratification of the 16th Amendment. Even if we were to ignore defects of spelling, capitalization and punctuation, we would still have only two states which successfully ratified.

        Important Headlines


      • Nope, they pay more than the bottom 90%. Before you go turn your caps lock key on you should check to make sure you’re right. Now that’s a FACT!

    • First of all, take that logo off your post. People like you give my hometown a bad reputation. Secondly, as much as the “rich” have to pay in taxes to support freeloaders like you, i don’t blame them for hiding as much as they can. In case you forgot, it’s the rich that give people that actually want to work jobs. Ghetto scum.

    • Offshore hiding of money is largely an urban myth perpetrated by those who seek justification for ripping off the government. Even if they were to hide money offshore, at least they earned it.

    • If you move your money some place where the taxes are lower, why is that awful? I’d guess everyone would do it without any guilt. It’s also called spreadingisk, and with the U.S. Dollar do shaky because of our huge deficit and overspending, our economy may collapse at any moment.

      • You are moving your money to dodge american taxes. I can’t do that and most likely YOU can’t either!

      • Wait, what? You want to live in this country and enjoy the benefits but you want to park your money somewhere else so you don’t have to pay for any of it. And you’re asking why that’s wrong? Seriously? Whether you think it’s wrong or not, it’s still a federal crime so if you’re doing it now I would advise you to stop talking about it so much.

        Secondly, the dollar is extremely strong right now. It has been since the middle of last year. Seriously, just google “strong dollar” and you’ll get tons of articles about how you should be investing your money in order to take advantage of the dollars relative strength against other currencies.

      • Fine. One’s a crime and the other ought to be. You can’t really defend people who want to enjoy the privileges of living in this country but don’t want to pay their share.

      • Can I defend people who itemize deductions which is a fairly common tax avoidance practice? If the government provides ways to avoid taxes, it would be foolish not to take advantage of them.

      • Right. If I were rich, I’d hide all I could from the greedy, corrupt government. People act like it’s our duty to pay income taxes. Yes, we pay them, or get fined, or go to jail, but the 16th Amendment was NOT ratified, therefore, the IRS and collection of income taxes are illegal. But you can’t fight it, so we all (those of us who work) bend over and take it.

    • Hide it offshore? That’s a brilliant idea!! What are these “offshore” places doing to attract such wealth? Lower taxes maybe??? Do ya think? Maybe we should do the same and keep the money here instead of encouraging the wealthy to send their money elsewhere…

  3. This is not actual fraud as stated it’s legal but should be fraud. I know several people who do most of this crap and even though one is family I rarely talk to them anymore. These people are a huge reason this country is being flushed down the drain . Here is a thought “you want a check car home family etc. then work for it make your own living and stop taking from the hard working responsible tax payers you fuck8NG LOOSERS.

    • Steps 12 & 13 are tax fraud, (never mind the other frauds), which the IRS is hamstrung in trying to detect, deter and recover the ill gotten gains, but we already understand this, since the republicans played right into his hand by curtailing agency funding. Hence the un-ravelling of our nations fiscal stability.

    • I’m sorry but corporate welfare cost the country more than social welfare….don’t see you complaining about that Skippy!

      • Earl Lee . . . Do you have Google??? Made the off the wall liberal statement, now “Man Up and Back It Up”, or just be a “Liberal Pansy” and insist on someone else doing your work for you. You stated “Corporate Welfare” all motherall want was you proof. You fail to show Proof then You Are a LIAR!

      • Earl Lee, I think instead of stating a blanket statement towards corporations, you might try giving empirical evidence to give your statement a foundation of understanding. I know, for example that energy companies such as GE are getting tax subsidies etc for doing contract work. I also know that they paid to play with the potential President Hilary Clinton foundation.

      • Oh please get off the liberal lies! They at least use their own honey not the have a choice, do not buy from them fool!

      • At least corporate welfare does something productive – like employ people. Corporate welfare might not be perfect but social welfare is a dead end.

  4. I have to bite my tongue for saying this (I despise that commie socialist) but this had to be in place long before ovomit.

    • Obama got rid of able-bodied folks having to wk 20hrs/week to stay on benefits with one of his Stimulus Packages in 06/07. Now folks can stay on welfare indefinitely with no job. Some states have adopted similar plans since then.

      • Obama wasn’t President until January 2009. They allowed states to modify the welfare to work requirements in 2012 as long as the states could come up with a credible way to decrease unemployment by 20%. But there is still no such thing as indefinite welfare, there hasn’t been since the 90s.

      • 2009 is the year ABAWD was stripped from welfare. And yes, you can be on welfare indefinitely, as long as you turn in your paperwork every six months.

        “In addition to the broader work requirement that has become a
        contentious issue in the presidential race, the 1996 welfare reform law
        included a separate rule encouraging able-bodied adults without
        dependents to work by limiting the amount of time they could receive
        food stamps. President Obama suspended that rule when he signed his
        economic stimulus legislation into law, and the number of these adults
        on food stamps doubled, from 1.9 million in 2008 to 3.9 million in 2010,
        according to the CRS report.”

    • Try working a day in a pharmacy, doctor office or ER. This is nothing new and you would be blown away at how bad it is.

      You think the riots on Baltimore are bad? Wait til we have to cut back on all these freebies. All hell will break loose.

      • I do deal with them. My wife is being treated for cancer and it’s a nightmare. I believe this has been part of ovomit’s plan all along. Destroy America, declare martial law, elections are suspended, instant dictator.

      • I’m tripping? People have been abusing the welfare system for DECADES! They were doing it in the 70’s that I saw first hand.

      • this part……..
        “I believe this has been part of ovomit’s plan all along. Destroy America, declare martial law, elections are suspended, instant dictator.”

        if you really believe that,,, then you really need to get out more,,,

      • they need to shop at:
        Earl’s TIN FOIL HAT OUTLET STORE….mention OBAMA IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS and get 20% off your entire order!!

      • “don’t forget your green tipped ammo and little plastic
        Samurai Swords for the kiddies”
        say Moron Labe for an addionial 10% off your next order!!!

      • well, Bennie then said “in the 70’s” AND “ovomit’s plan all along” so per those statements they are claiming Obama has been in control for 40+ years somehow.

  5. The main fraud here is someone pretending this sort of perfect storm happens often, if at all.

    We have people in the streets and laws forbidding outreach to feed them, and you honestly think THIS is the issue? Sad…

    • So, what? Both can’t be issues for some reason?

      Short the disability thing (which might be too much effort), this sounds like a pretty easy scam, I’m sure it is an issue. I suppose you have hard data to the contrary, right?

    • If you think this isn’t a real issue that happens often then you are a fool. I live in a small town in NC and I personally know at least a dozen women living off assistance in nicer houses than I have thanks to hud, eating better food thanks to food stamps and driving nicer cars thanks to tanif. Their baby’s daddy lives with them under the radar and they keep every penny of his earnings for drugs. One of the girls just had her kids taken away for the third time because she got a dwi with them in the car with her but she keeps her benefits while getting “treatment” and then will get her kids back. Our social services are a joke. All they do is in able people to be lazy scum. I know there are people who need help but there has to be a better way than freely throwing mo eyes away on trash who are taking advantage.

    • That’s as dumb as refusing to investigate voter fraud on the unsubstantiated basis of ‘because it never happens’.

      ALL issues need to be addressed. Would you suggest maybe we should stop funding colleges until every last 10 year old reads at the 5th grade level? Stop rape prevention and turn all our focus to murders?? Stop investigating crooked politicians until we’ve ended all bank robberies??

  6. I’m on disability and get less than $9600 a year. (and I paid money into the system). I guess THAT”S where I went wrong. 🙁

  7. You complain that people get assistance but yet eliminate programs designed to get people off of assistance…..please explain this to me

  8. When people donate to religious groups, it’s tax-deductible. Churches don’t pay property taxes on their land or buildings.
    When they buy stuff, they don’t pay sales taxes. When they sell stuff at a profit, they don’t pay capital gains tax. If they spend less than they take in, they don’t pay corporate income taxes.
    Priests, ministers, rabbis and the like get “parsonage exemptions” that let them deduct mortgage payments, rent and other living expenses when they’re doing their income taxes. They also are the only group allowed to opt out of Social Security taxes (and benefits).
    It is estimated at about 82 Billion dollars a year…
    *** Also….It is estimated that religious groups own $600 billion in property is also probably low, since it leaves out property besides actual churches, mosques, etc.

    seems like lots of people don’t have a problem with that

    • Do not forget they perform acts of community service at the local, regional, national and international level, relieving government institutions of some of the burdens of supporting poor or needy individuals. You sound like these institutions should be disbanded, or burdened by full taxation and or the assets seized for the good of the community as defined by the POTUS. Just another example progressives propaganda looking to destroy this nation as it was founded.

      • I didn’t say they should be disbanded,, I just think they should pay their fair share of taxes,, and spare me the Obama rhetoric…
        it’s just another crack in the wall of the separation between church and state…
        Church tax exemption means that we all drop our money in the collection boxes, whether we go to church or not and whether we are interested in the church or not.
        It is systematic and complete robbery, from which none of us escapes.
        ~E. Haldeman-Julius, The Church Is a Burden, Not a Benefit, In Social Life

      • like the community service of standing outside Planned Parenthood and screaming at everyone?

    • I do. Only the church building itself should be exempt from property taxes and everything else taxes as for anyone else including the parsonage and car.

    • Why would they? I know full well what these priest and pastors get paid because when you are a member of that perish or church we go to business meetings. They are on call 24/7 to be their for their congregation! As far as their deducting the mortgage payment, it is because the parsonage does not belong to them and is usually part of their pay package. Sometimes but not always their pay includes health care. My experience shows these are not on top off their pay but considered part of their usually stupid uneducated and uninformed people!

  9. Steps 12 & 13 are tax fraud, (never mind the other frauds), which the IRS is hamstrung in trying to detect, deter and recover the ill gotten gains, but we allready understand this, since the republicans played right into his hand by curtailing agency funding. Hence the un-ravelling of our nations fiscal stability.

  10. This administration added double the goodies and amount of people on some form of government benefit! BUT SSD is only awarded to those that had worked and 2000. A month is not accurate! Those who get benefits from Social security with little or no work would be on SSI! It took me 5 years while others it takes just 18 months. It really depends on your judge and getting a lawyer!

  11. Conservatives would rather spend their tax dollars giving tax breaks to private jet owners. Don’t care about what corporate welfare and the military industrial complex cost the taxpayer but are always babbling about EBT cards and Obamaphones. You people still don’t know how stupid you sound.

      • I have never seen so many work so hard to destroy their own communities.If they were working they wouldn`t have energy to riot and loot…I am off to bed, some of us have to go work early tomorrow to make the rich folks more rich I guess.

      • Wealth can build on all levels. You speak the deceptive Communist/Socialist play book that says one side can only benefit at the cost of others. A Microsoft engineer may work to make the owner of Microsoft profit, but he earns a good living that would otherwise not be possible in a Communist country too. But, of course that is not important to you. You’d rather have everyone living poor. I don’t run business, but if I own one, I would have my employees make me profit. Why would I work for that if I am going to earn just as much as people who didn’t?

    • And you sound like you go to 3rd grade in the short yellow bus.

      Tax rates have been lowered for wealthy – yet they are paying more. The top 10% pay almost 80% of the taxes collected, while the bottom 50% pay less than 5% of revenues (and a good percentage of that bottom 50% get Earned Income Tax credits…so that take IN more…and pay nearly ZERO in taxes.)

      Our big expenditures are Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid- and those entitlements are over 50% of our spending…and it is not sustainable. Add to this mix the desire to import and legalize 10 to 20 million illegal aliens who will take a lot of entry level jobs for high school graduates, minorities, etc…..and convert them to people on unemployment, welfare, etc. We are going bankrupt quickly.

      • And you think your sea of numbers make you look any smarter? We both know that investment returns is not taxed the same way as salary. One more thing, do your numbers include sales taxes?

      • I didn’t make any claims about tax rates for salary vs. dividends or capital gains. But go to government web sites and you will find that overall taxes collected from the top 10% amounts to about 80% of taxes collected. NOTE – I am not including social security…that is supposed to be separate, and it is supposedly something that someone pays in …and later on – gets a benefit – even though realistically, it is a system that is going to bankrupt us.

        No – my numbers don’t include state taxes or sales taxes or property taxes…because none of those are any significant part of federal revenues.

        But – the numbers are valid. Go ahead and raise taxes further on the wealthy, and they will be incentivized to earn less… States raise taxes on the wealthy – and they relocate to states with lower taxes. Do it at the federal level – and they stop working at some point, or find other loopholes. At some point…they stop being willing victims. Why work hard if the marginal tax rate is 70% or higher – and when the federal tax rates WERE that high – the amount of revenue brought in was very low – because few people paid that rate!

      • Deliberately making less money to pay less taxes is the dumbest argument ever. Like Lebron James would decide i’ll just be an average player so I don’t have to give up too much of a max contract. They surely can afford accountants to tell them how stupid that is. Most European countries tax the income bracket at 60%. Rich people stay rich over there just like in the US.

      • You could do like Romney and give your money to “charity” and then later get a deferred tax break that’s 5x what you actually donated.

      • That’s why John Lennon and Mick Jagger had moved to the US – to escape the staggeringly high British tax rate. They considered it financial banishment from their own country. Stones even named an album for it – Exile on Main Street.

      • Which is why those European countries you worship are in bad economical shape. For those higher tax countries some of them has even higher debt to GDP rate than USA with 17~18 trillion dollar debt. Even if someone is making millions, if their business is running on a slim profit margin percentage, even a slight increase in tax can kill the profit. The owner can just shut down the business and play with his money, while the people who really suffers is his/her workers that will get laid off. Have you wondered why famous UK actors, etc., flock to U.S. and gain citizenship here? Have you wondered why businessmen here folded and opened business in lower tax countries? Only the stupid and naive buys the “Robin hood” theory of economy.

        It’s a shame that likes of you can vote and ruin this country with likes of Obama.

      • The wealthiest will find ways around it. Do we not already know that? Where this taxation hits hard is the middle class. People working two jobs or own a small business might hit the income level some seem as rich. If you have two adults in a household working 2 jobs each and they hit that magical 2% income mark, are they in the same category as a movie star or an heiress? I don’t think so. In some places in this country, that is not enough income to buy a single family home. Our taxation situation is effed up in this country 40+ percent who pay no federal tax at all— they’ll pull the (D) lever if they bother to vote, and let somebody else be the adult in the room.

      • yeah, the $1.7 trillion spent running around in the Middle East has nothing at all to do with us “going bankrupt quickly”.

    • Not true. Conservatives want people to be out of the trap of government dependency. What is stupid is to ignore our debt problem.

    • The military industrial complex employs millions of people. What’s the plan for the economy after that’s dismantled? More jobs at Walmart?? Wow – that’s so progressive…

      • Yeah that’s why we have to create a market for it at all costs. How is paying people to build tanks we don’t need different than welfare?

      • It is called work which anyone with an ounce of self respect does. The military is necessary for the defense of the nation, whether it is a tank, airplane or ship. But sit on your ass and gripe Rafael it’s obvious your either have never worked any length of time or are an employee of the welfare or social services agency.

  12. This list shows exactly why we need to go to the Fair Tax. It’s not an income tax. Everyone pays their fair share and it all but eliminates the IRS.

  13. There was a show or article a while back that showed a single mom in Pennsylvania qualified for over $80,000 in different programs.

  14. And if you are really lucky get a prescription for weed for the pain and cash in on selling the extra ounces you don’t use you smoke

  15. Disability, the biggest benefit is also the hardest to get unless you’re in a wheel chair. Vague “aches and pains” and psych are next to impossible even if you have a lawyer adept at handling such cases. Fortunately due to budget concerns, the SSA’s been working to plug those holes.

  16. Those of you who are talking about how people can make more money
    working, you just do not understand the issue here. That is completely
    irrelevant. These scums who defraud us has no desire to work what so
    ever, and if given a choice between making a moderate living while
    working and living in a contaminated and infested ghetto house while
    everything is given for free, they will choose the free option over and
    over. Even if they make far less than $69000 suggested here, drain is a
    drain and fraud is a fraud.

    Also, I see those who are claiming
    “it is hard to qualify for welfare blah blah…” It is only hard if you are honest.
    I have seen plenty of people, mostly criminal scum types, who are not
    in wheelchair on SSI, contrary to the claim of another person posted here. I have seen many able bodied people who should be capable of working if they were willing admitting to me that they get SSI, mostly criminal types. They have no hesitation to lie. They are even willing to make themselves actually disabled to get welfare. With drug abuse, they’re nearly there, if not already there, anyway. Yes, Yes, I know that welfare qualification for drug problems are more restricted, but do you really think they’re going to admit their so called “mental illness” is drug induced? Not only have I heard and read about “welfare moms” who pop out kids and live off on welfare money, I have actually met some who admitted that that is how they live. I also met kids who plan to live that way. These vermin are trained for this from childhood. They know ever trick in the book that goes far beyond what is posted here.

      • If you think that stop them, you’re naive. That’s why the scums usually try to qualify for mental disorders which requires no bodily injury. relies on doctors “opinion.” If they say the right words and follow up with crazy acts, then doctors do not want to risk saying “I think they’re just feigning” to people who has no reservations about carrying out crazy acts, even at the risk of getting arrested. I lost count of “I commit violent crimes, but it cannot be my fault. It is mental illness” type scums I’ve met.

      • Mental disorders must still be verified. You can’t “fake” your way into a favorable diagnosis. These are professionals at their jobs. Not based on opinions.

      • Whether if a bone is broken or not is a matter of fact. Mental diagnosis is never totally objective. Doctor being a professional does not mean their diagnosis is not an opinion. And doctors are also subject to bias.

      • thats why there is more than one medical report done. yes there is cause for concern in some cases. like those doctors who basicly operate “pill mills” for the extra $$ (esp here in florida at one point) however to qualify for a govt permanent ssdi/ssi – they refer back to primary doctos (theirs ) and our own doctors (so two or more “opinions” agree or COULD disagree on diagnosis) (i should point out that i work w ppl w disabilities as a govt employee)… so unless you do too im going to go ahead and say i may know a tiny bit more…

    • in single parent households it typically falls to the female to care for children. services arent restricted female applicants only…

    • It’s a part of ghetto culture. Although there are males who claim dependents, a lot of the welfare abuser types are who don’t want or cannot commit to any work, including child care. Also, it is usually the male who are ordered to pay child support, and it is also them who have a harder time winning child custody. I am not saying welfare abuser mother types do a good job of child care either. That’s why the kids on those situations grow up to be a mess.

  17. This state of affairs has a root cause. And, it is not particularly a partisan Republican vs. Democrat problem. Even people on the “conservative” side gets too sympathetic at the though of someone in modern day U.S. starving. It became a taboo to take away from the poor.

    But, the undeniable fact is that a lot of these people DESERVE to starve, and SHOULD starve. I am not talking about genuinely honest people who needs temporary help or people who are poor even after their honest effort. I am talking about people who just wants nothing other than to freeload and are dishonest scums. There people are not some imagined people or someone I only heard about through some blog of a “conservative.” I have personally met these people, and I have lost count of them.

    What they’re getting paid is actually ransom money, and their hostage is naive American’s misguided conscience.

    I have personally met a lot of people on welfare that I’d rather see money go to money wasted by DOD than benefit these people, not that I advocate DOD waste, even if it means they starve to death right in front of my own eyes.

  18. Why is the government rewarding people (both male & female) for being irresponsible??? This is 2015, birth control and condoms are readily available these days. There should be no “help” given to those who have several children with no job or way to provide. This should be the insenatve needed for the parents to get off their asses and do their job and provide for the lives they brought into this world.

  19. A perfect;y idiotic piece of BS from an ass who is trying to conflate a combination of factors into a realistic scenario. Anyone who takes this as gospel is intellectually impaired.

    • Thanks for playing, Catherine Carre. However, this piece is NOT “idiotic,” inasmuch as it completely accurately describes what a significant percentage of the population are doing and getting away with.

      • Evidently , Bob, the logical fallacies, wild conclusions, distortions, incompetence and poor research this piece of blather are based upon have completely escaped you. I feel bad when i see people struggling with elementary critical thinking, but in the long run, that’s your rock to carry….

      • Where are the fallacies? Catherine, you’re throwing around a lot of big words, but not providing a counter argument. Very much like a woman…. Where is the “good” research that you are using as a reference? I feel bad when I see people struggle with elementary debating.

      • Really?! So, assuming there are 360 Million individuals living in the US, you are telling me that only 360 of them are committing fraud? You clearly need to get out more often.

    • No one said this is the gospel. However, I have personally witnessed people who I have lost count of, who has no shame on ripping us off with welfare when they do not deserve it. It would be “intellectually impaired” to think these people do not exist or think that this is not a wide spread problem.

  20. Would rather see the piece written about the ass hats that don’t pay billions in taxes, pay their workers at under the minimum wage (adjusted for inflation). Amongst taking our cash in bail outs, useless wars on ideas with no boundary or barrier, aid companies that are supposed to give a dollar but only give a nickel, pointless printing of money, yeah the small margin of people abusing welfare systems they are the ones screwing it up for all of us. Stop looking at the disparaged many and let’s look at the few assholes on a pedestal.

      • No offense, but what I am discussing pales in comparison the cost of paying for abusive corporate entities, I am talking about removing the bass awkward idea of a corporate democracy, which cost us more than feeding and providing healthcare for everyone in the U.S. Now trust me I dislike Pelosi too, but what these jackass’s are doing is small fry in comparison to the big picture of bullshit that has become our governing entity. Republican/Democrat neither have interests in the common man anymore, they are there to smile, look pretty, and take the damn check.

  21. I’ve always lived my life by my own rules. Leaned very young that “Yes”, there are things like morals and they are good. But not everyone follows them to a T. Everyone has their own little set of rules they break. I take what I can from a system that I didn’t form or approve of. I see that same system hurt a lot of people and help a lot of people. We are all still just hunters trying to feed ourselves in a new modern world but. It’s still a hunt.

  22. Help those who need help . . . Jail those who commit fraud. It seems apparent that Allen West sure scares a lot of trolls. Progressivism is a bad virus. It is the means to an end for a group people who really do not care about anyone but themselves. Sad if you think Hillary or 0bama are champions for the advancement of humanity.
    It will end in tears.

  23. This is horrid to put on social media because some far left welfare monger is actually going to go out and do this now. Yay for unrealistic reasoning to sound like an idiot and make a point not worth making!!


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