Canadian government about to do something DISGUSTING with this jihadi murderer

There’s not much I need to say about this story, other than I am truly disgusted.

As reported by The Stripes, “A Canadian judge on Friday ordered the release of a former Guantanamo Bay inmate while he appeals his conviction in a Washington court for war crimes, including killing a U.S. soldier. Judge June Ross said the terms of Omar Khadr’s release will be determined May 5. Canada’s government said it would appeal the order. Toronto-born Khadr is in prison in Alberta, serving out an eight-year sentence handed down by a U.S. military commission in 2010. He was convicted of five war-crimes, including throwing a grenade when he was 15 years old that killed Army Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer in Afghanistan during a 2002 firefight. He spent a decade in Guantanamo Bay. Khadr, now 28, agreed to a plea deal in 2010 that stipulated he serve one year of his eight-year sentence at the U.S. naval base in Cuba. He has since said he only pleaded guilty to get out of Guantanamo and be sent back to Canada. Ross said Khadr has a strong basis for appeal and keeping him behind bars would not be in the public interest.”Omar is fortunate to be back in Canada where we have real courts and real laws,” said Nate Whitling, one of Khadr’s lawyers.”

I find Mr. Whitling’s comments disrespectful, disingenuous, and denigrating to the United States of America and to all the men and women — and their families — who have lost their lives fighting against Islamic jihadism. Mr. Whitling is indicative of the yellow-backed “coexist” crowd who extends constitutional rights and privileges to non-state, non-uniform unlawful enemy combatants captured on the modern 21st century battlefield.

I don’t give a doggone how old Omar Khadr was when he made the decision to throw a grenade and kill an American Soldier, SFC Christopher Speer. If anything, Khadr deserves to die. At the very least, he should never see the light of freedom for the rest of his life — SFC Speer certainly will not. And convicted of war crimes? I suppose in the true progressive socialist mantra, “what difference at this point does it make?”

Maybe someone will give Khadr a job and he’ll turn his life around? Bovine excrement. Khadr still harbors that terrorist sentiment that made him a killer. And why would the United States release him from GITMO in the first place? Once again, what message does this send to the family of SFC Speer — or to all of the men and women serving in uniform today?

The Stripes writes, “The government has argued Ross had no jurisdiction to hear the unprecedented bail application from an offender convicted abroad and returned to Canada. Giving Khadr bail would undermine Canada’s international relations and obligations, the government argued. It also said Ross should take into account Khadr’s guilty plea to serious offenses. “We have vigorously defended against any attempt to lessen his punishment,” Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said in a statement announcing the government would appeal.”

This is the result of some activist judge and liberal progressive agenda-driven lawyer who want to “find empathy” with the enemy and sympathize with their feelings.

To show how degraded the state of mind is for these progressive socialists ponder this, “In court last month, Khadr’s lawyers argued their client has been a model prisoner who poses no threat to the community. They also said the appeal of his conviction by a stands a good chance of success, but was dragging on. Defense attorneys have said Khadr was pushed into war by his father, Ahmed Said Khadr, an alleged al-Qaida financier whose family stayed with Osama bin Laden briefly when Omar Khadr was a boy. The Egyptian-born father was killed in 2003 when a Pakistani military helicopter shelled the house where he was staying with senior al-Qaida operatives. Omar Khadr’s long-time lawyer Dennis Edney and wife have offered to take him into their home.”

I’m quite sure Dennis Edney and his wife have “coexist” bumper stickers on their cars. So the little jihadist has been a model prisoner and will get a new lease on life courtesy of these chuckleheads — my own term of endearment.

Consider that this is the same excuse the defense attorneys used for Boston Marathon jihadist Dzokhar Tsarnaev — that it was his older brother who forced him to lay down a pressure cooker bomb that took the life of a little American child. No, Omar Khadr’s dad was not there to force his Islamist son to throw a grenade and kill an American Soldier — he made that decision all on his own, at the age of 15. If these liberal progressives haven’t been paying attention, ISIS is training little jihadists far younger.

Funny, does Judge Ross, Nate Whitling, Dennis Edney, or his wife not care about the empty chair that will always be at the Speer family home? Of course not, to the liberal progressives, a deserter serves with honor and distinction. A commander who makes a decision to protect his men in combat is a war criminal.

But abandoning four Americans to die in Benghazi and lying about it, as well as releasing Islamic terrorists who have American blood on their hands “supposedly” evidences their empathy and benevolence. To me it is an example of treasonous betrayal and cowardice.

This is FUBAR and I expect Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper to intercede — because our president will not. Chances are he has no idea about this, unless he reads about it in the paper the same time as the rest of us.

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K J Van Kirk

Great points Col. The saddest thing that we do not talk about is that we on the conservative side have seen this coming for a long time. Liberalism, socialism, multiculturalism etc… do not work. Thanks to the useful idiots in the press we are allowing the leftist to succeed.


The Alberta Courts Judge is in error The Canadian Government has already started the process of appeal of this decision. Given that Kadr’s family still has terrorist sympathies and connections, I expect the federal government appeal to prevail and the Alberta judge’s ruling to be overturned. The Canadian people are not happy with this latest development, Most wish he would have been killed the same day that he killed SFC Speer. If it’s an Ilslamic terrorist, take no prisoners is the lesson of this debacle.


This terrorist should remain in Gitmo just for that unibrow alone.

Yankee 1942

Enemy doesn’t fear us and our allies won’t trust us. That’s the headline of the failed legacy.


I’d love to read the story, but the ads overlapping the text, and no way to turn them off, makes that impossible.

Guest use this extension and you wont have all the bs ads

Rafael X

Judge just decided to follow actual laws instead of Bush’s kangaroo courts.

Chuck Jones

You’re so full of shit it’s coming out of your ears.

Cecilia Robarge

Once a terrorist, always a terrorist. Soooooo watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothing who will behead you and yours in a second unless you are a muslim… Just saying….

B Beaches
Canada’s Conservative Prime Minister Harper is on this and other things!The problem is that our cops and courts are filled with LIBERAL idgits & now bcoz of upcoming election, ALL are fiercely GOING AGAINST THE LAW to thwart our PM , including the Supreme Court! Sound familiar? So EAGER to call this a “failure”of PM(not found to be corrupt or even smoking illegal weed!) and “win” for them!!WHAT PERVERTED MENTALLY ILL MINDS!! LIBERALS go against law to make phoney points??! ~~~This is going to get us killed ,as we want entire family ,who threatened us all with death ,to be… Read more »
B Beaches

ONTARIO CDA LIBERALS~Hillery came to see Homosexual LIBERAL Premier Wynne after questionable win~~ compt co as Obamacare~~Michelle Obamas friend~~Their kids& friends work for co as well~~~ques win bcoz>>>

Dwight Upton

The USA released six GITMO prisoners to Chile and, and pay them $600/ month
Take your self righteousness out on your own administers.
The adage, “let he with no sin cast the first stone” applies.

I am Canadian, and I agree 100%. Our country was hijacked by the hard left a long time ago. The 3 opposition parties range from socialists to out and out communists, even though they hide that well when the can. The press is also a den of socialists or worse. It’s been easy to predict in advance what has been happening down there, because it’s my belief that Canada was a testing ground first. Anyhow, the courts have been stacked with leftist activists. There is no truth involved spoken to the country by political parties or the press. Canadians aren’t… Read more »

Further to my previous comment. Watch this video to truly understand Canada’s devolution towards the left. It’s a graphic example of what our press is like up here. Granted, there’s a bit of arcane Canadian stuff in it, but Americans can learn new facts about Kadar, and hate him passionately all over again. Curse your President for ever forcing his release to Canada.

Andrew Benghazi

“I expect Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper to intercede”

The PM does not have the power, he is not the “executive” of Canada, that would be the Governor General and he only has ceremonial power.