Jihadi John mentor lives off government dole in posh London neighborhood

Saturday night I had the distinct pleasure of addressing the Pennsylvania National Guard Association’s 2015 State Conference in Harrisburg — before I spoke, I enjoyed a nice four-mile run along the Susquehanna river. I got back to Dallas/Ft. Worth Sunday morning in time to get in a midday run and mount the motorcycle for its first ride in Texas. It started off nice but the storm clouds rolled in quickly. I still got in a two-hour ride over towards Grapevine, backroads up to Denton and back down. And as I was heading home on Forest Lane just east of Preston Rd there it was, my first sighting in Texas of… the insidious “coexist” bumper sticker.

As I sauntered on home those final miles I smiled and remembered my recent “On the Record” interview with Greta von Susteren, where she asked me what it will take for these barbaric attacks against Christians to end. I responded that it will take courageous and resolute leadership — and for folks to scratch off those “coexist” bumper stickers.

This story from the UK Telegraph relates perfectly to that conversation: “Free to stroll through Britain’s cities, this is the cleric suspected of radicalizing “Jihadi John” — the ISIS video executioner. Security services are understood to be investigating links between Hani al-Sibai and his influence on the west London terror network in which Jihadi John – unmasked as Mohammed Emwazi – operated. It is claimed that al-Sibai, a charismatic preacher, had “captivated” a number of young Muslim men who subsequently went abroad to fight jihad. In a court case last year, he was accused of having “provided material support to al-Qaida and conspired to commit terrorist acts,” an allegation he denies. Despite being officially identified as an affiliate of the notorious terror network, al-Sibai, citing his human rights, has thwarted government attempts to deport him for more than 15 years.”

It seems this Islamic cleric has a clear definition of “coexist” — he dismisses the notion. How can it be that someone with ties to al-Qaida who has been proselytizing and encouraging jihad can make a plea about his “human rights”?

This, ladies and gents, is the result of the ill-conceived “coexist” bumper sticker world where we, in Western civilization, extend our rights and privileges to a most vile enemy. It is this same mentality and cowardice of our elected officials that enables the enemy to gain advantage because we wish to feel good about empathizing.

It is this degraded moral state that looks at the enemy and blames ourselves for not providing them better jobs and opportunities. All this while they demand that we not show certain films because it offends them. This is how you lose, because when tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide.

Fifteen years and this militant Islamic cleric has avoided deportation — how? Why? “Al-Sibai first claimed asylum in the UK in 1994, when he told officials he had been tortured in Egypt because he had acted as a lawyer for Islamist groups and was linked to the opposition Muslim Brotherhood. He was refused asylum on national security grounds, and was jailed in 1998 pending deportation. However, human rights laws make it impossible for suspects to be returned to countries where they might be tortured or killed, and Britain was unable to obtain from Egypt the necessary assurances as to al-Sibai’s welfare.”

Based on what I’ve read about this person, I couldn’t care less about Egypt’s assurances of his welfare — there are consequences to being an Islamic terrorist — and some countries don’t take their mess.

Here is an example of al-Sabai’s deeds:

“In court documents unearthed by The Telegraph, the European Commission’s sanctions committee alleged that al-Sibai “has provided material support to al-Qaida and has conspired to commit terrorist acts”. It went on: “He has travelled internationally using forged documents, he has received military training and has belonged to cells and groups carrying out terrorist operations using force and violence involving intimidation, threats and damage to public and private property, as well as obstructing the activities of the public authorities. “[The applicant] instructed others to go to Afghanistan to take part in the fighting there.“He has used an internet site to support terrorist acts undertaken by al-Qaida as well as to maintain contact with a number of supporters around the world.” It concluded: “[The applicant] is wanted by the Egyptian authorities for involvement in terrorist crimes committed inside and outside Egypt, including criminal collusion with intent to commit acts of premeditated killing, destruction of property, unlicensed possession of firearms, ammunition and explosives, membership of a terrorist group, forgery of official and other documents, and theft.”

“The Egyptian-born cleric (Egypt being the home of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida’s current leader) lives in a leafy street in fashionable west London in the same neighborhood where Emwazi and his fellow jihadists in the London Boys terror cell hung out. The London Boys was the name given to a “sleeper cell,” set up by Osama bin Laden, whose members were sent to training camps in Somalia and ordered back to the UK to carry out attacks.”

And so it seems these cheeky fellows aren’t wanting for jobs and are hardly living in a deprived state of want. Yet we continue to allow them to be portrayed as victims — completely disregarding the true victims of islamic jihadism.

The Telegrpaph writes, “The rent on father-of-five al-Sibai’s home in Hammersmith – owned by a housing association and worth as much as £1 million – is understood to be paid by the taxpayer.”

You can bet the British taxpayer is also paying for the five children he’s spawned. This is much the same as the Tsarnaev Brothers and we saw the result of their appreciation for the American taxpayer and the citizens of Boston.

The Telegraph goes further, “The public purse has also paid for a number of legal actions brought by al-Sibai against the British government in his battle to prevent his deportation to Egypt and also attempts to have his name removed from terror sanctions lists. From his home, al-Sibai, also known as Hani Youssef, runs an effective al-Qaida propaganda machine, that includes the al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies. In recent months he has used various internet sites to praise bin Laden and glorify al-Qaida for waging war against “the Crusader-Zionists”.”

Do any of you see just how blatantly stupid this is? In the UK, the taxpayer is paying for an Islamic terrorist and we wonder why they disrespect and laugh at us. I am quite sure you can find something similar occurring in Minneapolis with the very militant Islamic ISIS recruiting ground in the Somali community. How many are subsisting on the backs of the American taxpayer? Not just there but also in Dearborn, Michigan or even right here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I have no issue with providing a safety net for those less fortunate, but I will be doggone if our taxpayer dollars should be used to sustain Islamic terrorism and jihadism within our borders — kinetic or stealth.

I have an idea! There are many discussions about drug testing individuals who receive government sustenance by way of food stamps and other measures. How about testing for terror links? I’d like the federal government to ensure we’re not doing what’s happening in the UK.

Of course that begs the question: how much of this is already happening here in America? When I spoke at the Pennsylvania National Guard Association State Conference, during the Q&A portion I was asked how do we define victory against Islamic terrorism. I replied with the words of Ronald Reagan when he was asked how he defined victory in the Cold War: “We win, they lose.” We certainly do not win by “coexisting” with the enemy — and paying them our taxpayer dollars as well.

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This guy should not be allowed to walk around at all, forget about his “rights.” I think he forfeited his rights when he encouraged terror.

Stuart Stephens

We all criticize the UK govt. but we don’t really know anything…as mr. Sheridan has said this guy is surely under surveillance and may be a treasure trove of intelligence and may even be a double agent.

Shirley Crowfoot
Why do we continue to ignore what is happening in the UK? They have many Sharia courts, hard-core Muslim neighborhoods that not only ignore the laws, but blatantly break them. It is really UNBELIEVABLE that the UK has spent 15 years trying to rid itself of this very dangerous terrorist, but the “co-exist” groups here are leading us down the same paths. My grandchildren attend schools in which the 5 Pillars of Islam are taught, where they learn Muslim prayers, and celebrate Muslim holidays. All of that would be just fine with me if instruction regarding the principles, prayers, holidays,… Read more »

Absolute insanity.

Paul Sheridan
I’m imagining the conversation that goes on at MI-5 headquarters every time someone talks about deporting him. “Are they crazy? We’ve tapped his phones, traced his movements, we’re keeping tabs on every person he talks to. This S.O.B. is an intelligence goldmine. We’ve discovered at least 20 other potential jihadists just because he was drinking tea with them. What kind of idiot thinks it’s better to send him home to Egypt than keep him here where we know exactly what he’s doing and who he’s doing it with? He costs us 5000 pounds a month and he’d be a bargain… Read more »
Sharon Kutz

Get a clue, U.K.


I thought Harfy said they just need jobs!


It is NOT “Radical Islam” but TRUE Islam the real problem!

Stop calling them “radical Islam” and identify the religion ITSELF as the problem, then you will know your enemy!

Neal Olson

Of course, there is no difference between the two. ALL Islam is radical…


Just one of the many ways Muslim teaching encourages them to weaken western nations is to abuse welfare system. We are going broke financially and morally. Oops we are brokr

Yankee 1942

The parasites of society living within us, and working against us. Our hands continue to be tied up by the incompetence of our modern day Chamberlain.