Dishonor roll: the 20 RINOs who voted for Loretta Lynch

Conservative American Online has provided a handy guide for the 20 Republican turncoats who voted in favor of cloture for the nomination of Loretta Lynch to continue the “social justice” agenda of Barack Obama. Since it takes 60 Senators to vote for cloture, if only 7 of these 20 supposedly Republican Senators had voted against cloture, the nomination of Loretta Lynch would have died.


And here’s the list of the RINOs who then proceed to vote in favor of the nomination of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. Since confirmation requires 50 votes, if 7 of these 10 had voted no, her nomination would have been unsuccessful.


Finally, it’s important to remember the names of the 10 who voted for cloture and then turned around and cast the “correct” vote of no on Lynch’s nomination, as it’s likely many of them will say they voted “against” Lynch. If you see these folks in your neck o’ the woods, be sure to call them out on that one.


By the way, Senator Ted Cruz DID vote no on cloture, but did not vote on confirmation – it was already too late by then anyway.

I have two guiding premises through which I view politics and all of the policies and actions coming from Capitol Hill and the White House:

1. Those in power will do whatever they need to do to stay in power, no matter which political party.
2. President Obama is an Islamist sympathizer who is doing everything he can to intentionally destroy this nation.

Sadly, once you accept these premises, everything begins to make perfect sense.


      • There is always an opportunity to try, and fight: gain can only come from it, and gain comes from it. If not 100% immediately, then eventually. The COL doesn’t need to win the presidency today to be a soldier in the fight. He just needs to be in the fight.

      • I’m sorry but the best position is the PRESIDENT! But you NUTS believe that its better to be the head of a THINK TANK instead of the head of the NATION!!! Stop making excuses!

      • You are wrong. Leaders, that inspire the minds of many, at their level, are much more powerful and influential than one dictator using force at the top.

      • Un huh…sure…so tell me this Skippy….why are JEB, MARCO, RAND, TED running if that is the case! Those are MEN OF ACTION…Allen West just post to a blog!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      • I trust he’ll continue to do what is right, and follow his gut. If he runs, he won’t run until he feels ready to, and if it is in the country’s best interest, and his decision won’t be purely, and selfishly, racist.

      • He doesn’t RUN because he knows he can’t WIN!!! He knows that the people that support him is a very SMALL number!!!

    • SECDEF…our country will not accept another black candidate after the Obama fiasco…just calling it as I see it.

      • That is just another tragedy of the lost ground and the damages of lib racism that we must fight to rise from, and fight all over again. We have two choices: get back into the fight, and bleed for the future, or stay down. I’m not staying down, and I don’t stand with others that do.

  1. Thad Cochran should not even be the republican from MS. After the GOP cheated by recruiting democrats to vote for him in the primary in order to beat his opponent, they lost all support from me.

  2. This is a true indication that TERM LIMITS should be passed for both House and Senate, no more life-time terms eight years is ling enough

  3. Look here folks….and “please” pay attention….Obama is planning something that will shake this nation to the core….he’s “not” going away peacefully….”and” in case you didn’t know it….he’s the puppet of the Muslims that wants to take over this country and has been infiltrating this country for years…via Obama….so when that Muslim in the white house gives the word….they will all rise against us….and the war will now start “right here” in the USA….. so now….before we let him finish his plans….we need to finish his…..what it’s going to take is a revolution that we have never seen in this century….and physically “remove” him from office “and” all his family ( Muslims ) he has stashed away in all corners of our government….all branches….and lately another one of his kind as attorney general….we don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell if we don’t do something…..why do you think he fired all the top heads of our military?….all part of the plan….our kids and grandkids will be in this fight….wish I was….too old now.

  4. 1. Those in power will do whatever they need to do to stay in power, no matter which political party.

    2. President Obama is an Islamist sympathizer who is doing everything he can to intentionally destroy this nation.

    Absolutely true. He may have won. It will take strong will to roll back all that he has cemented into place.

  5. I’m in full agreement with your premises, Colonel West. I never thought I’d live to see the day when so many politicians would hold the security of their positions before all else including the welfare of their country and the future happiness of their children.

    • Or they interpret “advice and consent” not to mean “hold up every nominee for as long as possible in order to satisfy our insane base”

      • All these posts of yours makes me wonder if you’re a paid Obama toady or if you spend all day defending your master out of pure fanaticism? Either way, you need to get out more.

      • I really should get out more but the truth is my computer at work locks up for a 5 minute ergonomic break every hour or so. When that happens I just use my phone to argue on the internet for a little while. I keep hearing about all these paid trolls for Obama/Soros/Voldemort but sadly I’m doing this for free.

  6. Why is it that Dems almost always succeed in blocking good conservative nominees, but Republicans can never seem to block even the most anti-American lefties that the deems put forward? Giving them their nominees won’t stop them from from slandering and destroying the reputations of whoever the next Republican president might nominate for high office.

    • That is an easy answer. They are all on the same team. I wish I could remember the site but there is one that shows how congress critters vote with the constitution. In my state one senator votes with the constitution over 90% of the time and the rest are around 30%. We need to force them all to vote above 90%. George Soros and friends bought the election for Obama. What makes you think they didn’t buy a lot of other politicians.

    • All you have to do is remember the slander directed at Clarence Thomas. Negros are not allowed to be Conservatives.

  7. I find it too funny that the people you keep complaining about these people yet you keep VOTING for these people! TED CRUZ missed the vote with the excuse of she was going to be confirmed anyway! One day you’ll understand that you are only getting USED!!

  8. Keep the list handy for when the GOP calls and asks for a contribution…then read off the names on this list and say “NO!” Then directly donate to the candidate of your choice, not to the GOP RINO’s.

  9. Aside from being a paranoid loon who believes everything Obama does is an effort to destroy this country… why exactly do you oppose Loretta Lynch?

      • That about sums it up….these LOONS didn’t bother to look at her record….FOX doesn’t like her, West doesn’t like her so THEY don’t like her!!!

      • “The Three Turds” team up. Two huge racists and a guy who would argue that the ball hit over the center field fence was foul.

      • LOON LOGIC: Why someone is a obvious RACIST….call the person that is being called racist names the RACIST!!!

      • You are so funny! Your posts are filled with calling people racist, bigots, child molesters. You are rich. Earl, you are nothing but a washed up racist fool. Nothing more.

      • When I’m called a COON, NIGGER and MONKEY….yep…they are RACIST!!! I guess you just IGNORE those FACTS!

      • I haven’t seen anyone call you that but I will take you word for it. But 2 wrongs don’t make a right. You are just as bad Earl. As a veteran, you should be above the racist name calling. You of all people, should take the high road.

      • You just keep on justifying the racism that takes place here! One thing I have noticed….when some is called one of those names….NOT ONE OF YOU WILL say anything about it…

      • Ask yourself how you would like her to be the mayor of the town you live in. A mayor who makes the laws and calls all the shots.

      • Well I doubt she used the word “illegal” but do you honestly expect ANY President to nominate an AG who doesn’t support his policies?

  10. Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander are the scum of the earth. Tennessee voted against Obama twice, both time by large margins. But Corker and Lame are on their knees to service Obama every. Single. Time. Corker gets there first because he is shorter!

  11. Obama made fun of you LOONS last night said its hard to find time to pray 5 times a day!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Classic!!!

  12. For the most part, the GOP Senate is comprised mostly of surrender monkeys who are just as good as the democrats when it comes to tossing feces about. They are squarely in the hands of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce when it comes to immigration matters, lapdogs of the democrats when it comes to everything else.

    It’s like Reid and Pelosi are still in charge…

  13. I believe that the Obama administration has IRS/NSA/FBI files on all of these people, any skeletons at all in their past are blackmail fodder….that’s how Obama operated in his two terms as an Illinois senate…even going so far as to get a sealed divorce file opened so he could spread the ugly details in the news just before the vote. His opponent opted out, rather than embarrass his children with the details. I heard that John Boehner had a fling with an intern, that’s enough to hold over him to get his vote swayed to whatever Obama wants…

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      • You people are horrible using this forum for hawking your wares. No wait, not your wares, but somebody elses! You people are worse than Rinos.


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