Greatest Liar in the World contest has a new CHAMPION!



  1. Actually I don’t think Pinocchio could place in the top 600. There’s a Pres, VP, all his cabinet members, Lois Lerner, 535 members of congress, hosts on MSNBC, Brian Williams to name a few. All make Pinocchio look like a lightweight liar. And don’t forget the Republicans in the NC General Assembly. Part of the official platform they ran on was to end the alternative energy subsidies. This week they decided to keep supporting them since their cronies are making money off them.

  2. Iraq has nuclear capabilities was a LIE that cost over 4000 brave Americans their lives and ruined Allen West military career

    • Why don’t just shut you big black mouth, you far leftie, we had enough of varmints like the likes of you, PLEASE!!!!!

    • Nobody said Iraq had nuclear capability, but they did find 500 metric tons of yellow-cake uranium hidden around Iraq, some in swimming pools. Sadam was an expert at hiding stuff. And stop with the American lives crap. FAR MORE SOLDIERS have died under Obama than EVER did under Bush. THAT IS A FACT (thanks to Obama tying their hands and feet with his idiotic and deadly rules of engagement) BUT I KNOW LIBERALS HAVE A WAR ON FACTS. They love to project their own shortcomings onto others.

      • Uncle Ruckus has an ax to grind concerning Allen West and President Bush- obviously something personal. He will jump at the slightest opening in order to try and belittle them, even using untrue and false data.

    • They had the money , the knowledge, the scientist and the will, but lacked the material. Now your beloved Czar Obama and the Clintons have made it possible for Iran to have the material for their program.

      • WRONG, WRONG and WRONG!! Sorry but it was a LIE and more than 4000 brave americans died for that LIE!!!

      • You are the lie, and you are also so very delusional! You must not be older than 13 to say that. I was there!

      • 1} That isn’t what they told us and the UN. Nice try. 2} Everybody has the money, the knowledge and the scientists. The will? Says who? The people that lied to us about it in the first place? Nice try again. 3} Congress and the Supreme Court have a say in this, and they have done exactly what again? Nothing. Nice try once more. 4} All of this, and yet you STILL want to support the people that lied to you? Not a nice try…

      • 1} That isn’t what they told us and the UN. Nice try. 2} If we know they were there, then why didn’t we stop THAT? Answer: because they didn’t. Nice try again. 3} Why try to support people that lied to you?

      • Desi, Saddam was conducting genocide against the Turks in the North just months prior to the US invasion, so what is your definition of Weapons of mass destruction, weapons that cause genocide should be included in that list!

    • There were 17 reasons for going into Iraq. WMDs were one of those 17. Everyone believed they were there. There were these two people who were both named Clinton, who argued that Saddam had to go because of the threat he posed. One Clinton spoke of it before he left office and the second spoke of it as she voted to authorize the war. So were the Clintons liars too or do you only fault Bush because you are an ideologue?

    • No one ever said Iraq had nuclear capabilities you dolt. They said they were within a couple years of nuclear capabilities. This proved true when TONS of yellow cake was found along with most of the equipment needed. There were also 500 rounds of degraded but usable chemical weapons found that fall under the chemical weapons convention and constituted WMDs. If you cared you’d know that from the DOD (department of justice) report. But I’m sure you’re just another lazy ass that gets all their news off the boob tube from places like the failing MSNBC and failing CNN. I’m sure you are more than happy to remain an ignorant fool.

  3. Great it’s come down to us arguing about which side had the worst/best liars in Washington? We are doomed.

  4. To Earl Lee and the other Leftist Trolls out there who are on the side of Obama and other anti-Americans: As a vet, I don’t need you standing up for me. All the other vets I know don’t want your help, either. Don’t bring up soldiers who gave their lives because you don’t deserve to even mention my brothers and sisters, now or ever. You are the same type that burns flags and then acts like you give a damn about soldiers. Go away. You don’t stand for anything except hating Republicans. Don’t use us as your reason for being upset at the right. We don’t like you, need you or want you. Go away. One last time, just to make sure you understand clearly. You aren’t our friends. Go away!!

    • Who can believe anything any of them say! They don’t work for the people, they work big companies that fatten their pockets. Hillary is no different, but I would vote for her rather than vote for a republican.

      • By their very nature, politicians lie. But they don’t all take donations from foreign countries, they don’t all leave a trail of dead bodies behind them, they don’t all have a charitable slush fund they don’t pay taxes on, they don’t all treat the secret service as personal slaves……..Hiliary is a horrid human being and I will not vote for Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriends wife. Just sayin’.

  5. Hillary winning an election after Obama’s destructive 8 yrs would be like driving a dagger through America’s heart…What get me is Christians Not voting, remaining on the sidelines when they owe America more than anyone, America is the last Christian strong hold in the world and yet they sit by as Obama tears and rips at the heart of Christianity all over this planet. We as Christians should be uniting and we should be loud and we are the ones that should be rioting in the streets not some pisssantBlackRacist that’s true agenda is to pillage and loot

    • I agree to a point, but when I vote Republican, I do not expect Mitch Mc Connell or John Boehner to act worse than imbeciles and throw us all under the bus. Further more I work directly with a group of Christian women who all vote, so the above statement leaves some questions for me.


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