Bombshell interview: Malik Obama says Barack is cold and ruthless

In an interview conducted earlier this month, film maker Joel Gilbert, who produced the film “Dreams from My Real Father,” (which suggested that Obama’s Communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, may be his real father) talks to President Obama’s brother Malik, who has some very strong views about his half-brother – including his own doubts as to Obama’s parentage.

Malik says, he feels “Disappointed, disappointed, used, used and also betrayed. In the beginning, I didn’t think that he was a schemer. His real character, his real personality, the real him, is coming out now.”

Trust me Malik, you are not alone.

‘…the way that he’s turned and become a different person with the family is the same way that I see him behaving politically. He says one thing and then he does another. He’s not been an honest man, as far as I’m concerned, in who he is and what he says and how he treats people.”

While Malik and Barack are not particularly close now, Malik was close enough to have been the best man at Barack and Michelle’s wedding, has visited the White House, and is president of the Barack H. Obama Foundation.

Gilbert asks Malik if he really thinks he and Obama share the same father. Granted, Gilbert has a vested interest in the answer, considering he’s hawking a book about the subject, but Malik’s response is still troubling. He has his doubts.

However, most troubling is how Americans were duped into electing this dishonest “schemer” as president – twice.


    • Where is Freaking Funny? Oh, you meant TOO freaking funny? Public School we must? You don’t think it is some sh-t when Obama on peoples is saying the same thing the redneck racist whites, tea partiers, entire population of Detroit, entire population, of Chicago, 26% of blacks (no conservative for the first time since Lincoln freed the slaves), and Joan Rivers (RIP old girl) be saying bout cha boy?

      • Yep. That is what you people always say when FACTS get in the way. You sound like Miss Hillary and them: “What difference do it make that the sucka confrused? He still black!” Stay on the plantation girl, and let that Democrat Task Master have his way a little longer. You prolly make a fine bed wench after all. Ya heard?

      • Let the chip fall where it lies, my cracka. Did you notice I am anti-Left? I know it be a little confrusing for ya’ll underneath them hoods and sheets, But like I told ole girl Ruckus and them, if you enjoy being a Democrat bed wench, I ain’t mad atcha. Hillary coming with a strap-on that she call MY ARKANSAS ANACONDA. Stay bent over. 2016 aint that fur away!

      • Hillary was born and raise in Chicago. She had probably never been to Arkansas before she and Bill got involved while they were attending in law school.

      • that right, before she was a woman and when she had eye brows like Rocky Graziano and ankles like 50 gallon oil drums and oh yeah, before she decided to go blonde.

      • ATTENTION K-MART SHOPPERS: Hillary Clinton was also a former employee of late Chicago community organizer and communist Saul “Rules For Radicals” Alinsky. DO I NEED TO REPEAT THAT ONE SMALL DETAIL OF HILLARY’S PAST EMPLOYMENT ONCE AGAIN? :>)

      • What happened to white genes being recessive? Check out the creamy color of Barry next to his brother. I know you listen at what General Seti say -

  1. No one trusts Obama. No one knows who his real father is. But you cannot blame him for that. As the son of an jetsetting globe-trotting white trash momma who got him mixed up in Islam, voodoo, communism, and juju, how is he supposed to know? That why he do not know if he Kenyan, Hawaiian, Indonesian, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, straight or gay, black or white….he is one confused individual. That why he have a strong mannish-friend by his side.

    • Bahaha! Of all the comments I’ve read over the years about Obama this one takes the cake. This is the funniest thing I’ve ever read, bar none. I do believe you’ve succeeded in answering every question anyone ever had about who Obama really is. Haha! I can’t stop laughing! Sir, you should apply for a job as a journalist so the people will finally be informed. Bahaha! You are too, too funny!

    • He’s gotta be American (born in Hawaii). His left wing mommy never would have given up freebie maternity care in Hawaii for a cash only doctor in Kenya.

    • I guess the media doesn’t care that the people who serve in our Armed Forces and put their lives on the line for this nation, were denied the right to vote and participate in the Presidential election. Only illegals seem to deserve the legal documentation which will ultimately be used to vote.
      And we know why men and women in uniform were refused ballots by Obama and the DNC. You guys are not to be trusted.

  2. Well, apparently I have my answer as to whether or not bozo and moochelle are married. This dude was a witness so I guess they are.

  3. This information is really too late for saving America. He killed us for 30 to 40 years and Blacks may never live down what he did to them.

    • How did he kill us for 30 to 40 years? It seems you conveniently forgot when he took over the presidency the economic situation was on the brink of collapse.

      • When Obama took over we were still in a major recession caused by money fleeing the collapsing tech bubble (1997-2000) into real estate, simultaneously with HUD Asst Sec Andrew Cuomo pushing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to make non conforming loans “so poor people could buy houses” (see Aug 2008 Article in Village Voice). This is more than 5 years after the recession ended and the economy is worse in many ways. The unemployment rate, if you factor in the drop in the labor force participation rate from 65.9% to 62.7% (tied for record low) is really over 10%, not 5.5%. And it was 6.8% when Obama was elected. Median income has fallen under Obama and adjusted for inflation it is at 1980s level (another big recession). The military has shrunk to levels not seen since after WW1. Obama’s welfare expenditures are $1.3 billion a year (all 80+ programs don’t show up under “welfare” in the OMB budget summary) That’s $3 billion a day–the same amount we give Israel in a year. Obama voters (the ones who voted for him in 2012) are the most ignorant voters in US History and they elected the worst President in history

      • rw- good post. And after the Dodd-Frank-Cuomo axis set up the collaspe of the economy with hundreds of thousands of worthless under-water mortgages, Obama did a Stage II with the Dodd Frank Banking Bill which destroyed Regional Banks which are the lifeblood of small businesses and start ups. That bill strengthened the crony capitalists and buried the new entrprenuers.

      • Ignorant sock puppet. You are ascribing to Hitler’s point of view when he said “tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” Wake up, would ya?

      • He did collapse us. 2008 was the worst ever and then he printed 80 Billion dollars a month and has us so far in debt we are toast which you are going to find out about later this summer. You better plant a garden if you Muslims do such a thing.

      • Thank God he printed the money to prevent this country from going through a major depression caused by the Bush administration which squanders trillions in a phony war in Iraq. Most of the money were unaccounted for and you have the gall to blame Obama. You should thank him instead of feeling mad that your president is not a republican and white.

      • Victor you are the most complete imbecile I think I have ever read. Obama has wasted 10 times the money spent trying to recover from the mess Bill Hide the Cigar Clinton left Bush. On top of that we have have nothing to show for it. No new bridges or schools from all those shovel ready jobs, scandal after scandal and also managed to put the total Middle East in turmoil and ruined our relationship with Israel and Russia. Obama has 54,000,000 on food stamps and has lied about unemployment with every speech he has destroyed our health care system and managed to set back Race relations 100 years. He also has broke the law and brought in millions of illegals to further destroy America and it sounds like you must be one of them or just plain uneducated stupid. Start taking a paper, move in closer to town or go back where you came from.

      • Vive la difference. Obviously you are a complete imbecile to me. You are entitled to believe whatever you want and how you want to add.

    • It wouldn’t have made a bit of difference, Obama’s gruppies or grubers or whatever they’re called will vote for him no matter what he does. Obama totally bombed his first term and they put him back in there.

      • americans maybe never live down to either of them.

        it is said obama is from arab slavers through his fathers lineage in Africa. He is mostly an arab not a black man. He is from Negro Arab ancestry but everyone argue on this.

  4. I am a 6’th generation Texan who really wanted to be proud of the USA’s first black president and that is why I contributed to and supported Herman Cain. He had been a CEO of a major U.S. business, had some good ideas but more important, he had a true God & Country American background of which by now most know Barack H. Obama did not come close to having. Cain? The Alinsky’ites who can live like the devil incarnate pulled their pinko “isolate & demonize” routine on Herman and the rest is history. The GOP smells blood for the 2016 presidential elections and I suppose the reason so many have or will announce. Hillary is self destructing & there are no Democrats waiting in the wing who will not be elected following 8 years of the most destructive, polarizing president in U.S. history–B. Hussein Obama. Some of us tried to warn so many in 2008 but we didn’t have the bribery percs Obama & Company used with his S.S. (Slacker Society). God Bless Israel! God Bless the USA!

  5. It is hard to believe a half brother of the President of the USA who feels short changed because he was not elevated to what he thinks he is entitled to would retaliate by back stabbing and spreading innuendoes and lies. It is more sad to see those who politically oppose this administration would believe and use this trash to justify their hatred toward this President.

    • Obama has another half brother who lives in China, married to a Chinese woman and works there as an engineer. Now wouldn’t you think that Obama, knowing how critical China is, would be anxious to get an understanding of the real China by his own half brother? But Obama has no interest in knowing or meeting with him due to this brother speaking the truth about the drunkard, wife beating father they shared. When Obama went to China, this half brother on his own without any encouragement from Barak Obama, traveld to Beijing from Guangzou- a good distance- to see and meet with his brother. Obama granted him an audience and spoke with him and then he left and that was the end of that.
      Obama is a very cold fish who has little feelings about anyone other than himself. Even his auntie- who is featured prominently in his books, and who died in the US during his presidency saw Obama not going to her funeral and in factplaying golf on that very day. yes, he helped to pay for it but he would not even attend someone whom he had placed in an important family position vis a vis his own books.
      He lacks feelings for people -even those who are close to him, or at least you thought were close, but is excellent at fake crocodie tears.

      • He Obama does not seem to be family man maybe if he wants us to think he is his brother told the truth on him and he is angry at him.

        His brother sounds very interesting man and a kind man but this is maybe because of bad father he had and this made him a better man.

        Obamas father sounding very bad.

  6. Reading all these comments below make me realize the racism and hatred against blacks are more than alive in this country than one would like to believe.

    • I did not like Peanut Carter either when he was in office, and still have no use for Carter. But Carter gives thanks every day for Obama. Because of Obama, Carter is no longer the worst President in the history of this country.

    • Change this failure Obama for Allen West and I will gladly wear an Allen West T-Shirt with his face on it. It has nothing to do with racism. It is the incompetence together with an unmitigating arrogance by this know-nothing who could not punch his way out of a foreign policy paper bag.

    • Reading your comment makes me realize how uninformed and mentally impaired the libtard left really is.
      I don’t give a rip if he is a purple kangaroo. He is a liar, a fraud, and an altogether slimey and unwholesome individual. That doesn’t make me racist, you idiot.
      I hate the Clintons, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc. They are all WHITE, ignoramus. Now am I now racist against whites?

      Oh, of course not. In your twisted libtard world, disagreeing with a person who isn’t white is automatic racism. Disagreeing with whites is simply disagreeing. By all that is holy, you are a moron.

  7. Does anyone not realize that in the seventh yer of his presidency we are still debating who his father was? i don’t care if you subscribe to the Obama father or the Franklin Marshall Davis father. the idea that we do not know for sure is an amazing fact.
    And it tells you alot about this very secretive man. His first act as President was to put all his HS, college records under lock and key. People speculated that it was bad or just average grades was the reason but I disagree. It was first and foremost due to Obama applying to Columbia College as an Indonesian Foreign Exchange student under his second father’s name Barry Soetaro. the proof of that – without acces to his records- was he lived in the Foreign students dormitory and had a Pakistani roommate. Regular American students do not live in the foreigh students dorms.
    The unknowns and secrets behind Obama are mind boggling.

  8. It is very highly probable that the well meaning, but politically ignorant, Black voters really put Mr. Obama in the WH twice. This is because, with only 13% of the voters in both elections, they voted 93-95% for him with their hearts, and not their minds. This was enough votes to overcome the White voters, who voted 55% for McCain in 2008, and 59% for Romney in 2012. (The 10% of voters in 2012 who were Hispanic, voted only 71% for Mr. Obama, and this ALONE was not enough to change the 2012 election. This only added to Mr. Obama’s winning total.)
    This is election demographics, such as is done by Edison voter surveys.
    I do not favor just 13% of the American electorate controlling PRESIDENTIAL elections, as the President is the ONLY person elected to represent the whole USA. Blacks electing city councils, mayors, governors, Congressmen, and even Senators, are just fine.

    • I think you are right. If you take about 15% of the American electorate and give it to one candidate then all he has to win is about 35% of the remaining 85% of voters. 15% is a tremendous edge when it all goes to one person. The DNC break down voters by race, religion, gender, age then go after those groups like going after market shares. But once you have that 15% it gives you a commanding lead. That is the strength of voting along racial lines. And only blacks do it.

      • T martin: Thanks for your comment. But, using the quoted figure of !3% of voters being Black in 2012, and using .95 (95%) as the quoted percentage of Black voters for Obama , I get .44 (44%) of the remaining 87% of voters to put him over the top at 50.6% (.506). (.!3x.95)+(.87x.44)=.506. And .44 is a minority of voters.

    • Rampant voter fraud was the key. Soros is friends with the guy whose company supplied the electronic voting machines. Ohomo got over 100% of the vote in countless counties, while Romney didn’t even get ONE SINGLE VOTE. This is mathematically impossible.
      The first election, I might concur with you. The second? Voter fraud.

      • There were several factors. Jews and Asians voted for him. Conservatives stayed home because Romney wasn’t a conservative with a capital C. Fraud played a role, but fraud alone wouldn’t have put him over the top.

      • Well, if he got 106% of the vote, (which is impossible) I can see how voter fraud could do it. Let’s not forget all the machines that registered Ohomo’s name when Romney’s name was chosen by the voter. People had to press the button multiple times and it still wouldn’t register for Romney.

      • “if he got 106% of the vote”

        ?? Obama got 51.5% of the vote, which amounted to 5 million more votes than Romney. Fraud helped, but there were also other factors.

  9. There isn’t much to be gained proving or not that Obama has a different father. People should focus on the fact he’s a communist, raised and trained to deceive on everything he says and does. That is what is becoming transparent.

  10. There had better be one big DUMPSTER LOAD of “EO’s” (exec.orders) canceled and unconstitutional acts overturned/repealed the day after this Obamination leaves office!!

    In order to make sure of that, 2016 needs to see a good share of the noodly spined moronic “conservatives” in the Senate sent back where they came from! Take for instance the most recent 10 traitors who voted for Holder-clone Ms. Lynch for AG!
    Too bad many of them were seated just last election and can serve 6 yrs!! Well, recalls ARE another option, as happened in Colorado.

  11. The parentage of a black person coming into question, shouldn’t surprise anyone in the least.

    And the thing about Obama Lying? We all knew that already. He doesn’t know how to tell the truth anymore.

  12. Why is Obama so pro-Castro? Go back to Franklin Marshal Davis who drummed into his head from the age of 8 or 9 to 18 that Castro and Cuba is the one place where real Freedom exists,where Yankee Imperialism is stopped dead in its tracks and where the people of Cuba rejoy real social democracy. Obama always believed that and finally acted on it.

    But his reason “When you do the same thing for 50 years and it doesn’t work, then it is time to try something different” is an idea I agree with and I suggest applying it to Israel and the palestinians.

    For 50 years Israel has been negotiating towards an eventual two state solution and now instead of one Arab entity, Israel finds there are two- Hamas and Fatah to deal with so….try something new.

    Annex Area C of Judea Samaria, pass a Death Sentence for terrorist murders and tell the palestinians, no transfer of any Jews out of Judea Samaria., only in That would be following the idea that Obama expressed in CUba but I am sure Obama would not like it

    Don’t forget that when he was elected in 2008, the firsty foreign leader he called was not the Canadian PM or even the Mexican PM but Abbas, the palestinian.

  13. Not until he is out of the Whitehouse will the truth about this narcissistic fraud come out. He came out of nowhere and no one from his past has stepped forward. Every available resource to his past has been sealed. The company he keeps, alone, raises many red flags, but no one has the balls to question it. Anyone who questions him or his motives is immediately labeled racist. I, for one, am proud to say I have never voted for him. If that makes me racist, then I’m racist. A proud one.

  14. Obama’s brother seems like a decent guy, and speaks decent English. Now, I know politicians tend to be manipulating, but do you think Obama’s behavior cold, ruthless behavior is typical for politicians?

    Something about his brother is relatable. I’ve no Kenyan blood I know of, but I do have family in the developing world. Maybe there’s the universal human disappointment.

  15. I may not have an Harvard or Princeton education to base my opinion of Barrack Hussein Obama on, but I have something better than that. It’s called common sense.

    • Ted you will get my vote if you if you decide to run for president. Common sense appears to be sadly lacking in our current politicians. Bill

  16. Malik is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama has said “if the winds shift in an ugly direction, I will stand with the Muslims.”. Obama pals around with Bill Ayers- terrorist. Google what Bill Ayers (weatherman) has done. Obama appointed Brennan to head the CIA. Brennan said “Jihad is a legitimate tenant of Islam.” Obama attended a mosque with his Indonesian stepfather. Obama has praised Hillary’s aide Huma Abedin- former member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama refuses to call the Muslims that murdered members of Charlie Hebdo Islamic Terrorists. Whose side is B. Hussein Obama on? He is not on America’s side!!!

  17. And this is just now gaining momentum? Seriously? Not to worry, however. There’s always the liar, schemer, super-duper waiting in the wings to step right in and maintain politics as usual. Ready for Hillary?

  18. All of these narrow minded comments are pathetic, simply because you aren’t able to label an individual to your liking, you need keep coming up with excuses. We’re all children of this planet, to hell with all of your illusionary pride and borders. Forget what’s good for America or any other individual nation. Let’s focus on progress for our species!

      • ‘I am a homo sapian’

        sapian?a completely new species.And a homo too?uh?no wonder you sound bizarre.

    • Yes, let’s try running a welfare state with no borders … Seems you’ve not heard of the survival of the fittest. (And that doesn’t mean King of the Mountain; it means having your head screwed on so it doesn’t fall off.)

    • “Reply to RMADURO”
      “Tell Me”, Have You Ever Stood Up For Anything, Besides A Free Handout?
      If you voted for Obama? “I’m pretty sure you did”, then you didn’t vote for someone who would help all people, “Obama is a Muslim”, you need to read, and understand what that “Faith” is, “America’s Christians Help The Whole World”, “Muslims Only Kill Others, Who Don’t Share Their “Faith/Cult”, again “Read with an open heart, and it may open your Eyes/Soul” !

    • You must have over-dosed on liberal pixie dust if you are stupid enough to think that borders and individual nations are bad. This “children of this planet” stuff is blatantly “illusionary” and you obviously fantasize about some One World government idealistic utopian society that can only exist in science fiction books. Let’s focus on reality rather than some We Are The World – We Are The Children silly and childish claptrap.

  19. All racist animals posting bilge water comments are invited to leave the U.S. immediately… establish your own whitebread, gun-toting, southern Baptist conservative evangelical state religion… the Obama brother is out for his 15 seconds in the limelight… if I were Obama and knew the severe lack of credibility and character of this miserable jerk, I would do everything possible to make the distance between myself and his “kind” as great as possible. I’ll stand with the president against racist, hate-filled garbage any day of the week! Now shut up, pack your bags, buy a one-way ticket out of this country… people seeking a just and peaceful country don’t need your kind of un-American slop, your hatred, or your subversive rabble polluting the air the rest of us breathe!

    • No, you Obama people need to pack up and go somewhere else!! The American people don’t want you here!!! Him either. He’s trying his best to change America. He’s a liar and a cheat and blacks voted for him simply because he was black. That right there ought to tell you something. We need the best man, not just a certain color. Doesn’t matter what color he is as long as he is a good president. Obviously he isn’t!! He has things so messed up, it will take someone 4 years to back it all out! What a mess. We also need a voting system that’s not crookedl. Need to dissolve Democrat and Republican groups. We were warned not to divide into groups and we did it as fast as we could. People are so stupid sometimes and people that follow O are sheeple. Just thoroughly disgusted by the whole thing. Sad. Sad. Sad.

    • Oh, my, my, my Ms. Linda! Your stereotyping of all of us who see through this psychopathic imposter and thug is really astounding! What an arrogant POS you are to “invite” us to leave because we are aware. I don’t own a gun (though should), never lived in the south, am a Libertarian (though you probably don’t understand that term), an Agnostic and an urbanite. You are the racist and you are the one with “hate-filled garbage”. Freud called it “projection”. I know you are too ignorant to know what I just wrote, but if you can read look it up.

    • Linda you are a moron and you should leave , the citizens of country are right about the moron at the helm ! You won’t believe until they put you in chains moron !

    • Linda, do us all a favor and switch from drinking Kool aid, to drinking bleach. You are so blind and ignorant, there are no words in any language to adequately describe how ignorant you are.

    • We aren’t leaving this country. Obama is ONLY a temporary resident of the White House and will be out of there in 635 days. This is the 7th president since I’ve been eligible to vote. Telling others “Now shut up” only shows you don’t believe in Freedom of Speech and disagreeing with Obama is not a crime. The “hatred… subversive rabble” seems to be coming from Obama supporters if you look at all the violent protests and looting. Didn’t it start with the Occupy Wallstreet crowd, then the Ferguson crowd and now the Baltimore crowd – ALL obviously Obama supporters.

      We aren’t leaving this country, we’re going to take our country back from the liberal progressives who have proven that they are the TRUE haters.

      • Nannette, you are my hero! Thanks for taking time to explain the truth to the gathering storm of progressive/liberal knuckleheads out there who have prostituted themselves to the devil and are hell-bent on destroying our nation. God bless you! (I understand you are an agnostic; but you are a true patriot, and I feel certain you will allow me this invocation.)

  20. Well the bottom line is this: anyone who would abandon his family like is being alleged here is a POS. I mean seriously….with all the money this guy has he wouldnt pay for his aunt’s body to be taken to Kenya? What a totally lousy person. I never had any respect for him to begin with but I never thought he was this bad.

  21. I tend to think this is a bunch of taqiyya coming from Malik to try to take some heat off Obama. Let’s not forget that the BHOF was signed, stamped and sealed by Lerner herself and backdated (illegal). Malik works with and for Omar al-Sharif of Sudan. The BHOF is nothing but a funnel for terror funding.

    • Again, libtard, how about you posit a cogent reply.
      All you Ohomo Kool aid drinking zombies must have been given the same pamphlet of rote replies.
      How much does Ohomo and Soros pay you to regurgitate your libspew online?


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