Al-Qaida arrests in Italy uncover terrifying plot

Remember those guys who were supposedly decimated and on the run in 2012? Well, looks like we found out where they ran to.

As reported by USA Today, “Italian police busted an al-Qaida-linked terror ring that planned, but never carried out, an attack on the Vatican five years ago and is believed to have been involved in a bombing in Pakistan that killed more than 100 people, authorities said Friday.”

“Raids were carried out simultaneously in seven different Italian provinces with arrest warrants for 18 suspected Islamic extremists following a lengthy investigation in Cagliari, capital of the Italian island Sardinia. Authorities uncovered plans for a suicide bomber plot against the Vatican in 2010, when Pope Benedict XVI was pontiff. Evidence includes a “martyr’s vow” from a would-be suicide bomber threatening to strike against the Vatican, the spiritual focal point for the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.”

Of course this comes in the same week when in France an Islamic terrorist was boneheaded enough to shoot himself and call for medical assistance — and they uncovered his plot to attack several churches.

Now, we shouldn’t concern ourselves too much with these trivial matters — after all Bruce Jenner is in the process of becoming a woman. And we have the White House Correspondents dinner Saturday evening. Of course the nefarious dealings of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their Global Initiative has captured the attention of various media outlets.

Meanwhile, the enemy grows and extends it barbarism. I suppose Islamic terrorism is just the new normal and we’ve decided to just, well, live with it. That has to be the case, because we sure as heck aren’t dealing with it.

I have an idea — what if we developed a reality TV show called “Smoking Jihadists” — you think that would get the attention of Americans? Let’s be honest, there are some in our country who have no idea what or who ISIS is — heck, I just saw a clip from the University of Maryland where students couldn’t identify President Ronald Reagan — but they know who Bruce Jenner is.

Back to Italy, “Mario Carta, an official from the counter-terror police force that carried out the raids, called it “one of the most important operations ever carried out in Italy.” Police said the operation targeted an “extremely well-structured terror network” based in Sardinia since at least 2005 that was made up of Pakistani and Afghan nationals. Nine people have been arrested, and two are still at large in Italy. Seven of the suspects are believed to be in Pakistan, Carta said.”

Now, exactly how much are we sending to Pakistan in foreign aid? Seems to me this is a really bad investment — there may be some short term gains but the long term dividends aren’t worth the investment — after all this is the same country who imprisoned Dr. Shakil Afridi…you know who he is right? Ok, he’s the fella who fingered Osama Bin Laden’s compound. Remember, that really big place located in the same city, Abbottabad, where Pakistan’s version of our West Point is located.

As usual there are those who wish to downplay terrorist activity as Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi did, saying the 2010 plot didn’t concerns because “it seems to have been a proposal they did not follow up on.” However, the terror ring is believed to have been involved in the 2009 bombing of an outdoor market in Peshawar, Pakistan, that left more than 100 people dead. The cell also raised money to cover travel costs and buy weapons for terror plots outside Italy.

Now, you know the incessant rhetoric emanating from the detractors who scour these pages — alarmist, fear-monger, and other colorful descriptors.

But we must be concerned about a growing web of terrorist cells that are being uncovered all throughout Western civilization. I got a funny thought — ever heard of an Islamic terror cell in Japan or Korea? You see, we have become so poisoned by the elixir of multiculturalism that we have actually sought out the enemy to come to our shores. The result? Shall we say Minneapolis, Minnesota or Dearborn Michigan? Consider what we shared yesterday — Muslim students demanding that an American movie not be shown on the campus of an American University — the University of Maryland.

The point I want you to ponder is that while Islamic terrorism comes in many different forms, it all has the same intent — the altering of our lifestyle. I am flying to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to speak at the Pennsylvania National Guard Association dinner. Why are we still taking off our shoes and are restricted from traveling with liquids, and have to pack our toiletries in that small plastic bag? Yep, Islamic terrorism. Don’t go getting nuts on me – I’m not saying we shouldn’t have security protocols, I’m simply asking why.

The point behind Islamic terrorism is that success isn’t only defined by the catastrophic event — it is defined by the ability to influence the freedoms we enjoy. Success is defined by creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation — such as demanding a movie not be shown or preventing a speaker from speaking. This is the aspect of Islamic terrorism we do not consider. There is a chilling effect when people read that an ISIS recruiting cell is operating in Minneapolis. There is a psychological effect when you realize that there are cells operating within your country. There is a hidden paranoia when you realize the fella living next door was plotting to attack churches. And we all know the response — “he seemed like a normal guy, I would have never suspected that.” Or those cases when all the indicators and warnings are there and in the name of tolerance and this made-up stupidity called “Islamophobia,” we self-censor and next thing you have a Ft. Hood moment.

The arrests in Italy — just like the recent arrests in Australia busting a cell of young jiahdists planning to attack on ANZAC Day — reflect the phenomenon which now faces us, as we have welcomed the enemy onto our shores. And we are so concerned with political correctness that we cancel surveillance programs because we’re told it’s offensive and racist.

We open up opportunities to Muslim immigrants to offer the blessings of liberty and the American way of life — in return we have two young men who plant pressure cooker bombs at one of our great traditions, the Boston Marathon. And imagine, we still try and blame ourselves for their heinous and barbaric actions — just as with the murders in France at Charlie Hebdo.

Perhaps I just need to get off my “high horse” and realize that as a Christian my heritage is one of guilt and shame — after all it seems I am just as bad according to the Islamist sympathizer in the White House who equates the Crusades with modern day Islamic terrorism. Funny thing, Pope Urban II called for the Crusades in 1095 because Muslims were “terrorizing” Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land — a small matter that President Obama omitted. And never forget about those Barbary Pirates who were overtaking American shipping and enslaving our citizens — after all they were infidels, kafir.

Islamic terrorism has been around for nearly 1400 years, but today it has immense resources and information technology enabling us to know its actions in real time. It has altered our way of life but we are told to be tolerant and accommodating. That is the language of defeat — and Americans aren’t into losing.

And that is why President Thomas Jefferson sent the U.S. Marines to decimate and destroy the Barbary Pirates — Islamic terrorists — I just had to chuckle, and thanks to President Obama, they’re right back in Tripoli.


  1. Islamic terrorism is a real threat that needs to be wiped out.

    Comparing a bunch of idiots in a student group complaining about a movie to terrorists is utterly retarded.

  2. Thats why jihadists , al-Qaida,Isis,and any militant against America, Christians , the flag, the constitution and our military love the Islamic militant in the white house he keeps and brings back hatered , has people going against each other. He is going to have history repeating it self and if people didn’t stand up and get this country back it is going to be worse this time. And that spawn of Satan will laugh as his friends and family attack this country. I always heard growing up that when this country fell it would be from with in and not one country would help. It is happening and it is sad that people are letting it happen and not fighting back

    • Really?? The country I love will NEVER be destroyed! That is just a phrase you LOONS use to justify the FEAR you carry around with you daily!!

  3. I usually agree with Allen West and when I don’t I just move on to another posting. But this time,,,I’m not moving on. One,,,using the word Immigrant is leading everybody to believe that these people leaving to go over and fight with ISIS are immigrants. How many realize that these little a**holes leaving this country were actually born in this country and are American Citizens. 400 years ago Muslims were brought to this country as slaves. Classifying those college Muslim kids that didn’t want the movie shown in the same paragraph as terrorists,,,because they didn’t want a movie shown doesn’t make them terrorists. They probably are 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or more generation Americans. We have sat back so long and allowed PC to take over and didn’t say much until the last couple of years. I blame the school for being afraid of having CAIR on their back and backing down. It’s no different when you say God in the schools, they fear the atheist group and back down or when AL Sharpton starts up,,,they back down because it’s easier than fighting for the rights of everybody. And then there is the mention of a ISIS cell in Minneapolis. Is the cell physically living there or are they reaching these kids in a poor community in Minneapolis from Syria through Social Media? They offer these kids an ideological stand to support that isn’t real. They go over there and are being killed. Some of these idiots are being killed by ISIS themselves because they’ve found it isn’t what they were promised and want to leave. Do I feel sorry for them,,,NO!!! They have choices to try and make a difference in their lives but they sold their country out.

    Islamic Terrorism is real in the world today and a big threat to all of us. I’m sure there are good Muslims but which ones do you trust now? And to think 292 Muslims are known to have fought in the American Civil War. To use the word Immigrant when posting something about Muslims is very misleading. Along with all the posting of Muslim Refugees being brought in. How many of those refugees are also Christians? Nobody mentions that.


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