Bombshell: Clinton’s secret deal with Putin

Did Hillary Clinton cut a deal with Vladimir Putin that jeopardizes the security of the United States? One particular author thinks so.

In his new book, Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, author Peter Schweizer claims “Clinton personally benefitted from a deal that would eventually make the United States dependent on Vladimir Putin’s Russia for its supply of uranium,” as Fox News reported today.

The book’s investigation of donations given to the Clinton Foundation by foreign entities should nonetheless prove extremely threatening to the Clintons’ campaign.

As Fox says, “It would be one thing for a politician to cash in her influence to get rich. Most do, to one degree or another. But what if a politician used her official position to do favors for her patrons? That starts to sound like something that can cross the line between unseemly and potentially illegal. But what if those favors compromised national security?”

It would be outrageous and very troubling if the U.S. were dependent on Russia for anything of this nature.

I wonder what the major news sources will find? Will the mainstream media even bother digging?

Wait and watch…there’s surely more to come.


  1. she’s a half blind crow with a ugly kid, and doofus husband and three arab girlfriends.
    whats not to care about uranium to the soviet empire.
    I want her hanged for murdering ghadaffi

  2. Like most liberals, they don’t see hard core socialists as the enemies of freedom. They see them as heroes to emulate.

  3. It’s hard to keep the faith some days. One prayer is the lies and sleazy activities of politicians are exposed and soon. Police are being asked to wear body cams, our politicians need body cams. Not that would be 1 reality TV show to watch

  4. If this is all happening then why is there no prosecution of the Clinton’s. Well you know who has the money has the power. That is not the way it is suppose to be, but look at Obuma.

    • Because BIG-E Holder quit the job he wasn’t doing to the fullest of his ability 7 months ago, and they haven’t hired a unsuitable replacement yet…?

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    • same on TV news tonight,,, posing the question,, and yet nothing
      has been ever said,, or found,,, no smoking gun,,, just questions..

  5. I hate to be a kill joy, and I’m not a huge fan of Hillary, but there really is zero evidence for anything in this article. Fake news on the internet? Unheard of!


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