ISIS slaughters more Christians, and Obama can only manage THIS?

Words just aren’t going to cut it anymore. If the Obama administration doesn’t get off its “high horse” and actually do something to stop the scourge of ISIS, it’s just hard to believe he isn’t either petrified or sympathetic.

From Fox News:

The Islamic State expanded its extermination of Christians to another country with the release of a video Sunday purportedly showing a mass execution of Ethiopians in Libya.

In the video, Islamic State militants in Libya shot and beheaded groups of captive Ethiopian Christians.

The video starts with what it called a history of Christian-Muslim relations, followed by scenes of militants destroying churches, graves and icons. A masked fighter brandishing a pistol delivers a long statement, saying Christians must convert to Islam or pay a special tax prescribed by the Koran.

It shows one group of captives, identified as Ethiopian Christians, purportedly held by an Islamic State affiliate in eastern Libya known as Barqa Province. It also shows another purportedly held by an affiliate in the southern Libyan calling itself the Fazzan Province. The video then switches between footage of the captives in the south being shot dead and the captives in the east being beheaded on a beach

Here are some segments of the grisly video.

Fox reports that the White House “condemned the video.”

Ooh, ouch that’s gonna leave a mark.

Actually, the White House statement says “that these terrorists killed these men solely because of their faith lays bare the terrorists’ senseless brutality.”

Oh, yes, that’s WAY better. Because if we didn’t have these videos, we’d have no idea how senselessly brutal these terrorists are. (Like there was any doubt before.)

Soo….anything we’re going to do about it? No comment there about how we’re going to stop this senseless brutality from spreading across the globe.

Oh, on that note, Fox mentions that the “lead presenter” in the video speaks English with a North American accent. And in case you missed it, yesterday the FBI arrested six young men in San Diego and Minneapolis who were apparently planning to travel to Syria to join ISIS. To lay bare more senseless brutality, no doubt.

And by the way, the emissaries of the Religion of Peace in the video explained what they were doing is prescribed in the Koran.

Banning veils, banning children in mosques, banning travel to Mecca for anyone under 35 – those sound like pretty “Islamophobic” things to me, until you hear they’re coming from the country of Tajikstan, with a 97 percent Muslim population. The president there recognizes his nation has a problem with militant Islam and is doing something about it – Col. West wrote about it here today.

How many more Christians must be slaughtered before Western nations stand up and say no more? Last week, Israel observed Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. The world stood by for too long while Jews were marched into camps and annihilated.

The seeds of that horrific germ are spawning again, as ISIS slaughters Christians. But we just stand around condemning videos.


  1. You better take your daughters and sons to own and operate their own guns. Thus administration is EVIL and out for itself.

    • Our government is complicit. Where do rules come from where a kid can be suspended for pointing his finger at another kid or by chewing a pop tart into the shape of a gun at school?

      Lulled to sleep and led to slaughter.

  2. That so many of us are able to love our country while being utterly disgusted by the people running running government shows the greatness of America and why we will be able to recover from these dark years.

  3. There are so many amongst us who have plans to attack or commit sabotage on our infrastructure and our government knows it. The problem is so profound, it defies resolution because our politicians are so corrupt, they’d rather pacify evil and continue robbing us blind than do what must be done. We’ve been sold out by those who represent us.

  4. At some point, we need to go over there and beat the crap out of,them. Obama will go down in history as the biggest coward this country has ever known.

    • If there is a God and an afterlife, I can’t imagine many liberal Democrats being spared eternal wrath. They have no excuse for being as selfish and apathetic as they are! Maybe in 2008 they could use ignorance as an excuse but now it is abundantly clear that they are evil creatures.

      At the very least, the liberal democrats are on par with the Europeans who stood by while the Holocaust happened. In some ways they are even more guilty since the media makes these current atrocities entirely undeniable!

    • Islam is radical. Dr. Subramanian Swamy, the one man army in India against pseudo-secularists and Muslims has defined their Quran in simple terms: When they are in majority (all Arab nations) they have Sharia, means no minority or minority rights. That’s Darul Islam.
      When they are in minority AND majority is not united (like in US and India), they keep pushing for more rights and privileges by protests, playing victims and even coercion.
      That’s Darul Harb. When they are in minority AND majority are united (like in Australia), they lie low, get nice and wait for the opportunity. That’s Darul Hudna.
      It’s there in Quran.
      It’s no coincidence that there is no secular Muslim majority nation. They always go by their book.

      • And lying about their goals to create a worldwide caliphate is called “taqiyya” and is encouraged by the Quran. They don’t want “peace”, they want worldwide submission to Islam.

  5. Get a man, not veil as your President, like we did in India in our 2014 general elections. We too had a veil as Prime Minister and islam-sympathizer as back-seat driver of Indian govt for last 10 years (here it’s 5 year term). Now we have a man who commands fear among pigs and their love-mate camels.

  6. Allen West, you should team up with Greta Van Susteren. This message should be taken to the WH!!! We need to have a demonstration so the voice of the American people can be heard loud and clear! Our representatives don’t seem to hear us!

    • Yes it’s called being moral. The rest of the world refuses to do anything. Morality is something a scumbag liberal like yourself cannot possibly understand. You only care about “justice” when it involves putting money into your own bank account to make life extra easy for your lazy useless ass!

      It’s worth mentioning that we fought Germany in WW II even though there was not a single German soldier on US soil. Scumbag liberals like yourself protested even then.

      • And being “MORAL” involves protecting christians around the world? I’m sick of you loons COMPLAINING all the time…what are the solutions? In this case….THERE ARE NONE!!!

      • There are solutions it’s called learn to sacrifice. Instead of saying it’s not your problem deal with the problem before it becomes your problem. You have no sense of moral obligation because it hasn’t touched you yet and refuse to understand that it will touch you if it is allowed to grow!

      • What is your solution? To let the muslims take over the world. If you are not a muslim you will killed or enslaved your choice. That is the muslim goal to take over the world and they are well on their way to accomplishing this. Please tell me your solution.Who besides the US is going to stop them. WWI allies were losing US enters and ends the war. WWII allies were losing US enters and ends the war. Who is going to stand up and defend freedom?

    • No. But we do allow in the poor from all over the planet, do we not? We feed them. house them, clothe them, educate them…..all on the tax payer’s hard earned dollar. And if one white shoots a black, we whine and pitch a proper bitch, loot, burn, and destroy. Yet these creatures slaughter blacks in ways that give the average Liberal Democrat (spelled KKK) viagra-like hard-ons and explosive orgasms, and that is OKAY?? This is how we know you are not of black seed, but a spawn of evil!


    • It’s the United States responsibility to clean up it’s own messes created by their political involvment in other countries.

  7. Senseless? Terrorists? why the continued obfuscation and obvious defence of islam. The truth is that this is being done by muslims who have taken it upon themselves to do what the doctrines of the koran demand of all muslims. This is the same koran and the same prophet many millions follow but who are not in the position to kill as many of us as is possible .

  8. He could care less if Christians are being killed, he’s a Muslim brother. This is a good thing for them, just getting rid of excess baggage (Christians).

      • Then why does Obama host an event at the White House to celebrate the end of Ramadan, a Muslim holiday?

      • No they celebrate the secular side of Easter not the religious aspects. There is no mention of eggs or rabbits in anywhere in the Bible.There is no secular side to a Ramadan celebration.

        Next before Barack Hussein Obama there was no Ramadan celebration at the White House.

      • Yew people celebrate both the religious and secular aspects. However that is not the point there is no religious celebration of Easter by Obama at the White House. However there is a religious celebration of Ramadan at the White House. Which if he was a Christian by celebrating ramadan he is violating the most important premise of Christianity have no other Gods before me.

      • Don’t forget Obama doesn’t go to church not even on Christmas. In the six years he’s been in office he’s only gone a few times.

      • Easy enough to prove just look at the travel records. Anytime he leaves the White HOuse there is a record.

        “While Mr. Obama hasn’t shied away from his beliefs nor hesitated to bring religious leaders into broader national conversations, he’s come under fire for rarely attending church during his time in Washington.”

        Read more:
        Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

        Here is another article talking about Obama’s faith it is neutral but points out a lot of problems for both sides of the argument:

      • John is right same as me. I’ll you have to do is google it. Oh and if you really want to know what church Obama attended growing up, look up Rev. Jeremiah Wright, get a earful on how he fills about white Christians.

      • So Bush had them that should not have been allowed either. CAIR should never have a representative inside the fence until they start denouncing terrorism loudly and often.

      • “So Bush had them that should not have been allowed either.”

        Did I miss something? When was the First Amendment repealed?

      • Have you missed the point that while not all Muslims are terrorists that want to destroy this country, almost all terrorists that that want to destroy this country are Muslim. CAIR has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. If you are providing material support to a terrorist organization you should not be allowed inside the White House or Capital. Simple enough for you quit associating with terrorists or be treated as a terrorist.

      • “Simple enough for you quit associating with terrorists or be treated as a terrorist.”

        So then Reagan was a terrorist?

      • Nice try comparing Reagan to CIAR. You kike muslim terrorists having influences in the government, fine. I want them to have no influence, Obama is weak and accesses himself to be way smarter and more capable than he actually is.

      • ” You kike muslim terrorists having influences in the government, fine.”

        Please explain how Muslims can be Jews at the same time, anti-Semite.

      • “Please explain how Muslims can be Jews at the same time, anti-Semite.”

        That statement is pure BS. Provide one example of someone following both faiths? Make that from a reliable source not you twisted small mind.

      • “That statement is pure BS.”

        It’s not. You made the following statement. I quote.

        “You kike muslim terrorists having influences in the government, fine.”

        “K*ke” is a derogatory term for a Jew. I rest my case.

      • “You like muslim terrorists having influences in the government, fine.”

        There i fixed it a$$hole.

      • “Judges have ruled numerous times against displaying the Ten Commandments
        on the basis of the Separation of Church and State. Why is a religious
        celebration allowed in the White House?”

        Maybe because the two rulings have nothing to do with one another?

      • Religion is religion a government building is a government building. Get the idea the ruling either applies to everything or nothing.

      • Get the idea that you’re embarrassing yourself. According to you, no one can even pray privately in the White House by themselves.

      • No privately is one thing a Ramadan celebration is not a private event. People that do not work or live in the White House are invited. tax dollars are used to pay for the event. Once government money is used there in nothing private about the event.

      • “No privately is one thing”

        Ah, but you asked this just half an hour ago.

        “Why is a religious celebration allowed in the White House?”

        Saying grace before meals is a religious ceremony and, according to you, it should be banned.

      • Actually it is if the right person complains and the event is funded by taxpayer money. Invocations before sporting events have been ruled unconstitutional.

      • Then pull the plug on the Ramadan festivities. It is a religious ceremony, people do not want the Ten Commandments on the wall of a courthouse or school. Why are the same groups allowing a Ramadan dinner in the White House. Next it is one thing to host it for one individual and his family and inviting a huge number of people to the event.

      • There is a difference between respecting and participating. You need to understand that very simple premise. By participating in a religious ceremony you are in effect worshiping that persons God. That is what is wrong. How many Muslims politicians attend a Christian Easter Sunday or Christmas service? What part of the First Commandment do you not understand here is the wording:

        “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

        I will never attend a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, or other service because of that commandment. That does not mean I do not respect their beliefs.

      • “By participating in a religious ceremony you are in effect worshiping that persons God.”

        Obama is a Christian. Christians, Jews, and Muslims all believe in the same God. Ergo, your argument is wrong.

      • “Obama is a Christian. Christians, Jews, and Muslims all believe in the same God. Ergo, your argument is wrong.”

        According to you. What is your expertise something you read in a comic book? Jews and Christians, you are correct. Muslims no I disagree with you. Look at the link I posted above you may learn something.

      • Which theology professors? Unnamed sources mean nothing. Next get a hundred experts in a room you will get a hundred different opinions.

      • Also anyone who reads the meta-text would find that yes, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are worshiping the same god that has been slightly modified to meet the needs of the followers at the time.

      • So has every other PHD. That does not make any one of them any more correct than any other one. The discrepancies are there it is a matter of if they choose to acknowledge the discrepancies or ignore the discrepancies.

      • I’m skeptical that retona4 actually studied under any theology professors because they don’t just teach the doctrines and tenets of religion, they also teach the history of religions. Retona4 is obviously lacking in knowledge of the history.

      • What about a basic education in the history of these religions dating back prior to 600 AD when Islam began? The timeline has Abraham living in 2000 BC, so look at what happened between 2000 BC and 600 AD when Mohammed wrote the Quran. That seems to be the part you’re missing, retona4.

      • Obviously, retona4 doesn’t know history and doesn’t realize that there is a gap of 2,550 years after Abraham where the Arabs had mulitple religions prior to Mohammed creating the Muslim religion and claiming ties to the God of Abraham.

      • Sadly you are correct.Some professor said it so it is true. No critical thought involved. There is also the fact that if it were the God, Jerusalem would not be third in the line of Islamic holy places. In fact the Muslims point their but toward the dome of the rock when praying.

      • Which is also part of the reason to question the ties of Islam to the God of Abraham since they destroyed a Jewish holy site and built an Islamic holy site on top of it to symbolize their conquering of another religion.

      • Unfortunately there are far to many people that believe anything a professor tell them without ever questioning what they are told. everyone should know based on history that socialism and Communism fail, Yet the people coming out of college think it will work because some PHD told them it was a good idea. Yet history shows socialism failed every time all the way back to the Roman Empire.

      • My conclusion is that to be a liberal, you must be incapable of analytical thinking and unable to understand basic economics. If they can’t see that it’s inevitable for socialism and communism to result in the political and military leaders becoming the wealthy elite while all others live in poverty, they can’t be very smart. In a capitalist economy, we have the right to pursue happiness – but those who are too lazy to work in pursuit don’t deserve what liberals deem “their fair share” for doing absolutely nothing but taking taxpayer funded entitlements.

      • In unregulated capitalism, those with control over the resources can subjugate those without control to work exceedingly hard for very little in return. That is by no means a defense of socialism or communism, just pointing out that capitalism is subject to the same bastardizations and manipulations.

      • Who said anything about “unregulated” capitalism? You might want to research what led to the Anti-Trust Laws and the effort to end monopolies. It was our government who promoted and supported the monopolies of the rail, steel and oil industries and then had to create laws to break them up when they grew too large and powerful. Now we have swung too far in the other direction, where the executive branch is creating an average of 6,000 new regulations for businesses annually, resulting in over-regulation. Each year, $1.75 trillion is spent in the cottage industry created to attempt help businesses stay in compliance with over 1 milion regulations, more than 81,000 new regulations created in just the past 20 years.

        There is need to draw a line between necessary regulations and excessive over-regulation. What we have today is so excessive that it is thwarting job growth and detrimental to our economy. In the process of trying to punish large and successful businesses, these regulations have been destructive to small businesses which are the backbone of job creation and our GDP.

      • Come on Nanette, you know by now I’m not coming into this blind. The sheer number of regulations is not evidence of over regulation. And I can’t imagine that you genuinely think that in this environment that you allege is overregulated that people have the opportunity they would have in a less regulated market…

      • Hmmm? Quite often, after reading your comments, I certainly do think you are coming into this blind. Yes, the sheer number of regulations IS evidence of overregulation. And the sheer stupidity and cost impact of many of these regulations is evidence as well.

        An example is when Lisa Jackson was head of the EPA, she implemented a regulation to reduce the amount of dust, yes dust, that was produced by agricultural and livestock farmers. She said that if it stopped one child from having an asthma attack, the cost would be worth it. So farmers has to constantly sprinkle water on their land to reduce the amount of dust. The EPA was too stupid to recognize that the water used would go against regulations related to excessive water run-off problems in rivers and streams, result in increasing nitrogen and phosphorus and that promoted algae reducing oxygen levels in the water for fish. And this is just 1 (one) example of idiotic regulations created by the alphabet soup of bureaucracies that make up the executive branch. There are plenty of other examples and you would know this if you weren’t blind.

      • I’ll agree with you that there are qualitatively bad/outdated regulations out there. I don’t think quantity has anything to do with it as you could easily break one regulation into several or consolidate several into one. The number of regulations is ostensibly meaningless, but rather qualitatively what they do. I also don’t argue that the one you’ve outlined is a good one (nor agree that it’s a bad one), but I also don’t think that one bad regulation as anecdotal evidence that bad regulations exist is reason to decry the regulatory system as a whole. There are also regulations that keep products like fen-phen off the market, prevent use of asbestos in building materials, and require chemical companies to properly dispose of toxic waste to avoid another Love Canal or leukemia outbreak from trichloroethylene dumping like happened in Woburn, Mass.

        Back to your original point, however, I’ll ask you then to clarify what type of capitalistic system you’re talking about, since it’s apparently not a true Rand-esque free market one.

      • Just as a society without any laws would lead to anarchy, capitalism without any regulations would lead to having no consequences for unethical or harmful practices by some business owners. Just as I think that civil forfeiture laws, the issuing of “John Doe” warrants and subpoenas and many laws pertaining to the “war on drugs” are over-reaching and unfair, the same is true of many of the more than 1 million regulations on businesses. Just as you can have too few laws and regulations, you can have so many that it’s impossible for anyone to know them all and comply.

        I sometimes wonder if the creation of regulations is not so much for the benefit of society but are more for the alphabet soup of federal bureaus to [a.] claim the more massive the number of regulations they produce somehow means they’re doing a better job, regardless of how mundane and useless the regulations are [b.] use massive numbers of new regulations and implementing enforcement of these regulations as an excuse to expand the budget and number of employees in growing their bureau.

        It’s the nature of bureaucracies and government at all levels to not only be self-perpetuating, but to keep creating reasons to grow and expand. There is a need for limitations or you risk that continued growth and expansion will lead to and infringement of rights as well as oppression and abuse.

      • Well we agree that can be an issue, but I think where we peg the needle is the point of disagreement then. No one should be able to learn all the regulations, they should know then within their own fields. Usually that isn’t terribly difficult. Moreover, the vast majority of not all regulations are formed to solve a problem, so I think it’s important to look at the problem as well and evaluate the regulation on the merits rather than just how many of them there are.

      • Interesting piece – and I do enjoy Tim Wu (somewhat off topic, but speaking of convoluted regulatory landscapes, his book The Master Switch is a must-read). What I think Will ignores, however, are the counterbalances of public opinion, jury nullification, judicial economy, and prosecutorial discretion. For example, prosecutors use some discretion in deciding what cases to pursue and have to choose some over others. I was involved in reporting two bigamists over the last couple years through my employment. In one instance, I was told by an ADA that yes, the man had clearly broken the law (bigamy is a 3d degree felony here in Texas), but that the DA’s office simply wasn’t going to prosecute it. Theoretically yes, someone could land in jail for riding a snowmobile onto a wilderness refuge, but if you can find me a single person in prison for that offense who truly did it accidentally, I will be amazed.

      • “I will never attend a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, or other service
        because of that commandment. That does not mean I do not respect their

        How naive you are. Do you know what silence is? Do you know what not saying anything is? How are you “participating” if you sit quietly in the back just watching the proceedings?

      • Nope. You also missed the fact that Allah is the same deity as Yahweh and God, so there’d be no problem with a Christian attending a Muslim service.

      • Study the New and Old Testament. Learn what is for historical purposes and what is for the purposes of the gospel. You will find the differences.

      • Jews do not follow the New Testament that is Christians only. they can disagree all they want.

      • I think we’re now talking completely past one another. My point is that the dietary restrictions aren’t completely archaic to a lot of people in the Judeo-Christian faiths as well.

      • Actually it is only for the Jewish faith the dietary restrictions were also addressed in the New Testament.

        Mark 9:17 NASB:

        “because it does not go into his heart, but into his stomach, and fnis eliminated?” (Thus He declared all foods clean.)”

        Mark 7:19 King James:

        Because it entereth not into his heart, but into the belly, and goeth out into the draught, purging all meats?

        Then there is Acts 10:9-16.

        The dietary laws were done away with in the new testament. However following a Kosher diet, although complicated may actually be healthier, if it is truly a Kosher diet.

      • A significant number of Christian denominations forbid alcohol as well. I’m just pointing out that dietary restrictions are hardly the sole province of Islam.

      • First let me say that I’m an agnostic and not a fan of any religion, but even I know the basis of these religions. Although both claim to worship the God of Abraham, the split began with Abraham. Those who became the Jewish tribes followed Abraham’s son Isaac and those who became the Arab tribes followed Abraham’s son Ishmael (a son he had with a slave) in 1950 BC. For centuries, those who became the Arab tribes worshiped other dieties. It was not until Mohammed created a religion, connected to the God of Abraham in 600 AD (2,550 years later) that he united the Arab tribes under a single religion. So the Jews have a history that is tied throughout time to the God of Abraham, the Christians were a split from Judaism, while the Muslims only connected to the God of Abraham through Mohammed. That’s what makes it questionable whether Muslims actually worship the same God after 2,550 years of not having any ties to that God.

      • Explain why you think it a myth rather than just calling it myths. Explain exactly what your president is doing which would make one think otherwise. Using the term myth is prevalent in the talking points of the far left without merit.

  9. White House saying what what people want to hear.

    The truth is that Obama had a big smile on his face when the video arrived. I can’t imagine how happy he’ll be when Israel gets nuked….

  10. None to worry, folks. Since we are told the ISIS is not Caucasian, there is nothing to see here. They may slaughter as blacks as desired. It’s not like a white cop shot them, right? Remember, Black Lives Matter, IF and ONLY IF, the shooter is WHITE! Make a note, red flag it, run and tell that, homeboy!

  11. The only ways Obama will take action against ISIS is if ISIS starts attacking golf courses. If that happens Obama would deploy every person he could round up to send.

  12. Obama has no interest in saving Christians, Americans or anyone. His interest starts and ends with himself and his own ideology. An ideology that begins and is rooted in Marx, tempered and molded by his Iranian mole, Valery Jarrett.

    Obama has no interest in public opinion poles or the public at large in any context. He is a pathological narcissist surrounded by people who placate his personal ego unto their nefarious bidding. This perfect storm of a clinical narcissist with a deep seated Marxist hatred for nearly everything American, being controlled by enemy moles bent on the destruction of liberty in the United States, along with her economy and ability to defend herself by alienating America from her allies and bringing mortal danger to Israel, all in the context of Social Justice, and obtaining peace with Iran.

    As he seeks to nuclear arm Iran to the detriment of, not just the middle east and Europe, but the mortal danger to the lives and futures of billions of innocent people.

    Today I hear we are moving naval assets into the waters close to Yemen, the Red Sea and the Persian golf, allegedly to stop the Iranian resupply to Yemen. I think it is more likely to protect Iran from a pan-Arab attack on Iran with Israel’s help before the Russian missal systems are in place.

    The bottom line is, what kind of creature is Obama? He is the Apostle of the Culture of Death. The Evangelist and Apologist for the Accuser of the Brethren, Prince of Liar, and Father of all Murders. The Actual and Proposed Desecrater of all that is Holy. To barrow a term for the Lord of the Rings, he is Obama, the deceiver. Obama the Christian, or Obama the grand master of Taqiyya?

    • Want some dressing with that word salad? A ” pan-Arab attack on Iran with Israel’s help before the Russian missal systems are in place.” Really pan-Arab? You think any Arab country will help Israel attack anyone?

      • You might want to look at the history of the 1981 Israeli attack on the Iraq nuclear facilities. In that case, Saudi Arabia and Jordan supported the Israeli attack on Iraq and allowed Israel to use their bases for refueling, also created distractions to keep Iraq off guard.

        On international news sources, there have been articles stating that Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt have said they would not only support, but assist Israel in an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. It’s not unprecedented if you look at the 1981 attack on Iraq and it’s not hard to believe that those predominantly Sunni nations don’t want to see Iran’s Shiite caliphate keep expanding not only their nuclear capacity but also control over Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

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    • It’s unfair to argue Ramadan celebration at white house Versus Easter celebration there as EQUALS. It’s not equal. It’s absolutely secular to have shades of majority religious traditions in the establishment. Govt officials are not secular robots.
      Easter celebration at white house can’t be any news. Ramadan celebration definitely is. That too, the first one.
      This sham of muslim celebrations happens in Indian secular (psycho-lar) democracy too, inside govt buildings. On the contrary when any majority religious festival is celebrated by govt officials, our “secularists” raise eyebrows.
      The word “secular” was added to our constitution via amendment by Socialist Nehru. This secular farce started ever since.

  13. Former Congressman Allen West claimed that school-sponsored prayer was responsible for a lack of injuries during his days playing high-school football during a speech to a Texas group.

    Do you need any more proof that this man is FREAKING NUTS?!?!?!?!?!

    • Seriously? And how do you know he’s nuts? Have you ever met the man? You mock a man you know nothing about. So from what I’m guessing, you’re probably an atheist who can’t stand it when you hear God has answered a Christians prayer. It must really suck to be you and never have any kind of hope of a better after life.

    • “Then he recalled his days playing football at Grady High School saying, “And even in high school, before every game at Grady Stadium, the pastor would come down and pray before every football game. I don’t remember catastrophic injuries. I don’t remember anyone getting carted off that field paralyzed.”

      This is what was written about Allen and his highschool, not the same as what you are interjecting. Besides, if schools had a pastor pray would it not also be with consent of the tax payers/ parents? And could you prove otherwise, that it wasn’t because of prayer? I think not. The schools started to get messed up once the government became more involved; now some of the things they do or try to do are just plain crazy!

      • “Prove that it wasn’t because of prayer?” Seriously? How about that team sucked didn’t play hard. Other teams had mercy on them and played their backups. Our team finished one season 1 and 8 my first year in highschool. We prayed before every game and every practice. We started with 44 players on the roster. By the last game we where 22 dressed. Of those some where hiding injuries, some where hurt not injured playing with pain. The rest was playing both ways. The schools started getting messed up when Republicans started busting teachers unions.

      • You really are a sad soul. Your team didn’t loose because of Republicans you idiot. Take some personal responsibility and admit your team sucked, end of story. Hey that’s ok everyone can’t win it is about the battle, the friends you meet and discipline all a good life lesson. Now soon if liberals have their way because it is not fair there will be a 10 way tie for first and everybody gets trophies. Which way is best to ready a person for life?

      • Raphel (whoever you are) you demonstrate two things to me: one you have no experiential knowledge of Christianity and two the damage that Unions involvement in schools have.
        Unions will often keep inept teachers in positions when there are more qualitifed and make it difficult to terminate these teachers.
        When it comes to prayer it appears there is little knowledge of what it is.

    • Explain to me how a car heading into a guardrail at 75 MpH at 10 ft away 1/2 a second later is parked on the right side median 5 lanes opposite the direction it was sliding, when the driver simply closed his eyes let go of the wheel and said ” God take me I’m ready” ..That driver was me in 1988 .The next day I was to leave on a spring break missions trip instead of our senior trip.No science can explain it, nor could the driver of the 18 wheeler that had hit me starting my skid.


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