Southern grandmother has some CHOICE words for women (and men) today

Col. West often talks about his simple southern upbringing, and the values instilled in him by his father Buck, and his mother “Snooks.” In his book, Guardian of the Republic, Col. West talks about the lessons he learned about responsibility from his grandfather and other elderly aunts.

Well, 72-year-old grandmother, Mother Agnus, is clearly cut from the same cloth! Her video lecture on the problems of modern women, lazy men and people living off welfare is going viral. As well it should!

As The Federalist Papers Project says:

The woman, who is called Mother Agnus by the man filming the rant, is full of opinion. While some would call her notions old-fashioned, the quick tongued, feisty woman with traditional values is resonating with internet users.

Mother Agnus says women today can’t even raise their children.
She also chastises lazy men and people who live off of entitlements.

“I’m 72 years old and I still don’t mind working! I ain’t scared of work. [Welfare recipients] stay in the system and use up the elderly’s money.”

Is she “old-fashioned?” Are values and principles obsolete? We sure as heck hope not. Or else we’re doomed.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


  1. “Tell their husband which one they almost had to kill” LOL!!! I’m loving this lady. She reminds me of a woman I knew when I was a child that I loved for her honesty and sense of self. This is one successful lady; too bad most won’t see the value in her words.

    Okay Uncle Ruckus, Earl Lee and Rafael X…let the bashing begin.

      • Wow, I learn something new everyday. I can never tell with liberals, they all sound exactly alike…no thoughts of their own, just the same old rhetoric, rinse and repeat.

      • As a country, we are getting stupider, lazier, do not respect authority and don’t care about our personal and global responsibilities. We reached the pinnacle in the world and then got lazy and spineless.

      • Survival of the fittest. Society changes you adapt. The key today is education. You don’t hear that lady mention one word of it. My little girl will learn to read before she learns how to cook.

      • My son started reading when he was two years old and started learning to cook when he was six. He’s well-educated and has a great job as a software developer but he still cooks, cleans and makes time for his family. If he had been born a girl I would have raised her the same. So, what’s your point? Society may change but our children still need to eat, they still need a mother and father to raise them, they still need a safe haven where mom and dad protect and comfort them. What they don’t need is to run the streets because mama don’t have no time for that since she’s more interested in her own needs and socializing. And they don’t need McDonald’s. Those of us who care for our children more than ourselves do everything we can to make a good home and nurturing environment in which our kids can thrive and become even more successful than we are. You don’t get that when mama don’t cook and daddy don’t got no job.

      • Wow, you’re actually making excuses here for people who won’t take responsibility for their own kids. Most people, myself included, have the capacity to become educated and still take care of their families. Are you trying to tell me that the people this older lady is talking about are really out getting an education and that’s why they’re unable to care for all the kids they’re popping out? I call BS on that.

        And BTW, it wasn’t just learning code. It was also web development, four levels of physics, discreet math and calculus, a whole lot of other miscellaneous math, molecular chemistry, molecular biology, bio-engineering, American history, world history, academic writing and research, conservation of natural resources, earth sciences, cultural anthropology, electrical circuitry, statistics, American political thought, international relations, American democracy, fundamentals of economics, (and everything else involved in a political science minor) and more. Oh yeah, and ongoing golf and weight training. Yet, he still never shirked his responsibilities to his family, church, friends, sports, alumni networking club, school athletic support club or himself because he’s never used the excuse that he can only take care of one thing at a time.

        The idea that one cannot be bothered with anything else, even when others depend on them, while they get their education is totally lost on everyone but the lazy. I taught him that by example. Are you teaching your kids that an education is the only thing they’ll ever have to be responsible for?

      • She only knows responsibility, accountability for her actions and hard work. It seems like she knows a lot.

      • Just because it’s a different year it’s supposed to mean that women don’t need to take care of their families anymore? Let’s throw in fathers as well; they shouldn’t have to get a job and provide for their families either, right? Not in this ME, ME, ME generation…we’ll let the government take care of all that for us! We’ll gladly give up our rights and freedoms if Uncle Sam will relieve us of all our responsibilities and throw welfare and food stamps at us so we don’t have to get off of our lazy buts and do anything all day long nor make any of our own decisions about ourselves or our children ’cause the government will do that for us too! There’s always McDonald’s…no cooking, no cleaning up…just a horde of fat kids that someone else will look after.

      • I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean but you know what? I really enjoy debating with people who are able to think and reason, carry on cogent conversations and whatnot. But your arguing just for the sake of arguing and coming up with nothing reasonable or substantive, but still hoping to keep up, has grown tiresome. Give me a shout if you’re ever up to a little stimulating conversation in which you can add something valuable.

    • not just the black community,there are whites just as bad,all colors nowadays think someone owes them a place to live food and extra money for whatever. its called lazy.

      • Yup, Democrats have made it so much better to be on welfare than to work that all colors are heading for the welfare system

      • Completely agree.. just look at the Welfare Queen in England who wants the taxpayers to pay for her dream wedding because she feels its her right…

  2. You know…if I had a servant (had money, a maid, such) I would
    definitely want an older black woman like this lady. I think they tend
    to be some of the best, most honest, hardest working, loving and caring
    people in the world.

    Today’s black women are all into “Booty”
    and “Thangs”, not like this lovely gem. She grew up knowing what a hard
    life was, doing what needed to be done, and she got it done. There is
    nothing about her that says you should take care of me, like so many believe today, she is going to do or die. Literally. She’s great. I love her.

    This is probably why so many of the housemaids and servants in history were black women.

    Many people just don’t realize how MOST slaves were loved, cared for,
    and treated like family. Slaves were help, they were a means to an end.
    You don’t destroy what makes you. The stories of beatings, whippings,
    and murders are the exception to the rule. Many were beloved.

    Slaves were captured in Africa by other tribes and SOLD by those tribes
    into slavery. Actually making it to the US for MOST was a positive
    situation, they lived better lives (in general) and many earned freedom
    over time. To say slavery as a whole was like a holocaust is
    disingenuous at best.

    Read and understand slavery and you will
    begin to understand it in a whole new light. I find it fascinating and
    have dug deeper and deeper. It’s sad how many blacks don’t even want to
    know about it, just cry over spilled milk, and wanting free crap for the
    sins committed upon their long-long-long deceased relatives, the ones
    who actually suffered in slavery.

    Reparations…for what???

      • Absolutely a possibility. I just have a deeply felt respect for black people, mostly the older generation who understand hardship. So many of today’s black people just seem to feel entitled (by no means all of them) and they keep pushing the race issue. I love this lady, she’s beautiful, we need more like her. Unfortunately, that mold has been broken, long ago, by people like Sharpton who pushes the victim card onto anyone willing to follow him.

      • Now this is more of how you should have replied in the first place, not bringing up slavery and basically calling this woman a slave…

      • Keep it within this mindset because the logic you were spouting before was endorsing slavery. I too believe that many of my people have lost the wonderful respect that my grandparents and parents had. I believe the way to restore this is to get them out of under the thumb of the Government Plantation.

    • So slavery was a good thing? Really? There may have been happy endings for a few but to lose freedom and all that this means is not worth ‘living better lives’. You are the one that needs to read to understand, sir. Children sold from their parents, parents sold and separated from each other, woman bred like cattle…..are you serious??????

    • You would have her as your servant but not y our business partner. What about as neighbor or as your mother in law? Sorry partner not everyone remembers the good old days so fondly. Not everyone enjoyed the caring rapes and lovely beatings.

      • Or being a human being not just property, having the freedom to live as
        they wish. It’s in credible how some on like this guest (I think I know
        who it is) would use his twisted logic to condone slavery.

    • This is about as stupid of a reply as some of the liberals on here. Slavery was never a good thing, no one wants their freedom stripped from them and they certainly don’t want to serve someone who sees them as less than a person. I don’t know what you think you are accomplishing coming on here talking about this but this is not what this video or article was about… Take your thoughts to Stormfront or NA forums and leave it out of here…

  3. I just love old people, they say what they feel and don’t care whether you like it or not. None of this PC cr*p….Wonderful!

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  5. Obsolete indeed. There’s no defined gender roles. Can’t do it unless you can afford it. My wife loves gardening so she mowes the lawn. Wont let me touch it. Doing dishes relaxes me so I do it. One day I’m coaching football the next day I’m playing peekaboo for hours. She cooks during the week I cook on week-end. Same with the baby. I was taught that divorce can be part of life so men better know how to fend for themselves. Way to a men heart might have been through his stomach yesterday. Now beware of a man that can’t feed himself or do his laundry. He’s looking for a maid not a partner.

    • I guess that is the first problem… You were taught that divorce can be a part of life. That is a shame. I was taught that there is no such thing as divorce, so make a proper, well thought out decision on who you are going to marry. That was from my mother, God rest her. My mother also told me, as a young man, not to have sex with anyone I wasn’t willing to share toothbrushes with, in reference to pregnancy. I guess we had different upbringings. Although, I completely agree with the idea that a man needs to know and be able to do everything a woman can do. That is just common sense.

    • “Tried and True” should NEVER be obsolete….does your wife have to work too? Is you baby stuck at daycare all day? Divorce shouldn’t even be in the equation. Please make it work with your wife no matter what…for your kids sake. If no defined gender role work out for you two thats really good…I’m rooting for you two…

    • X is obsolete, let the 1960’s go, G. The liberal Democrats butt-jacked ya’ll fools and ya still bitterly clinging to ya bigoted ideas. We the enlightened welcome you to 2015. Ya wife mow the lawn to keep ya’ll ass from getting thrown out. LOL! Check?

  6. Mother Agnus done spoke! Now all you worthless people better listen up and get to working on what she said you better do, Dadgummit!

  7. Tell it honey! We need more women like you busting some butts and getting this country in line. I am sick and tired of how disrespectful children are and today’s parents and psychologist say it’s “Self expression”. REALLY??? Sounds more like defiance and disrespect to me.

  8. Well said Mother Agnus. Slap the crap out those kids who are disrespectful, beat their behinds into shape, don’t put up with their laziness etc. etc. etc.

  9. Damn! She made me feel kinda sorry for these ratchet hoes and they lay about dudes always on the Xbox when they need to get they ass out and work and pay that child support. Well, the good news be 26% of the black population in America have come home. Gallup say 26% now embrace CONSERVATIVE values. So maybe there is a chance. Hood Rats and Thugs —-has got to go!

  10. She is my age & I agree, that is what is wrong with our country. People that need help can’t get it but some people have baby after baby so they can collect a check. It is not the child’s fault the parents are parasites living off the rest of us.

  11. Mother Agnus is one reason why the Democrats like the Death Panels written into Obamacare. Dems would rather have all the money and health care to themselves and not have to spend it on old people.


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