ISIS attacks Ramadi: It’s way worse than we’re being told

One of the best lessons I learned in my years of service in the military is a quote often share with y’all: “the enemy has a vote.”

You can try and sell the American people — and others — a politicized line such as “al-Qaida has been decimated and destroyed” or “we have reached the framework of a deal with Iran” or “ISIS is not Islamic,” but the bad guys are not affected by empty rhetoric.

And here we go again with the Obama administration and the conflagration against Islamic terrorism. We’ve been told that ISIS has stalled. Their recruiting is low and they’re demoralized – by the way, what is up with the Ohio man just arrested after returning from Syria and training with ISIS?

The Daily Beast, not exactly a conservative outlet, reports, “ISIS is reportedly marching on the key Iraqi city of Ramadi—upending the momentum the U.S.-led military coalition seemed to have just days ago, and threatening to shatter an already delicate recent power shift that both the U.S. and Iraq hoped to exploit.

“Until Wednesday’s reports about Ramadi both U.S. and Iraqi officials were examining what effects ISIS’s recent losses could have in future battles. The officials were even talking about where they would take down ISIS next. During his visit to Washington, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi suggested in an interview Wednesday with reporters that his troops could move on both Anbar Province—where Ramadi in the local capital—and the oil-rich city of Baiji.

But that was before, according to residents, three cities near Ramadi fell into ISIS hands. Hours later, area security forces reportedly asked for more support from the central government to retain control of the city. Pentagon officials stopped short of saying the city was on the brink of falling. But they didn’t sound confident it would hold, either.

“The situation in Ramadi remains fluid and, as with earlier assessments, the security situation in the city is contested. The ISF [Iraqi Security Forces] continue to conduct clearing operations against ISIL-held areas in the city and in the surrounding areas of Al Anbar province,” U.S. Central Command spokesman Army Major Curt Kellogg said in a statement, using the government’s preferred acronym for ISIS. The coalition continues to coordinate with ISF forces and provide operational support as requested.”

The truth is, tens of thousands are fleeing Ramadi, the largest city in Anbar province of some half a million — the city lies 100 miles from Baghdad. And ISIS has also launched an attack on the major oil refinery city of Baiji, just north of Tikrit. Could it be that ISIS conducted a very well planned and executed deception plan to make Iraqi Security Forces and their Iranian allies focus on Tikrit, while they focused their offensive operations elsewhere? If so, it’s a brilliant operational level ruse.

But there is an even more important question — how did ISIS do this without any detection? How did they reposition their force — in open desert — and no one saw it? This is a direct reflection of the intelligence failure of the so-called Obama coalition.

However, let me digress for a moment and consider the effect this is having on those brave and courageous men and women who just a decade ago bled, sacrificed, lost limbs, and died in order to drive the enemy out of Ramadi.

Can you imagine what it is doing to them to hear this news — of course it appears that President Obama cares little. His campaign promise was more important than acknowledging the enemy has a vote. His defiance would not allow him to admit that he was wrong and that our men and women who DID serve with honor and distinction defeated the enemy, al-Qaida in Iraq. The emotional scars run deep, and sadly the person inflicting the damage and reopening wounds resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

During a Senate Armed Services hearing Chairman John McCain, a former combat fighter pilot, asked an astonishing question — which those of us in the know, knew. How many total sorties have been flown since last August when we announced the air campaign against ISIS? The answer is approximately 12,000. How many of these sorties have dropped weapons (munitions)? The answer was 3,000. When queried, the new Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, explained that the problem is that we don’t have G-FACs (Ground- Forward Air Controllers) on the ground. As well, it appears we don’t have intelligence gathering capability. ISIS is not being pushed back. They are on the offense, and how can that be happening?

Not only in Iraq, but in Yemen, where President Obama stated last September that this was a shining example of success. Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has taken over a vital airfield, port, and oil facility. And if you haven’t been paying attention, Americans are fleeing the country by whatever means they can find. Right now they are escaping on boats to Dijbouti. For those of you who aren’t aware, the U.S. Marine Corps always has a regional force afloat called a Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) — MEU(SOC). One of their mission sets is called NEO – Non Combatant Evacuation Order — which is where they coordinate with the local embassy to extricate Americans from a hostile country. Remember, ARG/MEU (Amphibious Ready Group/Marine Expeditionary Unit) was sitting off the coast of Yemen, but the Obama administration ordered our embassy evacuated as the Marines destroyed their weapons and flew out on Oman Air.

I know, you’re saying, why should I care? You think I’m just complaining and running my mouth. I believe the same was said of one Winston Churchill whilst the people of England were embracing Neville Chamberlain. The point is that the enemy is being emboldened and domestic prosperity means nothing when planes fly into buildings. The redistribution of wealth will mean little when someone shouts “Allahu Akhbar” and guns down American troops in America. Income inequality will not be a pressing issue if another woman is beheaded at her workplace by an Islamist — and it’s just dismissed.

We are suffering from the sickness of soundbite mentality and as the Taliban says, “you may have watches but we have the time.”

We have an administration that is lying to us and refuses to confront a very threatening enemy. The last time such a maniacal threat was disregarded — well, millions lost their lives. I pray that a catastrophic event does not have to occur to wake us up — but it seems we are on that road. This is not about bravado, it is about making a stand to defeat Islamo-fascism and its spawn, terrorism and jihadism. And let us not forget that meanwhile Vladimir Putin lurks in the dark places and China slowly extends its regional hegemony.

Remember, peace through strength.


    • Peace through strength works. Make the price of attacking too high and the problems go away. Deport the family of any naturalized citizen involved in an attack.

    • No, the lieberals (not a misspelling) have rewritten it to make the America the “evil aggressor” and the enemies we fought for freedom “poor victims.” Then they bolstered that by claiming anyone advocating peace through strength is a “war hawk” and recruited the media to make them seem like bloodthirsty killers. Oh, they’ve done their job well. And America is no longer what she was.

  1. Time for political correctness to end. we have got to start naming the enemy and dealing with them in the appropriate manner. Kill them in large numbers.

  2. Oh Hells Bells , who cares anymore. I’m just wondering if we’ll even have something to eat or even jobs or homes here in the near future . To Hell with the Middle East, let it go, we have enough problems here in our own Country with all the Collaborators and Traitors in DC and State and Local Governments. If Georgie Bush had listened to his Father we wouldn’t be worrying about the ISIS . We should have left Saddam in Power and made a deal with him like we did Gaddafi . Of course once Obama was elected all deals were null and void , just look what happened to Lybia and Gaddafi both destroyed by Obama and Clinton. And now we are supposed to feel sorry for the folks in the middle east???? Nope no sympathy here boyo. They don’t have the guts to stand up and fight back, they are a weak people who have over the centuries been indoctrinated to cower in the face of adversity . They can’t even think for themselves they have to be ruled over by some Dictator/Butcher who tells them how to live and for how long they get to live. It’s a form of Slavery that’s made more insidious because the chains are in the mind .

  3. Well, I fought in Ramadi in 05-06 with the 101st. We lost brothers and fellow infantrymen to insurgents and God knows what else. The simple fact remains, in my lifetime as a soldier, a college graduate and a responsible taxpayer and citizen I have learned that I do not actually like any of our politicians. All of them with the exception of Tom Cotton has any direct knowledge of warfare. Yes, John McCain was a POW and there are others but no one else was a groundpounder who understands combat and being a boot on the ground.
    I am scared for what is happening to this country, where an American Flag is taken down because it might offend, where PC is more important then the safeguarding of our loved ones, our police force and our soldiers. Where SEALS, airmen, grunts and all the others directly in harms way hesitate because they dont want to be blasted in the news for a “bad” kill. PC is what is killing us. Everybody has a damn opinion. Journalists reporting on war has caused ROE’s to be put in place because Americans are so upset when an “innocent” or a possible “civilian” has died. That is why they will win. We should attack our enemies with as much force as possible. War…is just that. War. People will die. Time to wage war and do it right.

    • Thank you for your service. And you are right – we lack the moral conviction to wage effective war, which means understanding that some innocents will die (and that is sad) but that many more will be saved by quick, effective warfare. Instead, PC-ism is ruling the day, and it will be the cancer that kills us.

    • You won the wars under the Bush’s and in the 6 years with Barry the Muslim/Traitor as Commander and Chief the enemy has regrouped, gathered arms(from Barry), and is purging the planet of Christians.

      You can also thank the past and present Secretary of States for their contribution to Operation Chaos.

    • Thank you for your service and please try to find some hope. I am grateful to all you who served. My kids were born in 95 and 99. They were raised out of harms way and safe because of the efforts of people like you and your brothers in arms. God bless you.

    • John McStain is a traitor. You fought as an invader and the hand of oppression. Look at my Avatar. You were the invader and under no circumstances ever, did an Arab hijack aircraft and then crashed them causing the collapse of any buildings, ever. I took that picture, look at the lower right hand corner. There is a Firemen standing there to give the steel scale, and no “flying fucking beer can” ever caused them to fall. There was 8,000 of those columns there between the 2 towers, No Way Jose! Sorry, and God bless. We are responsible for toppling 7 governments and invading as many countries, causing over 2.5 million civilian deaths, displacing another 10 million, completely destabilizing the region. We were sold a “pig in a poke” and our enemy was right here all along!

      • Your conspiracy theory does nothing for me. I could care less what your label of us as soldiers I. I give 0 cares because my job was to keep my soldiers alive. I also kept many civilians alive and protected them. So, regardless of the politics, I fought for no one but my brothers.

      • it’s not at all about politics and your service is noble and appreciated if it were just. You went ignorant as the invaders. You represent exactly what we stand against here in America. I did my pull and then got out because of the lies. For anyone then to make the mistake and go fight an despicable war, you need to research and repent as what you stand and claim today based on the facts is nonsense, and a slap to everyman, woman, and child that have been killed from your blind actions. Since God is inbound, I sure as hell would figure it out fast. If you don’t die by His hand of justice as it sweeps past, you certainly are from 3 core ejections and 3 total 100% meltdowns. Do you even realize, we may all die from that before He passes? that is in a little over a year too. A total of 620 tons of fuel melted and are now ex-vessel, and a total of 1,690 tons of Nuclear fuel was ejected in 3 separate explosions. One of the Reactor’s that went hypersonic, was a MOX Fuel Reactor and pieces of machinery have been discovered by the US Navy over 30 miles away in the bottom of the Pacific. Can you spell, dumb, stubborn, ignorant and dead? It is what will be written on your headstone!

      • Troll elsewhere tubby tub. Do you actually get any likes or do people understand your absolutely ridiculous and often insane rants? Dude, seriously seek some help. You are bat shit crazy.

      • Hey Micky, don’t you have a box of Life to eat or something. I don’t even do this for likes. I took that picture I use as an Avatar. You had to be there to know why I do this, why i will never stop fighting back. Not ever!

  4. Thank you, Lt.Col. Allen West!!!

    We appreciated you as a US Congressman -and look forward to a new POTUS – in a Republican administration – w you as Sec of Defense – or wherever you believe you are needed!!!!

  5. Hey Website manager….Just to second Klaus Fischer, I have trouble looking at the website. Can’t even log into it from work because of the popups. So I rarely go here although I see tons of interesting articles I want to read on Facebook. If you could maybe fix that, that would be great….. (using my best Lumberg voice)

  6. Aaron J Todd, hope you get over your insecurities. Maybe you haven’t served or just didn’t pay much attention over the last 14 years, but the USMC pretty much “screwed the pooch” on everything it did in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001. Having a MEF, MEU or MAU off the coast doesn’t guarantee anything, except your gonna need hundreds of support Soldiers if they do anything lasting over 10-14days. Then Army Combat Troops will have to come in and cleanup the 5star, 3 ring Clusterfuck the Jarheads leave. We called it “cleaning up after the Jr Varsity”.
    As a retired 18E/F just seeing “(SOC)” after Marine units is end to get real SF troops laughing our asses off.
    Great dress uniforms, cool commercials, but in this century’s combat operations they are the Jay Vee squad.
    As they say in the Cavalry ” its almost Christmas, have the Marines made it to Baghdad yet?”.

    • Read above Papi60R, you need to ask God for a forgiveness of ignorance, of ignorance and self pride. Both a sin and no defense in the eye’s of God. God bless and see above for an explanation! Please, save the “johnny come flag waiver” for your trial in front of God!

  7. Then you have those that believe this bullshit, and believe that the US is funding, arming, and the ones giving the intel to the ISIS CIA fighters. We had no right whatsoever to inveade any of the countries in the Middle East since 2001 and back to Desert Storm as well. We are the invaders, we are the aggressors and I took the picture to prove it. My Avatar is 1 of 8,000 4 inch thick steel columns between the 2 Towers. It was Cordite Cord that cut that steel. It is a Military only product, US Military. It took at least a year to wire the 2 buildings, minimum. Pappy 1960R, you were sold a “pig in a poke” and forgiveness is what you need to start asking God for. He is inbound, and there has never been such a dire moment to ask for forgiveness. Your enemy Papi was here all along. Our Military is responsible for the million deaths, for being so gullible to believe Aircraft collapsed the 2 buildings. None of us who were there thought an Arab came and did that. We were the ones who smuggled out debris, we are the ones who prompted the video’s, have the facts of it. Anyone who thinks any different is wrong. Firemen in standing are pussy’s. All standing in silence while their own fell because of the criminals who lead us. They do it for their pensions, and they stand in silence for fear of losing their lives. I am a retired crane operator, a citizen, I will die for freedom any and everyday. I do it without reservation, and I do it for God first!

    • Since I was on a Drift Mining crew at Magma Copper Company in San Manuel, AZ in the 70s, 23 years before 9/11, I gotta tell you are a very confused man. From 75-78 I put up blasts before lunch and. Shift change every work day. At Magma that was 3 shifts a day, 365 a year.
      Cordite was patented by Brown Bovori Corp of Switzerland in 1934. It is currently produced in over 80 nations.
      If it took hundreds of men working 2 years wrapping beams, welding bundle hangers, drilling thru concrete casings 8 to 14 feet thick, how come nobody saw them on the over 200 security cameras? Did they bring 200lb reels of Cordite(its most common small industrial shipping size) in their undershorts? How come nobody heard them?
      You can’t keep a secret that includes more than 4 people over 2 weeks, or so I was taught at JFKSWC interrogation school. Human nature doesn’t allow it.
      Now where do you get off thinking I feel its OK for the US to invade other countries? I served nearly twenty years in The Intelligence Support Activity(Google it). In ISA I traveled to over 50 countries, and did a lot of ops that directly kept our country safe. We also setup situations that made headlines and brought international public opinion to the desired heading the US Government wanted.
      I was forced to retire in 2009 (along with 26 others) for writing reports about this new undercurrent that was morphing the remnants of Al Qaeda in Iraq into ISIS. This lady at State and a guy on Pennsylvania Ave did accept our findings. 4 days later retired immediately sans security clearance.
      My earlier comments were about not one more penny, round, weapon or drop of American blood to defend Iraq. We’ve spent $billions equipping and training the Iraqi Army since 2003, its time for them to stand on their own or not.
      Its also time for you to take you foil cap off, it can’t protect you from the NWO mind control sprays in the Chen trails, and give yourself a cranial enema.

      • Well whoopdie fuckin do Skippy, I took that picture while I was lifting debris at the site. So I do believe I know what the hell I am talking about. Do you even realize, it is the US government that funds ISIS, they arm them, they give them intel, and they re-supply regularly? I thought not and boy do you need to research a bit. We created our enemy and frankly, they have every right to want to come here and kill us. We would be none the less right in our same quest had circumstances been reversed!


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