Is this evidence of a stealth jihad in public schools?

Students in a world history class at Union Grove High School in Wisconsin were given an interesting writing assignment. They were told to pretend they were Muslims and write about examples of how they would practice the Islamic faith and the struggles they face.

Maybe that might be understandable if this were a comparative religion class and students were also asked to imagine being Jewish or Christian or Hindu.

But they weren’t.


Writing for Fox News, Todd Starnes, reporter and author of God Less America, writes that “Islamic advocates are waging what they call a stealth jihad in our school system. And if left unchecked, they will be successful in undermining the Judeo Christian values upon which our great country was founded. ”

Why did the school focus on Islam? And why did the instructions insinuate to students that if you’re Muslim you automatically have “struggles” in your life? Doesn’t everyone?

Why not talk about being Jewish in Israel and living each day wondering when the next rocket attack will occur? Or how about imagining being a Christian in Syria or Iraq and having to flee for your life from your own home? Maybe the students should have been asked to pretend they were one of the 21 Christians from Egypt who were recently beheaded.

Todd Starnes asked the school district if other assignments were given asking the students to pretend to be members of other faiths and they refused to answer.

EAGnews also emailed the teacher, Beth Urban, trying to obtain more information and never received an answer.

Wonder why?

EAGnews reported on another controversial lesson two years ago – almost to the day – at the same high school.

At that time, students were given a crossword puzzle that defined conservatism as “the political belief of preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms … ”

Ah, right. It all makes sense now.


  1. She couldn’t allow other religion as topics, because the only allowable religious discussuon allowed by these dipshits is Islam. Anything else is offensive. You have been trained well teach…

  2. I wonder if she’d do the same assignment and have the students pretend that they are Christian Pizza or Cake Shop owners… Not holding my breath on that one.

  3. Orwellian indeed. Indoctrination of the young is how you take over a country. Islamic sympathizing teachers have an agenda. They voted for King Barry and wish to get more supporters to continue his legacy.

  4. If I were a muslim in America, I’d struggle with all the evidence that my religion is false, and then I’d convert to Christianity. Then I would struggle with avoiding honor-killings from my own family.

  5. Where are all the “separation of church and state” crusaders now? You know, the ones who get their panties in a twist over a Bible on a desk or prayer around a flag pole? Hmmm…the crickets are deafening.

  6. Where are the separation of Church and State groups? You know, the ones that scream bloody murder if Christianity is so much as whispered about on school grounds? Can you imagine if the assignment was about being a follower of Jesus?

    • You think there aren’t assignments about religious persecution of Christians and Jews in public schools? You just don’t hear about them because nobody objects to them.

      • If there were the Atheists would be attacking it. Even in the smallest of towns they find a reason to attack Christianity… when they have a Cross too close to a road or a scripture on a water tower…

      • Please forgive me if I don’t understand your point here. But i’ll answer what I think you are pointing out. I agree not all schools do these assignments in their classes. and many do them as history lessons about culture and the past. However many of the new incidents in schools are not about ancient history but what is happening today. They aren’t asking for comparisons to other cultures/religions and they aren’t asking for comparisons from modern struggles and past struggles.

      • Then please explain how I am… I read the assignment, and to me they are asking to pretend they are struggling due to their religion, not their culture as a modern day event. They have to write what sort of struggles they face that their belief requires of them that they are not allowed to practice freely. This is not asking what they face as far as the colour of their skin, or language barrier if there is one, but about religious belief.

        Personally I don’t care if they require this in school but what bothers me is there should be an equal platform for all religions to be represented in this assignment and their struggles they face against those who oppose them. I believe that all religions should be discussed but not in a geography class or science, but in a religion/philosophy studies class that these kids and parents opt in for. It should not be something that is a forced requirement, the same as with sex education.

        My belief is that if you don’t know what the others teach, how can you oppose it… Your strongest weapon is knowledge of your opponent and it makes no sense to me to fear or run from it, but it has to have an equal platform where all can be represented.

  7. The irony is that these liberal schools blast Christians and conservatives, but praise Islam….when Islam is the religion that really is going to take all their rights and freedoms away and stop them from teaching their nonsense.

  8. Kids can’t talk about Christianity, can’t bring a Bible to class, can’t say ‘under God’ when reciting the pledge of allegiance, but they do an essay about being a muslim. Gotta love the irony, no, the hypocrisy of this. Whether it’s just the teacher or part of the curriculum, this needs to go away. Kids should stand together and refuse to do this assignment and their parents should support them. Resisting is the only way to change it.

  9. Is this evidence of a stealth jihad in public schools?Is this evidence of a stealth jihad in public schoolsIs this evidence of a stealth jihad in public schools

  10. Is this evidence of a stealth jihad in public schools? I see this writing exercise as a way to have students understand a different culture.

      • Why? Is it just as important to read Huckleberry Finn as any other book published in English? Should history teachers spend an equal amount of time on every single day of world history or do you think December 7, 1941 might be more relevant than some of the others? Why is it unacceptable to place particular emphasis on some things rather than others?

      • Why? Because they refuse to allow Christians the same audience. They refuse to allow these other religions to be taught or discussed in the same manner because it is supposed to go against Religious Freedom that Atheists have their panties in a wad about. If they are going to allow it for one group and not another that is discrimination where schools are being forced to suppress Christian values and not that of Islam. You can’t have it both ways.

      • You seem like a reasonable person. Imagine for a moment that we lived in a country that was 80% Muslim and only 2% Christian. Nothing else is different in this scenario, same Constitution, same laws about separation of church (or mosque) and state, mostly the same history. You might say that’s impossible for a number of reasons and I don’t necessarily disagree with you but just suspend your disbelief for a second.

        So in this country the weekend starts on Friday so that the majority of the population can go to their mosques and ends on Saturday. Sunday is a school day and a work day, you can still go to church but most services will be at night because kids still have to go to school and adults have to work. Major Islamic holidays like Ashura are also federal holidays and things are rescheduled during Ramadan to accommodate all the people who are fasting. Special decorations go up around towns for major Islamic holidays and elementary school kids will do all sorts of mostly secular assignments in the weeks leading up to them, a bit like making Christmas tree ornaments or candy canes out of construction paper but whatever the equivalent would be for Ramadan. These assignments aren’t offensive or overtly religious but they’re clearly geared around the religious season and nobody really thinks twice about them. The coins in your pocket would say “In Allah We Trust.” 90%+ of members of Congress would be Muslims and we would never have had a President in 239 years who wasn’t a Muslim.

        Now imagine that in this country someone told you that Muslims weren’t being treated fairly because a public school teacher gave her students an assignment to pretend they were a Christian and think about how you would react.

      • I appreciate your thoughts… but the point is, with all the talk about separation of Church and state in this country, Atheists get in an uproar over any religious teaching. If they want to teach culture, thats good.. I totally agree with it, but leave the religious aspect out of the assignment. Do a comparative research paper on how and why they are being persecuted or treated differently. It should not matter whether this country is 90% Christian and a very small percentage Islamic.

        What they are going to end up doing is painting Christians as evil, because they are not showing that Christians are being persecuted, even put to death in their countries, but here there is a difference where they are treated fairly. We do not see Muslims being targeted here, round up, shot or beheaded. I admit there have been a very few incidents where Muslims were attacked, but they were quickly reprimanded by Christian leaders. There is not a systematic attack on Muslims here as there is Christians abroad.

        As per your scenario, In nearly all countries where the population is 80% Muslim, Christians live in fear for their lives because radical Muslims attack them and the government either turns a blind eye to it or they can’t fight it. In Iran, Christians cannot worship freely, same as Syria, Iraq and other Muslim countries… and this is trickling down to Africa where in Nigeria they are being attacked, men and boys are being killed and the women and girls are taken as slaves and wives.

        But here is the difference in your scenario and how we live here… Whatever country you live in you respect their laws. If a coin has “In Allah we trust” on it then that is their coin and you have to accept it. If I were to go to Iran, I would have to respect their monetary system and what they put on it. I would have to understand that my religion does not trump theirs when it comes to their way of thinking. I am entitled to believe how I believe but I am not entitled to force my beliefs on them. And they wouldn’t let me, I would be either stoned to death or beheaded. We live in a great nation that allows us the freedom to choose what we want to believe or not believe in. If our schools are going to pose a “live like a Muslim” day where they include the religious aspect part of it, then we should allow it for all religions, including Christianity even though it is the main religion here. Not all people claiming to be Christian live as Christians and follow the teachings of their professed belief.

        You posed a question to me how would I react if Muslims were to pretend to be Christian… I would state, if we are going to get into religion then it must cover all religions not just one so that others feel they are being victimized or painted as evil. If they aren’t going to do this for all religions here in the states then the assignment should not be allowed. I know we can’t possibly cover all religions but the main religions we have in the world such as Christianity, Islam, Hindi, Buddhist, etc…

      • Hey Paul, do you know the basic DIFFERENCES between Christianity and Islam?Do you know what Sharia law is? There is NO separation between church and state. Do you know what these people do to Jews, Christians and Atheists in the countries that are 80% Islam? Even if they do convert? Atrocities I never knew existed are happening every single day around the globe because of Islam. People are being beheaded and burned alive. Children by the hundreds are being shot and murdered. Woman are treated like dogs (yet the left lifts these people up).

        Thank the Lord above that in our country, the majority of spiritual people are Christian. Jesus commands us to love one another. It’s that simple.

        Islam is pure evil, always has been, always will be. They are EXACTLY the same as the evil Nazi regime. And I will not sit still and be quiet to allow you or anyone else to continue to “push” the lie that Islam is a religion of peace. Get your head out of your behind and see where the wind is blowing.

      • You’re missing the point. I wasn’t talking about the tenets of one particular religion over another. You could just as easily replace the religions in my earlier post with Religion X and Religion Y. The point was about the invisible privilege that people enjoy when their religion is the vast majority and how easy it is to imagine yourself as the victim in a country where nearly every aspect of the culture caters to your beliefs.
        I would much prefer to live in a majority Christian country than a majority Muslim one because a lot of the things you have said are true. But that’s not the same as Muslims being pure evil. I’ve known many of them and the vast majority are kind and civilized people.

      • The moderate muslim will be holding your feet and hands while the radical cuts your head off….its their religion.

      • In my personal experience the radical Muslim is the one I put 5 bullets in on a Baghdad street at 3 AM. And the moderate Muslims are the ones who insisted on paying for my kids tickets and popcorn when they invited them to come to the movies with their friends Hassan and Fatima. But I’m sure your experience with Muslims is much more rounded than mine right?

      • The assignment was clearly about examining privilege. About putting yourself in the minority’s shoes for a minute and thinking about how inconvenient or difficult some things might be for them. Not due to any particular religious oppression but due to the simple fact that things are set up for the convenience of the majority. For what it’s worth the principal of the school says that similar assignments have actually been given about Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism but that this is the only one that generated controversy.

      • I understand that that it is cultural and I agree that there is no problem with that aspect of the assignment. However, as per the assignment paper it states very clearly 2. Give three example what you do for your religion and any struggles you face”.. In other words this is bringing in any religious persecution they may face due to their religious beliefs or what they do in practicing it that they may find hard to accomplish because of either prejudice or they are forbidden to do. This would include things like, allowing time for prayer, not eating pork or having pork products cooked anywhere near their food, wearing certain clothing (for females) etc.

        This part of the assignment brings in a possible demonizing of Christians, Atheists, Jews etc who do not subscribe this belief. Since Christianity is the major religion practiced here, they will be seen as “evil” because they don’t believe the same way as Muslims and therefore, from a child/adolescent POV will be seen as the oppressor.

        I am not sure that the principle is being completely honest about his statement that they have brought in other religions as well prior to this paper.. But if he did then he there should be no problem as long as they all are trying to seeking the same level of discussion… such as the persecution and struggles of all religions who are and have been victims of other religions or cultures.

      • It’s peculiar that you think the principal isn’t being honest since there’s no evidence to support it. That’s an opinion that has no supporting facts and must come entirely from your own biases.

        I think you’re really reaching for a persecution element to this assignment. I don’t like the word persecution personally because it covers such a broad range of behaviors that it’s basically meaningless. It’s religious persecution when Pakistan executes somebody based on public outrage and a rumor that they burned a Koran. But it’s also persecution when stores in this country instruct their employees to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” Yes, I know I’ve picked two extreme examples but that’s my point, both of these have been described as persecution by somebody. As I demonstrated with my earlier post there are any number of inconveniences minority religions experience due to society being arranged for the convenience of the majority in ways that are probably invisible to that majority. But even besides that, it’s not out of the question for a student to think about the suspicion and difficulties that many completely innocent Muslims have faced living in this country since 9/11. It’s just as relevant as a discussion on Japanese internment during WWII. This is a valid attempt to study American history and culture. Some might even suggest that it would be the Christian thing to do, to put yourself in someone elses shoes for a moment and consider how your world looks through their eyes.

      • You are perfectly right that it is somewhat peculiar that I would suggest he was not being honest, but that’s the person I am. I do not trust very many people and these days with the amount of attacks on Christians from Atheists here in the states and by Islamic extremists in other countries It has made me a very cautious person, not to mention my love for not everything seeming to be as cut and dry as one might want it to be. The reason for this suspicion is it is an easy escape for one to use to try to calm people down who are not very happy with the assignment. I always see a hidden agenda in someone who might have a reason to persuade he is not guilty…

        I’m not reaching for the “persecution element” per se, but more as I had mentioned in my other posts that I feel that if they are going to allow this type of assignment for one group, then it should be allowed for all. To use your example of the events following 911, yes we had some incidents where Muslims were attacks, but we have not had any in years, even after the Boston bombing etc. Your other example of Japanese during internment, we never had an assignment required of our students to pretend they are a Japanese person in those camps, nor did we ask our students to pretend to be Slaves and write about those atrocities, that I know of.

        If we are going to “put ourselves in others shoes” there is a whole list of events we can go through throughout time. Imagine being accused of being a witch during the Inquisitions, or Irish slave before we had black slaves, Native Americans who have had everything taken from them including their identity, no language, no religion and placed on reservations that still exist today.

        I am not saying that it is wrong to do this assignment. However, I can understand some of the apprehension because of the attack by people who claim to be Islamic and the attacks Christians are still facing throughout the world and even here where we are still under attack by Islamic terrorists. What I feel is wrong is that Christians and others are not being given equal ground in these assignments. I would say the same thing if they only did Christian assignments and not allowed others to be represented.

      • I’m sorry but almost everything you’ve said in your last post is either wrong or nonsensical.
        Attacks against Muslims have stayed consistently high in this country. According to the FBI there were 1,233 anti-religious hate crimes recorded in 2013 and 13.7% of those were directed against Muslims. 60.3% were against Jews which is even more shocking so hopefully that’s being discussed as well.
        A lot of your statements seem to basically say “I’m not aware of any examples of X therefore I can confidently claim that X doesn’t happen” which is plainly nonsense. Of course there have been assignments that ask students to imagine Japanese Internment, the Trail of Tears, and slavery. A cursory google search shows lesson plans for all of these topics. The only way you could claim they don’t exist is if you couldn’t be bothered to even type them into a search engine.

      • I am sorry that I do not have the time to look up every single event you mentioned. I am not only working, but going to school and raising a family so I do not put a whole lot of time on the internet. But I will be certain to look some of those issues up, I apologize for saying that they do not exist but I also said I was not aware of them as no one makes a stink about them… I do know however, there are assignments to learn the history of these events and students have not been asked to imagine anything based on any religious beliefs… again that I am aware of..

        I am not going argue that there probably were some attacks on Muslims but even your stats show they are a small percentage of anti-religious crimes, which again I will not try to trivialize these attacks, any attacks on anyone is wrong especially if for these types of reasons… but for the most part, these attacks are not part of any methodical plot to exterminate Muslims in this country. However there is a systematic plot to exterminate Jews and Christians and well anyone who is non-Muslim in other parts of the world, where as you know they are being sought out and murdered at an alarming rate.

        The point of this whole thread it not the assignment itself, but that of fairness or equal platforms for all. One should not be given a higher level of acceptance than another, such as the allowing to bring religion into the discussion where Christian and Jewish belief is considered a no no and Islam is OK… Like I said throughout, if its going to be based on religious struggle, then allow all religions to be represented as well and show their struggles in their lands. Muslims are not the only ones who struggle in this country to be heard as of late, as many Christians are being forced to either lose jobs or shut down businesses due to their beliefs but others are not…

      • Masters in Forensic Psychology/Counseling and Bachelors in Computer programming/Technology, the counseling is for career and the computers is for fun

      • Yeah and bullshyt, the islam religion has no business anywhere in our schools period….surprised that one with a Cowboy hat would step up to defend any mention of the “peaceful religion”.

      • I’m always surprised at how many people pay attention to the hat. I served in Iraq and I lived in Dearborn Michigan for 5 years. So my experience with Muslims is more nuanced than yours I expect.

      • First off, that would lead to the death of that teacher for blasphemy.

        B, None of them would ever do such a thing. In the world you just described, there would be no other acceptable religion and to make any reference to such in any type of positive light would be potentially deadly.

      • Provably false. There are many countries that are 80% Muslim or more and other religions practice openly. The only countries that I’m aware of in which all other religions are considered unacceptable are Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.
        It’s true that there is more violence against minority religions in many Muslim countries than there is here and I’m not trying to draw any kind of equivalence between Christianity and Islam. To be clear: Islam has an enormous problem with religiously motivated violence that is unique to it alone. Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus don’t engage in religious violence on anywhere near the scale or brutality that occurs with Islamic extremists.
        However, you’ve got no evidence to prove that students in majority Islamic countries don’t study other peoples religious beliefs and it’s demonstrably false that there are no other accepted religions in most of those countries or that studying other religions is considered blasphemous.

      • You’re correct. I can not prove your made up scenario would end in the fictitious teachers death. However, it’s demonstrably true in real life that they kill non believers in Islamic majority countries.

        You can have your made up world be however you want little buddy.

  11. Not a peep from American Atheists, American Humanist Association, Freedom From Religion Foundation and so forth… If they are not going to allow the same assignments for Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Hindi, Wicca, Odinists and so forth then they need to stop giving out these assignments.

    • Yes, homeschooling is best, but we are all on this ship together! Our nation appears to be under judgement. We need to appeal to the true and living God, and repent of our pride, sexual-ity, and acceptance of abortion. We worship Ba’al = money, power, & pleasure, Astarte = all things sexual, and Molech = the god of abortion!

  12. If this was a public high school, why isn’t the U.S. Constitution being upheld? This should be into the courts in a New York minute. I trust that were this assignment about Christian religion, the school would be under siege.

  13. In that situation, students should think outside the box and write that altho’ both parents were muslim so their kids are assumed to be muslim the student only did enough to appear as though they were muslim while they knew that they really weren’t muslim, nor did they want to be……How about naming 3 “difficulties” They would have in daily life ?…..As they tried to figure out how to stop hiding the fact that they did not consider themselves muslim….and then how to live as an outcast – or how to not get killed because of their decision ?….How’s that for a dilemma ?!…I’ll bet the teacher wouldn’t have expected That.

  14. I like this assignment. My Outline of Three Difficulties I Would Face as a Muslim would go as follows: 1) seek out infidels by pretending to be peaceful while trying to hide my hatred and disgust (explain taqqiya); 2) decide whether to fund our jihad passively through charity donations while doing #1 above or actively kill infidels (expound on the constant need for masks and subterfuge) 3) As a strong virile male with a soft spot for goats, I choose the “warrior” route, which gives rise to carpal tunnel syndrome from the repetitive motion of beheading people with steak knives (expound on difficulty dealing with that due to Obamacare)

  15. I think the main point that we are trying to get across here is that there is very obvious inequality in our country. Seriously, replace the word Muslim in the assignment with Christian, and all of a sudden, this teacher is in serious trouble, possibly out of a job. At the very least, most liberals would be throwing a huge fit and yelling “separation of church and state”. There seems to be a very skewed view of equality here. . .
    I simply have a few questions . . . if we are really for taking religion out of our public school, why would we be in favor of this assignment which involves religion? Could it be that we’re not really against religion in the school, but only against Christianity in the school? How is that equality?
    Or is it that we’re only against all religions but Islam in the school? Even less equality — that sounds remarkably close to establishing a religion, which is against the First Amendment. . . at least, that’s the argument liberals would make if the word “Christian” were there instead of Muslim in this assignment. Pick your side and stick with it . . . if you’re gonna let this pass as an acceptable assignment, then you can’t get all up in arms over some of the assignments that involve Christianity either. If you’re not gonna allow assignments involving Christianity, then you can’t allow this one either. You can’t just make up the rules and change them as you go along. Good thoughts, Mr. West.

  16. Remember DeBlasio making the NYC schools observe muslim holidays? Yet Christmas vacation is called “winter break”. Schools aren’t closed on Good Friday either.

  17. I really believe that Islam is trying its best to make America into an Islamic state. I believe in 50 years it very well could be. I would never imagine 20 years ago we would be were we are now. Family’s in America are falling apart. Morals are not even questioned. I believe when America is at its lowest Islam will be there metaphorically speaking and people will run to it with open arms. I mean anything is possible at this point in time. People are more concerned with there football and video games. Take care everyone…


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