Undeniable PROOF that government doesn’t create jobs (Make this viral)

How many of you remember the “shovel ready” jobs of the Obama stimulus — ok, ancient history from 2009. Well, let me remind you of the price tag to the American taxpayer: approximately $860 BILLION.

Some of you may recall President Obama on a stage with his then head of the economic/jobs council head, Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, yucking it up saying, “I guess those shovel ready jobs weren’t so shovel ready.” Yes, very funny indeed Mr. President, perhaps it would have been better to stimulate the economy with across-the-board tax breaks for the top four tax brackets — after all, the top 10 percent of wage earners pay 70 percent of federal taxes. Fair share?

Well, there’s a certain far left progressive governor out there who seemed to believe President Obama’s stimulus idea was great enough to try it out himself.

Have you seen those incessant “Start-Up New York” ads promoting tax breaks and job creation in the Empire State? I know those ads ran constantly down in Florida — and I’ve even seen them out here in Texas. What is truly laughable is a comparative analysis of economic statistics between Texas, Florida, and New York. Just look at the population shift – people are actually fleeing New York. In fact, New York lost two Congressional districts and Florida picked up two as a result of the 2010 U.S. Census. I’ve been told that close to 1000 people a day are moving to Texas – and based on the traffic in Dallas, I believe it, and everyone is coming with three cars!

As with the Obama stimulus, the truth of this New York program eventually comes to light — and for the progressive socialist left, truth is like light on a vampire.

As reported by Townhall.com, “Governor Andrew Cuomo was all too proud to unveil his Start-Up NY program in the Empire State. They called it a ‘game changer’. The ingenious program offered tax-free environments to tech and manufacturing companies for 10 years if they worked with state colleges and universities. It was supposed to boost entrepreneurism and create thousands of jobs throughout the state. Yet, one year later, the most New Yorkers have to show for it is emptier pockets.”

“The ubiquitous Start-Up NY promotional campaign has cost taxpayers $53 million since the program’s inception in late 2013, while it has led to $1.7 million in private investment so far, state records show. The state spent $47 million on the ads alone since the program started in December 2013, and the total cost included production expenses and other marketing efforts through last month, according to Empire State Development Corp. In July, the agency said $28 million had been spent on the ads.”

So what is the result from $53 million spent — $47 million on the ads alone with a program that has been operating for about a year and a half?

“The state has spent $697, 368 per job so far. These grisly numbers come in after the governor made several pledges across the state that jobs were going to start pouring in. Seventy-two in Albany, 123 in Western New York, he said. His promises have been mostly air thus far. Perhaps even more embarrassing for the governor, however, is the fact that New York has just come in dead last for economic competitiveness, as ranked by The American Legislative Exchange Council.”

I have to ask, do you think those ads have been pulled? Perhaps there should be an analysis of the top ten most economically competitive states and the bottom ten least economically competitive states. I just wonder what the prevailing, ominous, and most identifiable trend would be?

Y’all know exactly what it would be.

See, there’s a reason why businesses are getting the heck out of states like California and populations are departing New York, Illinois, and Connecticut — and it has nothing to do with global warming or climate change, whatever the liberal progressives are calling it today. How odd that the left would even blame the recent REALLY bad monthly jobs numbers on the weather — poor Mother Nature ain’t getting any love from the left.

My best friend Simeon works for a major construction developer here in Dallas – they’re building the new Toyota Headquarters in Plano, Texas. Guess where they’re moving from? Not Tennessee, not Florida, yep, California.

Hey, folks on the progressive left, wage equality means little when you don’t have jobs — and you support failed policies that don’t create jobs and opportunity, just more dependency.

The American workforce participation rate has dropped below 63 percent; unimaginable. How about someone look at comparing the workforce participation for states run by GOP governors and state legislatures — would there be a glaring difference if compared to those states with Democrat (liberal) governors and legislatures?

What if we were to do a comparative analysis of this point in the Reagan administration to the Obama administration as far as economic recovery and assessment? I challenge you our highly competent readers — well, not all of you — to do a month-by-month job creation analysis, it just might be telling.

Now, I know you’re all awaiting the excuses from the folks up in New York, so here it is: “As many politicians do when their heralded programs don’t fare as well they claimed they would, Democrats are coming to Start-Up NY’s defense and saying it will take more time, two or three years, to truly know whether the investment was worth it.”

“Assemblyman Sean Ryan (D-Buffalo) acknowledges that $53 million in taxpayer money is enough to make New Yorkers gasp, but insists, “What we know is we have the bones of a good program, and we’re trying to build on that.”

Bones? I thought that was a TV crime show. One thing is for sure, someone opened up the closet and these skeletons came tumbling out.

We just need more time. We just need to spend more taxpayer money. I believe it was Lady Margeret Thatcher who stated, “‘The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

And folks, that’s the problem in Illinois, California, and New York — people are voting with their feet and the money is running out because the lucrative well of the tax base is fleeing to greener pastures where true opportunity resides. The evidence speaks for itself, it’s just that the truth continues to be dismissed.

I wonder if this story will be told on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, or PBS? You can bet that this story won’t receive as much coverage on MSNBC as Governor Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” — hmm, wonder how many taxpayer dollars were lost there?

Constitutional conservative free market economic principles work — they always have. But the philosophy of dependency and the welfare nanny-state can only succeed via deceptive gimmicks — like “Start-Up New York.” But, eventually truth comes out — are we listening?

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This article is yet another expose from “the new media” exposing the stories we will NEVER see in the MSM, aka “the old media”.


And the ads are still running on TV here in New York. You’d think Cuomo would be embarrassed by this point, but then he’d have to admit it was a dismal failure.


The stimulus and the auto bailouts were payoffs to unions.

I worked in a unionized company. I made relatively good money, but I was forced to belong to the union for my right to a job. I worked hard because that was the way I was brought up. I didn`t ask for raises, the union did. They catered to the ones that did not come to work, drug or alcohol issues, etc. Company finally said “this is not working”. Stable company that really cared about it`s employees were forced out by union and taxed by the state. That company left the state and over 600 people were on the unemployment… Read more »

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Dusty Koellhoffer

Will it matter to the run of the mill fool?
Democrat’s wage a dynamic smear campaign on Republicans

S. M. Allen
I don’t think the Republicans get a free ride on the “spending other people’s money” thing. They have run huge deficits in our national budget while cutting taxes for corporations. So while the Dems are pissing away our money in one direction, the Republicans are doing it in another. I agree with fordgal15 about union reps spending way too much time and money on trips to wherever so they can spend an hour in a meeting and 23 hours partying! A good union protects its workers by ensuring that everyone gets a fair shake. Not by protecting bad workers, but… Read more »
Joseph Jackson

Consider the difference, though: Republicans run deficits because they cut taxes. Democrats raise taxes and still run deficits.