Black judge makes JAW-DROPPING statement about 5-yr-old robbery victim

Let’s set the stage. In 2013, two armed black males stormed the home of a white family in Louisville, Kentucky and robbed them at gunpoint. Jordan and Tommy Gray were forced to hand over their cellphone and $1,000 in cash, as their then three-year-old daughter watched in horror.

Fast forward to judgement day, when Judge Olu Stevens was handling a sentencing hearing for Gregory Wallace, one of the two perpetrators. The family made a victim impact statement about the trauma that had been inflicted on their daughter and said that even now, she is terrified of black males.

However, instead of expressing sympathy for the little girl and her ongoing trauma –and chastising the criminal — the judge turned his scorn on the victims. Because clearly they were racists.

Judge Stevens suggested it was the fault of the victims that their daughter was afraid of black males, and he was “deeply offended” by the victim impact statement. And then gives the criminal offender probation instead of jail time.

Sounds unbelievable? Watch it here.

Judge Stevens wondered if the robbers had been white, would the child then fear all white people?

Well, a former police officer told us this: “The older the victim, the more selective they are in their fear. They tend to be afraid of a more narrow group of folks and it’s just the opposite with kids — they generalize the way this child did. There might be other triggers for the victim if the perpetrator was white, like hair color or beard or clothing, and believe it or not, some victims can get triggered just by a smell that reminds them of assailant. But this child isn’t old enough to know what the heck is going on.”

Bottom line: Judge Stevens’ comments were just absurd. How can it be that the victims of violence become the perpetrators and the perpetrators become the victims?

And don’t forget it was the very Reverend Jesse Jackson who said about black crime: “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

UPDATE: In August last year, Judge Steven was suspended for 90 days without pay for controversial comments he made about an all-white jury.

Justice is served…

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


  1. That minority surely got on the bench as a result of affirmative action. Now, he surely will be removed by the JQC (Judicial Qualifications Commission); if not, the voters will take out that racist POS in the next election. He will be lucky if he is removed just by either of those. Want proof that race relations are worse now that 10 years ago? The comment of that judge is a gold star example.

  2. Perhaps it’s the judge who’s actually racist? Makes more sense than a 3 year old being racist. I bet if you asked the 3 year old if he/she is afraid of males they’d answer yes. As a male I choose not to be offended by this… because it’s just that… a choice.

  3. It’s called being violated. If a kid, no color mentioned, was attacked by a dog ALL dogs would scare him.
    This judge has no RIGHT or AUTHORITY as a judge to BE offended over a case he is presiding. His job is to be fair and NEUTRAL. He should excuse himself because if his bias.

  4. Another affirmative action judge who would never get the job if he wasn’t black. Would be cooking chicken at KFC otherwise.

  5. This pathetic excuse for a judge just re-victimized the victims . What in the world makes that idiot think that he can take a victims impact statement and use it for his own personal platform to reprimand NOT the perpetrators BUT the victims ! Jerk that Judge Stevens off of that bench so fast it makes his head spin. That victimized family deserves a public apology from that judge .

    • Coming with somebody with the username “Uncle Ruckus”. After all his character personality is a racist. He has an intense hatred of anything pertaining to African Americans, and goes out of his way to distance himself from blacks. Ruckus claims God says the path to forgiveness for being black is to rebuke your own race. So you follow him which I guess that makes you a racist and a hypocrite. And isn’t it true that you like to go to both Conservative and Liberal sites and work as a tool on each one just to cause trouble?

      • You wear in honor a character that is racist??? You have some kind of hatred toward Allen West and I doubt it’s because you think he’s a racist. By the comments you always make,,,it makes you look like the true racist. You spew the word “racist” & “racism” whenever you can. By doing that you are only keeping racism alive. You know on other sites and I’ve said something to you,,,you have always come back to me in a polite way. You remind me of somebody who used the username “Vlad”, we differed in our opinions but he always remained polite to me. Why can’t you write your comment on what you feel about the article without throwing racism in it? Allen West can be very opinionated and times I don’t always agree with him but that doesn’t make him a racist.

      • Uncle Ruckus uses Allen West site to race bait . What a loser Ruckus . Get your own site so we can all troll you .

    • You are such a troll. I don’t get to read the majority of Mr West’s articles because I work so much. Every one of them that I get to read and actually have time to get to the comments you have your ignorant ass on here spewing hate and ignorance. Don’t you have anything better to do? A family, a job, higher education? Pick one and get a life your sour prick.

    • MORE personal attacks on Allen West by the real race baiter Uncle Ruckus . You can count on this moron to be first in line daily to stir the race pot . What a pathetic troll you are .

  6. A longtime local Justice Court judge in Canton, Miss., reportedly struck a mentally challenged, young black man on May 8 during a flea market in the town, cursing him and yelling, “Run, nigger, run!”

  7. Judge is right racism is always learned behavior. There no racist virus and it’s not a mental disorder either. Little girl wasn’t afraid of guns, wasn’t afraid of robbers. Didn’t worry about unlocked door or anything like that but was afraid of black people. Please.

      • THEY should watch…u FN idiot …..not one fn word blaming those two BLACK males invading that families home…NO you blame the parents for how she feels….just like most of you race baiting waste of DNA you do not take responsibility for your own piss poor decisions in life!

      • You obviously do not have a higher education, with a basis in psychology. Let me give you something to look up so maybe you will get a clue about what this child is going through. Google “Little Albert” experiment (John Watson) and learn about how fear pertains to children. Maybe you will learn something.

      • Duh ! It is called a VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT ! NOT a judge impact statement or a criminal impact statement . What planet did you grow up on ?

      • You have no understanding of children. They aren’t just little adults. A child’s fear isn’t based on understanding. It may take many years to help her establish trust and fight free from this embedded fear. For an adult judge, who should know better, to criticize a small, terrorized child, it’s just ignorance and a reflection of his own perhaps childhood-learned anger. Why hasn’t he gotten over that? Didn’t his parents help him unlearn his knee-jerk anger reaction to any and all instances of prejudice? Your “I don’t care” attitude needs educating.

      • I have been called ” whitey ” and” cracker” by black kids , guess who taught their children that ? Blacks and Browns teach hate too Rafael X .

      • Yet you CONTINUALLY attack others and make excuses for blatantly wrong actions by others . I am as white as they come …. but I sure don’t give MY race or any other race a free pass or defend them when they are wrong .That is what is what is wrong with our world today ! How many post have you made today alone Rafael X ? Do you even know ? Go back and read your own post ….this time WITH EYES WIDE OPEN. You sir are part of the problem.

      • How old are you? Older than 5? Then get over it! You CAN unlearn hate if you choose to. If you choose to keep your hate, you unwittingly perpetuate it…it spreads like ebola. Your choice. Spread peace or hate?

      • You keep saying she was 5, to make your case seem better. She was “3”, and never afraid of black men until she was robbed and victimized. Lets see if we can figure out what triggered her fear…………….?

      • It is the judges job to uphold the law. He failed. Your liberal attitude shoes your parents failed also. You have more stupid bias than that judge has.

      • Maybe the judge should have thought about setting an example for the little girl by showing her that a Black man would protect her and her family from the other bad black men. Maybe then she could have seen that all Black people don’t do bad things. Instead he chose to show her that if a bad man scares and or hurts her and her family then a Black man again lets them out to do it again. Now how does that speak in any way that all black people are not the same? That judge did more damage in making that little girl fear blacks. That’s his fault. Racism is never gonna stop as long as you keep stirring the pot. Try showing others that wrong is wrong no matter your color.

      • It is up to the judge to do his job responsibly no matter what comes before him in his court room. He exhibited and ruled with racism in his heart and head.

      • like black men robbing them in their own home? HMMMMM, if only there was a way we could prevent that. And only judges who could punish them and send a strong message, and perhaps help a little girl get over her well founded fears…………

      • NOPE . We don’t give our race a free pass like you do .It’s called accountability . Try it sometime.

    • You’re right in that it is learned. You’re wrong if you think it’s exclusively because of the parental influence. I have a four-year old that has seen the differences between races (behavior) on her own. My wife and I are very cognizant of how we deal with different people – which is, we treat everyone the same. I will let her figure out how she feels on her own, answering her questions along the way. This little girl may very well be afraid of those other things, you have no way to know. If she had no other experience with black people, and this is the only one she has to go by, how should she feel? You cant mandate a child be rational by an adult’s standards. Get real.

      • It’s not an adult standard and according to another poster the couple actually have “black friends” that also scared that girl. That experience with black people excuse doesn’t fly.

      • Maybe if young black males — who make up 3% of the population but commit more than half of the violent crime in America — stopped beating, robbing, raping, stabbing and shooting everyone people would stop hating on them.

        Just a thought.

      • That is an appeal to probability. Inductive but not deductive. Therefore not factual. Besides since police only clear about 35% of all crimes. They don’t really have the whole picture. Sure cannot tell who commits unresolved or unreported crimes.

      • If you would re-read the story instead of trying to make a little girl a racist, it says she was afraid of their friends “AFTER” they were robbed and victimized. Which means she had balck friends before and wasnt scared of them.

      • The little girl is just a little girl. She didn’t choose her parents. I also said the judge shouldn’t have let that cloud his judgement

      • But it is. If someone had come in dressed as Ronald McDonald and perpetrated the same violent robbery, you don’t think she would have a fear of clowns going forward? She also might have a fear of red lipstick, red wigs and big shoes. An adult uses experience and cognitive reasoning beyond what a 5-year old possesses to rationalize that “all clowns aren’t criminals”. You have a personal issue you are bringing in to this discussion and while it may be perfectly valid, it certainly is affecting your objectivity.

    • Rafael, I’ve seen you on here often. Running the same BS. You obviously are too blinded by “racism” to be objective and you obviously do not have children. As the cop explained in the article, the child is too young to pick out details of a robber (and the gun didn’t rob the family, the persons did) so they pick a generalization (the entire pic of what they saw). Adults have the cognitive ability to see details but even in a witness line up, adults perceptions of the situation can cloud what they really saw (past events can make them see details that weren’t there). I broke this down bc I can tell by your many posts you need detailed information to get the point. Although, I’m guessing you will continue to hate us all based on race, eventhough, you say we do….

      • Sure they pick generalizations. And that kid unconsciously chose to generalize race instead let’s say size. She noticed the color of their skin but not the color of their clothes. Please.

      • Dooo Doo DOOO DOOO…Twilight Zone is calling.

        They need a follower of Malcom X — named Rafael X — to beam up.

      • You are thick minded, for sure. When you look at a person, what’s the first thing you notice after gender? If you say their clothes, I’ll laugh at your inability to be truthful. When we describe someone we meet, we always go with gender and race. If you say different, you aren’t being truthful, again.

      • And bc you have the inability to understand cognitive thinking, is why you don’t get why the child saw race. What is the most noticeable thing about a person besides gender? I’ll give you a second….their skin color. As many have said, you can’t hide your skin color. So for you to judge a child based on something she as a human (not a racist) would notice automatically is a testament of your cognitive abilities. And to further my point, when a child is born, they cannot see very well so what colors do we introduce to them that they can see? I’ll give you a second….red, white and black. You obviously do not have a child nor know much about them. But, you act like you are an expert on parenting….

      • They aren’t blind, they can see a skin color. Just wait until your child is older and can speak what she sees. Maybe then, she’ll educate you on how kids see bc obviously, I’m wasting my time on someone who believes he knows and has seen everything.

      • But that kid can’t tell the difference between her parents “black friends” and the thugs who robbed her house. She’ll need glasses before she educates me on anything.

      • Bc she sees the color of their skin that matches the persons who harmed her and her parents….are you really this thick minded or are you playing? And I said YOUR DAUGHTER NOT THEIRS….and with that limited observation you just had of what I said, it just shows me that you “see what you want to see” and yet you call her parents and her a racist and can’t understand how she can see all black skin as a threat when you can’t even connect what I said correctly….

      • I hope to hell you don’t have children of your own because you know NOTHING about children at all . Pathetic.

      • And to correct you once more, the man said the child was afraid of the black man, black is a color not a race. Although, it how a race is described as my race is described as white. Just thought you’d like to know….or not….bc at this point, you just want to be right instead of hearing any other argument. The child nor the parent are racist. The child fears what hurt her and her family and unfortunately, that was a black person. If she had seen an Asian person or even a Hispanic person, hurt her and her parents, she would have had the SAME reaction, but you’re too hooked your need to label them as a racist to acknowledge that.

      • Whoa, hold the phone, you have a white mother of your child?! And yet you have these feelings towards whites. You are a contradiction in yourself….it’s no wonder you can’t connect the dots.

      • Rafael, I seen your posts over months and trust me, you have issues with whites. It is funny that you think you don’t bc you have a white mother of your child. Which, you do realize, makes your child part white and no matter what, you can’t change that. I hope you embrace that part of her as you do her ties to you, but somehow, I highly doubt that with how you’ve presented yourself over the past on these posts.

      • I’m not the one claiming racism when it’s not there to begin with. You are. So, it isn’t my preconceived ideas that are in need of rethinking….I have preconceived ideas. I am human. We all judge others by what we’ve witnessed in the past. That EXACTLY what this little girl is doing. Only difference is, I have age and maturity to no that I can’t generalize all ppl who have the same traits as the same. She doesn’t have that ability, YET.

      • She’s too young to even think of it as RACE, Dummy!! It’s BASIC COLOR! Get over the RACE crap!! She was 3 years old. Are you that thick headed that you do not understand NONE of this whole issue is about race?? It’s only basic skin tone to a child. Their minds are not capable of interpreting racism! Not even completely at 5 years old. If it was a blue man or a green man, she would be scared of that color of man. It’s no kind of discrimination whatsoever. Dang, Buddy. You’re exhausting.

    • You dont know what she was or wasnt afraid of. We know she WASNT afraid of black men BEFORE she was attacked and robbed, but we do know she is afraid AFTER. Plus, you keep saying she was 5 in an effort to make her sound a little older and might get over her fear easier, She was ‘3″.

    • You don’t seem to understand Puppet.. this has NOTHING to do with racism. Its about a small child who is now afraid of black men. She will learn as she goes to counseling that not all black people are bad. The parents were not racists, they have friends who are black.. or didn’t you hear that come out of the judged mouth. The only racist was the judge and he made it worse by only giving those guys probation and not prison time.

      • Really counseling. Is she going to need counseling to understand not all white people are bad? Black friends alibi where did I hear that before. That 5 year old can’t tell the difference between robbers and her parents “friends”. She needs more than counseling she needs medical attention.

      • Black friends alibi LOL… so if a white person has a black friend its an alibi for what? And if a black has a white friend what is it? You are so stupid you reach for anything to blame the white person…. you are a very sad and mistaken Puppet… BTW the article is wrong on the childs age.. she is 3 not 5 and too young to understand racism.

  8. What the imbecile judge seems to have failed to grasp is that the parents of this little girl stated that she was afraid of her parents BLACK friends. Meaning, they have BLACK friends. They aren’t racists (not that that should matter in court). The CAUSE of this girls fear is the THUG that this IDIOT judge put back on the street. What should have offended this MORON judge is the that the actions of the THUG have caused another person to fear blacks. Unfortunately, he’s too much of a racist piece of sh!t to get it.

    There have been a lot of people who’s lives have been “disrupted” by twitter and facebook outrage. THIS guy deserves that. Let’s get to work.

    • When using a firearm in the comission of another crime, there needs to be 20 years tacked on to whatever sentence is handed down. 5 years for robbery, 10 years for home invasion, 20 years for the use of a gun — 35 years each.

  9. Judge Stevens is the essence of racism. He is a perfect example of why racism exists in this country. He is ignorant (despite whatever “education” he has), he is insensitive and he personifies why that little girl might be afraid of black people. He has perpetuated his own stereotype. He is a fool.

      • Here is where YOUR racism shows itself you troll. “they are perpetuated by the source, not the target”…the SOURCE of this little girls fears is the black scumbags that invaded her home, terrorized her parents, AND made her watch. The SOURCE of her fear of black men…..ARE THOSE BLACK MEN!!

      • And it’s her parents responsibility to teach her that fear is an irrational. Like the boogey man under the bed. They failed that little girl and exposed their cluelesness in court.

      • So where is the ‘responsible’ parents of those black thugs? Wasn’t it their responsibility to teach their kids proper behavior? Those black animals are not the “boogey man under the bed”. They are the actual physical manifestation of her fear. Whether it is logical or not for the little girl to be afraid of all black men, the reality of the situation is that fear itself is illogical….but so is blaming the girl for her righteous fear. It is low IQ, racist people like you (and those animals who terrorized that girl) that perpetuate the stereotype that blacks are idiots and don’t know how to function in a civilized society. YOU are clueless on how children feel and how their brains work. Get an education before you start blabbing and showing your racist stupidity.

      • Never said I wasn’t responsible for myself…or my kids actions. You see the difference between me and those parents of those thugs is I raised my kids properly and they would NEVER even THINK about robbing someones house. Responsibility goes two ways, and those thugs are responsible for that little girls fears. Since the judge is obviously racist and let the thug go free, the parents need to bring a lawsuit against the thug AND the parents for the emotional damage inflicted on their child.
        As for stereotypes, what stereotype are you referring to? Intelligence? Not afraid to stand up to losers? Pointing out racism? Willing to waste….well wastes of air, mouth breathers, if they invade my home? Bring it troll.

      • That I agree the thugs are responsible for a robbery and should go to prison. Not for the little girl being afraid of black people sorry. What if the robbers where white? Like the judge said. Or if that little sat in court with her parents she would afraid of the judge too? Did the parent ever told that little girl that not all black people are there to rob them?

      • Ya! She would be afraid of that disgrace that passes for a judge. He would have been berating her from the bench.

        You show your ignorance with EVERY post. It is WELL established that ONE element of a crime can trigger PTSD. It can be a cigarette or cologne smell. A mustache or a beard. A piece of jewelry — like the gold black thugs wear around their necks all the time.

        DO YOU GET IT??? The most obvious aspect of these criminals was — THEY ARE BLACK. See how that works?

        If young black males do not want to be associated with criminality — maybe they should stop committing more than 50% of the violent crime in America — while they make up 3%-4% of the population.

        See how that works?

      • LOL! You fool! You Troll! You dope!

        So a 3-year-old is making up an excuse for a reason to hate on blacks?

        Are YOU an affirmative action guy too?

        How many whites have you kicked in the face?

      • You stupid Puppet… LOL blame Bush haha… You know what you typical liberal moron… democrats voted to go there too…. So enough bringing Bush into this

        This is a CHILD that is ONLY 3 YEARS OLD… what the hell does that have to do with Bush! PTSD has been around for ages… Soldier suffered from it after WWII and even before… so grow the heck up and stop pretending you know anything…

      • “PTSD is the excuse for everything now we can thank Bush and Iraq for that.”

        First you insult women who experienced rape and now you insult our soldiers.

        You really need to have your face bashed in! You are fucking worthless….

      • “That I agree the thugs are responsible for a robbery and should go to
        prison. Not for the little girl being afraid of black people sorry.
        What if the robbers where white? Like the judge said. Or if that little
        sat in court with her parents she would afraid of the judge too? Did
        the parent ever told that little girl that not all black people are
        there to rob them”

        I doubt that you care either way. Your empathy for that little girl is so low that if they let the perp off on all charges it wouldn’t bother you in the slightest.

      • “Your stereotypes belongs to you I don’t care about perpetuating them or
        otherwise. You are responsible for yourself too by the way.”

        What about you? You are the stereotypical scumbag liberal who loves crime and mocks the helpless!

      • Fear is an emotional reaction, not an intellectual one. Telling a soldier with PTSD that his fears are irrational does not instantly make them go away. This child has PTSD the same as any one else who has experienced a frightening episode might. None of that purely human response makes any part of this her or her parent’s fault.

      • You P O S. A gun in the face is a gun in the face.

        Hmmm….wonder how many whites your have victimized?

        Come on now big man. How many?

      • Keep in mind that liberal scum like Rafael could not care less if a woman and child get injured or killed. The ONLY thing they care about is respecting their fellow violent criminals.

      • what the hell does what they were robbed of have to do with anything. Fear of someone forcing their way into your home and taking anything is enough to be afraid of. At 3 yrs old, just seeing your parents be scared is a big deal.

      • “PTSD sure over a cell phone and 1000$. Whatever Doctor if you say so.”

        There you go again insulting an innocent women and child!

        Someone really really really needs to beat the living shit out of you! If only you would leave mommy’s basement long enough for that to happen!

      • You freakin’ dope! This can take years — like the child bitten by a dog fearing ALL dogs.

        Is that fair to the species? No. But you know what?


      • You are an idiot. The girl is “3”. If a panda bear robbed her and treated her that way, she would have a fear of them as well. They didnt say that her parents “AGREED” with her train of thought, nor did they say that they werent trying to help her get past this fear. You, and the judge are suggesting that the fear was there all along and its her parents fault. Way to be racist and think stereotypically about all white people! You want that to be true so you can continue to play the race card, and allow idiot, racists judges to issue miscarriages of justice’s based on how he feels about the fears of a “3” yr old that was actual an actual victim and is scared by it!!!!

      • I’m looking forward to the day when sacks of shit like Rafael get what is coming to them.

        I refuse to breath the same oxygen as these pukes.

      • “And it’s her parents responsibility to teach her that fear is an
        irrational one. Like the boogey man under the bed. They failed that
        little girl and exposed their cluelesness in court.”

        It’s her parents responsibility to take care of HER and HER psychological health, not enforce your stupid PC garbage!

        Doesn’t surprise me that you couldn’t give less of a fuck that this woman and child came inches away from death. You would probably kill them yourself if you needed money badly enough!

      • I think the responsibility falls back on the parents of the two filthy cowards who invaded this family’s home in the first place. Somebody didn’t raise them up right and teach them that it is against the law (no matter what color you are) to enter someone’s home uninvited, to assault the occupants with guns, and to take things that don’t belong to them. Stealing is wrong and goes against one of God’s Ten Commandments. Another Commandment: “You shall not covet” was broken. Meaning that you should not look at other’s things and desire them to be your own.
        Then, there is personal responsibility. Weren’t these grown men? People who commit crimes should be ready to take on the responsibility or the punishment of getting caught while committing them or afterward. Most petty criminals really aren’t very smart and they are lazy. Otherwise, they would be out in the world with a real job as a productive citizen instead of leeching off of people that do work hard for what they have.
        Her parents were doing their job sitting safely inside their own home with their daughter. Damn right all of them were scared! I bet you would be too. As I said in a prior post, at this point her fear is not irrational because it is a reality to her. The judge should not have taken what the parent said in her victim statement as a personal offense. It had nothing whatsoever to do with him. It was a statement of fact and that is all. He should not have admonished the parents for stating the truth of what their daughter fears continued to be stemming from this crime. If I were the couple, I would certainly complain to the court district or the District Attorney regarding this judge’s apparent discrimination.

      • Judge only has to uphold the law of land. Divine law is above his pay grade. The kid was apparently afraid of every black person including classmates and friends of the parents. That is irrational. It has everything to do with the judge him being indiscriminately black. But the little girl was never diagnosed with any trauma. Being scared and being traumatized are different things. Eventually you get over being scared only because you still have to function in society. If the little girl fear kept stemming it’s because the parents allowed it. These people tried to use their little girl to influence the judge into a harsher sentence by playing the race card. He called them out and it backfired. Courts are for justice not revenge. But it’s still fun to see those who kept admonishing about respecting the jury’s decision in the Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin’s case howling and growling at that judge. He did his job and did it well.

      • I agree that the judge’s job is to uphold the law of the land, but in this case he did not do this. He is supposed to be an impartial party. However, he took personal offense to the facts of a child’s fear based upon a trauma she endured with her family. The mother merely conveyed those fears that were real at the time in the mind of her child. It was not pointed out to enact revenge, nor to be racist. You say she was scared of dark skinned friends of the family and kids at school, but this was only AFTER the home invasion.
        If the judge in this case had actually done his job correctly, he would not have allowed his personal, racial insecurities regarding the true fears of a child goad him to anger. Trauma does not have to be “diagnosed” as you think. Trauma is defined as “an emotional response to a terrible event”
        The cases you cited are totally different from this case. You can’t compare apples to oranges. It seems to me you will argue anything that makes white people the offending party in every scenario. You, Sir, are prejudiced.

      • I was a victim of sexual assault at age 6 by a white trashy looking middle aged smoker. That “type” still gives me the heebie jeebies. I get anxious and nauseous. I am white. I wouldn’t sit on my own father’s lap after the incident. PTSD is real and that is what this is. The little girl needs counseling and the criminal needs jail time. The parents brought up her being afraid of black males because clearly she wasn’t before. It’s easy to say fear is irrational until the tables are turned and someone holds a gun to your loved ones head.

      • Those guys do belong in prison but that little girl wasn’t raped. Before going to counseling maybe her parents should put what hapenned in perspective for her.

      • Considering what Democrat politicians can get away with I’m not surprised that you think this cruelty towards a child is no big deal.

      • You ignorant fool! NOW is not the time to berate a little girl with your agonized racial politics.

        Maybe the BLACK GUYS parents should put CRIME into perspective — like — keep it up — and you will end up dead or in jail. And that is not anyone’s fault but YOURS.

        And your comment that she wasn’t raped? That sets off ALL KINDS of alarm bells for me. I am no fan of censorship and spying, but man, a follow up visit from the authorities to you and your home is most definitely in order. How could you possibly say such a thing? You need counseling to understand what victims of VIOLENT CRIME go through. MMmmK?

      • You are so ignorant. You don’t have to be “raped” to suffer PTSD. You idiot she saw her family victimized. She saw guns pointed in their faces. Our soldiers aren’t being raped either but they suffer PTSD because they fear for this life… do you not understand?

      • You know what… you have become pretty low of a person, but this really is beyond low… I hope you never have to suffer PTSD or anyone you love has to. Its not a very easy disorder to get over and with some they never get over and end up committing suicide because they can’t cope with it… You are beyond contemptible and I hope you are happy with how disgusting you have become…

        I pity you, because one of the things we as humans have is empathy for one another, something you severely lack… and you can sit there and act like you are so much better than everyone else? How completely wrong you are Puppet.

      • “PTSD is coming back I have an irrational fear of stupid bimbos.”

        Did you just insult the victim of sex abuse above?! Seriously?!

        Big tough guy on the internet attacking helpless women! If I met you in real life I’d beat you to one inch of death’s door you worthless fuck!

      • “You’re right I’m suffering PTSD right now.”

        Now you are mocking the victims of PTSD.

        What exactly do you intend to do here other than make people hate liberals like you even more than they already do?

      • “her parents should put what hapenned in perspective for her.”

        She is 3 years old and terrified you stupid fuck! All they have to do is a wait a few months and she’ll process it differently!

        I also find it telling that the ONLY thing you care about is her training in political correctness. Nevermind that she experienced a near life and death situation.

        How are you not a worthless piece of shit?!

      • What a great post. Thank you for your bravery. That could not have been easy to share. Keep fighting! Maybe a gun permit and some time at a gun range can give you back some sense of personal power? Just a thought…

      • Rafael X DOES NOT CARE. He is a piece of shit liberal PC drone who cannot possibly empathize with you or care about you.

        I would even go so far to say that he (or it) is not even a human being. Just another soulless PC drone.

      • What you dont seem to understand Puppet, is that this is a 3 year old who dosen’t understand that there isnt a boogy man. Those men were that that night and she is scared… not because they are black but because that is what they looked like. Now she has a fear of that… just the same as if it were a dog that attacks a child they will fear a dog… The parents even said they have black friends she is afraid of because of the incident, so goes to show that there was no racism in the home. This judge was out of line to blame the victim and give that guy a lesser sentence because the child suffers PTSD now…

  10. put this little girl in jail or foster home and than her parents in jail and then give them 5000 houers of community service and than give there home to the poor rober. thats my solution

  11. That right there proves that the justice system is un fare if it would of been a black family and a mexican and the family said the lil girls now afraid of mexicans what would of been his reaction ….

  12. A 3 year old has a gun pointed at her and her parents in an armed robbery while they were just living their lives IN THEIR HOME….and the Judge can’t see how this would traumatize a child?? Racism is alive and well, and here we see a Judge using his racism to pick on a child. Sick, sad and sadistic.

    If the roles were reversed….this story would be all over the media and Al and company would be picketing and demanding this Judge be fired.

  13. I thought judges were supposed to exhibit wisdom before they get the job. This guy is an idiot and has a chip on his shoulder. He should be fired immediately. His endorsements are all from the left of the political spectrum.

    How’d he get there?

  14. Omygod!

    What a dumb, stupid, IGNORANT man! OF COURSE a child see the world
    differently. At 3 years old, she believes in Santa and the Easter
    Bunny. And she believes in monsters, and believes she saw two of them.
    And — SHE DID!

    What are the parents supposed to do — start
    berating a traumatized child with racial politics every time they pass
    by a black guy? It’s going to take YEARS for her to get over this.

    When some children are bitten by a dog, they fear ALL dogs for months.
    Or years. Or life. Is that rational? Socially acceptable and
    racially (or species) sensitive? NO!


    When are blacks going to get over their need to be constantly offended?
    If I say, “that is the pot calling the kettle black” — and you get
    offended — that sets race relations BACK.

    No doubt Affirmative
    Action put this judge in this seat. I wonder what else has gone on his
    court room. PROBATION — for a violent home invasion???

    I am
    for the death penalty for car jackings, home invasions, rapes and
    assaults with the use of a firearm. THIS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED IN CIVIL

    The judge needed to throw the book at the BLACK MALE
    CRIMINALS. Instead, he kicks a little while girl in the face when she is
    down. WHAT A DISGRACE!!!!

    • There is no such thing as innocence in the world of liberals. So it is impossible for them to empathize with a frightened child.

  15. Judge Olu Stevens is just one ignorant POS that comes from a long line of ignorant black POS who hate White people ..sick of the white people and black people turning the world into a fucking shit show..

  16. The child was 5 years old the parents were stating how she felt they were armed and she is 5 The judge obviously has his own agenda,,,Maybe his mentor was named Rev Wright

      • It’s not just the judge, liberals absolutely hate children. They want them to be soulless PC drones just like them. If they experience PTSD or get shot to death well too fucking bad I guess.

  17. Hey, Uncle Ruckus Al Sharpton couldn’t carry, shine or fill LTC West’s boots. The article was about injustice and racism Ruckus, yet as usual you attack Ltc West and not the issue.

      • I’m retired MILITARY…still work. Also a retired MUSICIAN!! I don’t have to work…I do it because I like to work!

      • hmm you said at one point you were retired social worker in MO? Musician, sounds interesting, what type?

      • I played everything from Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Elvis, Maroon 5, Pink, Travis Tritt.
        I didn’t retire…I quit. I use to help welfare recipients get training and find jobs so they could become self sufficient. The state cut that program so I left! It helped soo many people get off of welfare!

      • So an all around musician except rap? I hear ya, but well not so much Frank or Nat… but its ok I ‘spose

        So you know the problems people face when looking for jobs.. that is what my job description was supposed to be but I opted more for counseling disabled persons, mainly our vets.

      • The way that I viewed things when I was working there was this. To send a person out to work and they have the skills to get a minimum wage job is useless. They will get back on the systems real quick. I made my people get some sort of training or I would have them come in my office for 35 hours per week to do clerical work. Get them the skills to make more that minimum wage!

      • I hear ya… minimum wage should be just a temporary placement until they get the training for something better. I feel that it is more for kids who are still in school or a second income for families to help make ends meet… not a career choice…

      • Yep…so I’m a big believer in job training and job skills. They more skills you have the better PAY you will get!! But…where do they get this skills if all the funding for job training programs are CUT!

      • College? I know its probably not what you want to hear, but there are many programs that have not been cut but changed. One program that West was behind (and I know you don’t like him but it was a good program) helped black youths get the training. Both sides cut and add programs like crazy, thats why I don’t like either side and shout and kick and scream about it.. but the government will do what it wants to do until we get out of this two party system and start looking at others who can fill the need of the people.

      • agreed… lol I spent a small fortune and still paying it back… I feel instead of funding illegals, we should fund college at least for the first 2 years completely free, like k through 12… I Believe that England has such a program.. then any further education, such as masters and doctors they person pays themselves… and they need to bring the cost of books down.. my god last term I spent nearly 800$ on textbooks for three classes.. Thats crazy!

      • 2 years no cost would be GREAT!!! But it seems those are the right aren’t interested in solving the problem. They complain that we can’t afford this or we can’t afford that..but think about it…in the long run it saves money!

      • Why ? Because he pulled his own , and worked to succeed to get to where he is now and ignored ignorant folks like you. If him or any other Black Man try and address the lack of self discipline, speaking like you never saw a classroom, and living like your in a mad max movie , then they are labeled as “Uncle Tom’s” .give me a break already. I just pray you don’t teach your kids this ignorance. …pray to the Father for his guidance. …

  18. I guess now you people can appreciate the average black man irrational fear of police. Most of us get our first traumatic experience with Police not much older than that little girl.

    • EXCUSES ,EXCUSES ,EXCUSES ! Do you not think that we don’t get our first REASON to fear blacks at an early age . HOLD YOUR RACE ACCOUNTABLE. NOTHING will change in this world till you do . Your way is OBVIOUSLY not working .You are killing your own left and right ,CHANGE !

      • Who said only white kids? No one on here ever said that black kids don’t experience PTSD. No one on here ever said that blacks aren’t victims too… the ONLY person who tries to say that whites don’t is YOU who wants to keep the fires of racism burning so you can get some sympathy and people to pity you… well here it is Puppet.. I pity you because you are so low you cant see how good you really have it… get a life brainless one…

    • At 3 years old? That’s a load of B.S.! This little girl though has a rational fear of black men since she was traumatized when two of them invaded her home. After it is eventually explained to her that ALL dark skinned males are not going to harm her or her parents, she might not be as fearful. Then again, it might be a fear that is with her all her life.
      You tell me how most black male children have their first traumatic experience with police officers, because I sure would like to hear this.

      • So…none of this stuff happened directly to you, right? I can see police entering with warrants to arrest older males in the homes, but not always kicking down doors. That’s just not how it is in real life. That’s mostly on TV and the movies. The warrants for arrest are issued when the person has committed a crime and normally unless it’s a major crime or somebody reports specifically that the person is at that certain location, police officers have more to do than to search for petty criminals. In other words, unless the person has done something very bad, has a lot of charges, or fled from the police, more than likely they’re not going to kick down your door. (Major cities may be different. I don’t know.)

      • where is your outrage,when your people, do not teach their children respect for others, so they act like their half animal, tearing up someone elses property,because they want to. where is your outrage when your race has so many young people in prison,because they were not taught to respect anyone,and they end up in prison? yes it is a race thing,raise your children to respect others, respect authority. I taught and teach my children to respect, mine arent in prison,and if they did get in trouble at school,I was there to tend to them, wheres your outrage, for all the parents in your race that arent present? Im not racist, I’m saddened. that you think its my fault,when its clearly yours! your not a slave, your slave mentality is false! hating others for your failures, give me a break!

      • this video,this child clearly needs a parents attention,its not the schools job to discipline, shes lacking attention, and I dont mean negative. also not police officers job, just saying

    • And you probably never experienced it at all since you stay locked up in your room trolling every blog and website Col West has… get a life

  19. This Black judge is just another reason why whites don’t want to live with Blacks — and why young Black males assaulting Whites are (or should be) shot dead — because they are encouraged by liberals and other Blacks to assault Whites.

    While their are outstanding Blacks like Allan West, he is apparently a minority within a minority.

  20. A Highly praised and respected judge ? He is offended? This racist judge is obviously ignorant. Obviously the child would have been terrified by blacks robbing hem and would have been traumatized .. most of them .. including him ..look scary even without wearing a mask – maybe even scarier not wearing a mask… so what does that that judge expect the child to feel? Happy? Watch the robbery with a smile? Damn stupid black ass should be put on trial.

  21. I find YOU (the so-called Judge) offensive. You can’t dictate how a 3 year old child is going to feel following a trauma such as this. You are not a psychiatrist!! AND THEN, you go and give them “probation?” They committed a crime with a gun!!! What the hell is wrong with you!

  22. I don’t think the judge is a racist for speaking his mind, but he is an idiot for saying stupid stuff like this as a judge. In my mind he has the right to speak freely, but not as a judge. So yes, I feel he is A Stupid, Ignorant, Hateful Individual.

  23. Offended by the reaction of a traumatized child? I find him offensive, and absolutely frightening that he is a judge. What a freakin’ liberal Kool Aid drinking loser.

  24. Who the hell cares what you are offended by you idiot!!! Just do your damn job and keep whatever offends you to yourself – ain’t got no place in the courtroom.

    OF COURSE a small child would react this way, she was scared out of her little mind and it was black men that did it!!!! What the hell did he expect???

    Hope he loses his job and soon. We don’t need a stupid judge like him holding court.

      • I recall a few months ago that you claimed to be married to a white woman… so either you lied.. which I am sure you probably did to make yourself look good, or you are one very stupid person.. which I also believe to be very true as well… And your wife, if she is white as you claimed back then, is either very stupid, or has no idea how much you really hate her and your children since they are half white… Again Puppet, I really pity you because you are so very clueless and a waste of life… You have no idea what you are talking about and are probably some small little kid in his daddy’s basement playing on the computer trying to be some hard azz… you need to get out and get a life.. You are a liar about working for IT as you are NEVER at work and on the PC 24/7 being a troll…. what a sad pathetic world you live in.. Puppet

      • TaeKwonDo was awesome… very good workout. And Yes I am still defining you because its so easy to do, you are an open book, Puppet.

      • A judge must never express personal opinion and his job is to interpret law as written by legislature/constitution, not to go off on a rant as to how offended he is by a victim statement. He has no right to judge the victims statement regardless if he is offended by it or not. So no he did not do his job well LOL

      • That’s untrue judges express their personal opinion all the time especially when a case shakes them up or the perp expresses no remorse

      • A judge is to sit at the head of that courtroom – no they are never to express their personal feelings despite how “shook up” they are – if it happens all the time, as you say, then for some reason I guess you have spent a lot of time in hundreds of courtrooms and witnessed judges doing this thing which is exactly what they are not suppose to do?

        They are to follow the law, not their personal feelings or how outraged or disappointed or appalled they are – in particular in response to a witness statement which btw has nothing to do with the judge – and is the right of the witness to say, feel, and express in whatever way they wish how the crime has impacted their lives – IF THE JUDGE DOES NOT AGREE WITH THE VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT

      • The judge also have a duty to be fair with the accused, any accused. Like you said the law and the facts of the case guide his decision. Not the neurosis of a three year old and her mothers confabulations. Judges doesn’t have to take into account how scared or how traumatized the victim was unfortunately. He is the judge not their therapist.

      • Exactly and nor should judges interject their own personal feelings as to what offends them personally as this judge did.

        A victim impact statement is made prior to sentencing, the judge can hear it and then go forward in which ever way the law leads and allows – he stepped out of bounds by giving his personal opinion and expressing his personal offense to that victim statement.

        What don’t you get about that? The judge listens to the victim impact statement, then he or she renders the sentence. No need to place a judgement upon the victim and what they have written as to the impact that the crime has had on their lives.

        He was wrong. He can’t judge the impact the crime had on this family or the little child. And again no one cares what personally offends this asshole – he should not be a judge as his true colors came through as he opened his big stupid mouth and started ranting.

        He needs to be removed.

      • Yes, and right, you got it. He is specifically NOT to impose his personal feelings about anything – that is a part of being a judge, and he most certainly should never ever under any circumstances verbalize his personal feelings as this judge did.

        The victim impact statement gives the victims of crimes a one time voice, to be heard. Many times the victims of crimes are not heard during a trial. The judge was wrong in what he did.

        He as a judge can have all the opinions he wants about anything, he just can’t use the courtroom to voice them. It is ridiculous that he did so and speaks to the person this judge is. He obviously thinks himself above the law and protocol, which is exactly why he should be removed.

      • Again, the judge has no right to interject their own personal opinions onto a victim statement in any way whatsoever.


  25. Of course the “editor-in-chief” failed to mention that the other perp got 10 years. So there must have been other factors guiding his sentencing of this guy. And secondly he wouldn’t take into account the irrational fears of a three year old into account for his sentencing. Which make sense because you wouldn’t make a three year get on a witness stand either. Also that he thinks the mother is hiding behind the child to express those irrational fears. Totally reasonable.

  26. It would be good to see both the perps and the judge given “street justice”, since the “system” is incapable of doing so.
    A “posse” or “star chamber” could be formed to exact TRUE justice on both the perps and judge…

      • It’s a shame that Margaret Sanger could not have convinced your parents to abort you. YOU are the problem…and are a pestilence on the human race…

      • Just did. She founded planned parenthood. A doctor there found the lump in my aunt’s breast and referred her for a mammogram. Found the cancer in time and saved her live. I guess I should consider her one of my personal heroes.

      • …it’s a shame that her views on eugenics could not have been implemented (on your kind)…the world would be a much better place….

      • A view? LOL that is not all she had you moron, she initiated abortions for the main purpose to get rid of blacks… You are really an idiot.

      • Sill saved someone I cared about. And that person is black. I guess I care about my aunt more than I do about abortions. Or your history lesson for that matter.

      • Naturally, who said you shouldnt? But again you miss a very important point, then again I really didn’t expect you to get it… you have to be able to think for yourself to understand.. Puppet

      • No she was the democrat woman who started Planned Parenthood to offer abortions to blacks so they can “legally” kill black babies before they are born… you know your favorite Party..

    • Well you know ALLEN (I’ve never experience racism) WEST would never post anything like that. He is here to make white people feel warm and cozy!!!!
      I can see Allen fighting with the confederacy during the Civil War!!!

      • Are you kidding me? I work with PTSD clients all the time at the VA and they range from Black to white to Hispanic, to Asian and so on… You are really looking more and more like a fool, Puppet. You have NO idea what you are talking about.

      • Why would I expect that to be sarcastic when you have through out this thread and throughout this blog, done nothing but attack whites? LOL Puppet, you are a total moron.

      • Oh, then perhaps you caused your wife to get it due to your hating whites and your children… Do you beat them too?

      • Ah Puppet.. seems we hit a nerve… will you go away now… and btw… I can care less what your son has to say.. it will probably be you anyway… and he or you will have nothing to say of any consequence either…

      • LOL…. a 16 year old talks like this hmmm good one Puppet.. I think you told so many lies on here you don’t know who you are

      • Oh wow… so you change your way of talking now.. and 15/16 still same age group Puppet… A lesson … Boys that age don’t say daddy or ask how many kids a person has.. If he were really your son he would have been on the defensive on the start… keep trying Puppet

      • Me lighten up LOL …If its “just the internet” Puppet.. then why do you get your panties all in a bunch over what West has on his blogs/websites?…

        It is absolutely “normal” for a 3 year old to have a fear of someone that has attacked their family. If a 3 year old saw her parents arrested, especially in a very aggressive way, such as the person being arrested is resisting and they are wrestling.. then that 3 year old would naturally have a fear of police or anyone in uniform, most can’t tell the difference in the uniforms and may even be afraid of firemen.

        Try doing some research Puppet.. since you spend nearly all your waking time on the computer… you might actually learn something.

      • My question is does that all those fancy theories about childhood trauma applies to the black girl who got handcuffed by police at her daycare? Or does it apply to the 3 year latino boy who got injured by a flashbang when the swat team knocked down his door?

      • I don’t think you can read or you just completely ignored what I wrote… because I did cover that… I didn’t put race because to me it doesnt matter if the child is black, white, hispanic, asian, Native American, or Martian… it applies to all of them… and applies to adults as well… Anyone can suffer PTSD.. like I said PUPPET… do your own research and learn about this yourself… dont take my word for it don’t rely on what the libtards tell you… THINK FOR YOURSELF

      • Does that mean it applies or it doesn’t. That’s a lot of deflection for something that can be simply answered by yes or no. I want your expert opinion.

      • You are a total moron Puppet… I answered that by saying “ANYONE CAN SUFFER PTSD” … you do understand English don’t you? That means YES those theories apply to blacks and Hispanics… and the billions of other people on this Earth… Unless you don’t consider them the same as Whites? Is that clear enough for you or do you need me to break it down to primary grade for you?

      • It does apply. Thanks that’s all I wanted to know. So if a black man experienced some trauma with police at an early age. He might develop some irrational fear. If you apply the “editor-in-chief” theory indiscriminately across racial lines. Can it explain why he would flee or resists arrest later? Not making excuses all just theoreticaly.

      • Theoretically yes… however it all depends on what happened, when and what they have done since the “trauma” and what type of trauma they experienced. Not everyone will suffer PTSD, just like not all rape victims will suffer PTSD but some do. I am not discussing race as this covers ALL races, gender, religious, political, and social backgrounds and so on… Not everyones psyche is the same, even within the same family. Some people may not suffer PTSD but may exhibit other mental disorders such as becoming a sociopath, psychopath and other personality disorders… and some may not exhibit any mental disorder at all.

      • Everything is theoretical. That little girls wasn’t diagnosed with PTSD anymore than any of the police shooting victims. Just the parents and families opinion that they shouldn’t have been killed. What gives that little girl mother opinion more weight than Mike Brown’s or Trayvon Martin’s mother’s opinion?

      • You know that little girl wasn’t diagnosed with it? What is your proof?
        And what the hell are you talking about. When did Browns mother or Martins mother claim that their son’s suffered PTSD? You are pulling stuff out of your behind again to try to discredit this little girls fear of what happened. If it were reversed, say the little girl was black and the offenders were white would you believe it then? When you finally start making some kind of sense you quickly revert back to being a brainless Puppet… lol no hope for you… g’nite

      • If she was the judge would have known about it. Why make something up if you have proof is exists for real. I’m saying that`s what they claimed. I’m saying wouldn’t that argument be valid for any black kids that experienced trauma with a police encounter not to trust them later on in life. Is is possible for a black kid to internalize a traumatic experience with police into a pattern of not trusting the uniform.

      • You are being very stupid right now, Puppet. I already answered this. First you have to prove that what happened to them as a child caused this fear. If you are trying to make an argument that the only reason blacks are committing crimes and running because they fear the police then you are just making excuses now. I’ll break it down for you. 99.9 % of kids do not live in a bubble. They are not kept in the house 24/7 where they never see a police officer. If the child, when out in public will at some point see a police officer, such as riding in a car they see them on the street, they see them in parades, they see them at the school or crossing guard, they will see them at least once a week, and the do not run and hide in the car, their homes, in their classroom etc. Although PTSD can manifest itself much later in life this is not likely to happen this way. Most people fleeing the scene of a crime or such have been exposed to cops on many occasions. For instance Scott was not unfamiliar with the cops and neither were Brown, Garner, etc… If they had PTSD, most likely they would do anything to stay out of trouble not bring it to themselves.

        There is a HUGE difference in what you are talking about and again this is ANYONE, regardless of race as what you are trying to use as an excuse happens to people across the racial spectrum.

        Secondly, again about the little girl… YOU do not have any proof that that child does not suffer PTSD you are only assuming because they Judge didn’t mention she was seeing a therapist. You do not know what they are doing in their private lives and the PA wasn’t pushing the matter. And as a matter of fact, at her age seeing a therapist wouldn’t make a big hill of difference for her but for her parents who can help her deal with what she went through. As adults you can use rationality to deal with what happened and understand that its not ALL black people, not all cops, not all men, dogs, planes, etc but with small children at her age, they can’t and have to “relearn” who and what they can trust. Which is a slow process as that memory will take some time to get past.

        There is a lot more to this than just trying to excuse some peoples behaviour as to why they would run from an officer. You are trying to excuse bad behaviour on an assumption that these people saw this happen at a young age, If they went around cops with no exhibition of fear prior to their “fleeing” then I am quite sure they were not suffering PTSD when they decided to flee and they got shot or such later on. Proving they never and an encounter with a cop between the time of their alleged trauma as a child and later in life will be impossible to prove as everyone has some kind of encounter with the police at many times throughout their life. And I don’t mean because of some criminal offence either.

        I am done with this topic as this probably wont be enough for you either, and it will take years for you to understand… if you ever get it. Go study psychology and learn about it yourself. Unless you are going to pay me for teaching you, I’m through with this discussion.

      • It doesn’t matter you idiot, the child was NOT on trial the offenders were… The judge should have NEVER used what happened to this child as an excuse to give the guy a lower sentence. He should be in prison as it was an ARMED robbery, whether or not there was a child there, whether or not the family was white, black, or purple… The judge showed he was racist by bringing up the fact that “I am assuming the family is white” blah blah blah and then giving a sentence of only probation for an attack on a family.

      • Oh yes it does matter. If the child was black that wouldn’t trigger an automatic fear of every black people. Including the black friend. Same thing if the offender was white. If it’s really trauma it must work both ways.

      • You are talking about two different things moron… You are jumping from offender to victim…

        The judge used the childs fear as an excuse to give a lighter sentence to the offender…does that make sense to you? Try to put this in a different perspective Puppet, if the family were black and the offenders were white, broke in their house and robbed them at gunpoint, the child now fears all white people, do you think a white judge should give a lighter sentence because the child now fears all white people? If a white judge did that you would all be out rioting calling for his disbarment and yelling racism in the judicial system…

      • All he did is not take the statement into account. He has that discretion. He still gave the other perp 10 years The parents tried to use the kid to influence the judge and it backfired.

      • He didn’t have to say anything about the child and then blame the parents as if they are teaching this child to be racist… He allowed this account to cloud his judgment regardless if the other guy got 10 years so should have this one… They both were guilty of terrorizing this family.

      • LOL… Its pretty evident of the fact considering he stood there ON VIDEO for all of us to see that he was chastising the family for their child being afraid of black men now… lol you really are very ignorant… get off the computer and get a job Puppet…

      • Showing your ignorance again Puppet… By being there with a gun robbing them it was terrorizing lol you really have no clue about anything do you… don’t answer it will only make you look even more foolish… Later Puppet

      • Do you? You make claims as to the mental state of the child and the intent of the family as if you do, but when someone else makes an assumption based on fact – the conviction and sentencing – you call them out? The duplicitous hypocrisy makes it obvious you are either blatantly trolling or are extremely ignorant. I think it’s both.

      • The article is that the judge did not agree that the girl should have that trauma. You are in agreement with the fact that anyone of any race would have trauma after an experience like that. It is reported because the judge was thinking on a bias whether he realized it or not.

      • Actually the judge did not allow the “trauma” perceived only by the kid and his mother guide is sentencing. The other offender still got 10 years.

      • His reaction is more the issue. The verdict is questionable if the judge`s character is questionable

        Though his verdict might be unbiased, his statement brings that into question.

      • There’s a big difference, Rafael in children being traumatized because of the actions of outsiders over which the family had no control and the actions of family members who knowingly commit crimes and force their families into the middle of their drama, or who don’t teach their children to behave in an acceptable way thereby leading to a life of one arrest after another. It’s no big deal after the second arrest anyway.

      • Best part is…..he has a half white child. Does your kid’s mom know you hate her race so much? Why’d you have a child with her if you feel she has a privilege you’ll never have? Did you have a child with her so your child would have “white privilege”? Bc if that’s the case, I hate to tell you that the norm is if the child has a percentage of black heritage, the white heritage is deleted from her description so your attempt was voided….you really are a sad example of how the media has brainwashed you into believing you are owed something just for being born!

      • So you believe in Jim Crowe? Blondie where did you go to school because you have a lawsuit on your hands lol

      • You amuse me, Earl Lee. I get such a laugh out of you trying to tear down a great man because he doesn’t push your “blacks are entitled to a live-off-the-taxpayers-and-never-have-to-accomplish-anything-or-be-punished-for-committing-crimes” agenda but instead, proves that it’s not the color of your skin but the content of your character that matters. I’d be willing to bet everything I own that Mr. West has encountered racism throughout his life. And I’d also be willing to bet the overwhelming majority of that racism now comes from blacks who follow Al Sharpton like sheep.

      • LOL!!! Why are you assuming I live below the Mason-Dixon line? It’s unfortunate that I procreated when I raised such a responsible, respectful, intelligent, hard-working young man who wouldn’t take a handout if he didn’t have a pot to piss in? You’re obviously a liberal like Rafael and Earl since you’re indicating that you’d rather I had raised a lifetime welfare recipient who has no respect for anyone other than himself, and probably not even that. Is that the best you could come up with?

      • You and the other LOONS like you amuse the hell outta me! You believe that the majority of black people are not successful and live off the taxpayer!!! Sad!!

      • There are several reasons for that but I find it amusing that you would make such a statement. You seem to make it your life’s mission to totally discredit Mr. West, a black man who is very successful and whom I truly admire. You accuse me of thinking that all blacks are welfare recipients and then turn around and show hatred for a black man who is trying to show others of his race that they don’t have to be the epitome of that belief. Try as desperately as you may, you can’t have it both ways, Earl. What do you have to say about other successful black men such as Alfonzo Rachel, Dr. Ben Carson and Les Brown (whom I don’t agree with politically but give him due credit for rising above his circumstances)? Are they also on your list of “who I hate” because they have worked very hard to better themselves and others which doesn’t perpetuate your “victim” agenda?

      • Unlike you I can see right THOUGH allen west! Post after post after post concerning black people and the black community 99% of those post are meant to show black people in a NEGATIVE light. Don’t believe me…search the archives. The 1% is reserved for the black conservatives.
        Allen doesn’t know that some of this followers don’t know many or any black people and they judge ALL by what they see on tv and what he post!
        The man is only trying to make money…but he doesn’t have to SPIT on the graves of those that came before him to do it!

      • I don’t know where you get that from, I’ve never seen him “SPIT on the graves of those that came before him”. Me thinks thou art being a little too dramatic here, Earl.

        I have to wonder why you read Mr. West’s blogs everyday. I suppose you’re aware that he doesn’t make this stuff, he’s only sharing facts. If those facts “show black people in a NEGATIVE light” then maybe blacks should stop doing the things that reflect negatively. Maybe blacks should stop spending hour after hour looking for a reason to scream “RACISM!!” You know, when they’re not being racist themselves. Mr. West is merely pointing out the hypocrisy but I can see where that would really piss off those who perpetuate the hypocrisy.

        The fact that you will take a man who has accomplished so much in his life and is trying to be a good role model, teaching that discipline, responsibility, accountability, honesty, good character, respect and hard work make one highly successful and try to tear him apart with your words day after day only shows that you are one of those people who have none of those positive traits and are embarrassed by it. Jealousy is an ugly thing, Earl.

      • Allen is no better than al sharpton…he is just a race baiter! One day I hope to see a positive story about a successful black AMERICAN that isn’t a conservative! I know I will not because that doesn’t fit allen’s agenda!
        Also….Allen is a one term congressman and a disgraced army vet! Nothing to be jealous of!

      • Disgraced? Only a pansy-assed liberal who thinks everyone, no matter how heinous their crimes, should be cuddled and praised would call Mr. West’s actions disgraceful. Merely scaring the crap out of someone, not actually hurting I might add, was the way to go in the instance you’re referring to. So the SOB got his feelings hurt…boo hoo. At least the event brought about results that helped save the lives of many. It takes a real man to do what Mr. West did, something I’m sure you’d never be able to pull off.

        And if you want to “see a positive story about a successful black AMERICAN that isn’t a conservative” why don’t you spend some time trying to round one up and then write about him yourself? I’d like to see that too. I still have a lot of years left in me, I’ll wait.

      • When you are RELIEVED of COMMAND…FORCED TO RETIRE and LEAD YOUR MEN INTO VIOLATING THE UCMJ..resulting in those men losing rank and pay…YEP…you are a DISGRACE!!!

      • Like I said…

        ” Only a pansy-assed liberal who thinks everyone, no matter how heinous their crimes, should be cuddled and praised would call Mr. West’s actions disgraceful.” How much of a pansy-ass were the people who made the decision that Mr. West acted inappropriately because he didn’t hug the POS he was interrogating?
        Oddly enough, although I’ve presented you with many of Mr. West’s accomplishments you can find nothing but negatives to say about him although you accuse him of doing the same to your people. What a hypocrite you are, Earl. Here’s what I’ve been hearing from you all along:
        Waa waa waa, Allen is a bad person…blah blah blah, Allen is a disgrace…whine whine, Allen doesn’t say anything good about the black men who aren’t successful…sniffle sniffle, Allen doesn’t like black people…blah blah blah, Allen won’t run for president…blah blah, Allen is a racist…waaaaaa, Allen won’t stick up for us blacks that don’t want to better ourselves…blah blah blah, Allen is a disgrace…blah blah blah blah blah…
        You come here and read Mr. West’s posts every day and then pull out your box of prepared phrases, the same crap over and over, and insert a few different words here and there. You’ve convinced me that you’re nothing more than a hypocritical POS who is terrified that too many blacks may start listening to what Mr. West has to say, realize that they’ve been played by democrats in office who tirelessly work to keep them down and begin to take advantage of all this great nation has to offer those willing to put a little effort into it. Yes, there are many successful black men, and women, but you want to keep some company there in your little comfort zone so you relentlessly try to discredit Mr. West at every opportunity.
        You’ll never be half the man Mr. West is because you’re content to live on the plantation rather than make your own way. I’ve grown tired of your whining.

      • If allen decided that he was going to violate the UCMJ …thats fine…BUT…he had some young soldiers with him that he LEAD into violating the UCMJ….THAT is not what a true LEADER does!!!

      • This is going to be my last comment here as I am really tired of arguing with a complete idiot.

        I’ve been giving you a free pass on your “forced to retire” diatribe because I wasn’t sure if you actually believed that BS or were just repeating something you heard from a long list of BSers who just keep perpetuating the lie. It’s safe to assume the latter because it is the common practice of uninformed liberals to repeat what they hear from like-minded idiots without bothering to find it if there’s any fact involved and not worrying if they come across as total dumbasses to those who know better. Maybe you’re just lying and hoping that I’ll believe you but guess what? Like most conservatives, I’m smarter than that. Or maybe you’re just too damned stupid and lazy to look it up.

        If you had any knowledge of the case at all you’d know that Gen. Odierno, who brought charges against Lt. Col. West, was seen as nothing more than an embarrassment to the president, the Pentagon and the U.S. by bringing those charges and many called for punishment for his lack of leadership. Lt. Col. West was NOT court martialed and did, indeed, retire with full pension benefits and rank after receiving a letter of reprimand from Odierno. Morale definitely was lowered at the time but not by Lt. Col. West’s actions; this was due to Odierno’s charges and to Sec. of Defense’s Rumsfeld who wouldn’t take action against the scumbag who tried to ruin a decorated, outstanding officer.
        I’m sure you already know all of this but since Mr. West makes you look like a real loser you’re willing to make up lies about him hoping that others will see him in a bad light which makes you even more of a loser. Shame on you, Earl for being so disrespectful to an honorable man who put his life on the line to protect you from harm and give you the rights you have today. You’re a total piece of shit!

      • When you lead the men you are in command of to VIOLATE THE UCMJ… are not a LEADER…you are a DISGRACE!!!

    • Makes perfect sense… justify the mistreatment of ANY child… by the wrongs of others…. You, my dear, are an epic failure.

    • HOW exactly does one have to do with the other. I just love how people pull an incident from another area and rationalize a problem. In one story black men invaded a home where there is an expectation of privacy and safety.. in the other story a child was arrested in public for doing something inappropriate. But because she is black she should get a pass. Granted maybe putting handcuffs on her was a little extreme but I bet she won’t throw a tantrum again. But because the other little girl is white and wasn’t doing Anything wrong she should have her trauma downplayed even though it was in her own home simply because she is white? really? apples and oranges here.

      • Childhood trauma is white privilege. Black children can’t be traumatized. A white 5 year old can’t tell the difference between robbers and her parents friends. But a black 5 year can tell the difference between public and private place. Not apple and oranges just an hypocritical, vile, disgusting and petty double-standard. Judge is a freaking hero. Or are white children are expected to be retards?

      • You are comparing discipline to victimization….obviously, you cannot tell the difference. I’m not surprised, many ppl in jail believe they were wrongly convicted so you fit right in with that mindset. Doesn’t matter that a crime was committed….nope, only matters how the police or judge treats the criminal.

      • Discipline a 5 year old with armed cops and handcuffs? The black child wasn’t victimized? What crime has that girl committed that deserve jail? Is that how you discipline yours? No I can’t tell the difference between 5 year old girls.

      • Ginger you just said a 5 year old can commit disorderly conduct have you been to a nursery or a birthday party. I will call you Blondie…yes Blondie that’s better

      • I wasn’t asking you to tell the difference between 2 5 yr old girls and you know it, you are playing ignorant to further your agenda. But, what you really show is that you can’t tell the difference between a victim and a criminal.

      • You really ought not generalize, Rafael when you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I’m white. My son is white. My child never, EVER, pitched a tantrum and I don’t just mean in public either; he never pitched a tantrum at home. I attribute that to the fact that my child was disciplined from the moment he began to understand the word “no” and the meaning of different tones of voice. He’s now 21 years old and to this day has always been a respectful, responsible and well-behaved person. You’re obviously speaking from experience in which your own children, and those of your relatives, haven’t had the privilege of discipline and therefore, throw tantrums. For YOUR information, only kids that are taught how to behave never throw tantrums in public.

      • Yep, and Mr. West has proven to be a great parent by living a life of discipline and not teaching his children to be racist, but to be the best you can be no matter what your obstacles. What are you teaching your children?

      • All your race baiting coupled with claiming you have a white wife with half white children reminds me of the media bashing Paula Dean and she claimed she has a black close friend. Oh, they bashed her for pulling out the “I’m not racist, I have a black friend” excuse. You sit there bashing whites but claim you’re not prejudice bc you have a white wife……..LOL

    • That child probably will be afraid of the police. Maybe that’s a good thing; I’m just afraid of them enough to give them respect when I interact with them.
      The main point of this article is the fact that this was a JUDGE; supposedly impartial, not upholding the law, and insulting the victim.

    • Although this has nothing to do with home invasion I think there is more to this little girls story (your link) than what is being told. I noticed that the person who the little girl was hitting made the sign (sign language) for stop and the little girl stopped so I am wondering about a disconnect between the people in the office and the communication with he little girl. And yes, I think that it will make the little girl afraid. I do believe that they didn’t know exactly what to do and maybe didn’t know how to redirect her. Again there is something missing from this story.

      • The part where the cops handcuffs that kid behind her back is pretty clear. You would expect home invaders not caring about traumatizing a child. But police officers should be more sensitive. Do we need any more reason not to trust them?

      • As I stated above there is something more missing from this story. From what I saw in your link, yes this little girl may have a distrust of people in uniform but then I don’t know what her future is or how she will process this event.

      • I suppose that was sarcasm too right? The post I made to Earl was in response to his never ending attacks on whites, but fails to mention that Blacks sure spend a lot of time rapping about killing cops and whites… Either way its unacceptable no matter who is spewing the garbage… This crap is what kids are listening to and eventually mimicking…

      • If you are still talking about gangsta rap it’s a given. Gangsta rap is for kids of the 90’s grown like me. Rappers today are strictly artists.

      • And you are thinking that kids don’t listen to Gangsta Rap? I know kids 8, 9, 10 year olds repeating verbatim these things…

      • Honestly I don’t give a damn, … I don’t like Rap, but unfortunately I hear it everyday where I live. I’ll take old school rap any day but this so called rap today and well most music today is garbage…

      • Rap is music and can have chords and melodies. If you don’t sing what do you care anyways. Black Thought the rapper on the The Roots does it with a whole band. You should check them out it’s the band on the Fallon show.

      • ARTIST? rap today is a freakin joke… all the rap today is just a bite off of original sound bits. nothing is original anymore. just the same spin with a different beat and rearranged lyrics.

      • NO….because it doesn’t fit his AGENDA!!! You’ll never see allen (I’ve never experienced racism) west comment on ANYTHING like this. Its always one sided with that clown!

      • No, it is about the hypocrisy your ilk likes to promote, this is why Allen West posts these articles but I realize making this statement will not stop the inane comments from y’all!

      • UH…no…allen has a make black people look bad AGENDA and every post concerning the black community is designed to fit that agenda!

      • So from what you write I get the impression that you believe the only opinion that can be given is about how bad white people are to the black community, how much racism there is and whatever tool can be pulled from the “enlightened” to promote division and perpetuate the victim mentality. I suppose maybe you think this is what makes this country a better place and brings cohesiveness to the different ethnicities in the US?

      • I believe there are good and bad in all races…you would’t get that information from the disgrace named ALLEN WEST!!!

    • Mr. Earl I got to this article through an Allen West repost of it. Black people always hate another black man who actually takes responsibility for his own actions instead of blaming society or the system.

      • WRONG….when you spend your time focusing on the NEGATIVE (ALLEN WEST) and never post anything positive about black people, UNLESS THEY ARE CONSERVATIVE …that is where I have the problem.
        I applaud the success allen (I’ve never experienced racism) west has achieved BUT…he doesn’t have to put down black people to become more successful.

  27. Of course a three year old girl would be traumatized by this kind of home invasion and criminal act, and may never get over it. This Judge let emotion rule the day and let criminals loose because of it. What a travesty.

      • Always an excuse I see….., and what’s up calling the child retarded? If anyone needs mental health care, it’s you, moron!

      • This is Rafael’s modus operandi, Gary. Didn’t you know that anytime someone points out racism in the black community liberals will come out of the woodwork to shoot it down by lying (or at least dramatically twisting the truth), screaming and hurling insults? Raphael gets a gold star for upholding the core process on behalf of all raving liberals and also gets a self-esteem boost for calling an innocent child “retarded”.

      • Why are you assuming that I assume “being liberal is equated with black”? Show me a post from me, from any blog I’ve commented on, that supports your assumption. Or is that simply your reading into it what you want to hear? And I don’t have to assume Rafael is a liberal; I’ve read far too many comments of his that proves this which is why I started my comment…to someone else…with “This is Rafael’s modus operandi”.

      • Rafael X you are an ass times 10 !! Why would you call that child retarded ?? You inbred !! Now how does that feel ???

      • She can’t tell the difference between the black robbers and her parents “black friends”. That trauma made her afraid of them too. Either all black people really look the same. Or that child never a black person not even on tv (so much for the black friends). Or she can’t differentiate faces at 5 years old and that requires medical attention.

      • Many people of all color have been through the school of hard knocks. One size does not fit all and I think you know this. My kids were babysat by my friends children who happen to be black but if something would have happen by another black person to them or by another whether white male, female,green or purple there would be an association of that event with someones likeness. If you are people of reason as I’ve heard you espouse then you would know this is true. I don’t think my children would have been afraid of their babysitters because they had an established relationship and our families were frequently doing things together. Additionally if you are a person of reason then one could deduce that as we mature because some people acted in a way particular towards us does not mean all people will act a particular way towards us.

      • Zip it! You know nothing! You have just proven your intelligence by this ignorant statement. Go occupy another space!

      • Who are you to call a child retarded, that makes you even more retarded. We all know where you stand. Maybe you will have an unwelcomed guest in your home and see how retarded it is then.

  28. I wonder if he is going to be offended when the family of the perps next victim or even the the family envolved here sues him for defimation of character. (There where alot of people in that room.) This judge needs to lose his job. He did not uphold his oath of office and I do hope the people who elected him see the error in their ways. The perps in this case and by way of receiving a smooth ride by the judge will definately do it again. It’s what where taught to do that shapes our future.

      • Observational, Historical research. Individuals and Societies differ widely, but there are certain constants that we can base valid assumptions on. For instance, “all humans die; I am a human; therefore one day I, will die” is a valid assumption. “All humans have a capacity to do evil; My neighbor is a human; therefore my neighbor has a capacity to do evil” is another valid one, whether she ever does evil or not, or whether her evil is tiny or major doesn’t affect the validity of the assumption.

        When Robin Miller above asserts that a criminal who gets off with a slap on the wrist will be emboldened to do it again, that is a valid assumption based on thousands of years of precedent. (Why do you think most countries have jails that make American jails look like day spas? Answer: because they know the best deterrent to evil in the first place is a punishment that causes a potential criminal to think twice.)

        Every parent who has paid any attention to their children also have seen (over and over) how lax discipline encourages disobedient behavior. One reasons: “I want this much; The consequences of getting this are small; therefore I am willing to suffer a little to get much”.

        The criminal above will reason the same way: “Judge let me off easy last time, why not do it again?”

    • The judge needs to go through sensitivity training and learn a little about what it is for a child to be violated in the safety of their home. This is a child whose normal reaction to trauma is their own and does not need to be coherced by any parent, hence the judge would benefit from learning some child psych and not promote his biases.

  29. White menget “generalized” as bigots because of what other white people did 200 years ago. Is the judge offended by that?

    • I’ve only encountered racism by white people and I’m half white. White people racism is scary because they control the majority of wealth jobs laws education. We live in white America hence the caveat before referring to yourself as American in the term African American

      • Your response to me just now was itself RACIST. You are generalizing all white people based on your limited experience with certain white people who you believe treated you poorly based on your skin color. It must work both ways or it can’t work either way – stop being a racist towards others and stop looking for racism directed at yourself.

      • I can’t generalize all white people when one half of my family including one of my parents is white. There is too much science behind the why we don’t live in post racial america to argue whether or not white racism exists or is harmful to society. Also I’d hardly say my experience with whites is limited given my family friends colleagues neighbors etc are white but okay lol

      • “Science” – Really? The scientific method can’t be applied to meta-physical realities. You know that, right? At best that would be a “soft science” and therefore just as speculative as any other philosophy.

        And your experience is “limited” to yourself – my point being you cannot generalize to the whole based on your experience of a part. …and yes, you are generalizing – you just can’t admit that to yourself and maintain your sense (faulty as it may be) of moral-self-superiority.

      • Sir do you know the definition of metaphysical? I think you just went a little overboard with semantics. I

      • Are you suggesting that there is little to no real difference between the meaning of Physics and Metaphysics? The two disciplines are of a completely different nature! Its not semantics to assign different handles to different things.

        Allow me to enlighten you a bit while you are taking a break from your all day, mom’s basement, video game marathon:

        Metaphysics deals with non-material things such as concepts, ideas, thoughts, philosophies and feelings. Physics deals with physical objects and forces such as matter and energy and motion.

        Science measures and tests theories that purport to explain physical phenomena. Ideas, thoughts, attitudes and feelings (metaphysical things) cannot be measured or tested, only observed.

        Any questions?

      • I’m a working woman but okay lol. Metaphysics is not accepted by the scientific world…it’s bologna. Until it can be proven for measure metaphysics is fantasy. When I say science I mean just that science. There is a science to preserving your resources and pushing out the undesirables it’s called artificial selection. Black men are the highest demographic for interracial relationships even though there are more non blacks in America. Reasoning? Artificial selection when a person feels that existing in their skin is challenging to survival they adapt and if you can’t adapt you evolve. So there are more individuals marrying outside their race to subconsciously give tier offspring a better life. That is a science

      • Do you believe in mathematics? Space and Time? Human Identity? Human Consciousness? Human Ethics?

        If yes, then you also believe in “Metaphysics.”

        Only uneducated people believe that Science is the sole – or even primary – way to gain and test knowledge.

        Also, I think you are being SUPER R-A-C-I-S-T to assert that black men are seeking out non-black women so that they can give their children a better racial profile. First, Sociological DATA (SCIENCE!) shows that black fathers are absent in the family more than any other demographic – if many black fathers don’t care enough to stay with their children, how can you then argue that black men care so much for their children that they don’t want their children to be black? That is SOOOOO R-A-C-I-S-T!!! But Second, this is actually even worse than normal racism, because it’s self hating racism.

      • I can’t argue with you. I don’t feel like it. I could go all day but I actually do have a life and clearly you are the one at your moms house without a job

      • I’m an attorney and I’m working right now as a matter of fact. I do this thing called “Multi-tasking” where I use my mental energy to switch between several tasks, using the time I spend on one task to take a break from the others. It’s invigorating. You should try it… your boss might even give you a promotion! So if you “can” argue your position, you should. Otherwise people will assume you quit because you finally realized that your arguments were unpersuasive.

      • If you are an attorney than you must be out of work. I do have a job for the state and multiple degrees but ok. When I said that black men will marry outside their race for better chances at survival i am not implying they are self hating. If a woman grows up poor and marries rich for the sake of her future and the future of her offspring she is preserving her existence her lineage. I do not blame the victims of misfortune for trying to adapt. I blame the society that gives them no choice. Not all Blacks marry for that reason but having biracial children is easier to raise in racial America than raising full black children.

      • No, like I said: I am working.

        But when you say “I have a job with the state” that speaks VOLUMES. The state seems to like to hire all the people who can’t get competitive jobs in the real world, so…. there you have it.

        And because of degree inflation (everyone gets a passing grade just because they pay their tuition) degrees are just pieces of paper nowadays; everyone has one or two or five. Yet most people can’t even write a coherent sentence or well structured paragraph. (For an example of this, see all your writing above).

        People should marry whom they want to marry, not succumb to the fear produced by that false narrative that “society is out to get me.” Stop blaming others and work hard, despite your perceived oppression – and you’ll find you get alot further in life than you expect by being hopeless.

        We could all play victims if we wanted to, but some of us prefer to just work our butts off despite the opposition we face.

      • You are making many many assumptions here so I think I will bow out of this argument. Republicans like to make many assumptions and act on those assumptions and the more we talk the more I realize I shouldn’t argue with you.

      • What assumptions? Identify them and explain why they are assumptions and why they are invalid, if indeed they are assumptions.

        It sounds like you are making excuses for yourself and taking the easy way out of a difficult spot your bad logic has gotten you cornered into.

      • Multitasking is used for the real world not to fit you a fake person in my real life and work.

      • When my family and I lived in GA, we were subject to racism mostly from blacks. I was appalled when I went to a grocery store and while waiting in line a black woman was berating the cashier, calling her cracker and a few other colourful names. I had never faced that sort of racism in my life and for the longest time thought the same as you that only whites were racist because of what I saw on TV growing up in the ’60s and 70’s.. I was born and raised in California and to be honest never seen much racism where I lived as we were all one huge colourful hodgepodge of people… Anyway back to my story… one of my girls, who are half pacific islander, my oldest is half black, were attacked by a black group of kids as they were walking home from school.. I called the police and you know what they told me… “You have to understand ma’am, what they have been through”… one of my girls had her hair pulled out and they were pounding her head on the ground… and I have to understand that? I am supposed to accept that sort of behaviour?

        Racism is an ugly monster that is found in every group, in every race and anyone can be snared by its ugly claws. And btw… the family that led the attack on my girls… were originally from Chicago.

      • I’m sorry your kids went through that. The problem is racism is the idea and belief that a certain people are superior, that belief ca only come from whites. Blacks can be ignorant and criminals but racist is not the correct term. Blacks are impoverished and globally discriminated and for that we cannot say we are superior

      • Racist IS the correct term. Blacks de facto claim moral superiority when they claim that whites are morally inferior (ie: racists). See how that works?

      • Whites are not morally inferior but if you look even abroad people in power abuse it. In this case whites have the benefit of living in a society that accepts their melanin and they know they can get away with things.

      • Its not just “Whites” who get forward in this society. Asians do extremely well and so do many Cuban and Mexican people I know. People from India also do extremely well in this society as do people from Mid Eastern countries. (I work for a large corporation in the oil and gas industry – alot of people are employed here and no group is underrepresented including black people).

        I have found that anyone who works hard and asserts themselves (refusing to feel themselves a victim but choosing to overcome their own adversity) does well in this society. They don’t need government to help them, they just need to believe in themselves!

        Problem is in University nowadays, black people and women and gays and any other minority group that will listen are TAUGHT that they are victims and “white male” society holds them back. Those dumb enough to believe that false narrative, accept that as their fate and simmer with anger and envy – rather than using that energy for positively driving forward toward the life they want and refusing to be oppressed.

        Now some people are more gifted than others. And those left gifted get less in life. I get that. But you can’t say minorities are oppressed as a class just because every individual doesn’t have the same amount of “luck.” If that’s what you’re mad at, you need to take that to the Lord – because He is the one who gives out gifts and talents and callings in this life.

      • I come from an upper middle class family. I know that hard work can pay off. My African American side actually was wealthier than my white side. But I empathize with individuals that cannot afford private school, international vacations, nice cars, clothes and neighborhoods. I come from that world but I know that some children don’t have parents who want them or live in life threatening situations daily. Blacks are not as accepted as Asians or Indians. They have better stereotypes. It’s hard for you to see because you are a white male but sometimes circumstances are too hard and people get tired of fighting to overcome them. You must like to talk to me because you are continuing this convo to death and I’m not changing my opinion

      • I’m not really talking to you – i realize you are entrenched in your false narrative and won’t give it up no matter how much logic and reason is presented to you. You are what is known as “a liberal.”

        I’m “talking” to everyone else that happens to read this thread – people who are looking for differing views and actual, reasoned out wisdom.

        You claim “They [non-black minorities] have better stereotypes”. Really? And who makes stereotypes? Why does Rev. Jesse Jackson himself feel fear when he sees a black man walking behind him on a dark night?

        And you also claim: “people get tired of fighting” … your implication is that it is OK to “give up” and “be a victim”. The rest of us just KEEP FIGHTING until we win… or, if we can’t win, we at least refuse to give up and therefore refuse to lose.

      • First of all most people reading this site are Republican or confused African Americans. Second those stereotypes were made by whites so it doesn’t matter who lives by them whites made them. WHITES put out propaganda to deter mixing after slavery. WHITES made Jim Crow. WHITES own private prisons and profit off racism. WHITES control the majority of fraternities that rape and assault women. WHITES made money off 9/11. WHITES are the most influential and wealthiest racist on this planet. Whites created a slave system so strong that continents speak their languages. Whites systematically broke down an entire ethnicity in the United States sharpening their tactics to replenish slaves by having them born into slavery as opposed I shipping more from Africa to break the cycle of escape and revolution. My black family has been in America longer than some of the Europeans that came through Ellis island and deserve more respect than to be treated as second class citizens. They built this country brick by brick because whites were too lazy. Some people come from a lineage of being tired, they pass down fear, defeat, disappointment because they live a life harder than you or I. That is not FALSE NARRATIVE that is your ignorance. Women who turn to prostitution are not victims they are living NARRATIVE you don’t understand. You are trying to make everyone fit into your reality.

      • Why, then, does the good Rev. Jesse Jackson HIMSELF say that he is afraid of black men walking behind him on a dark night? Surely you are not suggesting that Jesse Jackson has fallen prey to this “white created stereotype” are you? Isn’t it because Jesse Jackson knows the crime statistics and the factual statistics themselves indicate the accuracy of the stereotype?

        Also, you do realize that BLACK AFRICANS captured their own people and sold ALL the black slaves to white people… don’t you? You also realize, don’t you, that free America black landowners THEMSELVES OWNED BLACK SLAVES??? If you didn’t know this, its time to take some real history courses.

        You are the one trying to recreate reality and confine it to a little box big enough to wrap you mind around. You do this because it allows you to dismiss responsibility for your bad actions and yet feel self-righteous about yourself and your plight.


      • Those who you call “confused African Americans” may not like you defining them according to your own standard, especially when they credit their beliefs (which you consider mistaken) for actually leading them to the very prosperity that you say black people in America can’t attain.

      • You are well spoken but ignorant. You have more problems than to sit on this site arguing. Go into the real world and make friends with people of different walks of life. I have friends that are thugs, prostitutes, lawyers, prosecutors, teachers, business owners etc. I have dated at least 70 men and I consider myself ethnically ambiguous I think I know more about this subject than you

      • Since you don’t know me, how can you make any of those assertions about me? You can’t, not in good faith at least.

        This is the same faulty reasoning you use while generalizing the “whites”. You think you know something, but by your own reasoning, you prove that you don’t have the data to back up such supposed knowledge.

        Also, when you say you’ve “dated at least 70 men”… you’re not suggesting that is a good thing or something commendable, are you? You might consider counseling for that…

      • This. You are ignorant and if something doesn’t fit into your reality then I need counseling. I am an educated productive citizen and I have a lot of sex. I think I can make assumptions about you in good faith because you sound like you live in a bubble

      • So you imply that promiscuity gives you access to vast racial knowledge and then accuse me of living in a bubble?????? Speechless.

        Also, how deeply and personally did you get to know those 70 men from which you draw your conclusions about race in America? And how does pillow talk equal solid, honest academic inquiry into the facts rather than subjective musings (probably intended, rather than straight truthful discourse, simply to seduce into having sex?

      • I didn’t get to know them deeply though I’m sure they can’t say the same. I did find out that many men preferred not to think of me as black but as other because they weren’t attracted to black women. I also found that men who enjoyed my hyper sexuality attributed that to me being biracial for some reason. I also had more black men want to impregnate me so their kids would be “mixed”.

      • I’m sure you have alot more depth to yourself than these men could appreciate. I’m sorry, but they don’t sound like the kind of people that are representative of “normal” people – rather than thinking minds and feeling souls, they seem more controlled by their animal natures.

        And the ones that wanted to “impregnate” you. Did they also want to marry you and help you raise and support the child they hoped to father? Or were they just trying to impregnate lots of women for an ego trip?

        Involving yourself with predatory men like these may be one of the reasons you “see” the world as a victim. You can refuse this treatment, though and choose something different for yourself.

        Do you believe in God? In Jesus? If there is an attitude or a thought process in you that compels you to be “hyper-sexual” and this is something you really don’t want, God most certainly can rescue you from it.

        If you care to hear how, let me know and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

      • Thank you for your concern but I don’t believe that anymore. I don’t view myself as a victim but I have observed a few interesting fellows. If you ever need to borrow a vagina though Id gladly let you use mine:) Thanks for the debate!

      • Gotcha. Funny how the “curse” of sin(in Genesis) affected both human work and human gender relations. I think those two areas of life cause people more problems than just about anything else!

      • I do agree that money and power are the source of most problems. I hate that we all disagree. You should email me so I can get to know you more

      • Anyone can be racist, including some blacks who believe they are superior than others, especially against whites. Here are a few examples:

        To explain this in simpler terms, ANYONE who hates someone based on race is a racist, anyone who thinks they are superior than someone else based on race is a racist.

        Just look up the definition of racist and racism in any dictionary. It does not say only whites can be racist.. it does not say that only blacks can be impoverished and therefore cannot think of themselves as superior… They state ANYONE… There are many people across the world who are “impoverished and discriminated” against based on race including whites who are can also fit that description.

        Furthermore, 10 of the Richest African Nations from Atlanta Blackstar are as follows: Hardly impoverished. Yes there are poor areas there, but there are very poor areas here too, which include white people who are also “impoverished”.

        Just because there has been white racist here in American does not mean that black racist do not exist. You don’t have to be white to be a racist just like you don’t have to be black to be a victim of racial attacks and profiling. By your very suggestion that only whites can be racist is in itself a racist statement suggesting only one race can be racist towards another.

      • I just talked with my husband and gained perspective. Different people can be racist. Can blacks say things and feel things that fit the definition racist? Yes I now believe they can. But. The greatest racists, the strongest racists, the most INFLUENTIAL racists globally are, have been White people. Before whites CREATED racism countries fought each other over land people politics etc. Racism was created by Whites to unify themselves in the name of Christianity and to profit off of slaves. The Puritans came to America because they believed in slavery and religious freedom which they believed allowed then to enslave others that didn’t believe in Jesus Christ.

      • You have been very protected from reality! Blacks often display the most venomous racism I have ever seen. They even have some professional race baters who earn a living by being racist!

      • That’s YOUR experience. Whites have dangerous racism. Getting a job is hard if employers are racist. Getting pulled over can be dangerous. I come from a cop family with over 11 different cops in my family and they told me cops can be dangerous and not just to men. When I was 18 I got pulled over and the cop wanted to trade sex for my ticket. And im half white sooo the people that told me that were white

      • Until you have lived as a white person you need to shut up about the racism of blacks you haven’t experienced it so have no bearing in this discussion.

    • I agree with the judge. If the perpetrator had been white she would not generalize because she knows her father is a good white man. They obviously don’t have the child around good black men neighbors teachers etc because she is generalizing an entire race. It’s not the child’s fault for how she feels but the parents should be reprimanded for allowing her to grow with fear.

      • You have no way of knowing whether or not the little girl would have been traumatized by men she doesn’t know. How dare you and this racist judge ascribe your prejudice onto this innocent girl!

      • Um did you read the article? Her parents said their child is traumatized. Please leave your emotionally charged comments when you have read and comprehended the entire article thanks

      • How was the parents supposed to combat how their child felt where is the strong black man that was supposed to be her example? Certainly not this racist judge.

      • They would teach their child that there are good people bad people and everything in between. Not all black people are bad and not all white are good. The fact that she can’t have black friends either? She is engrossing herself in her trauma which is not healthy and the most concerning is that we do not live in a post racial America so her trauma can be nurtured into racism or a full blown phobia which isn’t conducive to healthy happy life

      • No I am stating a fact, why do you think this is even news it is news because of the blatant racism of the judge. Only an idiot or a racist would think otherwise.

        So which one are you?

      • She was three years old and suffered a trauma. Something like That takes years to get over. Now her fear will be that these idiots are free to do it again.

      • Sorry but you are full of crap. I am so tired of African American’s saying white’s are racist. I grew up in the south and many of my friends in school were black. If all people would just look at people as people not the color, maybe this world would be better off. A white person can make a statement that sounds racist and they are fired but I see Oprah can make a statement that when all old white people are dead then racism will stop and now this judge states in an open court his racism and nothing happens, explain that one.

  30. Look at it this way: The judge is encouraging the death penalty for violent home invasion criminals … which I def agree with.

  31. It’s absurd that the judge would even utter such ridiculous words. This man should be removed from the bench as far as I’m concerned. Children learn to fear things differently than adults or even teens do. It’s not about the parents as I teach my children not to be afraid on anything or anyone but they have their own fears. This judge is no better than the criminals that came before him.

    • He’s a racist moron and he let his true colors show. No judge does what he did. They sit above the courtroom and render the law, not based on their personal feelings and what offends them. I have been in many courtrooms and seen many trials much more heinous in nature that this one, and the judge keeps their personal feelings separate from the trial – it is beyond unprofessional and hopefully he will be looking for employment somewhere else soon.

  32. I bet Allen (I never experienced racism) West has a confederate flag and hums the song DIXIE at work! Such a disgrace!!!

  33. So a black man terrorizes the home of a little three year old girl, and its somehow the parents fault she’s afraid of black men now? How bout you chastise that piece of garbage for furthering a stereotype and legitimizing peoples discomfort around black folks? Way to completely miss the point their el judge O.


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