Can you spot the sincerity in this Hillary video? Because I can’t.

Here’s video of Hillary Clinton on her whistle-stop “ordinary people” tour of Iowa in the “Scooby” bus.

In case you missed it, apparently many of the “ordinary people” she’s been meeting are planted Democrat operatives – oh and she also lied about her grandparents all being immigrants to engender support from immigration activists.

Of course, the mainstream media won’t report those stories. But there’s one thing they cannot hide, and that is Hillary herself.

Can you watch this video without cringing? I dare you.


  1. Next time she goes out in public, she should remove the tag from her Depends that was sticking out for the whole world to see.

    • Ever notice how she always nod when a question or statement is being presented as if she’s ready with the right answer? How do people fall for this crap?

  2. just free samples, water and glances at tip jar…and leaves nothing!!…..she is so phony,that it`s uncomfortable to watch

  3. her hired help needs to find her a good support bra. those things are almost to her knees. there ARE bras to help bring them up!!

    • I noticed that too. The subliminal message of deflated and droopy is not going to help perk up the electorate.

  4. The young lady at the table Clnton eventually sits at, the short haired gal, did you catch the GAK face she made to her seatmate when Clinton tapped her on the shoulder as she walked by?

  5. At least she has more GUTS than ALLEN WEST!! She is running…allen is what exactly?? Oh…he complains on a BLOG!!! MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

    • At least West tells the truth about what’s going on and I’m sure nobody is twisting your damn arm to read his statements. So duh, why don’t you just block him or don’t you know how to do that. Ask Allen b/c I’m sure he’s a whole lot smarter than you!! Rich

      • Allen west doesn’t tell the truth..ANYWAY….he is too afraid to run for president because he KNOWS he doesn’t stand a chance. He’s better off posting lies to his blog and selling coffee mugs and tee shirts!

      • Being forced to retire, relieved of command and leading your men into violating the UCMJ resulting in those men being stripped of rank and pay….no…nothing PROPER about that!!

      • Allen was forced to retire…relieved of command..lead his men to violated the UCMJ and they were stripped of rank and pay. Sorry…he is not a hero…more of a DISGRACE!!!

    • Allen protected men under his watch, Hillary got hers killed. But to you, “what difference at this point does it make?”

      • Those men under his watch…he lead them into violating the UMCJ and lose rank and pay. Thats not a LEADER!!

  6. I noticed how she tried very hard to ignore the tip jar. It was full of money… should have been a hint to leave a tip for services provided. That is, if she was interested in helping the ‘little’ people she claims to champion.

  7. Anybody notice that barely hidden grandma shuffle of hers (1:01-1:05). Not as spry as she’d like us to think she is.

    • She moves as gracefully as a well aged circus elephant… watch the video again while picturing her with a trunk swinging back and forth. I would hazard to guess that her cankles are now thankles… and almost as large as a real elephants.

  8. The “Mystery Machine” indeed! You can expect more of these staged meetings. As local plants come from the surrounding universities’ Young Democrats. These eager misguided souls willing to do what their master asks of them. It is sad. Everyone can see through this charade and yet the mainstream media still promotes this garbage.

  9. give it 2 months, they will have to fumigate the bullshitmobile from the dried up vaginal flatulence smell emanating from the cock-pit of despair!!!


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