Is this the real reason Obama is giving Iran $11.9 billion?

This story was first reported back in January but in light of recent developments it’s quite relevant today. The whole Iranian nuclear “deal” is exploding (pun intended) in the face of the Obama administration. The fact that President Obama is dispatching Secretary Kerry to Capitol Hill to stand against Congressional oversight of this fiasco is quite disconcerting.

But a Fox News report from earlier this year should cause all of you great concern. In January, the Obama administration paid $490 million in cash assets to Iran and will have released a total of $11.9 billion to the Islamic Republic by the time nuclear talks are scheduled to end in June, according to figures provided by the State Department.”

The Free Beacon says yesterday’s $490 million release, “the third such payment of this amount since Dec. 10 [2014], was agreed to by the Obama administration under the parameters of another extension in negotiations over Tehran’s contested nuclear program that was inked in November [2014]. Iran will receive a total of $4.9 billion in unfrozen cash assets via 10 separate payments by the United States through June 22 [2015], when talks with Iran are scheduled to end with a final agreement aimed at curbing the country’s nuclear work, according to a State Department official.”

“Iran received $4.2 billion in similar payments under the 2013 interim agreement with the United States and was then given another $2.8 billion by the Obama administration last year in a bid to keep Iran committed to the talks through November, when negotiators parted ways without reaching an agreement. Iran will have received a total of $11.9 billion in cash assets by the end of June if current releases continue on pace as scheduled.”

Folks, we are so stupid that we are paying the Iranians to “diss” us and stall this process. In other words, Iranian belligerence pays, and pays quite well. So the economic sanctions are being lifted and the Grand Ayatollah has demanded they end immediately.

So what are we gaining in this whole debacle? We shared with you yesterday that Russia has lifted the ban on the sale of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Iran. Russian President Putin has declared the ban as “unnecessary.” I’m starting to believe this whole endeavor with Iran is unnecessary — if not abjectly insane. I fail to see how any of this is to the benefit of the United States, certainly the global community, and our ally Israel. We are slowly providing an economic recovery to Iran — while our own economy struggles.

Just to give you a comparative assessment, the Free Beacon says, “between November 2014 and July 2015, the interim deal’s direct forms of sanctions relief will allow Iran access to roughly $4.9 billion in frozen money,” US Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill) told the Washington Free Beacon “That’s equal to what it’d cost Iran to fund Hezbollah for as much as 50 years.”

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but you just have to ask as a point of inquiry — does all of this have anything to do with Valerie Jarrett who has an Iranian background? In fact, WND reports in 2012 “Jarrett was the main and central player in behind-the-scene talks between U.S. and Iran leaders, according to an independent Persian-language blog.The blog said Jarrett “attempted to facilitate communication between officials on both sides.”

WND says, “retired Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, former deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence under President George W. Bush, spotlighted Jarrett’s influence in a Fox News interview in February.”

“There are many who are now saying that [Jarrett] is really the architect of this non-treaty with the Iranians,” he said, “which ultimately will result in the Iranians having a nuclear program, and America having to accept a nuclear-armed Iran.”

Whatever your theory, there is a reason why President Obama wants no Congressional eyes on this “deal” or their Constitutional right of approval.

Why is Obama so vehemently against any action from our Congressional representatives? Why are we rewarding the bad behavior of the Islamic regime in Iran — especially as they are holding four Americans hostage? Something smells very bad here and regardless of your political affiliation you must admit that — unless permanently damaged by the kool-aid poisoning.

If you feel this is acceptable, well, you are very wrong.


      • That might be a thought give them the money in Pork chops, ham, ribs and bacon.

        Next what has swearing to do anything ever had to so with what Obama does. He is a Muslim at heart.

      • That’s the way it suppose to be, law of the land, but he makes his own laws and the sheeple just follow along.

    • So even though her family fled Iran, you think they support the ayatollahs?
      Do the Cubans who fled Communist Cuba to come to America support the Communists?

      • Look at Obama’s actions cozying up to two different rouge regimes Iran and Cuba. Taking both off of the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. Neither have renounced their terrorist activities. Obama is bending over to cozy up to bad people. The reason may not be clear, but the fact that this is happening is not open for debate.

        As far as Jarrett and her opinion of Iran that is not really known. Her influence in the administration is open to debate.

      • Negotiating with our adversaries to make peace is part of the job.
        Was Reagan cozying up to the Soviets when he was negotiating arms reductions with them?

      • We’re removing Cuba from the list because they no longer meet the criteria. They’ve stopped supporting the Basque separatists and FARC guerrillas they were helping back in the 80s and 90s.
        There has been no discussion of removing Iran from the list.

      • It is not over yet. Do not put anything past Obama. Cuba is still big buddies with Iran and still run by a dictator. Dictators do what they want when they want. As far as still supporting the groups they mentioned it may simply be because Cuba is out of money.

      • You’re tilting at windmills. You’ve got literally no evidence to suggest that anyone is considering taking Iran off the State Sponsors of Terrorism list but you stated it like it was a fact.

        It may be that Cuba wants to support terrorists but can’t afford it, and if they find their wallet and go back to supporting terrorists then they simply go back on the list and suffer the sanctions that come with it.

      • Do not put anything past Obama. Everytime I think he has gone as far as he can he proves me wrong.

      • They didn’t even flee. You didn’t have to flee Iran in 1956. You just bought a plane ticket and left.

    • She was born to American parents in Iran and according to her bio she left when she was 5. Not sure how many contacts she made at preschool. In any case the Iran she left in 1956 was a very different country from the Islamic Republic that’s been in place since 1979. Iran used to be secular and modern until the revolution.

      • Then Muslim scholars would see this freezing of Muslim assets as an unholy tax against Muslims. This would call for total war (jihad) against America and any other country involved in the freezing of the assets, as per Qur’an 9:29. The simplest way to understand Islam is: “Whatever advances Islam is correct, whatever resists Islam is incorrect.”

      • Well those are the facts about their money and yet Iran hasn’t declared war on the rest of the world yet.

      • Islam is always at war with “infidels.” As per Qur’an 9:29. Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of the sword. Any Muslim not willing to go to war against infidels is and infidel. An infidel is anyone who doesn’t advance Islamic interests. The only way you have peace with Islamicists is to be a slave to their courts. This is universally understood in Muslim jurisprudence.

      • Okay well… there’s a lot of infidels out there I guess. Doesn’t change the facts about the money.

  1. With that kind of money they don’t need a nuclear weapons program when they can buy them straight from Russia. I’m sure Putin needs the money.

  2. I truly can’t take anymore……..someone should be doing something to out these terrorist if not this means the whole government is in it with Obama.

    • Look up the members of the Illuminati and the Bilderberg Society. There are people on both sides of the isle who are complicit. Also people from many countries, the rich and powerful

    • There wouldn’t be anyone next. The Israelis have had nukes since the 60s. If the Iranians got a nuclear weapon (which will be a lot harder with this deal in place than without it) and used it against Israel it would be the last thing they ever did. The Israelis would turn that whole country into a glass parking lot as a warning to the rest of the Middle East not to f*** with them.

      • Israel is a small country. Iran’s oh great one said they will nuc Israel and if it kills every Iranian, it will be worth it. Those people are insane. BTW, Russia is also giving Iran a system to protect them from any attack from Israel and if they attack, we also will have trouble stopping them. Of course since Obama is kicking out Americans out of our military and hiring illegals and gays/transgenders to fill the ranks, how well do you think our country will fair against a highly trained Iranian army. Russia is also selling Iran delivery systems to hit not only Israel but most of the world, including us

      • As I said the Israelis have had nuclear weapons since the 60s. They have nuclear armed ICBMs in underground bunkers and on submarines. The Russian SS-3 is a good anti-aircraft missile but it won’t protect them against a shower of ballistic missiles. The Israelis have designed their nuclear program to ensure they have second strike capability for exactly this reason.
        You are literally a moron if you think our military is too full of gays and Mexicans to defeat Iran. You’ve let your Obama derangement syndrome take over your brain. We could blow Iran off the map and be home in time for dinner.

      • You’ve let your worship of Obama cloud your mind. You can not see anything but your gay leader who is taking our country into the ditch. You are so blind, you no longer have any intelligence but blind worship of the evil

      • Hate Obama all you want, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t think he’s the worst president ever but he’s definitely screwed a lot of stuff up. I don’t even care that you think a married man with two kids is secretly gay. But when you suggest that the U.S. military isn’t a match for Iran then you’ve gone off the deep end lady. You’re not just attacking Obama, you’re slandering all those service members who do a difficult job for crappy pay because they love their country.

      • The US military will be no match for Iran when Obama guts it of our brave soldiers and fills it with illegals and trannys

      • You don’t have any clue what you’re talking about. You’re just repeating something you read somewhere without your brain being involved at all. It’s like talking to a chatbot. I’m done here, your attacks against our military are disgusting and you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried.

      • And you actually think any of that will stop Iran from nuking Israel or us. Why do you think they have ordered all those transcontinental missiles from Russia? Think they are going to use them for electricity???

      • It’s suicide for them to attack the Israelis or us and they’ve not shown any inclination towards suicidal behavior so far. In any case they do not have intercontinental missiles from Russia or anybody else. Russia is selling them anti-aircraft missiles.

  3. Come a time we need to blame the Congress in being complicit. We gave the House and the Senate to Republicans to stop/slowdown the insanity happening to our country. And looks like nothing has even slowed down. The progressive liberal snowball keeps getting bigger and bigger. If we have no one on the side of America, that certainly reeks of doom.

    • The Senate forced Obama yesterday to agree to allow them 30 days to review the agreement. If Obama refuses to sign the bill they have a veto proof majority.

    • The Repubs do not have the vote to impeach Obama. The Dems have his back and will never let it happen. It takes 2/3 of the votes. The only way to stop Obama is if some of the Dems decide they are Americans instead of Obama’s lackeys. Doesn’t look like most of them care about America or our people. The NWO is on the way with Obama at the lead. Kissinger said his group put Obma in as President and has offered him the first NWO Presidency if he can tank our economy. Soros is here to help him do it. Soros outlined how he was going to destroy our economy. He is on the last step. He invested heavily in futures betting our economy will tank. He will make it happen and clean up by making trillions. He is the thirteenth riches man in the world. He said he will become number 3 when it is over. He is one evil man and one of the most often visitors to the WH

  4. Obama needs to be removed from office. Obama and Jarrett both need to be in prison. If not prision force them to move to Iran.

      • Well Obama continually by passes Congress, why cant the public do the same thing and impeach him without congress being involved. If Obama was not half African he would have been impeached long ago. Congress is too scared of being called bigots and racists if they act against him.

      • It was sarcasm!

        Although we need to be able to hold Congress and the Senate accountable for their deeds more often than every two years for the House and six years for the Senate.

      • My apologies, it’s hard to tell sometimes on this site. There are a lot of people who have very strong opinions and zero knowledge to go with them.
        I’ve sometimes thought that part of the problem we have these days is that Congress is too responsive to the news cycle and peoples opinions. It might be better if they got to Washington and just had to do what they thought was best for the country without being able to look at polling data all the time to figure out what was popular.

      • It can be done by a military coup, they can bypass Congress. He would be arrested (even better) not impeached, only Congress can impeach him. Other than that, if we tried to stampede the WH, well…..we wouldn’t ever go home.

      • You must really hate America to want to throw out our Constitution and our values just because you hate the legally elected President

      • The thing is Brendan, unlike our President I love America! He is NOT following the constitution and that is why he needs to be removed from office. You don’t get to make up your own laws, you follow the laws in place or WITH Congress you change the laws. Otherwise the country falls under tyranny “arbitrary use of power or control”.

      • So please enlighten me.
        What has the President done exactly that makes him worth of a military coup?
        What horrible violation of the Constitution did he commit?

      • And this is base on what evidence??? More LOON MYTHS. No wonder people believe you LOONS wear TIN FOIL HATS

      • You believe that the oesident will not give up the white house with no evidence or anything to support it. This is why I call you nutss…LOONS

      • Bush never seized anywhere near the power that Obama has. Obama has bypassed Congress on a very regular basis. In fact Obama by passed Congress on the Bergdahl swap violating a law Obama signed into effect.

      • I’m not defending Obama’s policies.
        I’m pointing out that the paranoid belief that the President will refuse to leave office is not new.
        It is refreshing to see that that kind of thinking is not limited to just one side of the political spectrum.

      • I am looking at Obama’s past actions. If he could find away that would not result in an appointment with the hangman or a long prison I believe he would make an effort. Fortunately to my knowledge no such path exists which Obama could exploit.

      • facts??, links??, proof??, tangible evidence??
        or was it the ramblings you read here in west world??

      • Sooo…you’re saying that the US has NOT released $11.9 billion to Iran? You’re saying that only in the writer’s opinion the $ was released?? Not so sure someone in denial has the right to call a realist a ‘loon’!

      • The author’s guess at the reason behind the situation is opinion. That we are sending money to a country that has said repeatedly that they want to destroy us is fact.

      • Would be nice if your opinion included some facts! You have really been conditioned to only use tunnel vision with democrat at the end of the tunnel!

    • Well uncle rastus, for such a hater of Col. West, I sure appreciate that you at least take the time out of your hate filled and idiotic life to at least read what the American patriot has to say.

    • I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but your badgering is not having the
      desired effect. On the contrary your bias proves your inability for
      abstract thinking. Concrete thinking is more your way. For you anything
      less than Allen West is a liar and all Republicans are “loons” is
      unacceptable. I’m now on a mission to expose stupid so be warned.

      • Oh there have been do many people to leave this site because they found out the truth about Allen west.. He is nothing more than a political hustler

  5. What really ticks me off is my Social Security which I along with my employer’s contributed into was taken out of a secure account years ago and placed in the General Fund to pay for all this obama crap and now that funds are running low they want to cut Social Security so the president can push his less than workable plans. If congress and the president believe in their policies so strongly let them take the pay cut.

      • Lyndon B. Johnson allowed it to be dipped into by politicians! He was a democrat, so why blame Republicans except that you have been so brain washed by the liberal media that you never bother to investigate on your own!!!

      • I believe you will find it was a Democrat by the name of Lyndon Baines Johnson a Vice- President who became President by default, who was born and died a Democrat. But since you are a Democrat, it would a futile to try and give you a fact filled history lesson.

      • The point is it will not be easy to get the other countries to put the sanctions back on.. That seems to be common knowledge so I don’t understand why that is an option. Of Course we will try, but very unlikely. The Iranians are supporting terrorists, they have and are killing Americans. They have Americans in captivity. Your position is naive to say the least.

    • It’s not our money we’re sending them. Iranian assets overseas were frozen as part of the sanctions. Most of it isn’t even coming from banks in this country because the Iranians didn’t keep their money here for obvious reasons. Most of it is coming from banks in China, India and South Korea.

  6. Didn’t the Shah of Iran come over here in the 70’s, having been exiled from Iran, and the US froze a bunch of his/their assets? I’m certainly not clear on this but could the funds being returned be those that were frozen in the 70’s? But I would still have to wonder, if that’s the case, why return them NOW?

    • No the assets were frozen overseas in the last decade as part of the nuclear sanctions against Iran. The international community agreed to release the funds in stages as the talks progressed. They would all have to be unfrozen anyway if the sanctions were removed.

  7. If you don’t want to be called a conspiracy loon Mr West, suggesting that anyone whose family left Iran is somehow working for the Ayatollahs is not the way to do it.

    Do you also believe that the Cuban born Americans whose families fled the Communists support Communism?

    Also, you are deliberately misleading your readers when you say we are paying I ran.
    That makes it seem like they are getting US money
    They aren’t.
    They are being given SOME of their own money that we seized in 1979.

    This is why only your fanatics take you seriously

    • It’s better than that, her parents were American citizens living in Iran and they left in 1956. It’s like suggesting that someone whose parents were American doctors working in Cuba, lived there until the age of 5, and then left 20 years before Castro took power is somehow a Communist.

    • I’m still trying to figure you and “Uncle Bonkers” out. You two have a special disdain for Mr. West that is not easily understood.

      I have two theories going about Uncle Bonkers: 1. Uncle Bonkers hates West because he is a smart black man who does not bow to Islam, (like our current president) or to the Government plantation. 2. Uncle Bonkers knows West personally and West did something to him that he just wont let go.

      I’m thinking you fit in my latter theory, unless you are a black man with a fake profile pic that just hates him for being a black Conservative.

      Something irrational makes you make comments like this one: “Do you also believe that the Cuban born Americans whose families fled the Communists support Communism?

      No one would, today, think that. I know during the sixties some were suspected
      of possibly being Castro’s spy. Today we see that most Cubans are
      Conservative especially the ones old enough to remember what they had

      This is the reason we have Cruz and Rubio running for president. They know what true “Socialism” looks like and they are willing to fight against it.

      • My problem with West is that he deliberately distorts to promote his agenda. He wraps himself in the flag while saying truly divisive and unAmerican things. He broadbrushes people who don’t share his beliefs as enemies of America.
        He stokes fear and zealotry by not only promoting paranoid beliefs in muslim conspiracies (all muslims) and progressive conspiracies, but that they are working together.

        I oppose Mr West because his divisive disinformation is hurtful to America.

      • In your attempt to always be right you’ve gotten into the bad habit of using ambiguity to frame your points.

        For example, you say, “he deliberately distorts to promote
        his agenda.” He distorts what exactly? Could you at least state
        precisely what you think his agenda is?

        Furthermore, just because you say, “he stokes fear and zealotry by not only promoting paranoid beliefs in Muslim conspiracies” doesn’t make it so.

        You have to remember we all read the same thing you read and I can attest that in his post, there is no way you can honestly construed what he is saying as promoting paranoia.

        I’m paranoid about Islam for what Muslims are doing
        in the name of Islam not from what anyone says. Period.

        Tell me honestly if a Muslim man on a airplane you were flying in stood up and started chanting an Islamic prayer you wouldn’t think something bad was about to happen? That’s not paranoia but common sense.

        What is truly hurtful to America is not what anyone says but what this President has done.

        Many agree with me and find this Administration to be so abstruse, so contrary to sound sense and reason that one wonders how his plan for change was not to knock this country down a notch.

        Please forgive my indulging in ambiguity on my rant about this Administration but many are its faults that it’s to time intensive to able to mention them all clearly, on this post.

      • If anyone stood up in an airplane and started chanting I’d be tackling him immediately.

        So, how would you know he’s a Muslim? Muslims kneel to pray. The ones I know of that would fit would be Orthodox Jews.

        And how would I know it’s an Islamic prayer? I don’t speak Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, or Hebrew or Hindi. How would I know? Remember the Hindu temple where a bunch of worshipers were killed because a Christian terrorist thought they were Muslims? I think that was in Wisconsin, but I am likely wrong about that.

      • Uh, maybe if the prayer is in Arabic and it ends with Allah Akbar…

        I was witness to a suicide boomer… A guy standing not kneeling like you suggested walked up to a local public building and after yelling “Allah Akbar” blew himself up.

        Fortunately no one was killed, some wounded but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

        Really, what would you do without people like us that are out there protecting ignorant people like you.

        I’ve been nice to this point but really you don’t do “smart” very well. You have no excuse, the information is out there for you to find, you just need to be willing to accept the truth.

      • You said he stood up and chanted a prayer in Arabic.

        How would I know it’s Arabic?

        Just saying Allah Ackbar is not chanting a prayer.

        I responded to what you said, not what you pretend you said.

        Without ignorant people like you pretending to protect us we would probably be a hell of a lot better off.

        The frustrating part is that you have no excuse, the information is out
        there for you to find, you just need to be willing to accept the truth.

        You’ve been foolish and insulting to this point, and you don’t do smart, or honest, very well… but I don’t expect you to change.

      • I’m so sorry you obviously have some issues. That would explain why the only challenging thing in our conversation is resisting the temptation to humiliate you. I promise you that no matter how stupid your comments are I wont take advantage of you. I know that you are going to repeat what I’ve said but when you do at least give me credit… They’re my ideas and are thus copyrighted to me ©.

      • The challenging thing in our conversation is trying to find any honest conversation in your contributions.

        You would have a hard time taking advantage of me since your part has been so inane.

        You can’t copyright ideas, just words, or didn’t you know that?

        Conservatism fits the limited mind, since change is challenging and conservatism is laid in cement and unchangeable without some form of dynamite to blow the current form apart.

        All good change is liberal.

      • What? Didn’t you know that bit about copyrights was a joke? Totally went over your head.

        Just like this everything else you’ve said is flawed to the tenth power. Do you know what un-rein progressiveness get’s you? Watch the movie Divergen to get an idea of what is Socialism’s final objective.

        Think about it, what would this country be like if Socialism had been the political norm in the inception of this nation? We’d still be British subjects.

        You have become a charity case for me… Free education for those with special needs.

      • No, it didn’t go over my head, I actually thought you were fool enough to believe what you posted. So far that’s about how it seems.

        I don’t even know what an un-rein is.

        What does socialism have to do with any of this? Oh, and since when does if have a final objective? An economic system is just a system. It’s objective is the same as it’s basic description.

        Or are you suggesting un-regulated libertarianism has a final objective of enslaving the working class? Very Marxist of you if that’s it.

        If Socialism had been the norm at the inception of this nation it would also have been the norm in England, so we would face them on an equal footing there.

        You seem to be a hopeless case. Your ignorance combined with arrogance is pretty much incurable.

      • What? You though structure is all over the place. What did you mean by this? “Oh, and since when does if have a final objective?” Also, “If Socialism had been the norm at the inception of this nation it would also have been the norm in England, so we would face them on an equal footing there.” You also don’t know what socialism has to do with any of this? What you think is arrogance is me being right and you not willing to accept it. That’s why you label it as arrogance. Now calling me ignorant is childish. Anybody that would take a look at our conversation would laugh at you…

      • What I think is you being arrogant is you being arrogant.

        You don’t know and refuse to learn. This is a waste of my time.

        Class dismissed.

      • I’ve just read this whole conversation and man, you really miss the mark… Unless seeming ignorant was your goal? I think you have lived in your own liberal mind unopposed for to long that you believe your own delusions. I’m young and there is a lot more for me to learn but as evidence by your comments I come on top as far as having more common sense.

      • If all you can do is talk about me, and not the issue, you lose.

        Danth’s Law applies here.

      • But don’t you see that you are the issue. You embody what is wrong with
        people who advocate for liberalism.
        Another example is sen. Harry Reid, he was caught in a lie but refuse to admit it, despite the fact that everybody knew he lied. Even in a news interviewed was asked if he would apologize for his lying, and of course he refuse. Sound familiar?
        Now you, no matter how often you are proved wrong… You stubbornly hold to your delusion.

      • All you do, by interjecting another issue all together, of which I know nothing, is show just how much the fool you are.

        If all you can do is talk about me, and not the issue, you lose.

        Danth’s Law applies here.

        I shall display superior wisdom by deleting your comments on seeing your name.

      • You are the issue. In your limited capacity you miss this point. Like you
        voting for President Obama. First you voted for him because of the color
        of his skin and not the content of
        his character.
        Instead of progressing as you advocate you regress and
        support someone that was and is not the president this nation needed.
        I know you will vote for Hillary not because of the content of her character but because of her sex. You know that’s sexist, don’t you?
        I’ve also read this conversation and I laugh at you… Comedy at it’s best.

      • “voting for President Obama. First you voted for him because of the color of his skin”

        You are a liar.

      • An educated guess can’t be a lie, it’s just a guess. I’m pretty good at it tho’ but I’m not clairvoyant. Tell me you didn’t vote for Obama and didn’t care about his drug use, and the terrorist, and American haters he had as friends?

      • I think that you admire “HG.” Don’t they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery? And you sir like to imitate him. One may even think you have a thing for him. What do I know, to each his own I always say.

      • This is supposed to be a discussion about an issue. That’s all you have to say?

        One may even think you are an ass hole.

      • Yes some may consider me an a-hole but they can’t say I’m wrong on the issues. I take pride on being right. Pun intended.

      • Oh yes, Mr. Know nothing and Say Nothing is telling me about not sticking to the issues… Right now you are the issues. I think Tom made a good point about it.

      • I said that I appreciated intelligence, then you said “you must worship me.” You know that’s the complete opposite of what I said? One thing that is sure lacking in you is intelligence, well any that is worthy of admiration.

      • Debating this “Bob” is like watching a Mexican tele-novela. No substance but sure is fun.

      • If anyone stood up on an airplane and started loudly praying I’d worry.

        And yes, of course I worry about Islamic terrorism… I am a New Yorker… I know very well how real the threat is.
        But I also grew up around muslims, went to school with muslims, worked along side muslims…. and I know that they are all not terrorists or out to get me.

        As to you wanting me to be specific about Allen West distorting or spreading conspiracy theories… fine… I’ll start with this article .

        He changed the headline of this article… but if you look at the page link for this page, the original title is still there…. stating Obama was paying the Iranians.
        That is an example of a distortion.
        Obama paid the Iranians nothing… the implication was to suggest that taxpayer money was going to Iran

        then there is the conspiracy theory that West is pushing on his readers… that because Valerie Jarret is of Iranian descent, she is plotting to0 help Iran gain nuclear weapons.
        Of course there is no evidence for this wild assertion, but that doesn’t stop him from suggesting it.

      • “hates West because he is a smart black man who does not bow to Islam, (like our current president)”

        Yes, our current president is a smart black man who doesn’t bow to Islam. I don’t know how smart West is.

      • It’s President Obama bowing… First time in our history that our
        president has ever bowed to anyone… You are ether senile or just a
        kid. Whatever the case your comments are stupid…

  8. Muslims see the freezing of their assets as a jizya tax on them. This would, under universally understood Muslim jurisprudence, be a reason for all Muslims to be at total war with those whom Muslim courts would describe as “infidels.” Any Muslim who is not at total war with those who have frozen their assets is an infidel.

    The simplest way to understand Muslim jurisprudence is: “Whatever favors Muslim interests is correct, whatever disfavors them is incorrect.” It is very difficult for the Western mind to not overlay Islam with Western understanding of right and wrong.

    Regardless of the freezing or unfreezing of Muslim assets, Muslims will always be at total war against non-Muslims, as per Qur’an 9:29. You can’t prosecute total war in the modern world without nuclear weapons. Under Muslim jurisprudence, any treaty made with infidels can only last for ten years. Kerry and Obama have limited the treaty with Iran to ten years, as per Muslim jurisprudence.

  9. This is why – Valerie Jarrett is the real power in the White House, born in Iran to parents who were members of the Iranian Communist Party.
    Listed as “Senior Adviser to the President” or “Assistant to
    the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs” and to
    insiders as “Obama’s Rasputin” and “The Spine of Obama” or “She Who Must Not be
    She meets privately with Obama at least twice a day with no
    one else present. She wields power like a first lady, scheduling power, and has
    the unusual freedom to put herself in any meeting she chooses and to set
    priorities as she sees fit. She has an all-access pass to meeting at the
    National Security Council and meetings on the economy and budget. When the New York Times Robert Draper asked
    Obama if he “runs every decision past her” Obama answered “Yep. Absolutely”.
    She has known the Obamas more than twenty years, before
    Obama launched his political career. When she befriended them, she got them
    into the exclusive world of upper-class black politics and Jewish money
    In David Remnick’s book “The Bridge: The Life and Rise of
    Barack Obama” he quoted Valerie:
    “I think Barack knew that he had God-given talents that were
    extraordinary. He knows exactly how smart he is….He knows how perceptive he is.
    And he knows that he has the ability- the extraordinary, uncanny ability- to
    take a thousand different perspectives, digest them and make sense out of them,
    and I think that he has never been challenged intellectually…So what I sensed
    in him was not just a restless spirit but somebody with such extraordinary
    talents that had to be really taxed in order for him to be happy…He’s been
    bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary
    people do.”
    One of his former aides said “The truth is Obama doesn’t
    call anyone, and he’s not close to almost anyone. It’s stunning that he’s in
    politics, because he really doesn’t like people”.
    She admires and adores him, she strokes his ego and protects
    him from critics and complainers. No one gets past her to Obama if they have a
    grievance or an opposing view to him. She has an all-access pass to meeting at
    the National Security Council and meetings on the economy and budget. Valerie
    approved the $535 million loan to Solyndra, the solar energy company that went
    bankrupt shortly after they got the taxpayer-funded loan. (She has close ties
    to the George Kaiser Family Foundation which controlled 35.7% of Solyndra). A
    book by Richard Miniter says it was Valerie who repeatedly urged Obama not to
    take out Osama bin Laden, prompting him to cancel the mission three times. She
    has her own Secret Service protective detail.
    She has close ties to Frank Marshall Davis, Van Jones (who
    described himself as a “radical Comunist and rowdy black nationalist”) and the
    Communist Party of the US.
    Valerie was made a commissioner of planning in Chicago by
    Mayor Daley. She created a massive mess in the city’s public housing program,
    which cost Chicago $millions. Daley fired her, the she became CEO of Habitat
    Executive Services where she managed a federally subsidized housing complex
    that was seized by the government for crime-infested slum conditions. More

    • I have always felt she was the Puppet Master ! She is his mentor and groomed him and paved the way for his rise to power in politics. And NOONE had better cross her, she can pull the plug on him in a heartbeat! She is Iranian through and through and is seeing her dreams of Iran as the ruling country in the middle east come to fruition!

      • Her parents are American, she was born an American citizen, and she only lived in Iran until she was 5. They left in 1956, back when Iran was a secular modern country, over 20 years before the revolution.

      • paul Sheridan Hmmm, ok………………what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Nothing…….

  10. Because “negotiating” according to the Obama doctrine, means giving up any leverage you’ve got.

    Sanctions? Pfft, why stifle Iran’s economy?
    Releasing funds? Pfft, why stop Iran from funding Hezbollah and the rest of their terrorist psychopaths?

    • So you admit that you have no understanding of what negotiations are.
      And you also seem oblivious to how the sanctions work… no surprise.
      If Iran breaks the deal, the sanction go immediately back into effect with new tougher sanctions added.
      Funny that you didn’t know that.

      • sorry kid… I know you hate being wrong, but calling me names isn’t going to make you less wrong.

      • He does irritate you enough to lower ourselves to calling him names. He loves it when you do. I’m determined not to let him bait me anymore, wishful thinking on my part 🙂

      • Damn he got me to respond on one of his posts! Do I want to respond, not really, but I have to! Join in, the post is down aways.

      • Do not answer him back. Delete him and report his behavior using the right hand side buttons. Trolls do not deserve a second of your time.

      • Ummm, lets see, new sanctions? Oops, too late, we already gave them their frozen assets, Brendan. You can’t undo that.

      • The sanctions limit their exports to about 1.1 million barrels of oil per day. That costs them about $60 billion per year in oil exports alone. The $11 billion in frozen assets was chump change compared to the real effect of the sanctions.

      • So you admit that you were unaware that the trade sanctions and frozen assets were two separate things that were unrelated.

        And yes… the sanctions could go back into place at the same minute it was decided… and newer harsher sanctions would be added.

      • Thats what they say, but getting the other countries to jump back in on the sanctions wont happen. They should have never been lifted. As far as how negotiations go, you don’t give up your leverage. Also you must remember – you cannot have rational and logical negotiations with people that are illogical and irrational.

      • I don’t get it seems that you are smart enough to understand this topic but something is impeding your common sense. It might be your loyalty to liberalism or some one is feeding this to you and you buy into it.
        I’ll admit I’m young but by the look of your comments I have acquired more common sense than you.
        When have we known this administration doing something in the most efficient way? Like realizing enemy combative for a deserter, and many more boneheaded acts.
        I noticed that you didn’t respond to this comment below: ” As far as how negotiations go, you don’t give up your leverage. Also you must remember – you cannot have rational and logical negotiations with people that are illogical and irrational.” They have not stopped chanting “death to America”

      • So never negotiate and never make peace?

        And lifting sanctions as part of a deal is NOT giving up leverage at all. Because we can immediately put the sanctions back in place and even add more.
        No leverage is lost.
        You might want to recheck that common sense you think you are using.

      • Why do you do that? The thing to make ridicules statements like “So
        never negotiate and never make peace?” That’s a childish tactic. Of
        course you would always prefer peace, but when you have a Country that wants the death of America. Whatever you do you have to first consider
        our nation and allies safety first. Again how is it possible for one as
        young as me can have more common sense than someone as old as you.

      • You don”t have common sense and you illustrated that by failing to understand that lifting sanctions is easily reversible.

        let me take that a step further for you to help you understand.
        there has been some pressure within the UN to lift sanctions… mostly from countries that would profit from trade with Iran.
        there has also been pressure to add tougher sanctions, not just from the US, but internationally, through the UN.
        But, as I mentioned, there are some countries that are opposed because they wish to do business with Iran.

        So what happens if we make a deal, lift sanctions, and then Iran breaks the deal?
        The answer is… it is a huge loss for Iran because the sanctions immediately go back into play, along with newer tougher sanctions from the US.
        And on the international level, the argument for lifting sanctions in the UN is easily shot down because Iran will have proven they are not trustworthy and the argument can be made for more international sanctions.

        if my statement seemed childish and absurd.. it was … for two reasons.
        1… because of your condescending attitude where you presumed to lecture me on a point that you clearly do not understand and you demonstrated that you do not understand Iranian politics or how basic diplomacy works.

        2… because your assertion was absurd and merited an equally absurd response.

        You suggested we should not negotiate with our enemies to avoid conflict and make peace because they are our enemies.
        That was the crux of your argument… we shouldn’t negotiate to avoid conflict with a nation that opposes us.
        By that logic, we should never negotiate to avoid conflict with anyone but our friends.

        In this case, you think conflict with Iran is [preferable to a deal that may avoid conflict because… because … what?
        because Iran might break the deal?
        If Iran breaks the deal, the sanction come right back in place, with added sanctions.
        All we’ve wasted is time negotiating and we are right back where we were before a deal… Iran, however, would be worse off, suffering harder sanctions if they break the deal.

        We lose nothing if Iran breaks the deal.

        If we make a deal and Iran honors it… good… we avoid conflict and perhaps begin easing tensions and the slow process of reform in Iran.

        If we make a deal and Iran breaks it… good… we slap them with harder sanctions and now have a strong case for slapping them with harsher international sanctions.

        now use some common sense and stop trying to make every issue a matter of liberals vs conservatives

      • All this just for me? I in no way did I say I was an expert on the
        subject. I did mean to point out that you structure your comments in a
        childish way. You also demise good points as a spoiled child not willing
        to listen to sound points. That’s all.

      • Sorry if all that information was too much for you.
        i listen to sound points… you offered none.
        And you are clearly acting like a child…
        You began your conversation by throwing insults about liberalism and personal attacks as though any of that had anything to do with the subject.

        And now that I took the time to clearly refute your point and lay out why I felt the deal was a good idea… you respond with more childish insults instead of addressing any of the points I presented.
        In fact, your response to the points I laid out regarding sanctions was to make a snide remark about me writing too much.

        If you want to have a conversation about negotiations with Iran and sanctions, I’d be glad to have one.
        If all you want to do is throw insults and comments about liberalism, go elsewhere

      • Hahahah! Really? You didn’t miss anything? You are old but act like a pompous little kid. Just another observation no long-winded retort needed. You know what they say about long-winded replies… It means you are trying to compensate for some deficiencies.

      • Do you have anything of substance to say kid?
        Or do you just troll and hurl insults?

        I wrote you a long reply earlier because I gave a detailed explanation.
        Are you a child?
        I wrote you a long response and, since you clearly didn’t like the fact that I explained myself clearly, and since you could not refute what i wrote but couldn’t admit you were wrong… all you could do was make fun of me for writing a detailed reply.

        You make fun of people for giving you detailed explanations?
        that’s sad.

        And to further illustrate my point that you are just a troll, hurling insults and have nothing to actually offer to this discussion….
        You wrote that my comments indicated to you that I missed a lot in the article.
        What do you think I missed?
        Do you even know or was that just one more mindless insult you hurled?

      • All I’m saying is the liberalism is an impediment to common sense. I’ve
        known very smart people not being able to surpass this issue. My point
        is how can you trust anything this administration does without
        questioning it’s intentions or at least having a smidgen of trepidation.

  11. I have read the comments in this discussion and find them very interesting. the only thing I might add is that when have sanctions ever worked? If some one told us give me money or we won’t sell you anything what would we say. Yup hahahahaha. I hope my point is understood. Sanctions don’t work. has It stopped Russia? No.

    • Why, exactly do you think we now call it Russia, & not the USSR ? BTW, sanctions were working, that’s what makes this deal so unbelievable.

  12. Maybe it has to do with all the things Ms. Jarrett knows about POTUS’s past life in and before Chicago. She’s acted basically as an Iranian agent, and has now put the US in a position of being held hostage by BHO’s fear of having the real truth of his past revealed.


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