5 Ways Obama and Liberals Have Undermined America’s Legacy as a Beacon of Liberty

Note: this article was published in its entirety in Townhall.

The American legacy has been that of a beacon of liberty and freedom — a leader, a standard-bearer. Ours is not a story of “leading from behind,” which we simple folk from the South would call “following.”

Sadly, we are in danger of losing this legacy, thanks to the policies and actions of the Obama administration and his liberal supporters. It is on the global stage where we find our legacy suffering the most, and here are five disheartening examples:

1. We acquiesce to a terrorist-sponsoring Islamic regime that supports chants of “death to America” and do this while Iran holds four Americans hostage and continues to expand its regional belligerence – and express their obtuse disdain towards our country

2. We have secured defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq and allowed for the resurgence of the most savage and barbaric enemy. And amazingly, the new normal is not to take responsibility, but to seek blame elsewhere.

3. We have destabilized Libya which has become a sanctuary for Islamic terrorists who forced us to abandon our embassy and conducted attacks against the South Korean and Moroccan embassies.

And let us not forget the shameful new legacy of abandoning Americans to die and creating a false narrative, a lie, in order to cover for the nefarious and despicable action. No, we shall never forget Benghazi until the truth is uncovered.

4. We are now embracing Cuba, and its legacy as a ruthless repressive communist regime has not changed. Worse, Cuba harbors individuals who have blood, American blood, on their hands – yet our President reached out and shook the blood-stained hand of Raul Castro.

5. This weekend in Panama, President Obama stated that the Cold War had ended – but someone needs to tell Vladimir Putin. Russia just had fighter planes intercept an American RC-135 surveillance aircraft in international airspace. And Russia has decided to lift the ban on selling Iran the potent S-300 anti-aircraft weapon system.

The legacy of President Lincoln was to preserve the Union and defeat slavery. The legacy of President Kennedy was to challenge us to the greatness of putting a man on the moon. The legacy of President Reagan was economic restoration and the defeat of the “evil empire,” the Soviet Union. Their banners fly proudly.

The legacy of “fundamental transformation of America” flies no banners. It is not the legacy of victors. It is the legacy of losers.

America must have a leader willing to restore the legacy of this Constitutional Republic.

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  1. “No, we shall never forget Benghazi until the truth is uncovered.”
    And this is why most people have tuned you idiots out. It’s become obvious to anyone who’s paying attention that you’ve already decided what the “truth” is about Benghazi. Now you’re just going to keep looking for any facts you can twist, spin or take out of context to support that “truth.” It doesn’t matter how many investigations there are. Until you get one that confirms what you’ve already decided, you’ll keep hollering and screeching.

    “We are now embracing Cuba, and its legacy as a ruthless repressive communist regime has not changed.”
    Neither has China’s. Can you even change your legacy? In any case, we have a history of reaching out to former enemies and through trade and diplomacy moving them towards free markets and democracy. There’s no reason not to try this with Cuba, we have nothing to lose.

    “This weekend in Panama, President Obama stated that the Cold War had ended”
    Can we please get the current crop of Republican primary candidates to go on the record saying that the Cold War is not over? Pretty please? I really want them to lose badly and saying something that stupid would just wrap the 2016 election up for Hillary before it’s even started.

  2. Each of your phony points…

    1. Negotiating with Iran is not acquiescing. Did Reagan acquiesce to the Soviets when he negotiated deals with them?

    2. There are many things that happened on Obama’s watch that he can be blamed for. The chaos in Iraq is not one of them. I know you cheerleaders don’t like to hear it, but that one rests squarely ion the shoulders of the Bush administration… including the 2011 withdrawal that was set by Bush.

    3. Benghazi. Benghazi. Benghazi. You conspiracy nuts are the same as the conspiracy nits who believe no planes hit the WTC on 9/11.
    There was an investigation (led by Republicans) and the truth did come out… but you don’t believe it, so, just like the 9/11 conspiracy nuts, you demand the “real truth.”

    4. Opening relations with Cuba is not embracing communism. It will be good for US business and be the end of communism in Cuba.

    5. The Cold War is over… but you are correct that Putin is a serious threat

    • 1. Reagan slapped Russia with crushing sanctions while Obama is lifting sanctions on Iran to give them an influx of billions of dollars to further fund their take-over of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and increase efforts in Yemen.

      2. The Bush time-line was set for a Status of Forces Agreement in Iraq and Obama and Hillary decided to pull all troops instead of trying to negotiate – even though they were aware that the civil war in Syria was attracting al Qaeda fighters. Notice that they aren’t doing the same thing in Afghanistan since a second failure of that sort will damage Obama’s legacy and Hillary’s campaign for 2016.

      3. Between choosing to hire Libyans to guard the consulate to falsely blaming the attack on simple protesters (who just happened to be heavily armed) and a video by a Coptic Egyptian in California, the problem with Benghazi is more about the lies and cover-ups. Then a response like “At this point, what difference does it make?” – certainly doesn’t make Hillary look like a caring or concerned person.

      4. How can Obama call our situation with Cuba a failure when there has been no real conflict with Cuba in 50 years? I don’t think that “status quo” can be considered a failure. The sanctions were working in Iran yet Obama wants to lift them, too. What is this current effort by Obama to negotiate with oppressive dictatorships and caving to all of their demands?

      5. Couldn’t it be Obama telling Medevev to relay to Putin that he would be more flexible in his second term and Obama taking positions of weakness in these negotiations with dictatorships that have prompted Putin to flaunt his power?

      • I will address your points one at a time.
        While I disagree on some issues, unlike some people here who just hurl insults at anyone they disagree with, you are presenting reasoned thought out arguments. You responded with decency so I will respond respectfully.

        1. Yes… we had sanctions against the Soviet Union… they were leverage to get the Soviets to the negotiating table and we lifted sanctions as part of the deal we worked out with them.

        If the Iranians fail to live up to their end of the deal, the sanctions would go right back in place, with new tougher sanctions added.
        I am not convinced that this deal will succeed… but I think it is a step in the right direction and we don’t really lose by trying.

        2. The withdrawal timeline was set by Bush. To say that the Obama administration did not attempt to negotiate to leave troops in Iraq is not true. The deal breaker was the Iraqi government refusing to allow any extension of US troops staying unless they could lose their immunity and face Iraqi courts for any complaints against them.

        3. Benghazi. The Obama administration definitely mishandled everything.
        But the allegations of a deliberate cover up have all been proven false.

        The investigation concluded that while the administration made serious mistakes, there was no deliberate misleading, there was no cover up, and there was no stand down order from Washington… all things that the conspiracy folks refuse to accept.

        4. I don’t believe with Cuba he is caving in. I believe he see that it is time to normalize relations and, to repeat my earlier point, it would be good for US business. and be the end of Communism in Cuba. Raul Castro might be able to claim a political victory.. but so what? The Castros are going into the dustbin of history. At this point the sanctions only hurt the people of Cuba.
        I believe this will end Communism in Cuba and create a new ally in just a few years.

        5. Obama absolutely underestimated Putin. Putin is a serious threat to the world. I disagree that he was emboldened by anything we did, but I agree he is a threat and would have been just as crazy no matter who was President

  3. “America must have a leader willing to restore the legacy of this Constitutional Republic.”

    and that would be??

  4. Liberty isn’t the freedom to do what ever you want. That is Licentiousness. Liberty is the freedom to do only the good. Licentiousness is the freedom to do that which is evil. That is why we have laws lest we become a lawless society. Our constitution wasn’t written to guarantee licentiousness but liberty. Free speech wasn’t written to guarantee people freedom to use all manor of profanity, vulgarity or violence. It was written to guarantee people the freedom to voice their opinion. For the sake of tolerance and a fear of being judgmental, we have blinded ourselves to the fact that there is good and there is evil and have become a nation of licentiousness instead of a nation of liberty.

      • How many post for you today ,you old race baiter Uncle Ruckus ? Is trolling all you have time for ? Wouldn’t give a plug nickel for your miserable worthless life .


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