USA RIP: Look what NY Democrats are giving to non-citizens

Here we go folks — another step in the “fundamental transformation” of America – this time our electoral process, and a very dangerous precedent.

As reported by, “New York City lawmakers and Mayor Bill de Blasio are reportedly discussing legislation that would give voting rights to non-citizens in local elections. The Guardian noted that under the legislation that is being discussed, “legally documented residents who have lived in New York City for at least six months will be able to vote in municipal elections.”

“Lawmakers are reportedly “discussing the legislation with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office” and “a bill might be introduced as soon as this spring.” Two years ago, city councilman Daniel Dromm “won the support of 35 of the city council’s 51 members, forming a veto-proof majority” when he tried to advance the non-citizen voting bill, “but he faced the obstruction of then council speaker Christine Quinn and the unbreakable opposition of the Bloomberg administration.” De Blasio, as Breitbart News has reported, has said he is “willing to continue the conversation” on non-citizen voting. Non-citizens “make up as much as half the population” in areas that Dromm represents and studies have found that more than a million would be eligible to vote citywide if such de Blasio were to sign such a bill.”

Now, if these non-citizens are allowed to vote in the elections of the nation’s largest city — then why not also in the state elections? Then, why not in national elections?

After all, apparently liberal progressives believe if you’re here in America, you should have representation. And just guess from whom they figure that representation should come?

This just goes to show the left believes it cannot afford to trust the sanctity of the American electoral system. During the last election, we saw the left struggle to inspire folks to come out and vote in the midterm elections. Without some cult of personality they’re lost — hence why even President Obama mentioned the “mandatory” voting concept. I find it unconscionable that someone could present legislation to award individuals who’ve been in America just six months the right to vote. This blatantly flies in the face of our rule of law, and what does that mean for all those legal immigrants who’ve had to wait?

And I’m not the only one to feel this way. “As the Guardian points out, “many Americans find the idea of non-citizen voting entirely unpalatable and fear that it undermines the sanctity and privilege of citizenship.” Peter Schuck, an emeritus professor of law at Yale University, told the outlet, “My guess is that it would cause many Americans to wonder what the point of citizenship is if anyone can vote without even bothering to learn or be committed enough to apply for naturalization.” Eric Ulrich, one of three Republicans on the city council, recently told Newsday, “The right to vote is a privilege and a sacred obligation that citizens have enjoyed. It should only be for United States citizens. It’s also a reason for people who are on a path to citizenship to aspire to citizenship. It’s something for them to look forward to.”

At what point does America acknowledge that for the liberal progressive left, it is not about the privilege and honor of being an American — it is about their power. It’s not about winning elections on the merit of their ideas but rather seeking any manipulative means by which they can outmaneuver the system and deceive the people.

Sadly, it has taken these six years for Americans to see that the promises of “hope and change” have failed but the tricks will continue — even those that violate our Constitution. Then again, it’s just some outdated document written by old white guys who owned slaves, so what do they know?

Of course y’all are aghast and thinking that cannot stand in America, well, hate to tell you this — but it’s already happening. “As Breitbart News previously reported, “six Maryland jurisdictions and Chicago allow non-citizens to vote in some local elections,” and “activists in Amherst, Massachusetts, Madison, Wisconsin, and Burlington, Vermont are also clamoring to give voting rights to non-citizens.”

Shall I remind you of the story about how you boil a frog? And in full disclosure for the PETA readers — this is a metaphor, and I hope I don’t have to explain what that means as well. Slowly the water temperature increases and then SHAZAM, you wake up and ask yourself, how did this happen? It happened because the sentinels stopped warning you, and you were just too busy to notice the change in temperature.

It’s getting mighty warm in the pot.


  1. Is it ok then that I travel to NYC to vote for conservative politicians? I am a resident of Indiana and have only been to New York once. Thanks.

  2. DeBlasio needs all the voters he can create for his re-election. Cops aren’t going to support him and he’s trying to alienate whites and Jews too, so DeBlasio needs the illiterate illegal vote to stay in office.

  3. I love how conservatives are all about “local control” until a locality does something they don’t like. Then it’s the End of the Republic, wailing and gnashing of teeth and let’s through up a picture of Lady Liberty crying for good measure. If you live in New York and you don’t like this then call your city councilman, write a letter to the mayors office, get engaged in civic politics. If you don’t live in New York then why do you care?

    • Because I live in NY and Liberals have zero rights to ignore the Constition of the United States! Yes Deblasio is Socialist and doesn’t believe in Capitalism or our way of life, but he, the City Council, and the State have zero right to ignore the laws of our Republic! Amendment 15 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. (Nowhere in the Constitution does it state Citizens of other Countries)

      • You would have a point if anyone were denying or abridging your right to vote due to your race, color or previous condition of servitude. However that’s not happening, so the 15th Amendment doesn’t apply does it?

      • Well it’s dilution of your vote, technically. But the real problem you have is that the Constitution doesn’t protect you against having your vote diluted, just against having it taken away for a few specific reasons. It’s still legal to prevent you from voting if you’re a criminal, or under age, or don’t have proper ID. And it’s legal for a municipality to decide who gets to vote in its own elections. Even if that hurts your feelings.

      • I would be interested in seeing something that indicates that a municipality can decide to let non-citizens vote. I believe that the ordinance would be subservient to the laws of the United States, which would prohibit that.


        Non-citizens voting in federal elections is prohibited by federal law. However, many states have allowed non-citizens to vote in state elections throughout history without being in violation of federal law. So the city of New York could be prevented from doing this by federal law if such a law existed or by NY state law if such a law existed but in the absence of those laws it can decide for itself.

      • It can be changed by anyone that’s true. Is the information I posted wrong? Please, if you’ve got another source that contradicts this one I’d love to see it. But you can’t play the “wikipedia is wrong sometimes” card without providing another source that contradicts it.

      • Oh, so the equal protection clause [14th Amendment] may be ignored as long as those who benefit are the right people. I get it.

        Predators see a restraining order as a mere piece of paper between them and their victim. Progressives (and I’ll put you in that category) view the Constitution the same way.

      • Are you being deprived of life, liberty, or property? Are you being denied equal protection under the law? Which of your Constitutional rights are you claiming would be violated if NYC changes its law to allow tax paying residents who are not US citizens to vote in its municipal elections?

      • Your straw man argument is weak, son.

        Yes. Because they are not US citizens and as such, don’t have the right to steal. dilute, or do anything to a vote that belongs to a US citizen.

      • It’s not a strawman. That’s what the text of the Amendment says. Your problem is that you don’t have a Constitutional right that says only citizens can vote in local elections. Under federal law only US citizens may vote in national elections. Under NY State law only US citizens who are residents of New York may vote in statewide elections. And currently, under NYC law only US citizens who are city residents may vote in municipal elections. If NYC changes their law, that doesn’t have any effect on the state or national laws but conversely they don’t overrule state law.
        I understand that you don’t like it. I understand that you think it’s unfair. But it’s not illegal.

      • The 15th Amendment doesn’t say Any vote cast in the United States, it’s purpose is for the voting rights of those eligible to vote in the United States, which clearly says citizens and ONLT citizens!

      • It says your vote can’t be denied or abridged. That’s all. It doesn’t say who the city of New York is allowed to include in its municipal elections. They could extend the franchise to everyone over the age of 5 and it would be stupid but not unconstitutional.

    • I care b/c it starts in NY and then every State decides that’s a good idea and that’s when we’ve all got problems. I fought for this Country and sure don’t want to see it destroyed!! Rich

      • I fought for this country too but just because people are allowed to vote in municipal elections doesn’t mean they’ll be allowed to vote in state or federal elections. If you’re saying there’s a slippery slope then you need to explain why you think that’s the case. Otherwise, it’s only fair to say that the city of New York can decide their own business without interference from outsiders.

  4. What the hell are they afraid of? Do they think they’re in danger of New Yorkers pulling their heads out of their asses..?

  5. in the first place they are not here legally so why do they get the right to vote, get food stamps, get healthcare, and other perks? We have people in out country that have to go through a nightmare to get those perks…but we just hand them out to the illegals here? This might be the only chance that Hillary has to win the presidency…they give all illegals the right to vote…sickening…

  6. This is progress… our nation turning into a third world country, and allowing anyone to vote as long as the vote is democrat…

  7. Democrats will fight to let, legal, illegal, criminal, gang members any immigrant into the United States they can, it’s giving them free things we pay for to ensure they become Democrats, they’ve proven for the last 6 1/2 years, they’ll put power, legacy, ideology over the safety and security of the Unites States without hesitation!

  8. People in this country really start to wake the heck up about what our illegal immigration policies are doing to every fabric of this country. Projections by the census state that by 2040, our population will be 400 million. By the end of the century, 625 million.

    Our infrastructure is double or triple what it should be, solely due to our immigration policy and the life cycle of the illegal. That is double the hospitals, double the schools, double housing and massive congestion in some areas.

    If we keep going down this road, it is inevitable suicide and the dawn of a new third world nation.

    That is census statistics, don’t take my word for it.

    What will the infrastructure have to be in 2040, 2100 when it is double or triple capacity NOW.

    • I think they do in NYC; that is to say, that this is supposed to directly affect only New York City. Since he’s mayor, he gets to have a say in the laws of the city. The fear of some is that other places will be inspired to do the same thing, until it gains traction on the state or federal level. I don’t know whether that fear is reasonable, or not.

  9. So a local councilman has an idea and Allen West manages to associate it with Obama and declares that ghis idea of a local councilman is something that Democrats are giving to non citizens.

    Allen West is either a paranoid loon or just counting on his folowers to be paranoid loons

      • I suppose the reason is that there has been a huge number of illegals coming into this country and are welcomed by the democrat party with open arms, given all the benefits that citizens here have and no repercussion for their illegal acts. They are given ID’s, Drivers licences, money yada yada yada… So I see why West gets a bit leery about another politician wanting to allow them a vote… It kinda seems they are only doing it to get the vote for them…

      • While I disagree with the proposal from this city councilman, I don’t believe it is for illegal aliens, but for resident legal immigrants who are not yet citizens.
        Resident aliens are legal immigrants who are documented and pay taxes.

        I still oppose it because the right to vote should be reserved for citizens.

      • I completely agree… those who are and have been on the path to citizenship who came here legally should have that right.

      • Wrong kid. I think Obama is a mess. You think because I debunk crazy conspiracy theories that I don’t criticize him.

    • Brendan…you don’t understand that many of the members of the NYC City Council are avowed Marxists…..this is not paranoia….this could actually happen. It seems that they may have the votes for this to pass.

  10. Every single day there jumps up from the filth yet another in a long, continuous stream of life-changing events, perpetrated by lib-prog knob-cobblers, that have long since ceased surprising me.

    The only response I can come up with anymore is “well, of course they did”.

  11. This is insane. Deblasio was quoted as saying he didn’t want them to be “treated like second class citizens”……..they’re not citizens you freaking moron!

  12. Allen West, thank you for all that you expose on all of your articles. You are a very smart citizen and a patriot. Thank you for your service. Wish you were President, we are in agreement on all that you write. Love the History you prove.

  13. What about this huge Jade Helm military exercise that is scheduled for 15 July – 15 September? The first articles I read said it would take place in 7 states: CA, UT, NM,TX,CO, AZ, and NV. Now, it is supposedly up to 30 states. The troops are supposed to train in communities without being detected.
    Many people are reporting large numbers of military vehicles being moved via roads and trains. There are a few videos and photos.

    The motto of this exercise is “Mastering the Human Domain.”
    Many YouTube videos about Jade Helm with speculations on what this exercise is really about.
    started out with 1200 special forces troops training in the early morning hours in 7 states. What is really going on? Dave Hodges has received over 200 emails from citizens who are reporting unusual military activity across the country.

      • For the record, it’s Uncle ReRun! Our resident idiot! Here only to represent the lunacy of the leftist disease! No honest intentions here, only efforts to disrupt and antagonize. Kind of like a turd in a swimming pool.

      • USASOC has posted information about the exercise in an attempt to calm fears. They show 7 states participating in the exercise. There may be something to this and it may not. All I know is in all my days I have never seen an operation this large on American soil.

      • It’s geographically large and it’s taking place outside of military reservations but the numbers of troops involved are tiny. Compared to the number of troops mobilized for the average Division scale training rotation at NTC or JRTC this is a very small operation. In the whole state of Texas the troops on the ground are apparently 8 ODA teams (12 men each), 4 more undefined operational detachment groups (ODG) which could be as large as a 30 men each if they’re SF ODCs but it’s unlikely, a MARSOC team (14 men) and some troops from the Naval Special Warfare Training Unit probably playing OPFOR. That’s probably less than 1000 men in total, maybe 2000 including support personnel.

  14. America is done and too far gone. Politicians cannot and will not fix the problem, no matter who you vote in now. The only thing that can save it is a return to God. Until people wise up and repent, stick a fork in it.

      • With this thinking, you are being divided and conquered. That’s what the left and right want you to believe. I love my Second Amendment as much as the next gun owner, and I am a proud one, but a call to arms is not the answer… even though things are heading that way. Who are you going to rise up against, the police? SWAT teams? With today’s tech you’re just going to get droned by law enforcement and proverbially ‘die by the sword.’ So, in that sense, you’re right. There will be blood… just not from the tyrannical government.

  15. Get used to it. Pretty soon, even people who are visiting the USA on vacation will be allowed to vote in American elections. After all, no IDs are going to be required anymore if Dems have their way, so it will be impossible to determine who is an American and who is not. What a mess.

  16. Pathway to destruction. They take the meaning and value of what it’s like to be a citizen of our great nation. ..elected officials who ponder this mentality should be removed and banned from ever running again.

  17. So – ISIS traveler’s daytimer: 1. Stroll across Mexican border with hundreds of pals. 2. Disperse, expect nuke components. 3. While waiting, vote for Islamist-sympathizer lib-prog candidates.


    • Absolutely – the silent majority has to stand up and be counted. Otherwise the carnage will not end until it is too late. I’m amazed at how many are so clueless and WILL NOT get in the fight. It’s criminal what the progressive left has gotten away with and blatantly against our constitution.

  19. If you accept it at one place then they think you will soon accept somewhere else and after that somewhere else. Easiest way to remove your resistance is to remove it a step at a time.

  20. Democrats will do anything in their power too assure that control of this country is handed over to people from outside the country. If they are allowed to vote, then why should they bother to become citizens, as they already get all the other benefits of citizens. Bad idea!

  21. THIS IS DISGUSTING !!!! I feel like renouncing my own citizenship and applying for Mexican citizenship. Then I could come back here, get all the freebies and still vote anyway !!!!

    • Lol, no, you’d find it hard to apply for Mexican citizenship unless you are skilled in a highly sought-after trade and willing to live there and work.

    • My mom actually said something similar recently, when we were pondering whether illegal immigrants had to file taxes she said (not fully seriously), “Can’t we find a way to become illegal?” lol


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