Young black man in South Carolina has surprising comments about police after traffic stop

Just days after Walter Scott was tragically shot in the back by a white police officer in South Carolina during a routine traffic stop, another black man was similarly stopped by a white police officer.

Thankfully, this incident had a very different ending.

Will Stark, a 22-year-old former Army National Guardsman recorded a short video about his experience moments after his traffic stop and posted it on his Facebook page in the hopes that it will change some opinions. You’ll find his words inspiring.

“The point of this is to say that I am an African-American male, this gentleman was Caucasian. There were no problems. He did his job, I did what I was supposed to do, and that was it,’ he says.”

“I feel like people need to understand that not all officers are crooked, not all officers are racist, bad people, and not all people who get shot or Tasered or arrested by officers are innocent victims.”

‘Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you’re a victim, just because you’re white doesn’t mean you’re a racist, just because you’re a cop doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.”

“This world really needs to stop putting labels on people and things and see them as who they are: people doing things. Ignorance has no color. God doesn’t see color. Why should we?”

Amen, brother.


  1. Great post, totally sums it up!

    BTW please don’t feed the trolls on this site, the more we respond to them the more they post. If we starve them they will leave or try to post something meaningful. That means they will actually have to try firing up a little brain power

    • By trolls do you mean people who don’t blindly support the actions of police officers? I agree that generalized police bashing needs to stop but so does generalized police worship.

      This man is right, follow directions, don’t resist arrest, and the situation probably won’t escalate to violence. On the other hand, that does not mean that if you don’t follow directions, or do resist arrest, that police have the right to summarily execute you (like Officer Slager did in South Carolina a few days ago).

      I have no problem with the first piece, but people (i.e. like Rena) seem to take that to the extreme that any police behavior is justified unless the victim is ‘perfect’ (i.e. law abiding, following directions, good intentions) That’s not how it works, and for commenters who tend to believe “the law is the law” should also hold that same standard to police officers. In short, I don’t see why things need to be so black and white for everyone. Every case should be judged on its own by its own facts

  2. Great video. What I’ve heard no one say is that the guy in SC would be alive today if he had just stayed in his car as directed by the officer instead of getting out and running. In no way do I mean to diminish the terrible actions by the officer. He was properly arrested and charged. But every day we make decisions to keep ourselves safe from people that would break the law. We lock our doors to keep thieves out. We stay out of crime ridden sections of town. We drive defensively to prevent accidents that would not be our fault. When you disobey a cop, you are setting yourself up for more trouble. Follow the officers instructions and if there is a problem with how the cop treated you, file a complaint later.

      • no words, your mind is set, if I a white female feels nervous when stopped, knowing I havent done anything bad, nothing to warrant being beatin or shot at, I can just imagine the feelings of those that do have a record or are wanted. but running isn’t the option,do the crime,do the time, or God forbid die! trying to flee. we have rules. cant or wont follow them,then face the law! we all have a choice

      • “but running isn’t the option,do the crime,do the time, or God forbid die! trying to flee. we have rules. cant or wont follow them,then face the law!”

        Ironically, this comment should be directed at Officer Slager. We have rules (of engagement) and laws. You don’t fire your weapon unless you intend to kill, which is only justified on a fleeing suspect in limited circumstances (i.e. if you can argue he’s a threat to the officer or the public). It’s kind of hard to make that argument when someone is 20 ft AWAY from you, unarmed, running with his back turned in the opposite direction.

        Of course, that doensn’t matter to you does it? If he had just stayed in his car he’d still be alive. News flash: There is no way you can know that. If this officer is willing to shoot a man *8 times* while running away, long after he could be considered a threat, what makes you think you can accurately predict the officer’s behavior in any other scenario?

        Just like blind bashing of police needs to stop, as this man outlined in this video, so does blind worship of police and excusing any of their illegal behavior.

      • Excuse me? Who is excusing him? That cop should see a firing squad in my opinion Puppet… Perhaps you failed to read all my posts about this… Again you fall back on the “because they are white they don’t see guilt” BS… That officer is guilty no matter how they try to spin it… What Scott did, did not warrant the death sentence and that cop played judge, jury and executioner, watched too much Judge Dredd I suppose, at any rate you PUPPET.. I never excused this murder…

      • I know you haven’t, I read all your posts about this. Even upvoted a few. I’m talking about calling me names instead of calling out Keg up there who is making excuses for the killer.

      • Why would I call him out on what he wrote? He is right. He didn’t say that the guy deserved to be shot, he didn’t excuse the officer for shooting him… But he is right to an extent… If the guy stayed in his car instead of running I bet you he would be alive today. That was a bad choice for him to do with this cop who seems to be an arrogant bully pushing his weight around and shot an unarmed man in the back.

        My question to you is… what do you think would have happened if the guy stayed in his car as he was told to do? If you were ever stopped, have you ever got out when the officer told you to remain in the car? Aren’t you taught we are to stay in the car where officers can see you and your occupants to ensure their safety? Think about all traffic stops… do the drivers get out of their cars or do they stay in until the officer reaches your window or tells you to get out? Now be honest about all those questions… My theory is, if he stayed in the car he would be alive… I am probably 99% sure of that… there is always the probability that they wont be but the odds are he would be.

        And before you go off on some BS track… Like I said… the shooting is not excusable.. it was murder in my opinion and the officer should face the death penalty as we as citizens expect that our police officers will not shoot us, for any reason unless we are first attacking them.

      • He would most likely be alive if he stayed in the car. Like some rape victim wouldn’t be raped if they didn’t wear that dress or didn’t get in that car or didn’t go through that dark alley. That’s called blaming the victim.

      • There you go being stupid again. That analogy does not fit in this situation Puppet… And that is NOT blaming the victim it is saying that most probably he would be alive if he had stayed in the car… Use your brain for once. Do you think the cop would have shot him if he stayed in the car.. now think very hard on this… He didn’t shoot him when he approached the car, he didn’t shoot Scott the first time he got out, and didn’t shoot him before their small tussle…. So no I don’t think the cop would have shot him if he had remained in the car as he was told to do.

        Why do you think that is what he lawyer will use? Really, any good lawyer won’t be so stupid to try to equate these two crimes… If anything they will try to use the tussle as the reason Slager thought he was in danger for his life… But it was clear that Scott did not have a weapon as the officer saw it fall to his feet before he shot Scott and then tried to cover it up by placing it next to him after he killed him… Secondly, What a person wears should not equate to them being raped, and for you to suggest that these two crimes are similar is an injustice to rape victims.

      • Blaming the victim is how Zimmerman got off. (If wasn’t suspended from school he would still be alive) Just a common refrain. Slager’s lawyer will tell us everything Mr. Scott ever did wrong in his life.

      • That is not how Zimmerman got off… he got off because Florida has the stand your ground law… and the little pissant Zimmerman lied his butt off… The jury believed him…

        And? Thats what lawyers do. And its up to the JURY to decide his fate… The prosecution can put on a gem of a case but its up to the jury to decide. We can’t help that. Hopefully they get a jury that is tired of rogue cops who think they are god!

        And really? You have to keep digging and digging up old cases that are all from different states to use as examples. LOL what one state does is different in another and all of them have different polices… the jury make up is what is going to determine this case… stop grasping for straws to prove your case…

        Its not blaming the victim to say that he should have stayed in the car… that’s common sense. you don’t run from the cops, you comply, and your chances of survival are probably 90% better to survive. You know deep in your heart this to be true, but you refuse to accept it because you want this to be a racial crime and more to it than what it is… This cop was wrong and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and the family should file civil suit against him and the department for Scotts death. That cop should rot in hell.

        Im off for a bit … Taekwando practice

      • Rena,

        You have yet to provide any justification for why Slager fired his weapon 8 times at a fleeing suspect. There is very limited circumstances where this is LEGAL (which should matter to you since you’re so focused on the illegal actions of Scott).

        This cannot be justified unless you can successfully argue:
        1. Scott was an immediate threat to Slager’s life *at the time* the shots were fired
        2. Scott was an immediate threat to the public

        #1 is pretty much out the window as the footage shows Scott at a distance of at least 20 ft, running AWAY when the shots are fired.

        #2 is extremely difficult since nothing Scott did would warrant being a public threat. And no, merely running from police doesn’t make you a threat to the public. If he had robbed a bank at gunpoint or shot up a school, that would be different.

        So please, Rena, provide justification for the illegal actions of Officer Slager instead of repeating the tired “If he had stayed in his car he’d still be alive.” Quite frankly, I don’t know how anyone can make any accurate assumptions about the behavior of a man who is willing to fire 8 shots into the back of a man running away from him.

      • You must not have read anything else I wrote on here. I am NOT justifying him being shot, especially in the back.. go back and read my posts again…

      • I think it’s very difficult to say he’d still be alive if he hadn’t run in one breath while stating it’s not his fault in the next breath. Doesn’t mean you can’t believe both one certainly implies partial guilt on Scott’s behalf for his death. It’s akin to saying “She didn’t deserve to get raped but if she hadn’t drank excessively and wore revealing clothing it probably wouldn’t have happened.”

        As for “what do you think would have happened if Scott stayed in the car and complied with the cop’s order to stay in the car?” I don’t know. Though I don’t see how that’s relevant, because that’s not what happened, and I can’t make any accurate assumptions on what an officer would do who was captured on video shooting a man 5 times in the back as he ran away. I agree the stop was going smoothly until the man bolted, I can’t make the leap that the officer would have acted any more responsibly if he hadn’t bolted. The fact you’re willing to give this officer the benefit of the doubt for a different situation after watching that video speaks volumes about the real reason you keep asking this question.

      • What you and Raf the same person, or share a brain? It is possible to be able to think that had he not gotten out of his car he would be alive and also know it was not his fault he got shot in the back. Just like the example that Ked gave about locking your door and being robbed. It was stupid of him to get out of the car and try to run, but he is not at fault for causing the cop to shoot him in the back. Had he had done what Mike Brown did and came at him as if to attack him, then yes I would say he caused himself to be shot. But he ran and the cop shot him in the back, this is NOT a reason to shoot someone.

        You can see by the first video the cop didn’t shoot him while he was in the car, nor did he shoot him when he got out the first time… so it is safe to say that he would be alive with at least 99.9% of certainty. In either scenario, he didn’t do anything to warrant the cop to shoot him. Therefore the cop is guilty of murder. I can say he was stupid for getting out and trying to run… but that does not mean I think he deserved it or that the cop is guiltless of murder. I can also summarize that if he had stayed in the car he might not have been shot as reasoning shows if you stay put where you expect to be safe you most likely will be safe… And again this does not mean he is at fault for being shot, just stupid for getting out.

        Lets put it this way… a woman is hurt in a car accident where she was not at fault of the accident, the other person was who was drinking and driving failed to stop at a red light and hit her. She arrives at the hospital and is in grave condition and has to undergo surgery to stop internal bleeding but for religious reasons she refuses blood transfusion. The surgeon has stated she would have a 90% chance of survival regardless of the transfusion. She later dies, who is at fault? Her for not taking blood transfusion or the man who caused the accident?

      • Keg’s example is false equivalence. Anyone who get killed in any circumstances could have done something to avoid it. If someone gets killed breaking a fight are you going to say he should have minded his business?

      • But your use of a rape victim is equivalent? LOL… Again Puppet, I am not saying he deserved to be shot… get that through your empty head, secondly I said the cop should be found guilty and sentenced to death for this execution. Do you understand? I am NOT saying that Scott deserved to be shot nor is he at fault!! I am saying that staying in the car would have been the better thing to do and his chances of being alive today would be near 100%…. he did a stupid thing, but doing something stupid does not mean you are at fault, it just means you are stupid! The fault of him being shot lay solely on the officer, he held 100% of that responsibility to either shoot or holster his gun…HE made the decision to shoot… does that get through your head now Puppet?

      • If he’s not at fault what difference does it make if he stayed in the car or not? I’m sorry I see a contradiction there. Rape might not be equivalent but the guy breaking up the fight is.

      • There is no correlation there between those two cases.

        You missed the point completely about staying in the car. Its called probability or rationality. If he stayed in the car where he was safe he would be alive, he ran. He didn’t know the cop would shoot him, but the cop, being a bad cop shot him. He could have been shot in the car BUT the probability that he would have been shot while remaining in the care were almost nil. He had an impulse to run… no one knows why he did it, but it was stupid. He did it out of fear or whatever, not thinking he would be shot. He is not at fault for getting shot that is the officer’s fault. The officer made the choice to shoot an unarmed man in the back. He knew the man posed no threat otherwise he wouldn’t have tried to plant the taser there…

        As for the other incident where the man was trying to break up a fight… that IS different as the father of the son who was involved in a fight, he went into a dangerous situation to break up a fight… anything could happen. Where as Scott wasn’t putting himself in danger he was fleeing on what he thought was a non-death sentence crime. At most all he should have got was time in jail for resisting arrest. Should the father have died? NO… he was trying to protect his son, and the guy who shot him should be held on capitol crime.

      • Rena you are a libtard, quit while you are ahead. Zimmerman protected his life from treyvon smashing his head on to the pavement. Also Zimmerman was part of a watch group. Get your facts straight.

      • I am hardly a liberal.. I just call what I see… seems you have a problem with people having their own opinion about the case… I didn’t see it as protection his life… he followed Trayvon, he was told to stay in the car by dispatch, he got out and followed him some more and when Trayvon asked him why he was following him the fight broke out… That is not protecting your life when you follow and get out and look for him…. He was looking for something to add to his “record” of being a wanna be cop.

      • I did not make any excuses for the killer. My post was clear on that. Your response is why no one points out the obvious, that people can and do things that put themselves in more danger. Does not excuse the murder. If you leave your house unlocked and you are robbed a crime was still committed. But would you not be stupid for leaving your house unlocked?

  3. Tell that to the kids on the bus in Oklahoma chanting no n#ggers allowed. Tell that to yo people that post on this blog calling black people coons and apes!

    • Tell that to the blacks who randomly knock out punch white people, tell that to the blacks who beat white elderly people to death, tell that to the blacks who beat whitey for driving through their neighborhood, tell that to the blacks who chant honky, cracka at every white they see… are so stupid you think only whites can be racist…..grow a pair already.

    • And blacks don’t do anything wrong right? Not all white people… as a matter of fact mot all white people do not condone that behaviour. Just like not all blacks are bad.. most are good. You have bad and good in all races, but you only want to see the bad white cops and not the bad black cops… I say we start emboldening good people of all races and stop this crap of your race this and my race that…

      • It seems that over and over again you LOONS try to find a justification for the murder and racism against the black community!

      • Just as stupid as Raf the Puppet still… no moron.. no excuses for the murder and I know you read all my posts… you want to keep the racism going because what else do you have to talk about…. You are the LOON because you can’t understand that the majority of people.. the majority of whites do not condone this behaviour.. and they want to see this excop hang for what he did regardless of any other facts… He was wrong and should pay for it with his own life.

  4. Here’s an audio of officer Slager laughing off his “adrenaline rush” like he just got off a roller coaster. Asks for what’s next. Gets all the details on how long he has to get his story straight. What he never asks is who is that person he just killed. No concern whatsoever for the body laying face down, for that person who’s life he just took. Even tampered with the evidence to make it look like mutant Walter Scott tried to grab his taser with his back turned from 10 feet away (sounds familiar?). This young man need to realize that if God forbids he is one day the one laying face down in the grass. Whoever does the dirty deed wont have a problem planting anything on him or next to him. All his fine character wont matter anymore. Just the evidence. The people he’s lecturing are the only ones that will still defend him as upstanding.

    • I don’t believe this young man will ever find himself in that situation as he is obviously law abiding, and I doubt he will ever have the need to run away from the Police

      • Does not take much for any black man to “find themselves” in those kind of situations. All you need is to fit a description. Or inspire suspicion, like Trayvon Martin on his way from the store. Mr. Scott was running away from a killer.

      • Oh…they ignore that…all people that are shot and killed by the police MUST have done something wrong!!!

      • Exactly Earl. Remember, do what you’re told and no one gets hurt. Police should be treated like bank robbers in a hostage situation. But even when you’re complying, make sure you do so slowly and tell them everything you’re going to do before you do it, or else you end up like the man in SC who was shot while reaching into his car to get his license.

        (The comments on this board are sickening…)

      • “I don’t believe this young man will ever find himself in that situation as he is obviously law abiding”

        Ah, so only law abiding citizens have contact with police? What if he’s law abiding but he exercises his rights? i.e. “No officer I don’t give you permission to search my car.” Is that still law abiding or is that considered being confrontational?

        Lastly, breaking the law does not give an officer the right to execute you. When police shoot, they shoot to kill, not to disarm, so unless officer Slager believed the man running AWAY was an immediate threat to himself or others could he justify lethal force. (Hint: He can’t)

        Of course, that doesn’t matter to you does it? Let’s look past the illegal actions of the officer since the man he killed was also up to no good. Great advice for a generation of blind authoritarians…

      • Why should he be if he isn’t doing anything wrong.. how many of these cases are completely innocent people, not just black but white and others as well?

      • And? Did i say he did something wrong… he wasn’t shot by a cop and he wasn’t shot by a white person.. he was shot by some wanna be cop with a chip on his shoulder… I asked how many.. like do a comparison as to how many innocent vs those who have resisted arrest, attacked the officer, pulled a gun or wouldn’t put down a weapon, and so on…. how many were completely innocent compared to having either been in the process of or have already committed a crime across ALL races, not just black.

      • After seeing that video I don’t know for sure. How don’t know how many cops lied, falsified reports, planted evidence. At the end of the day absent any other evidence the cops word is what goes. Depend if you trust them or not. I don’t.

      • We don’t know unfortunately. I have to trust that most cops innately good and we have some who are rotten to the core. Then you have some who started out good and turned bad because of so many criminals just receiving a slap on the wrist for crimes that should be punished to the full extent of the law.. They are still wrong and should pay for their wrong as well. Cops can’t be enforcers, judge, jury and executioner. Their job is to enforce the law and bring the offender to face a judge and jury. I know in some cases they have to do the extreme such as being attacked etc. But running unarmed is not one of those cases.

      • The way I saw it he was looking for someone to make a citizens arrest.. he didn’t expect that Trayvon would fight back. My opinion, don’t like it.. oh well

      • Trayvon was on a suspension for having burglary tools and jewelry at school and was seen sneaking around an area he didn’t belong at night and then attacked the community watch banging his head against the ground and got what he had coming.

    • You are full of hate and coupled with your ignorance you perpetuate the stereotype and the problem. It must take a lot of your energy that could be put to other more productive uses to carry around all that misdirected angry with you. I recommend you try a little introspection and meditation. God help you.

      • He does have a point. An SC state trooper did just that when pulling over a man in a gas station. Of course that doesn’t make it common but you’d bet if there wasn’t dashcam video of the incident that trooper would have never been served justice. Same goes for the most recent shooting of Walter Scott who was running away from an officer, at least 20 ft, and is fired at 8 times. But I agree, hate and resentment is not the best way to bring about change.

      • The thing that is lacking with Earl is that these incidents don’t just happen to blacks, they also happen to whites and others. Its not always a racial issue but a cop issue.

      • I agree with you on that. I think race distracts from the real problem – lack of accountability and the militarization of police, thanks to all the freebies being given out by the Pentagon.

      • Actually what I just posted ACTUALLY HAPPENED. A black man was asked to get his license and when he went moved to get it the cop shot him multiple times!!

  5. Uh oh. He went off the Liberal Democrat’s plantation. Overseers Sharpton, Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus are gonna be mad.


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