What Islamic militants did to this 9-yr-old girl solidifies my hate for them

You know all the countless TV advertisements for animal abuse featuring Hollywood stars bemoaning their plight? Many times the personalities are female – I wonder how they feel about late-term abortion? That would be a topic for another day, but here’s something else I wonder if they ever consider.

As reported by the Toronto Star, “When they were torn from their families by Islamic State militants last summer, thousands of Yazidi girls and women were raped, tortured, forcibly married and enslaved. But after eight months in hell, some have struggled back to their surviving relatives in Iraqi Kurdistan: sick, broken, traumatized — and pregnant.”

“The youngest of these is 9, according to volunteers working in the refugee camps and abandoned buildings where they are sheltering. “This girl is so young she could die if she delivers a baby,” said Yousif Daoud, a Canadian-based aid worker who recently returned from the region. “Even a caesarian section is dangerous. The abuse she has suffered left her mentally and physically traumatized.”

“This week Islamic State released more than 200 Yazidi captives, including 40 children. The others were mostly elderly, and all bore signs of abuse and neglect, according to a report from Associated Press. Up to 500 kidnapped girls and women had already found their way back to their devastated homeland in Kurdistan, where about 40,000 Yazidis were attacked and besieged in August 2014, as the militants made a lightning assault on a minority they condemn as heretics. Hundreds were killed, and some 4,000 girls and women are still believed to be captive.”

Now, I’m quite sure the Islamapologists out there will praise ISIS for releasing the captured Yazidis. But I just have to ask, when will these Hollywood stars produce ads condemning ISIS? We certainly don’t need another hashtag campaign– that didn’t do so well against Boko Haram. And we know that Islamic terrorist group is committing similar savage actions against the captured Christian girls — including using them as suicide bombers.

So where are the “Free Tibet” or “Free Darfur” type bumper stickers from the liberal progressive elites? Where are the anti-ISIS demonstrations on our college campuses — oops, I forgot, too busy condemning Israel and chanting “Free, free Palestine.” How easy is it for the progressive left to pick the “low hanging fruit” issues that require little intellectual rigor — certainly minimal courage and character.

And what ISIS — which is Islamic — is doing is rooted in Islam. I can just bet that statement is going to endear yours truly to the Council for American Islamic Relations and the other Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated stealth jihadists openly operating in America. But they know I’m dead right.

If anyone reads the Koran and the Hadith’s “traditions of Mohammed” you will find evidence – verses — supporting this barbaric behavior. As for the horrible traumatic rape of the 9-year-old girl, that’s part of Islamic tradition.

Mohammed’s favorite wife was Aisha and she was only 6 years old when the maniacal, murderous, sociopathic warlord took her as a bride. She was 9 years of age when their “marriage” was consummated. In the traditions of Islam, Mohammed is viewed as the embodiment of the perfect man — as well as his practices. In other words, his medieval and despicable actions — which are deemed as pedophilia today – are embraced by those following the strict doctrines of Islam.

And let me remind you that Turkey’s President — and President Obama’s declared friend — Recip Tayyip Erdogan chided the West stating that there is no such thing as “moderate” Islam and sees no need for a reformation…in his words, there is only Islam.

So when will the day come that someone in the West will stop playing “patty-cake” with these two-legged animals stuck on stupid in the 7th century?

In the case of this poor 9-year-old Yazidi girl, I firmly support her right to choose because she has been horribly violated. She has been brutally and repeatedly raped, and her life, which I pray can be saved mentally, is at risk.

If there is anyone who should be brought to the United States for medical treatment and the opportunity to start a new and better life, this young girl is a sure candidate — as opposed to the thousands of Syrian Muslims who are being fast-tracked to America — just like we did with the Somalis. Look how great this has turned out in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Yes, I believe refugees from this scourge should find respite — but what about those who are being targeted for annihilation — Christians and religious minorities such as the Yazidis? At a minimum we could reach out to the women who have been victims of this barbarism — which you just don’t hear much about here in America.

Who will be their voice? Who will take up this cause, which is far more serious than some of those ads we watch on TV?

The Star says, “The futures of those who return are dark in a community that highly values chastity and honour. The plight is worst for those pregnant after repeated sexual assault, as many as 200.

Although some Yazidi men have announced that they would marry women who return from the Islamic State, that is less likely if they are carrying their tormentors’ children. “Sending back those girls and women is a way of shaming the whole community,” said Daoud, who spoke under a pseudonym to avoid losing the trust of the secretive religious sect. That includes the children they are carrying against their will. The Yazidis, a close-knit, conservative minority with roots in several ancient religions, believe in the purity of their line. Many of the pregnant women seek abortions to avoid the stigma. But finding medical care is difficult for destitute displaced people, and some could not terminate pregnancies in time. Others have resorted to dangerous methods or committed suicide. “I don’t know what the future would be for their babies,” said Daoud. “The girls and women don’t want them. They have suffered so much they just want to forget.”

Yesterday Hillary Clinton announced that she — once again — wants to be president of the United States. Recently in a speech she implored, “don’t you just want to see a woman president?”

Nah, I just want to see a good president, one who does not lie, or believe she is above the rule of law. And certainly one who does not abandon Americans to die and then promulgates a false narrative to cover the truth.

I know Mrs. Clinton will be pushing the identity politics of wage equality and other “war on women” themes. But how many millions in contributions did her Clinton Foundation accept from Islamic countries that denigrate women?

Could Mrs. Clinton be a champion for the Christian and Yazidi women? It seems not. And when will our American, Western media tell these stories to these young girls who want to go and join with these demons? If we do not delegitimize and tell the story of what Mohammed stood for — as ISIS and others do today — we cannot defeat this virus.

Moms and dads who have daughters, just close your eyes and imagine your girls, your precious little ones, having their lives destroyed by a historic violent pestilence — and no one hears their hurt, their pain. As a father of two daughters I need no more reason to despise Islamic militants and jihadists.

And truly, these animals are deserving of abuse — where is the leader who will bring abject death and destruction upon them? There can be no quarter and reading this story just solidifies my hate for them — and anyone supporting, or dismissing.

Instead of CAIR and their cohorts, as well as the assembly of leftist progressives attacking me, let’s see if you openly comment and condemn this behavior. If not, you are no different.


  1. Allen West has identified several important things that we should get Republicans to address and develop policy. And individual action. The first is unwanted babies from war. After the Korean war this same situation existed, and babies were being abandoned to die. Individuals from America began to rescue the babies and bring them back to America for adoption. That became the Holt Adoption Agency. The second is that our govt routinely offers safe haven to some of the worst, and denies those who are the ones being injured and exterminated. Entire communities of muslims who have no interest in becoming American have been established here, and many are running terrorist training camps right here in America. The federal govt has entirely ignored this situation.
    Third, he addresses Hillary’s terrible record of treasonous behavior. We need to seriously address these, and quickly. America is being destroyed by lawless Democrats, and Republicans who refuse to recognize what is being done.

  2. Islam is just another aspect of Against God, like Pagans… that is why the Canaanite Philistine Democrat Socialist Communist Atheists always, in their hearts, even against logic, will support Islam over Israel and Christians… it is the God of those, that they ALL hate… and in their hearts, they will do everything, choose everything that is against our Father are art in Heaven.

  3. i been condemning these bastards since 2011 when they began to rise and i will continue to do so. i have lost many friends and family because of my outspokenness against isis. a lot of people think im flipping nuts

    • If you’re losing friends and family because you’re speaking out against a set of 7th century savage heathens then these are people you probably don’t want in your life.

    • I’m sorry you are under attack from supposed family and friends. The world is becoming more deluded by the day – people calling good evil and evil good (this was predicted in the bible by the way) I’m afraid things will get a lot worse so stay strong and keep up the good fight!

    • Islam has been at war with the world for 1400 years. It’s just that they weren’t being identified to us in that context. There are still many people who refuse to identify them according to what they believe. But that is what shapes their actions, ever since Mohammad told them to copy everything he did. And Mohammad considered himself the sword of Allah. America’s first war with islam was soon after we became a nation, and there is a monument called the Tripoli monument, which has severed heads. This politically incorrect monument was taken out of DC and parked in a navy yard. A shame because it stands as a beacon of truth.

    • Sad, but I kinda wonder if you’re not exactly right. I would like to hear more moderates STRONGLY come out against the radicals. I’ve seen the imam’s on tv, and their condemnation is lukewarm at best. And when asked direct and hard questions, like “Do you support Hamas?” They can’t answer: “no.”

  4. Ron, I really wish you’d educate yourself on EVERYTHING you talk about. As I’ve studied pagan religious beliefs, NOTHING says that this kind of sick and twisted atrocities that these soulless minions commit. The true pagan world is very peaceful. Please do not confuse it with satanism as I believe you are. Mr. West, thank you every day for bringing situations like these to light. These monsters need to be stopped. Joyfully we will soon have a president that sees things alot more as you do and does something about it instead of backing it and accepting funding from them.

  5. we need a true leader and true commanders on the battlefield; no more weak politician politically correct commanders; we need commanders like General George S. Patton and General Douglas MacArthur and the Desert Fox, who know how to fight and win battles and wars and how to destroy the enemy. Bomb the hell out of their supply lines of men, oil, gas, food and equipment, shut down their supplies and starve them to death and then go in for the kill with everything we have, every last one of these devils.

      • yep, sure is a pity. I doubt we may ever have another great commander for our men and women; unless we can stop all this politically correct nonsense that has invaded every part of the country, my guess at West Point too; where the great commanders came from in the past.

    • The bible says we are to hate what God hates…Allen West hates EVIL and those who purpatrate evil – especially evil against children. Read your bible…it tells us repeatedly that God hates the wicked and will destroy them.

      • Not what Jesus taught… You can’t serve 2 masters….Allen seems to be more in line with Satan than with Jesus

      • Study the Word before you speak. Your answers are too simplistic and don’t reflect the whole counsel of God. God hates injustice and we are supposed to too.

      • It is simple…Jesus didn’t teach to hate you enemies… Jesus didn’t hate those that crucified him so what gives Allen the right to hate?? Sorry but nope…no christian behavior there

      • It’s so funny how you point fingers at West, and here you are “hating” him for the simple reason that you don’t like him. Truly hilarious.

      • So, since you’re all about “no hate,” you got nothing but love for the KKK, right? Hint: ISIS is 1,000x worse. Christians are commanded to hate evil…before you start quoting Scripture, maybe you should know it….

      • When Jesus spoke about loving our enemies he was speaking about loving those who oppress us because we are His followers. He’s not saying to love those who brutally rape and kill children. Revelation 19:11-16 is a prophetic vision of Jesus upon his return when He will will strike the nations with the sharp sword from His mouth. It says He will trample the wine press of the fierce anger of God. Rev 14:17-20 provides more detail if you are interested in learning what Jesus has in store for the wicked…and it ain’t “LOVE”.

      • We are also not perfect. But may I ask… do you condone this act? You haven’t spoke one bad thing about what they are doing but only going after a man who is sickened like most people are about what ISIS is doing…

      • You really like being childish, don’t you? I find non-Christian often misapplying scriptures in pointing fingers at others.

      • Don’t bother trying to debate the subject with the brainless troll, Deb. He’ll just derp out and slobber all over your keyboard. It’s the only way that he can “win”, but you’ll be out a keyboard.

    • Rom 12:9 “Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” Amos 5:14-15 “Seek good, not evil, that you may live. Then the Lord God Almighty will be with you, just as you say He is. Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts.” Love must be sincere. The hypocrite is the one who waters down the word “love” for his own purposes, and doesn’t have the zeal to go after injustice.

    • You sick phuck!! You have no compassion and clearly show your hate of women with a comment like that!! You are not Christian and know nothing about it….you may as well live among these ISIS scum of the earth because you would fit right in.

    • Let me say this again. You really like being childish, don’t you? I find non-Christian often misapplying scriptures in pointing fingers at other.

  6. Satan is at the helm. What is most puzzling is why so many in this world gladly go along with the insanity which is liberalism and “tolerance.” These people will be screaming “all religions are the same” as the sword is being brought down on their neck by radical Islamists.

      • Sorry kid. Playing the combat vet card to try to shut people up is disgraceful under normal circumstances… Playing that card against another combat vet is retarded.

        It’s desperate and pathetic that you would call people posers just because they don’t share your paranoid beliefs.

    • What a joke of a comment. You will find out when you die how wrong you are then it will be to late. I will pray for you and hope your evil thoughts will be condemned and removed.

    • If you ever read the Bible especially the New Testimony of Jesus Christ and practiced it you would not utter foolish things. ” Love your neighbor as thyself”, Love your enemy, Turn your other cheek to be struck again, call no man a fool, honor your parents, visit those in prison or afflicted, render unto the government what is the governments (Caesar). Page after page of examples, blessings or cursings that man can receive. It is those who ignore his teachings for their own gain who are at fault. Just as ten commandments are given (not to force us to do what is right, it is for our own Good. Just as a parent would say- Don’t play with matches – Don’t play in the street, to a two year old. It is to prevent the pain that will result from not knowing the suffering that will follow. Ingrained in the Bible are all the moral codes that can and will be to benefit or will be a blessing. MORALITY, Don’t murder, Don’t steal, Don’t Lie, Don’t cheat, Don’t commit Adultery, ect Without these Moral’s, Mankind turns into the most HORRIBLE of all creatures. Any Religion that teaches the Biblical principals and practices them are GOOD. However, those who do not are disciples or SATAN.

    • Unless you’re in Central Africa, of course, where it’s Christians slaughtering Muslims. Basically, people are the bottom of the pit.

      • Dude…..read up on Boko Haram. You are very one-sided in your post. Are Christians killing Muslims in Africa?…..yes. Are Muslims killing Christians in Africa?…..yes. Don’t just walk on one side of the street there slick.

      • Don’t bother. Reticle is just another worthless eater troll lurking about Disqus comments on Right-leaning sites. He’s too stupid to understand that he’s stupid.

        Such a sad sad pitiful existence. I ALMOST pity him.

      • No, I’m exactly NOT one sided. It doesn’t take Islam to make bad guys, and being Christian doesn’t make you the good guys.

      • What exactly are you then? However, you are correct. There are some bad Christians. There are a lot of bad Muslims. What I am telling you is to be fair. Your posts are about one specific area in Africa. Read about Sudan, Nigeria, Egypt…..all are killing Christians.

      • Sure, but the TITLE OF THE ARTICLE is ‘what islamic militants did to this 9yo girl solidifies my hate for them’ and it’s all about how Muslims are bad, by virtue of being Muslims. That’s good for young Mr West, I suppose; hate sells, and he’s selling votes. But in reality, it’s just as easy to be a bad Christian as it is to be a bad Muslim, and it’s just as easy to be a good Christian as it is to be a good Muslim. We’re not looking at a battle of faiths here; we’re looking at a battle of jerks. ObL was on the Muslim Jerk side. Young Mr West is on the Christian Jerk side.

        Pick your side, I guess. I’m gonna pick the ‘I don’t want to be a jerk’ side, myself.

      • 1. I don’t see Christians beheading people.

        2, I don’t remember Allen West planning the destruction of 3,000 innocent people. Comparing him to Osama bin Laden is laughable.

        3. I don’t see Muslims protesting the “non-Islamic” behavior of thousands upon thousands of these ISIS butchers. The “moderate” Muslims efforts (save for Jordan) have been half-assed at best.

        4. Make no mistake Reticle, Islam wants to take over the world. If you don’t see it, then you are blind. I have lived in Islamic countries for 3 years…..be very wary my friend.

      • That is human nature. Let evil get too out of control, you have the Nazis, Stalin, Mao, Khmer Rouge…..you name it. You will be the one squealing the loudest if Sharia law is enforced.

      • Don’t be too focused on Commies n Muslims though .. We Christians burnt thousands of ‘witches’ and plenty of heretics. Evil comes from thinking of people as things. Doesn’t matter who your god is, or if you have one.

      • For Christ’s sake, that was 400 hundred years ago. Stay in the now. As i see it, the Muslims have committed almost all of the terrorist acts in the last 40 years. Stop being an apologist for them.

      • You’d be wrong, at least as far as here in the US. Here, the ‘patriot’ types are far ahead of the Muslims.

        Worldwide? Dunno who’s ahead. But there are clearly Christian militias behaving just as badly as ISIL, when they get the chance.

      • Dude, you have lost it. You have absolutely lost your mind.

        The Patriot types here don’t bomb or behead their foes. You are either a Muslim yourself or listening to a college professor shovel $hit down your throat.

      • For Christ’s, look up terrorists events and the pages are filled with Muslim extremism. You are cherry picking. Yes, there has been Christian terrorism…..but the numbers are not even close to Muslim terrorism. Not even close.

        Terrorism has been around since the dawn of man. Each country or religious community has experienced it. However, Islam has brought it to a new level.

      • If they identify as patriots and shoot up a doctor’s office, or blow up a courthouse, or beat up Mexicans, or shoot it out with the police because they got stopped on their way to shoot up the Tides Foundation, or point rifles at BLM cops, that’s good enough for me — they’re patriot terrists.
        And they’ve killed more Americans than Muslim terrists have, over the last ten years.
        I’m not saying it’s bad to be a Christian. Just that it doesn’t make you the good guy automatically, just like being a Muslim doesn’t make you the bad guy.

      • Lots of “ifs” in your first paragraph. Yes, I agree that there are Christian terrorists. But their mission is not the obliteration of all non-Muslims.

        Your second comment: Yes, over the last 10 years, Christian terrorists have killed more Americans than Muslims. Over the the last 20 years, more Muslims have killed Americans than Christians. See, I can cherry pick too. It will take a lot of years before “us Christian Patriots” catch up to the Muslims in killing Americans on home soil.

        Your third paragraph: yes, there are turds in the Christian faith. But the Muslims seem to have the market cornered right now. What if a Christian group (lets call them ISIS-2 for argument’s sake) was butchering thousands in Iraq, raping children, displacing millions from their homes. You can bet we would end that……..fast.

      • The ‘mission’ of all Christian terrists is the same as the ‘mission’ of all other terrists — Islamic or otherwise. That is to frighten people into doing their bidding.
        I chose ten years deliberately. Because of the 9/11 story, in fact. See, we went to WAR against the 9/11 culprits, and we’re still bombing their heirs today. No one’s declared ‘war’ on Christian terrists. In fact, some districts elect terrist sympathizers to Congress.
        Did you notice that we DID go to war to protect Christians in Iraq just a few months ago? With the help of our Muslim allies, in fact?

      • Your first paragraph. You are correct.

        Your second paragraph. You confirmed my quote that you are cherry picking. Yes, there are Christian terrorists, just not ones that want to take over the world and kill everything that is not their religion. And if there is some obscure one that does, they are very minor players on the world stage compared to the tens of thousands of armed and Muslim terrorists we have today that are butchering everything in sight. You are an apologist.

        Your third paragraph. Yea, we are going to war (sarcasm). It is a half-assed effort right now. It is very difficult to gets the results you want unless there are boots on the ground.

      • Start with facts. How are the Christians worse than Muslims in the US? Why is it that virtually every religion gets along in the US except for Islam? Why is it that virtually every religion gets along in the world except for Islam. I am a trend analysis guy and it sure seems like Islam is the common factor. Hell, Japan doesn’t even allow Muslims in their country except for business purposes. I think you are an apologist for Islam.

      • Every religion in the world doesn’t get along; their adherents all try to kill each other every chance they get. We don’t get that much in the US, because we’re A)mostly secular and B)we’ve got better police than they do in the Middle East.
        I don’t believe I said Christians are ‘worse’ than Muslims in the US. But in the last ten years, right wing nut jobs have done more terrism than Muslims have. Heck, if you discount 9/11 (which, believe me, I don’t), RWNJs have pretty much a monopoly on terrism in the USA.

      • Disagree. Buddists tend to get along with almost everyone. Shintoists tend to get along with everyone.

        Your statement that RWNJs have done more terrorism than Muslims int eh US is true. Muslims comprise about .6% (point six percent) of the population. Christians about 80% of approx 310 million. This equates to approx 248 million versus approx 2 million. Sheer numbers my friend. In any large population, you are going to have RWNJ (and LWNJs…like Greenpeace and hard core environmentalists).

        Reticle…there are turds in every society. Whether they are Christian right or left…very, very few Dems or Republicans support them. Christians (and atheists) will openly say that these domestic terrorists are insane, crazy, lunatics, etc. Look at Westboro Baptist Church. The Baptists are not lining up to support those loons. However, when a Muslim commits terrorism, you hear a lot of silence from the Muslim community.

      • That is why I used the word “tend”. But you had to go to Burma of all places to find where Buddhists are the bad guys. But I hope you noticed that I said the word “tend”.

        Remember, I said there are turds in every society. Islam just seems to have the market corned right now. When there is major religious animosity in the world today, what religion always seems involved? Yep, Islam. The Middle East is on fire, China is always having problems with their Uyghurs (or Uighurs), Japan will not even let Muslims in their country, Boko Haram is butchering its way through western Africa. Again, there tends to be a trend here.

      • I didn’t have to go to Burma; I just googled ‘buddhist massacre muslim’ and it was the top of the page. I’m sure there are other stories very similar.

      • Christ, I didn’t mean you literally had to go to Burma (now called Myanmar). I doubt that Buddhist terrorists want to take over the world and impose “Buddhist law). They were probably tired of the Muslim crap going on in their country.

      • For the record by the way, I wasn’t comparing mr West to ObL; that’d be ludicrous. I think West is pandering to fear and hate but he’s not a terrist.

  7. I will take one of those young pregnant girls into my home and give them a future and a hope since they will not find that in their culture or in their country where wickedness is rampaging.

  8. Obama and his cronies are allowing thousands of children and families of illegal immigrants free flights from Mexico and South America into the US under the guise of “humanitarian relief” and asylum. Send those planes to Kurdistan and wherever they can get those women and children out. They are true refugees, who should get legal asylum and care in the US ASAP, they are suffering and dying thanks to Obama’s “JV team”.

  9. These animals need to be stopped. These acts evil acts are deplorable and no human should have to suffer them, especially our children.

      • and what about the innocent there? Bomb them too? The christians there? Bomb them too??? Comedy!!!

      • LOL Earl… calm yerself down there bucko… Give them a warning… like get the heck out within so many days, Im sure they can do it.. others have… and designate safe areas.. if ISIS shows up shoot the beasts right between the eyes… then after the deadline… bomb it…

        looks like you got yer old account back huh?

      • History disagrees with you, Earl ol’ boy. But go on…what’s your great solution to the ISIS problem? Hmm?

      • We didn’t bomb “Charlie”……we bombed the jungle. Charlie skeedadelled across the border….where we DIDN’T bomb.


        It worked like a charm in the 40’s in Germany and Japan didn’t it?

      • Hey, troll – so, you asked when bombing has worked, I gave you three excellent examples, and you say “Well, it didn’t in Nam”; one example does not a pattern make, troll. Furthermore, Gruberite, bombing DID work in Vietnam; it was the progressive idiots’ policies that lost the war. Go fish, troll.

  10. The girl will require an abortion she will not survive giving birth, the baby will not survive, and or will be poorly developed… there is no choice this girl will die

  11. 1939 evil triumphs because of the likes of good people doing nothing 2008 evil began rising again as history repeats itself because of the White House sin of inaction sends a clear green light to evil (Islams cancerous reach) this cancerous aggression needs a good dose of radiation. yes there will be collateral damage . But none of this will happen until first we flush the sxxt in the White House. Americas first traitor

    • Evil always wins. I don’t know why the world bothers living. At least the upcoming nuclear Armageddon will put an end to all this. Assuming that we don’t have surviving “cockroaches”.

  12. Please, Allen. Run for president. You will have my vote, and the votes of hundreds of thousands of other Americans.

  13. You take a truly horrific story,, one that any decent, moral person
    be they christian, or atheist, left or right,, or anything in between would denounce and be outraged by..
    and turn it into another one of your “challenges”
    I challenge,,socialist, progressives,, blah, blah,, blah,,,
    what a waste of internet bandwidth…..

  14. Of course liberals don’t make excuses for these attocities.
    Mr West again makes phony crazy accusations.
    And, of course, Mr West can’t provide a single example of liberals making excuses for these atrocities.
    He is outraged at things he imagines.

      • You seem easily angered whenever anyone criticizes your messiah, Allen West.
        If you disagree with my point, please go ahead and provide an example of liberals making excuses for ISIS atrocities.
        If it’s not my point you disagree with, then you are simply lashing out in blind obedient defense of West.

    • Given Liberal activism on issues surrounding women’s equality, LGBT rights etc., their silence re: what is happening to women and homosexuals in the M.E. coupled with a refusal to even acknowledge Islamism as the root cause amounts to giving it a pass. No you won’t hear them making excuses directly because that would be indefensible, but for a group able to find sexism and homophobia everywhere they look in this country, their silence on this real war on women, where the stakes are life or death instead of a few cents an hour or having to suffer a gender inappropriate salutation, is deafening.

      • that’s a false comparison.
        hearing nothing on this issue is NOT the same as making excuses for it.
        By your reasoning, every single person, including conservatives, who does not address every atrocity everywhere in the world is making excuses for them.

        That is absurd.

        here is a question that I will answer…
        If the Tea Party is so concerned about unfair tax regulations, why aren’t they protesting unfair tax regulations in other countries?
        Is it because the Tea Party doesn’t care about unfair taxes?
        The answer is because protesters and demonstrators deal with local laws.

        So when you wonder why Americans activists concerned about what is happening to gays and women in this country aren’t actively involved in what is happening to gays in women in other countries, the answer is the same.

    • I see you are in uniform, I only hope you are not a wannabe. You certainly don’t understand what you are talking about. Anyone who has been or is in the military knows what is happening in the world. If you are for real you must have slept through the last six years. Or are you Bowe’s buddy? Either way, you can go through life with blinders on or you can learn the truth, even if it hurts. The choice is yours, fight for freedom or give in to Socialism.

      • Hyperbole aside, what did I say that was wrong?
        Mr West says liberals are making excuses for these atrocities.
        i call BS on that.
        Do you have an example of liberals making excuses for these atrocities or do you just want to co0mplain about Obama in general?

    • I just hear silence from most the libbies. There was a march in Chicago in August. Thirty to Forty Libbies marched in support of ISIS. As the atrocities have increased, no one dares to support them in the open.

      • Ok….go to google, type in “Chicago liberals march in support of child-killing ISIS”. It pops right up for me every time.

      • hahaha
        I just searched under your terms and found the bullsh!t blog links you were talking about.
        There was NO liberal march for ISIS.
        That is a lie.

        A handful of pacifist protesters were protesting Obama and demanding that the US not invade Iraq again.

        but, of course loons on the far right turned this pacifist protest into a pro-ISIS protest.

        Let me put it to you simply…
        Saying a bunch of pacifists protesting against a US invasion of Iraq are pro-ISIS is as ignorant as saying anti-Obama Tea Party protesters are protesting against America.

      • In their steadfast fight for peace at any costs, they are defending the ISIS genocide of ethnic minorities. You should know that being a former veteran. It is pretty simple. Come on man.

        If you see an old lady getting beat up on the street and you do nothing, then you are complicit and endorsing her beating. You are the next Neville Chamberlain.

  15. The socialist progressive left doesn’t care unless it forwards their Marxist agenda. Mr. West, you must really piss some of them off, because the trolls are out and ranting, looking at your feed! Keep up the good work! Semper Fi

  16. I agree with you 100% Allen! I know you will just ignore these supposed “intellectual” liberals dancing around the issue and lying their teeth out. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  17. 2ND COR 11 13-15…13For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. 14No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds. The Apostle Paul was very clear here about Satan disguises himself as an angel of light, and that his servants disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Even Jesus warns us about this, that if it were possible that Satan would deceive the very elect. So why is it that you think that so much effort is being placed on Islam? On ISIS? Could it be that the true evil is hiding and masquerading as “christians” but in reality is the servant of Satan? Wake up people, this Nation under God, this so-called “christian” nation is not anything like Christ my Savior. Is Islam evil? Or maybe the one church that is behind all this mess has created this persona to deceive the world into believing that Islam is the antichrist, to hide the true facts, that they have disguised themselves as servants of righteousness. You people that follow the false preachers, teaching you heresies that Israel has been restored, and that this nation is God’s righteous instrument to exact justice on anyone who opposes Israel’s existence have failed to study the Prophet Jeremiah and see that God himself re-establishes Israel. The jews that are there are not descendants of Abraham, but are Arabs that converted to Judaism and do not abide by the Torah, and refuse to acknowledge the One true God. Yet preachers in this country refuse to see the truth, let along preach the truth, and have followed the path of the catholic church and have taken onto themselves the plagues that God promised that would befall them. If you believe that America is a Christian Nation, and that God has restored Israel, and that the catholic church is Christ like in any way, then you have already been deceived. Allen West is playing with fire, he is claiming to be a Christian, and yet he promotes hatred of your enemies, where Jesus said to love them. This my friends is taking God’s name in Vain. He has pledged his allegiance to other things other than God, therefor he has put other gods before God. This man has made it no secret about what a proud american he is, and the pride he has in his accomplishments, Lets see what Jesus had to say about this PRIDE. To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everybody else, Jesus told this parable: “Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood up and prayed about himself: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other men—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.'”But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’
    “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”Luke Ch.18:9-14. Allen West has exalted himself, he preaches how as a “christian” he has the right to defend himself against his enemies, and that killing them is alright. But Jesus taught a completely different lesson. Satan is not going to run around killing and taking credit for it, he is going to hide in the churches, and have nations rise against nation, and create wars through religion all the while pretending to be Christian, and once the evil Islamic people are destroyed and has used them to kill as many true Christians as possible, his deception will be complete and he will take his place in the Israel he created through the help of the Catholic church and one great “christian nation” and will announce that he is the true Messiah, and the jews (who are not Israelites) will finally have the King they wanted, and the rest of the world will gladly bow and say he truly brought peace.

    • You have really messed up thought processes. Or some potent drugs on board. How did you ever arrive at such a state of confusion? Sad.

    • I wonder…do you have a similar diatribe for Islam and all the horrors for which they’re responsible?! Thought so…

    • I agree. And like Israel and Judah (2 Kings 17 and 2 Kiings 25) America has made God their enemy. The new Israel, Great Britain and United States of America do not know God. If you did you would be able to recognize and resist the inroads of Satan within your country. But as it stands your idols will distract you from the truth and your enemy will take you captive to Persia and Babylon. You are impedant because you don’t know right from wrong. You cannot therefore resist the evil that will come upon you. Repent and throw your idols into the street and seek God before it is too late. If you don’t know God you will have no God.

    • Islam has been fighting the west for 1400 years. Ever hear of El Cid? The Battle of LePonto? The Gates of Vienna? Charles ”The Hammer” Martel? Suggest you start reading up. There are heroes who at various times stopped the encroachment of islam into Europe. islam is not a made up bugaboo. I shudder at the ignorance of your statement.

  18. We spent Gawd knows how much saving those Yazidis. We airdropped them supplies, we shot up the ISIL folks in the area, blah blah blah.


    The first thing these Yazidis do when they get back to their village? Run over to the nearest Muslim village, shoot a bunch of old people and light it on fire.


    Probably did some raping, too. Maybe even some mock executions, eh?


  19. The USA needs to open up a military hell on these people that will have them begging Allah to spare them from this terror and take their life …. No more sympathizers … no more poor poor muslim terrorist… the liberals and the Left of our nation sicken me to my core…. there is only one answer to these Terrorist …that is to kill each and every last one of them… send them all to their maker as quickly as possible… no mercy.. no surrender… just death.. thats all they deserve…

      • I didn’t see your name on the list of volunteers, tardski.

        I would go, but I already served my time and paid a price for it.

        -97E 504th Parachute Infantry 82nd Airborne US ARMY 98-05 WIA Afghanistan

      • I’m not the one that complains all the time….that would be the LOONS!! They want to send others to DIE for another nation before the citizens of that nation stand up. HELL NO!!! Btw…23 year veteran here skippy!

      • -Just because you served Earl, doesn’t mean you deployed or did anything out of the ordinary. Stop looking for the “thanks for your service and God Bless you posts”. It seems like 97E has already accomplished more than you. I served 29 years in the Marines but don’t wear it on my sleeve like you………….Skippy!

  20. One of Mohamed’s wives, Aisha was 7 when they married. But the marriage wasn’t consummated until she was 9. And this was their freaking prophet. They are sickos.

  21. With each passing day I hear even more and more hideous displays of inhumanity. To me children are our sacred concern for our future. How can we do this how can we endure other children being destroyed by sociopaths. We should as a nation of freedom loving people unleash such a terrible hell upon them that sheer fear of our vengeance will keep them in there rat holes cowering in fear.

  22. Instead of sitting back and complaining all the time…..how bout you DO something about it Allen…throw your hat in for the republican nomination for PRESIDENT!!! I know you are a coward and are too afraid to do so!!

      • He is a COWARD…too afraid to run for ANY political office. But we know….you can change america better from a THINK TANK than the WHITE HOUSE!!!

      • No West.. you are jealous of his successes… even though his last election was stolen, he remained at the top… and is still doing way better than you could ever do

      • There are black people in America that is more successful than Allen West….the difference is those people don’t constantly complain about, degrade, put down their people like ALLEN WEST does!

      • LOL so? Thats their business…. you can’t get over the fact that people have the right to do what they want.. its called freedom of speech… something our great nation still hold dear… but you want to shut him up because he doesn’t like the way Obama is ruining this country.. that is his right just as it is your right to be here and complain about West… get over yourself.. you aren’t God and you don’t have the right to tell him what he can or cannot do…

      • I’m not trying to deny his…just want him to be truthful and honest…but I don’t think its in him

      • About what… you have a very sad obsession for him.. do you think of this 24/7 do you even have a life other than coming here?

      • There it is! We finally found out why you hate Allen West so much. It is because he calls “balls and strikes” on issues including the faults of the black community. When white people bring up faults against other white people, no one thinks about race…they just think that person or group is screwed up. Earl, you are a special kind of racist. You don’t like whites or blacks. May God have mercy on your soul.

      • First of all…I don’t HATE anyone. Allen doesn’t call balls and strikes…only things that he believe are STRIKES! He knows that the so called STRIKES…if manipulate enough can make him a very rich man! He knows that the majority of those that follow him are STUPID

      • Well then explain Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Explain them to me…..the “so-called Reverends”. What do they do for a living? Independently wealthy? Explain your thoughts on these two.

      • I was requesting your thoughts on Jackson and Sharpton. You deflected to West. WTF Earl? You have something against West……I think it is envy.

      • I am still waiting Earl…..What do you think about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? I want to know what you think of these two “Reverends” and their followers? According to you, Allen West’s followers are being manipulated. So what about JJ and Big Al’s followers?……………………………………….tapping my foot, looking at my watch.

      • That is what I thought. You can’t say anything bad about those two turds Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. In your heart, you know they are some of the biggest racists in the country, but you can’t say it publicly because you can’t make a black Dem look bad. Earl, you are part of the problem with this country. A turd is a turd. And Jesse and Big Al are two of the worst…..and you know it.

      • I just know that when you are talking about race baiting…add ALLEN (I’ve never experienced racism) WEST to that list

      • Still waiting Earl. You can’t say one bad thing about Jackson or Sharpton?…..and you know they are turds and huge racists.

        You are like a “moderate Muslim” who won’t say publicly that Hamas and Hezbollah are killers and butchers.

      • Generalize much Mr. Leech? Not the brightest you say as compared to you? I’ll give this much delusion is an acceptable form of escape. You sir have a hard time with reality. Really! Look how you consistently use anecdotal argument to try to win a debate. It’s not working, and it won’t work. Trust me, I’m only doing it for your own good.

      • Mostly they are athletes and entertainers. The ones of real importance are more likely to agree with Lt.Col. West.

      • are you really THAT STUPID to believe that the only successful black people are entertainers and athletes? I guess you are! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • You don’t consider a Congressional seat (FL) a political office? Go back to sleep, dumbass.

      • “Yep, Allen is a coward”……said the man who hides behind his computer with his St Louis ball cap lowered over his eyes.

        Allen is twice the stud that you could ever hope to be.

      • But yet he sits back…post to a blog….complains..too afraid to run for president….sounds like a COWARD to me!!!

      • Christ, he has fought for his country twice and ran for congress twice. What else do you want him to do Earl…..do backflips off the Empire State building? Good Lord…!

      • He was forced to retire…relieved of COMMAND….lead his men into violating the UCMJ and they all lost RANK AND PAY!!! Sorry…this is not someone that should be ADMIRED!! Like I said…A COWARD!!
        He found out that he can make millions from complaining and that is all he is going to do….COWARD!

      • Earl, I was with II MEF (Marines) when that incident went down. There was a general consensus that what he did was wrong, but he did it for the right reason. He felt (justifiably) that he men were at risk. What would you have done “arm-chair quarterback”? I doubt that you or very many other people on this planet could even imagine himself in that situation. He got the thumbs up from the Marines.

        P.S. Keep typing in caps. It makes you point so much more interesting.

        P.S.S. Your definition of coward is mind-numbing. Two combat tours and two runs for congress and you still think he is a coward. I think that you have the “green monster” when it comes to Allen West………envy.

        Is “green monster” a racist comment? I same sure that Uncle Du-fess…sorry, Uncle Ruckus, would think so.

      • Why didn’t the Army court-martial him? Because they knew that he was trying to do the right thing. I doubt you served in active combat…..but if you did, leaders have to make hard decisions. Allen West is a decision maker. You…….., you are a computer warrior. Nothing more.

      • Oh yes, a Bronze Star recipient wanting to protect his men is a bad thing… Leave pertinent info just to try to make a bias point is reprehensible.

      • Excuse me BUT…..there were hundreds of officers in Iraq in charge of “PROTECTING THEIR MEN” THEY didn’t lead their men to violate the UCMJ! That EXCUSE doesn’t fly! I could understand if HE and HE ALONE chose to ruin his career but to LEAD the men you are in COMMAND of to VIOLATE the UCMJ is just AWFUL and are not the actions of a LEADER.

      • This is personal for you… Your bias disqualifies you from us ever
        believing you are able to make an honest and unbiased comment about Mr.

      • You seem to have a lot of hate and a very warped viewpoint. I’m starting to see that Mr. West (I’ve heard he’s (black) forces you out of your comfort zone because he has risen above the stereotype that you’ve grown to love. I’ll bet you have a poster of Al Sharpton on the ceiling above your bed. Of course, being the model liberal that you are, you viciously lash out at anyone who points out the fact that a black man doesn’t have to live in the projects, smoke crack and spend their days gang-banging with their pants hanging down below their rear end and bedding anything on two legs taking no responsibility for his actions or numerous offspring. Mr. West has led an honorable life and served his country admirably:

        “West’s awards and decorations include the Bronze Star; Meritorious Service Medal (two Oak Leaf Clusters); Army Commendation Medal (three Oak Leaf Clusters, one Valor Device); Army Achievement Medal (one Oak Leaf Cluster); Valorous Unit Award; Air Assault Badge; and the Master Parachutist Badge.”

        He was an ACTIVE member of Congress (meaning he didn’t show up once in a while to vote “present”):

        “Committee assignments

        West was appointed to the House Armed Services Committee and the Small Business Committee.

        Committee on Armed Services

        Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities

        Committee on Small Business

        Subcommittee on Contracting and Workforce

        Subcommittee on Investigations, Oversight and Regulations

        Caucus memberships

        Republican Study Committee

        Tea Party Caucus

        Congressional Black Caucus

        When West joined the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) on January 5, 2011, he became the first Republican to join the CBC since former Congressman Gary Franks of Connecticut retired in 1997.”

        Mr. West has been married to one woman for 25 years and stuck around to raise two children, is a master SCUBA diver and motorcyclist. What have you done?
        Apparently, your level of jealousy and fear of him being able to show the world how the democrats are controlling you by subsidizing your entire existence and convincing you that you will perish without them are just more than you can handle so you come here to let off steam to keep your head from exploding. Until you wise up and begin to improve yourself, do something worthwhile for yourself, your family and your community, your comparison to Mr. West will never be worth mentioning. Let the hate go, Earl Lee before it totally consumes you. I’m off to check on Dr. Ben Carson (I hear he’s black, too).

      • And how did your vote for obama work out for you shithead? Go cash your welfare check and smoke your crack. Idiot.

      • Skippy? Isn’t that racist? Earl is a racist, Earl is a racist. See Earl, other people can pull the the race card too. I am just using the card because I don’t have anything else to say….just like the Dems.

      • Since when does “welfare check” mean racism? Sounds to me like you’re the one who may be racist Earl Lee.

      • did you serve coward?
        you can change alot from the wh just look at your muslim shitbag prezident he changed alot hust not for the better

      • Your limitations are obvious… I don’t get it why you insist on
        flaunting them. You are no different from the racist pukes you so
        admire… Well that’s the only thing you are talking about… Oh yeah,
        and how much you hate Mr West.

  23. I want to write something rational here but my emotions are running high. The problem stems from the American People having turned away from God. You don’t seek him and you certainly don’t know him anymore. I watch your television and movies and I see how corrupt you are. You sell guns to the enemy of your neighbours for profit. You enslave your neighbours and everyone has lost confidents and lost heart. No one will buy your products. You steal from the poor and lust after everything your rich neigbours have. God is able to supply all of your needs and satisfy you but God has become your enemy. When Israel sinned like you have God sent his children into exile into Persia and then when Judah sinned they were taken as slaves to Babylon. God became their enemy. No one turns from their sin. No one can give up their idols. No one seeks God. No one learns from there mistakes and ends up repeating history. Do you think you can make it rain? Do you think you can change global temperature? You are fools. Repent and seek God if you still know who he is. God is not Allah. No system of government or doctrine can save you. You are deaf, blind and naked and you don’t even know it. God is looking for his children. “Adam, where are you?” You don’t even know you are orphans without a father. You have been sold into prostitution by the idols you worship. Turn from this and repent. No one needs to fly to Mars to prove how much money they have. Be content with what God has given you and be thankful. “My God will supply all of my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” The kingdom of God is near you.

    • Where do you hale from Brad? You paint 310,000,000+ people with a pretty broad brush. I not hating on you, I am sincerely curious why you have such a jaundiced view of the United States.

  24. Let’s line up some adoptive parents and get those babies into loving homes. It sounds like some of the girls are young enough that THEY need to be adopted too. Ministries have been working with the refugees (please support them financially) and I would bet they will be on the ground even today.

  25. Just bomb them into a parking lot. Seek them out in all countries and eradicate them all. There are a plague amongst us.
    As for us.. well.. we need to find God as a nation again

  26. I know I should not treat everyone that is Muslim like a terrorist and I try not to think that way but in my town (city of over 1 million), there are Mosque popping up everywhere. These religious organizations get full tax breaks just like other churches. They come into our country most of time given housing, money to spend. I am telling you, this is how they are going to take over one day and it does not look good to me. My city officials approved one of these huge Mosque to be built right next to a subdivision and now those people that live in those homes have to hear loud bells and chanting 5 times a day. Now I realize that to some, it is not any different from christian church bells but let me tell you it is different and what if they are all plotting something. They are now allowed to do it right in our backyards…. Scary

  27. Hitler where you at? If he had done what he did to Jews 70 years ago to Muslims, nothing of these would be happening today. I know all Muslims are not bad, but more than 80% are evil. They should be eradicated from this planet. Every time there’s a new terrorist jihadist group on the rising, send the whole f…cking army to them and exterminate them.

      • There is truth in the report; something some politicians do not care about. If you think his reactions are wrong, have your own reactions instead of criticizing his.

      • It scares me too. This kind of response would have been powerful if it were not so full of the same kind of hatred and bigotry ISIS is full of.

    • In fact many Muslims allied with the Nazis, the Baath Socialist Party was a direct outgrowth of the Nazi/Muslim collaboration, or so I have read.

    • You really can’t tar everyone with the same brush. The religion itself isn’t bad, it’s what extremist people bring to it. Just because a person has a certain faith and is evil, doesn’t mean that you need to condemn every single person of the same faith. Saying you should ‘exterminate them’ is just as bad as someone saying something along the lines of ‘kill all Christians’ etc, don’t lower yourself down to that way of thinking.

  28. We need a rebirth of the Templar Knights, God’s Christian Warriors. We need to defend ALL persons being tortured and murdered by ISIS and its supporters and we need to unleash God’s wrath upon them! Jesus told his disciples to buy swords for their defense while spreading the gospel. I second that. If ISIS attacks anywhere in the world it should be met with all deliberate and the most deadly force possible for its complete and utter destruction. The last line in the Marine’s Creed is, “… (wage war) until there is no enemy, but peace.” God bless America. America, bless God!

    • Kind of like letting the Fox Guard the Hen House.

      Christian Pastors and Catholic Priests are Raping Children all Across the World.

      • lol…. you’ll burn in hell for all eternity. And your proof of Christian pastors is where? Thought so! Catholicism is not Christian. Only a God hater would choose to stick his foot in his mouth as you have.

      • Catholicism is most certainly Christian — it’s the original Christian. All other sects are offshoots: heresies.

      • You know what, after I posted that, I thought about the Byzantium story, and you’re not wrong. The Roman Empire, though, carried the religion to the world; I think it’s legit to say whatever the Romans did is the Original. Byzantium was just another Eastern empire; Christianity would have died with them if Rome hadn’t spread the Roman version.

      • Or, largely died, anyway. It could have stayed on as a minor religion, of course. But Byzantium wasn’t going to spread anything.

      • Who taught you your religion? Your ludicrous comment that Catholicism is not Christian is only usurped by the mind numbing diatribe of the original poster. That is the second stupidest comment I have seen in 6 months. Before you two theologians (Jesus raped Mary and a_Christian) start having a battle of wits, remember this. No one, including any country or organization in the world….. feeds, clothes, or shelters more people in need than the Catholic Church. No one including the US government.

      • I gotta say, out of the thousands of posts that I have read over the last 6 months, yours is the stupidest.

      • That is your reply? Okay, You must be young and still in community college. I will counter your comment with a “oh yea? You are too!” Son, you are rich.

      • Hehehe! You stupid MORON! If priests and pastors do that, they are doing what is forbidden of them. When Islams holy warriors rape women and children slaves and captives, they are doing WHAT IS ALLOWED BY ISLAM! You ignoramus MORON!

  29. Oh yes lets re-torture these girls by preforming abortions on them! Allen West will you be there when these girls kill themselves because of the abortion? Well Allen West you are not someone I will ever read an article written about again! You are a wonderful Pro Choice, for abortion, loving to murder children person. Hmm, sure you don’t support ISIS?

    • I am not pro-abortion….but a 9 year old girl having a baby seems like a lot of torture too. Lastly, your ISIS comment is just asinine.

  30. I’m sure the enemy loves when we let him, cause fighting and confusion….focus and pray, Jesus is our living hope and vengeance is the Lords…


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