You’re kidding right? Clorox bleach causes a racial uproar over THIS?

I never realized my LAUNDRY also enjoys “white privilege.”

In a shocking display of how completely ridiculous political correctness has become in our country, the Clorox Company, which has for decades built its name and fortune on the virtues of “whiteness,” was force to apologize for its insensitive use of cartoon faces on a tweet because there were no black faces included.

Are you friggin’ kidding me?

A twitter from Clorox post highlighted the iPhone new emojis – those annoying little cartoon icons people use in tweets and text messages because they’re too lazy to actually type WORDS – noting that there wasn’t an emoji for bleach, saying “New emojis are alright, but where’s the bleach.”


As CNN reports, “Apple’s new iOS 8.3 release consists of 300 new emojis, including kissing lips, googly eyes and a smiling poop (we wish we were making that up). But they also include racially diverse emojis, including cartoon faces with brown and black skin.”

While Clorox included some cartoon faces in its tweet, ALL of them were (gasp) WHITE.

Some deeply sensitive people with far too much time on their hands (not to mention humongously large chips on their shoulders) complained about the lack of diversity:


Clorox was forced to apologize with a new tweet saying, “Wish we could bleach away our last tweet. Didn’t mean to offend – it was meant to be about all the [toilet, bathtub and red wine] emojis that could use a clean up.”


“We apologize to the many people who thought our tweet about the new emojis was insensitive,” said Molly Steinkrauss, a spokeswoman for Clorox. “It was never our intention to offend. We did not mean for this to be taken as a specific reference to the diversity emojis — but we should have been more aware of the news around this. The tweet was meant to be light-hearted but it fell flat.”

Next thing you know, someone is going to go after MILK.


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  2. Anybody thats gets offended over a fucking bleach spot needs their head examined s nd obviously needs to get a life.

    • Funny comment from such a character who in the show Boondocks is pro white, it’s ironic….Don’t you think… Say wayyy yaaaaay

    • No he’s just anti idiocy, race has been played to death, it’s the 21st century its time we all step into it and leave the past in the past! Does no one else understand that all the black/white/latino/asian or whatever other pride /hate or classification we have for everything only fuels racism? Stop buying into the bs! Be proud of who and what you are but don’t use it as a defence!

    • I’m so sorry that that’s all you got out of this article. From what I’ve seen, Mr West is a rational, practical, patriotic man. I admire that in a person, regardless of their color, age, gender, social status, income level, etc, etc, etc. I also find happy people a whole lot more pleasant.

      But if you wanna spend the rest of your life being angry and bitter, I suppose that’s your choice. Just remember, holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other guy dies.

      (PS- While I may be white, I’m also Mormon.. and we do our genealogy.. and in case you’re wondering, there are no black-slave owners in my ancestry. I’ve checked back 5-6 generations, both sides. That’s something I’m proud of- my family is free of that fault. We may have other imperfections and flaws, but subjecting our fellow man to the indignity of being owned by another isn’t one of them.)

      Now… Grow up and be a big boy and realize that being for one thing doesn’t mean they’re against the other side. Pro-life doesn’t mean anti-women, pro-equality doesn’t mean anti-black.

      • Why is it that the minority of the black people that believe the only way to be happy is for all black people to live in poverty and criticize the white man. It’s someone else’s fault you can’t get ahead.
        I guess the successful black people have all sold out. It couldn’t be that they were more committed to improving their lives than you. President Obama should be an example of the possibility of improving oneself. Instead of celebrating his accomplishments, you prefer to complain because there is another black man who has succeeded where you couldn’t.
        Get over it. Life isn’t fair. Slavery is morally wrong. But this country didn’t invent it. Blacks have been mistreated in this country, but we are trying to rite that wrong. But until the wanna be black leaders, such as yourself, quit preaching hate, we will have generation after generation of lost black people. Get off your butts and do something with your life. Others can’t give you pride and accomplishment. You have to earn those yourself.
        And while you are at it, read a history book. Virtually all black slaves in the south were sold into slavery by blacks in Africa. Primarily black Muslims.
        So, before you call me raciest, look at the man in the mirror.

      • You are trying to right the wrong by continuing to mistreat black people?? How does that work exactly

      • How is anything I said mistreating black people??? I have enormous respect for most black people. They have worked, probably harder than I have, for their success. But, people like you who continue to put down other black people by bringing up their version of the past can not be allowed to go on uncontested.

      • Exactly! They do working and probably harder than most here…BUT YET…you never see ALLEN WEST post anything about that…all you see here is the NEGATIVE but…NEWFLASH….all races have negative people in them but yet ALLEN wants to only focus on the negative in the black community.
        I was just listening to Rand Paul and he said that he has been to Ferguson….ALLEN didn’t bother to go! Such a disgrace!!

      • Yeah right, and ya boy Obama has done SO MUCH for us, right? A man for all Negroes… long as they GAY or from SOUTH of the Border! Now there is a WORD to ya mutha, sweet main!

      • I’m sorry but allen west post disagree with your statement. 99.34% of his post concerning black people and the black community are negative..

      • Many slave owners were Black. This has nothing to do with you. My relatives are all fairly recent immigrants to this country. Many people of ‘color’ have very mixed genetics.

    • No, he’s simply pointing out the absurdity of the issue. You see Mr. Ruckus, Col. West is a “Sheepdog” not one of the flock (oh wait, most sheep are white, sorry I know that’s racist of me…) like you (apparently) and some other African Americans who can’t think for themselves. It’s really a simple concept, sir.

      • I just have a better understanding of Allen….he feels that black people shouldn’t complain about anything and be like him a man that never experienced racism because he was respectful to white folks. Oh the comedy of it all…muhahahaha

      • Mr. Ruckus, your allegation is kinda like, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot?”

        When and where did Col. West say he has never experienced racism?

      • Brothers do not type muhahahaha so now I know you just a idle listless cracka who wish he was a black man. I reckon we both know why, too. Tee Hee Hee! Run and tell THAT!

      • Allen isn’t thinking for himself…He has discovered that there are MILLIONS to be made from RACE BAITING!! To mislead the simple of mind that all black people except conservatives are thugs and criminals and welfare queens. The man is a disgrace!!!!

    • So bleach is anti-black? If so, who come so many brothers and especially sisters be spending Billions and Billions more on that bleach, trying to turn a lighter shade of pale? Even in Africa, fade cream and skin bleach is BIG BUSINESS!! Best check nuts!

      • Actually women in Korea spend more money on skin bleaching cream than any countries in the WORLD.they spend more money on there skin than any known race,country in the WORLD .look up your facts before you say cause the real big business is in Korea not some pathetic broke ass Africa .black people just a small % of people along with white women, indian women,Japanese, Latinos..and another peace of information. People use these to fade dark circles, spot scars and even skin tone.there skin gose back to normal after times they have to do it a few times to get the Resort results you want.and in many countries like India, Africa, Korea, Japan, china having darker skin depended on how you ger treat. Lighter skin people was treated nicer,darker skins and all race of people had it hard .i recommend you watch a movie called dark girls.cause your in this bubble where you’d never experienced other people not the only ones .you should get out more.

    • We all did just fine un intil Obama and his isis and muslims got here.we are not changing and businesses and people need to take a stand.

      • Yea…race relations in america was just great before OBAMA! No dear….people are not speaking up against the injustice that is forced on black people and the black community. You’d prefer if the black folks just accept what is given to them and keep quiet!! Not going to happen!

      • Ruckus, black people have just as many rights as any other race. The problem is when you think black people have more rights, like do not arrest blacks when they commit crimes against themselves and whitey. Sorry, but you must obey the law, just like anybody else, so you might want to put on your black panties and try to man up.

      • And what about those that OBEY THE LAW, don’t commit crimes and are still harassed by the police? Who speaks for them?? Definitely not ALLEN WEST …he is too busy RACE BAITING!!

  3. Seems to me some races need to put their big girl/boy panties on and stop crying about everything. It’s like the crybaby of the classroom who doesn’t get their way or is upset that little Jimmy has more pieces of candy than he does. Stop. Just STOP. Nobody likes you.

  4. I don’t think my people is behind this. It’s the damn race baiting white liberals like the ones out in Ferguson and other places trying to be black. We do not need YOU PEOPLE anymore than we need Al and Jesse. Liberal dimwits can take a long walk!

      • How dare you compare Allen West to Al Sharkton. No comparison between the two. Al Sharkton owes MILLIONS in back taxes. He is an ignorant racebater from way back. Allen West is a man of moral character who has served his country nobly.

      • If you have followed Mr. West for very long you will recognize Uncle Ruckus as a troll. Don’t pay any attention to his rantings.

      • The 1 term congressman was voted out of office because the good people of Florida didn’t want a NUT to represent them. While in office Allen did absolutely NOTHING for those people of Florida. Allen, forced to retire from the military, relieved of command and lead the men/women he was in command of to violate the UCMJ. Sorry….no moral character there…only a RACE BAITER!!

  5. I’m pretty sure there’s a small army of LibNETS (Nothing Else To Say) who pile on when something occurs that they can stick to the man.

    They seem to come out of the woodwork and because most of us have a life and don’t bother to actually monitor all these tweets that they appear to be monolithic.

  6. I’m sure people of all races buy Clorox because they are interested in getting stains out of their household goods. Those who complain about the ad probably should be kept away from this product – if they are looking for socially correct little cartoons to be sure they contain a balanced of brown, black and white faces, their literacy skills are not very strong, I would think. To be involved with using Clorox, you need to be able to carefully read the labels or else you may end up with unwanted large WHITE bleach spots on your possessions – serious burns are another possibility.

  7. Unlike that pizza place in Indiana. Clorox want to sell their products not prejudice. If the lazy and incompetent “editor in chief” wants to talk about racial “uproar”. There is a real one about a black man shot 8 times in the back by a police officer.

    • is there any proof that this is a racial matter? Before people jump the gun again, like the Ferguson and NY case, you might want to think again. Not all of these cases are about race.

      • The shooting in South Carolina is not something NEW….it may be to certain WHITE FOLKS but black people in America knows that this is something that goes on more often that you’d believe.
        Look into the police reports that were filed BEFORE the video was posted…this was going to be just another one of those so called “JUSTIFIED” killings

      • Take THAT race-baiters! A new report shows that whites are actually
        more likely to be killed by police in the U.S. than blacks are, despite
        what liberals would have us believe.

        In 2012, 123 blacks were
        killed by police with a gun. In that same year, 326 whites were killed
        by police with a gun, nearly triple the number of blacks. Statistics
        show that police killings of blacks have actually gone down by 70% in
        the last 50 years.

        Even though police kill more whites than
        blacks, blacks still commit the majority of murders in this country. In
        2013, blacks committed 5,375 murders in the U.S. while whites committed
        4,396. Keep in mind that whites make up 63% of the American population,
        and blacks are only 13%.

        It seems like if any group is being persecuted by police, it’s white people…

      • lets say even if your statement is true(with no documentation) are you going to say that the majority of unsolved murders are discriminated to make whites look less violent or is it going to be roughly distributed to about the same percent. even with the missing data a datafield of 10000 is still a sufficient size to look at.

      • based on your source percentage of murder cleared by arrest is 64.8%which leaves 35.2% of the murders not solved. so if we take the total (5375+4396)9771. so through simple math(9771*64.8/100) we can account for what the total of murders is 15079(15079-9771) which leaves 5308 unsolved murders. if they are all white murders the total is (4396+5308) 9704 if you take that against the population it comes to .04% per 1000 with african americans it is .14% per 1000. so even with your missing data stacked 100% in your favor it still doesn’t help.

      • Actually I believe the CDC says for pretty much every race, that race on race crime is the largest(white on white, black on black, etc.) but even so I feel bad not for the black population but the ghetto population. They don’t respect police or assist the police so the criminals run free and the police are risking their lives even more so. then they complain about crime when they are the ones covering up for those doing the crime.

      • There are murders by cops all over the place and even across the racial line… Like the guy who was severely beaten in San Bernidino Ca? Does he matter or is it only black lives? How about the white man shot by the black officer? How about the unarmed white teen shot by a black officer? There are many of these cases but none of them are making national news like black victims… double standards by the media because they don’t care about those lives… and are only fueling the fires of racial hatred on all sides…

      • I didnt say that it wasn’t a murder.. I said is it racial? Like Ferguson, they wanted to paint it as a racial shooting..

      • Or caught him sleeping with his wife. I mean why would anyone pump 8 bullets into a running man with his back turned. It wasn’t a cop in that video it was a mafia hitman.

      • How about stupid? How about thinking they are above the law? How about elitist? There are some cops with chips on their shoulders, some who are bullies.. etc.. its not always about race. I’m not saying case is or isn’t but what I’m saying is we need to stop rushing to judgement about things or we end up causing more destruction like Ferguson. And when they all come out, we still don’t need another Ferguson etc on our hands we need to prosecute this azzwipe and not give an inch. There are still plenty of good cops out there and good people across all race lines.

      • Do you really think they won’t? He was already fired from his job and charged with murder, the evidence is right in our face about what happened and how he tried to cover it up… I’m pretty sure they will convict him.. if they don’t, no I won’t join in protests, but I will make sure our leaders will hear about it including the prosecuting attorney for that state. The problem wont be the prosecutors, it will be the jury that is picked and it will be in their hands whether they convict him or not. And I also feel his family should bring a wrongful death suit against him and the department for allowing him to continue working for them after he was already investigated for a prior incident where they didn’t do anything to him.

      • Yes we did, it showed that Garner was resisting arrest. He didn’t die on the scene but later not due to the choke hold but do to the exertion. He was a huge man with a lot of health problems. He was told to comply and he didn’t. He refused to listen to cops. He was also turned in by other Blacks who have businesses there who wanted him to stop selling bootleg cigarettes. There were also other black cops there who also helped with the arrest. Don’t be so dumb Puppet… watch the video again and watch him resist.. LOL even his family said he had health problems and they didn’t place fault on the police for his death.

    • the man is in jail, and due process will happen, but burning a town down, and ruining peoples lives, when they were in the right, is wrong

    • Now that was a police officer with bad judgement for sure! Shooting that man was not called for whatsoever. Running didn’t help the situation but still no excuse for what happened.

      • Yeah because running from your personal responsibility to your own children and then running from the police were such good life choices. We are a nation of laws not a nation of do whatever you want to.

      • There are laws against running from the police too.
        If he would have stayed do you think he would have been executed?

      • Maybe, maybe not can’t put anything past a cop dirty enough to plant evidence. I know for sure that he wouldn’t have been executed if he wasn’t shot at 8 times in the back. Not up to the cop to be judge jury and executioner.

      • I’ve had 37 tickets and even been arrested on a warrant for a ticket that I was never been given. The worst treatment was having to sit in that cold jail cell with a urine and vomit soak mattress I tossed on the floor and laid on the cold steel cot.
        Never been beaten or harassed. I think he just didn’t want to have to pay for anything. Nothing in life is free.

      • He is being charged with Murder he isn’t the first cop to go to jail he wont be the last. The Deputy police chief in Fresno busted for selling dope and Arlington Chief busted for family violence. Miami Gardens Police Chief arrested for buying prostitutes.
        We are still a nation of laws and when you want to run from the law the law will always come out on top..
        My car was inspected until June of this year but my registration was due at the end of March.. The DPS website said I don’t have to get a new inspection because of the one sticker law that started this year. If you are inspect until Feb 2016 you wont need to.. So I called the place that inspected my car and asked why my car isnt in the database.. He said the new laws says I have to get reinspected when I register my car.. He doesn’t know the law and or he lied I went straight to DPS and made a complaint that I paid for a year and now you want to double dip and make me pay twice.. They told me the inspection station owes me an inspection on them.. I went straight there and told him what they said he wasn’t buying it I yelled to the next customer that he doesn’t put your info in the database he just gives you a sticker and pockets the money.. all inspection stickers are doing the same thing they are making millions if not billions on this scam and there isn’t a thing anyone can do about it. DPS should have entered my info in the database but instead they wanted me to do their job. Life isn’t fair and you can’t beat city hall.. this will probably get a light sentence if not walk because of his age.. But one thing is for sure.. If you make life tough on you its only going to get tougher instead of crying and moaning about me paying $14.50 again I could have saved my time and money and paid up and not been reminded about corruption in out Govt.

  8. Liberalism is the disease that is destroying us. Stories like this only prove it. I am sure the people who started this whole uproar were pasty white liberals who hate their life and try to make everyone else as miserable as they are.

  9. I wish these companies would figure out that the crazies will just keep getting crazier as long as they are getting what they want. The only way to stop the insanity is to quit caving in to it.

  10. Chocolate milk is okay. Maybe double chocolate for some. Banana for the Asians and some strawberry for the American Indians. Just not that White stuff.

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  11. sure wish I could like some of these comments, but every time I try it stops. Guess the people don’t like my opinion. So much for equality for everyone.

  12. I’m just waiting for someone to say winter is racist because snow is white…

    Seriously, with all the legitimately horrible things in this world, someone actually pulled the race card on bleach?? Just when you think the race-baiters can’t get stupider…here’s a free tip: this is why millions of Americans just aren’t listening to you race-screamers anymore. You can find racism in cleaning products’ advertisements. Reaching much?


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