Even for Nancy Pelosi, these comments about Iran are insane

Recently President Obama made an off-the-cuff statement that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker needs to “bone up” on foreign policy. REALLY? I was just reading the statements and twitter posts of the Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei.

Here are a few gems.

ir. twitter

Seems there’s a little disconnect between what President Obama stated in a Rose Garden address last week on the Iranian “deal” and what Khamenei understands. He he’s called out the United States for not telling the truth on the fact sheet presented to the American people. As well, Khamenei has definitively stated that there is no deal, no agreement. There will be no snap inspections, no inspections of military installations, and the sanctions will be lifted the moment the agreement is reached — not gradually as Obama told America.

So what is the truth? Sadly, we had to ask Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress in order to ascertain the ground truth. Of course he was bitterly attacked and even had Obama campaign operatives dispatched like the legions of flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz to undermine his reelection.

Therefore, I find the recent ranting of House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, rather… well, odd and perplexing — but telling.

As reported by Politico, “House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday offered strong support for the White House’s attempts to strike a nuclear deal with Iran, arguing Congress should stay out of it and Senate legislation allowing lawmakers to approve the deal “undermines” the administration.”

“Pelosi said a bill from Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) threatens ongoing talks between the Obama administration, Iran and the P5+1 countries aimed at preventing Tehran from making a nuclear weapon. Those delicate talks produced a framework deal last week that the White House says would substantially slow the growth of Iran’s nuclear capabilities.”

“Senator Corker’s legislation undermines these international negotiations and represents an unnecessary hurdle to achieving a strong, final agreement,” Pelsoi said.”

The hypocrisy is utterly laughable. Undermining? So what does former Speaker Pelosi call sending Obama campaign operatives to Israel to drive our Arab vote against Netanyahu? Or what does she call her ill-advised trip to Syria as House Speaker during the Bush administration and meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad?

I would hope Minority Leader Pelosi would ask for a retraction of her comments as it seems that there is NO framework for a “deal” with the theocratic-political Islamist regime of Iran. And it seems the French were correct: the Obama administration botched this whole enchilada.

Of course the Iranians know they have the moral high ground because Obama has made this straw man of “if we don’t deal with Iran — do we want to go to war?” That is truly a false equivalent. Anyway, Iran has been at war with America since 1979 when they took our embassy hostages and started the Islamic revolution. And they’re STILL holding four Americans — again, one a Marine left behind.

So who exactly needs to “bone up” on foreign policy? And if the president goes forward on a unilateral deal with Iran, it’s non-binding, as Secretary of State John Kerry stated in a Senate Foreign Relations committee hearing.

However, Rep. Pelosi’s statement is cause for greater concern. Does she abdicate the Article I Constitutional responsibilities of the Congress to the Executive Branch? Does she now believe we reside in a Constitutional Monarchy instead of a Republic that has representatives of the people?

Why would she want to play politics with the national security of the United States, Israel, and indeed the world? Since Ms. Pelosi believes the legislative branch should stay out of this, does she agree with President Obama that recognition of Israel as part of this “deal” is as Obama said, a “fundamental misjudgment?”

We have a system of checks and balances and there are coequal branches of government in our governing system. No White House should enter into a major foreign policy agreement with a hostile country without Congressional approval, advice and consent.

Perhaps the reason why Ms. Pelosi doesn’t want this level of scrutiny is because transparency isn’t a priority for the Obama administration. Could it be that the more important aspect is a “fundamental transformation” of global geopolitics and the balance of power in the Middle East without the knowledge of the American people? And who is pushing this failed endeavor anyway? It that modern-day Rasputin with the Iranian background, Valerie Jarrett, who is behind the curtains, pulling the levers and turning the dials for the great and mystical Oz?

“Pelosi said the framework should be allowed to move forward without congressional changes. “Diplomacy has taken us to a framework agreement founded on vigilance and enforcement, and these negotiations must be allowed to proceed unencumbered,” she said. Pelosi’s comments also set her in opposition with some of the top Democrats in the Senate. Sen. Chuck Schumer — the No. 3 in Democratic leadership — has backed Corker’s bill, a significant break with the White House” – as we reported here.

My final question is simply, are the Democrats on Capitol Hill more concerned about circling the wagons around President Obama than they are about protecting America and Israel?

There is no framework for a deal with Iran. The Iranians know President Obama has threatened vetoes against reinstating sanctions or for Congressional approval. They know Obama, for whatever reason, so wants to have this deal that he’s willing to destroy anything in his way – including Israel, apparently.

Therefore, the Supreme Leader can join in on chants of “Death to America.” Their Basij Militia leader can state that Israel’s destruction is non-negotiable. They can hold Americans hostage and we don’t demand their release. They can continue to be the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world. Iran knows it is being rewarded for its obtuse and belligerent behavior.

And Nancy Pelosi just jumped right into this quagmire and affirmed Iranian recalcitrance.

America has no foreign policy, strategy, or vision for the Middle East — if any region in the world at all. Our allies are being abandoned, our enemies are being emboldened.

And we still have close to 18 more months of this.

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Wally C

Sad when the leader of Iran has to tell the American public that our leader is lying.


Well, it sure wouldn’t be Brian Williams !


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Wally C

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Carl Tim

What? Every time he opens his cavernous black hole he lies.

Major Woody

What I really call into question is the individuals that keep electing this shrew to public office.


She’s had her head up O’s butt for so long, she can’t see the Constitution. But this time her push might not be as effective as it was when she shoved that o’care suppository in us. I’m seeing headlines saying there’s a nearly veto-proof majority in the Senate which would put a stop to O going around them on this deal.



or her face in his lap ?


Baraq is a pathetically weak leftist surrounded by politically weak leftists supported in the Congress by pathetically weak leftists. What does grandma Clinton have to say on the matter?

Snap N McGarrett

Hillary has nothing to say unless it will help her get to the Oval Office where her husband sodomized a Jewish girl with a Cuban cigar.

David Akers

I think I am going to make a short video with the Ayatollah chanting death to America with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid in the background. If anyone has videos or stills of those 3 with their hands up in fist…send me links please…going to be fun.

Sue Hogan

Isn’t she the one who also said “you will have to wait till Obama care goes into effect or law to know what’s in it”? That worked out real well.

Snap N McGarrett

Arabs don’t negotiate in good faith. Never have. Never will.

They take. And the only way to get them to stop taking is with the threat of violence and the willingness to use it.


my ;

Charles Kolb

miss Pelosi needs to bone up on the constitution then maybe she will understand.. isn’t that what odumass said to scott walker about foreign policy . these people are out of touch with reality


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Alzheimer’s stricken Pelosi needs to retire, she has been in public service for far too long, maybe we can convince harry reid to take her with him