Watch: 9-yr-old delivers epic smackdown to school board

Sidney Smoot, a 9-year-old fourth grader from Florida, delivered a superb one-two punch to her local school board at public meeting regarding standardized testing.

While Florida has opted-out of the much maligned Common Core, the state’s current system is similar and requires copious amounts of standardized tests.

This very poised youngster neatly outlines why the tests are so difficult and stressful. Is your school board smarter than a fourth-grader? Probably not!

H/T Glenn Beck


  1. WATCH: Florida Republican cuts 10-year-old boy off as he testifies against anti-LGBT ‘revenge’ bill
    Florida state legislator seems to scoff at a 10-year-old boy as he curtails the boy’s testimony against a bill restricting same-sex couples’ adoption rights,

    “I was lucky to be placed with my brother, he was all I had, and he has looked after me since I was born,” Gill said. “In the home where DCS placed us, we had two dads. We were happy and liked our new home a lot.”
    But seconds after mentioning being happy living with a same-sex couple, committee chair Rep. Charles McBurney (R) cuts him off.

    “Mr. Gill, you’re doing a great job, but unfortunately your minute’s up,” McBurney says, refusing to grant the boy time to finish his story.

    *yea,,, just shut up kid and welcome to the wonderful world of grown up politics…


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