One thing media pundits won’t say about Walter Scott’s shooting

You just have to wonder how long the media and black activists will try and milk this one in a case where the justice system clearly worked.

As reported by NBC News, “A white police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina, was charged with murder after a cellphone video was released of him fatally shooting a black father of four in the back following a traffic stop. The release of the footage — which shows Officer Michael Slager fired eight times at Walter Scott — was praised by the 50-year-old victim’s family, who during a news conference said: “All we wanted was the truth.”

Walter Scott shooting from The Post and Courier on Vimeo.

“It looked like he was trying to kill a deer or something, running through the woods,” Scott’s father, Walter Scott Sr. said. Officer Slager, 33, was arrested earlier by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and faces 30 years to life in prison or the death penalty if convicted, state officials said in a news release. He was being held without bond in the Charleston County Jail.”

So there will be no need for protests and Al Sharpton making a trip for some shrimp and grits. The justice system will bring Slager to trial and the evidence will speak for itself — funny how that happens.

However, does anyone reading this believe that it will end there? Does anyone believe that somehow there will be some instigation to stir up the local community? I’m just waiting for another Eric Holder initiated DoJ investigation into the entire North Charleston Police Department.

This is a sad and tragic incident and having watched the complete video I can say there is NO excuse for what the police officer did in shooting Scott in the back. Heck, if it was necessary to draw his weapon, shots into the air as warning could have been enough. There is no excuse to shoot an unarmed person in the back, especially when you had their vehicle and knew their identity. A simple description and apprehension would have sufficed.

But we don’t need any speeches about police re-training. This was the action of one bad cop. Nor is it a reflection on the entire force. And I’m quite sure the North Charleston Police Department is angry about this incident as well, along with the tarnishing of their reputation to “Serve and Protect.”

It’s not necessary for anyone to try and claim this for political advantage. There is no need for the insidious false narrative of “hands up don’t shoot” or rhetorical signage of “black lives matter.”

Let us take the time to offer our condolences to the family of Walter Scott and maybe what should be done is establish a scholarship fund for his four children to attain what is sorely needed in the black community: better education opportunities.

At this time we need to once again focus on correcting that which ails the black community: strong families and economic growth. It pains me to know that for no apparent reason, four children will not have a dad at the Thanksgiving table.

This is a time where we can turn this tragedy into triumph. It’s a time when we can turn the page and not proliferate a victim mentality but advance the spirit of victors. Let us not allow those who would impart racial divisiveness to continue to drive a wedge in America to find a gap to exploit. And let us not fuel the flames of the media who want to stretch out a story for their own ideological purposes.

I pray this tragedy can strengthen the bonds between the North Charleston law enforcement officers and the community they serve. I am 54 and the death of Walter Scott serves to remind me once again just how blessed I have been in life.

And all lives matter.


  1. The evidence indicates that this former officer was in the wrong. The mayor had it right in his comparison that if you are wrong you are wrong whether behid the shield of law wnforcement or an average citizen and must live with that wrong. This man has been charged with murder and from I can see should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Law Enforcement officers MUST be held to a higher standard than the average citizen. Why? Because of the public trust that they are charged with, because they have been trained how to handle difficult situations in a proper way and because of the deadly force on their hip. They are human and will make mistakes but still must be held to a higher standard. That said, where is the basic problem? Why are so many from the black community involved in criminal events? I say we need to look back to LBJ’s “great society”, an experiment that has failed. At one time the black family was a strong part of the black community, stronger than many if not most white families. Along came an increase in government “assistance”. Now about 75% of ALL black children are born into single mom homes. I recently was involved in some hearingsd in family court where the mother of the two children in the case wasn’t sure who the father of her children is. Paternity tests on one “possible” father proved negative. She and this child have no idea who the father is so there is a child growing up without a father in her life, without a set of grandparents in her life. Theh other child’s father has been determined and he has been diagnosed with an anti-social diorder and has a proven record of violence to some of his other children. Mom lives on welfare and is a frequent drug abuser and has a substantial criminal record. What chance does this child have to grow up and achieve a share of what was once called the “American Dream” if she remains in this environment? In my opinion circumstances like this are where the problem begins. Yes, there are bad cops just like there are bad from any demographic. There are racist cops, just like there are racists in ALL demographics. But don’t paint everyone as bad. This man has been charged with murder so what is the chant of “no justice no peace” supposed to mean? It sounds like a tired cliche that serves no purpose in this case. Justice IS working. It can not replace a life, but it can take the taker of life off the street for life. What more can be done for justice in this case? Lets get real and look at the problem of paying people for more children. Lets look at the problem of black absentee or unknown fathers. Lets look at a system that rewards failure or mediocracy with a welfare check and no incentive to actually try for better. There needs to be a better system than what we have that creates an incentive to NOT achieve and be self sufficient. A system that does that perpetuates the problems and robs people of the incentive to be self sufficient and succesful in life. I am not saying wealthy for that is not true success. Being self sufficient in a home with two parents, one man, one woman, married to each other has proven throught history to be the ideal and our current programs DO NOT create that environment so they are a failure. I don’t have all or even many answers to the problem. I do know that what is being done since LBJ has caused the decline of the black family and the increase in problems in the black community. So instead of blaming “whitey” because this former officer was white and his victime was black, lets look at the big picture and try to find the underlying reasons for problems. More welfare and affirmitive action and other social justice experiments are not the answer. That is what has been being done for 50 years and has only made the problem worse.

    • ” More welfare and affirmitive action and other social justice experiments are not the answer.”. I agree yet do you tell that to the legacy applicants to college, the jobs given away on the golf court (affirmative action), Nepotism in the fire department? Do you ever question why politicians are getting subsidies welfare) from the Government for their farms that are not producing. Do you ask the bankers to stop preying on people that are financially weak? Or do you just like to say the words affirmative action and welfare without even realising who exactly are benefiting from the Government?

      • Nepotism has everything to do with family connections or friendship. It occurs no matter the race of the people involved. You will treat your friends and family different than someone you don’t know. As for “legacy” applicants to college, many people who would never made it into college because of poor test scores did, and standards were lowered for everyone to make it easier for some to succeed. How does that produce the brightest and best? Is that why we have to import IT people that were educated under much more restrictive systems that the US has? As for “welfare” for farms not producing, that is where the system is being gamed. It is a different system than one that pays for NOT producing.m This is another failed social experiment that takes land out of production to keep food prices artificailly high. I still think that the overall rate of black crime involvement goes back to failed sociakl experiments by the Democrats that have pushed these programs for the last 60 years, including even now the the Obama regime.

      • Always amazes. Me how many people are all of a sudden interested in the welfare of black people, and crime rates, whenever a heinous crime has been committed against them. I am sure you would hate to know that birth rates amongst black women have been on a steady decline.

  2. Where some people see an unfortunate incident in this video. I see a cold blooded murder. I also see a sworn officer plant evidence to cover up his crime. And then lie in his official statement. The official story until the video came out was that Mr. Scott struggled for the taser (sounds familiar?). The system was on his way to clearing that cop if that video never came out. The only thing that worked is the young man cell phone camera and his quick wits. He even gave them the chance to come clean before releasing the video. Everyone in their right mind knows that Mr. Scott would have been just another thug without that video. Without that video the topic of the conversation would be “not to resist to police”.

    • I think the evidence eventually would point to the fact that he shot him in the back, multiple times. That goes against most PD’s ‘use of force’ statutes anyway. At least now there won’t/shouldn’t be any rioting demanding justice as justice is really working in this case.

      • Rafael X…what happened before what we see on that video? I’m guessing since you can say with complete conviction that this was murder that you have seen something I haven’t. I’m not saying the cop was right but I’m also not saying the cop was wrong because I just don’t know. You apparently do. Share.

      • My eyes aren’t lying. I see him shoot a fleeing man. But I don’t know WHY he shot the fleeing man. Prejudices? Check that mirror Rafael X. I haven’t condemned the suspect or the cop because I don’t have the facts with which to do that. I also have not condoned what happened. You apparently do have information the rest of us don’t. All I’m asking is that you share. What happened that we are not seeing. I suspect a cop is guilty in your eyes just for being a cop.

      • Why is not irrelevant. To you, the answer to the question “why?” is the cop is white, the dead guy is black. That’s all you needed to pass judgment. Facts are not important to you. Color of skin is. And it’s apparently all that is important to you and all that is needed to pass judgment.

      • All the facts are NOT in the video. What happened before the video starts? Why does this man take off running? Those are very important facts. You think all the facts needed are in the video because you can see a black man and a white man and those are the only facts important to YOU. I see two men. I don’t care about the color of either of those two men. I do care what happened BEFORE that video starts.

      • You only care for a reason to excuse or justify the cops actions. Does not matter why he took off running. Fact is at the moment he gets shot his back is turned and running away. Plain to see. Looking for anything else is trying to justify murder.

      • Nope. I just want to see someone who has ALL the facts making the judgment instead of someone who saw something online and it’s a black dude who is dead and white dude who shot him so it had to be murder because white dudes are always murdering black dudes and black dudes never murder and it just ain’t right.

      • It does matter why he took off running and it would matter if he were armed. An armed fleeing felon that is an immediate potential danger to the community can be dealt with using deadly force. An unarmed fleeing person who has not commited any felony which appears to be the case here should not have had deadly forced used to stop him. Fighting ir sturggling with the officer is NOT a felony in most jurisdictions. It does make you wonder why the struggle but that is not justification for deadly force. I feel that this former officer has been charged properly and I think he would have been charged after a thorough investigation even without the video. You seem to be wanting to hang him just because of the racial make up of the people involved. It isn’t that simple. Race does not make a case murder, the actions do.

      • Didn’t look like a thorough investigation was on his way when the video surfaced. First thing the cop did was to doctor the evidence. Not one of his colleagues questions the scene when they show up. Without that video Mr Scott would have been just another dead thug.

      • “justice is really working in this case”
        why… cause a brave young man shot a video of it,,,
        if not,,, it would have been just another white cop,, shooting a black
        man,,, and telling only his side of the story,,, which we now see as a bunch of lies…

      • He has everything to do with it. But does the gun know the color of the finger pulling the trigger? NO. This might be about race but I have a feeling it is more likely a former officer who is too quick to use force.

    • So here comes the Monday morning quarterbacks. It doesn’t matter how far they were away from his vehicle the point is he was shot 8 times POINT blank in the back. Obviously because the officer couldn’t control his temper, and thought he was above the law and rules of police engagement. Stop with the fools questions of mabe’s and probably.

      • You don’t know what the phrase “point blank” means. Please stop using it. There is NOTHING “obvious” about the officer’s ability to control his temper in the short video we’ve been shown, the only “obvious” thing is that we don’t have all the facts yet.

  3. Monday morning quarterbacks. It doesn’t matter how far they were away from his vehicle the point is he was shot 8 times POINT blank in the back. Obviously because the officer couldn’t control his temper, and thought he was above the law and rules of police engagement. Stop with the fools questions of maybe’s and probably.

    • POINT BLANK? just a tad bit of an exaggeration wouldn’t you say? The guy was running away, the officer was stationary.

    • People should stop with the uninformed guesses as to what was going on in the officer’s head and the exaggerations of what they think happened at the time. That is how the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie spread. The officer will get his day in court and let justice prevail, we don’t need more trials by public opinion and more lies spread by a complacent media and race-baiters.

      • It was close proximity from what I could see in the video. Wasn’t a rifle shot asswipe. point-blank
        adjective & adverb
        (of a shot, bullet, or other missile) fired from very close to its target.
        “the weapon was inaccurate beyond point-blank range”
        synonyms:at close range, close up, close to
        “he fired the pistol point-blank”

  4. This BY NO MEANS justifies the shooting, as there was NO active threat, but it appears at the beginning of the video that Mr. Scott grabbed (and dropped at the officer’s feet) his taser. This is the same object the officer is seen picking up off the ground and then casually “dropping” by Mr. Scott’s body after he shot him. My point here is this; until ALL people understand that ANY confrontational behavior toward a law enforcement officer is wrong, we’re going to have these kinds of things happen. Again, it is NOT justification, but why did he grab the taser? The officer said he was “in fear” (who knows? Doesn’t look like it from a guy running away) but did the officer KNOW that Mr. Scott dropped the taser? This is something that we all have to come to understand… TOTAL compliance, regardless of your innocence or guilt, is the only way to make this type of event go away. Will there STILL be some bad cops doing things anyway? Yep. Just like bad doctors and bad plumbers and bad produce managers at the grocery store. Some people are just bad, so that won’t be eliminated. However, if you take away 99.9% of the opportunity to be bad, you’ll take away 99.9% of the bad, I believe.

    • What a load of malarkey. The only people who always follow police without a fuss are italian mobsters. People getting arrested will do stupid things to avoid it. Cops should be prepared for that. Cops are not robots, it’s not press the wrong button and you die.

      • You, sir, are what’s wrong with this country. No, people don’t HAVE to do stupid things when being arrested. They simply haven’t been taught NOT to do stupid things when being arrested. Quit justifying bad decisions. It was 100% wrong of the cop to shoot an unarmed man in the back while he was FLEEING. There was NO ACTIVE THREAT whatsoever, that I could see (very important…what I can see and what I didn’t) but the truth is, Mr. Scott, had he COMPLIED 100% with the officer, would probably be sitting in a cold jail cell instead of a cold morgue. It isn’t HIS fault the officer chose to break the law and shoot him with no apparent, active threat, but COMPLIANCE would have probably saved his life. It is sad that this is the case, but people like you who perpetuate the myth that “cops should be prepared” and that it is just normal for people to be NON-COMPLIANT is what is malarkey. Stop it! OBEY THE INSTRUCTIONS OF POLICE WHETHER YOU WANT TO OR NOT. Pretty simple. I learned this in the third grade. Malarkey….. sheesh.

      • If that is your mentality, sir, then by all means, be non-compliant. And, right, wrong or indifferent, accept the outcome. I, for one, will comply and live to see another day.

      • Apparently if this man had paid the $8,000.00 he owed in child support he wouldn’t have been afraid of being arrested and run. That doesn’t justify killing him. It might be the total reason he ran. In my first post above I talked about the black family and how many problems go back to absentee fathers. Was this man an absentee father who refused to pay child support and contirbuting to the overall problem? Apparentlhy. Like I said that does not justify shooting him. But if he had not struggled and run would he still be alive? Probably. So what is the UNDERLYING problem? He struggled & ran. Still that does not justify shooting but if he hadn’t struggled and run he would probably still be alive and owing $8,000.00 in child support. I am not trying to justify the former officers actions but highlighting a big part of the problem I see in the black community. Until the breakdown of the black family following LBJ’s “great society” social experiments you had less incidence of this type of problem.

      • Underlying problem was he got shot in the back 8 times. If he did not get shot 8 times in the back he would still be alive today. I didn’t see LBJ in that video.

    • Actually….Mr. Efta, it is inanely ignorant statements like the one just made by you, that guarantee that we are going to continue having problems like this…..because…. these lame arguments ONLY come from biggots (most from those who will be aghast at being accused of such….”who, me?”…….
      Reread your own statement, sir! It is ludicrous! While saying repeatedly that “it doesn’t JUSTIFY his actions”….. you KEEP TRYING TO JUSTIFY HIS ACTIONS! Or….at the very least you keep trying to shift blame off the officer, onto the victim….by one stupid comment after another….. NONE OF WHICH…justify taking this mans life……grow up, and “EXAMINE YOURSELF”….. as to why you can’t simply say this is wrong on any and every front. Faced with the facts that this man (officer) is at best an ignorant, moronic human being who has NO BUSINESS in the profession he is in…..and at worst, is possibly a hate-filled racist who shot to death a man who was fleeing, and no immediate threat/harm to him or anybody else…… check yourself

  5. My problem with this is where the video starts. I (we) have no idea what happened BEFORE that point. That concerns me.

    • we… might never know what happened,,, or.. only the word of the officer
      but he has been busted know,,, for lying,,,
      so we shall see…

      • Oh. Lying. Then I guess he should get off since ALL Americans are guaranteed equal treatment in this country. What’s good enough for our “leaders” should be good enough for each and every one of us.

    • I couldn’t care less what happened before video starts…even if Scot had slapped him in the face…which is not the case but even if he did the officer had no right to pull a gun…he had his car, knew who he was and was not threating the officers life while running away

      • Jerry, I’m not saying the officer is innocent. I’m really not. I just really want to know what happened during the entire sequence of events, not just the shooting. Saying the officer had no right to pull a gun is making a judgment based on information I don’t have. Do you?

    • I agree you don’t have a full picture.. but lets be real pooch15… NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED before, the police officer had the guy’s name, address, and car.. so…. call for back up and arrest him later.
      The victim made a mistake of not following the officer instructions and resisting arrest.. PERIOD. but that does not justify an execution. it is not the police officer job to execute people.

      • You know, I’ve seen the dash cam video now. So, what we have is a suspect who jumps out of his car and starts to run, cop catches up and there is a struggle, suspect again runs. We don’t see the struggle on either video so we really don’t know if the cop felt his life was in danger or not. He reacted. I have no way of knowing if his reaction was a product of fear and adrenaline with little time to think or if it was truly an over reaction that should not have happened. I don’t know what was in the cop’s mind at the time. I still believe that it should be left to a jury who will get a lot more information that social media has given you and me. What I do know is that police departments are being held hostage. If they don’t act immediately and to the satisfaction of a community with an agenda, we will have another Ferguson. I have to wonder how much that was taken into consideration when the decision to charge the cop came about.

  6. SC officers exonerated in more than 200 shootings

    Police in South Carolina have fired their weapons at 209 suspects in the past five years, and a handful of officers have been accused of pulling the trigger illegally – but none has being convicted, according to an analysis by The State newspaper.
    In South Carolina, it remains exceedingly rare for an officer to be found at fault criminally for shooting at someone.

    Lets hope this will change that……

    • Why should that “change” if they weren’t at fault when according to you, only “a handful” have been accused of doing anything illegal? Maybe it’s “exceedingly rare for an officer to be found at fault criminally for shooting at someone” because it’s “exceedingly rare” that they are in the wrong. Ever think about that?

      • I seriously doubt that…
        It’s like the ol’ drunk driving excuse,,,
        “This is the 1st time I’ve ever done this your honor”
        when statistics prove that people like that have been driving around drunk for a very long time,,, only this time,, they got caught..
        I don’t trust the police,,, and I have a few family members who
        are NYPD, both uniform,, and Detectives..
        they.. like a lot of people will lie,, if their backs have been put up against the wall… and they know they have made a mistake…

  7. More body cameras and penalties for turning them off. If there was not an anonymous citizen videotaping this, this officer might have got away with murder. It only takes one bad action to tarnish the reputation of police. As more incidents happen like this, the less likely people are going to be trusting of the police.

    • The answer is pretty simple in this case, the officer would have been arrested and charged with murder. The victim had been shot in the back, the officer would have been charged no matter what.

  8. I’m a big fan of body cameras. In fact they are already on order for the North Charleston PD, and a bill is working it’s way through the SC Legislature that will require all Police to wear a body camera. It will keep the police mindful of their actions and provide evidence in cases where lethal force is the only reasonable option.

  9. Maybe what we need is a vote of confidence for the police department, held every 2 years. A “no confidence” vote would trigger a “union contract bypass” and allow a citizens panel to weed out cops with a thug mentality. It should be an immediate dismissal and no appeal.

    The cops know who these thugs are, but they can’t do anything about it, because the union has a vested interest in protecting the thugs. Sometime the union needs these guys for their own purpose. Those of us who are related to a cop know this is true.

    This would go a long way to regain control over those who have the power to be an oppressive force aganst those who they are supposed to protect.

  10. Attempting to take an officer’s gun is the great go-to for police when caught shooting an unarmed person. After all, the police officer’s perception of threat is all that is needed to turn the gunning down of a civilian into a justified shooting.
    A) “I felt threatened…”
    B) “He went for my gun…”
    C) “I thought he had a gun…”
    D) “I feared for my life..”
    It’s as if it is scripted… There’s one thing that happens repeatedly, is you hear the same story every time,, be it true,,, or not

    and this makes it bad for the good cops out on the streets,,, doing their jobs..

    • What I find interesting is how similar his story to Darren Wilson’s. And how the video is similar to Mike Brown’s friends description of his shooting. Almost like they learn how to get away with murder at the academy.

  11. No civilian should be shot in the back. Police tactics are always being, no tactical at all.

    I’m surprised how fast the #BlackLivesMatter group got to SC. Makes you wonder who charter them there, what hotel are they staying and who’s funding the whole thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cutback on the ocare funds are taking care of it.

    Media using dead as a punchline its tasteless, and disgusting.

    • Where’s the spin? He clearly said it was wrong. He clearly said that the system worked and that he was charged with murder. And, he clearly articulated that despite the murder charge, some will not be happy as evidenced by your stupid comment.

      • I guess you didn’t see where the activists were already there chanting, despite the murder charge and arrest AND that Sharpton has already weighed in…..which makes Allen West accurate, not a disgrace.

      • Because what the activists are doing is wrong and there is no need for it and they SHOULD be called out.

      • No it doesn’t. Each case should be taken individually because they are completely different people and different scenarios.

      • Then you obviously didn’t pay attention or accept the facts. Wilson was clearly an enraged thug, who attacked the officer inside the car, fought over the gun and then chose to charge the officer rather than flee as this guy did….he tried to run away. Evidence & witnesses substantiated Wilson’s claim. The media and activists ran with a false narrative.

      • Exactly. You never saw the Wilson incident and yet you stated that this was just like the Wilson case. Apples & oranges.

      • No he wouldn’t. The investigation would have clearly proved that Scott was shot in the back at a distance, which would have gotten the officer charged without the video.

      • Incorrect. There are ALWAYS investigations in a police involved shooting. A departmental investigations unit conducts an investigation congruent to an Internal Affairs investigation, both congruent to a investigation by the county district attorney’s public integrity unit. The results are presented to a grand jury, comprised of citizens. Sometimes, the charge comes before the grand jury when there is incontrovertible evidence to substantiate it.

      • Nope. Scott’s autopsy would clearly show he was shot in the back at a distance and thus charges would have been filed without a video.

      • Well, now you’re just showing your ignorance of autopsies and being ridiculous. I’m done. Yall have a great day.

    • did you expect anything different??
      did you think that west would acknowledge the racism and hate
      in our country?,, and that various police depts. around the country
      have this problem in it’s ranks??
      and as an african american man be appalled by this
      and speak out against it??
      he chooses his words very carefully,,,
      talking about “how the system” works,,, when if it wasn’t for that brave young
      man,,, we all wouldn’t be having this conversation…

      • Well west has said that racism us over and he has never experienced racism in his lifetime because he was respectful

      • what a crock of ____
        so if it didn’t happen to him,,, that means it doesn’t exist…
        It’s like those screaming idiots who say..
        “I didn’t see that on Fox News!!”…lol
        If something happens,,, and fox news doesn’t cover it..
        that means it didn’t happen,,,
        life here on the fringe is odd.. to say the least…

    • Nobody trashes good black men like you guys. I am sure the racists out there are watching and laughing themselves silly.

      • Allen west is a disgrace…nothing good about him…he is a black man that is filled with self hate

      • No, he isn’t. I have met and talked to him. Your problem with him is that he isn’t full of the same hatred you hold. He is an achiever and a winner. That type of person doesn’t have any time or need for self-hatred. That is a vice for losers.

    • Do you have any evidence of those? What about those criminals who got away with murder? Are you angry with them as well?

  12. alot of fathers out there, get short end of the stick,if their childrens mom is on dhs, the father has dhs after them regardless if they have visitation rights or not,the whole system sucks. whole damn government needs a wash job

      • Mr west. This if true exact issue. I talk about in wash dc and ct legislatures. Fathers of all races being hunted down and locked up with. real criminals. if only the system gave this much effort into broken court visits. Instead of making millions of fathers pay checks. visitors and exiled. Especially to the laid off disabled and vets. Ive been there why i started. Save our kids p.a foundation. The suicides and murder suicides in family court is out of control in america!!

    • And you’ve never done anything wrong in your life. You guys voted for Bill Clinton and we all know how much sexual things he did but you voted for him twice anyway. Grab a breast, stain a dress.

  13. For biggoted people like ZRX_Doug, phildirt, Jan McMullen, and pooch15, et al, they have to keep asking inane, moronic questions, OR tell you to quit using certain terms because they are “technically” wrong to be used here….. for one reason ONLY !!! That is ……. This officer shot a man who was fleeing from him in the back, taking his life, when he (the victim) was of no imminent threat to the officer or anyone else, and he had the information on the man so that they may contact and/or arrest him later! EVEN the Dept. Isn’t going to bat for this man….they know better! ZERO justifiable reasons for 8 shots at the back of this fleeing man! BUT….. I am CERTAIN that you idiots will respond with more of the same…’s all you’ve got!

      • I am not an Allen West fan. Personally, I think anyone who joins every blacks only organization he can find while holding office is probably racist and not someone I want representing me.

    • Greggory, I’ve made it clear that I am not defending the officer. I’m defending justice. True justice can’t happen without all the facts. What I see in that video makes me think there truly is a problem with this shooting. But I am not going to make that judgment. I’m not on the jury and I don’t have all the facts. Bigoted? I don’t care what color either of the people involved is. I care that the right thing is done. Your statement of “EVEN the Dept. Isn’t going to bat for this man….they know better!” also came to my mind…but probably for a different reason. Do they know better because they know what the reaction will be if they do go to bat for their officer? If so, see what the reaction in Ferguson has done to justice? But I don’t know that either. Maybe the officer first on scene after the shooting knows something we don’t. Maybe the dept. knows something we don’t. Making judgments about ANY of this if you weren’t there and are not privy to facts is wrong. But continue with your self-righteous opinion of yourself and your ability to know everything about it. That should help the situation.

      • How do you know? Were you there? From the moment the cop turned on the flashing lights to the shooting? You saw the entire thing? You heard every noise and voice. You know what was going through the cop’s mind, through Scott’s mind. You saw the dash cam? Cause they haven’t released anything yet. We’ve just seen an amateur video that has not been inspected by professional technicians to know for absolute sure it wasn’t edited. You must be clairvoyant. How lucky for you. Can you tell me if I’m going to win the lottery?

      • I saw that the coo was not in danger at the time of the shooting…no need to shoot at that point

      • The SCOTUS says that it is legal for a cop to shoot a perp in the back if he believes said perp could be a danger to bystanders or others, not just in self defense. In the struggle for the taser did it go off? Was Scott or Slager suffering from the effects of being tased? Of course being clairvoyant, you know that as a fact as well, considering Scott has a record of assault and battery and warrants out for his arrest. The cop would have known that when he ran the license, but not the details. Perhaps you could tell us, did the cop actually run the license or did Scott run immediately and the cop had no idea what he was dealing with? The Video doesn’t show that, and I’m not clairvoyant like you, more’s the pity. But you must know the law since you already know what’s in people’s heads, right? So about the lottery…..

      • I just watched the dashcam video. Have you seen it? Cop is in his car checking license when the guy jumps out of the car and runs. Cop catches up with him and a struggle over the cop’s tazer ensues. Adrenaline flows. Guy runs and guy dies. I’m still not going to pass judgment without more info. But I can definitely see a point in there where the cop might definitely feel he is in danger.

  14. Except for one issue. Scott was running because he had several warrants out for his arrest for non-payment of child support and contempt of court charges for not showing when the baby mommas were after him to support his children, although he was driving a Mercedes. I seriously doubt he was welcome to have Thanksgiving dinner with his children, unless he was bringing the turkey. I will not be supporting his children since he had no inclination to do it either.

      • yea,,, just like selling loosies does…
        and being in a stairwell at night,,,
        and being a young kid waving a toy gun around..
        and many other BS stories you hear….

      • Nope, it does not. And Slager will stand trial for murder. Here’s some advice from Chris Rock though. “If the police have to come and get you, they are bringing an a$$kickin’ with them.” STOP RESISTING ARREST, YOU’LL LIVE LONGER.
        Also, the Supreme Court has said that it is perfectly legal to shoot a man in the back if the police officer has reason to believe that the perp will cause further danger to innocents. But God forbid we find out all the facts. Let’s just get a rope.

  15. Of course it is wrong to shoot anyone in the back, but by the same token, why was Walter Scott running away in the first place? Did he actually think that he could outrun the cop? And did he actually think that the cop wouldn’t shoot at him? What on earth was he thinking? Why would a father of four put himself in harms way like that?

    In each of these incidents, everyone says: “Why didn’t the cop just shoot him in the leg”? Well they do, but the criminals keep running anyway and it’s hard to aim accurately at a moving target, so at some point they get hit in the head or in the heart. These killings are not intentional. You try firing at a moving object !!!!!

    • A fleeing person is not an imminent threat. Cop had his plate, his name his description a taser. Feet to run a radio to call for backup. He then planted the taser next to dead body to cover his story.

      • I wonder if he planted the taser. Yes, I saw him go pick it up and put it next to the body. I also know what adrenaline does to thought process. I have no way of knowing what was going on in the officer’s head. Apparently some people do.

      • He clearly says “he got my taser” to the dispatcher right before dropping it next to the body. Thought process was I need to cover this up. Are you serious?

      • the Black officer refused to allow the officer to put the stun gun next to the body. That is why you see the officer retrieve the stun gun from the side of the body.

        saw that on the news….
        but more will come out in the days to come..

      • And? What does that have to do with my statement? I…have…no…way…of…knowing…what…was…going…on…in…the…officer’s…head…when he went and picked up the taser and dropped it next to the guy. Do you?

      • Video clearly shows what was going on. If you can’t see it get your eyes checked. Yeah he planted the taser to make his story plausible. Only thing missing was some crack to sprinkle on the body.

  16. You just have to wonder how long the media and black activists will try and milk this one in a case where the justice system clearly worked……you are such a disgrace Allen West

    • uncle… it only worked because that brave young man stepped up,,
      and did what was right…
      if he didn’t,,, no biggie,,, another white cop shooting a black man
      because “He felt threatened,, or I feared for my life”
      or some such BS…

      • Yet Allen wouldn’t touch the fact that this happens a lot but choose to make it about activist like they don’t have a right to protest the injustice that happens in the black community

      • he spins it the way he spins it..
        he can’t come out and say,,, maybe what he really believes,,
        west has painted himself into a corner,, or has put himself
        into this box…
        and his so called “friends” would not like that about allen
        if he actually spoke his true feelings…

      • Are you black? I know for a fact that many in the black community are sick of the kind of thing you promote and the numbers are growing daily. Are they racist or Uncle Tom’s? Do they have no dignity because they are independent of your ilk?

    • I think the point is simple. THAT STUPID COP would have killed anyone, black, white, pink yellow or blue.
      Every time we have “NEWS FLASH” LIKE THIS ONE.. WHITE COP KILLS BLACK MAN, OR BLACK COP KILLS WHITE MAN.. we separate and create the racism and differences ourselves.
      Does it really matter the color of the victim or the cop? HE IS A MURDER…

    • When a cop does something unthinkable, don’t blame all officers that protect and serve. The activist are trouble causers. Let the justice dept take care of it. You can be assured because it was a white cop and a black suspect it will receive much more investigation than any other serino. I personally think the cop is scum, because he then tried to frame Mr. Scott, regardless if Scott had been guilty of something.. There is more to the story because the murder charge came so very quickly. What happened before the tape, what did the police say to Mr. Scott–did he threaten him, is that why he ran? I have so many unanswered questions, not a racial question one, just analytical of the entire scene. We saw the good the activists did in Ferguson. They need to keep their nose out of it.

    • Love those comments that start with “white man guilty because he white!!” and then try to justify judgment and condemnation without facts to back it up.

      • Well ya got me on that one, Rafael X. There is NO question about that. Probably the one and only true statement you will make in this discussion.

      • No, you’ve been making a judgment based on that information. But you cannot provide the information about what happened BEFORE the video.

      • How much are they paying you to insight a riot here? It will not work here in Charleston the people are to smart to fall for that bullshit!

      • People here will not riot unless justice is not served and here even without the video I think it would! The video shows how this community cares about it’s people!

      • All but one bad cop that should have been not had a badge in the first place all police should be evaluated every 6 months!

      • No dork Bad Cop shoots innocent man 8 times in the back while he was running for his life. It was not a black white thing. That’s your spin.. I saw the video i never heard anything like I’m going to kill you ya black SOB or run run N word I’m going to get you.. that’s racist. Until it shows it was because he was black or had a history or racism that’s just YOU BEING A RACIST YOURSELF. You think you would have learned from all the OTHER times racist was screamed and it was proven to be not the case.. get over yourself you twit.

    • I would love to say that too,,, and I really would like to believe that…
      because we are conditioned to believe that,,,
      “they protect,, they serve,, they help the community…
      so when something like this happens,, it’s very hard for some to wrap their head around it,,

      • I rather doubt you would like to say that as it doesn’t fit your criteria. Police do protect and serve and the incidences like this vs the amount of police in this country is minimal however if it isn’t sensationalized and exploited by the media they wouldn’t have anything to talk about, especially the driveby media!

  17. What the cop did was wrong no matter what but what if Mr. Scott said I<m going to get my gun and kill your ass? No one knows what happened yet so all you want to be lawyers need to wait for the dash cam video before you run your racist mouth! That bullshit that Eric Holder pulled before will not work here in Charleston because this community is to smart for that BULLSHIT! Stop with the hate be like Jesus and love everyone!

      • Rafael X, how can you say our eyes are lying when we are questioning what is NOT in the video? Can you see what is not in the video?

      • If you don’t understand what difference it would make, you shouldn’t be commenting on this story at all, anywhere, any time. You certainly shouldn’t be making judgments about what happened.

      • How about this…what if the dead guy said to the officer (before he took off running of course,) “I just killed my whole family and I’m on my way to WalMart to kill some people there too. Bet you can’t catch me.” Now of course that is a bit ridiculous (I hope) but can you see that there might be something you don’t know about what happened? I don’t think something like that did happen because it’s doubtful that the cop’s department wouldn’t have checked that out immediately and come to the conclusion that the officer had every right to stop the guy from fleeing. But that’s just it, Rafael X…we don’t know. And what we don’t know is terribly important.

      • I have been reading the back and forths…..give it up pooch 15, Rafael X is far too intelligent for you to argue with….the cpmmentary doesn’t lie…..

      • Intelligence has nothing to do with it Greggory. It’s an understanding of justice that is important and Rafael X clearly has no understanding of justice or how it works.

      • I know that when you shoot someone running from behind, it’s a murder. Wether it’s a drug deal gone wrong or he just stole from you. Unless a sniper shoots in the back of head while holding hostages. There is still that pesky detail of planting the taser next to the body. Usually attempt to avoid detection is a sign of premeditation. So please tell where you got your law degree counselor.

      • “I know that when you shoot someone from behind, it’s a murder. Unless a sniper shoots in the back of head while holding hostages.” And there you have it, Rafael X. You just blew your own argument out of the water. You found a case where just maybe it’s not ALWAYS murder and that means there could be others.

        Yes, there is still that pesky case of the taser and as I said, adrenaline could have something to do with that. Or he could have been trying to plant evidence. Neither of us knows.

      • The guy was so pumped on adrenaline he calmly picks up the taser walks deliberatly towards the dead body and casually drops it there. Looks more rehearsed than anything else.

      • Not the point, Rafael X. The point is there are circumstances you do not know. “Looks” “calmly” You don’t have a clue what was going on in that cop’s mind. You just don’t. No matter how hard your try to justify your judgment without ALL of the evidence, you can’t.

      • A high quality video of the guy pulling the trigger is pretty solid evidence in any court. No matter how much you would love to find a “context”. They didn’t even bother with a Grand Jury this time.

      • I’m wondering how much that has to do with overwhelming evidence and how much has to do with fear of reactions such as yours leading to more violence. (I am NOT saying you would riot and destroy property. I’m saying your lack of need for evidence is frightening.) If it is the latter, what a sorry state we have been brought to by this type of reaction.

      • Can you shoot someone for something they threatened to do? If he said “I’m gonna kill your whole family.” The shooting would still be unjustified. If that were the case, everyone could kill anyone for a threat.

      • Was not the point “there’s things we don’t know that might be important to the case”? By your example, one of those possibly important things might have been a prior murder or threat of future murder. My rebuttal to that point is, that would not have mattered in regards to the legality of the shooting. Yea he needed to be stopped but not shot 8 times in the back. What else am I missing?

      • You were ignoring the admission of the prior murder and the possibility of more murder and that would matter. When someone is trained to shoot, they are trained to shoot until they take down the target. I don’t remember seeing the officer shoot AFTER the guy was on the ground (I don’t have time right now to watch again so correct me if I’m wrong) so he fired until he took down the target.

      • You are correct Pooch. He did not shoot him after he was down. However, firing the first shot was unjustified. Summary execution for a past crime, no matter how grotesque, or a threat of future crime is unconstitutional. The officer had no right or authority to shoot a fleeing suspect. Not even once! Subdue yes. Shoot no. He was unarmed. Therefore my premise stands. This shooting, regardless of unknown circumstances, was unjust. Thank you for civil discourse.

      • Tim Lewis has left an outstanding example (much, MUCH better than mine) of what could prompt this reaction.

        Civil discourse is always much more interesting and many times educational. Thanks back at you.

      • How about when he pulled the car over the cop saw a shotgun in the back seat but the guy ran .the cop chased him ,they fought and the black guy started to run back toward his car .so the cop thinks he’s running to get the shotgun and doesn’t give him the chance .i know this isn’t true or it would have come out. But it’s an example of why a cop would shoot someone in the back .in this case just a dirty cop that would have shot a black ,white ,Mexican doesn’t matter .but only blacks will whine about it until the can get something out of it .

      • Excellent example although I have to disagree with pre-judgment and conviction without benefit of trial.

    • Doesn’t matter WHAT he said….you moron. You lamely calling someone else racist is laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic…..

  18. This is terrible. And right now is not the time to talk about what liberal activists might or might not do to use this for their cause. If they do then talk about it. Right now, it’s about a man who was afraid and ran. Shot dead in the back for no good reason. The cop could have pursued him on foot or any number of different options. According to how the department has responded to this, I’m pretty certain this cop will not be treated gently by his fellow officers. they must be sickened.this will for sure make it harder for them to do their job now and have trust between them and the people in the community. I wonder what really happened and what that officer said to that man just before he ran. Maybe that man was given a real reason to run for his life.

  19. What irritates me is the media emphasis on the races of the people involved. Reverse it or have it be white on white or black on black and this barely makes a blip on the radar. I will wait till we get the whole story and then the trial and verdict. ABC was over the top on this. It only serves to increase tension. We need to decrease the tension. Police need to be more hesitant use up all alternatives before using deadly force. If dealing with the police people need to be respectful and calm. Comply with instructions, no violence, don’t run away, no fast moves. Media need to get accurate info and not spread propaganda or false information that brings the tensions up.

    • Thing is, this right here, this IS the set pattern. White cop pitcher, poor black catcher. That’s why folks are upset. Thank God the city acted fast and honorably.

  20. Liberals are just giddy that they can convict a white cop. Just giddy.
    It’s not about protecting blacks; it’s about punishing whites. What do
    you want to bet this cop will be convicted, and there will be riots
    anyway? Hey, they still want their free TV.

      • This issue isn’t about white vs black and you know it. I don’t believe anyone here lacks knowledge of or are uneducated about the propaganda and the ideology of your ilk. The problem with your ilk is they are so enamored with themselves there is no room for anything else, no room for diversity! It must be a miserable life to have to make things up all the time and work at slandering people anyway you can. So who really is ignorant?

    • That may well be true…..but if he is guilty….he’s guilty, convict & sentence….then deal with the rest! If there is no reason for this to be a justified shooting, then it’s MURDER!!!

    • Blacks don’t care if a thousand other blacks are murdered .they only care if a white man did it ,so they can act like the apes they are .the liberals are the same way they could care less if blacks are killed by anyone other than a white because they are so weak and pathetic the suffer from self hatred so they hate people that look like them (white).

      • Consider the following

        1) He went to a Black conservative’s web page and felt comfortable calling Black people “apes.”

        2) No other conservatives called him out for calling Black people “apes”

        3) This was done on a Black conservative’s page, where he was blaming the Obama administration for being racially divisive.

        If you cannot grasp how this damages you cons, then I cannot help you.

      • Consider the following:
        1) He shouldn’t have felt comfortable saying it on any page.
        2) I did call him out by pointing out it’s not acceptable anywhere (although I never addressed him directly because I had about 12 seconds to comment and run for an appointment and didn’t even have time to find the post to which Brendan was responding. Please pardon my real life for intruding.)
        3) Again, I don’t care WHERE it was. I care that it was. And as you have pointed out, he’s apparently also a hypocrite.
        4) If you cannot grasp that this is wrong, no matter WHERE it happens, then I cannot help you.
        5) “you cons” In other words, “anyone who says something I don’t agree with is the most reprehensible name I can think of to call them.” You have no idea of my political affiliation.

      • And yet, he DID feel comfortable saying it on THIS PAGE, didn’t he?

        And why did he feel comfortable? Because people like you, and other White conservatives, SAID NOTHING when he said it!!

        You think that would happen on a lib page? Nope. He’d have been pilloried, then ejected, and pilloried some more. Here, only libs said ANYTHING.

        And you cons wonder why you party looks as white as a Klan meeting . . . that’s because sometimes it seems like one . . . .

      • Who cannot read? Did any con here say something negative about Tim’s “apes” remark since I posted my observations last night?

      • I believe he did. Mr West? Please take note of the audience you’re attracting, however unintentionally.

      • And you are the reason we are called racist… take your garbage somewhere else… like Stormfront.

      • Conservatives rarely acknowledge how the racists comfortable amongst them contribute to a situation where racial and religious minorities flee the conservative side. You cannot have a reasonable policy discussion when people are waving a Confederate flag . . . .

      • You are funny… As a conservative I have never flown the Confederate Flag, But I know that many democrats have… You must be aware that is where the KKK has its roots… And nothing will change my mind that many of them still hold that sentiment. It just keeps coming back to what LBJ said during the civil rights… “I’ll have them n******s voting democrat for the next 200 years”. Perhaps you should look into what Hillary and others have said behind the backs of many Blacks and minorities.

        And as a side note… I have seen many democrats fleeing their party, finally seeing what the democrats really are.

      • You will not find the Confederate flag at ANY Democratic or other liberal functions. You will also not find any Dems saying it is anything but a celebration of racism and treason.

        The same cannot be said of you cons. That tea party person waving the flag outside the White House while Larry Klayman called for Obama’s assassination being one case in point.

        The Republican side has a serious racism problem. But I have concluded that y’all are either not ready to face it, or you agree with it. I am not sure which. But you do have a problem. And the sooner it is faced, and you stop trying to point the finger at the RACIALLY DIVERSE PARTY, the better off you will be.

      • Haven’t you noticed that the Conservative/Republican is a racially diverse party? … Look at who the owner of this website is? Look at Dr Carson, who was once a democrat but is now a conservative… and many many more across the racial spectrum…

        As far as flying the confederate flag… LOL Democrats invented the KKK. They fought against the civil rights in the 60’s until one day they thought hmmm and well you saw what I posted that LBJ said… And today there are many MANY closet racists amongst the democrat party… Bill Clinton speaking of Obama saying a few years ago he would have been serving us coffee, not to mention a trooper in AR has said that Clinton used the “N” word on many times… Biden stating he is an articulate light skinned with no “negro dialect”… Take what one says in public and figure what they say in private? LOL They probably have confederate flags and even swastikas in their closet…

        I’ll give it to you that the extreme right who were once the democrats of the 60’s and not the what the conservative/republican party still is… No conservative/republican I have talked to are racists. They are very good people who see no colour when they approach others and only base their judgment on behaviour not colour. There are many Black and Hispanic conservatives… and have for many many years Even as far back as the Civil War with Fredrick Douglass and more…

      • “Haven’t you noticed that the Conservative/Republican is a racially diverse party?”


        You mean the “diversity” of a party where a Black man has a column that toes the GOP party line and calls other Black people “racist,” and that same Black man (and his mother, his siblings, his children, and every other Black person in the US) are called “apes” by a White conservative . . . and you other White cons said NOTHING in response? THAT “diversity”?

        [golf clap]

        Rena, you guys have some serious racial problems. Unless and until YOU WHITE CONSERVATIVES (not Love or West or Carson . . . but YOU) toss people like Tim out your party, people like Love and Carson and West will continue to be nothing more than emasculated mascots.

        A Black man who would be part of a party that disrespects him so much that it lets someone refer to him and his kind as “apes” has no self-respect. And a man with no self-respect will never get respect in my community.

      • True I’ve noticed that the Conservatives/Republicans is a racially diverse party. Granted there are more minorities in the government plantation party but to each his own. If you don’t mind being told what you should do or how you should think, stay… However, you would think that after 50 years of Democrat’s control of the
        black vote, and the fact that this party has been an utter failure, there
        would be more blacks transitioning to a more conservative party. Don’t you think?

      • I believe I did respond to one or two of his posts.. perhaps you can’t see it… there are times I do not see all the posts… one of the reasons I hate discus… at any rate, I have not received any notice of any replies from him to the posts he wrote to me… But why does it matter to you who I respond to and who I don’t?

      • And by the way.. most of those idiots, like Tim Lewis, are extreme right wing.. not conservative. They have fallen into that party due to David Duke leaving the democrat party a while back and trying to run for president under the republican flag… only to find out that the Republicans didn’t want him.

      • David Duke was never a Dem. Tom Metzger was once, but he did that for show.

        By the way . . . if the Republicans “did not want” David Duke, why did y’all elect him to the state legislature, then nominate him for governor?

        Y’all have a funny way of disapproving of a racist agenda . . . by promoting it! Or in the case of Tim Lewis, remaining silent as he spews . . . .

      • From Wikipedia…

        Early campaigns

        Duke first ran for the Louisiana Senate as a Democrat from a Baton Rouge district in 1975. He received 11,079 votes, one-third of those cast.[40] In October 1979, he ran as a Democrat for the 10th District Senate seat and finished second in a three-candidate race with 9,897 votes (26 percent).[41] Duke allegedly conducted a direct-mail appeal in 1987, using the identity and mailing-list of the Georgia Forsyth County Defense League without permission. League officials described it as a fundraising scam. Duke was accused by several Klan officials of stealing the organization’s money. “Duke is nothing but a con artist,” Jack Gregory, Duke’s Florida state leader, told the Clearwater Sun after Duke allegedly refused to turn over proceeds from a series of 1979 Klan rallies to the Knights. Another Klan official under Duke, Jerry Dutton, told reporters that Duke had used Klan funds to purchase and refurbish his home in Metairie. Duke later justified the repairs by saying most of his home was used by the Klan. In 1979, after his first, abortive run for president (as a Democrat) and a series of highly publicized violent Klan incidents, Duke quietly incorporated the nonprofit National Association for the Advancement of White People(NAAWP) in an attempt to leave the baggage of the Klan behind.[42]

        1988 presidential campaign

        In 1988, Duke ran initially in the Democratic presidential primaries. His campaign failed to make much of an impact, with the one notable exception of winning the little-known New Hampshire Vice-Presidential primary.[43] Duke, having failed to gain much traction as a Democrat, then successfully sought the Presidential nomination of the Populist Party.[44] He appeared on the ballot for president in 11 states and was a write-in candidate in some other states, some with Trenton Stokes of Arkansas for vice president, and on other state ballots with Floyd Parker for vice president. He received just 47,047 votes, for 0.04 percent of the combined, national popular vote.[45]

        You can read more here….

      • I stand corrected. The Klansman ran unsuccessfully as a Dem. They did not want his bigoted azzzz in office with a “D” next to his name.

        Ah, but he did get elected to office, didn’t he? And what party sent him to Baton Rouge, with their letter next to his name?

        This is the legacy you guys have not yet dealt with. It is a legacy that leads us to where we are today, where the KKK website is almost an issue by issue copy of the tea party websites.

        And that is why a White con feels comfortable getting on a Black cons’ website and calling him an “ape.” And the response from White cons? Silence . . . .

      • And in ’92… he tried to run again as president as a republican but the republicans blocked him…

      • [golf clap]

        So you did not let the Klansman get the nomination against the sitting incumbent. Do you want a cookie?

        I noticed you skipped over the whole “Republican candidate for governor” thingee. Yeah . . . I would skip that, too.

        By the way — When Mike Foster (look him up) bought David Duke’s mailing lists . . . did anyone in your party think “Thaz not OK”?

      • Thank you Guest for sharing your prostitution experiences but this discussion is about something else altogether. I understand your excitement. Please try to understand our apathy.

  21. I was bugged by people at press conference chanting “No justice, no peace.” What do they call the cop’s being arrested, fired and charged with murder? That’s how justice works– not with lynching.

    • But what about the other officers who lied about events at the scene? Should they be at least suspended pending investigations?

      • the Black officer refused to allow the officer to put the stun gun next to the body. That is why you see the officer retrieve the stun gun from the side of the body.

        saw that on the news….
        but more will come out in the days to come..

    • The protesters are not from here. They are paid useful idiots bussed in by Al Sharptons group from Jacksonville or so we’re informed. Must keep that jack a$$ in $5000 suits so he can evade taxes.

    • what about the rest of the Police department’s “crime scene clean up crew” who failed to call or render aid to the victim (the murder victim). The perpetrator (the murderer) and the rest were busy planting evidence and obscuring the crime scene to make it fit the claimed story. Those involved with the [attempted] cover up should be prosecuted too, and then fired and prevented from future LE work.

  22. There will not be riots here unless they bring them in from somewhere else people here are to smart for that bullshit! Unless he is not convicted then I might start one!

  23. The shooting appears to be totally unjustified. I do, however, wonder how the day would have gone if the victim had not resisted the officer and had simply followed the officer’s instructions.

      • Go sign up for the job we will wait for you to to go to work and show us how to do it, and then critique your performance.

      • Why do you only want one question answered, if the only question you have is this you are not interested in Justice based on evidence. Asking why someone ran and did not cooperate is a legitimite question. Anyone interested in justice wants all the questions answered. Biggest point being had he not fled that day most likely he would be alive. If that bothers you you have to ask yourself why. Is it because you don’t want the truth or does it affect your bias?

      • He should have obeyed orders. He didn’t want to go to jail so he ran. That’s illegal. There’s a penalty for it, in fact. It’s probably like $500 and a month in jail, or something. The penalty for it is NOT being casually gunned down.
        The officer should have called for assistance, and chased him. That’s how it’s done. The officer should not have casually gunned him down. That’s illegal too; the penalty is somewhat stiffer.

      • As a former officer that sounds correct to me. He should still be alive but he acted irresponsibly. Officer will spend life in jail like he should. Sadly this post will make good officers look bad and others will use it to attack good people.

      • Why he ran is a legitimate question to be sure but we’ll probably never know the answer to it now because he’s dead. But the biggest point is that if he hadn’t been shot 8 times he certainly would be alive. It wasn’t the running that killed him, it was the bullets. I’m more interested in a cop killing someone and then trying to rearrange the evidence to make it look like self defense than I am in interrogating his victim about why he ran.
        I’m also not that interested in why he ran because I can’t think of a compelling reason to shoot an unarmed man in the back 8 times no matter why he’s running away from me.

    • I’m not clairvoyant, but let me guess…..Nothing would have happened. He would have been brought to the cop shop and thrown in the slammer for the warrants that were out on him and the lawyers would have taken over.

  24. The paid shills always show up and incite hate ask them how much they get paid and they will not answer! Jesus loves you all! GB

    • If anyone doesn’t think that the left is purposely stirring up racial hatred and a race war isn’t paying attention .the sad part it’s only going to hurt the black people ,not help but they could care less as long as they get elected .the blood of the thousands of dead black people when they start killing whitey ,blood is on there hands .the average white is well armed and when cornered will fight and out number black people 5 to it will be a slaughter .

  25. With all due respect Colonel, no officer should ever fire warning shots into the air
    As I know that you know, what goes up must come down. A police officer cannot shoot a fleeing felon unless he poses a direct dangerous threat to the officer or the public. The best case scenario was for the officer to continue chase. If this man escaped it would not be the end of the world. Unfortunately for the suspect and the officer, it is the end of theirs.

    • I agree with you mostly. The problem is when a suspect has the officer’s taser he can use it on any responding officers, take the officer’s firearm and start killing cops, citizens and children. Desperate people do desperate things.

      • Unfortunately Tim, he was an officer of the law. A trained professional. Sorry, even a civilian wouldn’t have panicked and pulled off 8 rounds. He had already had a previous charge of excessive force with the use of a tazer, but was exonerated. I think maybe the previous case may have made him feel more emboldened? Very sad. #dirtyisdirty #alllivesmatter

  26. As a former officer it is time for all departments to wear a microphone and camera. Used them both over a decade ago. Will provide vital evidence on all sides.


  28. If a suspect has an officer’s taser the suspect can use it on the officer and take the officer’s handgun and shoot any responding officers. This may be why the officer decided to use deadly force. Next, firing warning shots in the air. Just about all police agencies discourage this practice. Every shot fired by the officer has to go somewhere. People are killed by shots fired in the air. Most agencies state that firing of warning shots is discouraged and should only be done in the most critical of situations. In order to fire warning shots you must already have an offense where using deadly force is justified since firing shots in the air is very dangerous. Do you really want shots falling in the park where your children are playing, a school yard, a mega mall parking lot or your backyard barbeque?

    • The thing is we see him clearly plant the taser next to the body. Unless Mr. Scott was spiderman with eyes in his back. There’s no way he could have used that taser from 10 feet away with his back turned.

    • “If a suspect has an officer’s taser the suspect can use it on the officer”

      Not if it has already been fired. They aren’t multi-shot weapons.

      Regardless, Scott didn’t have the taser.

    • This video shows very clearly that he did not have the taser, never had control of the taser and ran. The officer is shown dropping the taser before taking aim to shoot at Scott. The officer could have tased him when he began to run.. but instead dropped the taser, shot him, picked up the taser then dropped it by Scott after he was laying on the ground.

      I agree shooting warning shots can risk hitting someone else but this cop was way out of line shooting a man in the back. The officer was in no way in danger once he took off running, He had no weapon on him.

  29. This was absolutely awful and the officer will pay for it dearly… but please, no warning shots in the air. That is TV stuff.

  30. No video even needed in this case….Walter Scott was shot in the back 5 times. Forensics would have jailed this thug, dirty cop for sure.

  31. Shame on you Mr West.
    I agree that this is not a case where protests are needed because the justice system is working.

    But in your rant against opportunists taking advantage of this to push their agenda, you are missing an irony.

    That is what you are doing… you are using this awful crime as an excuse to attack Eric Holder and the DOJ.
    That makes you the opportunist here… using this awful crime to push your political agenda.

    • Perhaps he wrote it because Earl wouldnt shut up about West not saying anything… Seems that West is damned if he does and damned if he don’t… You guys are never satisfied.

      • Mr West writing about this shooting does not bother me.
        I agree with him that justice is being served.

        Mr West using the story as an excuse to push his political agenda and attack the DOJ and Eric Holder while chastising others who might use this shooting to push a political agenda… that’s what bothered me.

      • LOL…that’s all the left does is push their political agenda when tragedy’s occur and you never have a problem with it….West just simply stated what has been going on since Eric Holder became Attorney General….you just can’t stand facts.

      • It’s only a tragedy for the cops 8 month pregnant wife and the kid that wont know is father. And Mr. Scott’s 4 children who will also be fatherless. Mr. Scott is a murder victim and his killer a murderer.

      • A bit off-topic, but his 4 kids were already fatherless. Their worthless “mother” ran off, divorced and started sucking him dry through state-enforced Child (read:Mommy) support. This is a common theme, it seems. Men are demonized while terrible “mothers” are lionized, when the “mother” is quite often the entirety of the problem.

      • I hear what your saying. Warrant in family court could have been the reason why he resisted fled. Sad story for everyone involved. I bought into a lot the of anger over Ferguson. I called Darren Wilson a lot of dirty names. This situation I can’t even bring myself to anger.

      • Oh, I’m angry.

        I’m angry at the dirty cop. No one, and I do mean NO ONE, deserves to be shot in the back; outside of a war zone, of course.

      • I want to be angry but I can’t. Can’t muster it, there’s no point anyways. That guy filming the scene did a lot more than my anger. Just hope people that town don’t let their anger spill in the streets.

      • Your assumptions are wrong.
        I have a problem when the left exploits a story to push an agenda too.

        Let me make it clear… I think people like Al Sharpton are opportunistic hucksters exploiting local communities and crying racism at all times, even when there is none.
        Is that clear enough?
        i don’t support anyone (left or right) exploiting a tragedy to further their own agenda

      • Well, Im not sure what political agenda he has at the moment, as I don’t believe he is running for anything. And I can somewhat understand his frustration at the DOJ and Holder because they never seem to want to do anything about a case unless it has these criteria… 1. that it be a white on black crime and 2. the shooter has to be in some sort of law enforcement (I realize that Trayvon wasn’t but Zimmerman was a so called neighborhood watch person which can fall into that line).

        The DOJ and Holder, Sharpton, Obama, and others who are jumping on the bandwagon, never bring up the black on black crime or victims who are white shot by black officers. There seems to be a lot of lopsidedness with them that especially shouldn’t be seen amongst our DOJ and our government leaders.

        Just my thoughts anyway…

      • I suppose they should learn from that and realize that they shouldn’t try to jump the gun… Hopefully the Ferguson case woke them up to that behaviour… look what it cost them… millions if not billions of destruction and several innocent people killed…

      • The riots played into Ferguson’s police hands. As long as the story is the riots, MB’s shooting was just a side not. Seeing black people loose their minds made Wilson story more plausible. With the evidence he has that police chief couldn’t let the town burn down to save one cop.

    • According to you? Shame on you for being so shameless in your constant attack against Mr West. You say you were military but youi certainly are different than the many I’ve met and know. Since when is it against the law to make mention of anothers misdeeds. If Eric Holder can’t take the heat he needs to get out of office.

      • Against the law?
        I never said it was against the law to criticize Eric Holder.
        Make sense.

        i pointed out Mr West’s hypocrisy

      • Think outside the box, reading what you write and how you write it comes off sounding like it is a crime and he shouldn’t do it.

      • I think many are just waiting for Al Sharpton or Eric Holder to get involved where they don’t need to, it has been their pattern to demean police officers and incite a stir of emotion.

    • If the WH and Eric Holder don’t chime in with their race bating comments
      I’ll give you this one, but you need to understand how detrimental this
      administration has been to closing the racial gap. They rather stoke
      the fires of falsely perceived racism.

  32. Mr West… this isn’t the movies. Police officers don’t fire warning shots.
    An officer doesn’t fire his weapon unless deadly force is necessary… and as to shooting a fleeing person… that is only allowed if that fleeing person poses an immediate threat to the life or limb of another.

    • He tried to flee a traffic stop, fought the officer, obtained his taser and tried to use it on him, then fled again…. The officer had every right to think he was an imminent threat. Non-violent people don’t fight officers and try to debilitate them with their own taser.

      • That was the officer’s initial story, which this video proved false.
        He did not have the officer’s taser.

        And resisting and fleeing is not the same as being an imminent threat to life or limb

  33. “shots in the air as a warning”. Really? Sometimes I wonder who writes things like this FOR Allen West, because there’s now way HE would condone doing something THAT stupid. What goes up MUST come down, and that includes bullets, up, down OR sideways.

  34. Spot on, Mr. West.

    Is this a tragedy? Yes.
    Does this story deserve national coverage? Absolutely not.
    If races were reversed would this story go national? Nope.

    Those three questions are all this story really amounts to. Like you said, Justice System worked here, but the opportunists will tack this on their anti-police agenda like it proves they were right about Ferguson — which is a completely different case.

    Why is our media so glaringly racist that anytime a black person is a victim to a white person (which is statistically marginal), races of both parties involved are listed in lede graphs of the story? Like the NBC lede you quoted. Can’t we just say a man killed a man? Or is that only when a black person kills a white person?

    It’s nice to see the conservative side standing with the Scott family on this though. I hope it will awaken some on the anti-police side and allow them to see we stand for true justice and liberty for all.

    • This story went national because of the video… not the race.
      A police officer was caught, on video, clearly shooting a man in the back multiple times.
      If they were all white, this story would still have gone national.

    • Really a cop commits murder under the color of authority. Tries to cover it up and it doesn’t deserve national attention? When will it deserve national attention?

      • Aren’t you glad you have google to look things up? Otherwise you wouldn’t know his name at all, thanks to our corrupt media.

      • Well, but Collars story wasn’t really extraordinary. Browns was. Not necessarily because of Brown himself but because of the background.

      • let me guess? yes your a racist cow, only time you make comments are to be a racist cow,now see your way out! this is about a person being shot for no damn good reason, no matter his color,he did nothing warranting death. Others have, and combining them because of their skin color,is racist!

      • He was a drugged up white kid shot by a black cop… but that has nothing to do with this.
        That kid was not shot in the back, didn’t have a weapon placed near his body, and the officer didn’t lie about what happened… and it wasn’t all caught on video

      • I didn’t say it had anything to do with this case. Maybe our corrupt media should start reporting fairly instead of inciting racial division, because if they did we all would know Gilbert Collar as we all know the name Michael Brown.

    • Probably… the cop might have been busted on the forensics. The distance between where he fell and where the firing was from would have likely cast doubt on the officer’s story

    • MOron! He was shot in the back 5 times…you don’t think forensics would have took care of this dirty cop??

    • Nope I don’t disagree. That is actually the only intelligent sentence that I have ever seen you write.

      Police departments across the country have issues with corruption. They are not all bad but it does give one pause to trust them.

      That is why we have the second amendment. We have the right to defend ourselves when government agencies lose the public trust.

      You can have police with absolute power or give the power to the people, there is no third option. No, un-inventing gunpowder isn’t going to happen.

  35. Rafael X is a paid gov operative trying to cause problems in my community and I will not stand for it! This guy is on every site causing divide between people don’t buy into it he has been revealed!

  36. I fail to see where anyone has told those paragons of the black communities…maybe they should tell their followers to obey the police!! Each incident shows a disregard for the lawful commands of the peace officer. There is no excuse to disobey the peace officer.

  37. I already called out the other shill and he quit this one is keep trying but God show these people for who they are for those with eyes to see! Leave him alone and he can not keep going!

  38. I don’t know why there are comments on whether this office did or did not act lawfully. At first glance the video it seems to show that the officer committed a crime and needs to go to jail. This article was more about this administrations track record on using perceived racism to farther separate the races. If this officer is found guilty or even if he has a record of being a racist… It doesn’t matter because this case is not indicative of racism in police departments but only that this officer is a criminal and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    • This administration hasn’t said a word about this so far. Al Sharpton is nowhere to be seen, Ben Crump either. I mean what other perception can you have when a white cop shoots a black man 8 times. And clearly expects to get away with it. I mean a pack of girls get into a fight into a Mcdonalds and that says a lot about black people. But a cop shoots a man in cold blood tries to cover it up and there’s nothing wrong with police culture? Nothing these double-standards are in no way promoting racial division. It’s just stating facts.

      • It’s over for you leave it alone and let God punish him! No one buying into your racial divide anymore. Go find another place to spread hate!

      • Even you are not color blind as much as you’d like to think that you are. We’re dealing with a human element and until we have Robocop’s with AI running around enforcing laws nothing is going to change. Just look at the POTUS, he got into a position of authority and look how he turned out to be a POS racist. But I digress….. and to correct you I do believe he shout eight times, made his mark on five of them. Typical liberal embellishing the dirty to fit the narrative.

      • He took 8 deliberate shots. And then planted the taser next to the dead body. It’s a murder. Has nothing to do with Holder Al or Obama.

      • Yes, but he was shot five times. I’m not disputing that it appears to be nothing less than COLD blooded murder with intent to cover it up.

      • Looks like it’s going the way of swift justice. Hopefully it doesn’t have time to simmer. If they find a way a acquit the cop however then all hell might break loose.

  39. Anyone who makes excuses for this dirty cops actions is no better than the partisan race baiters who made excuses for Michael Browns actions.

      • I don’t. Videos don’t lie people do. This cop was on his way to getting away with the lie if not the video. To me that cast a whole new shadow on the Mike Brown thing.

      • yes… Dirty cops get away with things all the time… but dirty cops also get busted all the time.

        It is likely this dirty cop would have been busted.
        Back up officers were on the scene almost right away.
        The shell casings on the ground were not moved and the forensics would have likely easily proven the distance between the shooter and the victim.
        All shots struck him from behind.

        There would have been little doubt that he was shot in the back at a distance where he was no threat

      • Of course you would say that. Two completely different scenarios. But you only see what you want….

      • Actually Wilson account and Slager account are pretty much the same. He tried to grab something, I was in fear for my life, he turned into the incredible Hulk and Spiderman all at the same time… blah..blah..blah

  40. And this Allen West needs to realize that in the eyes of the cops, prosecutors, judges, and juries, he’s nothing but a nigger to them even if he’s wearing a nice suit.

    • Allen West may be black on the outside but you are black on the inside. It is people like you who keep racial prejudice alive.

      • So it is not people like Tim Lewis referring to Black people as “apes” here that is keeping “racial prejudice alive”?

      • I didn’t see that comment which I don’t agree with. I don’t see what this Tim Lewis said has anything to do with the character of Allen West. There are some small people who will never be able to rid themselves of racial prejudice.

      • Oh, so Alan West’s character is not impugned when Tim Lewis calls all Black people “apes,” huh? I guess you don’t see him as Black, apparently. Otherwise, he is an “ape” like the rest of us.

        Trust me — You are passing West no compliment.

        Again, I note — This comment was made HOURS AGO, I have highlighted it, and so have other posters. And ZERO White conservatives have responded TO HIM and opposed what he wrote. NONE OF YOU have opposed it. Zero.

        Now I have seen your excuses, though. One guy said he did not take it seriously because it was “off topic” [?]. One other person swears they did not see it and were too busy to respond (as they were responding to me, though), and now you say you did not see it . . . yet you comment here, but not in response to him!!

        I find that all fascinating. But it reminds me of a famous Burke quote —

        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

        You tilt against suspected “racism” windmills in Obama’s anti-racism efforts. You trot out Al Sharpton at the drop of a hat. Yet when a flat out racist remark is made on this web site, you say NOTHING.

    • WTF???
      What HillBilly rock did you just crawl from under?
      This is now the Dumbest comment that I have ever seen anyone make.
      Your comment infers that your definition of a “Nigger” is solely based upon the color of a person’s skin.
      Solely based upon your definition, allow me to just point something out to you; I know black judges, black prosecutors and black LEOs (YES, That happened since were last out from under your rock!)
      I also know white judges, white prosecutors and white LEOs. Note a single one of the judges, prosecutors or LEOs that I know would see ANY man as “nothing but a nigger”, regardless of his skin color, regardless of whether he was in a nice suit or in a prison jump suit, etc. We are not in the business of judging people based upon their appearances at all, appearance has absolutely nothing to do with the character of a man, nor his innocence or guilt. We are not in the business of labeling people. We are in the business of enforcing the law, period.
      That’s right! Outside of the immediate area surrounding your rock, the justice system in America is alive and well.
      Interestingly, now I do however wish that I could have an opportunity to interview YOU! Just to gather information that may allow the justice system a fair shot at proving your guilt of some crime that we could punish you for, since we can’t punish you for making the dumbest comment ever made!

    • More like he is seen as an evil deadbeat dad that owes money to the state after his worthless ex ran off with the kids.

      He wasn’t seen as more than a dollar sign.

  41. Mr West, I rarely agree with you. This time, I do.
    I imagine there will be protests; many folks do feel that police shootings of black guys is a problem that needs addressed, and this one is of course egregious. The best way to defuse these protests will be with swift and open justice, and it appears that’s what is happening. Which is a good thing.

  42. I think if we were near an election, the press would have changed a few minor facts and blew this up into a racist thing. It isn’t needed right now so maybe, quick, fair justice will make a difference.

      • The media certainly would have tried, regardless. Even though he was charged, just about the only thing that the 24 hour news media is talking about is this shooting.

      • I was responding to someone who suggested the media would blow this up into a racist thing.
        I disagreed with that.

        As to the constant coverage… that’s because of the video.
        The video is incredible and clear and makes for great television.

    • Tim Lewis, a White conservative poster here, just referred to Black people as “apes.” Not a single conservative here called him out AT ALL. Only a lib did.

      And yet you cons blame OBAMA for “stirring up racial division”?

      Better deal with the 15 long wood beam in your own before worrying about the speck in someone else’s eye.

  43. There will be riots even when this cop is convicted. They will be the
    same thugs who riot with their NBA team loses… AND when they win.

  44. Tim Lewis, a White conservative poster here, just referred to Black
    people as “apes.” Not a single conservative here called him out AT ALL.
    Only a lib responded to that remark.

    And yet you cons blame OBAMA for “stirring up racial division”?

    Better deal with the 15 long wood beam in your own before worrying about the speck in someone else’s eye.

    • Those types of posts aren’t taken seriously since they are off topic. Trolls are on every page. To address such post would be pointless, or worse, playing into their hands.

      • So when a White conservative gets on a Black conservative’s web site, and refers to Black people as “apes” . . . that’s not taken seriously because it’s “off topic”?

        So if it were “on topic” [whenever Black people being or not being apes is the subject], then it would be taken seriously?

        I am fascinated by the conservative mind . . . .

    • One troll does not the entire conservative movement make.

      So I suggest that you worry about the forest in your eye before worrying about the sawdust in mine,Mister Party of the Klan.

      While you’re at it, take your PEBKAC somewhere else.

      • My point stands — You had a White conservative make a patently racist remark ON A BLACK CONSERVATIVE’S WEB SITE, and none of you cons said a damn thing about it. Complete silence in the face of racism on your side. You acted as if he said nothing out of bounds. Silence is endorsement. This non-reaction speaks volumes about conservatives. Moreover, it explains why minorities want nothing to do with your side.

        And even now, I point out the problem with his post. And you don’t speak out against it, do you? No. Instead, you pretend the Dems have the issues with racism . . . and not y’all! Delusional . . . .

        My party is the diverse one . . . yours is the one that looks and sounds like a
        Klan meeting. It is as if you guys who have an entire wilderness
        preserve in your eye, and are screaming about the other side, 50 years
        ago, having a splinter.

      • Look for all his comments. He is spewing the same racist crap in all of them. And the only people who oppose him are SURPRISE SURPRISE libs.

        You guys probably call that angry response “political correctness”; we call it “being a non-racist human being.”

        This is why you cannot have nice things . . . .

      • Where are they!!!!! You’re just trolling and trying to start something that isn’t even an issue….typical lib!

      • Tim Lewis LydiasDad • 8 minutes ago
        Blacks don’t care if a thousand other blacks are murdered .they only care if a white man did it ,so they can act like the apes they are
        they’re down there… go look

      • its Tim Lewis and LydiasDad… I’ve already flagged them but please flag them again :)… looks like Tim is gone.. or at least I can’t see them anymore

      • It “isn’t an issue” if a White conservative refers to Black people as “apes”?

        OK . . . .

      • First off I don’t recall any of them claiming to be a conservative.. and I did say something to Tim, which is one of them… sorry I don’t spend 24/7 on here to have a go at every post… But when those show up I flag them…

        And what I told Tim what he is the reason we are called racist.. and told him to go to Stormfront if he wan’ts to do that crap… so please get it out of your behind that it is welcome here.. its not… one who used to post here under the nick Andy is gone now, but it wont stop all of them… Its difficult to run a website/blog/forum… But people need to realize as one operson said… Don’t judge all of us by the one or two that come here acting like a fool.. we tolerate Earl and Raf’s racism only because it shows that they have a double standard with it comes to that issue..

    • I’m as conservative as it gets. Lowlifes who call black people apes are not worth arguing with or calling out. They don’t have teh brains for an argument, and it just causes a flame war. They show themselves for teh racist fools they are every time they post something, and there isn’t enough time in the day to respond to racist bigots like them.

      You know what they are, I know what they are, and every civilized person out there knows what they are. They’re racist scum, and all that happens when you call them out is that you give them the idea that you’re listening to them.

      • Let me get this straight . . . you come to a website to rag on Obama . . . in this case for NOTHING he or his administration has done on this case. A White conservative makes a patently racist remark.

        Now you felt moved enough to refute me saying “silence is endorsement” of racism. Yet the racist remark was made, and NONE OF YOU CONSERVATIVES SAID A NEGATIVE THING ABOUT IT!!!!

        When you are vocal about that which you disagree with . . . but are silent to a racist remark . . . that is endorsement.

    • I’ve been saying this for months now….I’ve seen black people on ALLEN WEST blog called Apes, COONS, NEGRO’S and N*GGER! All on a black mans site!!!

      • Ive noticed that some of them aren’t around anymore… wonder why that could be… perhaps he IS doing something about it… just flag the idiot as I do every time I see it and they should be gone soon enough… haven’t seen Andy around lately have you? he was one of the worst…

  45. First off, I would like to say that what the video shows is considered murder and I don’t condone it no matter what. The second thing is that people are saying the shooting of an innocent man. He was not an innocent man according to the accounts, he did allegedly commit some offenses. Just because something horrific happened, doesn’t mean the person is purely innocent because of that. Again, the video shows the alleged murder of a person by a police officer, which is wrong and he should be punished with full extent of the law if found guilty, and the offenses did not warrant deadly force.

    • He most certainly is as innocent as any of us. None of us are perfect, and we all commit offenses. But this man was charged with a capital crime, found guilty, and executed by a murdering cop. He was innocent on anything that caused this.

  46. They’re at it again anyone that stays on this long posting racial hate is a pay shill people stop responding to these paid agents! Rafael X and Majorwiblit they are just trying to divide good people be spreading hate! Go back and read other comments and decide for yourself!

  47. Yes, this was the action of one bad cop. But other bad cops have done things just as bad, and there are still far too many bad cops out there. What the media, and pundits, won’t say is that even more unarmed whites are killed by cops than unarmed blacks. Enough is enough. In no other civilized nation in the world do cops kill unarmed people at anything approaching the rate we do here. No matter how you look at teh differences in countries, this fact remains. There is no excuse for it, other than bad cops, bad training, and a general public that lets cops off because “they have a tough job”.

    That’s too bad. Any one of us can get caught up in the same situations police officers deal with, and if we shoot an unarmed person, we get no breaks. Our lives have to be in serious danger, or we go to prison. Cops shoot people in situations where we would go to jail on a routine basis.

    We have to start treating cops just like we treaty everyone else. They should be held to a higher standard, not a lowers one, but this is not what’s happening. Far, far too many unarmed people of every color are being killed, and it has to stop.

    • Warning shots are never a good idea.Thats as bad as “shooting to wound” as in the leg or hand. When you have to pull your service weapon it is a serious nerve wracking adrenaline dump. The last thing you want to do is make it a less serious event by casually shooting into the sky. The less you draw it the healthier and less fear based respect you will get. It should always be the last resort to gain compliance. Use your skills and other tools to de-escalate the situation for once wouldja…please!

      • Not you Mic68…just tired of watching folks take the easy way out. It hurts the folks tryin to do it the right way.

    • Warning shots are against the law/policy in most every state if not all. That bullet has to come down sometime and can you image the outcry if it killed a kid!?!

  48. Anyone who pays attention, especially someone in the media, would not suggest a certified peace officer fire a shot in the air as a warning. Use of deadly force is use of deadly force. To fire a gun in the air as a warning places someone in harm’s way, because gravity brings the bullet back to earth. There is no police training program that provides for a warning shot. It’s just like some people who say “shoot him in the leg,” or “shoot the gun out of his hand.” That’s not police procedure. When police have to use deadly force, they shoot to stop the threat. In this instance, Mr. Scott didn’t exactly sprint away. The officer appeared too lazy to give chase.

    • It was traffic stop. He had the guy license plate at least. If not his name and address. Plus a very accurate description. He didn’t have to give chase not for a broken tail light. I’m not a mind reader but on the video he seems calm and deliberate almost rehearsed. Again this is just speculation but I wouldn’t be surprised he was just trying to hit the Gofundme lottery and retire early.

      • Even before the video surfaced. When it did they suddenly had a policy of not raising money for accused murderer. Maybe they finally realized it might be bad publicity.

    • Sad to say, in some jurisdictions they still allow for that. But it has been an outdated practice for the most part for many years due to the fact that that bullet comes down somewhere and it could hit some innocent person. I remember when it was common practice… ugh showing my age but yup… happened outside my bedroom window when I was a teen… thankfully no one was hit but you never know what can happen once that bullet leaves the chamber in that manner.

  49. Tim Lewis, a White conservative poster here, just referred to Black
    people as “apes.” Not a single conservative here called him out AT ALL.
    Only a lib responded to that remark. —Former GOPer

    • I have seen on other sites were blacks refer to watch is crackers or other derogatory terms and I don’t see them speaking out against it either no you should not be called an eighth it is wrong but you know this goes both ways

    • So I assume you called for the expulsion from school and forfeiture of scholarship of the black basketball player that used a racial slur in regards to a white opponent? No, then you are nothing but a hypocritical race-baiter so stfu

      • I’m a race baiter but every post on allen west blog concerning black people and the black community are negative? Now who is the REAL race baiter?? (Allen West)

  50. WATCH: Police release dashcam footage of traffic stop that led to fatal Walter Scott shooting

    Authorities in South Carolina released dashcam footage from North Charleston police Officer Michael Slager’s patrol car capturing the moments before he shot and killed 50-year-old Walter Scott, WIS-TV reported.
    The nearly four-minute-long tape begins with Slager asking Scott about his car after pulling him over last Saturday. Scott tells Slager he plans on buying the car, but does not have paperwork or insurance for it at the moment.

    Slager then returns to his patrol car and can be heard telling Scott to stay in his car. Two-and-a-half minutes into the video, Scott leaves the car and runs out of the frame. Slager can be heard running after him and calling into his dispatcher’s office. The audio becomes increasingly choppy, but Slager can be heard ordering Scott to “get on the ground.”

    watch here;

      • So if I give a cop my license which could be fake or I could have a warrant for murder in another state, They should let me go cause they have my license? sounds like a excuse you failed at.

      • I think he should get manslaughter at most and loose his job. I watched video but what ya don’t see if scuffle with the taser. Did he use inappropriate force yes from what I saw. Does it amount to a Riot forming in South Carolina? No…. the system works if people don’t gum it all up and try to make people do what they want. If Al Sharpton shows up they should make him leave you’ll get more action without action. Try it you will like it.

      • As far as planting the taser. If I was a cop I wouldn’t want a weapon laying on the ground a good distance from where I was. Especially if I had any thought’s I screwed up he didn’t put in the guys hand just layed it by the body. It’s not like he put on the guy the leads should be stuck in the guy if it was used. Mind ya im not excusing him from using deadly force when it probally could of been avoided.

      • So it’s totally ok if its laying around next to the dead body instead. Or closer to the guy who can grab it if he wasn’t already dead. While lying to dispatch by telling them “he got my taser” That`s called tampering with evidence and you are excusing it. In pretty lame way at that.

      • I’m not defending anything im just pointing out what happened from what I saw. I like to get all fact’s before I go full on towards the verdict. I said same thing when a guy killed officers in my nearest big city. Everyone was saying he’s guilty, But I wanted to know what happened to start it.

      • I’ll leave it at this you take a different view look at it from a cop’s view. Look at it with innocent eyes I showed it to my son he’s 16. He asked some similar questions as I did. I looked at it from a diff view and got the same reaction you did. Now let’s let a diverse group figure it out And hear what the people running down the fence say happened they had to witness it. If you watch video you see people running to scene when he run’s from car and cop starts chase.

      • sure if that’s what ya want I aint gonna let ya keep turning this into a offense defense type thing all I keep stating is I want answers before accusing anyone of anything in either ditrection

      • I don’t want to turn it into that. But when you clearly see a uniformed and sworn officer shoot a fleeing man in the back. It just is what it is.

      • Manslaughter? Please that’s 1st degree murder. Slager drops the taser on the floor to grab his gun in less than a second. He had already decided that if Mr. Scott tried to run again he would shoot. Fires 7 times when he realizes Mr. Scott is still standing, He pauses, steadies himself and fires the 8th shot and that’s when Mr. Scoot falls. Then calmly picks up the taser walks about 8 fee and drops it. While telling dispatch Mr. Scoot took his taser. He executes that play like Tom Brady at the line of scrimmage. Al doesn’t need to show up. The guy with the phone camera already did.

      • First degree murder has to have a component of premeditation, conspiracy or in conjunction with another first degree offense (i.e.: rape, armed robbery, etc…) . Not the case here. Not sure if he’ll be offered a plea deal or not but my guess, manslaughter 10-15 years.

      • Malice afterthought does apply here. Intent to inflict grievous bodily harm and “depraved heart murder” both apply.

      • Mr. Scott had already bolted from the car when he was pulled over. When he took off running the second time the cop was expecting it . He goes straight to the gun no hesitation. He had already decided to use deadly force (premeditation) . Fires 7 times. Paused to aim before taking the fatal shot. No attempt at first aid (proves intent and malice). And there is the tampering with the evidence. Best plea deal is voluntary manslaughter. Every action was deliberate. Gun doesn’t go off 8 times by accident.

      • Yes I did. I never see the assault you talk about. But what about what happens right after the shooting? Doesn’t planting the taser next to the dead body also provide much needed context. If what Scott does right before being assassinated matters so much. What Slager does right after the murder matters as well. You haven’t mentioned the tampering of evidence. Having the presence of mind to move the taser after suggest preperation. He makes killing someone look easy.

      • First the degree murder as to be deliberate and with malice. Don’t know if it meets the standard for premeditation but he looked prepared to shoot. That wasn’t a reaction to imminent danger. Voluntary manslaughter is the best he can get in a plea. Evidence is compelling and there is political pressure. Life with the possibility of parole.

      • How does one look like their prepared to shoot. A cop by his/her very nature and the dangers of the job is always ready for any situation and in a case of a fleeing felon, the his/her sense of threat is already going to be at its highest level. I am not sure of SC criminal code but knowing what I know from my on state, involuntary manslaughter 10-15 on a plea.

      • Shooting 8 times in the back is not involuntary. And you haven’t mention the planting of the taser once in all your posts. Fleeing suspect is not a threat.

  51. I live in Harrisburg Pa. We had a recent white female policewoman shooting and killing a white man while he was face down on the ground. She is now facing a murder charge. Police knock down doors and get the wrong house. They shoot the family dog. For the sake of all the great policeman we have to get these thugs out of uniform. Knock on doors.

    • Weird, that story never made national news. Weird it wasn’t reported everywhere…..oh, that’s right, it was a white victim.

  52. DEAR WHITE PEOPLE who think: a) This case has “nothing to do with race”, b) That the media is just “stirring up things”, or c) That #handsupdontshoot is a lie. Let’s just stay in the state of South Carolina and look at what happened in a 12-month period.

    ▪ Feb 2014: White South Carolina officer Justin Craven fatally shoots an unarmed 68 year old black man — Ernest Satterwhite — in his driveway in 2014. Traffic stop.

    ▪ Sep 2014: White South Carolina trooper Sean Groubert in a convenience store parking lot asks and unarmed black man — Levar Jones — for his driver’s license and then immediately shoots four times and wounds Jones as he follows instructions in retrieving it. Another traffic stop.

    ▪ Apr 2015: White South Carolina officer Michael Slager fires 8 times and kills an unarmed black man — Walter Scott — as he is running away from being tazed. Yet ANOTHER traffic stop.

    How do you explain this? Is your hatred and ignorance so ingrained that you can’t accept plainly presented facts?

      • A Black officer shooting an unarmed White person in The United States of America? Sir/madam, that officer would be LYNCHED before sundown. Such incidents haven’t been reported because IT DOESN’T HAPPEN.

      • Actually, black on white crime happens frequently, but that doesn’t fit the liberal media agenda, so it’s ignored or is reported on page 36. Black officer on white victim “cannot happen”, by definition, as liberals would not recognize that as an issue… Blacks cannot be racist, per the libeal definition of racism.

      • The issue is not so-called “black on white” or “white on black” crime. The issue is the growing POLICE STATE, and it’s unique functioning with respect to Black people.

      • if you’re BLACK, bad things happen even if you DON’T fight. I just provided you three examples in ONE state within ONE year where that happened. Why do people keep ignoring the plain facts?

      • Fail….. your a racist. Don’t play the black card with me. Or I can post all the black on white attacks in the last month but might have to add a attachment to accomidate the long list.

      • I don’t know if you are familiar with those on the RIGHT! They don’t take to facts to well AND when you present them with a fact…they’ll call you a racist

      • Salt lake city soon after the michael brown incident a black cop shot and killed an unarmed white teen in front of a convenience store. Cop was not lynched nor even charged and the media sure as hell didn’t make a big deal out of it. Google the incident. But you may not want facts to get in the way of your agenda. So yes. IT DOES HAPPEN

  53. Instead of being a stand up american and denouce this shooting for the murder it is….Allen (I”ve never experienced racism) West decides to bring the activist into it! Such a DISGRACE!!! No wonder the good people of FLORIDA didn’t re-elect him!

  54. No one gonna point out the suspect attacked the cop, ripped the taser form his hands, hence why its flying as the officer drew his weapon, and was already fleeing for what ever reason for merely a traffic stop? This wasnt murder. That cop responded to the dangerous actions of a suspect who ripped a weapon out of his possession and even shot the cop with it. You can even see the taser in him.

      • and? were they all right during the wilson and zimmerman cases?

        mostly nope.

        politicians arent the jury. they’re not even the judges.
        they may see murder, i see, after disregarding emotion, see an officer who got dealt a bad hand after encountering a dangerous man.

      • But this cop decided this man was GUILTY and deserved to die! He was not in danger when he shot the man. He LIED on his police report…sorry…this was MURDER!!

      • he didnt decide he was guilty and deserved to die, grow up.
        The cop knew few things: this man assaulted him and removed his taser from his possession. And he was struck by said taser.
        he responded instantly and shot to stop a fleeing dangerous suspect and moved in to arrest when he stopped and didnt know he was dead until later. Put your emotions aside and study the videos.
        Anf the report i saw fits pretty closely to the videos.

      • The assault crap wont fly this time. You can’t assault someone with your back turned from 10 feet away while running. Unless it’s Spiderman. You can’t even get to an NFL quaterback from that distance. Stop digging you in a hole.

      • tennessee vs garner. violent suspects may be stop with the use of deadly force. The taser was forcefully removed from the cop, the suspect fought the cop while on the ground and when they were back on their feet.

      • assuming the cop saw or knew he didnt have the taser he still assaulted an officer and took his weapon. THats showing he is a dangerous fleeing suspect. AND YES THERE WAS AN ASSAULT YOU BLIND BASTARDS! HOW ARE YOU PEOPLE MISSING IT!?

      • Assaulted and officer how? You can clearly the wires extend when he takes off and his back is already turned when the taser pops out of the cop’s hand. I hope you don’t referee little league baseball you must make those poor kids cry. You blind as bat, or is it something else blinding you?

      • Lokks that way to me..the man was running….not running that fast….why am I trying to explain this……nevermind

      • You seem to be getting your facts wrong. The officer wasn’t struck by the taser. Scott was struck by the taser. The taser was attached to him when it went flying to the ground and he ran away. It’s in the video.

    • But you do clearly see him plant the taser next to the body afterwards. After shooting 8 times while the suspect back turned away. It’s bloody murder. Nice try.

      • and you see him 30 seconds later HOLSTER IT. he wasnt planting he had wrecked nerves and was recovering his lost taser. At best that is tampering while not being of a clear mind because his adrenalin was pumping.

      • Really? What was his urgent need to run over and get the taser? No one else was out there? Why wasn’t he trying to apply CPR on the victim that was still alive? That’s the procedure. In the police report, he didn’t right down that he had to recover a taser. According to the police report, he was working on the victim. Then again, if shot a guy who you claim had taken away that taser, that taser better be close enough to the body to show that it was really a danger to the officer to justify the shooting. It was not. Where the officer placed it afterwards was a position that would justify his story.

      • you dont leave your weapon on the ground in a public place, and considering he just had a pretty stressful moment he may not have been thinking clear.

      • Interesting how we’re all expected to be of a clear mind and a cool head when approached by a man who we know (not suspect, or assume, but KNOW) is carrying a loaded weapon and just itching to live out his very own action scene, staring himself as the “hero”

      • Also, it’s protocol to stay by the shooting victim, not to run over and grab a taser, and while doing it, making up details to go with your fake story. If adrenaline is pumping, your not thinking clear enough to make up a detailed lie.

      • Wrong dumbass.
        Only in your imagination.
        The video does not show the officer being attacked.
        You can not see the suspect clearly grappling with the cop.
        You can see him breaking away from the cop and running… but you can not see what exactly happened before.
        You filled that part in with your imagination

  55. I don’t understand how you people blame a murder victim for being shot to death by a cop who thought he was Rambo! Seriously, which one is a menace to society? Conservatives have a mind set that if a cop shoots someone then they obviously deserved to die. This country has gone crazy!

    • Especially when the culprit is clearly seen tampering with evidence right after doing the dirty deed. Talk about adding insult to injury. And the use of the standard alibi. Black man turned into Hulk and tried to grab my weapon.

    • Because it’s an “isolated” one-time incident that never ever happens. Bigoted cops murdering suspects in cold blood, planting evidence, then lying about it and covering up for each other never happens. It’s just “one bad cop” Allen West tells us.

      How lucky we are that this freak incident, this one-time, once-in-a-lifetime isolated incident by one bad cop just happened to be caught on camera. *rolls eyes*

    • Exactly…this us what Allen West wants…he don’t want you to believe your own eyes….he’d rather you focus on the protest….such a disgrace

    • If Scott had sat in his car and dealt with the ticket and probably arrest for the child support warrant, would he be alive today? Answer: unequivocally YES he would be. So start your argument there first and then proceed. And yes I think the shooting/murder of an unarmed, non-threatening man is vile and disgusting and Scott did not deserve to die. But again I say, if Scott just owns up to his situation none of what occurred after he ran from the vehicle would have happened. You can call me what you want, but its the truth you just don’t have the courage to admit it.

      • That’s ignorant and completely a different story. You’re talking about an innocent victim who may have been raped walking home from a library as opposed to a person running from law enforcement

      • This man was an innocent victim of Murder! Does getting out of a car merit murder? Does running from a police officer merit murder? Is there anything that you know about this story merit getting shot in the back (notwithstanding whether you believe Scott’s actions were wise or not).

      • And what are your comments about planting evidence to frame him. If the cop was so innocent, what was the need for this. Lying about giving and assisting in CPR. I guess that’s just good ole police work.

      • If the officer had not shot an unarmed man in the back, he would not be dead? YES. That’s where the argument begins and end. The one thing we do know, is that Officer Scott released eight bullets from a gun of which only he had full control. Scott running from the car did not make Officer Sagler’s run release 8 bullets.

        But here’s your brilliant logic — If Scott had not gotten out of bed that day, would he be alive? Answer: Unequivocally YES he would be. If Scott had decided to walk instead of drive, would he be alive? Answer: Unequivocally YES he would be. That’s he logical fallacy that you think makes sense. There was no causation in Scott’s action. There was just as much causation in Scott’s decision to get of bed and not to walk as it was for as there was in his decision not to deal with the ticket and run from his car. The thing that actually caused bullets to land in Scott’s back was Officer Sagler pulling the trigger. There was no legal reason to justify him doing so.

        If running was a legal reason to shoot Scott, then Scott’s actions caused it. Anything else make just as much sense as saying Scott caused it because he got out of bed in the morning.

      • At what point did I excuse anyone of anything? All i said was personal responsibility. If you run from police because you’re wanted or in possession of a stolen vehicle, for argument sake, then you’re not owning up to your mistakes. The cop was wrong as far as I can see , oh and I love pretzel especially Auntie Anne’s.

      • Cop planted evidence and lied in his report and stood by the lie two days. The guy who shot the video held on to it until the official report came out. Where is the cop “personal responsibility”? You seem to care about intellectual integrity you gotta see the double-standard.

      • Sorry to disappoint you but the argument starts when Slager pulled his gun. Has nothing to do with welfare or child support. In this situation their is the murderer and the murder victim.

      • Wrong!!! Absolutely wrong….you don’t have a shred on intellectual integrity if you start the argument with Slager. Again he was wrong for shooting an unarmed man in the back, but the entire situation starts with Scott running from the car and you know it.

      • Why is that. What does it prove? That Mr. Slager likes to run from police? That is also clear in the shooting video. Only difference is the first time Slager chased after him, second time he shoots him dead. If you think it`s wrong to shoot a man in the back. And what is the standard for premeditation. Decision to kill was made that morning, and hour before or 3 mins before the shooting it’s still premeditation. Entire situation starts when Mr. Scott tries to run a second time. Until then Slager was by the book.

      • Even so, does this justify being shot in the back Stcopper? That is incredulous!!! Please just answer this question: was that murder that was recorded on the video? Was that a justified shooting?

      • Yes it was a homicide. To call it Murder in the technical sense in regarding to the charging of the crime…not sure murder applies. 1st Degree Murder has to have component of premeditation, conspiracy, or in the commission of another 1st degree felon and violent crime. I think here you’re talking manslaughter. But yes it was an unlawful application of deadly force as depicted on the video. Now please answer my question…if Scott sits in the car and deals with his issues is he alive today?

  56. I never agree with anything Allen West has to say and this time is no exception. He pretends to care about his people but he does not. He has a way of twisting everything into a reverse racist sort of thing. Hard to explain, but the simple fact that he plays along with the republican propaganda machine every chance he gets over all these years has sort of hardened me against him. Obvious sly innuendos about Al Sharpton aside, Allen West is a strange fellow with an even stranger point of view and is most certainly not helping to remedy the immense race problems in this country. Despite his claims to care and want to help, I believe this man to be in absolute denial. Either that or he did NOT grow up as a black man in these united states!!

    • You know the man said that he has NEVER experienced racism in his LIFETIME because he was “RESPECTFUL” Such a LIAR and a DISGRACE!!!

      • A “White man’s Black guy”… So that’s your version of “Uncle Tom.” You have to be at least a little ignorant to believe that if someone disagrees with you there has to be something wrong with that person. Conservative blacks in the majority
        are smart self-sufficient people. Do you know why? Well, let me tell
        you. We start from a place where we believe that we are equal to anyone
        and there is no one out there capable of keeping us down. Unlike you we
        have moral consciousness and self-respect for our-self and others.

      • What is your definition of a “racist”? Tell me what it is, and I can tell you whether I fit.

    • Plays along with the republican propaganda? Care to explain? The family of Walter Scott even told Al Sharpton to stay the hell away!! They don’t want the Sharpton circus there and know exactly what Al Sharpton is about. You biased leftist’s just can’t seem to wrap your head around that or any other problems in the black community, don’t blame West for your ignorance.

      • Conservatives been trying so hard to make this about Al Sharpton is understandable they would tell him to stay away. And all those “problems in the black community” seem to be in white people’s heads. Want to help the black community solve it’s “problems”. Tell your racist cops to stop using us for target practice. That would be tremendous help thank you very much. I’m not holding my breath.

      • Now Raf is trying to say Al Sharpton’s problems with being a race hustler are because of conservatives, LOL…you make excuses for everything because of your own racist problems. You are so racist you can’t see the truth. You are so racist against whites you can’t see that cops kill whites as well. Did you hear about the white guy being shot and killed in Harrisburg recently while he was on the ground and not harming anyone?? Of course not, you just want to make everything about race! It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with BAD COPS who come in all colors and genders!!! Get over your racist self already.

      • You constantly blabber about “problems in the black commumity” but I’m the obessed with race. Al Sharpton hasn’t say a word about this but you still can’t keep his name out of your dirty mouth. Your lame projections are even worse than your french.

      • Sorry derp, I was responding to Glitterdome who brought up Al Sharpton and you are too stupid to see that! If you don’t think there are problems in the black community you are living in a world of unicorns and rainbows. You are pathetic, just as pathetic as acting like you know French by using google translate…what a derp you are!

      • What needs to stop is members of the human race using members of the human race for target practice, period.

  57. there is no triumph from tragedy, ever……………there’s a fall guy here, and it’s the police officer……..too many wrongs don’t make a right……very sad……and I’m sure this police officer didn’t go out the front door of his home that day and think that he was going to shoot a black person.. He wanted respect and he got rebuffed, anger ensued. bad choices all around…….and of course the one living has to pay the consequences. He’s not totally at fault……but will pay his due….reading other posts here of two or three, geesh, there’s immense racial problems? you know, you are not innocent….you black people…….reign in your crime, reign in your chip on your shoulder, be upstanding adult americans, earn you way, do not take other people’s money to live on. welfare is that system..there is a lot you could be doing to help your race………and your country……this police man’s actions is a personification of the frustration that working america has……it runs deeper than your narcisitic excuses playing the victim……it’s called chronic victimhood…….until you crawl out from under that stone, you will not shake the ‘poor me’ attitude off……and if you feel you have to respond to this, then I rest my case. I am right in my surmising the situation at hand. Its up to you and your kind to fix it.

    • You seem to think this is about race and are making excuses for a murderer.
      The police officer is not a “fall guy.”
      he is a murderer.
      Your rant about black culture is a pathetic attempt to justify this crime.

      The officer shot a man in the back, multiple times, and the planted a weapon.
      Quit making excuses

    • “you black people”? As if all black people think and feel and act the same.
      I’m so tired of people of various religions, races, political affiliations, etc all being lumped together as if there are not varying thoughts, feelings and actions for each person.
      (And, yes, it’s totally wrong for a human to shoot another human who is not a threat in the back regardless of why).

    • you police…, reign in ‘your’ crime, white people, white people commit crimes and when they do, even cops, should pay the price for what they do. And it is up to eveybody to fix i because its everybody’s problem. Unless of course when you say “fix it” you mean defending yourself (instead of being a victum) and shoot that pig before he shoots you. There won’t be a problem then.

    • Henry, there’s a sale today! You can get two whites sheets cleaned for one at the cleaners. Hurry….you have a lot of them so take them in for cleaning and ask the cleaners to pay special attention to the little pointy hat part of the outfit.

  58. There is one question that has been failed to be asked in all of the cases involving police officer shootings of unarmed “victims”. Why was the “victim” running from or threatening the officer before they were shot? If the “victim” would have done what the officer told them to do, they would still be alive. Granted, the use of deadly force must be the last resort, but why hasn’t any attention been focused on the reason the “victim” felt they had to disregard the instructions of the officer? What would the outcome have been if the “victim” had done what the officer told them to do? They would have survived the ordeal and still be alive. Deadly force would not have been needed since nothing would have occurred to increase the tension of the situation. Yes, law enforcement has a mentality of authoritarianism; they feel they are infallible and will use any trumped-up reason to detain you. However, if nothing happens to escalate the tension and give the officer a reason to pull a weapon, the “victims” would be alive to complain about the officer’s overbearing attitude. The question remains, why did the “victims” run or threaten the officer, ratcheting up the level of tension? Is it possible the “victims” were actually perpetrators of some crime, were about to be arrested for said crime and decided to elude capture? The innocent victim may not have been so innocent.

    • Because it’s irrelevant. Even if he caught the guy raping a transsexual goat he’s not allowed to shoot in back once the guy start running. They can only shoot in the back if the suspect is threatening someone else. Secondly it’s the cop responsibility to de-escalate. Eluding capture is not threatening the police use of force is only justified in case of imminent threat. Plain and simple no ifs not buts.

      • We get it. Our sympathies are running short due to the constant publicity of the criminals demanding more rights than the law abiding populace.

    • comeon! They said he had outstanding warrants for unpaid child support. He ran because he was probably terrified with going to jail. Is that reasonable? And for that people want to fudge the lines about was it o.k. to be gunned down like a rabid dog? What is ironic about this is that Mr. Scott’s tax dollars were going toward this cop’s paycheck, and not have to be worried about a murderous cop killing someone in the process of a traffic stop!

      • Yet, he was driving a Mercedes and not paying for his child’s care?
        STOP breaking the laws.
        I do not think the intention of this officer was to murder. Manslaughter can be unintended, and I am surprised this was not the outcome.

  59. Cops should be psychologically evaluated every year. Lots of things could happen in a year. A brake up marriage or relationship. Death of a love one. Depression is a sickness.

  60. Craig Allen you sound racist. I am white but live in an area of nj that is 50/50 along racial demographics. We don’t teach our children anything about race. 2 of my kids have a bi racial brother and black step dad. The black community as you call it we call it our town has serial killers too they just are not called thatthey are called gang bangers. They have more dead bodies to their name thn Dahmer and Bundy combined. So maybe you think black people want you speaking for them as if they are injured puppies but I can assure you that they are strong grown men who can take care of themselves. Walter Scott took off running and fought with a cop which made him a violent felon, the cop got his ego bruiswhen he failed to subdue him and killed him. Nowthe law will decide. But both men were grown and knew what they were doing, Walter Scott doesn’t need people treating him like a injured kitten, he was a grown ass man that made poor decisions, same with this trigger happy pig. It’s not a national incident it is something that happens one day.

    • Only one of those two grown men wore a badge and had a gun. Normal to expect a higher standard than gangbanger. Walter Scott is not an injured puppy, he’s dead.

      • If that’s supposed to be a justification, then it’s time for cops to quit with their claims of bravery and accept that, like all bullies, they’re merely strutting cowards.

      • at 17 and 18 seconds on the video we see that Scott made an aggressive move towards the officer. He either grabbed at the taser, or tried to smack it out of his hands. Prior to that the officer’s gun was in his holster.
        What transpired beyond that point is what is in question.
        Manslaughter. Not a premeditated murder. This officer is being persecuted wrongly.

  61. funny to me as the perp is starting to run away all kinds of stuff is falling at the ground from the cops belt.. and the perp is leaned over and his arm retracts away from the officers belt as he starts to run. the cop is just then reaching for his gun. the guy filming the video don’t hold the camera up until that point.. looks like he wasn’t even trying to film that the camera angle is like hes not interested in filming what leads up to the guy running away from the officer.. looks exactly to me like the guy was reaching into the cops belt and fails that’s why he starts running.. black white red purple I don’t care what color you are when a cop tells you to freeze and put your hands up its not a request its a demand that should be met. we live in a society where most people don’t do the right thing and would do worse if there wasn’t cops to uphold the law..if you don’t want police to use excessive force when they speak listen that’s why they have authority to begin with.. if you don’t want to get shot do wtf a cop tells you to when they are trying to do their job.grow up and take some responsibility. if you haven’t done anything wrong more than likely you wont go to jail. sure it sucks to be harassed by a cop been there myself.. but I don’t want tio live in a society where anyone can do whatever in the hell they want to do because there are no cops around to protect us..

    • But once the guy is running you don’t casually gun him down. And you don’t take your taser and plant it next to the victim .. Jeesh.

    • Fleeing the police is wrong.
      resisting is wrong
      But you are trying to say that justifies shooting someone in the back multiple times and planting evidence

    • @jason pierce: Does any of that change the fact that when this cop shot this unarmed man in the BACK, this man was perhaps more than 50 feet away and running from him. Isn’t this still a murder in America or are YOU calling his justifiable homicide? comeon. this is 2015!

  62. My only problem with all of this, besides the officer shooting an unarmed man, is the fact that why did he run? I mean come on……………when you run, bad things more times then not. Sure I get he had that “I ain’t going back to jail mentality,” But he helped to set the wheels in motion for this completely unfortunate episode. Before you all start bashing me, I am with the majority that the shooting should not have happened. The officer was dead to rights WRONG for what he did and he should pay heavily for it. But had the suspect not ran in the first place, we would not be talking about this now.

    I honestly dont believe the officer shot the suspect merely because he was black. The officer put himself in a no win situation when tried to detain the suspect and then attempted to cover it up by saying he reached for his tazer. He obviously panicked and tried to cover-up his wrong doings, luckily that bystander was there to foil that crime! And now that officer will face the rest of his life behind bars leaving behind and wife and yet to be born baby.

    But what sickens me most is the fact that groups already calling for investigations on racial profiling, hate crimes etc etc. That to me is the worst thing out of all this. I guess pretty soon its gonna boil down to where a white police encounters a situation with a black suspect, the officer will out of fear of being labeled racist or a profiler or a whatever other colorful adjectives you want to place here, will be forced to looked the other way and not do his sworn job out of fear of reprisal or some sort of dark conspiracy against black males.

    I guess we will have to go back to the 90’s and start having racial quotas again to help shape the face local law enforcement to meet the needs or various racially divided cities? And the problem even with that is finding good qualified black candidates to become police officers. So where do you draw the line?

  63. Exactly, why did he run? They are trying to make it out that he was worried about unpaid child support. But it was clear in the dash cam footage that he was a liar. He could not keep his stories straight. He had no ownership, insurance etc. he said he just bought the car and then said he didn’t buy the car yet. What was he hiding? Was the car stolen? SC is a 3 strike state. He was told to stay in his car, he ran, noon runs from a mere traffic stop. But of course he will be made out to be a Saint. The family will be paid off. There is also a period of time from the dash cam to the phone video that is not present. There sounds like a scuffle. Perhaps he was trying to get the cops gun. I think to appease blacks, you know the angels of society they acted way to fast to charge him with murder.
    I don’t think anyone should die for a traffic stop, but there is a whole lot more to this story. That cop had no intentions for all that to happen. Stuff like this happens everyday to whites. It just happens when you make wrong decisions. Who knows. No insurance, no ownership, unpaid child support, maybe a stolen car maybe he had some drugs. He was hiding something but we will never know because Eric Holder will suppress any information that would bring out the truth.

      • except for the one assault and battery (which we know nothing about) all of the other arrests were in relation to the child support.

      • How would the cop know that? He doesn’t know why Scott was running, or if he was a nice guy from a broken home, or any of that.

      • Then he’s running from a broken tail light infraction. You let him run and cite him later. You have all the proof you need with his license in your hand, your visual affirmation of him as the driver, and the guy in the passenger seat.

      • And that doesn’t matter what his criminal record was….he didn’t deserve to be shot down like a rabid dog!!

      • At 17 and 18 sec. on the video it shows Scott making a gesture to either grab the taser or assault the officer, or smack the taser from his hands. Bad decision.
        No, you are absolutely right in that the cop should not have shot to kill, but I still say this is manslaughter, not murder.

      • He wasn’t shot down like a rabid dog. He was lawfully stopped driving a car with a broken tail light. He failed to comply with the officer’s commands. He fled and the officer shot him in the back multiple times. The officer was wrong and is being charged with murder. But why is the media showing a picture which appears to be at least 10 years old of him in a Coast Guard uni?

      • Since when is it legal to shoot an unarmed man in the back? He posed no threat to the officer, the officer had his information. The officer also had no idea he was wanted for anything because the incident happened to fast to get that info yet. The man took off running, he didnt turn around as if he were armed with a weapon he was running full force until the bullets hit him. and It shouldn’t take a full clip to bring him down…

      • I’m not applauding the cop shooting the man in the back. I’m saying you don’t call in a rabid dog, you don’t tell a rabid dog to stay in his car, you don’t taze a rabid dog, nor do you chase down a rabid dog. Engaging in hyperbole doesn’t solve the situation. BTW, the officer fired eight shots. I’m sure his clip held at least 12.

      • I agree – but it needs to be made clear that his arrests were not something that would make a police officer nervous or fearful

      • Mike Mike – you don’t get to bring in prior arrests into the conversation and then ignore what they are when you realize they don’t help your case.

        If you’re going to play that game then you throw everything out and then it boils down to the guy was shot because he was running from a ticket.

        Now, I am the same age as Mr. Scott. If I get pulled over for a broken tail light and I run….and the cop has my drivers license…he ain’t chasing me. He’s going to laugh at me the entire 10 minutes that it will take me to get out of his field of vision. he’s then going to send an officer to my home while he impounds the car.

      • What’s funny is he brings prior arrests but forgets to mention that Slager lied for two days until the video surfaced. He looks more shocked on his mugshot than he does shooting Mr. Scott.

      • What a dope… do you think that people who are habitual criminals always live where their driver’s license address says they do? How often do you renew your driver’s license? People move around a lot. People get parole violations for not reporting a change of address, it happens all the time.
        Also, the cop didn’t know how dangerous, or not, Scott was.

      • I renew my drivers license every time I move. Why? Because you can be cited and fined for having an old address on there as well as not having right address means you miss out on certain notifications.

        As for the current instance – if he didn’t have the right address there is still one other thing in play – he had the guy’s co-worker right there. Or chase him down. I’m ok with that. Chase him down and tackle him so he blows out his knee and never runs again. But you don’t get to resort to using lethal force when someone is 20 yards away and moving further away when you simply decide that you’re too tired to be bothered chasing him any longer. Or maybe you do…but you’ll be in jail for awhile when you do.

      • I agree. Deadly force was uncalled for, and it’s tragic. BUT criminals don’t give a rats ass about getting a citation for not changing their driver’s license when they move. Only honest citizens CARE about obeying the laws, the rest don’t care. It’s pretty clear.

      • 7 seconds. That’s how long it took from the time Scott grabbed at the cop’s tazer till he lay on the ground.

      • Scott grabbed at the cop’s tazer is in your imagination. Really dude, stop saying that as if it’s fact.

      • …but you’re the one bringing up that Scott had a police record… yes, how would Slager know that. You’re mentioning it as if it’s a mitigating circumstance re Slager shooting a fleeing human being IN THE BACK 8 times, hitting him with 5 of those shots.

      • I have not condones the officer’s horrible choice to shoot a fleeing man. You are injecting that. NOT me. Stop being a fool.

      • and often times they are not….especially with black folks in the south. Plea bargains are for people who can afford attorneys.

      • Not always. They are for lazy prosecutors who usually have weak cases that would require a lot of investigation, or would be hard to sell to a jury. So they bargain down the charges and save court and taxpayers time and money, while getting a conviction, and establishing a record or pattern of behavior for the next time crime.

    • be honest – if it comes out that he had bought the car you wouldn’t believe it anyways because you’re so embedded into your conspiracy theories.

      Why would someone change their story about ownership of the car? Let’s see…if you didn’t own the car then it couldn’t be sold for the unpaid child support that you owe. Why would you run from a normal traffic stop? Because you know you have a warrant out for unpaid child support? Why would you run from unpaid child support? Because it’s another arrest and more money that you don’t have. What happened during the time between dashcam and phone video? ummmm the cop chased after the guy? was there a scuffle? yes, initiated by the cop…did he go for the gun? No, the cop who very clearly lied and planted evidence made no mention of him going for the gun.

      Wrong decision to run…sure, absolutely! Wrong decision to chase by the cop? Sure, absolutely! You had his license, you’ve visually verified that the person on the license was driving the vehicle. Send a cop to his dang house to wait for him and impound the car! What you don’t do is shoot a man in the back for running from you.

      • “Because it’s another arrest and more money that you don’t have.”
        But he can drive a Mercedes?

      • I can get a used Mercedes for $3,000 bucks…payments on it are $70 a month. A Mercedes ain’t that big of a deal.

        He gets arrested and he goes to jail. Quite possibly loses his job and his income. He panicked…pure and simple. We don’t shoot people for panicking…

      • He made an aggressive move at the officer, then ran.
        In fact, he ran twice. Once when he jumped out of the car, and then again just before he was shot. He panicked because he was a lawbreaker that had been caught. It’s not the popular opinion, but it’s the truth.

      • Fact that he ran twice suggest premeditation. The cop ran after him a first time. Decided he would shoot him if pulled that off a second time. Cop didn’t panic however he calm and deliberate, knew what he was doing.

      • Stop with this fictional running twice bullshit also. There was no run, Scott coming back to fight, and then running away again. Scott got out of the car, Slager told him to get back in the car. Scott got back in and then got out and ran. There was not even a fight as the conservative “making excuses for any police behavior” blogs are saying. Also, all your scenarios will not excuse shooting a running person IN THE BACK. Slager will go where he belongs…..JAIL!

      • He ran once from the car. Then stopped in the park. He ran again just an instant before being shot, and while being shot. Even in commie-core math, that equals 2 times.
        Again, I am not agreeing with the officer’s horrible decision to shoot to kill, only pointing out that Scott made bad decisions to run, twice.

      • Quit talking about this completely fictional “aggressive move”. If this costumed thug is that much of a gutless pussy, then there’s simply no justification for allowing him to roam the streets with a loaded weapon

      • Despite the media reports, Scott did not have any warrants at the time of the stop. The police officer was not going to arrest him or at least, not for outstanding warrants. The South Carolina court system is the worst at throwing people in jail for back child support. They do it for being 5 days late. It creates a cycle where the people who owe can’t hold a job because they are being thrown jail. When Scott was jailed the first time for being behind, he was in his highest paying job (only 37,000 a year), but then he was fired and fell further behind. 7500 of his 18,000 in back payment was actually child support. The rest was fines and penalties owed to the state. So, once again, Scott believed he as about to get arrested and lose another job and gaining more debt. That day was the collision of two failed parts of the justice system–family court and law enforcement.