This woman’s story shows why we shouldn’t be releasing GITMO detainees

I don’t care who is president, the U.S. Constitution clearly states in Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 – that CONGRESS has the power “To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and sea.”

At some point we must come to accept these non-uniform, non-state, unlawful enemy combatants – Islamic terrorists – who have been taken on the battlefield have no rights. They deserve only one fate: to be kept off the battlefield as long as their jihadist brethren continue to operate in the mentality of Dar-al-Harb.

And it is the enumerated power of Congress to decide their fate – not some ideological executive basing his reasoning on some flawed campaign rhetoric. As U.S. Senator Tom Cotton stated, “they can rot in hell or do so in Guantanamo Bay (GTMO).

The recidivism rate of these savages hovers around 30 percent and while some may say that’s acceptable, it’s certainly not to their victims.

Take this story for example. As reported by Fox News, “Ugandan authorities arrested a man who was once detained at Guantanamo Bay on suspicion of playing a role in the death of a local prosecutor last month who handled terror cases, police said Wednesday. Jamal Kiyemba was arrested with three others as they held a meeting in a Kampala, Uganda suburb, Ugandan police spokesman Fred Enanga told The Associated Press. U.S. officials tracked down Kiyemba and helped with the arrests, Enanga said. “There was an operation which we carried out with our counter-terrorism team because we suspect that Jamal Kiyemba and his colleagues have been involved in some form of criminality,” he said. Enanga said there was no conclusive evidence tying Kiyemba to the killing on March 30 of Ugandan prosecutor Joan Kagezi, but detectives were questioning him about his possible role in that crime and a range of other offenses. Kiyemba is a convert to Islamwho once lived in Britain before he traveled to Pakistan where he was arrested as a terror suspect and later detained at Guantanamo Bay.”

I’m glad to know the U.S. was assisting Uganda in the re-apprehension of Kiyemba, which leads me to believe he was under surveillance. What we’re doing is unconscionable in that we are resupplying the enemy while the enemy is still on the battlefield fighting against us. There has been no signed document of capitulation – as a matter of fact, Islamic terrorism and jihadism is growing and spreading, much so in Africa.

The unilateral declaration by President Obama that “combat operations have ended” is just empty words that serve only to embolden the enemy and reveals a weakness that is enticing.

Furthermore, the attempt to convince us — the reasonable minds — that GTMO’s existence is a recruiting tool for the enemy is a blatantly false narrative.

“Ugandan police on Tuesday made several arrests over the killing of Kagezi, who is believed to have been targeted by Islamic extremists because of her public role as a senior prosecutor handling terror cases and international crimes. Kagezi was shot twice by gunmen after she left her car — in which she was traveling with two of her children on the way home from work — to buy groceries in a Kampala suburb. She had been a prosecutor in the ongoing trial of 12 suspects accused of being involved in the July 2010 bombings in Uganda where more than 70 people were killed while watching the soccer World Cup final on TV – you know “foosball is of the debil” (ok, unless you ever saw the movie “Waterboy” you have no clue what that meant).

So how do we in the West live with folks who believe that watching the world’s most popular sport is evil? If there’s something around which the world could unify, it sure seems soccer could be a good cause to crush Islamic jihadism and terrorism. And by the way, that bombing was carried out by the infamous Somalia-based Islamic terrorist group Al Shabaab – and their most recent heinous attack against a Christians in Kenya is still fresh in our minds. Just as a reminder, the largest concentration of Somalis is in Minneapolis-St. Paul in Minnesota – where there has been an Al Shabaab threat against the Mall of America, as well as an ISIS recruiting base.

And to think the Obama administration is also considering opening up immigration into the U.S. to Syrian “refugees” in conjunction with a U.N. effort. House Homeland Security Chairman, Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX) recently called this U.N.-U.S. relocation plan a “federally funded jihadi pipeline.”

It seems that we’re not just content with emptying out GTMO and freeing these jihadists to return to their barbaric and nefarious ways. We may also be opening up access to the United States for domestic jihadism to take root.

I have a question, why not allow persecuted Christians entry into the United States? Heck, we’re finding out based on a National Review report that the Obama administration is flying in illegal immigrant children from Central American countries on taxpayer dollars who have “legal” parents in the U.S.

As a summary, consider this America, we are releasing the enemy who is reoccupying the battle space. We are opening up our country to immigration from areas heavily saturated by Islamic terrorism. We are transporting illegal immigrants into our country under the guise of “family reunification.”

I often get asked why are all these lawless actions taking place? It’s simple, because the liberal progressive socialist left was strategically smart – they ran they first black president who is a progressive socialist/Marxist in his political ideology, and America ate up the historic moment.

Then any criticism of Obama was met with charges of racism – of course you can say anything you want about a black conservative. President Barack Obama can act with arrogant impunity and even tell Gov. Scott Walker he needs to “bone up” on foreign policy because he knows no one will do anything.

So next up, will be the first woman president, and if you criticize, you are a sexist. These failing and dangerous policies will continue if we, the people continue to march down the path of gimmick identity politics – camouflaging Marxist/socialist designs – not to mention the accommodation of Islamo-fascists.

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Same thing here inside the country: Houston, Musician Murdered at Red Light by Released Illegal:


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If I give my child a gun and he kills someone, I will be charged with murder. If the president releases known terrorists, and they kill thousands, nothing happens. Why is that? Are all men created equal but the government only prosecutes the peasants?


How much does it cost to keep gitmo open?
Send rapists to Israel. I’ll bet they could detain them at a fraction of the cost. And they know just what to do with them.
That’s right, “Rapists”
They don’t want to see the fall of western civilization. They want to rape it.
Over and Over and Over

Yankee 1942

I’m still waiting to see which one of these dc hustlers will stand up for the people and do their job by impeach, or what am I gonna tell my kids I voted for a congress to stop the madness and give our country back to us, but it never happen, sucks to be you?

Uncle Ruckus

you’ll be waiting until January 2017 when he leaves office!!!

Yankee 1942

Not soon enough, uh.


You need an Italian President who has some balls. You need Marlon Brando, not Urkel.