Netanyahu calls for Iran to recognize Israel; Obama’s response is despicable

If this “deal” with Iran is so good, then why aren’t we operating from a moral high ground against the world’s number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism?

One of the conditions for even sitting with Iran should have been the release of all U.S. citizens being held by this theocratic-political Islamic regime. There are two which immediately come to mind one being a former U.S. Marine — after all the Obama acolytes sing this song about leaving no troop behind, so much for the Marines they’ve abandoned in Mexico and Iran.

Perhaps what President Obama means is that the liberal progressives do not believe in leaving any DESERTERS behind. The other notable individual is a Christian Pastor, Saeed Abedini, and maybe that’s why Mr. President, Christians say those things about you which you shamefully mentioned at the Easter breakfast to the cheers of your sycophants. I suppose we Christians just need to be taken down from our “high horse.” And for all those fawning members of the media — I think the Iranians also are holding a member of the U.S. press, a Washington Post reporter.

I can only assess that the lives of these Americans mean little when it comes to the arrogant pride of President Barack Obama — after all, it’s about his legacy.

However, there is something else very disturbing about conditions placed – or NOT placed — on the Iranians. A simple request from our best ally in the Middle East — which one would think would be a no brainer…one would think.

As reported by Politico, “President Barack Obama is rejecting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for Iran to recognize the state of Israel as part of a final nuclear deal.

“The notion that we would condition Iran not getting nuclear weapons in a verifiable deal on Iran recognizing Israel is really akin to saying that we won’t sign a deal unless the nature of the Iranian regime completely transforms. And that is, I think, a fundamental misjudgment,” Obama said in an interview with NPR on Monday. On Friday, Netanyahu, a vocal critic of the Iranian nuclear talks, said that a nuclear deal with Iran must include “unambiguous Iranian recognition of Israel’s right to exist.” The Obama administration announced that the U.S., Iran and other world powers had reached a preliminary ‘framework’ agreement on Thursday.”

Now, let’s consider this, the leader of our best ally in the Middle East, Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu (who survived Obama’s attempt at undermining his reelection bid) asked for a condition that Iran recognize the existence of his country — and U.S President Barack Obama blew him off. Obama referred to this request as a “fundamental misjudgment” — I view his response as a flaw in character.

This request comes as we reported last week of an Iranian Basij Militia Commander stating that the destruction of Israel was “non-negotiable.” Now, how is it that we would go into an agreement with a country whose leadership joins in with chants of “death to America” and refuses to acknowledge the right to exist of the only stable democratic state in the Middle East? I can only assess that the existence of Israel means little to Barack Obama — after all it is about his legacy.

And this actually confirms the reason why the Obama administration uses the reference ISIL and not ISIS — as we shared, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant is a reference that does not recognize the existence of Israel.

I asked before, I ask again. When will the American Jewish community awaken and realize that Obama cares little for the Judeo-Christian faith heritage and the inextricable bond between America and Israel? What more proof do you require than to read that Obama sees the recognition of Israel by Iran as a “fundamental misjudgment” — try and excuse that away, which I know you will, those who side with anti-Semitism or the J-Street crew.

What the entire Iranian nuclear “deal” episode uncovers is a person so enamored with his own personal ambition that he will sacrifice anyone, Americans and allies. I will make no apology because someone has to make a stand against this abhorrent behavior that has blatantly gone over the edge.

In what has to be another of President Obama’s most convoluted and confusing statements, “I want to return to this point: we want Iran not to have nuclear weapons precisely because we can’t bank on the nature of the regime changing. That’s exactly why we don’t want [Iran] to have nuclear weapons. If suddenly Iran transformed itself to Germany or Sweden or France then there would be a different set of conversations about their nuclear infrastructure,” Obama told NPR.”

What does that mean? It reminds me of the post November 2014 midterm election quote when President Obama claimed to have heard the voices of the two-thirds of the Americans who didn’t vote. This weakened “deal” doesn’t stop Iran from pursuing a nuclear capacity — and we all know it has nothing to do with a peaceful energy solution — it just slows down their capability to attain the eventual goal. If that were not the case, then Saudi Arabia wouldn’t be fretting and chatting up Pakistan.

Obama revealed — and the State Department tried to correct — that in 13 years the “breakout” for Iran to attain a nuclear capacity is zero. Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I am 54 and I certainly plan on being around in 13 years. The greatest consideration for me is that my daughters are 22 and 18, and I don’t want them living in a world under threat of an Islamic terrorist regime with this capability — as none of you should want for your children and grandchildren.

And especially, none of you who want to see your children and grandchildren make their “birthright” trip back to Israel — unless I have something completely wrong in that statement?

No one is going to impeach Barack Obama, and he knows that, but that doesn’t mean we walk about on eggshells afraid to speak up. We have a very dangerous person as president, someone whose actions, policies, and rhetoric can no longer be excused away. He is an Islamist sympathizer.

He is certainly not a Jewish ally — as proven by his dismissal of Iran recognizing Israel’s right to exist. The fundamental misjudgment was America’s mistake in electing and reelecting this person — and his vision of fundamental transformation.


  1. Well said, Col. West. O made a deal with the devil and the US & Israel are the sacrifice in the fire. What voters, particularly the Jewish voters, need to understand is that it will be no better if Hillary is elected. Everyone should be working hard to see that doesn’t happen. That’s assuming we make it to election time.

    • We will make it or Obama will go down in history like Hitler did. Suicide in a taxpayer provided bunker before facing his crimes.

    • You are right on the money, KJinTexas, Obama gave Iran in that agreement everything they wanted and we get nothing in return. Obama should have demanded the :non-negotiable destruction of Israel and the return of all Americans they are holding in prisons but he did nothing except sell out his country and our ally Israel.

  2. I would love to put my fist in his mouth,so damn tired of his tyranny! im a female,but I can whip his po little lame ass, wth did we vote reps in for,they arent doing shit!

    • I’m a 51 year old, overweight, out of shape woman and I could take his pansy ass. Oh, and I play softball so I can definitely throw better than him.

  3. This is what happens when you elevate a feckless community agitator who never ran anything more complicated than a petition drive, throws like a girl, thinks there is no sweeter sound than that of his own voice and wears mom jeans to POTUS. Stay tuned. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  4. Dear Colonel West,
    I have many Jewish American friends – every single one of them openly disapproves the policies of President Obama.
    Jews do not automatically vote Democrat – things have changed.

  5. Thank God Mr West doesn’t hold public office,
    He has no concept of diplomacy.
    Our primary concern was to stop or stall Iran from building nuclear weapons.
    Demanding that no nuclear deal could be made unless Iran changes everything about all their beliefs is insane.

    Imagine if when Reagan was making an arms reduction deal with the Soviets in the 80’s he insisted that no arms deal could be made unless the Soviets gave up their interest in Eastern Europe and made changes within the Communist party.
    The Soviets would have walked out and there would have been no arms reduction deal.

    Mr West would rather that Iran have nuclear weapons than ever negotiate

    • Just a point you should be aware of…..1.Iran is the #1 proponent of the destruction of not only Israel, but of the USA. 2. If you actually think this is going to slow down anything regarding Iran’s nuke program, you have lost your mind.

      • No.
        The deal is not finalized.
        I do not assume the deal will definitely work… I would not make that assumption about any deal.

        But i believe that it is ignorant to assume that a deal that hasn’t even been finalized yet will never work.

        Will this deal stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon?
        Maybe not.
        Maybe the deal will fall apart and Iran will disallow inspectors and we will reinstate the sanctions and be right back where we started.

        Maybe it will fail.
        But… maybe not.

        I do know, however, with certainty that having no deal will do nothing to stop Iran.

        So what’s the outcome…
        If we have no deal, there will be a nuclear Iran and a likely war.
        If we have a deal, either we avoid a nuclear Iran and avoid a war… or the Iranians break the deal and we have a nuclear Iran and a war.

        I say give the deal a chance.
        People like Allen West would rather throw away a chance for peace than to allow Obama the possibility of success.

      • A “deal” like Neville Chamberlain got in Munich?? Good thing congress is stepping in and gonna require any Iranian “deal” be approved by our elected representatives. Plus it’s not just a GOP thing. Enough Democrats are joining in on this to ensure there is a veto proof majority to pass it.

      • The comparison to Neville Chamberlain is absurd and used by critics to undermine any chance of negotiations.

        The circumstances are nothing alike.
        Nevile Chamberlain allowed the Nazis to keep Czechoslovakia.

        This deal does not actually give anything to Iran it doesn’t already possess.
        All it odes is lift trade sanction… which….
        If this deal goes through and Iran does not honor its side of it, the sanctions go right back in place.

        People like West would rather see America fail than allow Obama to succeed at anything.
        They would rather gain political points.

        This deal may collapse and lead to Iran pursuing nuclear weapons.
        But it also might work.

        Having no deal, however, will definitely lead to Iran pursuing nuclear weapons.

        So please explain why you think having no deal will be better than giving a deal a chance.

      • This so called “deal” will fail. Utterly and completely fail because Iran will not adhere to ANY deal. They have gone on doing what they do and they will continue to do so. As far as idiots (a word you are very fond of) you might want to look in a mirror for the definition of the word.

      • can you tell me tonight’s winning lottery numbers?
        After all, you claim to be certain of the future.
        So if you claim to be so certain that a deal that has not been finalized yet will fail either you are a wizard, a time traveler, or an idiot.

      • To the other Brendan: You’re joking right? Yea… you are. Almost had me believing you were really that naive.

      • This comparison to Neville Chamberlain regards negotiations with a regime whose own religion states it’s perfectly acceptable to lie and negate promises when dealing with others not of the same persuasion. Mr. Chamberlain negotiated with a regime that never honored any written agreement or promise it made while buying time for their ultimate goals. The comparison is spot on, and your criticism lacks any basis in historical fact. But don’t let that dissuade you from sharing your ignorance. In the near term, that’s still allowed.

      • No… your ignorance is shining.
        parroting the talking point of comparing Obama to Chamberlain doesn’t make you informed… and that is especially evident when you can not even see the differences.

        how is allowing a country to capture another country the same as negotiating to get a country to stop doing what it is doing internally?

      • Amazing. Rather than provide substantive data to back up your rebuttal, you resort to the classic 5th grader response …. “no you …”

        I have neither interest or patience for connecting dots on your behalf as you are unable/unwilling to even acknowledge existence of dots at this juncture.

        I have apparently violated my internal guideline of refraining from a battle of wits with a clearly unarmed citizen. However, I am able to rectify that now, and further fully defend your God given right to expose such ignorance in whatever fashion you deem adequate. Carry on.

      • Sorry kid… your comparison is idiotic and you can’t even back it up.
        It is obvious you are just parroting talk radio talking points.

      • The comparison to Munich is perfectly valid. Chamberlain gave in to all of Hitler’s demands in order to be able to wave a piece of paper and declare he had achieved “peace in our time” Obama is doing the same with Iran.

        As for “failure”, I do want Obama to fail because I want his policies to fail; not America. The deal is going nowhere because enough Democrats are getting tired of this kabuki theatre and Congress will not let it go by.

        Having a “deal” with the mullahs in Iran reminds me of the scene in Schindler’s list where there are railroad cars of Jews stopped at a railway station in blazing heat. Oscar Schindler has hoses turned on the cars to cool them down and give the poor souls water to drink. The Commandant Amon Goethe says, “That’s really cruel, Oscar. You’re just giving them hope!!”

        Iran will never honor an agreement.

        BTW…… what about all those chants of “Death to America” that are so popular these days???

      • We are not giving Iran anything with nothing in return.. Huge difference.

        Chamberlain did not oppose Hitler taking Czechoslovakia in exchange for an empty promise.
        Chamberlain gave away Czechoslovakia.
        When Hitler broke his word… Chamberlain could do nothing.

        That is the difference.

        In the proposed deal with Iran (not yet finalized) sanctions are lifted in exchange for halting of large parts of production and complete access to inspectors.
        If Iran breaks the deal… the sanctions immediately go back into effect with additional sanctions.

        The crazy demand that opponents of this deal have is that they don’t want to stop Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear bomb… they want to be unrealistic and not only stop Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear bomb, but also get Iran to change ALL its internal and foreign policies.

        That is not going to happen…. not all at once.

      • That’s an absurd question.
        this is Obama’s first attempt at negotiating a deal with Iran.
        You are trying to compare the outcome of a deal that has not happened yet against no other deals made before.

      • Stop calling everything you don’t agree with absurd… The man’s foreign policies have been a nightmare at best. You say they don’t want him to be successful, but the man has done nothing but create more foreign problematic issues than help. Hence, this one will probably be the same. You think just because they will do it anyways we should side with them.

        If a thug is going to rob someone, should we help, because with our without it he will attempt it anyways? I am sure your will say that analogy is absurd… but it is not.

      • I don’t call everything I disagree with absurd.

        Saying that a nuclear with Iran will fail because he has never had a successful negotiation with Iran in the past is absurd because he has never had any nuclear negotiation with Iran in the past.
        You are comparing the hypothetical outcome of a negotiation that is not complete with no previous instances… that is what is absurd.

        Saying Iran will likely break the treaty iss not an absurd statement.
        Saying the proposed deal is bad is not absurd.
        Those are all opinions that can be argued.

        Saying a first ever nuclear negotiation will fail because you are measuring it against nothing is absurd

      • Nobody said anything about him being unsuccessful with past nuclear deals with Iran. I am saying that all his past negotiations went poorly. As I am sure this one will too. His resume speaks on this. What is absurd is negotiating with a country that has never been trustworthy just because they may do it anyways. Iran is a bully, and you want us to befriend the bully because they will continue to act like a bully anyways. Is that a simple enough explanation… I guess that is your opinion, but I always stood up to bullies, just like we should stand up for what is right. Not what will put us on the “win win” side. Because its not a win win.

      • [sarcasm] Oh Jimmy………. didn’t you see the story where the Obama apparatchik told us that Iran only says “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” out of habit?? They don’t really, really mean it!! [/sarcasm]

    • Wrong..just as most liberals are wrong on almost all policies they make…foreign and domestic. What ANY sane person wants is for a deal that guarantees that Iran is to NEVER get a nuclear weapon, not a deal that almost certainly guarantees that they will get it in 10-15 years. Economic sanctions were working before obama took over. At the start of the negotiations, Kerry if he had a pair would have stood behind his chair and stated “there are 3 non-negotiable policies that must be agreed upon. 1. all American political prisoners are to be released immediately. 2. all technology that is used in making nuclear material is to be dismantled immediately, under supervision. 3. Israel is a state and must be recognized as to have the right to exist. If any of these are not met, America walks”. At this point the Iranian would bluster and threaten…and at that time kerry should have just walked out and put into place even harsher sanctions that would guarantee the complete collapse of Iran’s economy. Economic sanctions DO work as was proved with overthrow of the prior regime. As it is now, those who are smart are going to stock up on beans and bullets because once Iran gets a nuke in 10-15 years, this world is done. The only thing that can save us is if a president with a pair gets into office that has the mindset of “walk softly and carry a big stick”.

    • Genius, the Soviet Union COLLAPSED mostly as a result of their continuous arms spending and economic mismanagement. There was never a treaty to halt the flow of arms just as there is absolutely nothing stopping Iran from building a nuke.

      There is also a reason why Soviet Era Russian made weapons spread across the entire planet and are still being used.

    • Your comparison is insane. You cannot possibly equate trying to make a country change its internal governance with making a country recognize another country’s right to exist.

      • I’m not trying to equate the two.
        You would be insane to think I was.

        In fact, your point is the same as mine.

      • No, my point is not the same as yours. You stated that West has no sense of diplomacy and that “demanding that no nuclear deal could be made unless Iran changes everything about all their beliefs is insane.” You then proceeded to illustrate it using Reagan as an example: “Imagine if when Reagan… unless the Soviets gave up their interest in Eastern Europe and made changes within the Communist party. The Soviets would have walked out and there would have been no arms reduction deal.” So you were comparing demanding Iran recognize Israel’s right to exist with demanding the USSR make internal governance changes. It made no sense.

      • No… again you misunderstood.

        And if you think that demanding Iran change its stance on Israel is not the same as demanding they make internal governance changes, then you know little about Iran.

        Demanding that Iran change its views on Israel is unrelated to getting them to stop production of a Nuclear weapon.
        And how is failing to get a deal that stops or stalls Iranian development of a nuclear weapon a help to Israel?

      • Israel is an ally. How on earth can we just let Iran continue to threaten them and not acknowledge their right to exist? An ally deserves far better than that. Also, Israel doesn’t seem particularly happy with this deal.

      • Netanyahu is not happy and he represents all of Israel the same way Obama represents all of the US.

        there is no easy answer for Iran.

        Let’s be honest…
        iran has political leadership and a religious leadership… and much like a modern monarchy where the parliament runs the government but must get approval from the royals… the Iranian government must get approval from the religious leadership if anything is going to get done.
        While there may be some voices of reason in the government that are looking towards the future and better relationships with the West down the road… they still need the religious leadership to sign off on anything.

        Will the religious leadership, who are extremists, sign off on limiting the number of centrifuges in exchange for lifting of economic sanctions that will help the economy?
        Will the religious leadership sign off on that same deal with the added request that they denounce their extremist religious beliefs and recognize Israel?
        No way.

        Asking religious extremists to compromise on nuclear ambitions is possible.
        Asking religious extremists to compromise their religious beliefs is impossible.

        So I have a serious question for you….
        Do you want a deal with Iran that prevents them from developing a nuclear weapon?

        other than ending negotiation and killing any deal, what does demanding the Iranian government change its position on Israel gain?

        Unless you think the religious leaders of Iran will suddenly change their minds about Israel, you have to agree that making that demand will kill the deal.

        My argument comes down to this….
        The proposed deal demands that inspectors have full access to make sure Iran is honoring the deal.
        If Iran does not honor the deal, it’s off, and the sanctions go right back into place… with new harsher sanctions added.

        So if Iran breaks the deal, we lose nothing and are right back where we were.
        In fact, if Iran breaks the deal, it will add to the growing discontent within Iran between the people and the government…. so if Iran breaks the deal, we’re actually still a little better off than we are now.

        We have nothing to lose by giving a deal a try

        …and we have nothing to gain by making no deal.

  6. Too bad Mr West is not a russian citizen: for the comments he just made his whole family would had ‘tragically died’ in a car crash and he would have been committed in one of those famous mental institutions the Reds have. Good or bad, your President is…your PRESIDENT.End of story. You don’t get to criticize him, especially when you’re just some idiot blogger that never made it farther than his own…blog. Speaking about that ‘LOYAL’ stuff Mr. West (as you advertise it) : were you loyal to your POTUS when you were in the Army or you were ‘steadfast’ in debating your orders…and this is why they kicked you out ?

    • “I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.” – Hillary Clinton

      • this comment is the one that will sank Hillary. Because for all her qualities, she is still the woman who pulled an ‘ IRS move’ (as in destroying e-mails) when it came to her personal e-mail server. And since Snowdon, people tend to consider it a ‘career killer’ never mind the actual contents of the e-mails. It’s a shame, but she is going to loose because of this hypocrite attitude she showed when heat came too close to her own ‘stuff’.

      • But they said Bush was Hitler and Clinton never said a word. I guess she just cared about the paycheck ;P

    • Are you an idiot? Loyalty is to the office and not the muslim man in the office who is doing his best to destroy the USA. You are drinking too much kool aid

      • just because you are calling him a Muslim, it doesn’t make it so. And by the way, America voted for him TWICE…that makes him better than any of the sorry GOP corrupt motherf**** wannabes that scramble desperately for an edge nowadays. 🙂

      • “America voted for him TWICE…that makes him better than any of the
        sorry GOP corrupt motherf**** wannabes that scramble desperately for an
        edge nowadays. :)”

        America also voted for Bush twice. So Bush is equal to Obama using your calculations. And since Bush was evil like Hitler, by logical extension Obama is also Hitler.

        Thanks for that, YA TOOL!!! ;P

      • I really hope you were joking when your wrote that. Bush stole the elections twice with Diebold’s help, by the way. And he was not evil…he was just ineffective to stand pressure from those two piranhas: Addington and Cheney, which were running the whole show in his name. But from that, to compare the whole thing to the slime of humanity, is really an overreach, man!

      • Haha, they don’t have to scramble for an edge nowadays, liberals are doing a fine job making the GOP look like the better option. Bush was elected twice, so that makes Bush better than any sorry who? And I feel corruption has a better chance to thrive in a nation controlled by government and not by citizens…

      • I usually don’t reply to comment threads, but our president is a confessed Muslim outside the US. I have family members living in Africa right now. They get the foreign news stations. The Obama we know, is not the same one the world knows. His speeches which we don’t get to hear here are very anti- America and very apologetic for American oppression. We are no longer a Christian nation (which he has said here too) but we will embrace Islam and live in peace with all Muslims. He is know as the savior who is going to lead the oppressors (USA) and make them allies of all Muslims. Oh and just so you know, In Islam, if your father is Muslim then all sons are too. And his father is reported a Muslim. I double check with two of my Muslim friends and they said this was correct. Just saying.

      • don’t you have to pray like 5 times a day in order to be a muslim? Has anyone saw Obama doing that? I thought his preacher was some guy, Jeremiah Wright, wasn’t that some scandal a couple of years ago because of it? When did Obama converted to Islam?

      • You are a kool aid drinking ass clown. He got back in because we had no one to run and he of course bought many votes

    • What he did was save his Battalion by scaring the crap, which soiled his skivvies, out of an Iraqi that yield valuable information. That’s what commanders/ leaders do to protect their troops, risk taking. SO, How is the organizer in chief protecting his country and his military? He’s not! he’s giving in to a lying state.

      • What is lost by this proposed deal with Iran?

        If there is no deal, Iran continues to pursue a nuclear bomb.

        If there is a deal, and Iran breaks it and continues to pursue a nuclear bomb, the lifted sanctions go right back in place.

        But if the deal does work.. that is a win.

        So if the deal works, that’s a win… if the deal falls apart we’re right back where we were if there was no deal.

        So why not try the deal?
        What do we lose?

      • Scared and weak?
        Your link has nothing to do with what I wrote.
        And sorry kid.. that’s an old picture of me

      • Good. No more 3bn/year from our taxes, no more political clout at the UN or wherever else Israeli politicians burned the bridges with the other countries. What is Israel giving us besides trouble in the Middle East? Let them fight their own war with Iran, we already build them the Iron Dome to defend themselves. We got enough problems with our own failing economy, why should we mix their geographical problem? From my point of view, it’s time for Israel to stand on their own two feet (they have no problem doing so when they go to set scores in our Congress against our POTUS), and if they want to attack Iran, please DO IT and be DONE with the whole thing already. It’s not our problem, it’s theirs. If they don’t like somebody in the Middle East, they’re more than welcome to go and fight their battles…why should we support the consequences of their actions anyway?

      • And the other countries in the Middle East were just peacefully strolling along until Israel attacked them? Not our problem? The other countries have help though right?

      • The Iranians still hold the weapons grade uranium they loose 1/3 of the centrifuges. we lift the sanctions. the same as telling your enemy to holster or sling arms. and your side gives up your weapon. Now who has the upper hand.

      • Except that, as I wrote, the moment the Iranians break the deal, the lifted sanctions go back… and with new added sanctions.

        if we have no deal, they still have the same material.
        If they break the deal, they still have the same material.

      • Being mister nice guy is going to get people killed. Why do they need enriched Uranium for power? They’re blowing camel crap. When they comply to an action then the west can respond. until then squeeze tighter.

      • Again leaving out vital information? Even your president admitted that the “deal” doesn’t prevent Iran from nuclear bomb capability…it merely slows them down. You people will say anything to prevent having to admit how wrong you were in voting for the man who has made us the laughing stock of the world.

      • “You people”?
        Since you chose to respond to my comment, would you care to answer the questions i posed in it?
        Or do you people not like to consider the facts?

        What do we lose by making the deal?
        If no deal gives them a bomb soon and the deal, as you suggested, delays it by (according to conservatives) more than a decade, what is wrong with that?

        That’s how diplomacy works.
        Relations don’t change with one deal… nor do the internal workings of foreign governments.
        But this is the beginning of easing tensions and keeping Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
        This would hopefully be the first of many deals.

        So answer this…
        If no deal leads to a bomb and/or war…
        And this proposed deal, at worst, pushes development back by a decade and opens relations…

        Why would you prefer no deal?

      • There are no facts here, Brenden…merely supposition. You say, ” (according to conservatives) more than a decade” but that’s BS. NO one believes it will be more than a decade, not even your president. NO one believes Iran will stick to any agreements. And it’s NOT a deal in which WE receive any benefit. Your president, and his bumbling idiot Kerry, are too afraid to even ask for our hostages back which should have been the very first thing to be brought up in these ongoing circus shows. Of course, if they were traitors we would have offered to trade them for some terrorists but that’s beside the point. Rather than lifting sanctions we should tighten them and bring them to their knees so that they’ll finally bow their arrogant heads and concede that the world is not going to stand for their determination to produce weapons that will totally annihilate first, Israel and then the US . NO one believes this so-called deal will bring the world minutely closer to safety except maybe the few who blindly go through life thinking that if we’re simply nice enough Iran will see things our way, throw all those centrifuges in the trash and come running to hug us and join in a chorus of Cumbaya. Why would I prefer no deal? Because this deal does nothing but put us in greater danger and if you can’t see that you’re far blinder than I thought.

      • Thanks for predictably avoiding my question.

        Hyperbole aside, for someone complaining about supposition, that’s all you offered.
        How do you know what is being discussed behind closed door negotiations?
        How do you know that the release of American prisoners is not being discussed?
        You don’t.

      • I did answer your question, Brendan. It was the very last line of my comment but, as someone who has nothing better to do than argue for the sake of arguing you obviously overlooked that so you’d have something to do to occupy your time.

      • No. You did not answer my question you made wild assumptions that you were unable to explain.

        Your response was that the deal would put us in greater danger than having no deal, but, of course, you could not actually explain how.

        You. Don’t like rational thought and cling to beliefs that you can’t even explain.

      • My source us directly from the criminal unit that investigated…its online go read it…you’ll see that Allen lead the men under his command that night to violate the ucmj lose rank and pay

      • Why didn’t you reference your source like those with real facts do? We’re just supposed to read what you say and agree because you’re a liberal?

    • ventolin63. Loyalty is to the country. To protect from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC. You would have made a good SS storm trooper working the gas chambers. Idiot.

      • you got some big jewish issues, man! See you shrink at once, maybe he can fix them for you with some Thora-zine 🙂

      • The Holocaust is supposed to serve as a reminder of what can happen. Pieces of shit like yourself are completely capable of that sort of thing.

    • “You don’t get to criticize him, especially when you’re just some idiot blogger that never made it farther than his own….blog.”

      Get your head out of the sand buddy. What you are saying is that no one should be able to speak freely about our politics and politicians of the day? You are the type of anti-American who would be better off in another country. Thank God for the First Amendment which protects people from a government that would try to limit and restrict our free speech.

      • Since when being a ‘true American’ means that you are allowed to be disrespectful to your President?

      • Bill Clinton was a better President than this community organizer and John Kerry giving himself the Purple heart falling out of his swift boat then telling Congress my cohorts committed atrocities in Vietnam. Hippies are in-charge of the government. I really feel warm and fuzzy knowing true Americans are running the show

      • I completely agree about Bill Clinton. Still, Obama could have done it much worse than what he did, with the situation he inherited from Bush. And let’s nt forget that Bush actually inherited an economy with a BUDGET SURPLUS (‘feels so strange writing those two words considering the economical mess we’re in because all the unnecessary wars we got into for others!)

      • ‘was a kid back then :). But I think it would have, yes, because disrespecting the President is pretty much like disrespecting the country, considering the fact that it’s president is representing it (at least in theory)

      • Respect is earned, not given. By Presidents too. I respect the office of the Presidency. I do not have to respect the person in that position. You would have government limit and restrict our free speech and that is despicable. As I said get your head out of the sand.

      • Liberals HATE the first amendment and every other piece of the constitution. They probably hate the Magna Carta too! They want every last one of us tossed into the crematorium.

        Keep buying more ammo. These fuckers are never going to stop until you are dead.

      • wow…the last Conservative president did soooo much good to America, right. We lost trillions in stupid wars because of your beloved ‘W’.

      • Simple…I would have thrown in prison all the CIA members of that task force that was responsible with ‘finding intelligence against terror attacks’ And the FBI too, if they have any part in it!
        You don’t go after some other country just because you dad had a grudge with the leader…first you take care of the problems and incompetents at HOME, and then, if you have the finances, you do something else just to prove a point. The guys that knew about the attack and did NOTHING…the blood of the victims is solely on their hands. Those 20 miserable creatures that perpetrated that attack would had been easily neutralized ‘bullet-in-the-head style’, in time, and a lot of lives would have been saved if the CIA or FBI would have done their job. Terrorist will always do terror. But this is why you pay the analysts at the CIA or FBI :when they do their job, terror…doesn’t happen! So, again, why go elsewhere to fight when your own house is not in order?

      • So what would you do with Bill Clinton? He recently stated that he regretted not doing anything against Bin Laden.

        and after you “get the house in order” then what? Leave the Taliban alone?

      • The guys that knew about the attack and did NOTHING…the blood of the victims is solely on their hands.
        Wait…are you talking about Benghazi?

      • You’re replying to my comment with something that has absolutely nothing to do with the constitution. Are you trying to change the subject? Nice try, idiot!

    • So if the president is trying to vaporize my entire family or some entire ethnic group I’m just supposed to follow orders just because he’s the “President”?

      Are you that fucking daft?

      • well…this is what was expected from a soldier in an army, as recently as WW2. This is why is called the ‘executive branch’ too. If you had ever been in the army (like the author of this article pretended to be) you would know, that orders are not up for questioning.

      • Allright Rabbi. Now go hit that western wall with you head a couple of times and call it a night, Hillel 🙂

      • Do you eat pork? Are you for LGBT rights? Are women equal to men? Which way do you face when you pray?

      • Guess what liberal person. You do get to question orders in the military. If you had ever served, you would know that there is a whole course of military law that basic recruits are required to take so that they know and understand the difference between orders. There are many different types. There are General orders which usually never change, like guarding everything within the limits of your post. there are Standing orders, which may change depending on command initiative, procedural issues, or mission rquirements. there are Lawful orders, which are everyday orders given by your officers and NCO’s during routine business, combat directives, and everyday details, kinda like being at your normal job, and then there are the baddies called UNLAWFUL orders. These are orders given that you know damn well you should question and probably not follow, you know, like, go set the generals vehicle on fire, or go shred the constitution and throw that on the generals vehicle while it’s burning, or go take out that entire village, women, children animals, everything. Oh, and when you DO NOT UNDERSTAND AN ORDER, YOU SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY QUESTION THE GD THING.

    • “You don’t get to criticize him” … because that would indicate an inherent capacity for independent thought. Given our assert-er has proven incapable of same, he/she will be forever required to simply mumble “O great and powerful O” . What.a.dweeb.

      • you didn’t realize it yet? Israel wants us to go fight their war in Iran for them! You really want that? Isn’t better to fix our economy instead of go fight somebody else’s war?

      • they WON’T get any nukes. Pakistan and India both broke speed records in acquiring them, and you’re telling me that those guys are not able to get them in 20 years? Netanyahu is a liar. Always has, always will be. Otherwise how can you explain the fact that he predicted 20-ish years ago Iran having nukes in ‘couple of months time’ and we’re well into 2015 without that prophecy becoming true. He preaches the same stupid mantra for 20 years because he wants Israel to remain the only nuclear power in the region and Israel can keep stealing land from the Palestinians and call it ‘settlements’ with impunity.Personally, I don’t care if he steals the whole Middle East and calls it Eretz Israel, BUT there are other people that DO mind. And Saudi Arabia, as much as they are Israel’s ‘ally’ (what a joke, right?) nowadays, they will be the first customers for a couple of nukes if Israel attacks Iran. From who are they going to buy them from ? Russia, who else! And that is the real BAD STORY, the rest is just smoke and mirrors for entertainment purposes.

      • Yeah well, if the current administration ever begins to reverse course and take steps to improve our economy instead of destroying it you might have something to talk about in that regard. Speaking of Israel, Netanyahu doesn’t want us to fight his war, he simply asks that YOUR president stop doing everything he can to facilitate the annihilation of his country.

    • Too bad? So you are saying you would want West and his family to “tragically die” in a car crash for exercising his first amendment right? Should every liberal be killed for the hate and lies they spread about Bush? Whether they were lies or not, he was still our president nonetheless… What about Barack blaming and chastising Bush? He was our president before. Like, the only way you can criticize presidents is to be a president??? Ok last question. Do you belong to a cult? Because your loyalty to a man in a supreme position is unparalleled and blind to moral standards. You would be a great cult member… plus you already drank the kool-aid.

    • . Alan West stands head and shoulders above someone like you with your ignorant remarks. We are a free people with the freedom to express our opinions. This president has done nothing to gain my respect, he said Christians are showing him love, it is difficult to love someone who is trying to destroy your freedom, your country and your way of life, that includes our freedom to live according to our faith. I highly respect Alan West and proud to try and defend him.

      • Dude/Dudette…you failed to spell “Allen” West correctly when it is literally all over this page. I’m going to go ahead and make some inferences about your attention to detail and the resulting ridiculousness of your opinions on…probably everything.

    • Uh, yes, you do get to critizise the president. You also get to critizise anyone you wish to critisize in America. 1st Amendment ring a bell there your most wizeness. I don’t care if you like oblamer or not, comedians make fun of him, people outright hate him, ” I know I do”, I will critisize his idiotic choices and decisions every chance I get. You want to know why genius? BECAUSE I HAPPEN TO BE AMERICAN AND HAVE THAT FUCKING RIGHT, THAT’S WHY? Preach your leftist PC garbage in another country, and they will laugh at you also. It’s about time more Americans like myself stood up and said the same damn thing I’m saying now. BILL OF RIGHTS TOPS YOUR PATHETIC LEFTY LIBTARDISMS. And oh, yeah, I use the fuck outa cap lock. Just thought I would toss that in there before the “grammar police” show up. Oh, and don’t throw the Army shit out there either. He is retired, just as I am. I owe MY alliegence to the Constitution, NOT the president…ANY PRESIDENT. The very first part of the oath Is ” I do so solemnly swear or affirm, to uphold and defend the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA from ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”. That trumps obey the orders of the president if the president issues an unlawfull/unconstitutional order. As of this moment in time, obama and his lemming blind, mindless drone followers are the greatest threat to the freedom enjoyed in these United States of America.

      • HOO-FUCKING-RAH, Mr. Premo! I too am an AMERICAN who took the oath to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And right now I will DEFEND AGAINST THE DOMESTIC THREAT that is lying (both meanings of the word apply) in WASHINGTON, D.C. today.
        I get knots in my stomach when I read the blather that these LIBTARDS try to spread. Holy brainwash, batman! It’s almost unbelievable. They are so freaking blind to what HUSSEIN is doing. They really believe he is the second coming.
        I pray with all my CHRISTIAN heart that the good Lord will guide the right hands to remove the evil that is driving this once great nation into the pits of hell. I pray that he opens the eyes of these “sheep” and thet too see the evil that is upon us.

    • You raving liberals would like that wouldn’t you, no one criticizing YOUR president so that the truth will never get out? Let me tell you something, sweetheart…as long as I live in America and am protected by the United States Constitution (you know, the founding document that YOUR president repeatedly defies) I will criticize anyone I damned well please! Especially when I find so much fodder on a daily basis. Why don’t you take your utterly misinformed, America-hating head out of your a** and drag it to another country where no one has a right to speak their mind, including you.

    • wow, that’s a shame! ’cause you guys liked them so much to begin with, that now you feel betrayed…poor you 🙁
      what do you expect from a bunch of people that you consider ‘ untermensh’ just because they don’t want to make Aliyah to your apartheid laden jewish state? You expect them to like you and your politics? Dream on!
      If you seed intolerance, don’t expect something else in return.

  7. Whether it be Israel or the rest of the world, ” we won’t sign a deal unless the nature of the Iranian regime completely transforms” Isn’t that kind of what this “agreement” is suppose to be about?

  8. Living under the THREAT? LOL…..Trust me, they will USE it at the first opportunity……Now that they have their seed spread across the Globe, what’s a few millions here or there gone under a mushroom cloud? What they are spreading is a plague……

  9. Hey all, that ventolin dude is just a silly kid. Try not to call him names and don’t take him too seriously. He’ll grow up, Steady as she goes. The Congress is moving to make the executive irrelevant. I’m waiting for them to contact China and Russia for Hillary’s e mails. The military might decide to protect Israel no matter what the US Iranian advisors try to do. Let’s hope so.

  10. Wow, you people are soooooooo hateful and misinformed. You blame President Obama for everything and never have anything of substance to say. Obama is a Christian (I, myself don’t follow any religion but am a believer in letting anyone believe anything they want) who is trying to keep the U.S. out of yet, another war. He is a diplomat. No, he is not perfect. No one is, but I’ll take him any day over the likes of Cruz, Bush, Walker and the other right wing intolerant bigots. I try not to get into it with any of you because it is pointless but every so often I just have to say something. Please quit listening to Fox News. It is NOT real news! It is an “entertainment” show put on by Rupert Murdoch for his own benefit. He and the Koch Brothers (their father was a founding father of the John Birch Society…look it up if you don’t know what it is) do not care about the middle class or the poor. Get your heads out of the sand.

    • Deb, I’m sorry to say this… You are an idiot. Your stupidity runs so deep it can never be fixed. Obama’s dad was a muslim, his step dad was a muslim, he is a muslim. Everything he writes, everything he says, and everything he does, point directly to Islam. How many Christians do you know that wear muslim “wedding rings”? You are proof of the adage that it’s easier to fool an idiot than it is to convince an idiot that they have been fooled.
      I bet when you were just a little lass you couldn’t even complete a connect the dots drawing.

      • Like I said, I don’t normally even respond to you people because you listen to Fox News and other Faux news sites. You are the idiot. Obama is a Christian. Even if he was a Muslim…so what??? NOT ALL Muslims are terrorists! Not all Christians are terrorists! It’s pointless to argue with fools. See ya. Good luck in life.

      • Muslims are commanded to fight unbelievers until they are either dead, converted to Islam, or in a permanent state of subjugation under Muslim domination. Allowing people of other faiths to live and worship independently of Islamic rule is not an option. this is from the Quran, if you don’t follow the Quran then you will die. if you don’t fight non believers in Allah then you are not a devout Muslim or in other words you will die for not following Allah. You figure that out.

      • I know several Muslims and they would never kill anyone. Christians believe anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus Christ as their savior will go to hell. What’s the difference between that and your comment “if you don’t follow the Quran then you will die?” I don’t deny the existence of a God or higher power. I’m agnostic because I don’t believe anyone “can know” what is or isn’t “out there.” I live a good, moral life, care for humanity and don’t need to cling to some religion to “get through the day.” There are so many religions and they all believe theirs is the “only way.” Nonsense.

      • The difference is, IDIOT, that man has no right to take life. God has the right to take life in the Judgement. For you to even mention an honourable faith like Christianity in the same sentence as Islam makes you not only an idiot but a fucking idiot.

      • Your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired. I SAID that I’m not religious at all. I don’t believe in any of the nonsense. You can believe anything you want, however.

      • LOL, you have a gun as your picture??? I rest my case. You STFU! You and all of these other religious nutcases are the crazy ones.

      • You are such an idiot I would love to slap you. Muslims don’t behead you, idiot. They want a terrorist to behead you.

      • Again, all of you people are so hateful. Is that really the “Christian way?” You offer nothing of substance for any of your rants. Calling me an idiot is just immature. I DO NOT condone ISIS or any of the horrible actions, beheadings, killings, etc. “in the name if Islam!” You people obviously cannot comprehend English. No one in his right mind would condone the “idiots” who kill people in the name of ANY religion. I also do not condone the “idiots” who kill abortion doctors and others “in the name of Christianity.” I’m done with you people. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Obama is a Christian and has more integrity, intelligence and humanity than any of you.

      • He has not shown any yet , even the Germans are getting fed up and they swooned 200 000 strong over him in 2008 .No more !

      • Typical troll, whining about being called an idiot after calling everyone in her “bigots”.

    • I don’t listen to Fox or a libtard like you ! I am a LEGAL Immigrant and Viet era Vet ! Most of us Immigrants helped shape this country in the last 40-50 years. Obamba and socialist cronies like you have made it into a sick puppy, a racist country worse than ever, sucking up to the Oil Saudis but thrashing others. Just wait until the lying bitch sits in the WH.

      • Wow, nothing you’ve said here makes any sense at all. None of it has anything to do with anything I posted. “Most of us immigrants helped shape this country in the last 40-50 years????” Hate to tell you but the U.S. is much older than 40-50 years. The racists are the Republicans, not the democrats. Educate yourself.

      • That is true, my husband is European, my grandparents were European/Russian, but let me tell you something, (and they came earlier then 40-50 years ago) One of the early settlers here, and they never tried to change Canada, they adjusted, and made Canada theirs the same as my Grandmother who was American and from Russia…..So get off your high fricken horse, look at things the way they are, the rose colored glasses don’t work……

    • Oh, were intolerant bigots because we don’t like a president that leaves everything half assed and in shambles? Typical troll….

    • Sorry sweetie but you are seriously misinformed….That’s alright cause when the big judgement comes, I know I hate tried….There are stupid people all over and it seems that the US has as many as Canadians…………Obama is a MUSZZRAT…..No matter how you look at it, a Christian NEVER EVER SAYS “I have to cut this short, it’s time for prayers..” Believe me, WE DON’T we believe it praying quietly and without a lot of hoopla….Look at the muzzrats, man they make such a big deal out of it, if you knew the bible you would realize that Christ said to go into the prayer closet and pray quietly without announcing it to ever damb person within hearing distance, read the book chick!

  11. I have sooo many problems with this, but one thing that really got under my skin was this ridiculous quote about Obamas attempt at undermining Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin N reelection campaign. Whoever wrote this has a short memory, because the Israeli P.M. was throwing Obama under the bus every chance he could during his 2nd bid for office. “Bibi” as Romney called him had the Israeli P.M. In his back pocket. He didn’t try to hide his over the top ridiculous unwavering support for Romney even a little. He did everything in his power to rally the Jewish vote against pres. Obama. Then when the tables are turned Obama is crucified for not supporting Bibi during his time of need, and people try to paint him out as the bad guy who turned his back on bibi and meddled in Israeli politics and the voting process, all are not true. In reality, the Israeli pm has been meddling in American politics through powerful Jewish special interest groups with very deep pockets that have many senators and congressmen who are bought and paid for on the payroll. Anytime they need a vote or two or they want something blocked it’s never a problem. The very scary but true fact is that a pretty large part of our legislative body here in America is controlled by Israel. It’s very scary to think that soo many law makers are at The beckon call of Israel, it’s scary yet true. Worst of all is it seams like almost nobody knows of this or cares. So get off Obamas back, because if I were in office “bibi” would be begging for Obama back.

    • You BO supporters make me sick.You believe anything he says or does is ok.Will you ever wake up & realize he is ruining this country with his socialist agenda?I don’t see one positive thing he has accomplished.

      • I don’t believe everything he says/does is ok. I do believe that you could not distinguish socialism from communism if I hit you in the head with a copy of the communist manifesto, so that generally makes me ignore your “Obama is a socialist” argument.

      • I do recognize when a man is trying to change this country for the worst.I do recognize that race relations in this country have gotten immensely worse under his leadership.I do recognize a man that caters to Muslims & illegals.I do recognize a man that ignores the Constitution.I also see a man that has lost the worlds respect for this country & has disrespected our vets more than once.I also recognize that you are a self righteous idiot.

      • I do recognize that you ignored my comment about how I don’t think everything he does is okay. You know, the part where I said out your statement is inaccurate? I also recognize that you didn’t bother to pretend that you can tell the difference between socialism and communism, opting instead for reciting a litany of random things for which you think BO is responsible (Body Odor is a terrible thing). Finally, I recognize that you can’t tell the difference between “self-righteous” and “morning internet troll.” (Though to be fair, you’re probably right about the self-righteous thing. I’m just pointing out that a good guess, not reasoning skills, got you there.)

      • I understand you don’t think everything he does is ok.You must understand I don’t think he has done one thing that has been good for this country.I think he is by far the worst president in history.I do know the difference between socialism & communism & it is very obvious to me that this country is going in the wrong direction under his leadership.And before you go there no I don’t think everything the idiot Republicans are doing is right either.I just see the Republicans as the lesser of two evils over the Progressives at this time.As a 64 year old veteran I know enough to see that this country has a serious lack of of leadership on either side.

      • Well I’ll just point out that you would get a lot less push-back if instead of ranting about how everything Obama has done is wrong you specified certain decisions you think were wrong, along with good evidence of their effects.
        Also, since you think it is all about a lack of leadership on both sides, what would you think is the cause of that lack of leadership? Did god suddenly stop producing leaders? I suspect that the massive money in politics chokes and restrains leadership on both sides. If you agree with that, the problem is not Obama…the problem exists no matter who is president.

      • I can’t stand Obama & nothing you can say & no amount of asking for clarification on his bad decisions will change that.No,God hasn’t stopped producing leaders.It just seems that a lot of people only vote for the ones that will give them something for nothing.Yes this lack of leadership problem has existed for a good while now.It just seems to have intensified under the current administration.

      • See now, “this lack of leadership problem has existed for a good while now…[and] intensified under the current administration” is a far cry from where you started: “he is ruining this country with his socialist agenda.” I’d lead with the former next time. Sacrifice the extremism – it only goes to promote the idea that everyone in this country is batshit crazy, when really we’re all pretty normal and have pretty normal opinions.

      • I sincerely believe he is ruining this country.I also believe he is a very bad leader who is also surrounded by people who give bad advice.If I could get my way then everyone in office would be fired & we would start over with term limits for everybody.No more career politicians.

    • Well of course he did – BiBi had the foresight to know Obama is Israel’s enemy, silly little minded liberal LOL

      Obama crucified – wow really looking forward to that when it does happen, and btw lots call him BiBi, not just Romney you dumbass.

  12. Hey everyone, did you notice his hand in the above picture…….It’s the baby finger didget, I have never noticed that before, but it looks like it’s either not there or he has an extra finger……Anyone else see it

  13. Allen West’s mindset is what drove me from the Republican Party to the ranks of Independent. The requirement that Iran recognize Israel’s right to exist as an agreement pre-condition did not exist as a pre-condition to the nuclear negotiations. The goal of the negotiations was simply to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons ant the framework addresses that goal only. Netanyahu doesn’t want any agreement at all and the only purpose of his late date demand of a pre-condition was nothing more than furthering his attempt to prevent an agreement. What would Israel have said if the Ayatollah had demanded that Israel accept a separate state status for Palestine as its pre-condition? Netanyahu gave his answer that such would not happen on his watch. The only question to be answered by the final negotiations is whether or not the Agreement succeeds in preventing any path to a nuclear bomb by Iran. if it succeeds in that goal, then it is a necessary agreement. If not, there should be no agreement.

    • “Allen West’s mindset is what drove me from the Republican Party to the ranks of Independent”, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out numb nuts.The Dems deserve to have you on their side and with your mindset you’re a match made in troll heaven.

      • I agree. He doesn’t seem to understand the situation. Israel is not threatening anyones right to exist. NO ONE should be allowed to have nukes.

  14. The only two evil people right now that Obama cares about looking good is himself and Iran. And I don’t know why Congress and the Senate is standing for this!

  15. I’m beginning to think ALL American’s are scared to death of OB. Else it’s just that he can’t be held legally responsible for being the stupidest sob that has ever been president. When I was growing up American’s knew what to do to stop a rabid dog from attacking. It was a permanent solution.


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