If no one will tell the truth about Bowe Bergdahl, I will

Did anyone notice that the veteran community hasn’t made a huge deal about Bowe Bergdahl? You know, the POW/MIA organizations – they weren’t beating down doors. Sure, no one wants an American soldier left behind but there was no burning fire when it came to Bergdahl. Perhaps it’s because of what was just recently revealed – which some already knew about from a 2009 classified report on the disappearance of the Army soldier. That report should have been declassified immediately upon the return of Bergdahl, so we wouldn’t have needed another investigation.

Nonetheless, the details of that report are now being slowly leaked out, and they are highly disturbing.

As reported by Foxnews.com, “A 2009 NCIS investigation into Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s activities while in Afghanistan reveal that there is clear evidence Bergdahl was “going over to the other side with a deliberate plan,” Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer said on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday night.”

“Shaffer, a former military intelligence officer and Fox News contributor, said two senior sources told him that the Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigation included a forensic review of his computer, which show Bergdahl’s apparent intent to travel to Uzbekistan. “He was going to go off to Uzbekistan,” Shaffer told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. “He had made contact with local Afghans and wanted to be moved to Uzbekistan and then made contact with the Russians because he wanted to talk to Russian organized crime …“Clearly he was not all there relating to what he was doing,” Shaffer told O’Reilly. “I think we’re going to see more and more, as this report is made public that there were a number of disconcerting things within Bergdahl.”

I just have to ask, how widely is this being reported by the liberal progressive media outlets? I for one cannot believe the entire Obama administration knew nothing about this report and investigation, as they proceeded with the exchange of Bergdahl for five senior Taliban leaders.

And don’t forge…those five Taliban leaders are free to depart Qatar on or about 26th of May. And reports are rampant that ISIS is expanding its recruiting efforts in Afghanistan – which is where these five will certainly return.

There’s no need to debate the charges brought against Bergdahl. They are serious in every manner — especially the misbehavior before the enemy, which resulted in the deaths of six soldiers who were on search and rescue operations for Bergdahl.

The question that has to be answered is why would President Obama go so over the top with the whole Rose Garden ceremony? Why would Susan Rice state that Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction?”

Could it be that no one in the White House actually had any clue about the details of the NCIS report? For me it is unbelievable that President Obama would not do the due diligence to learn the complete background on this episode before unilaterally approving this exchange. And why was it that the Obama administration gave the Taliban exactly what they asked for, these five senior leaders?

I could almost understand one – just one insignificant unlawful enemy combatant being held in GITMO, but not five senior leaders. And to think, President Obama actually just told Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker that he needs to “bone up” on foreign policy – that is hypocritically laughable.

My assessment is that Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and Susan Rice knew exactly everything about the Bergdahl desertion episode – but in their arrogance felt they could just get away with a “feel good” moment. This is the problem when you live in an echo chamber where you have no connection to the American people and certainly not with the warrior code. Furthermore, this gave President Obama an opportunity to release the worst of the worst from GITMO as validation that anyone else could be released. Again, it’s evidence of basing policy not on reality but rather on election cycle campaign promises and rhetoric.

This will be an embarrassing moment for the Obama presidency, but only if it’s widely known. I’d love to see a Media Research Center analysis of time dedicated to the Bergdahl story on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and PBS. I’d have thought this would be front page on the New York Times but instead Tom Friedman was dispatched by the Times to the White House to give Obama a platform to convince Americans his bartering with Iran is a noble endeavor – which it is not.

The truth is quite clear, “A military source also told Fox News there was strong intelligence after Bergdahl’s 2009 disappearance indicating he was handed over to the Taliban about 10 days after he left his base, and that the group wanted him. The source, who is familiar with the investigation and efforts to recover Bergdahl, said there was an effort to pick up Bergdahl — and potentially block his crossing into Pakistan — but the intelligence was either bad or old and the effort was not successful.”

So the recent false narrative being disseminated on liberal progressive media outlets that Bergdahl left his combat outpost due to issues with his platoon and that he wanted to report them is as valid as “hands up don’t shoot.”

Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter. But the greater issue here is whether President Obama was clueless about Bergdahl’s actions – which were documented in the 2009 NCIS investigation — or worse, is he complicit with the return of senior enemy leadership while this enemy still combats our men and women deployed in Afghanistan? Sadly it could be both.


  1. We need to STOP assuming that Obama missed something, miscalculated, didn’t know, or didn’t understand EXACTLY what he is doing. He is enemy number one of this, once great, nation.

  2. No one else is talking about it, aside from Fox, is because they don’t want to cause Obama any embarrassment. They don’t want the people to know that he is a traitor for trading 5 senior terrorist for a collaborating deserter.

    • Nobody is talking about it because nobody has seen the report. The guy who was talking about it on O’Reilly’s show hasn’t even seen it. He’s just repeating what his unnamed “sources” have told him. That’s not how journalism works.

  3. Some days I think he is completely clueless and other days I think he knows exactly what he is doing! Neither one is good for our country!!

    • I believe he knows exactly what he is doing and this is the “change” he was really talking about. Destroying this country a bit at a time. From our economy to our defenses.

  4. No top military leaders are speaking up for fear of the axe. He knew about the report, but his audacity to turn this into a PR moment is reprehensible.

      • You sir, are completely blinded by his color. His color is even a lie. He is white all the way through. He is a communist, muslem, homosexual. He hates this country, hates you, and hates the rest of us. Keep on loving him with all you have in you, and remember that you love him while you watch your loved ones die at his hand.

      • You are BLIND to the facts….you complain about the 5 that were released….what about the 500 that BUSH released?

      • Bush is a monster too, so is Clinton, daddy Bush, Reagan, Carter… The one world government crowd has taken our country over, and intend to kill off 90% of us… google “Georgia guide stones” educate yourself and get ready for hell on earth.

      • Bush released low level detainees. Obama released the top 5 high level detainees in negotiations with terrorists. There is a difference.

      • Releasing 5 taliban terrorist for one deserter without getting congresses approval which violated the very law that he signed. I am curious, how much does Soros pay you to TROLL these sites and stir things up? You and Rafael X should get together and have a libtard date night…

      • Treason. He has been aiding and abetting the enemy since he took office. He has ignored the needs of the people and has allowed our country to be invaded by other countries by keeping open borders. He has ignored on many occasions gone against the constitution, making his own laws… He has refused to get Congress approval on many issues….. and so on

  5. Obama looked for a way to release the GITMO five. Someone came up with Bergdahl, and told the media to pump it up. It was only an excuse to release five dangerous men.

  6. By the way- Obama caluclates every move- he is not making any mistakes or mis-steps. Iran is next- he is intentionally ruining our country.

    • Elusive scandal? Are you Kidding me? They are too many to count! Just because he lies and HIDEs everything from the American public, and stonewalls and leaves Congress without any information makes him FAR more suspicious than Al Capone! And FAR too much EVIDENCE – on Videos and from intelligence to ignore for one minute! You like all that secrecy and LIES? Go live with Putin in Russia!

    • No Mary you’re going to need it. After the horrific failure Obama’s been I’d bet it’s safe to say you won’t see a liberal in the white house for at least 16 years…so seek therapy tootsie bell your going to need it… poor little Rafie no more Obama dollars.

      • You saw what? THE FIELD OF WHO? Hmm… only 2 Republicans have thrown their hat into the ring. 2 have committed and you completely called EVERYONE crackpots. Ha ha ha what does that make you? Besides a pathetic buffoon. You might want to seek therapy for those “sightings” but really you should get help for saying the Hilda Beast will be fine..ha ha ha with her polyester pantsuit wearing, big ass cankle leg lying piece of human waste… nah!!!

    • Obamas scandals are far from elusive. His minions applaud them, therein lies the problem. Liars paid to back liars.Hillary will defeat herself with her own arrogance.

      • Sooo many made up “SCANDALS” but yet…nothing ever comes from your complaining!! Keep listening to these idiots like allen west that tells you something will be done!!!

      • I made a statement of fact, not a complaint. Please learn the difference, and perhaps you won’t sound like such an idiot. You are obviously of his minions.

    • WHY are you concerned about this? Another LIE Like “Hands up Don’t Shoot”? Wanta kill some more cops based on LIES? We do NOT know the entire story. And, just like Mike Brown, the POs in the WH has to open his fat trap! SO SICK of black people’s LIES! All we see is the guy running – for what REASON? For trying to beat up a cop just like Mike Brown? For the ten OTHER felonies he has on his record and his probation for THOSE? YOU don’t KNOW, DO YOU? Then quit talking about it! You are OFF topic and Ignorant! How dare you WASTE space on this wonderful man Allen West’s Blog! TRY to be more like him than a Ferguson thug! You MIGHT get some respect…….SHOWING your ignorance you will NOT get respect!

      • It does not matter why he is running away…. It does not matter if he just did some really bad stuff… At the point he ran away he was not an imminent threat to anyone.. The officer firing 8 rounds at him would be Wrong and Illegal by itself… But running back, picking up his dropped tazer and taking it back to the shot guy and dropping it is evidence of covering his unjustified killing of a unarmed person… And he should be arrested and put on trial for Murder with a Jury being allowed lesser included charges of Manslaughter

    • What about it?? The killer is sitting in jail. He will be facing murder charges. I remember you saying you liberals didn’t worry about the black on black crime because the murderer is usually apprehended. So, what is the big deal about his case then?

      • Tell that to Tim Scott…senator from South Carolina…he made a comment…but yet ALLEN doesn’t bother? WHY??? Because it doesn’t fit what he is about…PROMOTING HATE AND BIGOTRY!!!

      • He’s promoting hate and bigotry because he hasn’t sat down and written anything on it yet?? YOU are psychotic! Your liberal masters have taken full control of your brain cells!

      • No..he promotes hate and bigotry by the choice of opinion pieces that he post to his blog!

      • How? Because he’s not a vulture on the left exploiting the death of Walter Scott to push an agenda??

      • “At this time we need to once again focus on correcting that which ails the black community: strong families and economic growth. It pains me to know that for no apparent reason, four children will not have a dad at the Thanksgiving table.”

        Yeah, I see what you mean. The guy is an animal.

  7. Obama is an enemy of the People, the U.S. Constitution who secured the freedom of a fellow traitor Berghdal. Benedict Arnold is a Patriot compared to these scumbags and he was executed. Treason should be punished with death. Betrayal is the ultimate sin. The UCMJ allows for trails in absentia and they had plenty of intelligence telling them he willingly gave himself into enemy hands and he aided and abetted the enemy. They could have him a Dishonorable Discharge and put out a warrant for his arrest which would have done 2 things. If he was separated he would no longer be a Soldier “in captivity” and no reason to rescue him. That would condemn him to a life in third world countries because once he appeared in a country that has extradition treaties with the US, he would then be ours and be sent to Leavenworth.
    The government knew he was a traitor and scumbag, but didn’t care. Our country’s problems start at the top of government and “political correctness” is killing this nation.

      • Reading comprehension is obviously not your forte, Paul Sheridan. Airborne wrote, “Benedict Arnold is a Patriot compared to these scumbags and he escaped back to England or he would have been executed.” Did you completely miss the part of “… and he escaped back to England or he would have been executed”??? Duh?

      • I didn’t miss it. He edited it later, presumably in response to my correction. The original text said “and he was executed.” Not your fault for not knowing that though.

  8. “I just have to ask, how widely is this being reported by the liberal progressive media outlets?”
    How widely is the liberal progressive media reporting what one guy said on the Bill O’Reilly show? Not very widely I would imagine. Now, if anyone had actually seen this report then it would probably be news. But when one guy who’s already got a bit of a spotty track record says something on a talk show, who in their right mind would repeat it like it’s breaking news? Oh, never mind I think I just answered that question.

      • A lot of them have since reported that it was not true. What do you suppose the odds are that Bill O’Reilly does the same if this report turns out to be fictional?

    • I wonder what it is like going through life just ignoring facts that make me uncomfortable. Right or left, it has to be a sad fantasy life to pretend facts counter to your argument do not exist. Without conservative outrage Nixon would never have been impeached. I think the Detroit leftist lobby says it best – their name is By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). At least they are honest.

  9. I don’t understand why EVERYBODY suggests the possibility that 0bama “didn’t know”, or “was uninformed” about every event where the wrong or dangerous decision was made. It’s time to start placing the credit/blame at his feet. He’s the president of the United States. If he didn’t know the facts, that’s his problem. He has to take full blame and we have to assume he knew the facts. Otherwise, he shouldn’t be in our White House.

    • exactly..13citizen13..he either is a flat out liar or is totally incompetent..either way, he has no business being the president of the US…

  10. Iran has no intention whatsoever of keeping any part of the agreement.
    They were buying time so as to complete their endeavours in a timely manner. Regarding Bergdahl, the objective was not to get him back home but to get the other five back home.

    • Lets be fair. He’s the President of the United States. At the very least he’s a high level socialist agitator.


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