Historic poll: Look where Obama is nearly TWICE as popular than in America

What does this tell you about his policies?

Less than half of Americans have a positive opinion of President Obama, but that’s not the case for our neighbors to the south.

A new Bendixen & Amandi Poll for Univision Noticias – Fusion in collaboration with The Washington Post shows that 80 percent of CUBANS on the communist-led island have a favorable impression of our dear leader. The door-to-door poll is considered the most comprehensive and largest independent survey in Cuba in more than 50 years.


Interestingly, Cubans feel the same about their president as we do about ours: Raul Castro’s approval rating is about 47 percent, which is right around Obama’s in the U.S.

But the grass is ALWAYS greener.

According to the poll, 55 percent of Cubans would like to live in another country, and by far, their number one choice is…the United States.

Well of course it is. With all the fundamental transformation happening, they’ll feel right at home!

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Communists will love their own.


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Hey Miss Hickford thee majority of Cubans love America, that’s why they love our President.
Give it a try sometime


Wow Brendan…and you have the stats on cubans
love of obama. This Cuban and many more don’t even like him. Imagine that.


Yes.. I have the stats… they are in this article you are commenting on.

I thought you lived in Texas, not Cuba.

Sean Goertz
This poll really doesn’t mean anything…. I’m sure the average Cuban knows absolutely nothing about Obama outside of the embargo being lifted off of their country, which I’m sure is the only thing they know about him, so duhhhhh they’ll have a positive view of him for that if it’s all they know. Think about it…. how informed is the average American on other world leaders despite our easy access to the information we’d need to form an opinion? Something I’m sure not a lot of Cubans have. I couldn’t even tell you anything about Germany’s leaders, or that of… Read more »
Uncle Ruckus

MS HICKFORD along with ALLEN WEST knows that there are billions to be made from these LOONS that support him. This is way ever opinion piece is complaining about the president!!

John Kerry's Forehead

They can have Obama and keep Castro as a bonus. I’ll take someone who loves liberty and freedom.

Mark Knoblauch

Let’s send him there!




Buy Mr. Obama a one way ticket to Cuba and don’t forget one for Mr. Biden.