Bee, Oh! Watch Obama’s ridiculous response to screaming kids

Remember that fake story about Ted Cruz apparently making a little girl cry?

Well, here’s a real look at kids SCREAMING in horror while President Obama is reading them a story. Now, they’re not screaming about his policies, or the trillions of dollars in debt he’s saddled them with, but something a bit more tangible.

During a storytelling session on the White House lawn for this year’s Easter egg roll, Obama attempted to read “Where the Wild Things Are” when a swarm of bees began buzzing around the panicked kids.

Obama attempted to comfort the children with his usual dismissive platitudes — just the same way he does with all of us.

“Bees are good. They won’t land on you. They won’t sting you. You’re not supposed to be scared of bees.”

In fact, just swap ISIS or al-Qaida or Iran for “bees” and it sounds just like one of his press conferences!


    • He can’t even BS the kids, they weren’t buying any of it…. but like the rest of America they had to stay there and endure his idiotic babble till he was gone

  1. Bees would not be attracted to Obama as they go for sweet.
    Flies on the other hand ?….. There would be a swarm all over that pile….>!

  2. Question: would this be a criticized if Col. West had said it or something similar?

    Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty to criticize with Obama, but is this really worth mentioning? Of all the things to be critical about this one comes off like Nelson Muntz (the bully from the Simpsons) pointing and laughing. It is one of the things that annoys me with the conservative media, they eventually start criticizing every little thing Obama does or says like a nit-picky sitcom mother-in-law.

  3. Obama was trying to calm the kids down. On the other hand one has to know what kind if bees they were. Honey bees or bumble bees will not sting you out in the open. Ground wasps will when they think their nest is disturbed. Obama had no idea what kind of bee it was.

  4. I’m surprised he didn’t call them Bee-Bee’s and yell out instructions of “eliminate the settlement building assassins!”.

  5. It’s ok kids! if you die from bee related allergies then your death will be a worthy sacrifice in the war against globull warming. So says our glorious master emperor Obama!

    • Alot is not a word. And he doesn’t WHINE about the guy, he tells truths. Check them out on something other than Liberal television and you might be surprised.

      • Why don’t you go ahead and PROVE which of those opinions is not fact. Don’t post someone’s OPINION – post only FACTS. I won’t wait as I would certainly grow very old waiting for proof that doesn’t exist.

      • OPINION….obama should be impeached….that’s just ONE!! I’m too tired to list all the other OPINIONS you LOONS take as FACT!!!

      • He shouldn’t even have been able to run for president. He could’t even qualify for a legal driver’s licence or state id card. No birth certificate.

      • Just proves how far Americans have fallen. Not a pretty site.

        Subject: Re: Comment on Bee, Oh! Watch Obama’ s ridiculous response to screaming kids

      • There’s been plenty of evidence revealed…from the local level all the way up to your radically biased, far-left MSM even. Since that’s obviously your “news” source I’m surprised you haven’t heard. Oh wait, absorbing fact is not the way of the liberal. Never mind.

      • I get such a kick out of your comments. I can only imagine you sticking your tongue out and chanting, “nanna nanna boo boo”. I used to wonder why you took the time and effort to come here and spew rhetoric, insults, etc. with no substance or fact to back up anything you say or to twist logic hoping someone will agree with you. Now I pity you for being the village idiot while at the same time looking forward to seeing what you post next ’cause I’m always up for a good laugh.

      • hahahaha. That was the worst comeback ever EVER!! Typical of your loony toon mentality. You can’t answer so you name call. rofl.

      • Here’s some “FACTS” for you…

        Liberals like you…

        LIBERALS: … Abortion is GOOD, Executing convicted Murderers is BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Getting Robbed & Murdered is GOOD, Owning a Gun is BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … High Energy Prices are GOOD, Drilling for Oil and Gas is BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Islam is GOOD, Christianity is BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Higher Taxes are GOOD, Lower Taxes are BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Communism is GOOD, Capitalism is BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Protecting minnows is GOOD, Giving Farmers Water is BAD!
        LIBERALS: … Gay ‘Marriage’ is GOOD, Traditional Marriage is BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Black People are GOOD, White People are BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Welfare is GOOD, Working for a living is BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … illegal Aliens are GOOD, Americans are BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Sharia Law is GOOD, The U.S. Constitution is BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Homosexuals are GOOD, Christians are BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Teaching Kids about Sex is GOOD, Teaching about God is BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Teaching Evolution is GOOD, Teaching Creationism is BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Atheism is GOOD, Believing in God is BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … The Mutant Federal Government is GOOD, Freedom is BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Traitors are GOOD, Patriotic Veterans are BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Anti-American Communist Obama is GOOD, Bush is BAD!!
        LIBERALS: … Burning Aborted Babies to produce Electricity is GOOD, Burning Coal is BAD!!

        Isaiah 5:20 “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

      • Did you just call ME a Liberal? That’s about as laughable as anything I’ve ever heard! I started to say that if I’m a Liberal then you’re an idiot… but I’m not a Liberal.

    • Colonel Allen West has more integrity in his little finger than your Dear Leader could ever dream of having in a hunfred lifetimes. The Colonel is an American Patriot while your Dear Leader demonstrates time and time again that he loathes American principles, rights, and history.

      Answer this, what is there to be jealous about? A 19 trillion dollar national debt? Fast and Furious? Benghazi? Shovel Ready? Syria? Egypt? Libya? Iranian nukes? Crimea? Fudged jobless numbers? Inciting Ferguson riots? Injecting himself into the trayvon martin case? ISIS? muslim brotherhood visits the White House? Or any of plethora of other obama fails.

      Come on! You can’t really think that a career military man like Colonel West has anything to be jealous of a “junior varsity” tyrant?

  6. This might have been the book that inspired him to become president when he was in college, when he got to the part about the lonely King

  7. he was using his Iran logic…. “hey Wasps don’t sting…come on kids.. even though I’m a fool trust me on this”

  8. No one should be surprised; this exactly how he reacts to anybody who points out a real and present danger. “Stop your fussing, nothing is going to happen, everything will be fine.” Then suddenly there’s a head rolling on the ground or someone passed out from shock brought on by a bee sting. He tends to insist on denying the undeniable and ignoring the obvious.

    • While what you say may be generally true it doesn’t stand true as far as bees are concerned. Very few people pass out from shock caused by a bee sting. And thats coming from someone that was allergic to them.

  9. Now just switch iran for “bees” and nuke for “stings.”

    I also find his tone with these panicked children, disturbing. Again, it’s the tyrant/subject mentally.

  10. This is kinda “playground” politics to me. Mr West you need to stay focused on the things that effect Americans and leave these childish bullying gotcha games on the playground where they belong. You’re better than this sir.

  11. WHENEVER Bees are swarming, the PROPER way to handle it is to CALMING quiet the children… as you are LEADING THEM AWAY FROM THE BEES! Obama sat there SCOLDING scared children… the same way he SCOLDS AMERICAN’S who have RIGHTEOUS FEAR of ISLAMIC TERRORISTS!!!


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