Middle East situation so bad even DEMOCRATS are criticizing Obama

After the most recent corruption charges issued by the Obama administration Department of Justice, we now have a new term in our lexicon: “Menendez’d.” As you recall, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez has been hit with corruption charges – after he’s been a huge critic of President Obama. Senator Menendez took on Obama regarding the unilateral moves towards Cuba and Iranian nuclear talks. Menendez was the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, now he is — rather was — the ranking member of the same committee. Sen. Menendez has openly called out the Obama administration about the charges being all trumped up due to his criticism.

Well, perhaps there will be another candidate for getting “Menendez’d” — Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Ca). Yesterday on a Sunday talk show, Rep. Schiff, who is the ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, was extremely critical of President Obama and his handling of terrorism.

As reported by Fox News, “California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff said Sunday that al-Qaida is having a “resurgence.” “In Yemen the news is really all bad,” Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), told ABC’s “This Week.”

“Just as we feared in the chaos … Al Qaeda has had a resurgence.” The Al Qaeda offshoot group in the Arab Peninsula has taken advantage of the turmoil in Yemen since it started several weeks ago, using the chaos and deteriorating government to expand its foothold in southwest Asia.”

“It’s absolutely a safe haven,” Michael Leiter, former director of the National Counterterrorism Center, told ABC. He also said the administration’s policy is correct, compared to the alternative of a massive American occupation. “That doesn’t mean that the administration’s strategy is flawless, however,” he said. “And I think had we put greater emphasis and resources in trying to deal with the governance issues in Yemen, this might have been prevented.”

Schiff’s words differ sharply from the 2012 campaign narrative that al-Qaida was decimated and on the run — amazing how the narrative has seemingly changed according to the number two ranking member on the committee. There can be no debate that Rep. Schiff is making his assessments based on the classified briefings and intelligence he is privy to hear. However, will this result in his scorn from that modern day Rasputin — Valerie Jarrett? There is a saying that lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same location — well, Schiff is in the House of Representatives, Menendez was in the Senate.

Fox says, “just last week, AQAP took advantage of the fall of Mukalla — the capital of Yemen’s largest province, Hadramawt — by freeing about 300 inmates from the city’s main prison, including scores of militants, according to security officials. Among those freed was Saudi-born Khaled Batrafi, a senior al-Qaida operative believed to have masterminded past attacks, officials said. Also freed were 90 death row inmates convicted for a host of criminal offences, according to activists in the city. The administration has referred to its efforts in Yemen as a “success story” and just several days ago continued to defend its strategy. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told MSNBC that U.S. policy “should not be graded against the success or the stability of the Yemeni government.”

The real question about this episode is more political than policy. At what time does the Democrat Party see President Obama as a millstone about its neck? At some point in time, the potential Democrat hopefuls for president will have to answer the simple inquiry — do you agree with the foreign policy of the current administration?

Let’s be honest, the same was done in 2008 to the GOP hopefuls – it will be interesting to see how the liberal progressive media handles the flip side situation. We all know the objective of the progressive socialist left will be to play low ball and talk about divisive issues such as wage disparity, feminist issues, gay marriage, and maybe even resurrect “hands up don’t shoot.”

But the situation abroad, as addressed by Rep. Schiff, is declining almost weekly and we have to be concerned about an eventual successful terrorist attack against America. Every week we hear about plots being thwarted. The terrorists only have to get it right once — we have to get it right every time.

Also, there is a growing concern for the Democrats who are trying to keep the American Jewry under their spell. With increased angst openly displayed by the Obama administration towards Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu – after all, Obama campaign operatives worked to undermine Netanyahu’s reelection — Democrats are struggling behind the scenes to maintain their hold. Domestically, those in the inner city may just come to the realization that the welfare nanny-state and the dependency society do promote neither self-esteem nor empowerment. The time is coming when the liberal left will have to answer.

The empty rhetoric of “hope and change” and the masterful manipulation of the American electorate cannot withstand the scrutiny of truth and what we know to be the policies of success and advancement of the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Friday jobs report of 126,000 jobs created for the previous month is below anemic — and to blame it on the weather just serves as another line of excuse.

We’ve been told the unemployment rate is 5.5 percent but the workforce participation rate is below 63 percent — at 62.7 percent, it’s an all time 37 year low. We have 93 million Americans now out of the workforce who are not being reported. Our annualized GDP is limping along below 2.5 percet — this cannot be the new normal. If I’m correct, during the Reagan years we had monthly job growth that neared one million – I’m quite sure in his eight years there were some bad winters.

The Obama administration cannot “Menendez” everyone as truth becomes more apparent — they will try but eventually as Rev. Jeremiah Wright stated, “the chickens will come home to roost” — actually, they have come home to roost.

The Middle East situation is in a free fall. Our domestic situation is counter to that which made America a shining city upon a hill.

Senator Robert Menendez and Representative Adam Schiff have spoken the truth, stood up, and criticized President Obama. If we continue along this path, there will probably be more of the same — let’s pray it’s not too late.


  1. When party loyalty is more important than patriotic duty and honor, politicians will do or say anything to maintain power.

    • I don’t want to suffer anymore from this infected liberal influence and the American children must be educated on their Constitutonal rights, ASAP, before becoming teenagers

  2. I am a military veteran(Vietnam) and have been on the planet for over 68 years. Never in all the years post Junior High school have I seen a president, staff,and political party as corrupt as the Democrat party. (note; I used the correct terminology for the party in power) It has always been the Democrat party. Only current members of that party and the members of the media use democratic to describe the current party in power.

    • Sir, you are a liar. Nixon was force to resign in disgrace in ’74. Reagan sold arms for hostages to IRAN! His flunky, the disgraced Oliver North, then sold weapons and by extension COCAINE. Boy George lied us into a war that is the direct cause of the mid east conflict today.
      Filthy liars and hypocrites are born filthy.

      “Allen West is a minstrel show for racist white people.” – Rob Black ( R- KKK)

    • There are still plenty of idiots who think that everything Barry does is a total success. If anything isn’t perfect then it’s still Bush’s fault. I’m serious! There are millions of idiots still blaming Bush!

  3. I think these Democrats are beginning to realise that their children and their grandchildren’s future may include witnessing a dirty bomb or a nuclear attack due to Barry’s incompetence.

    • And so would have your Democratic Party. All along, they have been for segregation, against civil rights and even came up with the 3/5 of a person idea. Yet one man speaks his mind & he is branded an “Uncle Tom.”


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