Single mother caught with a handgun pardoned by Chris Christie

You might remember the story of 27-year-old Shaneen Allen, a single black mother of two from Philadelphia who was pulled over in New Jersey’s Atlantic County after making an unsafe lane change in the early morning hours. When she was stopped for the traffic violation, Allen told the officer that she had a .380 Bersa Thunder handgun, as well as a concealed carry permit for Pennsylvania, unaware that her permit was not transferable to The Garden State. But she was charged.

Fox reported that “Allen had only owned the gun for a week prior to the arrest, according to her lawyer, Evan Nappen, and purchased it for her protection after being robbed twice in the past year. “The officer knew there was a gun there, she was completely honest and open,” Nappen continued. “There’s no aggravating factors in this case; she’s a single mom of two, working in the medical field who was robbed twice and that’s what inspired her to get a gun license in the first place.”

Nonetheless, Allen was prosecuted in New Jersey and faced three years in jail.

However, yesterday Governor Chris Christie did the right thing, and issued Allen a full and complete pardon. Hallelujah!

Perhaps this Christie action will finally deflect attention from those traffic cones.


  1. OMG a post from Allen west concerning a black person that is not negative!!! I’m shocked….let me start keeping track…. This would be #1

    • You haven’t been keeping up with West He is who he claims to be. Not a phoney publicity creation Now, Arabs of dark skin are African-American How do you make chicken salad out of chicken skin?.

    • OMG , a post from Uncle Ruckus concerning Allen West that IS negative !!! I’m shocked …. that would be # 76943672 .

      • There is no negativity here. Wake up. It is a statement of fact.Reread it. West makes up for scum like Al. S.

    • I hear ya. Every other person is making excuses for black people. I to say good job. First I’ve seen of a single black women with a gun with kids. Why this is a shocker.

      • Hey Randy…the word you were looking for was WOMAN. Woman is singular, 1 woman. WOMEN is plural, several women. Go back to school and try not to listen to those liberal voices this time.

      • I agree. Thanks for the spell check. I don’t get a lot of words corrected. I use my thumb to text. I work outside and it was chilly. 45º . I was also listening to Rush Limbaugh. Sooo… I was a little distracted as well. But your spell check was AWESOME. Please keep up your good works. Every post needs a spell checker and you volunteered. Thank God you showed up.

      • What in the hell is the matter with you nincompoops?? Who cares about spell check or any of that crap. Christie did the right thing. The woman was armed because she was robbed a couple of times. I don’t blame her. I also want to know what the hell all of the other crap about Allen West is about? He is a good person with common sense and he apparently doesn’t give a hoot about skin color when judging people on their actions. Why not find a subject that matters?

    • Not his first! Sorry that does not fit your “Uncle Tom” agenda. The most racist people I have run across in my life have been African Americans, just like you!

    • Every thing concerning Allen West that I have read so far indicate that he is a law abiding man and a proud Black man. He is always trying to point out to others what he believes is the right thing to do regardless of race. Maybe we would be better off if more people heeded his words than criticize him. Also, Way to go Gov. Christ

  2. Funny.. but THis stinks of a Major BULLSHIT sorry…. for the Prosecutor Dropped the Charges on her a few months ago

    • The charges apparently were not dropped. Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain reversed an earlier decision which would have put her in prison, and decided that she would have to be in the Atlantic County Pre Trial Intervention Program. She was still subject to prosecution up until yesterday. But McClain only did it after the NJ Attorney General “clarified” the application of NJ mandatory sentencing scheme to certain minor firearm infractions.

  3. If you are a “U.S. Citizen!”
    ONLY SLAVES ASK THE MASTER FOR PRIVILEGES! If you have done nothing wrong no one on earth should question how you defend you and yours! We should have gotten a posse together and busted her out of there so they know we are in charge!

  4. Come on guys, the cops knew she had a cc permit, b4 they pulled her. She did the right thing,christie did the right thing, but, I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut, that the cops were waiting for her to lie,and then bring the hammer down. They had to arrest her to cover the fact they pulled her for a very border-line reason. Been a Rep/Ind for years, and you know as well as I do,that there are a lot of BAD cops out there. I’ll follow my common sense,before I follow any type of obama admin. cops. Period. And yes I have cc perm. Whats happening TO the police officers ,is absolutely murderous racism. Dont take it out on a “single woman” anymore than Me. You wanna be a bad ass cop, go ARREST/shoot a REALLY BAD individual shooting back. (plus,I like her taste in weaponry ) LOL

  5. The NRA has a chart of the various state CC permit regulations and it is a mess! Some states accept other states’ permits, some don’t. If you are driving across several states, you will probably drive through one or two that will accept your CC permit, a few that only accept those from certain states and those that won’t accept one from your home state. New Jersey should post on their state borders: “Welcome to New Jersey, Just Don’t Bring a Gun With You or We Will Prosecute You!”

    • Other people have gotten in trouble for admitting they have a gun locked in the trunk while traveling through Gun Free Zones. NJ and D.C. watch for and harass people with FL plates/tags.

  6. Obama and holder would make any gun owner a criminal thank you Governor Chis Christie and please flow others State’s that rejects the tyranny and corruption from the Obama gun grab and the destruction of our civil liberty .


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