Breaking: Militant Islamists target Christians at Kenya university

This is a Holy Week for Christians worldwide culminating in tomorrow’s Good Friday and of course Easter weekend.

We now know how al-Shabab feels about this Holy Week with this attack at a University in Kenya where they separated Muslims from Christians — and executed the Christians.

Foxs News reports Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for an attack at Garissa University in eastern Kenya Thursday that left at least 15 people dead, dozens more injured and hundreds of students unaccounted for.

“There are many dead bodies of Christians inside the building,” spokesman Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab told Sky News. “We are also holding many Christians alive. Fighting still goes on inside the college.”

Student Union Vice Chairman Collins Wetangula said “when the gunmen arrived at his dormitory he could hear them opening doors and asking if the people who had hidden inside whether they were Muslims or Christians.”

“If you were a Christian you were shot on the spot,” he said. “With each blast of the gun I thought I was going to die.”

I would hope that we would not deny this was inspired by militant Islamic ideology which must be defeated.

I find it ironic that we are so tolerant of a religion that kills Christians, gays and lesbians, yet we are punishing businesses in America for their Christian religious beliefs. It seems this Easter weekend we are reminded that Christian persecution has risen to a disturbing level.


  1. Jesus taught his followers to pray for unbelievers, Mohammad taught his to behead them There is a big difference! Muslims have been gaining in numbers and territory by torturing and killing unbelievers since the 7th century until the Ottoman empire was broken up after WWI in 1924. They enslaved and raped captive women and children during their rein of terror. They tried to invade Europe many times but were pushed back by Christians and the Crusades. Unless we know history we are fooled into believing terrorism is something new to Islam because of the “terrible things the United States is doing” or because ” Israel was made into a nation after WWII”. The truth is terrorist are following the teachings of the Quran just like they always have. Moderate Muslims are just the ones that don’t take the violent verses in the Quran, Hadith and Sharia law literally, the radical Muslims do. Islam seeks the establishment of Sharia law that calls for the submission and or death of unbelievers. Our constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Sharia law is, of its own nature, unconstitutional and can not be permitted in order to protect the very freedom of religion it seeks to destroy. The other problem with Islam is it isn’t just a religion, it is also a form of government that seeks to replace other forms of governments.

      • matter what Jesus taught and expects from Christians that isn’t relevant and you chose to hate your enemies and believe you are s christian

      • I don’t hate anyone but despise Islam and fools who appease them. Please take your nonsense to Iraq, Kenya, Syria or anywhere all those fine Muslims are showing allah’s peace. You can sit down with any of them and teach them about love. you know nothing of my Christianity because your head is hidden in the ground somewhere.

      • Where does it say to Love with a condition?? This is why I say that many of you are Christians in name only!!

      • Well, the choice is yours. I’m not going to judge you on that but I will question you when you make blanket statements about Christians.

      • You can read the comments on this blog and the articles that are written by allen west and you don’t have to question if they are christians are not….its obvious they are christians in NAME ONLY!!

      • Did Jesus teach his followers to commit suicide? Did he forbid self defense? Didn’t Jesus say that there is no greater love than this, that a person lay down his life for his friends? Jesus encouraged his followers to protect each other from harm and threats to their existence. Islam is a threat to Christian existence. If you are so blind not to see that, there are many passages in the Bible that speak to you about discernment. Try to keep up.

      • You need to watch this video and find the truth. You have preset ideas and won’t change because of the Quran. If I point out how it can’t be correct you won’t listen anyway. You need to find out the truth about Jesus [Isa} and not what the Quran says. Remember it was written 600 years after the Word of God was written in full.

      • I must have missed the chapter and verse where it tells you to put politics before people. To hate thy neighbor because they differ from you….please give me that chapter and verse so I can look it up!

      • What is your point, other than to bash Christians? Are YOU a Christian? And, if not, what are YOUR spiritual beliefs? You sure seem to have a lot of hate for Christians. and, I won’t argue with you that as Christians, we don’t always get it right. but I don’t think God intended us to just die and allow evil to flourish without lifting a hand (or a voice) against it. Remember, Jesus took a whip to the the money-changers in the temple. There is a place for righteous anger. And, how do you figure forcing someone not wanting to participate in something they believe is sinful to particicpate in said activity, is any less harmful than someone simply making the choice of a different florist or bakery? Why is this such a difficult issue? Because there is a POLITICAL AGENDA here.

      • I hate no one!! I just don’t want a certain group of people believing they are acting in accordance with the Bible….they are NOT!!

      • There are 10’s of thousands of Muslims coming to the Lord all the time. Those people will have salvation, but anyone who rejects Jesus will find damnation. There is no in between. John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. You can try to change that but it won’t matter. Speak the truth of salvation or leave it alone.

      • Jesus taught to love your brothers, more. That includes defending them from those that would harm them.

  2. I get frustrated when well meaning people mistakenly make the statement that “Israel was MADE INTO a nation (when or in) ” This is an inaccurate statement. Israel has always been a Nation. At least they have for several thousands of years. They have been ‘LANDLESS’ for a good while. But The Land of Israel has clearly defined borders that were established a VERY LONG TIME AGO. There is a land title deed which is one of the most ancient and authentic documents supported by many many infallible proofs, which are among the most ancient on the planet. Israel’s ‘recent’ (this century) history bears out not only the historicity, but reliability of THAT document. In that, among other things the prophecy that Israel would be RE GATHERED into Her ancient ancestral lands in “the last days”. which prophesy actually marks the ‘end of the AGE”.

  3. Barry is a petulant little man rumored to have aberrant ‘tendencies’ who was picked for the job of dismantling this country, and allowed temporary admittance into “The Club” as long as he did what he was told by his bosses. So far he has been obedient. So there is no reason to think he will be forced to tell the truth now publicly about what happened.

  4. What happened in Kenya is awful.
    But, as usual, Mr West is making ignorant distraction comments.
    Don’t worry about a Christian law in the US because some militant Muslims did something horrible in Africa.
    So what?
    What does this horrible massacre in Kenya have to do with opposition to the law in Indiana?

    Are you actually comparing the massacre of Christians in Kenya to opposition to the law in Indiana?
    That is disgusting and insulting to the lives that were lost.
    Those Christians in Kenya were the victims of REAL persecution.
    Do not compare it to your imaginary persecution.

    • I just wonder, how long ago in Kenya was it that a like motivated law was also
      counted as “minor” or “negligible”, or “unimportant” ?

      • You’re wrong. The subject is the persecution of Christians during Easter Week 2015…. persecution for BEING Christians. You think it will not come to lives being lost in this country… as militant sodomites and their staunch, powerful supporters put decent Christian people out of work, threaten their lives, expose them to hate, to ridicule… cause them to be shunned in their own communities for following their Christian faith? We are only one step away from such massacres becoming commonplace in America, both from sodomite terrorists and from Muslims. Col. West shows foresight and courage to be making the connection which is FAR from being imaginary persecution.

      • That is utterly insane.
        You think gays struggling for equality will lead to Christians being massacred.
        That is bonkers.

        And Christians are NOT being persecuted in this country.
        Defending against discrimination is not persecution.
        You are being persecuted the same way that blacks sitting in the “Whites Only” section in Southern restaurants were persecuting racists

      • Are gays merely struggling for equality? No. They are bulldozing their lifestyle into the lives of people who are no longer free to practice their religion thanks to their aggression. Might does not make right. And once enough people lose their homes and businesses and have their kids living out in the streets because they were forced to decide between their religion and having a roof over their heads, I can easily see some people losing it and going after those who gave them nothing to live for, but to seek revenge. Discretion to avoid your business taking part in an activity your religion forbids is NOT discrimination. It’s freedom of religion. Of course, you’ve never heard of war breaking out over freedom of religion. What was I thinking?

      • Your freedom of religion is not under attack.
        Go have your imaginary civil war over your imaginary threat

      • …yet you took the time to write a response and address my remark.

        Your imaginary persecution and fantasy about civil war over it is what is stupid

      • I’m guessing you live in a cave if you think religious persecution against Christians in America is my private theory or is anyone’s imagination.

      • i live in reality.
        You seem to think that not being allowed to force your religion on others is an attack against you

      • So you think you should be able to walk into any caterer and demand that they cater your nude party, or your Nazi “Kill The Jews” party, or your KKK “All Blacks Must Die” party.. and if the caterer refuses to cater it… because they have a religious objection… and media coverages causes such a stir about the caterer’s refusal, that factions loyal to nudists, or Klansman or Nazi’s send the caterers threats and threaten to cost the state millions of dollars in lost revenue, which turns the state against the caterer, for which the caterer is forced to close… you see that as an example of the caterer forcing their religion on people. Interesting take you have there. But, of course, you don’t see that the caterer was persecuted for simply reserving the RIGHT to follow their religious convictions by not allowing themselves or their business to participate in events they do not believe in… which is simply using discretion and is not discrimination. It’s those hateful Christians trying to force their screwed up ideals on the world… who need to be stopped!! Right?

      • No… I don’t.

        And comparing a wedding to your hypothetical mass murder parties only shows how out of touch you are.

      • And you have decided what persecution is and have insight into the lives of all people in this country? There is a difference in historical events which you cite, one doesnt have to do with the other.

      • That is such a straw man argument! Do NOT compare one’s choice of sexual partners with the color of one’s skin! Those two things are completely different! And NO ONE is denying service to gay people. They are saying they do NOT want to participate in an event celebrating something they consider SINFUL. They feel as if that causes THEM to participate in the Sin of the event! Why is that so difficult to understand, and this is about bullying by the radical LGBTQXYZ community for a political agenda… NOT about getting a service. They are INSISTING that Christians give legitimacy to and celebrate something Christians believe is wrong! Too bad if you don’t agree with Christians. The State is NOT allowed to force that! No matter what the New Order says.

      • New Order?

        Aldo… you missed my point.
        I am not comparing skin color to sexual preference.
        They are nothing alike.

        I am comparing the mindset and excuses of the bigots who oppose them… they are nearly identical

      • Oh… I understand just fine.
        If you are supporting the notion that non discrimination will lead to massacres, you have some serious problems

    • Who is the one perpetuating ignorant distraction? Did you read the article? While Christians are being murdered in Kenya because they are Christian and not muslim those in our country of your ilk are focusing on a non issue to distract from those who are killing the people in Kenya. You will first turn on your own rather than the perpetrators of killings in Kenya. You would rather yourself turn on Christians and devisively stir the contrived conspiracy (a word those of your ilk like) in Indiana. Facts don’t matter only what you think no matter what the law says. What is insulting is your interpretation of something so plainly written. Being gay entitles no one to bully others. Not all gays are this way but many of the activist are. Do you think that people being gay is a new experience in this country? I’ve worked with gay people for years so what, we worked as a team. Noone stopped and thought every day oh those people are gay, no we all saw each other as people, as professionals. You all need to get over yourselves!

      • You are deluded to think that people focusing on matters in this country are doing so to distract from what is happening in Kenya.

        Your phony sense of persecution in this country is absurd.
        Christians in Kenya are facing real persecution.
        Christians in America not being allowed to discriminate against gays are not facing persecution.

    • Imaginary persecution? LOL! So, gay people and liberals thinking gays having to make a second choice on where to buy flowers or a cake is REAL persecution, but the infringement on REAL religious freedoms, guaranteed by the Constitution, is imaginary. Only in an upside down, Orwellian world!

      • So Christians don[‘t have to run businesses that deal with the public if they don’t want to obey anti-discrimination laws.
        Christian business owners should stop demanding special treatment

      • gays are the ones demanding special treatment.

        Christians are demanding that the government do their freaking job by protecting the religious freedoms outlined in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

        you’d know that if you bothered to read.

      • Sorry but maybe you should get your Constitutional law from an actual Constitutional scholar, not some agenda driven zealot’s webpage.
        You’re wrong.
        Freedom of religion protects the rights of individuals…. it’s not for granting exemptions from discrimination laws for business owners.
        that’s why the Klan couldn’t use that argument to legally discriminate against blacks.

        And treating gays equally is not special treatment

      • deliberately infringing on someone else’s constitutional rights without repercussions isn’t “special treatment”?

      • you mean like a store owner infringing on someone’s 14th Amendment rights?
        or are you trying to say that individual’s First Amendment rights transfer over to businesses that serve the public?

  5. Oh look another massacre of innocent people at the hands of the religion of peace! It happens so often now I doubt people are even paying attention any more.

    • Yes, watch the news. News people go through these horror stories wearing a smile now, like, “Hehe oh well. They’re killing Infidels again… ho hum. And wow! That sun sure came out today, didn’t Biff?”

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