The truth about what’s in Clinton’s deleted emails

One of the responsibilities of public service is to be open and transparent to the people whom you serve. It appears this is not a code by which some wish to live — instead believing they are beholden to a different standard. However, at a time when lives have been lost, it does indeed make a difference.

As reported by Politico, “Hillary Clinton wiped “clean” the private server housing emails from her tenure as secretary of state, the chairman of the House committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi said Friday. “While it is not clear precisely when Secretary Clinton decided to permanently delete all emails from her server, it appears she made the decision after October 28, 2014, when the Department of State for the first time asked the Secretary to return her public record to the Department,” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, said in a statement.”

“Clinton was under a subpoena order from the panel for all documents related to the 2012 attacks on the American compound there. But David Kendall, an attorney for Clinton, said the 900 pages of emails previously provided to the panel cover its request. Kendall also informed the committee that Clinton’s emails from her time at the State Department have been permanently erased.”

And so it goes, as with the emails of another government servant, Lois Lerner of the IRS. When in question, it seems official government correspondence just sort of vanishes.

Just this past weekend, while speaking in Washington state, I was asked if the truth regarding Benghazi would ever surface. Sadly, I responded I didn’t believe it would.

There is still a contingent of people who believe the deaths of four Americans and the false narrative created to cover the Islamic terror attack by Ansar al-Sharia warrants no inquiry. As well, the game of thrones surrounding the political aspirations of some are far more important.

What does this say for someone who seeks to be “Commander-in-Chief” of our U.S. military? How can our men and women in uniform trust and believe that their backs will be covered if we have a sentiment, an arrogance that is clearly not in keeping with a high standard of integrity?

Americans were abandoned to die, yet to some they are nothing more than just emails to be destroyed. A nation cannot survive this type of blatant disregard — or treachery.

As a government official you don’t get to decide what correspondence will be released and shared for the representatives of the American people to view. As well, that correspondence is not “supposed” to be stored on private servers in a private residence — only to be deleted at the convenience of the holder. Clinton’s lawyer’s statement that “Secretary Clinton’s emails from her time at the State Department have been permanently erased” are not words the American people should tolerate — and that should be a bipartisan position.

So where does this leave the ongoing search for truth in the matter of four Americans being left to die in Libya?

“Gowdy said that Clinton’s response to the subpoena means he and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will now contemplate new legal actions against Clinton. “After seeking and receiving a two week extension from the Committee, Secretary Clinton failed to provide a single new document to the subpoena issued by the Committee and refused to provide her private server to the Inspector General for the State Department or any other independent arbiter for analysis,” Gowdy said.”

“In a letter provided to the committee, Kendall said Clinton would not be turning over the server to a third-party for review and that the emails no longer exist on the private server located in her New York home. “There is no basis to support the proposed third-party review of the server that hosted the [email protected] account,” Kendall wrote. “To avoid prolonging a discussion that would be academic, I have confirmed with the secretary’s IT support that no emails…..for the time period January 21, 2009 through February 1, 2013 reside on the server or on any back-up systems associated with the server.”

And so the story goes in our new fundamentally transformed America, where the elitism of governance casts its long and ugly shadow. Where it seems there’s not am economic class system developing but instead a system of those who are perceived above reproach — and us serfs who are told to do as they say, not as they do. Move along, stop bothering us, we have others things to do.

That sentiment is demonstrated by Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the Benghazi panel, who said Clinton’s response “confirms” that the former secretary of state has provided all documents related to the Benghazi attacks to the committee. “This confirms what we all knew—that Secretary Clinton already produced her official records to the State Department, that she did not keep her personal emails, and that the Select Committee has already obtained her emails relating to the attacks in Benghazi,” said Cummings (D-Md.). “It is time for the Committee to stop this political charade and instead make these documents public and schedule Secretary Clinton’s public testimony now.”

So no America, at least for those who care, we will never know the truth behind the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith and two former Navy SEALS — Glenn Doherty and Ty Woods. After all, what difference at this point does it make?

Clearly it means little to those who seek power to rule and establish a different set of rules for themselves.


  1. TO me this action constitutes an admission of guilt. If she had nothing to hide, then why wipe the server? I was flabbergasted with some feckless schmuck sharing the auto dealership waiting room this morning who mumbled that it was her private email and it was no one’s business, blah blah blah. I promptly reminded him that the second she used her email – or ANY email – for business, it removed the private category from the conversation… and there is no debate as to whether or not she sent business email from her personal email. AND as others have noted, NOTHING is permanently erased from the internet realm… someone could find them if they work quickly and with determination. Frankly, they should have served the internet/email provider with the subpoena, NOT HC. Given all of these criminals’ track records, do they realllllly believe she would turn them over? No, I don’t think so.

  2. As long as the DoJ is controlled by crooks, Hillary is safe. And she will probably be the next POTUS. Millions of illegals will vote for her. I mean, who’s going to stop them?

      • HA HA HA. Who’s going to stop them? 0bama? Holder? What a hoot! Why do you think Democrats are against voter ID laws anyway?

      • The election laws work.
        illegals can’t vote.
        You should be more worried about being attacked by a lion on your way home than about millions of illegals voting because that’s more likely.
        You are reading to many paranoid conspiracy sites

      • No. I live in reality.
        There have been a few isolated incidents … Not millions, as the person I was responding to suggested.
        If you think there were millions of illegal votes, you’re a delusional lunatic.

      • I don’t know what you’re on but I’d like to buy some of it. How exactly do you stop someone from voting when you’re not allowed to ask for an ID? And, in most cities the people running the polls are perfectly fine with the illegals voting because they will always vote for the party that provides them with freebies. And we know which party that is, don’t we?

      • That’s not how elections work… and there has been no massive voter fraud as you are describing.
        Your suggestion that millions of illegals vote is completely false and based solely on paranoia and not on reality

      • You watch way too much MSNBC. Believe what you want. I doubt you’ll understand what’s happening in this country it until it’s way too late. Just keep believing 0bama. And I never said that millions of illegals vote. I said millions of Illegals WILL vote.

      • I don’t watch MSNBC because of their bias.
        So how do you think millions of illegals will be able to vote if they have never been able to before?

      • How will illegals vote? The same way mentally challenged people vote. By the bus load. The SEIU and other union thugs will bus them to the polls and they will vote. And they will vote the way they’re told to vote: Democrat. And in the states that don’t have voter ID, no one will challenge them. And in the states that have voter ID, in the precincts that are controlled by the Democrats, the poll workers will help them vote. Tell me exactly who will stop them? The same people that prosecuted the Black Panthers in Philly that turned anybody they thought might vote for McCain away with threats of violence? Oh, that’s right, Eric Holder punished them by not allowing them in a polling place for a year. A year. Makes sense. Wonder how many presidential elections were held in that year?

      • Never happened. That’s what liberal Democrats always say when the subject of voter fraud comes up. But it does happen in every election. And voter fraud is almost always committed by the Democrats. When you say it never happens you’re lying. Which tells me all I need to know your character. No wonder you are a Hillary defender. Or are you one of Putin’s paid trolls? I’ll bet that’s it. And how do you have all this time to waste on the internet? Don’t you have a job? Are you living in your parents basement? Surrounded by old pizza boxes.

      • You are insane. I did say there have been a few isolate instances of voter fraud.
        Do you not know how to read or do you just prefer to make up what the person you are arguing with is saying so that you can believe you are right?

        What I said never happened was in response to your comment that Mc Cain voters were chased away and that SEIU was transporting busloads of illegals to the polls.

      • Thanks for proving me correct and proving you don’t know how to read.
        You claimed the black panthers chased away McCain voters… the investigation showed that that never happened.

        Do some more research.
        The Black Panthers claimed they were there to protect the poll and keep away people that they thought might try to scare people away from the polls in this black neighborhood.
        Not a single voter was chased away.

        Sorry kid… you’re living in a fantasy

      • You never answered even one of my questions. Were you really in the army? Which one? Never mind. I forgot about ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’.

      • You’re insane.
        You never asked me if i was in the Army until this last comment. Yes, of course I was in the Army.

      • I can’t believe it took you that long to Google MOS to find out what Infantryman was. And posers ALWAYS pick 11Bravo.

      • Sorry kid. I didn’t have to google my own MOS
        And it’s not surprising that a lunatic like you would doubt the service of someone just for calling you out on your paranoid ravings.

      • You keep calling me kid. How old are you anyway? And, we’re going back and forth like we’re in a chat session and I ask you what your MOS was and you’re gone for 40 minutes before you answer. Why I’ll bet your native tongue isn’t even English.

      • Hahaha
        Sorry kid. Some people step away from their computers for a while and come back later.
        And do you think it takes more than 1 minute to google anything?

        You probably think I’m an illegal alien and I’m part of a plot to usurp the election.

      • What answers poser? Whatever Hillary’s paying you you’re ripping her off. But, I’ll bet it’s better than nothing. Or welfare.

      • Hahaha
        First I’m a poser and now I work for Hillary?
        You just couldn’t hide how crazy you are if you tried kid.

      • Lots of posers work for Hillary. Hillary IS a poser. She poses as a woman. An ugly, big assed woman.

      • Excuse me. I’m watching my grandkids (well, 2 of them) and I have to run out and pick them up something for supper. Kid.

      • Does – ‘Destruction of Government Property’ sound like any form of a crime?
        Or how about: “Essentially three types of conduct are prohibited by 18 U.S.C. § 2071(a). These are: (1) concealment, removal, mutilation, obliteration or destruction of records; (2) any attempt to commit these proscribed acts; and (3) carrying away any record with the intent to conceal, remove, mutilate or destroy it. It should be noted that all of these acts involve either misappropriation of or damage to public records. This has led one court to conclude that the mere photocopying of these records does not violate 18 U.S.C. § 2071.”
        These are Federal Crimes.

  3. The question I have (and one that has hot only failed to be answered but even ASKED as far as I can tell) is who purchased, paid for the maintenance and internet services for these so-called ‘private’ servers? If Gov’t funds were used, or if Hillary was reimbursed for these expenses, then under what definition are these servers ‘private’??? FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!

    • as much as she (& the Mooch) LOVE to spend taxpayer $$$$, pretty sure they bankrolled this themselves thus keeping it private.

    • Hillary charges our secret service (that our tax dollars pay for) $10k per month to house them on her property. Can you take a wild guess what her house payment is?

  4. It isn’t new that Hilary and Democrats try to get away with murder, it’s that they do with the system of checks and balances in place. The GOP doesn’t need to posture, it needs to enforce the law and Democrats that stand in the way need to be outed. This is not some highfaluting political exercise, it is the bringing to justice those who let Americans die, have hid the survivors, sent an innocent man to jail for a YouTube video and betrayed we the people, each one of us.

  5. So what if she goes to jail, she won’t go to a real jail if she has to pay time, she’ll go to a jail like Martha Stewart did.

  6. Selling access and govt secrets are the Clintons stock in trade.Remember the 400 FBI files? Burying the tax fugitive in Arlington? It is all for sale and that is why they want to retain power.When Bill was president they sold sleepovers in the Lincoln bed, sold out the nuclear secrets (Including the Neutron bomb) to the Chi-Coms Then they topped it all off by stealing the White House furniture when they left (Broke by Hildebeasts standards). These are very very bad people.

  7. If there ever was a real “war on women” these are the people that waged it. Bill would Bang ’em and Hildebeast would Hang ;em.

  8. Guess some creative person needs to make a bunch of incriminating real looking fake hillary emails and dump them onto the internet. Then she will have to prove she didn’t send them. Except the only proof would be on the server. Oooopppps!

  9. Folks, Hilary, IF elected will become the second oldest president at inauguration. (69 years, three months) It is possible that she might die before then.


    The acts proscribed by this section are defined broadly. Essentially three types of conduct are prohibited by 18 U.S.C. § 2071(a). These are: (1) concealment, removal, mutilation, obliteration or destruction of records; (2) any attempt to commit these proscribed acts; and (3) carrying away any record with the intent to conceal, remove, mutilate or destroy it. It should be noted that all of these acts involve either misappropriation of or damage to public records. This has led one court to conclude that the mere photocopying of these records does not violate 18 U.S.C. § 2071. See United States v. Rosner, 352 F. Supp. 915, 919-22 (S.D.N.Y. 1972).

  11. I think that it is time to subpoena the NSA…after all they have every phone call and text message from Everyone in the United States….Right? At least that’s what they say.

  12. She’s such a disgrace.
    But she’s not as bad as Obama.
    At least we know HRC is American.

    Sure she’s a lying, greedy, corrupt crook.
    but many politicans are. The current POTUS, we don’t know if he’s American, Muslim, anything.
    If he’s American, why helping Iran but harming Israel?
    He’s also 100% racist

      • Of course there are.
        What I mean is we really don’t know if he’s either.

        Many smart people believe he is Muslim. In fact he onve said that the Muslim prayer is the most beautiful sound to his ears. Hmm.

        Many smart people believe he really was not born in America.

        And anyone with a brain and unbiased can see he’s doing a lot of things not in America’s best interest. Ask Israel. Ask the Christian businesses in the USA. Ask the policemen in the USA.

        So what is he?

      • An American born Christian with a Muslim father who has said nice things about Muslims and has some bad policies

      • I cant see that your in the military and your defending that bum, Just look what he’s done to our great military. He’s ripping it apart piece by piece making this country open for an attack and I really think that’s what he really wants.

      • his parents are Muslim so he must be a Muslim. Look at the pastor he goes to he hates white people and said kill white babies and white women.

      • Obama illegally traded Bo Bergdahl for 5 high-profile terrorists, most of whom have returned to the battlefield.

        A handful of OUR troops DIED trying to locate that wacky deserter. Bergdahl also apparently was too willing to assist the enemy, giving up critical troop locations and sharing other information.

        Obama is playing a dangerous game, and it’s hard to tell if Obama on our side. Following the evidence, it doesn’t seem that he is. Except perhaps for black criminals like Christopher Brown.

        Read more:

      • Trading for Bowe Bergdahl was not illegal… and while we know he deserted, where did you hear evidence that he gave up troop locations… and do you think the enemy didn’t already know where his outpost was?

      • It was supposed to be approved by congress and he did it on his own so it was illegal. Men in his own platoon even said that he must gave information because there targeting was to accurate and I think that they would know better than anyone else.

      • There has been no evidence he gave up troop locations.
        He is a deserter. He may be worse, but saying that there has been evidence he gave troop locations is false.

  13. Perhaps we can get so lucky that something happens to her, like it did to Harry Reid.
    Drive her into retirement. Or a mentally disabled care facility.

  14. She and her”people” knowingly deleted emails from the server ‘after” they were orders to hand them over. I’m sure with the resources available to the Clintons, the servers have been “professionally” wiped. Nixon was impeached for less. Heck her husband was impeached for less. She needs to be prosecuted for her actions, alone with all “her people”, including the POTUS. Why have the rules and laws if they’re not going to be upheld. Again, same goes for Obama. It’s equal to the Bergdal offense as far as I’m concerned. Treason and bad conduct putting America in jeopardy, aiding the enemy, conspiring, cover ups. . You name it they’ve done it, rewriting their own laws as they go. DEFYING the American people flat out! We are in desperate need of new strong leadership. Our enemies need to fear us again. And America needs God again!

  15. I bet money my emails that sent/received while on active duty are saved on a server somewhere. And I retired 4 years ago!

  16. Interesting. We have a government that seems able to keep track of every citizen’s personal email and posting online but yet can’t account for their own. We deserve everything we’re getting for allowing this to continue. Our founding fathers would have had a quick and permanent solution to all of this.

  17. NOSKILLARY is a charade, from riding her philandering husbands coattails, to being fired from Watergate for lying, ethics and fraud violations, disbarred from practicing law in AK, not passing the bar in DC, to the Benghazi/email scandals, to having a “sexual pact” with her husband they could both see other “women”, to accepting Millions of dollars from unscrupulous other countries, to treating the Secret Service like pawns to almost 40 people mysteriously disappearing from the landscape to whom they both were in contact with. We could even be talking murder here, let alone treason and being a traitor.

      • Who do you work for? and,you’re right about the ignorance,only because you have a mirror that you are gazing blindly into.

      • you and the rest of the liberals are brain washed by Obama and his thugs. Mercy I have pitty for you your so lost out in left field some where’s.

  18. How have we reached a point that Hillary Clinton can be considered a viable candidate? Barring massive voter fraud, she will lose, but it saddens me that someone absent decency and judgement can be in the running.

  19. Why can’t the congress FORCE the NSA to give us THEIR copy of the emails, phone calls, etc? If they went across public servers at any time I would THINK that they have them.

  20. There is more here than just the Benghazi situation. Our entire foreign policy has been and is a mess. Who informed and informs our foreign policy? Check Ms. Clinton’s emails for that! Ms. Clinton’s top aide, Houma Abedin, has close familial connections with Muslim Brotherhood operatives. According to reports, Ms. Abedin also used private email in her work for Ms. Clinton. How did Ms. Abedin obtain a security clearance? Michelle Bachmann asked that question back in 2012, but, instead of getting an answer to her question, Bachmann was branded an “extremist” by members of her own party… and that was the end of the inquiry. “Connecting the dots” strongly suggests that Muslim Brotherhood operatives or sympathizers have wormed their way into positions of confidence with government officials of both parties, and have had a hand in shaping our foreign policies.

  21. Here you NUTS go again….you haven’t learned yet that certain people get wealthy by having you LOONS believe something is going to happen when in all actually…NOTHING EVER HAPPENS???

      • Meaning that people like allen west and other conservatives would want you to believe that the world is ending so you’ll go out and buy his coffee mugs and tee shirts! You loons spend BILLIONS on folks that say they hate Obama but yet have NOTHING to show for it!!!

      • You are a trip! Who’s spending billions? Oh that’s right….The Clinton’s are with their dirty money and loons like you paying for them to speak while you have nothing. Keep supporting crooks…

      • I see. However this is not about Obama it’s about Clinton and how she wiped her emails which were potentially incriminating. Also I have never spent a single dime on anything political – not even a donation to a campaign. And I don’t think the world is ending, but I do know the Obama administration is about as transparent as the Nixon one was. PS: Calling someone a loon in an argument before they even speak just makes you look like a loon.

      • Look at the articles that allen west post..look at as many as you can and you’ll see a pattern. He is a fear peddler and fear SELLS!!! That is why these LOONS walk around believing that the sky is falling!

      • OH…..and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton don’t peddle the same BS to the black folk who listen to their rhetoric and fill their coffers? They peddle an ancient history in order to keep their wallets full. So, get past the race issue and deal with the issues head on.

      • What you are doing, It’s called projecting. Fear mongering may work on the left, but we look for facts on the right. Unlike the Global cooling, warming, climate change crowd.

    • WTF does your statement have to do with the non-stop corruption of the Clinton’s?? You can’t see it for yourself?? Are you that blind??

  22. I think the majority of employers do not allow their employees to take company files home, including company emails. Hillary clinton should have never thought herself to be the exception when she worked for the citizens of this country.

  23. Oh, you silly peons who think this is a government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people, there’s nothing to see here. Move along and let us elitists write a few hundred thousand new laws YOU have to comply with, while we make up our own rules as we go along.

  24. The server may have been wiped clean, but trust me; she/Bill have copies elsewhere. Rep. Gowdy should secure a search warrant for all her financial institutions including any safety deposit boxes and subpoena her IT staff for any possible copies made and last known whereabouts. The IT staff will know where the copies are and if squeezed, I doubt they’ll go to jail for her.

      • Copies won’t be in her home. They are too smart for that. But Gowdy should also subpoena the Internet provider to her house for all IP addresses her server (which would have its own IP address) corresponded with. With special emphasis on any foreign IP addresses that might correspond to foreign donations to her PAC

      • The poor woman might slip and hit her head again and then lie about not lying, blaming it on her head injury. Or sleep deprivation. Oh wait, she’s already used that excuse..

      • With any luck she’ll slip and knock her head and not get up. Let her lay there for a few hours before justice comes for her on the back of Karma. Just a thought. I mean after all, look at all the secret service agents who have died after being on detail for Slick Willy and Her. Vince Foster and others who have died because of them. Karma indeed.

  25. She will never go to jail. When dumbocrats will give voters more handout, most people believe whatever BS they are told to believe. As for her running for president and winning, many people vote for obuma because of his skin. So will people vote for hellary because she is a women ………. that is a dumb question. Only way to stop that train wreck is if another black person was to run for president against her. I have no problem voting for a black man with military experience that talks with some common sense and loves America. Know anyone with these qualifications?

  26. Colin Powell and Condi Rice both admitted they signed the 109 form, used the official State Department server and turned over all the emails and papers when they left the State Department. Why does Hillary get a pass?

    • hillary’s arrogance might just be what does her in. She probably thinks that she will get another pass only this time, much like the wrinkles on her face and as hard as she may try, THIS scandal may not disappear.

  27. Hillary beat Reid Up as he was going to implicate her State Dept in a Dept of FUND RAISING Clinton did and Money went to her Server and then Transferred to the CGI Fund ……..lets Audit the Clinton Global Incentive Fund ……..
    SO Hillary’s STATE DEPT Processes Foreign Visa’s , that’s why EMAIL SEARVERS went BLANK

    Reid “participat[ed] in unlawful political activity, possible coercion and fra…ud related to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.”
    “Reid pressured and EMAILED the State Dept to override normal departmental procedures and rush through 230 EB-5 foreign visa applications, thereby freeing up $115 million the applicants invested in the SLS Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.”

    SO Hillary’s STATE DEPT Processes Foreign Visa’s , that’s why EMAIL SEARVERS went BLANK , so lets look at Reids emails and rory firms emails and the EMAILS of the 230 applicants’

  28. Remember she was kicked off watergate commission for lack of any ethics at all. And remember vince foster only person in history to be killed in the white house and then ask if you see a lifelong pattern of lying.

    • Scott you are wrong about Vince Foster, he was not killed in the White House but was found dead in Fort Marcy Park on a park bench in July of 1993 of an apparent suicide with the gun laying next to his hand. Not saying that I believe that he died by his own hand but he was not killed in the White House. I still believe the Clinton’s had something to do with his death but with all of the lies and cover ups which still continue today with the Clintons I doubt that we will ever learn the truth sorry to say.

    • And it is not a coincidence that the reason she was kicked off the Watergate commission was for stealing government documents to effect a miscarriage of justice.

      She started her public career stealing government documents to subvert justice and she is still doing it 40 years later.

      Praise God!
      Long Live the Republic!

  29. So it is time that you Mr West use your position of influence to start a search for a prosecutor who will take on Mrs. Clinton and her above the law cohorts. I am certain if a believable prosecution were to take place, All of us true patriots would contribute whatever financial support that is necessary to see it through to conclusion. However, I for one believe that The Clintons and our ruling establishment are truly considered above the law. I thought this country was founded on THE RULE OF LAW. But now I believe we are all living under a dictatorial, entitled group of SUPER ELITES and there is nothing any of us can do about it. OUR GREAT COUNTRY IS DOOMED and that is so sad.


  31. if i were her i woudlnt trust a third party to keep her private emails private either. anythng she sent would be preserved on the govt server she sent it to. and i just dont care about bengazi. i am sorry that people lost thier lives but we DIDINT have boots on the ground there and we DON’t just have aircraft circling the world waiting to go shoot at something at a seconds notice. the house is just trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. get over it and move on.

      • If you are talking about President obama’s second term election that is a really far stretch.. bengazi would not have derailed his election, Romney didint have a chance, neither he nor walker could even carry thier home states. Benghazi is just not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things but the house just wont let it go, and they still cant find anything to stick on the president. they are busy stirring up this dead horse stuff instead of trying to solve the problems of the world. Man are they gonna be sore when hillary gets elected.

      • still missing the point, covering his lies with more lies, he said terrorism was on the run, didn’t want anything to prove him wrong, sure it may not change the election, but for a habitual liar like he is, we would like to see some accountably for his gross incompetence as commander in chief.

      • hahahaha…You think that she still has a chance? You’ve been reading too many contrived polls. I’m gonna write you and personally serve you a s–t sadwich when she gets her butt handed to her in the election.

      • I’m wondering now, Jerry, if she will even survive the primary. A no-name senator with absolutely no experience blew her out last time and Cruz will scalp her clean, or even someone in her own party if they point out her dismal performane as sec. of state. What a joke. I saw a discussion show where two democrat stratigists were asked what Hillary’s accomplishments were. They both looked like deer in the headlights and never did come up with anything. This will be fun to watch, well. . . unless you’re a democrat.

      • you really think Hillary going to win? check the polls, She’s dropping like a ton of bricks you moron. She’s not even going to make it to the elections. You must be another dumb liberal.

      • You don’t know that .. what we know is that our leaders including the President lied, lied and lied again!!!

      • stillinblue it was dead Americans not horses and again i would only wish it were people who think like you that should have been in Benghazi.I’m sure Bill/Hillary/Chelsea wouldn’t mind if the security covering their worthless butts just didn’t bother to show if their lives ever were in danger of ending at hostile hands.What difference would that make Hillary ?????

      • In that Walker was not on the ticket you start by showing your ignorance. With Axelrod managing the vote it was impossible for Romney to win no matter the legitimate count. I’m sure you have an explanation of the Florida districts recording votes for over 150% of the registered voters in the precinct and the Ohio count where 59 precincts recorded 100% votes for Zero and Plugs. A thinking person would see that as improbable, no make that statistically impossible. You may well be correct on the wife of Monica’s boyfriend, but only if the zombie nation voters are driven to the pols by their handlers and paid to vote as instructed.

      • Well, Obama and the Hildabeast certainly thought it would affect the election. Otherwise why the stupid video story that everybody knew was false?? Certainly the fact that Obama was moving guns to ISIS thru Syria would have affected the election, and the rumor is that ambassador Stephens wanted out or to blow the whistle, and Killery and the Liar-in-Chief allowed Benghazi to happen knowing full well what was going on in real time. They are both the scum of the political world and this lying witch wants to be president. May she never see the oval office even as a visitor.

      • i apologize i had wisconsin on my mind and walker wont be elected either. it was paul ryan who coudlnt even carry his home state, something BOTH romineys mitt and his dad coudlnt do either

    • why did she remove the soldiers that where protecting the embassy and she knew of the dangers there. why was the fast respond team told to stand down, why wasn’t there jet fighters called in when they where less than a hour away when the attack lasted over four hours. Why did she and Obama blame it on a video. why is that innocent man still behind hind bars for witch the video he made had nothing to do with it, it was all a cover up to win the election. Obama and Hillary both should be held responsible for the deaths of those Americans. Liberals are the neo Nazis in this country taking away are freedoms, taking our land and taxing us to death and so much more. take you for instance? with your comment you sound like a dingbat and act like there’s nothing going on when you really know there is.

      • it wasnt an embassy it was a consulate. there were only FOUR paid mercenaries available to go and fight a mob and they woulda been overtaken in abut a second. the nearest jets were two hours away on afterburners in italy AFTEr they had a mission planned for them. i dont see you at the vfw why? oh yeah cause YOU DIDINT SERVE!!go back to your fox entertainment channel. i hope it brings you great pleasure when hillary is sitting in the white house. dont forget it was my service that allows that tripe to be on.

    • You are one dumb fxxk … you don’t care that our leaders left Americans to die. You ass! God .. I wish liberals were not so danm ignorant!

    • What an ignorant [email protected]$$ you are. You don’t care? We didn’t have boots on the ground. An Ambassador was m urdered!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An the hildibeast denied him security after he pleaded for it! He could have been REMOVED BEFORE 9/11 and SHE ALONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS SECURITY, mo ron!

    • Hey moron, all gov’t business the wench conducted were by law to be on federal servers.

      Go lick Obama and Clinton’s arse.

  32. All this is completely disgusting to say the least…Yet the Democrats act like it’s no big deal 4 Americans were killed defending a US embassy in Benghazi…No Clinton emails involving that horrific fight and or its aftermath were not to be found on her server which contains mostly Yoga appointments, wedding notifications, vacation planning, and other private trivial details…Good Bye server…Hillary has left her post.

  33. The most interesting deleted e-mails are between Hillary and her Muslim sisterhood confidant Huma Abedin.

    The Queen of the lawlessness pack.

    Her e-mails for Russians to hack.

    It is Hillary’s shame

    She is always the same

    The Clinton Foundation; a PAC?

    Not much has changed since got fired from her short stint as a staff lawyer for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigation. Her supervisor, lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman said in an interview she was fired “because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentiality. In a 2008 column Zeifman wrote, “My own reaction was of regret, when I terminated her employment on the Nixon impeachment staff, I had not reported her unethical practices to the appropriate bar associations.”

    But she learned one lifelong lesson from the Watergate investigation: Don’t leave a trail.

  34. how long has NSA been stealing EVERYONE:s phone, text and email messages??? surely somewhere in the vast buldings those emails should appear??

  35. subpoena the emails of Huma Abedin and all other staff of Hillary’s. DO follow thru with the contempt charges and the Federal law violations and prosecute this horrible woman.

    • What is so disgusting is, SHE really thinks she is above the laws…. that’s just for the ‘little people’.
      I would truly love to see her brought down off her high horse and forced to PAY for her many, many crimes.

  36. Since members of this administration refuse to obey the law or the Constitution, it’s time for the American People to refuse to obey the law also. Start by not paying your income taxes this April 15th. If we all do that, there’s nothing they can do about it.

  37. The trolls on here are just not worth answering individually, so this statement is for all of you:

    The fact is the emails are OUR property, we paid her to do a job and everything she did in relation to said job is required to be archived for American history. She is the one who decided to mix OUR BUSINESS in with her personal life. The moment she did that, she lost all right to keep her personal life, personal. WE, her employers, are the ones who get to decide what BELONGS TO US, not her. The fact that she deliberately kept OUR RECORDS away from us, can mean only one thing, she was committing a (or several) crime(s) which had to be covered up and the evidence kept under her control for the specific purpose of being able to destroy said evidence. Were this not the case, she would have been using the government server and ALL the records would have been archived as they are supposed to be BY LAW.

    Trolls, we all know you are ignorant and must attempt to make light of this as you have been directed to do so by your puppet masters, so that makes all your BS arguments null and void. We also know your hypocrisy because if this were a republican or a conservative, the tops of your pointy, little heads would be blowing up in outrage demanding access to the server and jail time for the criminal.

    PS: No, I will not reply to your stupid comments, you are not worth my waste of time.

  38. Get a professional recovering get team even if hard drive is zeroed out it can be recovered plus the NSA has a record of every email and text/sent go to the NSA.

  39. Hillary Clinton does not possess a shred of decency, integrity, ethics, morality or humanity in her soulless, coal black heart. She is a self anointed, self absorbed elitist political hack intoxicated on her own lust for money and power. Not only does she need to be removed from the political arena, all of humanity would be well served if she were removed from society and imprisoned for her crimes against America and humanity.

  40. And when the next campaign kicks off, Hillary’s excuse will be “what difference does it make”. She is going to be compared to Nixon and his tape on Watergate.

    • Nixon did pass clean air and water acts and open relations with commie china.hitlery has only killed our libyan ambassador and his staff and 58 people as detailed in clinton chronicles book.

  41. It’s a shame us serfs can tell the IRS all our tax information was wiped off our servers, therefore, we can’t prove our innocence to their tax laws.

    Yes, with the IRS you must prove your innocent.

    Meanwhile, Clinton blatantly breaks the law and the Obama’s DOJ will investigate around the same time Lerner, Corzine or any other democrat scum are held to account.

    And yet, half the morons in this country would vote for this wench.

  42. Nothing illustrates conservatives lack of vision an ideas better than the constant hunt for scandals. What legal action can they take no one knows what was on those servers. Mrs. Clinton still have the same right to privacy every American has. If there is a law that prevents government employees from having personal emails then press charges. Gowdy is just trying to drag this, he has nothing. The rodent party will have to beat the Clintons the old fashioned way. Something only Obama was able to do. Good luck.

    • You progressives won’t realize what pushing your ideology on us all means until you find yourself the target of their ire and then you will, again, blame anyone but yourselves. “You don’t know because you don’t WANT to know” (Aldous Huxley)

      Of course by then the rest of US will be silenced…or gone.

      • What they won’t admit is: THEY are the “useful idiots” who are purged after THEY are NO LONGER NEEDED. There is No middle class or welfare class in communist countries!

    • You sack. She should be standing in front of a firing squad with a target pinned to her chest. Obama should be right behind her in case of pass throughs.

    • As progressive democRats continue to divide America based on color, gender, sexual orientation, or income, they create an appearance of being anti American to those of us who still consider the US a Constitutional Republic. What this means for people like you is that eventually “We the People” will wake up to the tactic’s of the progressive loons who’s policies are destroying the fabric of our society and fight back…hard. Communists said 50 years ago in order to take over America they must destroy the American family, the church, overwhelm the welfare system, etc. We approach the point in our history where once again Patriots will be called upon to stop the “fundamental Transformation” of America and people like you will cower in their moma’s basement hoping to make it through the chaos the people you support have created. Mrs. Clinton is a liar and a crook who follows the teachings of Saul Alinsky and is not qualified to lead a girl scout troop, let alone America. Educate yourself before you come back trolling….

    • You are wrong, Killery has more rights than Americans, Due to the NSA and over 40 secret spy-on-citizens groups most headed by either her fellow communists or Muslims we are ALLOWED NO PRIVACY, While THEY have SECRECY! Maybe the taxpayers should handle this the Klinton way….like Vince Foster……or WACO? After all the Klintons are responsible for over a hundred deaths! And their cronies managed to halt all investigations…so far?

  43. Would someone please tell me how the Clintons, Obamas ,etc ,get away with not obeying the law that requires them to do … from what I see they are breaking every law they can & get away with it… Boehner , WHY are you & the Republicans condoning this BS that is shoved down our throats ? We demand an answer & expect a legal outcome with them! As for Kerry & Obama about Iran, Boehner, YOU & the Republicans we put in office must put SANCTIONS ON IRAN & be done with them as far as Deals, they will not abide by them any how !

  44. Tell me again WHY, with the preponderence of evidence, that this anti-American POS hasn’t been charged? If I had done 1/10 of the crooked shiit that’s she’s done, I’d be rotting in an unnamed jail for the rest of my life.

  45. The Obama/Egypt Mus Bro’hood plan was for them to kidnap Stevens, and trade him for the blind sheik who first bombed the WTC. Everybody gets what they want. I heard this second hand from a guy who is connected to the German counterpart to the FBI – within a few days of the event. Blind Sheik is a big deal guy in Egypt Mus Bro’hood. When the patriots fought back, they thought they had been betrayed by pbo, so just killed everyone.

  46. Elija Cummings is every bit as much a crook as Hillary. He’ll say or do anything, no matter how injurious to the country, to protect that scumbag they are looking to nominate.

  47. So, what do we know about Hillary and her server?
    1 We know she ran a big shredding operation at the State Department when the Benghazi issue started heating up.
    2 We know she used a private server for official business – a clear violation of some kind.
    3 We know she had the server located in her home, in order to hide her use of said private server.
    4 And we know that any mails going out of that server to other people likely went through other servers somewhere, so there may be records available somewhere – as incoming mail on the recipient’s server or phone or whatever.
    5 We also know that she didn’t likely use that server FROM home all the time, so she must have been logging into it from either locations connected directly to it, or through some other server connected to those other locations, which means her emails went through those servers before getting to hers for transmission out.

    So we may not be hearing the last of this yet….

  48. I am sure that Hillary met with her attorneys and they decided that any problems she might face for wiping her server clean would be much less than if the contents of the server became public.
    In law enforcement this is called the destruction of evidence.

  49. Hillary’s experience with Watergate has served her well. Everyone at the time could not fathom why Nixon didn’t just destroy the tapes and just say, “Oops!”. Had he done so, he would never would have been forced to resign.
    There would have been a huge outcry, but he would have survived, as there was no proof of anything without the tapes.

    Hillary is just doing the same thing Nixon should have done, but had too much respect for the law to do. That says a lot.

  50. I can not agree with this. The server is government property and should be subpoenaed. Hillary should not have a say in this and if Gowdy is who I think he is she’s in hot water up to her forehead. I don’t think she’ll get a pass on this one.


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