Watch: Harry Reid won’t run in 2016

Is it Christmas already? Harry Reid has just announced he will not seek re-election in 2016. Yep, that’s right folks. Harry is retiring.

He made the announcement in this video.

It is the end of a political career that spanned three decades. Hello, Nancy…?


  1. He’s done a good job destroying as much possible, and turning our country inside out. Time to retire so he’s not in while the fire he left behind consumes everything in it’s path. I assume a lot of the progressives will be retiring – the kitchen is about to get really hot.

  2. Wasn’t this inevitable? His style, age, and health have all put him in a very tenuous place. He clearly waited too long to retire and has now done so in disgrace.

  3. Probably wants to enjoy some of that graft money with the family. You know, before the rest of his face falls off. Voldemort did the same thing – Three weeks in Cabo I think it was.

  4. ok so who punched him in the face, clearly a person has had enough,and now hes saying he won’t run for reelection? thank you lord!

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