New York Mayor de Blasio cracks down on juice and sitting in daycare

Today seems to be “behavior modification day” on First there’s the story about FEMA forcing states to acknowledge climate change or be penalized. Then there’s a potentially surreptitious move to force us all to become vegetarians.

Now from that progressive socialist haven of New York City and condoned by Mayor Bill de Blasio, we find the city’s Board of Health announced strict new rules for licensed day care facilities, including how much juice kids can drink.

The New York Daily News says “under the new rules, designed to try to cut obesity rates, children must be at least 2 years old before they can take their first sip of juice at day care, and they are only allowed four ounces a day.”

Oh and only 100 percent juice is allowed.

“Other new rules restrict kids’ “sedentary time” to less than 30 minutes a day — down from 60 minutes a day currently — and only one half-hour of screen time a week.”

“Previously, kids could watch TV or play with devices like iPads up to 60 minutes a day. The “sedentary time” does not include naps, or time spent reading, doing puzzles or painting.”

Ah, so analog versions of reading, doing puzzles or painting are approved activities, but doing any of those things using a digital device is not.

Talk about a “nanny state!”

“Officials say that the dramatic changes are necessary to stem skyrocketing childhood obesity rates. According to the notice in the City Record, a whopping 15 percent of 3-year-old and 17 percent of 4-year-old preschoolers from low-income families were deemed obese in 2011.”

It’s always surprising to me how low-income people end up with higher rates of obesity. In olden times, poor people were skinny, because they couldn’t afford enough food. Now, apparently poor people can afford too MUCH! And I don’t buy the argument that if they only had access to “nutritious choices” they would eat better. The problem is they just need to eat LESS.

But it’s not the government’s responsibility to make that happen. It’s the individual, and the child’s parents.

We are sliding down a very slippery slope when the government can tell us what we can and cannot eat or drink, what we must and must not buy (health insurance and light bulbs), how long our showers must be, and even what kind of toilet we have.

Bit by bit, we are allowing the tentacles of government to slip into every aspect of our lives. Or to use another analogy, we are frogs in a big pot of water, and the temperature is slowly going up.

This has got to stop.

[Note: this article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]


  1. Ms Hickford, you wrote…
    “It’s always surprising to me how low-income people end up with higher
    rates of obesity. In olden times, poor people were skinny, because they
    couldn’t afford enough food. Now, apparently poor people can afford too

    Unless you already know the answer to that and are deliberately counting on your readers to be stupid and misinforming them… you need to educate yourself.

    Unhealthy fast food is cheaper than healthy food

    • I’m a Registered Dietitian. Healthy food is cheaper. Ex: 1) compare bag of apples or carrots vs granola bars or cookies , 2) bag of popcorn kernels vs chips or microwave popcorn.
      It is also important for people to see the time and money invested in healthy living pays huge rewards financially and to quality of life.
      I’m against Medicaid and even Medicare. I’m tired of our tax money going to foods stamps, knee surgeries, stroke care, heart disease etc.
      With government involvement in healthcare they can tell us what to do.
      We can’t afford this nanny state, most of America will not realize this until it’s far too late. Generations will be paying for this mess.

      • Healthy food is cheaper to purchase when you are shopping and have time to prepare.
        Many working poor eat prepared food on the go

      • Ridiculous assertion. What did the poor do before fast food? Did you even read that post before you hit reply?

      • All hat and no cattle Brendan. Do you know what the word logic means?

        Because people buy prepared food doesn’t mean they have to. I am sorry you don’t understand that generations of people figured out how to take care of business without McDonalds and Swansons. Do you really think goverent should be run on the basis of what people don’t want to do?

      • There you go again… having an imaginary argument against something I never said.

        So keep arguing points that I’m not making.
        I never said poor people have to buy prepared food… I simply stated that they do,
        Sure… the guy working a long day could wake up earlier to make himself a healthy sandwich on whole wheat to pack for lunch instead of buying a cheap quick hot combo at the local eatery during his 30 minute break.

        It’s so much easier to argue against these causes of obesity if you view them all as hypothetical.

        you were right and poor people weren’t getting fat from prepared, food
        there would be no epidemic of obesity among poor people

      • Talk about imaginary arguments…were you dropped on your head as a child?

        People get obese because they eat poorly and are too sedentary. The argument is not economic, but from lack of care. The fact people have always adapted and became lazy when offered easy alternatives is their own fault and not an issue of government.

        BTW, the word epidemic implies a disease process…another misuse of a term. People have total control of obesity in all but a handful of cases.

      • epidemic


        1. Also, epidemical.
        (of a disease) affecting many persons at the same time, and spreading
        from person to person in a locality where the disease is not permanently

        2. extremely prevalent; widespread.


        3. a temporary prevalence of a disease.

        4. a rapid spread or increase in the occurrence of something:
        an epidemic of riots.

      • Brendan. I only went to Junior College over 40 years ago! At What Institution did You get Your PHD?

      • Says right there in your quote of some dictionary. “…spreading from person to person…” Sorry but Obesity doesn’t spread. Well at least not by pathogen which is what that dictionary term is all about. You might make a case for the spreading if you consider the enabling by the government. Then the government would be spreading it with their welfare programs. More people sitting on their backsides on welfare eating junk food and getting fat till they are literally handicapped. I dunno just a thought.

      • Look, I’ve been there, and Brendon is right. It’s cheaper to buy hotdogs (at $.75 per package of 8), which you can pop in the microwave, than it is to buy a cut of meat. It just is. I’m one of those paycheck to paycheck types and I know what I’m talking about.

    • Thanks God you came up with a Newsweek article as a proof source Brendan…lol.

      If you read the study, it is a meta analysis of other studies and the “scientists” who performed it admitted to the shortage of available studies for validation, made rebuttable presumptions on what is “healthy,” and the conclusion is admittedly based on a fixed calorie baseline instead of typical portions. Pretty shoddy work considering the pile of degrees behind it, unless your real goal is to point out the inequity and asset transfer values of farm subsidies in the U.S…that’s where my money is at.

      People eat fast food because they are lazy…myself included when I drive through. I am certain that when someone chooses McDonalds over something prepared at home they are not considering the small monetary difference based on a fixed calorie intake relative to nutritional value…lol.

      Before you throw up a link and blasting someone with bigoted generalizations, you may want to consider your arguments and facts carefully (including other hot items like global warming), otherwise you may find others thinking you to be “stupid and misinformed.”

      • Sorry but there are multiple studies that support my point… and if you want to point at stupid misinformed generalizations, look no further than the allegation made in this article you’re commenting on.

        I’m not sure why you decided to add global warming to this discussion, but that only makes it easier to disregard you

      • I don’t doubt that you disregard those that disagree with you even when common sense and fact say otherwise. The analogy about global warming refers to meta analytic studies that make unsupportable claims based on presumptions instead of fact. Please cite the nutritional studies you are talking about and I’ll interpret them for you. Undoubtedly you will spend the rest of your life in your happy place surrounded by others suffering the effects of governmental idiocy in New York. Thanks for playing.

      • Bingo…I was right. Another drone on the loose.

        Global warming is a redistributionist scam as is becoming apparent to those who think for themselves. Using hatred and bigotry such as the use of the repulsive denial badge from the Holocaust shows how intellectually vacant and pathetic the political side of the movement is.

      • They’re so indoctrinated that there is no way they will see the truth that they’ve been had, until the entire country collapses, which is Obama’s intent. It’s the Saul Alinsky bible that he’s following – “cause the collapse by the sheer weight of debt and lack of morals, then rebuild into a wonderful utopia.” Progressives actually believe they can do it. *sigh*

      • There is no such thing as global warming idiot and nature always takes care of itself for zillions of years moron!!

  2. healthy foods cost more! lazy foods cost less,precooked foods cost less, so Mrs. Obama’s thought process,fails! real working americans cant afford healthy foods, our food isnt paid for by government tax payers. we cook whats affordable. prepackaged, fattening full of stuff we don’t need.foods. I think food commercials should be banned! i can be fine watching a movie,then a food commercial,makes me hungry or want food, then next commercial is a diet pill,lmao never ending BS

    • Juice is basically a contribution to sugar intake and some believe it is not the best substitute for water. Our position is that water is better and the earlier kids learn to appreciate it and normalize to it the better.
      However if you want your child to have it then give it to him. My position is plain. Parents should have the power to make choices for their kids even if it isn’t what I would do personally. Exercise that power while you can because with socialism comes the ability for the government to take that power away and decide what is best for you and your kids.

  3. I think one of points he also is trying to make is that the government has their fingers into all the pots. Again they a forcing laws down our throats that are taking away our freedom and rights. Once and again they work for us not the other way around. If this doesn’t stop we will no longer be a free country we will be working for a dictatorship.

    • What rights are they taking away from you?
      You could shove all the juice down your baby’s throat you want… they are just requiring that licensed daycares have limits on the amount of juice they give babies.

      • Very simple. Licensed daycares are extensions of the parent. This is how the government gets control of YOUR child. First they mandate that all people giving care to children not related to you be licensed. Once they do that they can force that daycare to do anything whether you the parent want it or not.
        As a parent you are also a childcare provider. If the government is going to force licensed daycare providers to do things then how far off is it for them to start forcing you to do things? Its a step that has been getting smaller and smaller every year. Already you can tell what the government thinks of your parenting by what they are doing to those you choose to “parent” your child while you are at work.
        The government should be able to say we think this is best! and that should be the end of their involvement. The rest should be up to parents to decide. Most of licensing “rules” should be thrown out. The government would then be in a place to “grade” daycares and leave the real choices up to the parents who bring their children there. Often times licensing will have a fit about something that none of the parents really give a rip about. You can be shut down for some of the stupidest things. All you should have to do is explain your side and leave it up to the parents. All “grading” should also have a rebuttal page.
        Choices! It’s what freedom is all about.

  4. Ok – just one thing. I have personal experience that high carb, highly processed, high calorie foods are cheaper. Healthy foods cost more. Did I say I had personal experience? Yes. I did.

  5. Why doesn’t the Government Practice what they Preach? They’re talking about obesity?
    what about their Monetary obesity? (Being Rich) Tell them they can only drink 4 ounces of juice! (Minimum Wage)!

  6. First…Nanny Bloomberg…Now Nanny DeBlasio!! Is “Nanny” a required term before you can be Mayor of New York? Only 4 Ounces of 100% Juice…and I always thought Juice was good for you???

  7. This piece of sewage feces is a real sick nut case and needs to go back to his mental hospital he and the rest of the nuts who voted to put this moronic idiot in as mayor.

  8. Move to Cuba Mayor, where you can be a total control.freak.. This is America and I’m getting sick and tired of Liberals trying to change our way of life.


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