They asked me if I’ll run for president…here’s what I said

Not long ago, I had the privilege of sitting on the couch “Outnumbered” with a bunch of stellar ladies on Fox News. They asked me if I’d consider throwing my hat in the ring for president. Here’s what I said then, and I stand by it today.

Now, just to set the record straight, Ms. Harris Faulkner, it was in May 2014, not 2012 that I made those initial comments during the Kyle Petty Cross Country Charity Ride.

My story has not yet been fully written.

But I can tell you for certain it is both a pleasure and an honor to have this role as a “voice crying out in the wilderness.”

And if I can serve to better educate and inform the American electorate in order to preserve this Constitutional Republic, well, that is a reward in itself.


  1. Allen, you sometimes shock me a little, but when I listen, you tug at my mind, my heart, and my love for this country. As a veteran of a career in the military, I have had the opportunity to live in other countries. As a veteran of many years in the intelligence community, I have insights that most do not have. As a result, I am of the opinion that there is no other country in the world like this one. The American people need to wake up and see what they are throwing away. I salute you, sir, for what you do. Follow your heart because that is what God gave you.

    • If he were back there, he could be Speaker of the House, and wield some real power. And he could do it for a lot longer than 8 years.

      • he was kicked out of office after only 2 years and has been too afraid to run for office since!

      • He wasn’t exactly “Kicked out of office”. He got redistricted into a place hostile to conservative ideas. And he came pretty close to winning that.

      • Did he win re-election?? NOPE….KICKED OUT OF OFFICE!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I wonder why when a republican loses its always has to be a different reason other than the voters rejected that candidate??

      • You call this man a “coward”???? This man served 22 years in the U.S. Military serving our country.

      • The man is a COWARD! When you spend all of your time complaining about the directly of the nation but isn’t willing to put himself in a position to change it….you are a COWARD!!!

      • Did you ever serve and any combat? If so what outfit and when? Army? Unless you been there, done that, then judging someone as coward makes you look like the coward.

      • The man is a COWARD! When you spend all of your time complaining about the direction of the nation but isn’t willing to put himself in a position to change it….you are a COWARD!!! Also, the man is full of bigotry and HATE!!

      • West is out there and very up front with his strong opinions. “Ruckus” hides behind a made-up screen name and obsessively spews vitriolic hatred at West under the cover of internet anonymity – and yet, “Ruckus” insists that WEST is the coward and the hater? LOL! That would be like Bill Clinton criticizing some other guy for groping women and having affairs.

      • It seems that WEST is the one that spews the hatred and bigotry, the man complains like a little 10 year old!!!! AND…he is not willing to put himself in a position to make a change…>COWARD!

      • read his previous articles about black people and muslims. Every article that the man post concerning black people are NEGATIVE!!

      • What democrats did through Gertrude Walker as Supervisor of Elections for St Lucie county – should have criminal charges – for manipulating the election – in favor of a democrat – in Walker’s corrupt machinations to PREVENT/obstruct The ‘re-election of Republican US Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West.

        Boxes of early ballot votes were reported by a Whistleblower – to be hidden in a closet near Walker’s office – that were NOT counted – leading into the day of the election – or included in the results on election day – by the deadline of the election – that was cause for a RECOUNT

        – for which Walker as Supervisor of Elections for St Lucie county INTENTIONALLY FAILED – to REPORT the RECOUNT – to continue to ensure these early ballot votes would not be counted.
        Walker hid the in a Hospital – to not been held accountable – more than likely bc Walker’s other corrupt machinations – intended to manipulate the 2012 election in favor of Democrat CandidateS – had not been w discovered Yet =

        Gertrude Walker as Supervisor of Elections for St Lucie county – had Intentionally Failed to follow Orders to PURGE the voter rolls of deceased people and ineligible voters.

        When Walker claimed it was not in her Budget to PURGE the Voter rolls, Walker should have been ARRESTED and Prosecuted – for enabling Vote Fraud – in the 2012 presidential election.

        While Walker claimed it was a ” Budget problem” – that prevented her PURGING of the Voter rolls fo St. Lucie county, Florida, Walker had never requested any additional funding – for the Two Years leading into the 2012 presidential election – whereas for Two Years Getrude Walker as Supervisor of Elections for St Lucie county, concealed that she was not following orders to PURGE the voter rolls.

        It is in the JOB DESCRIPTION of Supervisor of Elections to keep ACCURATE Voter Rolls – and accurate information.

      • Its always a reason when a republican LOSES!! The people of FLORIDA didn’t want a NUT to represent them so he wasn’t re-elected!!

      • There was a lot of hanky-panky going on in the election when this fine gentleman ran, that is why he lost, this what liberals do, they can’t win fair, so resort to cheating, do you people understand? I sure do.

  2. Allen the voters would have to get rid of a bunch of old, broken down politicians and be replaced with younger better educated people that understand the rule of law and being honest.

  3. We need a man like West at the helm because this mighty ship is sinking. He understands what it means to serve. He exemplifies integrity, honesty, fearlessness, all the qualities that are missing in most of the elected officials swerving today. From one service man to another; “if you do run, Sir, you would have my vote”…

  4. The only reason Allen West isn’t running for president is he KNOWS he has no chance of getting the republican nomination. Those men of courage that are running….I applaud because they are standing up for what they believe and knows that you can make a change better from the WHITE HOUSE…not a THINK TANK!!

  5. Better placed than POTUS would be Col. West as Sec. Defense under an equally conservative POTUS. Col. West represents the most qualified person in the USA to do the desperately needed house-cleaning of the Pentagon, among other Sec. Def. chores. Sure, POTUS would be a glamorous achievement, but a Good Soldier knows where he is better positioned.

    • I can see the articles pulled from this site that would be used against him….How can he answer why he allows racist comments on his site…He will not be asked to be in anyone’s cabinet…Allen West is a disgrace to this nation!

  6. Col. West, the person you are talking about ran in 2012. He has been
    Speaker of the House and drew up a Contract with America and followed
    through on it. He knows how to get things done in Washington. Although
    not serving in the military himself, he is a very wise historian and
    has taught our generals strategies of war. His name is Newt Gingrich.


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