Angela West: Message to everyone who says Ted Cruz is unelectable

As you by now know, Ted Cruz is the first to declare he will run for the presidency.

Immediately, the foppish frequent “Morning Joe” guest Donny Deutsch explained why “he’s not worried about the Republican senator winning the election.” The theatrical commentator who once wore an ascot every morning stated “He’s good theater. That’s why he is Sarah Palin. And that’s who Sarah Palin was. And we love the show,” he went on.”

San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate columnist Mark Morford declared through a “tweet” of course, that “Nation’s worst, dumbest senator to announce presidential bid at one of America’s worst, dumbest universities.”

Ted Cruz, once described as having a very keen intellect by none other than Alan Dershowitz, is also a graduate of both Princeton and Harvard is also known for his intellectually flexible debating skills.

In contrast, Mark Morford is a “columnist and culture critic” for the San Francisco Chronicle and, he is known for his skill in writing about sex, sexual deviance and sexual culture. Oh, and Morford also teaches Vinyasa yoga classes in San Francisco. All of these accomplishments make him (Morford) uniquely qualified to refer to both an accomplished man (Ted Cruz) and a distinguished university (Liberty University) as “worst-dumbest.” I wonder if Morford also spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express?

But was it just the predictable screed from the left, NOPE! Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., called Cruz a “carnival barker” who “did not deserve to be elected to the Oval Office.” He even went so far as to tell CNN’s Wolf Blitzer he would “jump off a bridge if Cruz was nominated.“

People, especially politicians, shouldn’t make these types of demands upon themselves, even when they become “carried away” by being on television. HOWEVER, the Department of Transport owns, operates, and maintains 789 bridges and tunnels throughout New York, including the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg and Ed Koch Queensboro Bridges, 25 movable bridges, and five tunnels. People, especially political foes of Rep. King, might start expecting “action” should the nomination of Cruz occur.

Nevertheless, I would also like to take a look at a few other “unelectable” and “electable” candidates and how well they have fared in our election history:



  1. It amazes me the gall of the left to make fun of ANY candidate after the complete and utter moron they put in the White House. And not only is he a moron, he is wickedly aloof to most all of the problems we are facing. I think Ted Cruz could be the perfect candidate. He is smart and savvy enough to rise above this poison quicksand that is the left media always trying to bring down our best and brightest.

  2. People who resort to name calling are simply jealous and suffer from inferiority complexes and don’t have anything real to complain about so they make it up. Poor people.

  3. The electorate is more liberal than in 1980, unfortunately. I’m still routing for Cruz though. The Dem candidate will most likely be extremely vulnerable. They really have no strong candidates and I’m including Hillary as a weak candidate. What does she have to offer outside of Bill’s presidency? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  4. Yep! I find in amusing, especially with Reagan, how many “smart” people in the media were saying he was “unelectable.” The media was saying the Republican Party was foolish to nominate Reagan over George H.W. Bush. Well, Reagan went on to win 44 states in 1980 and 49 in 1984.

    Same happened in 2000, remember how the media was saying that George W. Bush had no chance against Gore? That the GOP was making a huge mistake nominating Bush over McCain. Well Bush was elected President and reelected. And we all saw first hand how horrible of a Presidential candidate McCain was in 2008.

    The liberal media is clueless. The more we ignore them and nominate real conservative candidates the better off we will be. I am not sure who I will be voting for yet, I am leaning towards Rubio and Walker. However, I would be very happy if Cruz is the nominee. He would destroy the Democratic nominee in the debates.

      • Ted Cruz is not Reagan. Reagan had some actual achievements when he ran for POTUS. He was a two term governor. Even the other Senator from Texas thinks Cruz is a joke. But I’m glad he declared early. Gives him plenty of time to drag the other candidates to the loony bin.

      • ” Reagan had some actual achievements when he ran for POTUS. ”

        lol, that was the late 7o’s early 8o’s…before Obama lowered the bar in terms of ‘achievements’.

      • That link didn’t say much of anything past the liberal tripe that we should reward illegals for having broken the law.

        Most people didn’t understand what Cruz was saying about net neutrality, probably because they were told to ridicule it.

        “On Monday, Ted Cruz lashed out at President Obama’s call for aggressive regulation of Internet service providers by comparing that effort to the president’s signature health-care law. It was pure red meat for conservatives.

        Cruz was quick on the draw, and the tweet quickly eclipsed all other Republican responses to Obama’s call for greater oversight of Internet service providers. But the rhetorical coup soon backfired as the Internet began to poke holes in Cruz’s analogy.

        Vox’s Matthew Yglesias put Cruz’s logic succinctly: “All true conservatives hate Obamacare, so if net neutrality is Obamacare for the internet, all true conservatives should rally against it.”

        It’s popular to bash Cruz’s attempt at political theater. But what if we gave the senator the benefit of the doubt? In fact, net neutrality really is a lot more like Obamacare than you might think. Here’s how.

        Both have been subject to extensive litigation.

        This is an easy one. The Affordable Care Act squeezed past the Supreme Court in a narrow 5-4 decision that upheld its constitutionality. Although that case allowed the government to move forward and set up a system to ensure that everybody gets health insurance, the legal fight isn’t over yet. Another case, King v. Burwell, challenges the legality of Obamacare subsidies and, as Vox’s Adrianna McIntyre explained, could undermine the entire health-care law.

        Like Obamacare, Internet service providers and regulators have been fighting a protracted legal battle over net neutrality, the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally. The Federal Communications Commission published its original net neutrality rules in 2010. The rules said ISPs were forbidden from blocking or slowing down Internet traffic. Verizon sued in response, arguing that the government lacked authority to regulate ISPs this way. In January, a federal court agreed with Verizon, striking down most of the net neutrality rules under the argument that the FCC could only apply them to ISPs if it 1) started “reclassifying” broadband companies under a different part of the FCC’s charter known as Title II or 2) wrote different rules using the language that currently governs ISPs, known as Title I.

        Now broadband providers are threatening to take the FCC back to court if the agency opts to reclassify the industry under Title II. That’s the option Obama and many consumer advocates prefer, because it gives the FCC much greater power to police ISPs. But industry groups (not to mention conservative lawmakers) stand opposed.

        Both attempt to address what many perceive to be a market failure…

        Before Obamacare, not everyone had access to health insurance. Some were getting denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and others were getting charged sky-high premiums. This was all because insurance companies had no financial incentive to cover the riskiest patients, and of the ones they did cover, they had every financial incentive to charge them as much as they possibly could. This produced distortions in coverage and prices that the Affordable Care Act aimed to fix.

        Without net neutrality, Americans could see certain Web sites slowed, blocked or sped up at the expense of others. Policy experts argue this would be less of a problem if three things were true: 1) If Internet providers added more capacity they wouldn’t have to prioritize some traffic over others; 2) if Americans had more broadband providers to choose from in their local area; and 3) if it were easier to switch between carriers. Unfortunately for many consumers, the broadband market fails this test. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has said there is a “duopoly” in broadband service in many parts of America. To buy high speed plans, 82 percent of Americans can choose from only two Internet providers. There’s not enough competition in Internet access.

        …By adopting a legally complex regulatory proposal…

        As we’ve seen with the lawsuits, both Obamacare and net neutrality are legally fraught. That’s because the proposals on the table are so complex and have so many legal twists and turns that it’s relatively easy for critics to target a piece of it for attack. In the case of Obamacare, it was first the individual mandate, and now the subsidies. With net neutrality, the FCC has proposed a complicated system that allows ISPs to strike commercial deals with content companies. Under the existing proposal, those deals must then satisfy a complex “reasonableness” test. It’s all very arcane, and arguably addresses the core issue of competition only indirectly.

        …That could be more easily solved with a simpler (but politically controversial) solution.

        Many health-care reform advocates would just as soon adopt a a single-payer health-care system, as other countries have, or if the federal government offered a public option — which would perhaps be administratively less complex. By the same token, net neutrality advocates argue that it would be simple, legally, for the FCC to reclassify ISPs under Title II. (Industry groups argue that Title II wouldn’t be enough to prevent traffic discrimination, but that’s for another time.) The point is that the Obama administration and federal regulators have a tantalizingly appealing policy option that they could adopt — but for political reasons, it’s a nonstarter.

        Cruz’s tweet exposes a strained relationship (again) with GOP leaders.

        Finally, Cruz effectively upstaged his party’s leaders when the story about how Republicans responded to Obama on net neutrality became all about him. Although Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and House Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) both issued statements of their own, neither dominated headlines the way Cruz did. This actually has happened once before, when Cruz got out in front of then Rep. Eric Cantor on Obamacare, revealing an internal split in the GOP over how to “fix” the health-care law.”

      • No one needed to be told to ridicule it. Anyone with basic understanding of internet can tell it’s bunk . Ted Cruz whole brand is based on upstaging republican establishments. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the Herman Cain treatment.

      • There you go with the racism again. Ted was voted in TO stand up to those old geezers who are still trying to run things and might as well be democrats.

      • A clown who happens to be a self made multi millionaire.

        Talk to Al Sharpton about where Cruz is from.

      • No he’s not. Trump inherited his money. He made more, lost more and made more again, but that has little to do with Herman Cain.

        All of the above seem preferable to Hillary. Or Warren. Or Biden.
        Nice try though.

      • Thinking people of all ideologies (besides Socialism, Communism, Fascism) should be against both. A public option for health insurance that was available to anyone would be fine, especially if you were allowed to keep your own if you chose. Obama already spends too much time ‘cleaning’ the internet and altering content. Get the government out of our computers.

      • she’s been committing crimes longer. I am not running for anything in case you had not noticed. I wonder what the difference in age is between her and Bob Dole when he was running, and the left all claimed an old person wasn’t the right way to go.

      • And, of course, you have and expertise in what constitutes a “dummy.” Well, I guess one sees in others what one is to ones self.

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but not only is Obama not black, he is not the messiah that liberals believed him to be. Obama really knows his base, and especially how gullible they are.

  5. There are far too few of them these days, but Ted Cruz is a fluent, unapologetic conservative. I count Col West, John Bolton, Dick Cheney, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal and (modestly) myself in a group far too small for my comfort.

    • Ted Cruz is known for POLITICAL STUNTS! If he had accomplished something I could agree with you but TED hasn’t accomplished anything!

      • Um, you do know it’s 2015, right? Nevada finally told Harry how much they liked his politics–all over his face.

      • It’s early. He’s done more than Obama ever did. Given the chance I feel Ted will accomplish great things if Congress will let him.

      • He will be known for whatever the lame stream media pounds on and on about. You need to look at him (or any candidate) not what the media spreads about him.

      • Oh the media love them, do they? That’s why they had to write this and about a hundred other articles. But yes, you have a point–the person I was responding to appeared to be on the right, and he is wrong to listen just to the media who will spin stories until he is hated by all, and instead listen to what he has to say. It’s awfully early to be making up one’s mind, don’t you think?

  6. I see Sen. Ted Cruz is really in a bid to be named a more moderate candidate’s vice president
    He could never win in the general… way to far to the right,,, but chosen as a VP by a moderate Republican for POTUS.,, who could drag with him,, maybe the teaparty, and real conservatives (what ever they are).. that would be it,,,
    all he is going to do is drag moderate republican more toward the right,,, maybe a wonderful
    thing for what you guys believe,,, but not good for our country…
    Conservatism and so called Christian Conservatism is on the wane,,,

  7. Ted Cruz will not get the nomination…he will be labeled as the man who SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT! BUT….why is allen promoting TED CRUZ…..why doesn’t he throw his hat in the fight??? Allen knows he doesn’t stand a chance of winning!

    • According to a recent CBS poll, only 23 percent of Republicans expressed interest in Cruz as president. In fact, the only person who polled lower was Gov. Bobby Jindal, who has somehow managed to become a worse governor than Sarah Palin.

      I thought the 2012 primary/debates were pretty funny,,, this could top it!!!

  8. Obamacare foe Ted Cruz to sign up for coverage under the plan

    (Reuters) – Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who has vowed to repeal “every word” of Obamacare if elected president next year, will soon be signing up for coverage under the plan.
    Cruz, according to media reports, had been covered under the health plan of his wife, Heidi, who is taking a leave of absence from Goldman Sachs to help his campaign.
    “We will presumably go on the exchange and sign up for health care, and we’re in the process of transitioning over to do that,” the Texas lawmaker told the Des Moines (Iowa) Register on Tuesday.

    In September 2013, efforts by Cruz and House of Representatives conservatives to gut Obamacare by holding up a government spending bill led to a 16-day government shutdown.

  9. The progressives in both political party’s are threatened by Ted Cruz. I will support Cruz over any of the other choices for president.

    • He has argued 9 cases in front of the Supreme Court. That’s more then any other lawyer and all Texas lawyers combined.
      That would be also more then all the Senators in Washington. You Liberal hate an Intelligent man. It sucks to be you.

      • That’s fine… you can worship him all you want.
        I’m going to enjoy the show as he self destructs during the primaries and brings down other, more legitimate, candidates with him.
        have fun watching your messiah crumble

      • We are watching Hilary implode daily.

        My messiah? Since when did holding the government accountable for it’s spending such a whacked idea?
        I don’t worship him, I back him because he does what he say and doesn’t parse words like the Democrat and Rhinos do. Your candidate waffles and lies everytime she opens her trap. Keep buying the liberal talking points, it shows why you probably were a ground pounder in the Service, you go with the flow no matter what. Yes, SSGT!
        Since we’re both vets I can honestly say you’re a disgrace to everything our ancestors fought for and defended for hundreds of years. Have you drank your Gruber Flavored Koolaid today? It’s chillin in your fridge.

      • HAHAHA
        What did you learn about making assumptions?
        I am not a Hillary supporter.
        She is not MY candidate.

        I think it’s funny that you think I dishonored my service and betrayed my country just because I think Ted Cruz is a clown and you don’t think you worship him.
        Anyone who thinks Ted Cruz is a clown is a traitor?… but you don’t worship him?

      • Well you sure sound and talk like a flaming Liberal, not one bit of a conservative approach in any of your statements.

        If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck. It dang sure must be fried duck tonight.

      • Actually, I’m an independent… my politics are pretty libertarian.
        I believe in individual rights and that one of the main functions of government is to protect those individual rights.

        Unfortunately, on social issues, neither Democrats or Republicans support individual rights.

        I am a strong supporter of the right to bear arms and believe that every sober minded adult citizen has the right to not only own a firearm, but to carry… that is something the far left hates and the far left believes government should interfere with that individual right.

        I also believe that gays and lesbians should have the right to marry whoever the hell they want… and that even though I think gay sex is gross, it’s none of my business what other people do… that is something the far right hates and the far right believes government should interfere with that individual right.

        So on social issues, I’m pretty libertarian.

        On many political issues I am actually conservative… I believe in fiscal responsibility and a strong defense.

        I believe in the free market, but I also believe that labor is a part of that equation and that reasonable regulations need to be in place..

        I believe in welfare programs that take care of those genuinely in need, but I believe there should be tighter restrictions and more oversight to get rid of abuse and make sure those being helped are genuinely in need and not just abusing the system.

        But i also call out phonies like West and Cruz on their bull, so yeah… I’m sure that makes you assume I’m a flaming liberal.

  10. I would prefer the left to think he’s unelectable, maybe they won’t spend every waking minute thinking up lies about him.

  11. Angela Graham-West is spot on in her article. Buffoonery could lead to the death of our nation, which means the loss of the individual freedoms we enjoy.

    Col West (her husband) once quoted, “the great man”, Thomas Paine back in December of 1776;

    “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman”.

    • Great men run for office to make a change…allen west is too afraid or his wife will not give him permission to run!! COWARD!

      • LOL The Leftist control MSM—and Solzhenitsyn stated it was as bad as Pravda at his 78 commencement speech at Harvard—to brainwash the useful idiots the public “schools” have been continually puking out for decades with their operant conditioning to destroy critical thinking with continual LIES.

        The Leftists invented McCarthyism–(the Alinsky-ite tactic) to destroy men like West and Cruz–anyone who DARES to proclaim the Truth/God—so that your hold on the “perceptions” of the masses is “proper” and Truth is erased from the PC marketplace.

        Truth is more hated than lies (Machiavelli) and you just spout off Marxist irrational cr*p in all your posts.

  12. Ohio’s huge voter fraud investigation turns up nearly nothing. Just 145 non citizens were registered to vote illegally in 2014, equaling .0002% of the 7.7 million registered voters in the state. Voter fraud is just GOP speak to suppress the vote of those they are afraid will not vote for republicans.

  13. King is a total fraud and is exactly what is wrong with the GOP. The insanity on the loony left is just more proof that they’re scared of him. Killary couldn’t carry his bags.

    • The “loony left” is giddy with excitement that Cruz is running.
      He is a clown and he is going to self destruct during the primaries …and the loony left can’t wait to see who else he is going to drag down with him.

      Every time Republicans have a loon like this hogging the limelight it takes the spotlight away from legitimate contenders who may actually be able to win.

      • You obviously can’t assess intelligence. Only a phaggot like yourself would want Killary to continue the downward spiral. It’s pieces of trash like yourself that is wrong. Why is he a clown? Less government? Individual responsibility and liberty? You’re probably a government dependent mooch like your mother.

  14. I was certainly impressed with Senator Cruz’s resume, I strongly suggest people read his along with other potential candidates from both sides of the isle. The Conservative Texas Senator commands my interests every time he speaks with such clarity that I rarely hear from other potential candidates.

    I see his father Raphael Cruz as an incredible inspirational speaker himself. The Cruz’s family story needs to be out their for everyone to see and read. Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said of Ted Cruz, ” the man displays an off the chart brilliance”.

    What America needs more then ever in the White house now is someone who is principled and honest as well as being a real leader. America does not have that in the man who occupies the White House now.

      • If Senator Ted Cruz is ineligible, then so is Baracka Hussein al Obama, for the same reaons. If this is so, then EVERY law, Execut Order, rule, and regulation that has been since 2009 needs to be reversed and axpunged, and he needs to be removed from office in chains.

        If Baracka Hussein al Obama IS elgible, then so is Senator Ted Cruz. For the same reasons.

        One BIG, GLARING difference beteen Hussein and Cruz – Hussein HATES America; Cruz LOVES America with all his heart and soul.

      • Actually, Obama was born in the US and Ted Cruz was not, so it’s not the same.
        I’m just wondering why all the birthers are silent on this.

      • And we know this, HOW? The only documents produced by Hussein al Obama have been proven to be forgeries.

      • Sorry… you sound as ridiculous as the moon landing deniers claiming all the evidence we landed on the moon was faked.

        So since you are one of those birthers who believes Obama was ineligible because he was born outside the US… do you feel the same way about Cruz since we actually know that he really was born outside the US?

      • As I said: if Ted Cruz is ineligible because of his father’s citizenship, then so is al Obama – for the same reason.

        If al Obama IS eligible, so is Ted Cruz.

        It doesn’t matter WHERE a person is born; it depends on the citizenship of the birth – if it’s to American parents, and the birth is duly noted with the American embassy, then the child is considered a natural-born Anerican citizen.

        I, personally, would rather see Sen Cruz stay in the Senate and become Senate Majority Leader. There, he would 1) wield more power in the long run than as president and 2) would avoid this whole “birther” argument.

        If the democrats (and the RINOs) are going to allow al Obama to be president, then they cannot say ANYTHING about Cruz running for the same office.

        As far as us birthers, if we can’t do anything about it, we’ll turn it to our advantage and see if Cruz can make it! (It would be nice for the republican Senate to use Reid’s “nuclear option” and get some conservative people in place – use his tool against the democrats..)

  15. “I am a black male who grew up in the inner city of Atlanta and no one ever followed me in a mall. I don’t recall any doors clicking when I crossed the street. And I never had anyone clutching their handbag when I got on an elevator. I guess having two awesome parents who taught me to be a respectful young man paid dividends – ALLEN (AMERICAN DISGRACE) WEST

      • Uncle Remus
        You is the Comedy Show
        Why donts you shuffel down the the road and
        pcks some taters for supper
        Make use of yourself for a change !

      • Uncle Remus
        When are you going to
        realize you is free ???
        Quit being a liberal troll
        Good luck with that
        Hope yous can start learnig to
        think for yourself !


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